Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pandemic Was A Visual Sahara Desert


One of the most difficult parts for me personally about Pandemic Lockdown Extended Stay, was that Pandemic was a Visual Sahara Desert.  Sure, I had plenty of Optics around Home to Sustain me, but I'd seen it all before.  *Yawn* I'm a Sensory Pleasures kinda Gal, Beautiful Visuals to me Feed my Soul and Inspire abundant Creativity.  Without it I Feel kinda Starved and Hungry for what is lacking.   With nothing New to See and Experience, the Days, then Weeks and Months... shit, the whole Year 2020 and beginning of 2021, just blended together in an uninspiring Blur and I was ravenous to return to Seeing things, Doing things.   Now we can again, I've gone on a Binge, after so much Denial of it all for so long!  *Whew!*  I'm gorging myself on Visual Overload of Eye Candy!  *Winks*

I don't know if you can go into an Eye Candy Coma and OD on it, but if you can, I'm a Goner, that's for Sure!?  *LOL*   Some folks have been Jonesin' to Travel again, since the Wanderlust was curtailed during Pandemic and they just had to stay put, whether they wanted to or not.  I had a Lifetime of extensive Traveling and the Nomad Life already, so tho' there's places still on the Ole' Bucket List, it's not like I had to Cancel any Cruises or anything.  *Ha ha ha*  Besides, who wants to go on a Cruise when it could be a Death Ship and take you Down like the Titanic... if you caught the Virus on board or would be Denied entrance to any Country once the Ship became an Infected Petri Dish of COVID Spread?   I remember some Cruise Lines suffering that Fate in the early parts of Pandemic.


I mean, even tho' we had First World 'pretend' mostly Voluntary Quarantine in our Homes, it ain't like REAL Quarantine!  You know, where they Post Armed National Guard and won't let you out of where ever you are forced against your Will to stay, due to a Highly Contagious Outbreak!   I've seen the Hollywood Movies of Contagions and Zombie Apocalyptic Scenarios, I was just nervously awaiting something like that to happen if things got too far out of Hand and Cray-Cray?!   Thankfully, that never happened here... tho' some parts of the World got Hairier and more Strictly Disciplined for sure!   Some of them had Real Quarantine Type Lockdowns, so we were rather pampered and Spoiled by comparison, here in the ole' US of A, which is why we had the worst Statistics in the World too of Spread and Deaths.  

Freedom kinda gone awry, when Covidiot Morons and the Poorly Educated interpret their Freedom in reckless ways that Threaten the Safety of us all.  I was pretty sure that if we contracted the Virus and Died from it, the chances that some Covidiot caused the Infection, was far greater than our own cautious Risk Assessment.  I'm no Gambler when it comes to the Lives and Safety of my Loved Ones, they're far too Precious to me to be foolish or cavalier about Protecting them adequately from anything or anyone.   I might have become more Defensive about that Protection than the average Polite Citizen, who wanted to be all PC and non-confrontational with Covidiots and the ill informed.  In fact, Princess T joked that I was perhaps the most Aggressive Scary person she's Witnessed if a Covidiot came closer than 6 Feet to any of us!   She could be Right... *LMAO*

Hey, if that hurt the Delicate Feelings of... or quashed the Idiotic Political Statement any Covidiot was trying to make about a Deadly Highly Contagious Disease, I didn't give Two Shits actually... still don't.   Even tho' I'm double Vaxxed, this Disease is still around and it's still not fully Contained, so vigilance is still my stance until nobody is getting really Sick or Dying from this.   Even if that Person is NOT me and mine, it will be somebody's Loved One(s), so it's still a Big Deal.   We live close enough to a large Cemetery to see how many more Funerals are still being held every single Day than they ever were Pre-Pandemic.   Sometimes it looks like a huge Event is going on, because there's so many Burials going on simultaneously, I kid you not!   Nothing like India... but still...

Granted, now those of us Double Vaxxed can Opt NOT to wear our Masks while Outside, which is really Liberating and Feels like Normal again.  Tho' we still do if Princess T is with us, until she's Double Vaxxed and Protected too.   The Small Milestones we Celebrate as Mankind edges ever closer to a Victory over this Disease in some ways, perhaps not in all ways, this may always be with us now?  We cannot turn back the Clock to what WAS and now ISN'T anymore.   Moving On we can Adapt, Improvise and establish a New Normal we can become more Comfortable and at Peace with tho', of that I'm certain, Humans are a Resilient Species overall.   Those that aren't and don't do Adaptation well, and are ignorant and reckless, probably won't make it, the odds aren't in their Favor.   Natural Selection in Nature is always at Work, Culling some Herds harshly.

Nobody is Guaranteed Tomorrow tho', so Caution will only take any of us so far, Fate will shake out the rest of it as it just will.    Sometimes the Covidiots remind me of a rather Childlike approach to Fatalist Doctrine, where they Believe their Choices and Actions make no difference and all Events are inevitable.   I've met few Pure Fatalists in my Lifetime, most people do realize Choices and Actions have Consequences and we're a sum total of them that have been made.  When people are Immature enough to Believe that anything reckless they do doesn't affect other people Negatively, it's just dangerous Naivete or Selfishness playing out really.   I won't Indulge that Childish Fantasy just to make them Feel better about Bad Decisions they're making on a consistent basis.  Grow Up, become a Responsible Considerate Human already, stop the Nonsensical Thinking and Behaviors!

As I continue to watch the ReTrumplican Party continuing to devolve into Madness and a complete Circus, I do have Concerns about our Democracy and Two Party {or more} Political System necessity holding up under that Lunacy?  I think it's very important to have different Points of View at the Table Politically, we all Benefit from that diversity of Thoughts and Sound Policy differences... with Extremism kept up under Control and Kept in Check.   What I'm seeing Playing Out Recklessly tho' seems to be more a Play for Cult of Personality Branding, to be Seen and Noticed, at any Cost. 

 Rather than Caring about the Nation, Policy, the majority of the People, World Opinion towards us as either a Friend or Foe.  It's like that Child that doesn't get enough Attention, so they'll get it any way they can, whether Negative or Positive Attention matters not, so they become a Spectacle.  Only when Adults do it they look quite Mentally Unwell and Unraveling... and perhaps they even are.   But many appear to be too Calculated to get off with even that explanation for their erratic, unacceptable and unbelievable Behaviors... it's intentional and out of line.  

Only few in their Party or elsewhere, are making them Accountable for it or even Indulging and Tolerating it.  Kinda like when a Parent has totally lost Control or is not up to the Job... and the misbehaving Child is in Charge.   And we all knows that never Ends Well.   And I have a strong Opinion that if this isn't Dealt with Appropriately and swiftly now... before it develops further into utter Chaos and Confusion, Lunacy unchecked and Behaviors Tolerated and Accepted that never should have been at all... it will not End Well either.   The Threat to our Democracy and the National Security of our Nation is quite Real... and every single one of us will Feel it, if it is allowed to Continue unabated.... do we really want more January 6th Scenarios to endure and stave off?  I think NOT!  Too many Sacrificed too much thruout our History, for us to Allow that to happen!


Blessings, Love, Light and Stay Strong and Be Well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, May 14, 2021

Blog Panic Attack And The Purge Progress


I had a Blog Panic Attack when a Google 'Danger' Security Warning popped up Friday Afternoon as I'm Creating this Post!  I had to call The Young Prince in Washington State to see how to Safely get back into my Blog and not be locked out or risk anything.  I just Hate these Hackers and Pfishers!  I don't know enough about Tech stuff to fix things myself without The G-Kid Force's Help.  Back on Track now what he told me to do fixed it... he knows all about Hacking so knew how to counter attack it effectively and walk me thru on an Idiot Level.  *LOL*   I can't even begin to tell you the Wringing of Hands and Gnashing of Teeth going on when I thought my Blog was Forever fucked up, until he Saved the day for me!  *Whew*

So... now that Calm and Sanity has been restored, where was I before I completely Panicked and lost my Shit at the prospect of a permanently Corrupted Blog I'd never be able to Salvage!? *LOL*  Oh... We decided to buy the Disabled Veteran's Annual Pass to The White Tank Mountains County Park, it should get us in other County Parks too.  Back in the day it was all Free, now it's Seven Bucks a Visit, unless you buy Annual Passes.  The Service Related Disabled Veteran's Discount is far less expensive than the Senior Discounted Annual Pass, and for Twenty more you can add another person, which we did, add me.  Otherwise, he'd always have to be with me and sometimes he's not up for what I can still do or can't do it due to the extent of his Disability... the Grandchild gets in Free so long as she's with one of us.  He and I spent the entire Morning there after we bought our Passes.

I also picked up a One Day Culture Pass for Two to The Desert Botanical Gardens, which was Free at the White Tank Mountain Library.  I still have to make that Reservation and it's only good for one Visit within Seven Days, but at least I don't have to buy an expensive Membership and still have to make Reservations.  Which is the only reason I didn't renew my Annual Membership to The Gardens for the first time in over Twenty Years, why even have an expensive Membership if you're not guaranteed access when you want to go?  Until they lift that Pandemic Restriction of Reservations Only and Limited Access, I won't renew.  Now that I know I can obtain a Free Culture Pass with my Library Card once a Month, I don't need to renew.

Lately I've been Craving anything with fresh Fruit, so for Breakfast I had Fruit Crepes with Strawberries and Banana, a side of Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Pineapple Fruit Salad and some Spiced Orange Tea.  Then for Lunch I had a Boysenberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry Mixed Berry Scone with Grated Orange Peel.   Now my Fruit Cravings having been satiated, I'm Good.  *LOL*  My appetite is still greatly suppressed with the new Trulicity Medication, so I don't feel hungry very often at all for the majority of the day, but the odd Cravings are Helpful to get me to feel like eating something.   Otherwise I just can't eat much because there is no sensation of hunger.   I don't mind, I need to lose excess Weight gained when I developed Diabetes, perhaps now I will.

The larger of the Baby Hummingbirds seems to have left the Nest this Afternoon, so only the smaller one is left now and has plenty of room.   Either that or the big one is sitting on top of the little one now, but it looks like just a single occupancy from my vantage point?   And speaking of Young Uns, I easily Scheduled the COVID Vaccine for Princess T at a Walgreens Pharmacy not too far from our Home for the 1st dose this coming Monday after School... then another Monday after School in June, the Pfizer for 12-15 Year Olds.   Then we'll all be Double Vaxxed, which will be a huge relief from Stressing Out over her potentially contracting it, with her Health Issues.  It seems far easier to get in for the Vaccines now that demand is tapering some.

I've heard that some States have had to resort to offering large Bribes to get the hesitant people to get Vaccinated, I would think the Anti-Vaxxers are a Lost Cause and everyone knows it.   Bribery, if it works for some people getting on board, well, at least we might actually reach Herd Immunity which will benefit us all.  Most of the people I know who haven't been Vaccinated yet are just Scared, they're not necessarily Anti-Vaxxers at all, they have legitimate Concerns that they don't have a Peace about yet.   It's like why some people avoid the Dentist even tho' they know neglecting to go could cause irreversible damage to them, the Fear just overrides their logic of it being the Right thing to do to avoid worse problems.

Moving On... when I called to Schedule my Reservation to The Desert Botanical Gardens using that Culture Pass, they said they've lifted that Restriction for the Culture Passes and I can just show up between 7:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M..  Though they're still under State Mandate to limit attendance, with the Weather heating up so much now, they haven't reached capacity anymore, so you can be assured Admission when you just show up.   I'll still hesitate on buying a renewed Membership, since by Fall, when Weather is Sublime for going, they may have to put Restrictions back in place and require Reservations be made again, she just didn't know for sure.    While Photographing Blooms at The White Tank Mountain Park, one huge Saguaro had a twisted Arm down low enough to go right up to the Blooms and Photograph them.  

They Bloom on Top of the Arms, so that's Rare to find them low enough to do that.   This Ancient One had many twisted Arms and a lot of Arms it had dropped due to the prolonged Drought.   So about Four large Arms were on the ground around it, that it had shed to conserve it's resources to survive.   They had now Paved a lot of the Nature Trails, especially the popular ones that go up to the Waterfall, but we didn't hike them this day, even tho' now perhaps The Man could now it's been made more Handicap Accessible?   I could wheel him up on his Walker that has a Seat, but we didn't have that with us this day either.   The Restrooms had also been improved since I was last up there and new Playground equipment with Shade structures had been put by the Picnic Gazebos.

When my Kids and Grandkids were little they didn't have Playground Equipment anything like this up there.  In fact, when I was a Young Adult, they didn't even have running Water up there so the Restrooms were Outhouses!  *LOL*  Of coarse back then it was Free to go up there, it was open 24 Hours and not Closed after Dark, so we'd often have Keg Parties with our Friends Stationed at the Base and spend the Night up there in Tents.  You can't do any of that now, tho' they do have a Campgrounds for RV Campers where they can Rent a Space and have hookups for what they need, which is Nice.   They still have the Scouting Campsites too, which have always been up there... and the Equestrian Trails with Horse Staging Areas and Biker and ATV Trails.

I was impressed with the numerous Improvements to the Park, but you don't see nearly the amount of people at any of the County Maintained Parks as you used to when they were Free to use and were always popular and busy.   In fact, most of them are deserted and hardly used now, which is a shame for the under use.   Today was no exception, we hardly ran into anyone and it's a very large Park with numerous winding Roads thru it... so we practically had the place to ourselves, which was Nice, but Sad that it's so deserted now.   The White Tanks Library is fully Open now tho', when I was last there it wasn't.   They apparently lifted both their COVID restrictions and they finished renovations that took place during the Pandemic Closure of most of the Facility.  It's a Lovely Library and near where the McManse was.

When we lived in Subdivision Rural Hell it was practically the only place to go anywhere nearby, so I did use it often while living out there.   We have a Lovely huge Library near here too at the New House, I didn't even know it existed until The Son showed me where it was in the new Civic Plaza Complex down the Road!   I knew the New Civic Plaza housed the Courthouse, City Hall and Police Station, but I didn't know they'd also built a New Library.   The Old Library is in the Historic Part of the City where our Historic Home was and we could always Walk to it.   This New one would be a longer Walk, but you could do it on a pleasant day, so it's not that far away from where we now live and a couple Minutes to drive there.

Really the only things abundantly still Blooming in the Wild Desert are the Saguaro Cacti and the Ironwood Trees now, everything else the drought has really affected the Bloom Season of.   The Desert Botanical Gardens gets tended and supplemental Watering so everything there is in abundant Late Spring Bloom still.   So, I'm looking forward to going back with my Cultural Pass for a Day.  I will probably choose Sunday Morning and go by myself really early.   I took Princess T last time we had a Cultural Pass because the Library Clerk gave me Two of them when she saw the Teen Grandchild with me.  This time I only had The Man with me and he told her he never goes... so dammit, he spoiled my chances of snagging Two by offering information she didn't need to know!  *Le Sigh* 

I just Love Photographing the Character of The Ancient Ones... this is the 'Bark' of the Old Saguaro Cactus with the twisted Arms, it is likely 100-200 Years Old or more.   The exterior of the Oldest parts by the time it reaches Centuries Old is more like Tree Bark and Corky, so a lot of Animals drill Holes and make Nests inside.   Even on the Soft fleshy parts, if an Animal or Bird does that, the Saguaro will Scar over the exterior of the Nest Hole and form a 'Boot'.  When that Cactus eventually Dies, that Boot Scar will remain intact.  They really often do look like Old Boots which is how they got their Name.


The Blooming Ironwood Tree I Photographed was also Ancient and had the most Divine Gnarled Trunk ever.  It's got to be very Old since Ironwood grows slowly and even at the Historic Property, which was over a Century Old, it's Old Ironwood Trees were only a Third of this girth.   When I Googled Ironwood longevity they can live to be 150, so this one is probably at the end of Life, but still thriving and Blooming profusely.   I kinda took my Life in my Hands Photographing it's Blooms and getting this close, since it attracts Bees and most Bees in Arizona now are of the Africanized "Killer Bee" Species, which is very aggressive and quite dangerous.  

I'm allergic to Bees, but not overly Fearful of them, I pay them due respect and look to ensure no Hive is being intruded upon, which would make them defensive and possibly attack.   There are people and animals who have been attacked and Killed by the Killer Bees, they are relentless when agitated and live up to their Nickname.   But, we need Bees and the Killer Bees are here to stay and are now the dominant Species that pollinate everything, so co-existence in relative Harmony has to be achieved.   At least we haven't seen any of those "Murder" Hornets yet, those fuckers look totally menacing and terrifying!   I don't know if Man's intervention caused that Situation too, but it wouldn't Surprise me if it did.

Every time Man arrogantly thinks we know more than God or Mother Nature about how things should just be in the Natural World, we Cock it up in a Spectacular way, don't we?   Just about all Invasive Species of everything was displaced from it's Natural Environment, where it was meant to be, by Man, and introduced somewhere that it shouldn't be and was never meant to be, and everything thus goes Sideways.   Anyway, so, swarms of Killer Bees were all over the Blooms of the Ironwood, but they ignored me and I ignored them whilst giving them due Respect, so I got my Pixs quickly of the Magnificent Old Tree and it's Blooms and Moved On. *Smiles*

We got a good Haul of Aluminum Cans from the Campsites and Picnic Areas, which are kept very tidy, so everything was gleaned from the Trash Cans.  It's good to see people Behaving appropriately with their Trash, but like I said, there weren't that many Visitors, so that's probably Helpful too.   We came away with Three Bags worth and only found one Can laying out in the Desert stuck in a Bush rather than thrown away properly.   We did some Roadside Environmental Duty on the way Home, picking up discarded Cans people throw out their Vehicle Windows as they're Driving.   We got some good Exercise in Today and no further Sunburn.   Looking thru my Photo Archives I came across this pix of The Son from about 2012 when he was helping me set up a New Space at our Antique Mall... doing his Capt. Morgan impersonation.  *LOL*

Back in 2012 I was timidly expanding The Vision of my Hobby Selling at an Antique Mall and going from this very Small Booth to a Showroom.   Booth 44 was my very first Space and I was so unsure if I'd do well or fail miserably at Resale of my Found Treasures, it was when I first began Downsizing in earnest.   And now here we are... all these Years later and I'm still slogging away at it and feel like an Old Pro at Selling at an Antique Mall.   My Spaces are also messier now and sometimes I think my Home is too, even tho' I have far less to manage and maintain than I did almost a Decade ago.   When you're Full Time Caregiving and Raising Grandkids, plus Working part time, most of this was on the Back Burner and a low priority.  But, we had Fun with it, as you can see... *Smiles*

In Adulthood my Kids and Older Grandkids have always Teased me unmercifully about my Hoarding tendencies and Collecting Too Much, no matter how Lovely or Valuable it was.   They were Right of coarse and wanted me to start the Downsize long before I was ready to Keel Over and Die Off and they'd be stuck doing it ALL.  *LOL*   That actually has been my primary motivation to getting rid of stuff, so as not to leave them with a Headache that would take them a long time to Sell Off.   But, I don't really know whether I'll accomplish that Goal or not since I've either had Acreage and Outbuildings Galore, or a McManse full, that took me a Lifetime to accumulate... so, it's still A LOT left.  *Le Sigh*

When The Young Prince and his Partner come in August for his 21st Birthday Vacation back to Arizona, he said I might Scare his Partner Allen, who is a True Minimalist, if I show him the Interior of the RV Garage.   He said they Rent a small Storage Facility just for The Young Prince's overage... and Honestly, The Young Prince is a Minimalist, so that tells me just how much of a Minimalist his Partner actually is!  *LOL*   Knowing they will Inherit a portion of this will probably make Allen petrified!?  *Ruh Roh*   So, my Grandson said he'll Survey the RV Garage first and see if Allen would even be able to Handle it or not?  *Bwahahahaha*   So, I have until Mid-August to make the Optics of it not so  Scary!  *Winks*

Now, Sure, Allen saw all we Owned at The McManse, which was far more than I have left now, since I Purged a shitload of possessions during The Big Move.  But Villa Boheme' was sprawled out on Two Stories of 4,350 sf, plus a Triple Car Garage... so it was Visually spread out and broken up more when you took it all in.    At the McManse we still had empty Rooms, empty Cupboards, empty Drawers because it had so much vastness that even I couldn't fill it up.   Now our Home is Half the size and the RV Garage is one enormous Room of Warehouse proportion Space so the Optics are intimidating when it's full... and IT IS Full my Friends!  *Le Sigh*   And I ain't getting any Younger, so Tick-Tock to get ur Done in this Lifetime!?!?!?!!!  *Dramatic Eye Roll*

That's why I need to eat Healthy, conquer Diabetes, Exercise religiously and lose excess Weight... so perhaps I can last long enough to accomplish this Downsize by myself sufficiently and not burden The Heirs?    Granted, there's some shit they don't want me Letting Go of that they actually want to Inherit, so I've made sure to ask them all what I shouldn't dispose of in my Lifetime?  *LOL*   I actually told any of them they could take some of their most Cherished Objects with them to their own Homes, which some have and some won't.   I don't know if they think it distasteful to divvy up my shit they want while I'm still among the Living... or if they just don't want to Deal with it right now either and want me to just continue to enjoy it myself?  *LOL*

I just know that it doesn't bother The Man one iota how long any of it takes, he says there isn't that sense of Urgency that I have about it really... mebbe he's Right?   So what if you have a lot of stuff Honey... and we have Room on our Property for to Keep it all for now... so why the Urgency... he says?   I guess if we were paying for Offsite Storage, like so many people I know, we'd both then be Urgent about getting rid of any and all Excess?!  *LOL*   But, we don't... so he doesn't Care and wants me to Chill Out and not Care so much either how Full the RV Garage still is.  It's not as full as it was a Year ago when we moved in and it's slightly more Organized and Purged now... so that is Progress in the Right Direction.  The Purge Progress will be ongoing, I just have to Wrap my Mind around that Fact... and take plenty of Time to Relax, Do Nothing some of the time and just Enjoy Life too...


Learning to be More Still and Less a Human Doing... and just Be a Human Being... Dawn... The Bohemian

What People Are Reading In The Land Of Blog

 Now that I'm Purging my Archived Blog Posts often and keeping the sum Total down to about 20-30, it's easier for me to see what people are Reading and seem most Interested in the Topics of in The Land Of Blog.  The number of Visitors to Posts about Blogging is off the Charts they get so many hits, so clearly that's a Topic of much Interest.  For a Time, I thought Blogging was gonna go the way of the Dinosaurs and that Troubled me, since I Love to Blog and to visit Blogs.  This Community is one of my favorite ones to come to and hang out, often more Engaging than Real Life Communities.

I'm a Statistics Oriented person by Nature, I just always have been, I don't know Why?  I guess it Fascinates me to see what makes people Tick as a Collective, it's Interesting and somewhat Telling.  So, when The Grandson set up this Blog and showed me it had Statistical Data I could check out and refine my Blog upon to make it better, I always Enjoyed that part of it.  To see where Guests where coming from, what they showed the most Interest in, what times of Day people tended to be in The Land, how they Connected, the percentiles of Visitors to Comments ratio, what Days, Months or even Years had the most Activity... stuff like that. 

Now of coarse after doing this well over a Decade, I haven't really refined my Blog as much as I used to when it was initially Created.  But, I always feel there is room for Improvement in anything I'm Passionate about doing and Creating.  If it's worth doing, it's always worth doing Well, as best you can manage to.  I've come a long way in my Tech Knowledge about Blogging at least, being Tech Challenged meant that every time Blogger did Change stuff, I didn't always catch on or embrace the Change well tho'.  *LOL*  Sometimes I Panicked or got Upset a little when they'd Enhance something, but I did that in my Corporate Lives too with Technology.

In the end, I'd always end up Embracing the Change, some Enhancements were better than others, how Blogger is now I really do happen to like, even if many don't.  I never was Tempted to move to another Blog Provider, some of the ones my Fav Blogs use aren't very User Friendly even for the Visitor, let alone the Blogger.  It inhibits me Visiting often even if the Blog is very well done.  And I even find it Fascinating which Blogs I Connect to more than others... and perhaps Why?   As we all know, some Blogs are very well Written or have the most Spectacular Photography... but, that doesn't always matter.

I've Connected to Blogs that don't have the greatest of Imagery or don't have the most Refined Writing skills... probably as much, or even more than, the really Impressive Blogs whose Visuals and Content are enviable and damned near Professional looking.   Granted, I'm a Sucker for those Blogs that have the Editorial Visuals that are Sublimely done because the Photography Skills of the Blogger are exceptional.   I also tend to gravitate to Bloggers with a Wicked sense of Humor in how they Write.  If you've made me Laugh out Loud anywhere in your Post, I'm coming back... and probably often.  I think with most Blogs it's important how Relatable it is to you personally.

It's that way with Life too, so be it with Blogs... if we can Relate in any way to the content of that Blog and it's Blogger, on a Human level, it's going to make all of the difference.   It's very difficult to keep coming back to anything we can't Relate to or draw any Point of Reference from.   I have tried to find Blogs and Bloggers so vastly different from myself too, because Exposure is Everything IMO and it's a great way to see other Perspectives, other Lifestyles, other Cultures.   I used to have a great deal many more International Blogs on my Sidebar, but sadly, a lot of my Fav International Bloggers quit Blogging, I know not Why?

Initially my first Love in The Land was Decor and Junquing Blogs, because my Passion for that was Paramount.   Not that it still isn't a Passion, but I quickly did Bore of only Visiting Blogs that were that Specific.   Mostly because if it was strictly about Decor and Junquing, it tended to be a Biz Blog and there's nothing Wrong with Promoting one's Business in The Land at all, it's just another form of Advertisement, but it rarely Connects on a Personal Level.  If a Connection is formed at all, sometimes it's more Business Owner to Customer Based.  I did make some Business Owner Friendships along the way tho', it can happen.  Some even Touched me with sending Surprise Friendship Gifts.

I do Promote a lot of Indie Businesses of Friends and Local Haunts in my Blog.  I want the Small Businesses to thrive and be noticed for what they have to offer.  Over Time the Small Biz Owner has had a tougher and tougher time of it staying afloat and being competitive with Big Biz and the Online Giants who dominate now.   Let's face it, Society as a whole would rather shop at their local Wal-Mart or have Amazon Deliver everything they want or need.   There are people I know who have never stepped foot in an Indie Shop or gone Junquing for Found Treasures to Rescue and make a Unique Statement in their Home with.

As we become more of a disposable Society, few intend to Keep anything they possess any length of time, including their Relationships with anyone, let alone the objects they own.  Some also always want a Bargain and just won't pay a bit more for something well made or Locally done.  Not if they can get a mass produced similar item that exploited some 3rd World Worker, and was made like crap, to get the Cost per unit down so low.  Since they don't intend for it to last or Keep, it matters not to them that Quality is lacking or someone might have been exploited in the production of it to give them a lower price point.

Along the way I also Connected to Caregiver Blogs, Extreme Parenting Blogs who were Raising Disabled Children, Blogs Dealing with Mental Health and attaining or maintaining Sobriety for themselves or a Loved One, Senior Downsizing Blogs, LGBTQ related Blogs, Travel Blogs, Moving and Setting up in a New Home Blogs, Specific Lifestyle Blogs... the Topics that for me were something I was experiencing in our own Lives and it was Helpful to know other Bloggers were too.   A Camaraderie is always there when it's Relatable to us in any way. 

  Blogs really do Serve more Purpose than just to whoever is Creating them.  The Benefits expand outwards more than we ever initially realized they would and do.  Our little Online Journals end up being more than just all about us... and in so many ways Serve a Community Service here, even if we never intended for it to expand to that capacity.   To those Bloggers who get discouraged or disheartened, I say, just keep on keeping on with your slice of The Land... Cyberspace is so vast that eventually Connections get made, almost Magically, when you consider the Vastness of Cyberspace!  

 I know that for me personally, I'd do this even if no Connections were ever made tho', but it is a Sweet Bonus when they do Connect with anyone, however numerous, casual or intimate.   Strong Friendships have been formed here and Casual Acquaintances.  Some Visitors I may never know at all and that's Okay too, the Anonymity of it is Attractive as an Option, I ain't gonna Lie, I Lurk at some locations and never get participatory in the dialogue.    The Silent Anonymous Visitor is just as Appreciated and I know you're there by your Statistics revealing the number of Visitors I wouldn't even realize came by and spent some Time.

Some of you have your own Blogs and some of you don't, it's not a prerequisite in The Land to 'Live' here at a Location.   If you're not a Blogger you can just be a Blog Tourist of sorts on Vacation hanging out here, briefly or often, as your Schedule permits.   Just like Real Life Vacays, sometimes we have the Time to indulge and sometimes we don't.  I Blog a lot but I often go MIA Visiting other Blogs because it's not fitting in with my Time allotments Online, which aren't as Obsessive as you would think they might be.   Only a small portion of my Day is spent here, I got too much to do to languish long.

 I Type very fast, I Think and form my Blogs very fast and spontaneously.  My Stream of Consciousness for doing this never runs Dry, it's almost a Compulsion and Calming to me to Create something always... ADHD has it's benefits and drawbacks like that.  *Winks*  I would probably never run out of shit to Write about or Photograph because Life is happening all of the time around me, Rich with Experiences, so I draw from that constantly.  I usually never know what the Hell I'm going to Write about or include for Imagery until it's happening in Real Time, almost with a Life of it's own, including the Title!  *LOL*

Yet, some Bloggers aren't prolific and I eagerly await their Posts, even if it's seldom and I Wish they Blogged more.   Those Bloggers remind me of Visits with my Dad, which were so very different than Visits with my Mom.  Mom was a Talker, a Socializer and was always Doing something with Intensity.   Dad on the other hand was Stoic, a Man of few Words, Profound and Deep, he could be Still easily and quietly Observed Life and Listened more than twice as often as he Spoke.   Bloggers be like that Spectrum and everything in between... because there's always an Individual Person behind each Blog... with a Point of View and something to Share with the World.  


This Door's always Open and you're always Welcome... so come on in... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl