Friday, August 7, 2020

When Shit Is Just Weird

Princess T is not feeling good Today and signs of COVID are so similar to so many other things, that even if you have a few symptoms, it's not crystal clear if you have it or not and Testing here is still way behind the curve.  She has Migraines and gets nauseous from them, and then her Throat is sore from puking, so chances are it's that and not the Virus.  But, I'm keeping a close Eye on any of us that have any freakin' symptoms anymore that remotely resemble those they say indicate an infection!  She has no fever, but not everyone has a fever, she had a weird bald spot on her Tongue, where even her Blue Sports Drink didn't stain the patch, that was just weird.  Our Hospitals are overwhelmed so I really don't want to preempt a visit prematurely unless my Maternal Alarm Bells ring.

So, the 4th of July was just Weird this Year... all organized Fireworks Displays were cancelled last minute but of coarse this State allows the Sale of 'illegal' Fireworks, okay to buy them but not to use them, AS IF... which is so typical of how Weird this State can be!  It's a Red State so what can I say, that pretty much really says it all, the Insanity of that Party is ridiculous right now!  *LMAO*  So, the unorganized and probably illegal Fireworks were going up all Night long just about everywhere, since people had no place to formally go to Celebrate.  Some were fairly impressive and I drove around aimlessly to catch whatever we could see going up... so The Man and Princess T could see some of it, since they wanted to.  I found Two spent Bottle Rockets beside my new Truck in the Morning tho', not Happy about that, but luckily none on our Roof! I'd of lost my shit if I'd sustained Property Damage on the New House or New Truck from someone's illegal Fireworks!  I just bought the Kiddos Sparklers.

The Man had been ornery most of the Day, who knows why, sometimes he just can't emotionally regulate and can go from pleasant to Old Bastard on the turn of a Dime since his Brain Injury!  It tends to set off a chain reaction once we've about had enough of the unnecessary exaggerated Drama over nothing and the childish behavior.  Even tho' he's Brain Damaged, he can work on his Coping skills... and he tends to stop once he's pissed everyone off!  *LOL*  He'll pout once Princess T or I Calls him Out on how he's misbehaving, always claiming he wasn't mad or upset at all.  Even tho' he's been yelling or acting the Fool as if something major had upset him!  It can be a tiny insignificant thing but he'll overreact and have an exaggerated Mood over it, then not Own his part in pissing everyone off once we've had enough of the spectacle!  *Le Sigh*  This is also why I believe this President has some Brain Damage, how he reacts is damned near textbook.

Princess T is 14, which is that puberty tightrope walk Age, to where her Mood regulation is iffy as well, so they go at each other sometimes to where I have to referee the melee!  It's an "Okay Children, Knock It Off" kinda intervention... and if either or both of them is foolish enough to persist, and my patience is exhausted, then the wrath of Dawn falls upon the land, which is rather like dropping a nuclear weapon during a stupid War just to end it.   Instant, Oh shit we fucked up and now everyone's gonna Die horribly... or something like that... and it always squashes any bullshit that has been going on in regards to much ado about nothing!  *Smiles*

  Such was the case this Day after I'd just about had enough of him triggering her with his Old Fucker Mood swings over trifles.  He wanted to tag along but he just wasn't Coping well, I don't know if he was overly tired or just being easily ruffled over nothing?!  I was regretting not leaving him at Home. *LOL*  But he has bad PTSD and loud bangs can trigger it, so Caregiver me had to ensure he was Okay with the Holiday Noises sounding rather Warlike, which puts him in a tormented Head Space of bad Memories of Wars he Served in!  He handled most of the Bangs okay, with a few exceptions if they were too close and we had no idea they were going off as we drove by.  People were setting their illegal Fireworks off in the most unlikely places!

But after I finally squashed the nonsensical fits he was having over such things as an accidentally spilled drink, dropping his Corn Dog beside the Seat in the Truck, or not being able to bring some Blocks of Cheese as Snacks since they'd melt in the Heat and he argued that Cheese doesn't melt... everything was swell!   Yes, it can be like herding Cats or tending to a Toddler! *Bwahahahaha!*  He reluctantly and angrily put the Cheese back since he wasn't Winning that lame Brain Damaged Argument. *Winks* So the Night actually ended harmoniously, since they knew better than to keep acting up.  She'd actually not been the Issue and I didn't blame her for Calling him out, he could ruin a good Evening where we could have had a nice time.  I was determined we were gonna have Fun dammit, since they'd begged to take this Show on the Road and try to have some!!!   I'm no Quitter!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*

  I had threatened a couple times to just drop his Ass back off at Home and continue without him if he couldn't pull it together.  He managed to pull it together and she forgives Grandpa because she knows he's Not Right in the Head anymore and she Loves him dearly, he's always been her Favorite.  *LOL*   I know, I know... I should be everyone's Favorite... but somebody has to be the Heavy in the Family and keep these fucking Ducks in a row, Right?!  *Winks*  Often Holidays are very difficult for those who suffer from Brain Damage or Mental Illness, so I'm kinda used to it being Sensory Overload for them.  With them going to pieces easily during any Celebratory Event that overwhelms them and is just too much, even if you scale it way back for their benefit.  We avoided Crowds even before Pandemic because The Man and Princess T just can't do Crowds, The Young Prince couldn't either... they have Anxiety or Panic Attacks in a crowded setting.

I'd of rather just stayed Home and foregone the vain attempt to find illegal Fireworks Displays going up if they'd not insisted it would be 'Fun'. *LOL* Are we having Fun yet... I kept thinking in my Head, as the petty Drama played out off and on and for reals gave me a Headache too!  But it made them Happy enough that it felt somewhat like a 4th of July instead of just another Saturday during Pandemic.  They also did Help me for a couple Hours mark down more merchandise at the Antique Mall spaces, where it was Dead that Night, so we could easily do it without Customers in the way.  Oddly, for it being Dead in there I'd had a very Strong Day of Sales, so the few Shoppers were clearly spenders.   I'm trying to stimulate Trade with markdowns and also clear out Inventory in case I do have to consolidate both Spaces if Pandemic causes more closures or further economic slide or collapse?

  I actually expect that to happen, so I'm being proactive to get all the Money I can, while I can, from Re-Sale of what I've purged thus far and clear it all out.  I do Hope the Antique Mall and many other favorite Shops and Restaurants can hang on while Pandemic rages and is so out of control... but I'm not even guardedly Optimistic about that anymore at this juncture.  Unless COVID takes this Administration down and out, and I mean personally them contracting it and not recovering, what happens between now and November is not likely to be Positive at all from all the indicators of the Madman's Shitshow intensifying.   He is completely Mad and totally unraveled and his Cult are equally so at this point and ready for their twisted Culture War to set off.  That COVID spreading Spectacle at Mt. Rushmore, well, I have no Words!

I really don't see common ground being reached with any healthy compromises when extremists are so far gone and determined to exact their Will on an entire Country.   There can't be Unity or defined Purpose with such intentionally created divisions this Administration has had as their ultimate Goal.  The Fear mongering is constant and playing into the Fears, Prejudices and Insecurities of his Cult Members keeps them devoted, ampted up and easily manipulated.  He and they seem to Believe the majority of us are a threat that must be eliminated and that's some sick dogma right there.  It was impossible to really Celebrate our Country properly, when it's in such shambles as he's made it during his term as President.  He's been as destructive to our Country as this Virus has been.  I still Love America, I still hold out Hope a New Administration could salvage it, but it's gonna be a tough row to hoe and a long haul. Strap in and hold on tight my Friends... we've bought the Ticket so we're on for the whole hairy Ride!


May your 4th of July not been too Weird... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Very Unusual 4th Of July

So, I'm going to be down to one Kiddo again, as Timmy will be spending the 4th Of July Weekend with his Mother.  He'll return on Monday, that's if he can last Two Days with her?  Which is questionable, given past visits, from what Princess T tells me, so he's Welcome to come back earlier if he needs to.  It's difficult when Kids have a complex relationship with a Parent(s), especially if it's a non-custodial situation, the awkwardness can be a situation. It can also be Drama and a Headache for all involved.  But I Hope he has a Memorable Holiday Weekend in a Positive way, Life is so difficult and abnormal right now for everyone.  I'm not sure anything will ever be normal again actually?  While this vile Demon Spawn Clown Prez stokes Cultural War at Mt. Rushmore, our Family will be Celebrating this very unusual 4th of July far more Patriotically.  This disgusting Administration is the antithesis of being Patriots, it's treasonous and offensive to real Patriots!

I'm steaming Corn and Asparagus for everyone to eat before his Mom arrives to pick him up.  Her situation doesn't sound Kid Friendly, so just in case, I wanted him to be well fed before he left.   I have been told she lives in a Kitchen, literally... and I'm not sure where he stays then when he's there?  I am wondering if she will come to the Door to meet us, or just honk and pick him up curbside, avoiding us, since it's awkward we've got him while the Grandparents are in Florida?  It's not my place to judge her, I don't know her back story, or why she doesn't have custody of her Child.  It can be complicated and not always a voluntary relinquishment... his sounds like the latter.  He eluded he was taken away from her and that his Grandparents don't actually have Legal Custody, so I'm sure it's complicated and ongoing.  I don't know if Social Services is involved.  He's turning out well in spite of a complex situation and that's all that matters.

We've moved thru Complex Custodial arrangements as a Family ourselves, you can't possibly understand how convoluted and incompetent The System is unless you have had a Child or Children bound to it and languishing in it.  The G-Kid Force were Wards of the State of Arizona for Years and we were voluntary Kinship Placement since Infancy/Birth.  All Parents involved chose us to Raise them since they couldn't, so it was mutually cooperative for the best interest of the Kids exclusively.  It was still rough, I wouldn't want anyone to have to go thru what we went thru for 15 grueling Years of The System and Social Services.  The Hoop Jumping and slews of Caseworkers, Judges, Drama and unreasonable demands forced upon us by far too many complete Strangers rotating in and out of their positions constantly.  The good ones never stay long and the incompetent ones aren't Helpful or beneficial to the Children they have a duty to protect and serve.  Requirements can vary on someone's whim or temperament.

I never pry when anyone has a Family dynamic that is complicated and not your Garden Variety kind, Families often make it Work.  But usually Kids will voluntarily confide in what stress that puts upon them.  Anyway, all I know is he's not being picked up on time, she's kicked back the pick up time twice now and it's getting to be very late Afternoon, so I Hope she doesn't become a No Show.  That could be devastating to her Child and I don't want to have to Deal with that collateral damage to a very Sweet Child I Care about.  I'd rather that be up to his Grandparents to handle when they return.  I know how I'd handle it.  *LOL, I suspect you know how I'd handle it too?  Winks*  Anyway, she's missed the 2nd pick up time and that delays us going to the Antique Mall now to mark down some merchandise.  Which had been my Plan of Productivity for the Day, which we might have to abort, it's unclear as I Create this Post. 

 I don't like when Parents are irresponsible and let Children down and inconvenience everyone because they lack consideration and don't assume Adult responsibilities appropriately. I won't say anything for consideration of the Child and because it's not my problem or business to interfere, but I'd like to not remain Silent.  Refraining from confrontation with a problem person isn't something I'm particularly delicate about usually, especially when Children are involved.  *Bwahahahaha!* But, I doubt it would be Helpful, I don't know the Family well enough and keeping the Peace and Harmony is best.  Everyone ate and the Kiddos are playing Cards, "Go Fish", and watching "Sponge Bob Square Pants" Cartoons for now.  He doesn't seem upset, perhaps he's used to her doing this to him, and he's Over It, I dunno?  Princess T keeps updating me on whatever his Mom is telling him via Messenger between them.  Even if it doesn't play out ideally, I'd like for it to play out Positively for Timmy.

 Later: Seems now he Skated to his Grandparents House for her to pick him up from there.  So clearly she, or he, doesn't want to have to meet us, which is Okay and probably best.  *Winks*  I just asked him to Call to ensure she did pick him up and he's not stranded and locked out of our House, if we leave to do our business, since I'm responsible for his Grandparents entrusting him to me when he's not with his Mother.  I'm not leaving our House until he's Messaged us that he's been Safely picked up by her.  Apparently they know she intended to spend the Holiday Weekend with him, it might even be mandated, so I will leave all that to their Family to work thru.  He's eluded that he has to visit with her, often he doesn't want to, he seemed okay with it this time.   I feel sorry for Kiddos with Parental Issues.  Anyway, he knows how to contact us and I'd do whatever his own Grandmother would do to retrieve him if that becomes necessary.

So, my Clan is readying themselves for a visit to our Antique Mall and looking forward to getting out of the House for any reason at all!  *LOL*  As Months drag on, Lock Down is less and less Appealing, but I already know that with how we've Failed as a Nation to address Pandemic, and clearly this Administration is compounding spread, this is going to be something we all have to just endure for however long it takes now.  It's each INDIVIDUAL AMERICANS responsibility now to figure it out for themselves, clearly we can't rely on any Leadership or National Guidance to be fit or capable to protect any of us.  They were Reporting that we're the only Advanced 1st World Wealthy Nation in that predicament, all the others have gotten a decent handle on this and taken measures to mitigate spread and flatten their Curves.  Meanwhile, our alleged 'Leader' is still Hosting mass gatherings with no Social Distancing and few, if any, wearing Masks, it's as if he's intentionally trying to spread Death to Americans exponentially, it's so Criminally Negligent!

I do think this is going to go on for possibly Years, so the Risk Assessment Issue is something I'm trying to fine tune to have quality of life while remaining relatively Safe from infection.  I say relatively Safe, since we cannot at all be completely Safe from something we can't see and is obviously everywhere now.  I highly suspect that my mandatory Doctor/Specialist/Lab Visits are riskier than going out to eat at a Restaurant, where Social Distancing is further apart than what I've experienced in Hospitals/Labs/Medical Waiting Rooms thus far.  We as a Family have comorbidities and yet it might just be inevitable that we eventually all catch this no matter what precautions we take.  With the direction things are going, it is doubtful that anyone is going to escape being infected at some point in time.  Florida hit over 11,000+ Cases in a Single Day Yesterday and I don't know how many other States will enact Crisis Care Standards along with Arizona, which already has?

Timmy's Mom eventually picked him up about 3.5 Hours Late, but after he was Safely on his way Princess T suggested we go to 'Longhorn Steakhouse' for Dinner before we hit the Antique Mall to do our Work.  Both places were pretty much devoid of people, so it worked out really well.   So long as few, if any, people are anywhere, I feel that is the best risk assessment outside of our Home that we can attain at this point in time.  It was good to talk to my Co-worker Friends at the Mall and get updated on how everyone is coping.  I find that most are feeling like we are now, Pandemic Fatigue is palpable.  The majority of other Vendor Friends are Seniors too and we range in Age from 60 something to 80 something, so all are in the high risk category.  

It seems we have taken a unanimous view on how this is playing out and how we must move forward to ensure quality of life versus just quantity of Years/Months/Weeks/Days of extending it.  I'm the only one still Raising a Minor Child tho', so they understand my added precautions of not going back to part time Work.  Of coarse they all want me back and even tho' it's looking as if that might never actually happen now, I'd Hope I'm wrong about that part, I miss Working my Shifts there.  I miss earning more discretionary income too, tho' during Pandemic you can't go most places so it's easy to not spend money.  I thought this Brindle Bull Mount at the Restaurant had the most unusual markings, I wasn't even sure he was Real and not fabricated, but I was assured he was Real.  I Googled Brindle Bulls and sho' nuff there were some as unusually marked as him, quite striking!

The 4th of July is one of my Brother-In-Laws Birthday so The Man is calling to wish him a Happy one.  This relative is Pro-MAGA so I really just can't have conversations with him anymore, lest he Trigger me with his Cult devotion to this Lunatic, so I refrain and The Man understands why I simply must.  To maintain Harmony, so he can have relationship in his extended Family, is more important to us than their wacky Political views. But it does erode any modicum of respect I might have ever had for the individual.  I can't Lie about that and have zero tolerance for Twitler's indoctrinated spouting their opinions and Parroting his bullshit.  GAK!  The Man knows how I am, so he'd prefer to just Mediate and maintain the Peace, lest I go Postal on any of his Kin.  *LOL* 

 Thankfully in my immediate Family, there are no MAGA Maniacs, Whew and Thanks Be To God!   Because in my own Blood Kin, I wouldn't even try to be Harmonious about it for the sake of my Beloved Spouse's Feelings.  *Bwahahahahaha!*  Hell no, if anyone in my immediate Family was that fucking deluded or aligned with that vile doctrine, they'd have nothing held back by me.  *Winks*  Even the Seriously Mentally Ill among my Family said they might be Crazy but they're just not that Stupid to align with 45.  Nor are they blatant or closeted Racists, like 45 panders to and are the vast majority of his Devotees that long for a Cultural War.  I'm convinced many clearly have Wet Dreams about 'cleansing' who they consider undesirables from the American landscape... which include me, mine and possibly yours too... which speaks volumes, doesn't it?!   If that's the Hill this President wants to Die on... so be it.


May you successfully Celebrate this very unusual 4th Of July my Friends in the most Positive of ways that you can manage... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Friendship Park... A Respite From COVID-19

After hearing the breaking News that Florida had broken another record with 10,109 Cases of COVID in a Single Day, my Mind was so unable to wrap itself around such staggering numbers, and Timmy knowing that his Grandparents are there right now, that I was ready for an immediate respite from COVID-19.  I took the Kiddos to Friendship Park, empty except for Migratory Birds and Zen Pagodas that the Japanese Government did a Friendship Exchange with the City we live in, it took our Minds off of Pandemic woes for a Blissful Afternoon.  I found a Bench under a shady Tree and while the Kiddos fed the Wildlife and Skateboarded, I just had my Zen Moments and fed some of the Wildlife too. 

It has a Splash Pad, so the Kiddos rode their Skateboards thru it to Cool off, after we'd fed the Migratory Wild Geese and Ducks... and Domestic Ducks and Songbirds, the Cat Kibbles and Bird Seed we'd bought from the Dollar Store.  So, we went thru Three 15 oz. Bags of various flavored Cat Kibbles and a 10 lb. Bag of Seed, everything is now well fed with Protein for the Day!  *LOL*   The Wild Geese are so much smaller than Domesticated Geese, I should have photographed them since they really weren't as ornery as Domesticated Park Geese are.  But I had only brought my Cell Phone and not my Camera.  I think they were Canada Geese.  You can see how much shorter Princess T had me lob off her Hair now, it was still drying after going thru the Splash Pad.

Gay Timmy got the lone Duckling to come up and sit on his Knee, he seemed to be the Duck and Goose Whisperer, since he Hand fed everything and none were fearful of him.   He looks so much like The Young Prince did at that Age, even down to the Hairstyle, shaved sides and shaved back Dark Fade with long Mohawk strip dyed Blonde, that it's eerie.   I can see why he reminds Princess T so much of her Older Brother who she desperately misses and Timmy has filled the Void of.   These Two are inseparable and he'll be staying with us for the Six Days his Grandparents are in Florida attending to some personal business.  He calls his Gramma every Day or she calls him, which is Nice, I want her to have Peace of Mind that he's doing just fine and is no imposition at all.

Straight Anthony had spent the Night too, but he has to Work, so had left by late Morning for his job.  I got "Panda Express" Take-Out for The Man and the Kiddos on the way home and Falafel for me from "The Halal Guys".  I had intended to stop by the Antique Mall to mark down some merchandise, but I just didn't have it in me and the Kiddos were tired after expending so much energy at the Park.  They took Naps once they got Home, I'm good at wearing Children out, got it Down to a Science after this many Decades of concurrent Parenting of Two Generations!  *LOL*

I just Love these Magnificent Pagodas that the Japanese Government Gifted our City with in a Friendship Exchange around 2010 called Kaizu Garden, which also includes a lovely Asian inspired Gazebo and Mural.   I'd Love to have some Pagodas like these around our Property that are as impressive and Beautiful!  For a time they had some trouble with Vandalism, but Thankfully the Pagodas have been protected from further harm and the City spent about 2 Million improving the Park recently and adding features to make it a nicer place to Gather and bring your Families.   The area around it also grew with new Subdivisions and higher end Apartments nearby, so the area also saw improvements over the Years and is a nice place to go now.  During COVID it is pretty deserted even tho' it has re-opened.

I liked the Safety and Serenity of having the whole place to ourselves during Pandemic, we stayed for a long time because it was so Serene.   A couple other Families came and went, the Park is quite large so Socially Distancing isn't a problem.  There is actually a new Skateboard Park with a big Lake closer to where our Historic Home we Sold is, but the Kiddos felt a Skateboard Park would have more people, they were probably right, and we intended to avoid people.  *Smiles*   In fact, even when there isn't a Pandemic, Princess T would rather avoid people!   Remember, she's part of the Anti-Social Social Club, her new Mask says so!  *LOL*

We all brought our Masks, but since there was nobody there, I didn't make the Kiddos wear them and I took mine off too.   Interacting with the Wildlife was very Calming to us all, Nature has a way of Ministering to the Soul, doesn't it?  I know it's probably been difficult for Timmy to be away from his Grandparents and knowing they've had to go to a State rife with the Virus and having such alarming numbers of spread.  They Plan to Quarantine for 2 Weeks once they return and I know Princess T will miss spending time with him, so I'm glad they're getting the quality time together now.   He did Share some of the Family dynamic this Day, his Grandparents don't have Legal Custody, so it's very difficult for them to do things like enroll him in School, Travel with him and such.  So his is a Complex Case like ours was, but for perhaps different reasons.

I think he found a Kindred Spirit in Princess T because she has a Point of Reference and an understanding of his Family dynamic being very complicated and sometimes awkward, especially with The Moms.  They can talk candidly about Private things that they probably don't share with many, if any, of their other peers.   His Grandparents are very accepting of his Sexual Orientation, but like our Grandson, he's encountered people who weren't and who exhibited prejudices and Hatred against the LGBTQ Community.   Like our Grandson, Gay Timmy is very comfortable in his own Skin and with who he is, that takes fortitude at a tender Age when you are facing blatant discrimination, even from Adults.

Princess T had told me that tho' Timmy used to like eating "Chick Fil-A", if they find out you're Gay, they will refuse to Serve you.  I had heard this, didn't know how credible a source it was, but I knew the Company has been very vocal as an alleged 'Faith Based' Business about their Homophobia.  Sadly, the Company's profits actually rose with Support from fellow Homophobic people in the general Public due to their anti-LGBTQ stance, showing how rampant this prejudice is along with Racism in America!   Discrimination in any form is such an Ugly thing and in 2012 when they made it clear what bias they had, we boycott the business entirely and would never eat there.  It's offensive, we have Gay Family Members and Gay Friends, any discrimination is not Godly in our opinion, it hurts and denies basic Rights and Dignity to other Human Beings.

If you are conditional about who you extend Love and Kindness to, it's not bearing Good Witness for your Faith, whatever it may be.  If you refuse to treat other Human Beings with basic Humanity and Dignity, you're an Offensive person.  Pretending your alleged Spirituality or Organized Religion gives you the Right and justification to be cruel, discriminatory, Hateful and inhumane is the real abomination to God!   I find it quite interesting and hypocritical that the Fundies so strongly support this vile President and his Administration, given the Laundry List of Ungodly, Perverse and corrupt deeds, Agendas and behaviors he and they exhibit Daily!  It's very Telling actually.  They'll stand in Judgment before the Creator one day and have to be accountable. 

This was the Lone Duckling and it didn't seem to have any Parents, all the Adult Ducks completely ignored it and we felt so sorry for it.  I don't know if having a Mama Duck to follow around emulating and protecting it would be beneficial to it's Survival, but I would think so.   The Geese weren't very tolerant of it.  My other concern is that it didn't have a healthy fear of Humans either and that could also be detrimental to it's Survival.   It wasn't eating any of the Seeds or Kibbles, I think at this Age they can feed and it could get in and out of the Lake by itself very well, which was a good Sign.  Out on the water it's more protected than on Shore.  It kept following us around... and it was so hard to resist taking it Home and just Raising a Duck on our Property!  *LOL*  But, we have a Working Cat, so a Baby Duckling wouldn't be a good idea for numerous reasons, Miss Priss being a primary one.  

Timmy had said his Auntie had told him that one Day he could have a Duck and she'd keep it at her Property.  Of coarse Princess T wants all kinds of Animals she would tire of taking Care of... I always remind her that The Hamster Brothers are practically mine now since I've had to take over their Care and handle them more than she does now!  *Le Sigh*  And don't even get me started about the Tropical Fish she inherited from her Brother when he moved out!   She's Miss Priss' Human, so at least she's inclined to do more for the Cat than the other Pets... once they all Cross Over, I don't intend to have any more Pets and certainly no Farm Animals just because we can!  *LOL*

I'm quite content to get my Animals 'Fix' from visiting Parks and Zoos or just going out in Nature to see the Natural Wildlife in it's Natural Habitats and not be responsible for taking Care of any of it.  *LOL*  But I did have as much Fun feeding the Migratory Wild Birds, Domesticated Birds and Wild Songbirds at the Park as the Kiddos did.  In fact, I ran out of my Kibbles first!  *Ha ha ha*   Okay, Truth be told after a while the Hands full I'm throwing out get larger and larger, because unlike the Kids, I don't have the Patience to individually feed anything.  It tends to be a Free For All in my corner while I'm feeding the Critters with Kibbles and Seed bouncing everywhere and falling like Rain!   *Smiles*   

It was funny to the Kids that if they quit feeding the Wild Canada Geese, they would hiss at them, but not attack... but when I'd yell "Knock it off!" sternly, they'd quiet down and knock it off... which was kinda hilarious!   "Those Geese are afraid to disobey you too Gramma...", Princess T joked... perhaps they were, I dunno, seemed like it anyway... I guess I have an imposing Matriarchal Presence?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Had to Share this Gorgeous Vignette by my Friend Minnie, since she bought that European Chandie from me when we moved and it looks Lovely and quite Editorial here.  It was a stunning Lead Crystal Chandie I bought directly from Germany beaucoup Years ago and had rewired to American voltage, it hung in the Living Room of our Historic Home.  But it just never fit at Villa Boheme's Santa Barbara Tuscan Architecture and it wouldn't have fit here in this more Urban Farmhouse Contemporary Home either, so I Sold it when we were moving.  Along with numerous other Chandies, I think I have purged about 98% now of the Antique and Vintage Light Fixtures I had Collected over the Years.  It's been effortless for me to Let Go now and Cash Out on my Investment in these items.

And this about sums up 2020...


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Oh... 48 Hours You Say

I have desperately Needed to Blog to stay Centered!  With MVD not calling me back Yesterday, I listened to the monotonous Piano Concerto for another Hour this Morning, ding de ding ding, ding de ding ding, de ding de ding... to then be told that the return Call Promised Yesterday, would be within another 48 Hours... due to 'volume'!  Oh, and be sure to be near a Computer when you get said Call Back, since you'll have to Log Into your Online Access Account you set up Yesterday, Lord knows Why, I've seen it, not much there that I couldn't just tell anyone without being in the Account!?  Whatever... so no Errands for Two more Days apparently, which will drive the Teens Crazy, since they want me to take them to a Park to Skateboard and for me to get that Good Exercise they allege it would be for me too!  *Bwahahaha!*

The Teens are now Officially bored out of their Minds and for some reason Straight Anthony ended up spending the Night sleeping in our Livingroom Media Chair.  He got in trouble last Night during their Swim when The Man caught him tossing Desert Landscaping Rocks into the Pool... yep, that Kid is 'All Boy' for sure and higher maintenance than The Girls {Princess T and Gay Timmy}.  We made him dive to fish them all out before they got caught up and jammed into the Pool's $490 Vaccuum!  I suspect Straight Anthony is showing off actually for the other Two, who he needs to impress, since he's wanting not to be banished from the Posse.  Sometimes a little bit of him goes a long way according to Princess T... AS IF a little bit of her doesn't go a long way with folks... so that was Rich of her to critique the Boy!  *LOL*

He's a good Kid 99.9% of the time, they all are, but hey, they're all 14 so that's not exactly the Age of Good Judgment and making sound decisions on a consistent basis.  The fact they now look like Grown-Ups doesn't mean they act like Adults yet, they're still very much a Work in Progress and I try not to get so Old I forget what it was like to be Young.   Straight Anthony's much Older Adult Big Brother drove them for Taco Bell Take-out and to visit my Antique Mall last Night, a brief respite for me.  Wednesday Nights being Crickets there it was devoid of Customers and I'm sure the Kiddos just wanted something to do... they're not exactly Antique Enthusiasts.  Princess T has grown up there and knows everyone, Staff and Vendors have seen her grow up and make a fuss over her, she likes that.  *Smiles*

She also likes to Show Off about how much she knows about Vintage shit, Antique shit and Collectibles shit, which she is well versed in like an Old Crone... because... well... ME and cutting her Teeth knowing and being around that shit her whole Life!  *LOL*  Actually her Boy Posse are fascinated by all my Old shit and Oddities, most Kids actually are Curious about it all.  So they had a good time there and it was a Safe time and Straight Anthony's Big Brother took one for the Team since I'd been housebound waiting for that MVD Call Back that never came but anchored me here like ballast!   Straight Anthony has a fascination with my newly hung African Goat Mount and I've been making sure he doesn't have the Temptation to accidentally Touch it off the Wall!?   As he strolls by it he's always looking up and clearly Tempted to reach out!  *LOL*

 He's a 'Toucher', some Kids look with their Hands more than their Eyes... he would be one of them I've noticed!   Gay Timmy and Princess T being Raised to look with their Eyes and not their Hands means I don't have to watch them like Hawks.  So, I've put them in Charge of Straight Anthony, so that when he's Admiring my shit, he's being Careful enough and not doing anything Boyishly Stupid.  He's inclined to do Stupid Boy shit like tossing a Ball in the air inside of a House... so I'm re-training the Boy to my Standards so he remains Welcome here.  It's a Process for him, but he complies respectfully and really wants to be obedient and not in trouble, I like the Kid.  I realize not every Family raises their Kiddos to our very Old Fashioned Standards and that's not the fault of the Kiddos.  They need Guidance and Supervision, since if they don't know better they can't do better.

His Older Brother was very Respectful and Polite, tho' I could tell a bit intimidated to meet me and pass inspection, since I'm brutally protective of my Grands and it can be quite the intense interrogation and experience.  *LOL*  I was surprised they looked so different and that he was so much Older.  Straight Anthony is Hispanic and his Older Brother looks Old enough to be his Dad and is Blonde with a Ginger long Beard like ZZ Top, both are nice looking Young Men, but you wouldn't think they were related.  Of coarse our Family is diverse like that and many look nothing alike and span the gamut of Ethnicity too, which often surprises people or takes them aback.   Now I realize why the Aunt and Uncle Raising Anthony are so Old like us, clearly he was the Youngest Child in his Deceased Mom's brood and perhaps the rest are considerably Older Adults?  Sometimes you just make assumptions and I'd just assumed his Mom Died very Young.  Judging by the Age of the Brother I met, perhaps Mom was Older than I assumed?

Lasting long enough to finish raising Kiddos if you had them late in life or inherited them as Seniors can be a particular challenge.  I'm always aware of my mortality because I'm still raising a Minor Child who depends on me.  You don't want them to play Musical Relatives as each Guardian dies off and someone else must finish the Raising of them.   The Young Prince and his Partner are comical in that they said if God Forbid something happens to The Man and I during COVID, would they get the House so they could finish Raising his Little Sister?   *LMAO*   Sure says I, we won't be needing it once we Cross Over you know, but ya gotta be able to pay the hefty Mortgage, we don't have enough Inheritance that ya'll will be left independently wealthy upon our demise.  We all laugh at the Gallow's Humor, but in reality, the Guys know they'd inherit Princess T to finish Raising.  Needless to say The Young Prince wants me to become an Immortal!  *LOL*

He also worries about his Little Brother and Sister in Phoenix and his other slew of Siblings South of the Border being Raised by a 90 Year Old Abuelita!   "Gramma, what if we inherited more of them to finish Raising!?", he queried during our last Call, "That's a lotta Kids!?"  Yes, yes it is!!!   He never wanted Kids, and not being a Breeder, he never expected to have any to Raise or Deal with, so I get his legitimate Concerns.  But he also wouldn't forsake them to The System either, especially as all the Sisters get Older and more Attractive.   The System is rife with Issues of Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect, especially of Older Kiddos... and not just the Girls actually.  Not to mention they separate Siblings, since few would take on a whole Tribe from one Family.   These Kiddos have already been separated enough due to the sheer volume of them!

I don't lay awake at Night contemplating the worse case scenarios, since that would have driven me to Madness and despair beaucoup Years ago.  But you do have to confront the possibilities that lay before you all and are the great unknowns of Life.  Hard knocks Life happen, they're happening all of the time and accelerated in time of Pandemic now.  More people who previously mebbe never had a tough row to hoe... do now!   I don't find any particular comfort in the Misery Loves Company scenarios playing out in the World now, it's tragic that more people are experiencing hardships than ever before.  I've dealt with hardships long enough now that it's our Normal so we Roll with it without thinking about it very much or going to pieces when confronted with stuff.  You just can't function if you're going to pieces all of the time!  *LOL*

Finally the MVD called back and extorted another Thirty Bucks and some Change for License Plate No. 3, because they claimed they couldn't use the previous Disabled Plate nor the Plate I didn't need, since it's not a Disabled Plate, but I had to pay for anyway and have them Issue when I bought the New Vehicle!  So now I have an Official Collection of License Plates, Three of anything makes a Collection you know!  What a Racket, but I must say the Young Lady who did the Call Back was Patient and Kind, very Helpful and allowed me to have all the Kiddos here Help me with doing the Tech shit she required on my Computer and Smart Phone!  How many Teens does it take a Tech Challenged Grandparent to get thru an MVD Transaction, apparently Three, so I had just enough to get me thru the Process successfully!  *LOL and Whew!* 

 I mean I've only been trying to get this done since Monday Morning and it's now Thursday Morning in Real Time.  But at least now it's Done and a new Alphabet Soup Disabled License Plate will be coming, to replace my easy one that I could have committed to Memory, had I been able to just Transfer it over like before they made it so convoluted, way more expensive and complicated!  But, why make anything MORE efficient and user friendly, right... isn't that how Government works?  *Le Sigh*  So, I had been in the middle of making Pancakes for all the Kids and The Man when the Call came in and so he had to take over in the Kitchen.  I'm sure I've told you before how easily overwhelmed someone with TBI becomes when there's a lot going on?  I should have just given the task to one of the Teens to finish up!  The Man made Pancakes for Kids we don't even have anymore, Bless him!  *LOL*

It got done and everyone got fed, including me after The Call.  And at least now I'm no longer tied to the House and if the Kiddos work our last Nerve here in the House, I can load them up and take them to the Skateboard Park and sit by the Lake under a Gazebo feeding the Migratory Birds and pretending it's Exercise.  *Winks*  Mebbe even Guilt a Friend to join us, since she's been Locked Down pretty much Alone for Months now.   Which is kinda humorous to me that she's more Paranoid about Pandemic now than I am because initially she was not at all and that worried me about her Welfare and Safety.  I think most people are now coming around to being out of Denial, well, except for the President, he's still in his own fucking alternate Reality Show World.  I don't know they can even keep that Fool Safe enough, but I don't really Care... Public Service if they don't and he had it coming with his Stubborn Stupidity.

It's interesting to me to see what finally tips his Cult off the Bandwagon bit by bit.  Sure, some of them will never get off and will go down with the Ship, too indoctrinated to face Facts and Truth.   And those who are just like him are Demon Spawn too so they see absolutely nothing that would alienate them from him, he's one of them, their alleged fearless yet equally Cowardly Leader.  They still probably Believe this will all just go away too... what Morons!  When you are the King of Morons tho' I suppose it's not all that surprising that you have Moron Minions to manipulate, incite and Lord it over.  Can November just hurry up and get here since Critical Mass has already been reached and I don't know how much more of this the Nation can withstand and remain remotely functional? 

 I know each Sane American can only do their part to stay Alive thru it... that will just have to be Enough for now.  Side Note: Canada, Mexico and the European Union were Wise to close their borders to us, we Suck at COVID response, the Virus Won over America and this Prez just handed over the Country to it, like a fucking Gift!  How much more will he do that to other Countries now is yet to be fully realized and acknowledged... but if you hoisted up the White Flag to a Virus, you're no match for your Adversaries, that's for sure!  And they're watching, you can Trust and Believe that.  They've been looking for the Weak Link and they sure nuff found it with 45!  No wonder they Helped him get Elected by interfering with our Elections, he's their Boy and it's Played right into their Hands with this Traitor whose dereliction of duty is painfully evident!  That Shame and Embarrassment to America is on the Hands of anyone who Voted for him... or ever will.


Blessings, Love, Be the Light and try to Stay Alive my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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