Monday, June 10, 2024

Collapse ~ Chaos ~ Anarchy


We packed the Showroom, The Man assisted, so we got it done in record time this Morning and then went out for Lunch.  I had the Roast Beef Sammie with Fried Okra, Mashed Potatoes N Gravy and a side of Fresh Seasonal Fruit with a Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee.  The Man had the Meatloaf Open Faced Sammie with it's sides.   We got Home before Noon, which was just as the triple digits were hitting.

My Book Of Faces Newsfeed Blast From The Past dredged up this adorable one of an 8 Year Old Princess T Celebrating School getting out for the Summer.  *LOL*   She used to like wearing fake Glasses even way back then, only as a Child, most of the time there weren't even any Lens in the Faux Glasses.  *Smiles*  Time sure flies tho' and what a difference a Decade makes.

One of the Great-Granddaughters had her first Dance Recital.   She must have had half a Dozen changes of Wardrobe in it!  *LOL*   She looks so much like our Oldest Daughter did as a Child, so will look very much like her Gramma as she Matures.   Now that she has Two Younger Siblings she has to vie for Center Stage now.  *Smiles*  So, this Day was all about her and she was totally Feelin' it.  *Bwahahaha*

LATER:  Work was pretty busy and our fill-in for a Co-Worker on a Cruise wasn't particularly speedy, so, it became hectic at times.   When she's preoccupied with doing go-backs she seemed to ignore customers.  A go-back can sit in your cart and wait until you've served customers waiting for assistance.  But, at least she was working the whole time.  We have some new Paid Staff Kids behind the Registers that spend most of the time on their Phones.

My Sales for the previous Payday Period were particular Strong so my next Check will be a good one.   That's encouraging since usually once it gets Hot, Sales slump in late Spring and thruout Summer.  So, mebbe this portends a Positive Off-Season?  I sure Hope so, since, come the November elections it's looking less likely not to be a close race.  Seems almost half of America seems willing to do away with Democracy and Sell Out America by installing a revenge filled Dictator, for only the promise of cheaper Gas and Groceries!!!

The New Carrot apparently being dangled is they claim they will do away with Taxing Tips.   Talk about throwing Crumbs to those who are relying on Tips rather than earning an actual Livable Hourly Wage to Buy Votes.  *Shakes Head*   Don't get me Wrong, the Service Industry and Gig Workers are in need to be able to afford even the basics, but it's not like the Billionaire's Boys Club REALLY cares or gives Two shits, come on!  A small Carrot dangling to distract from what they're doing for their own obscenely wealthy and powerful, is an ultimate Illusion and Con.  

If you Believe their spiel, well, you probably also still Believe in the Trickle Down Economics Fairy Tale that has never manifested in over Fifty Years of it being Promised to those they consider The Peasants.  Anyway, I'm glad I'm prospering a bit now, coz I foresee the end of the Year, due to how Crazy shit might get come Election and even after it, being a real shitstorm.  The Economics of a Society on the verge of potential collapse, total chaos and Anarchy is generally not favorable, let us just say.  This is my Concern for end of Year, if mebbe it's not yours, I suggest Wake Up!

Anyway, now that I got the doom and gloom part of the Post out of the way, what Fluff of Life can we distract ourselves with now?  *Bwahaha*  I fell asleep watching an Apocalyptic Series on NetFlix you see, the Sets and Special Effects were pretty fabulous, the Acting was not as well Invested in the making of it.  The bulk of the Cast were dewy Eyed Pretty Young People you never heard of, more intent on looking Cute than passing as Serious Actors/Actresses.  Eye Candy, if you can't Act, just doesn't cut it for me, so it put me to Sleep trying to watch it.   It's called "The 100".  *LOL*   I'd rather read good Books than watch TV and I've got the one above Pre-Ordered and coming.

Honestly, that Series, there's just some of the Cast whose Acting is so bad I was just hopeful they'd be the next casualty of the Apocalyptic Storyline.  *LMAO*  Clearly I won't get thru this Series.  *Bwahahaha*  There are some Series so bad I just don't know how they got away with producing so many Episodes of them?   Anyway, since I fell Asleep trying to watch it, I didn't realize The Son had overslept and was Two Hours late now getting to Work!   He is usually gone by 4:00 a.m. and the rest of the Crew doesn't have to be up for School and Work 'til 6:00 a.m..  Today I got all Three of them running around trying to get ready at once and vying for Two Bathrooms to do it. 

And crazy shit is going down like Princess T asking her Grandpa about Dental Health!   And I Deadpan from here in front of the Computer Screen, "Ask Grandpa to Smile and notice he has no Teeth, so he's not the best one to give advice about it, hopefully you'll take better Care of your Dental Health than he did!"   And she dramatically tells her Grandpa while Laughing, "Ewww, you better be Careful Grandpa, she's coming for Blood this Morning..."  *Bwahahaha*  In the meantime, I got a well Cared for set of my own Choppers and she breezed right past me to ask the Guy who won't even wear his expensive Dentures about Dental Health... go figure!  *Eye Roll*

Anyway, she's fretting that her Wisdom Tooth might be coming in, none have come in yet, so, it's a possibility and she's having Anxiety about it.  She has a Dental Appointment coming up too and she's my Golden Child about her Dental Health and Care of her Pearlies, so, she's not been problematic doing what she should.   Her Pediatric Dentist will still see her and she likes him a lot, Two Generations of Kiddos have gone to him and he is great and takes the Insurances we've had.   He tells Kids to brush their Teeth in the Morning to Keep their Friends, and in the Evening to Keep their Teeth... the Mantra sticks with them. Even my Adult Dentist now uses the Quote and borrowed it, since he Loved it so much and wished he'd thought of it himself.  *LOL*

MUCH LATER:  Well, I have good news, Nick, the Contractor from Lowe's Home Improvement called me.   I'd finally received my Lowe's Card and Nick said the new Lowe's System was now interfacing with his System.  So, there shouldn't be any reason they couldn't now finalize the Sale of the Shed and pay him to build and paint it for us if we still wanted it.  I told him the Contract I Signed was for it to be bought, built, painted, so, that's the only way I'd honor it, as originally promised, if Lowe's would still Honor the Contract I Signed and Approved.   He said as long as they pay him, he would still honor the quote he gave and Contract too.  I told him I'd go in to Lowe's and see if they could finalize it this time, 3rd time hopefully being a Charm?  *LOL*

Well, lo and behold, they could finalize it and even offered me more preferential Terms for my inconvenience and patience.  The New Terms will make it financially easier to finance and gives me longer to pay it off, so that was great News, I hadn't expected that perk.  So, it's now Paid For, Nick will be Paid and in a few Days will come and do the consultation work about placement.   I'm excited, I had been so bummed thinking we couldn't get this sorted out satisfactorily and I wasn't gonna be able to get a Shed built.  So, I'd given up on it.   I didn't want to apply for financing somewhere else or go Shed Shopping again, I wanted that Shed and the price point of it was the best for the quality that I'd found that suited our needs.  Color me now Happy!

The Daughter and I know that once we get all the Inventory out of everywhere it's spread from Hell to Breakfast and in one Location, that Shed, it will make a hugely Positive impact.   The House, RV Garage Mahal, Back Patio and Art Studio Spaces will be tidier and less messy with stuff that shouldn't be there.  Accessibility to my Inventory will be easy, finding things I intend to Sell easier, less mess everywhere else, and a smaller Space easy to Climate Control and work exclusively on Pricing and Storing just Inventory for the Showroom at the Antique Mall.  I can more easily assess how much Inventory I have to rotate in and when I'm getting low.  I can sort Inventory into specific Seasonal areas of the Shed too to better be able to Style the Showroom for Holidays and the Seasons.

Earlier in the day The Man and I went and did Environmental Cleanup, since, after a Weekend, there's always a mess left behind by piggish Environmentally Unconscious people.   We probably hauled out about 60 lbs. worth of Aluminum from the River Bottom and a favorite Manmade Lake Park.   There was a nice Cooler Breeze early, but, it was gonna be a 110 Degree Day later on so we called it quits before 11:00 a.m..   The Man was getting tired and I can always tell when his Mood Regulation becomes poor, and his Voice gets very loud as he becomes upset about trifles, even while doing what he really enjoys.  He gets Cross about everything and anything so can't be Centered or Calm.   This will lead to poor Behavior if I don't just tell him we should call it a day.   So, we did, before he bottomed out.  *LOL*


Happy Summer my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I haven't been following along on the Trump sideshow and don't believe a word he says. However not taxing tips is likely to piss off people like me. I have to pay tips on every cent I earn so why don't others? I understand that the group receiving tips are likely at the lower end economically but just means I will reduce from tipping from a generous 25-30% down to 15% without guillt if they are not paying taxes.

    1. I agree, Tipping has become expensive to the Customer and those earning good tips sometimes make more than Workers who don't receive Tips. I've known a lot of people in Service Industries and depending on where they work, sometimes their Tips earned them more than I was earning in a Corporate position. So, not everyone is on the lower end, tho' I imagine some are. What bugs me more are the Billionaires and large Corporations getting away with not paying their fair share of Taxes and the IRS rarely, if ever, audits them. The Son once got Audited for a Ten Dollar mistake on his return that was an honest mistake. Trump hasn't paid Taxes in over 15 Years and is a Billionaire, so, why haven't they locked him up a long time ago for Tax Evasion? If even Mobsters like Capone went to Prison for Tax Evasion, don't tell me that they could not lock up obscenely Wealthy who aren't paying their Taxes and garnish from their Wages what is owed, they could... probably would solve a lot of the National Debt issues to collect what the Rich owe.

  2. The heat in your part of the States has been making the national news. I can't imagine it. I'm cold all the time and it's in the low 70s.

    Trump promises a lot, doesn't deliver and then takes credit for what the Democrats have done. I really don't get the sense around here that Trumps is far ahead. It's evenly split which is stressful enough. His fans have gotten more vocal than before the verdict came out though. Not sure what the means.

    1. Well, I'm just so surprised it's as close as it currently seems to be, so I do hope the polling is 'off'? I just put something in a new Post that made a lot of profound sense when I heard it. The FBI when they were formulating their Behavioral Science Bureau a few Decades ago, studied not only Serial Killers and repeat Violent Offenders, but also those who could develop a Following and make their Followers do their Dirty Deeds for them. the Quote was about Manson and can just easily apply to 45: HE SIMPLY HELPED THEM BE WHO THEY WERE. And Yes, we're making National News again... for all the wrong reasons. Ha ha ha


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