Monday, June 17, 2024

My She Shed Going Up

 Above is the Great-Grandson, looking more Adorbs every day now and a lot like his Oldest Sister and Maternal Grandma, our Oldest Daughter.  I had a whole 12-Pac of Cream Soda I just bought for the BBQ explode just after getting it Home!   Exploded Cans created a huge mess and I think either the Grocery Store had Stored it in too Hot temps while it was being transported or stored before Sale... or, someone had previously dropped that Case of it and already damaged some Cans?   We Salvaged perhaps 4 of a 12-Pac that the Aluminum was bowed but hadn't been compromised.  When it exploded tho' it damaged another 12-Pac of Cherry Cola Soda by it and we lost some of those Cans too.  Scared Hell out of us all when it exploded like a little Bomb going off, nobody was by it, even tho' the BBQ was still going on, but everyone was now inside just eating and visiting.  It got to 116 this Day, so, any Foods and Drinks being transported or stored needed to be exclusively in Climate Controlled Space. 

The Son had made some Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers for the BBQ and they were so damned good.   All the Guys did the Cooking and so the Kitchen is messy as Hell.  I just am not going to tackle it Tonight, I only put any uneaten Foods away for now.  I mitigated some cleanup by utilizing Paper Plates and Paper Bowls, plus those Plastic Red Cups for Drinks.  The Guests had brought and bought half the Food and Drinks, so, we'll have a lot left over that didn't get used or eaten and the Adult Kids can take for their Lunches to Work next Week.  I'll be having the Shed built on Monday Morning.  I think it's a One Day Build, Two tops.  So, by Tuesday at the latest, I should have my Inventory Storage Building on site, yay!!!  You have no idea how excited I am to get it all in one Location after all this Time having it scattered everywhere and anywhere.

Our Neighbor TJ inherited a Custom tricked out Harley Davidson from a Dearly Departed Friend of his.  I'd met the Friend many times, nice Old Biker Dude, but had Heart Issues and succumbed to Congestive Heart Failure recently, he was in his early Sixties.  He had no Family so left his Beloved Harley to TJ.  TJ traded it for a Truck, which will be more useful to him than a Motorcycle, which was more like a Show Motorcycle than a Daily Rider.   TJ has a Corvette Convertible that he uses as his Daily Rider, so he'd been using his Brother Rob's Truck or his Dad's Truck for hauling anything.  Now he has his own Truck and also got some Custom Accessories for his Corvette from the Trade/Sale of the Harley.  It's sobering when your peers begin Dying off, I can tell it hit him hard even tho' the Friend had Heart Issues, he looked Healthy, so, it was quite a sudden unexpected Passing.  Here one day, gone the next.

It's now Father's Day and I've been trying to coax The Man into doing something Special with the Kids.  *LOL*   If he does oblige, it will be under protest, since, he'd rather spend Father's Day in front of his Big Screen TV glued to his Media Chair and just have them Cook him a Special Meal or go thru the Burger King Drive-Thru for that Steakhouse Sammie.  *Bwahahaha*   They had a broader Vision of what to do with Dear Ole' Dad on Father's Day, we'll see what plays out satisfactorily.  I do know he'd rather not go to a crowded Restaurant or be dragged around in this Summer high Heat.  The Son's Vehicle doesn't have Air Conditioning and I don't lend my New Truck to anyone else to drive, can't risk it.  I don't like how most of the Young folks drive and my AARP Insurance is for a Senior Driver... Me.  *LOL*

LATER:  Well, the Kids just cooked the Filet Mignons for Lunch with great sides for Father's Day, then bought The Man his Philly Cheesesteak, not from Burger King, but, from a real Cheesesteak place renown for them, which was better than the Commercial's Burger he'd been fixated on.  They bought him a Camping/Hunting Knife/Axe/Etcetera Set that he just Loves, so, he didn't have to go anywhere and they saw how much happier that made him.   They encouraged him to tell some of his Hunting Stories to them, he get animated and becomes more of a Conversationalist about that kind of stuff, usually he's Stoic and very non-verbal.  It doesn't mean he doesn't Like you or even Love you, he just rarely has much to say and uses all his Words up quickly in a Day.  *LOL*

 I swear, he and my own Dad could go Days without a Word or sit with other people and just Listen, without ever Speaking.  And that's their idea of a Social connection, being the Listeners.  If you're a Talker like me and my Mom, well, you're Cool with that.  I Talk enuf for both of us, Mom could Talk enuf for ALL of us.  *Bwahahaha*   My Mom had the Gift of Hospitality when it came to engaging with other people, my Dad had the Gift of Hospitality when it came to feeding them and making you feel Heard.   Hospitality is sorely lacking these days and the best compliment you can give me, is that when you come to our Home, it feels like you ARE Home.   Most people who visit our Home have told us our Home just feels like they came Home to a place they feel completely comfortable and relaxed, we easily become like Family, sometimes closer than Family they have biological connections to.

Just about every Young Person calls me Mom or Gramma, or Aunt Dawn, and just chose to voluntarily... so anyone "New" doesn't actually recognize there is no actual biological connection.  They assume I have a slew of Kids, Nieces, Nephews and Grandkids.   I mean, we do, but the "Adopted" Non-Bio Friends of the Family are as close so nobody can tell the difference.   My Son always says his Friends are like Brothers becoz they consider me like a Mom and treat me as they would one.  His Friends do as much for me as any Bio Sons would.  Same with The Daughter's Friends, treat me as any Bio Daughter would.  Same with Non-Bio Grandkids, Allen is closer to us than his own Bio Family. *Smiles*  Most of my peers say I'm like a Sister or a Granddaughter of theirs.   And I like that we can have that kind of a connection that is more like being actual Family.   Above is our Oldest Daughter's Husband on Father's Day.

My Shift on Sunday Night went well, we had some fill-ins for the Sale and they were some of the same who'd been problematic the day before.  But, Crazy Ed said after I just left the Problem People high and dry the Night before due to their Cart Drama, they got a fresh revelation to behave and have a fucking Cart ready for me on Sunday Night.  *Winks*  He'd been working his Showroom on Saturday Night and told all of them, you shouldn't be Surprised Dawn left, you know how she is once any of you become or even Smell like Drama and a Headache or don't give her what she needs to do the job.  Peace Out.  Don't threaten her with a Good Time. *LOL*   He enjoys the Show when they Set me Off by being Pissy or Petty, coz he knows I bow down to no-one or tiptoe around 'em either and especially I don't put up with any of their other nonsense.  Hell to the No. 

Crazy Ed laughed his Ass off, coz he knows I could give Two Fucks if any of them feel some kind of way about that.  Too bad.  They can just then realize they screwed themselves and now will have to Work twice as hard and have consequences of Playing me Hard.   He knows Management won't confront me or say a thing either.  Or I'll just unceremoniously dump Sunday Night Shift in their Laps and never bail them out with filling in for No-Shows and Deadbeats again.  I turn down Shifts as it is coz I am a reliable and efficient Worker.  If I can't add Value to any Job or be a Valuable Asset, I wouldn't accept the Work.   When it comes to being Professional I take any Job seriously, even Volunteer Work. 

  Too many people have a lousy Work Ethic or are very Unprofessional while at their Jobs/Career.   I'm appalled at how some Seniors behave at Work since, they come from an Era and Generations that knows better, so, they're choosing not to do better.  If you're Retired and decide to re-enter the Work Force, take it seriously, you're still Representing whatever Company it is to the Public.  Every Key Dealer at our Antique Mall who doesn't get Salary, still gets Comped Space Rent and has Rental Space there.  Regardless of how they feel about how the Mall is run, work with excellence and be a good example, it's important.  And, I speak my Truth openly, if you can't handle the Truth... or handle someone speaking up instead of talking behind everyone's Backs, like most of them are inclined to do coz they have no Balls, Backbone or Integrity, it's best you just don't even initiate that conversation then. *Bwahahaha*  

 So, there was no Trouble in Paradise last Night, they knew better this time, Quick Studies they can be like that once they've Learned a Lesson the Hard Way.  *Smiles*   And, Sunday Nights there are some of my good Friends Working it who I thoroughly enjoy and are a Pleasure to work alongside.   I don't have to Like you tho' to prefer Working with you, if you are up to the Job and aren't a Pain in the Ass, I respect that and prefer it to Working with a likeable person not up to the Job or who can be a Pain in the Ass Professionally.    The Young Man is here right now whose building my Shed and he made a very favorable First Impression, Young and very Professional, he said the Build should take about Six Hours, then he'll have someone come help Paint it.  So, we should have a completed Shed by end of the Afternoon.

I'm taking Blog Fodder Pixs as it's built, so that I can Share the Process and completed Building when it's done.   I'm Surprised a Single Worker is doing just about the whole thing except for Painting it.  Granted, it's not a big Construction Job, just a 12x8, but I had expected more Guys, even tho' I'm sure it's a Kit Build mostly, Pre-Fab most of these Sheds are.  Back in Da Day The Man would and could build me something like this, he has before, but now he no longer can, so we have to Contract for these things now, our DIY Days are mostly behind us.  For me it's not a matter of I couldn't, but that I probably shouldn't now, and risk injury doing the Physical Jobs I used to be able to do without higher risk.  Having someone else do it for us doesn't bother me if they do a good Job.

Tho' I did my Construction as an Amateur and DIYer, I've done it all.  So, I can scrutinize a Job and know if they're cutting corners or doing shitty work.  I can tell if a Job is inferior or quality, so, I Eyeball it as it's going up.   I've done everything from Brickwork and all manner of Saltillo/Talavera/Porcelain/Art or Scenic Tiling, to Framing, Roofing and Drywall.  All of my Work is still standing with no damage due to poor Craftsmanship, even Decades later.  I'd always get the Best to Teach me, often Guys who'd done it all their lives and were Retired, but willing to Mentor someone willing to Learn and do it Right the first time.  If a Guy has Fifty Plus Years Experience as a Mason or Carpenter, he won't let you cut corners and do shitty Work, then say he Trained you and you were his Protege, it would ruin his Reputation and Industry Cred. 

I liked Construction Work and Landscaping, a sense of Pride and Accomplishment when it's done and you can take Credit for it.  I like any Creative Projects like that.  Anyway, The Son came Home early from Work, he's not feeling well, I think it's fatigue and exhaustion, his Job is understaffed, overworked and not Climate Controlled.  He has to wear a Respirator for the Work with Cabinetry and Painting he does, and when it's high triple digit Temps, that has to be suffocating.   Anyway, he didn't pick the best Day to come Home and try to Rest since his Bedroom Window is right by where the Shed is being Built.  Construction Noise in the Guest Bedroom is most heard, even thru our thick Adobe Brick Walls.  *LOL*

It's going up pretty fast, the Contractor is in his 20's and quite fast at what he does.  That is the Prime of most Construction Workers, The Son said Guys like him in their 30's are considered the Old Timers.  *LOL*  And if anyone lasts past their 40-60's, its rare these days in the Trades now.   The Son is in his late 30's now and the Old Man of his Shop, few are Older than him, a scant few.  Of coarse in the Desert's Heat, to work Construction Year Round, you have to be as tough as Old Boots.  *LOL*  Princess T got Home from Summer School early, by 11:30 a.m. due to finishing up more Classes early.  The Teachers have to load new Classes and it takes a Day, so, since she's been working on a lot of it from Home on her Tablet, she's really Fast Tracking Summer School now and doing quite well!!!   I'm glad how confident she now feels. 

She was surprised how fast our Shed is going up too, especially since only One Guy is doing all the Work.  I'm glad it's a gorgeous Day for the Build and we didn't have to worry about inclement Weather, the Monsoon Season has begun, so, fierce Storms can and do roll in this time of the Year and I really wanted this finished before all of that.  Plus, the Humidity increases, tho' very Hot, this is a Dry Heat right now and getting an early start, which they do in The Trades, it's not too awful before about Noon.  The Guy showed up Half an Hour early which was Helpful for him, we didn't mind, we were ready to receive him as early as he wanted to show up.  We're up early to get everyone to Work and School, but I know the Neighbors probably wouldn't want Construction Noise too early, so, we wanted to be considerate of that too.

He's already doing the Roof now, it's already got most of the Shingles installed after I took this Pix.  I can't wait for the Windows and Doors to be installed next.   He had predicted he'd be done in about Six Hours total, which is pretty quick.   I don't know how long it would take if you just bought the Shed and put it together yourself, but I would think unless you do this kind of thing all the time it would take longer?  If you just bought the Shed and put it together, it would be only $1,700... but, I knew we wanted to finance having it built and painted for us too, which they did.   Some of the Kits might be easier than others, this was one of the Mid-Sized Sheds, some are pretty elaborate and large, would take Zoning Approval to build, I didn't wanna bother with all that.  Plus, I didn't need anything that large really and where I wanted it built, this is the ideal size.

I picked the Lightest Color Shingles they had to pick from, I like the way they look up there.   And the Lightest Neutral Color of Paint they'll put on the bulk of the Shed.  The Trim is a Rusty Brick Hue which will most closely match the Trim on our House and The RV Garage Mahal.   He lifted the Floor up to level it with Bricks I had, since, our Pad is angled downward away from The Garage Mahal for Water runoff purposes.  When Monsoons hit it's important to angle runoff away from structures to avoid flooding their interiors.   The Shed is in a location that doesn't hold any Water even during the worst Storms.   They had asked if we needed a Ramp built but I declined.  If we do decide we want one, The Son can build it for me cheaper than Contracting someone to and it wouldn't be a big Job to knock out.


Right now our Guy is at Lunch, but he got the Roof completed beforehand.   Below is a Quick Peek into the Interior.   It is taller than it looks and I liked that about it.  Many Sheds we looked at had very low Ceilings, this one is tall enuf for some Loft Storage and even to hang Lighting.  Most Companies that Specialized in just Selling Sheds charged more than double for similar Quality Structures than the larger Home Improvement Stores.   And of coarse, the Financing was better by far.  Some of the larger Shed Specialty Companies were more into Rent To Own than Sales.   I don't understand why anyone would want to Lease a Shed, but then again, I feel the same about Vehicle Leasing and other RTO Businesses... and any Predatory Lending Practices allowed.  I'm so glad everything worked out in the end with Lowe's and this Purchase and Build.   I wanted my She Shed in the worst way.  *LOL*


The Interior looks so spacious, on the Lowe's Lot you couldn't go inside the Models, just peek thru the Window and see Pictures.  I guess they'd have Unhoused People moving in otherwise, I mean, it is the City.  *LOL*   Below he got some Trim Painted and it matches my House and RV Garage Mahal Trim PERFECTLY... OMG, didn't realize it would be that close a match!   It's a very nice Window and opens... the Double Barnhouse Style Doors also has Loft Style Windows in them.  Some Sheds had actual Dormer Loft Windows, but those Styles just had slanted Roofs and this Roof had more interior Room for actual Loft Storage.   Plus, the Loft Style slanted Roof would have slanted the Wrong direction towards The RV Garage Mahal for the whole Roof.

Below you can see the Doors are also on, just not yet Painted.  He's busy Painting the Back Side right now of the Shed in the Light Off-White that is also a very close match to The RV Garage Mahal Color.  They're so close to one another I didn't want a clash of Colors.   I'm delighted the Colors offered that I chose were so close a match... that's rare.   With the amount of South facing Windows I'll get good Natural Light in there even without using Electrical Light.   I'll be using the Outlets on the 5yh Wheel of Main House to plug in anything I want to use in the She Shed.  I'm just Loving how it's turning out, better than I envisioned actually.  And I can also use The Man's Camping Lanterns to Light the Interior adequately after Dark too.   I Plan to Buy a portable rolling Air Conditioner to Climate Control it... and also use it for portions of The RV Garage Mahal if you're working in a section of it.   Cooling or Heating that entire Warehouse Space would be too expensive.


Below you can see the contrast of the Painted Back of the Shed and the Unpainted Sections, which are more Taupe Color.   I wanted the Lightest Colors to deflect Heat best.  You could have opted to just have it Built and Paint it yourself, but, I'd rather have it Painted for me professionally.  Painting is perhaps my least favorite DIY activity, to be Truthful.  *LOL*   And, I don't like Heights, I have Vertigo and don't do Ladders anymore.  Princess T recently fell off a Ladder in her Room installing a Tapestry on her Ceiling and really got a bad scrape and bruise on her Ass Cheek.  At her Age she Heals pretty good, at mine, I don't and could risk a broken Hip.  My Friend Chris Retired from the Medical Examiner's Office and told me that over 70% of Older Folks who break a Hip are Dead within 9 Months!  Higher Mortality Rate for that than almost any other injury, or even Open Heart Surgery!


The Guy didn't end up with a Co-Worker helping with this Job after all, he did it all Solo and within the Time Frame of getting it completed in a Single Day.  Tho' a Gal showed up to do the Trim Work on the Painting.  It took him longer than the 6 Hours, but so long as he was taking his Time with the Job I felt he wasn't rushing it and told him the Quality of his Work was more important to me than any Deadline.  I'd paid a flat rate for the Construction, not by the Hour anyway.  And this Guy seemed very much of a Perfectionist like our Son is about his Work.  And Tidy, there is absolutely no mess at all.   I'm very pleased with the Subcontractor that Lowe's uses for the Sheds.  Princess T got a kick out of me documenting the whole Build in Imagery for Blog Fodder.  *LOL*  I used both my Old School Camera and my Phone Camera, this Post has the Phone Camera Images I can download in Real Time to FB and grab them from there.  *Smiles*  

The Kiddos think it's hilarious when I take a Phone Camera pix I Post it to the Book of Faces instantly.  *Ha ha ha*   So, everyone has been seeing this built in Real Time every step of the way.   The Contractor joked that he'd always wanted one of his Builds to be in Time Lapsed Photography.  *LOL*  Rob came over since he saw the Young Man was having issues with his Truck's Flatbed Trailer, so he's busy fixing that for him.  We're going to have Coronas to Celebrate after it's finished, this is their last and only Job of the Day and they seemed pretty happy about Cold Cervezas after it's all done.  *Smiles*  I saw the Grocer now has Non-Alcoholic Coronas for myself, I like the taste of Corona, not any other Beer, but, can only tolerate just a Coronita size of the Alcoholic version.  *Smiles*  

They finally are getting some Shade to Work in, Bless 'em.   It was 'only' 106 high Today... and only in Arizona can you say that... with an ONLY on triple digit temps.  *Bwahaha*  It has been consistently 114-116 now, so, even Ten degrees Cooler felt better.   The Daughter and her Boss will be here soon after Work and he usually stays and has a Cold One and visits a while.  They've been Working late so are usually pretty tired.  Rusty is also over visiting Princess T.   So, it's a pretty busy Monday this Afternoon here at Forever Boheme'.  *Smiles*  I'd of jumped in the Pool Today but we have it Cleaned by our Pool Guy on Mondays and fresh Chlorine bothers my Eyes.   But, it's now Ideal Weather to be Poolside or in it.

The Contractor was telling us that these Sheds used to come in Pre-Built Kit Sections that would only take a Couple Hours, but for some reason they quit doing that.  So, now they have to build them from the Ground Up.  Lots more Labor, probably the Cost of Construction was lower on the Pre-Fab Built Kits... but, mebbe not?  Perhaps they had some Issues with Sections Pre-Built not being as well built or coming apart, especially once transported?   Sometimes the Shipping is even more with Pre-Fab than an On-Site Build from the Ground Up.   Anyway, it was his Girlfriend who showed up to help him Paint, she's a Special Education Teacher and had come from Work.  He usually Paints the next Day but wanted to get me the whole Project done in a single Day.  He had a lot of Work backed up too, everyone in The Trades is Asses to Elbows busy these Days and working Mandatory Overtime.  He left me any extra Shingles and Paint.  


Then, after all the Work was done he and his Girlfriend sat and drank a Corona with us in front of the 5th Wheel.  The Sun had gone down so it was Shady and Breezy now.   Rob had fixed his Flatbed Trailer for him and welded a piece that had gotten damaged, so, he exchanged Phone Numbers with us and with our Neighbors.  He does side Jobs and said if The Son and Neighbors don't have time to do the Insulation and Drywall if I want finishing work done, he could do that for me, which is good to know.   I know how to do that myself and just might before I load it up with Inventory.  Often I've found that Lowe's gives away scrap Drywall and such, so I might not even have to pay for Materials for a small Job like this would be to Finish the Interior. 


Anyway, Color me Happy to have it up and already functional enough.  I'm in no hurry to decide how I want to finish the Interior, I'm contemplating some things for the Look I'd want.  Yes, this will hold mostly Inventory, but, it is also a Workspace, so I want it looking nice too and right now it's a Blank Canvas to do whatever I Dream Up for it.  Becoz it's separate from the House there's lots I can do with it and have a Private Area to do my Work and not be disturbed or distracted.   I have so much that I haven't Priced yet and don't yet have room for in the Showroom or Locked Case.  It will be nice to work on it at my Leisure in comfort, but not have it strewn all over the House.  It never fails, when I strew the Merch around the House to work on it, we inevitably have Company show up.  *LOL*

And then you have a messy House you're apologizing to Guests for, which, I don't like a messy Home even without Company.  I want to get my Back Porch cleared off, Allen had put a lot from the Art Studio out there when they were living here and had all their Worldly Possessions in the Art Studio Space.  They came and got most of their stuff but now The Daughter is occupying that Space and they never took the Bed.  She Sleeps there now and has a lot of her Possessions in there, so I can't bring it all back in from the Back Porch.  Now I can put any of it that I Plan to Sell in the She Shed instead.   Just Organizing everything and having better accessibility is huge. It alleviates a lot of Stress and frustration I've had about everything being scattered everywhere still.

It was Fun to Document the Process of having The She Shed Built.   And it was done by 6:00 p.m. so it had been a very long Day for that Young Man.   Below is the finished Building and it exceeded my expectations for it...


Happy Summer... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That was so interesting to see the shed go up. I'm amazed at how quickly the build went up, and how they matched the paint job to the other building. Enjoy your new space.

    1. He was quite a perfectionist about the Build once he knew I didn't care about how long it took. I wasn't paying by the Hour and didn't want him pushing too hard in the heat so I told him to take as long as he needed to, take breaks, no hurries or worries. I felt it going up in a Day was fast with just one worker. His Girlfriend came after she got off work and helped Paint the detailed trim, nice girl, they were a cute couple, 21 Years Old and both good looking Kids the ages of some of my Grandkids. He's doing very well for himself at such a tender Age I felt and so is she. Great to see their generation doing well and having a vision for their future.

  2. It looks so tiny next to the RV shed which must be MASSIVE! I love the colours and the detailing. Well done on holding out for what you want. Looking forward to seeing it filled ;-) Jazzy Jack

    1. Indeed the RV Garage Mahal got it's nickname due to the cavernous space it is. But, it's not climate controlled so working in it can't be done part of the Year, too Hot. When it's Winter it can become too Cold. So I did need a Space I can Cool or Heat to Work in all Year without dragging Inventory into our Living Spaces and cluttering it up. I hate a messy Home and we've got Three Generations there, so, keeping things orderly is important.

  3. I did something similar (to your time-lapse) back when I worked in an office and they built a hospital across the street from my window. Every few days I'd take a picture, framing it the same way. It went from a deep pit to a towering facility over the next year. I eventually put all the stills together into a video that dissolved from frame to frame.
    Why? I just thought it would be cool to do.

    1. It is Cool to do, isn't it? I don't regret making the decision to document things when we're having them Created. We've done it before with our own DIY, I found it quite fascinating seeing how this Young Man tackled the Project and brought it to Life so quickly. He enjoyed that I was doing it and said he'd always wanted a Time Lapse of a Build he was doing.

  4. The shed looks great and you'll have fun setting it up to function as you envision it to do.

    1. I will Jean, just getting the clutter of Inventory out of the House will be a major Blessing. Having Three Generations Sharing Space is logistically complex, so I didn't need all my Merch in there too. The RV Garage Mahal was supposed to be a Work Space and Storage for it, yet, it's so big you cannot Climate Control it and it's only comfortable for mebbe a few Months, otherwise, too Hot... or too Cold. Our Neighbors each have a Shed on both sides of it and said it was their solution to a similar problem, since, both Work from Home too. It made sense to Invest in one.

  5. We too have a little shed or as you call them she she'd....i call it a potting shed as it contains all my gardening tools...pots,potting soil and such. Comes in handy in the rain. Ours looks like a little house and I even put lit white candles in the window for nightime!!! It was in a snap shot from Sunday's garden post. Our neighbor tried to do one like ours but gave up I think.

    Loved seeing the progression of family photos. Man does Princess T look like her mother.

    1. Yes, all the Daughter's Kids look like she Cloned them. *LOL* A Potting Shed was always a staple in European Gardens, not so much around here in the Southwest. I like Sheds and there is so much you can do with them. In Arizona a lot of people make what they call Arizona Rooms, much like a Lanai of Hawaii, it's a Screened in Porch Room that is functional livable Space protected from the Elements yet Open Fresh Air.

  6. Yay! for Princess T working so hard--and with a positive attitude!--on recapturing credits! I believe you are correct regarding teachers and their attitudes affecting students. Although I graduated two years early, it was mostly an uphill battle! Teachers seem to expect a herd mentality and do not know how to handle the exceptions. Not that their jobs are easy--particularly these days where they seem to have to be caregivers and babysitters as well as teachers!

    Your She Shed looks terrific! It's going to make your life a bit easier--although controlled chaos seems to follow in your wake! ;-) I understand your reluctance to climb ladders. I had to place a Work Order to have my Smoke Detector battery replaced. They voluntarily changed the HVAC air return filters at the same time, although I COULD do those. Three walls and the ceiling to balance myself, if necessary. Think I'll leave it to the younger, more agile folks in the future!

    Glad The Man was able to enjoy Father's Day! Your Kidlets did a terrific job of "just enough" without overwhelming him!

    ... Taja 🏜️
    (Occasional Commenter)

    1. LOL about "Occasional Commenter" Taja! *Smiles* Yes, if you are not a conformist following Herd Mentality and Question things it seems as tho' Educators can't handle that either. Or the struggling Student who requires extra attention and a creative way of Learning. Teaching isn't for everyone, but those who pursue it as a Career should want the best for every Student under their Care. For some, they have a True Calling for that, others, I don't even know why they chose the Profession? That can be said for many Jobs/Careers tho', to be sure. I Love the Controlled Chaos of my She Shed, where the Chaotic Work of Inventory separation and Pricing can at least be done in the same area and not spread out everywhere. *Winks* I do operate with a kind of Organized Chaos that only I can make Sense of, how astute you are to see that. *Ha ha ha* Princess T didn't have School Today so she helped me all Morning in the RV Garage Mahal to sort out what would be sent to the Shed or remain, sorted into Keep or Donate Crates/Boxes. Sadly we had a large bag of items that got Water damaged some time ago and didn't realize it so we had to burn them, moldy, didn't even want to see what was Lost... but the only way to rid the spread of the Mold was to burn it all and not spread Spores. Last Season we had some Flooding and I think that's when it happened... we didn't realize that Garbage Bag holding contents had some deterioration and let moisture in. It was nearer the big RV Door which isn't sealed at the bottom since it opens/closes... and had seeped around the Sandbags apparently. At least it wasn't a lot of things and the more precious things were not compromised in the area we were at sorting stuff out. I'm Proud of her too, she's working on her Homework on this Day off even tho' it's a Federal Holiday and she has no School... she wants to be Graduated before School begins again next year.

  7. Your She Shed is fantastic!!! It sounds like you were assigned the BEST contractor - what a hard worker. And it sounds like he did an outstanding job on the construction! And the colors - just perfect! It really is just what you were thinking you needed. I bet you are so relieved to see it sitting there, like it has always been meant to be there!
    Sounds like Father's Day worked out great and congrats to Princess T for all her accomplishments this summer in school. I hope the momentum continues when school restarts and she has some cheerleader/teachers instead of the downers she has had. I know you are so proud of her.

    1. I am so Proud of her Merry, she has worked so hard and Academia is a struggle for her in certain Classes they insisted on Mainstreaming her, even tho' she qualifies for some Special Ed Services and Modifications due to her Learning Disabilities. Most of the Special Ed Classrooms she said are filled with Students who mostly don't even know they're there, so it's rather more like Extreme Babysitting to give their Parents a respite or teach perhaps some basic stuff the severely developmentally challenged need to actually still Learn for a modicum of independent living or group home living. The Shed is just what I needed and we did have a great Contractor, tho' only 21 he had a very Sage Work Ethic about him and a Guy like that will do well in Life and gain a favorable Reputation in the Industry,.


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