Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Trawling The Internet For Eye Candy


I agreed to work a couple of Saturday Night Shifts at the Antique Mall for the next Two Weekends.  I had to turn down Friday Night offerings due to The Daughter's Work schedule and her relying on me for transportation.  I turned down Sunday Night offerings due to the Slackers on that Shift.   Just a couple of Saturday Nights is more than enough during the Holidays to fill in for.  I'm busy enuf at Home so I don't need to overdo it by working too much outside of the Home anymore.   But, it will reduce some Space Rent if I get Comped some Rent for Work, which is always helpful during the Holidays.


During the Holidays I like to peek in at some favorite Seasonal Vendors, Mrs. Bingles Vintage Christmas being one of them.  Her Creations are Magnificent, but outside of my modest Budget.   So I can only admire them and Share a few Images of some of my all time favorites, most of which have Sold.   She embellishes a lot of Vintage Religious Icons, which are some of my favorite items she Creates and Alters with her Art Form.   I've got a lot of Orphaned Vintage Bling that I've done Altered Art Projects with, but I've not embellished any of my Religious Collectibles.   Perhaps I should to make them more Unique and Interesting.

They certainly are Over-The-Top with embellishments, which is my preferred aesthetic.  *LOL*   Trawling the Internet for Eye Candy is always Fun, but I can waste so much Time doing that, how about you?  It's one reason I quit visiting Pinterest, but Etsy sites can draw you in like that too, and, at least you can't buy the objects from Pinterest.  *LOL*   I see a lot of good Creations on Etsy, but many are priced in the stratosphere so I wouldn't be a player at those price points.   But, even the most expensive tend to Sell Out, so apparently a lot of Buyers have deep pockets that Shop on that site.   Every so often I will see something on E-Bay I'll bid on, but not that often.

The last item I Bought from E-Bay with the Buy It Now Feature, was a Psychedelic Black Palmistry Hand Evil Eyeball PEZ Dispenser from the 1960's.   It was reproduced again later on in the early 2000's, due to it's popularity and rarity.  The later ones you can still get in the original Packaging, but I only wanted a used one of the original production for my Halloween PEZ Dispenser Collection I've amassed.   It's not one I have ever found outside of an Online Auction.  I don't know if you're aware that E-Bay was Founded by a Guy whose Girlfriend Collected PEZ Dispensers and it was a then novel way to Source difficult to find Collectibles? 

A Complete Collection of Psychedelic Eyeball Hand Dispensers by PEZ


I have a PEZ Collector Resource Guide Book so that I know what are the rarest of Dispensers, in case I run across any secondhand at a bargain.  I've resold PEZ easily, but, they do have a high loss prevention problem too if you don't have them Displayed in a Locked Case for added Security measures.   Apparently, the Consummate PEZ Collectors are prone to the Five Finger Discount to get what they want?   Certain Collectibles I steer clear of if they have a high Theft Rate, not worth it, since any Theft becomes a complete Loss of an Investment in it.   Now I only buy with the intention of expanding my own Collection.  If I had a valuable one, I'd Sell it Online only and not Ship 'til the Payment cleared.

I Display my PEZ Halloween on Vintage Industrial Rubber Hand Stamp Holders used in Offices, I have Three of them filled, I need a Fourth to hold what I've already Collected.  It's getting harder to Source the Vintage Industrial Rubber Stamp spinning Racks tho'.  *LOL*  I've got some duplicates of the Halloween Dispensers, becoz I know some had slight variations that make a difference in Value to Collectors.   They can still be had very reasonably if those Selling Vintage Toys and Collectibles aren't up on current Value.   I've even bought Bagged Lots of these and Sold Off the ones I don't want to Keep, which more than Paid for those I Kept.

I'm still undecorating the House of Halloween in the Main Living Areas. As can be seen by lingering Halloween Objects still on Display in current pixs... like the Dental Educational Model of Dentures in a Champagne Glass in this Pix!  *LOL*   They will move into the Cabinet of Curiosities soon rather than Seasonal Storage not on Display year round.   Slowly Halloween is being put away and Christmas is dominating the Display for Seasonal Celebration.  *Ha ha ha*   I've been known to be Lazy enuf to just blend Holidays in the Past tho', this year might be no exception, so much to still do, so little time and inclination to get it all done.  *Le Sigh*

At least Eli The Cat has settled down and is no longer fearful of his Human's Christmas Tree in their Room.  He doesn't go near it nor bother it, now he just ignores it or lays on the Bed beside it content to have it occupying part of his Space now.   I got her the Commercial "No Dogs Allowed" Sign at a Chazza recently for a couple Bucks... to hang with her Collection of Industrial Signage she has on Display.   She's no longer doing Chalk Art on her Black Chalkboard Wall beside the Tree.  She's redecorated the entire Room for the gazillionth time and now her furniture is up against it.   She redoes that Room at least 3 times a Month, in it's entirety when on a Manic Bender!

She couldn't Understand Why, when she asked if Juan Carlos could come over Tuesday Night, while she was SO SICK, I wouldn't allow it... since... wait for it, he was AS SICK with the same thing... so... WHY NOT Gramma?!!!  *Insert Teen Indignation that I'm being so Unreasonable!*   Ummm, becoz us Old People and Working Middle Aged People in the Family are trying NOT to catch whatever it is, so we don't want Spare Sick Kids piling up around here, THAT'S WHY!!!   Shit, I'm not Collecting Sick Teenagers, WTF?!  *Eye Roll*  So, in spite of claiming to be near Death and weak as a Lamb, she had the strength to petulantly slam a Door at least once to impart her sentiments about not being able to have a Sick Friend over!   "What's all that about?", The Daughter queried... Teen Angst And Sickness Drama, what else?  *Le Sigh*

The Son didn't even ask, he had helped Raise Three Teen Girls with his Ex, so instantly knew the Score.  *LOL*  She's a good Teen for the most part, knowing that my Post-Menopausal Intolerance for anyone or anything is far exceeding and trumping any Teen Angst behaviors.  *Winks*   But, when she gets brave about Testing a Limit and I just Ignore it, she tends to just diffuse quickly, since she got no Response and I refused to Engage and escalate the situation.  So, the slammed Bedroom Door was the extent of her Sick Day Rebellion and she went back to Bed and Slept it off, sans Juan Carlos, tho' I'm sure they were on Face Time on their Tablets anyway.   So, there was no need for them to be together Sharing more contagions and spreading them further around to us more vulnerable Old Folk.  *LOL*

I'm waiting this Morning to see if she Resurrects herself from her Sickbed to go to School or not?   Knowing that if she remains Too Sick for School, the Rule is, No Fun for her during a 24 Hour Period, it has a quick recuperation effect among the Young.  *Winks*  She's legit very Sick with whatever it is, her Symptoms weren't feigned at all.  But they recover quickly when they're Young and basically Healthy, so she could bounce back from whatever ails her?   She sure as Hell will go thru J.C. and Timmy withdrawal otherwise when separated too long from her Boy Posse.  *LOL*   Straight Anthony has a Girlfriend now and lost a lot of his chubby weight, so has become drop dead gorgeous.  So he hasn't been with the Posse lately.  I barely recognized him last time I gave him a ride Home from School with them!


Anthony all of a sudden morphed from the Chubby Ugly Duckling Phase of Puberty, into Manhood and the Metamorphosis was striking.  I hadn't realized what a Handsome Young Man he was going to Transform into and how Perfect his Teeth were.   Princess T felt he lost too much Weight, becoz he has been very Sickly this past Year.   She worries that it's his illness, he got a Parasitic intestinal infestation internally from some food that could have almost killed him and he legit thought he was going to Die.  The amount of weight he's lost is considerable, so I do hope it's not illness related and he's managed to rid himself of the Parasites?

Of coarse our Naturally Skinny Teen has gotten even Skinnier due to Anxiety and Stress over the whole Bullying incident with that Mean Girl at School.  Princess T isn't talking about it so much anymore, claiming it's squashed, but she could be just saying that to me so I don't get involved, I dunno for sure?   She knows if I go on the Warpath, Heads will roll and there will be a Situation, since I go Hard to protect my Loved Ones and don't Care who goes down in the Process.   I particularly don't like Bullies and the Families that produce them, so whatever Negative or harsh consequences result for them, Don't Care, they had it coming.

Timmy is Schooling her on how better to fly under the Radar of most of the Student Body that can become problematic, making oneself Invisible and not a handy Target or Easy Mark.   Any Kiddos in the LGBTQ Community learns early on how to avoid most of the harassment and bullying, since they are very often targeted by Society at large and not just by other Children.  The Young Prince went thru all of that with being openly Gay from a Young Age, he said that his Sister is getting the flashback of just being a Pretty Girl with a Flair for Fashion.  Since, that makes a lot of Girls very jealous and insecure, even tho' she's a very introverted Student and doesn't seek undue Attention or Popularity at all.   Boys still notice her and the Girls who have insecurities will react to the perceived competition.

Princess T is content to hang with the other "Misfit Kids" as they call themselves, becoz they are each "different" in their various ways, Lifestyle, Family Dynamic, Disabilities, whatever.   When you are clearly "different", it can have it's Social Challenges, depending on how you move thru Life being Proudly Different.  I never gave Two shits that my Family and I were always the "different" ones, I preferred it to being Ordinary and fucking Boringly Conventional and Conforming.  When you are boldly different, it is often accepted somewhat by the Herds around you who are Conformists and all alike.   Princess T is only Bold with Fashion and an Introvert by Nature, so would rather stay off everyone's Radar and be left alone and not bothered.

She doesn't even like Peopling, so resolving conflict with problematic People is something she'd rather avoid at all costs.   I don't like confrontation either, but sometimes unfortunately, it's the only language problematic people understand.   If being a Pain in your Ass suddenly becomes a dire Situation FOR THEM, then they find an easier Target, that's been my astute Observation in Life.   And, the average problematic person really doesn't like nor want the unpredictable and often hairspring trigger behavior of someone they deem is Crazy, so that's always helpful too.   Even if they're not tightly wrapped, they'd rather not have to find out whose Crazier.  *Winks*

Princess T already struggles Academically with her Special Needs and in spite of an IEP always in place and Special Ed support.  So she doesn't need other Student Drama hindering her.  By High School the criteria to Qualify for SPED Resources often excludes the higher functional Kids and they end up with more Mainstream Classes they don't do well in nor 'fit' into Socially.   She's Failing some Classes in spite of her best efforts and we only got One replaced this Year with a shoo in Class Period of Resource Help that she can get a Passing Credit in.   It's like a Study Hall Class for an entire Credit and additional one-on-one Support Services to aid her in the other Classes, but it's not a fix-all to ensure on time Graduation for her.  She is likely to have to recapture Credits by her Senior Year next Year... or beyond.

Timmy struggles for similar reasons and did Summer School this past Summer, but she wasn't offered it.  Instead they've offered her some After School Tutoring but she's often too tired after a long day at School to stay later and isn't up to it.   She's gone to some and claimed there was no real benefit and didn't improve her Grades, so why bother?   I don't have answers, we're just trying to get her some kind of Education within her Ability to receive it.   That has proven challenging since Kindergarten and it ain't gotten any better no matter what Resources were thrown at it.   What frustrates me is that she isn't Stupid at all, she has some kind of Learning Disability as yet unidentified by the Experts.  She Processes input differently and some things she can't grasp with any amount of effort.   So... School sucks for her.


Moving thru Life's Challenges during the Holidays... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Making The Rounds


We managed to get The Son's things out of his wrecked Truck just in the nick of time, as the Insurance Company Adjuster was getting ready to load it up and haul it away from the Salvage Yard.  It's a total loss and Thankfully I'd convinced him to buy Gap Insurance.   It was sad to see it totaled, it was such a nice Truck and he'd only had it since this Summer.  He and his Sister are still in pain from how bruised and battered they are, mostly from Air Bag deployment in their Ribs and Chest area, and bruising where the Seatbelts cut in during impact, but, they'll be Okay.  His Insurance is giving them some Claim Money for aftercare.

He returned to Work today and his Boss, Rico, picks him up near a Convenience Store by Home.   So I don't have to drive him too far and it makes it so his Boss doesn't have to go out of his way either.   His Boss doesn't want to take Gas Money, but The Son hopes he will if our Son is insistent about Rico accepting something for carpooling?   So many people aren't showing up to work and The Son knows Rico realizes how dependable our Son is and he can rely on him.  He also knows how to do all the positions at work to fill in for anyone and does exemplary quality work.

The Daughter won't have to return to work until Wednesday, so she still has some more Recovery time to feel less miserable from her injuries.  Her work also isn't as physical, since it's Office work and only 3 days a Week.  The Son's work is very physical and Full time with mandatory Overtime, so 10-12 Hour Days and sometimes working on Days Off too.  Princess T has also returned to School after Fall Break.   But she'd only been back a day before she came down with what seems like a really bad Flu.   So, she's Misery personified and being very dramatic and weepy.

 She's had the Flu Vaccine, as has The Man and I.  But, whatever this is, she likely caught it from Juan Carlos' Family, since they came down with it first.  So, Sick Kid at Home and hoping we all don't get it now.   The Son said about 20 Workers at his Employer have come down with it, so they have several people out Sick with it in every Department and are very short staffed due to contagious illness.   He said it wasn't this bad during when COVID made it's rounds.  There's another Variant of that too going round and a new Booster available for it.  I've never been so Vaccinated!  *LOL*

I just had the best Coffee flavor EVER, an Almond Amaretto Coffee from the Convenience Store that I drop The Son off at to meet up with Rico for the carpool to Work at 2:00 in the Morning.   The Son always buys me a Coffee there while we're waiting for Rico to show up, this was a new flavor and I must say, I'm going to look for some for Home now!  It is reminiscent of an Italian Cookie I used to be able to get in my Mom's Hometown of North Wales called Amaretti.   There was a small Italian Immigrant Population in Mom's Hometown Community and those Cookies, baked on Rice Paper, were a favorite of mine.   I've never found them here in the U.S., even in Italian Neighborhoods.

They're soft on the inside with a chewy Marzipan quality, with a crisp crunch Shell exterior, kinda like Macaroons... and in Wales they had edible Parchment Rice Paper stuck to the Bottom that they were cooked on and adds to the Flavor IMO.   In Wales they used Almond Liqueur rather than Almond Extract for added flavoring, along with the Almond Flour.   Anyway, this Coffee from QT tasted just like those Cookies, it brought back such a flood of Nostalgic Memories of a Cookie I haven't had in YEARS!   My Welsh Nanna could make them, since she was an excellent Baker, but she'd take me to the little Italian Bakery to buy them as a Special Treat during our visits to Wales.

I'd like to find a Bakery locally that Sells them, I'm going to try a few Italian and Sicilian Bakeries I know of.   I was going to go this day, but with a Sick Child at Home, aborted any plans.   She's feeling so Sick that she's highly Emotional and crying at the drop of a Hat.   The Man was whining about his Legs hurting, so I took him for a Walk, it cramps less when he's active, it did help.   I couldn't Cope with Three of them at Home feeling bad, The Daughter is bruised and still hurting from her injuries sustained during the accident.  There's only so much I can do for any of them feeling miserable and being more high maintenance and cranky than usual.  *Le Sigh*

I started re-decorating the Guest Bedroom, it's been a slow Process to get everything I used to have in there, back in there from The RV Garage Mahal.  A lot of it isn't accessible and I also want to re-decorate a bit differently than before.   I have that new Antique Medical Cabinet I bought from Kendra, which Displays a lot.  I'm making it the Vintage Halloween Display Cabinet.   The Daughter now calls the Guest Bedroom "The Halloween Room".  *LOL*   She's turning the Room back over to her Brother, not becoz of my Decor, but she's having some Paranoid Psychosis about the Room's Window.

She says she doesn't like that Bed, since, "They" can see her thru the Window, whoever "They" are?  Which is nobody, since that Window has no access to anyone Outside to look into it actually.   We have a Fence and Locked Gate, which prevents anyone from being at that Window. But, she has Paranoid Schizophrenia, so there's no arguing about how Safe the Room is or that her Fears aren't Real and nobody can See her or is Watching.  So, if she feels less vulnerable Sleeping on the Cot in the Dining Room, her Brother was Fine swapping Sleeping arrangements.  So, she and her Brother will just swap Beds.  He likes the more comfortable Double Bed and having the Privacy of his own Room anyway.

I've thought about working in The RV Garage Mahal, but it's too Cold by the time I get everything squared away enough to tackle it.   And, getting up so early to get The Son to his drop off point by 2:00 a.m., then having disruptive Sleep beyond that, means, I'm having to rely on Naps to get enough Rest now and deep enough Sleep.   I'd gotten back up at 6:00 a.m. to get Princess T to School before I realized she was too Sickly to go, she's been so testy with feeling so bad.   Every so often she comes into our Room crying, so Napping wasn't possible.  The over the counter Flu Meds haven't been so helpful.

The Holidays when Sickness is running thru the Household and making the rounds, is tiring, instead of enjoyable.   I'm no Nurse Nightingale, so my Patience wears thin when Sick folk become demanding and unlovely.  I commend anyone that Ministers to the Sick for a Living, I couldn't do it and remain unwaveringly pleasant and long suffering when the Sick aren't at their best selves and take it out on those around them.  When I'm Sick, I just want to be left alone, try to Sleep it off, and not bother anyone, impose upon them or take it out on them, or be overly dramatic about it.   Ahhh, if only everyone could be like me!  *Bwahahaha*

I really would have liked to have bought this little Angelic Display while I was at the Event.   She wasn't overly expensive, but she was pricy, so, I refrained.   In hindsight, I probably would have got it, but, I don't really have a Placement for her and she really should have an area to Showcase her properly for the Holidays.   I've got some Cute ones Created from Vintage pieces like this already.  But I've found that Storing them in an environment that is not climate controlled often weakens any glue that they are put together with and causes them to fall apart.   I have limited climate controlled Storage Space here at Forever Boheme'.

I've had some items Stored in non-climate controlled Space here, that the extremes in temperature have been problematic and will continue to be.   So, if it's something delicate, I have to consider whether I have Space for it in the Main House or not.   Most of the time that answer will be, I do not, and that has to be Okay, we downsized and that's the Nature of Downsizing.   It's supposed to be our Goal to Simplify Life and do with less, after having had too much for a long time now.  *LOL*  Getting to even Just Enough is challenging enough, so I try to keep things Managed.  I'm not always real good at that, as long time Readers know.  *LOL*

I do enjoy looking at it all, even if I refrain from Buying it tho'.  Some Vendors Source some really Interesting Merch, or Create it if they're an Artisan Vendor and Creative Souls.   The Vendor who owns this Booth always has some great Seasonal Vintage Merch.  She Rocked it during Halloween and her Vintage Christmas offerings are just as impressive.  I got to meet her over Halloween, I Love the way she Merchandises her Space, it's very Editorial and she has an abundance of quality product... and hard to Source Inventory.   I suspect she's either been Collecting it for Years or Sources it near and far.  It's not the quality you find all at once or easily in one spot.

So, when you find any Vendor that does carry it in abundance, it is a sight to behold and really is the kind of rare Booth or Shop that I like to spend time in.   Even when I'm actively seeking Vintage Seasonal items for any Holiday, it's in short supply and whenever you do find it, you have to stand tall on the cost.    It's rare to Source it at enough of a Bargain for Resale anymore, that's for sure.   So, I suspect a lot of Vendors who do have it, might have owned it themselves and it comes from personal Collections they're finally letting go of and were passionate about Sourcing for a very long time.

And, if you own the really Good Stuff, the Price Point it can command is impressive too and if they have the right demographic of Clients, they can get it.   I can't where I'm located, wrong demographic and the demand for the Good Stuff is just not there to get top dollar for it in our Showroom.  More of my top quality Merch has been Stolen than Bought, so I hardly bother to bring it in anymore, I can't sustain those kinds of losses.   I do like to see Venues where they can offer it and not have the same loss prevention issues tho'.   I do talk to other Industry folks and everywhere has it's problems, to be sure.

Even what we Sell can differ vastly depending on what Customers want from place to place.  No sense offering it if there aren't Buyers, no matter the quality or the rarity.   Rents are high so quicker turns are the most profitable to me.   I can't afford for Merch to just sit there for Months taking up Space that costs me so much that it quickly eats up the Margins if it languishes in Inventory too long.   I like to offer Fair prices and don't look for nor wait for that End of the Rainbow Customer who will pay top Dollar, takes too long, or mebbe isn't realistic to even expect at some locations.

The Man would have loved this Rack that was in full Velvet, it was Magnificent and Expensive.  So very Expensive and completely out of our Budget Range, that it was much too Rich for our Blood.   You rarely see them in Full Velvet tho', so it really caught our Eye.   It would take up a lot of Wall and Room Space in a Residential setting tho', the Scale of it was more for a McManse or Chalet setting.   At Villa Boheme' I could have easily Displayed something like this, but not here, except in our Sitting Room, which has the Vaulted Ceilings.   The Man was Happy with just his Belt Buckle, and I got my Smalls bought, so we didn't need a Statement piece to drag Home.


Blessings for the Holiday Season my Friends... Be Well, stay Safe... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, November 28, 2022

Getting Back to Center And Holiday Fun

 Tho' Saturday was just a bad Head Space day, Sunday I felt back to being Centered and so The Man and I went to a Christmas Event.  A Friend of mine was there that just got out of the Hospital, she'd had a near Death experience, it was good to see she's recovering well, it was a close call.  Luckily her Husband is a Doctor, or things might not have been caught in time.  I had been very worried about her, but she looked Radiant and clearly is doing well now and on the mend, even back to Work there at the Event.

The Niece had been very understanding about me cancelling getting together at The Desert Botanical Gardens yet again, she knows everything we're going thru right now.   I had just bottomed out on Saturday and didn't realize the PTSD I had which was Triggered by Loved Ones getting into another bad accident.   You think you have gotten over one that happened so many Years ago, but clearly, it Emotionally Scarred me, perhaps Forever?   I felt all the same Feelings, all over again, it wasn't pleasant.  Of coarse our Kid's injuries weren't as serious as his had been, Thank God, but the Vehicle damage was as bad, so they were fortunate.

I've re-written this Post a few times, and gotten a lot more Blog Fodder Images than when I first began it, with going to the Event.   We also went to a couple more Antique Malls afterwards, making a whole day of it.   Before the Event we went to a Restaurant in Old Town Chandler called "The Tipsy Egg", our first time there, it was really good and very popular, so busy.   I had the Yuzu Citrus Mint Mascarpone French Toast, it was delicious.

The Event was very Festive and Cheering, so it uplifted my Spirit considerably to be immersed in a Holiday Atmosphere.   I did Buy a couple of Christmas Stockings created from Vintage Tea Stained, Screen Printed and Boro Mended European Grain Sack.  A couple of Painted Rocks from the Painted Rock Vendor I'd gotten my Halloween Painted Rocks from.  She and everyone else was having a Holiday Sale, so I got the Peacock Rock I'd been Eyeballing for a couple Shows, and a Christmas Themed Silent Night one.

I got some Anna Lee Mini Tree Ornaments of Mice, Penguin and Elf, an Antique Black Pottery Flower Frog, some Mini Bottle Brush Tree Advent Calendar Decorations, a Rubber Vintage Jack-In-The-Box Fast Food Premium Ornament where Jack is riding a Reindeer, and a Leaning Tree Dough Ornament of Santa riding a Reindeer.   The Man got a Silver Dollar surrounded by Garnets Belt Buckle.   The Anna Lee Ornaments are smaller than these enlarged pixs of them and are the Mini ones.

I used to have an entire Tree full of Anna Lee full sized Ornaments.   But I Sold them in my Showroom Years ago when the Market for them was Hot and I made a Fortune off Resale of them.   I'd gotten them all in a Box Lot secondhand and enjoyed them for a few Seasons, so didn't have any Attachments.   Now if I find the Mini ones at a great price, I buy them for my Tree.   I got all of these at the Antique Mall for half of what they Sold for at Retail in the Era they were made... mostly Circa 1970's.

The Line is still making them and Specialty Shops still carry them, but I try to find the Vintage ones.  Many people never used them and never took them out of the Boxes they came in.   They must have been Collectors who just Displayed them in Mint Condition, but, I want to use mine, but keep the Boxes for Seasonal Storage after the Holidays.  The Halloween ones I keep in a Cabinet of Curiosities with my Vintage Halloween Collectibles year round.

Anyway, finding Four of them at a deep discount, still Mint Condition in their Original Boxes and never used, was a Find.   I also got an Antique Chalkware French Madonna and Child Statue.   I wasn't on a Mission to find anything specific, so it was a Serendipity Impulse Shopping Spree for the most part, the Thrill of The Hunt, which The Man and I prefer.  He actually enjoyed himself, usually Events are not his Jam, but he got into the Christmas Spirit and doesn't like to have to specifically Christmas Shop for Gifts, so prefers me to pick out my own Gifts at the Holidays and let him pick out his. 

I mean, even after all these Years, he wouldn't even KNOW that I'd prefer to pick out a Painted Silent Night Rock, if you laid a bet on what would catch my Eye for a Self-Bought Gift!?  *Bwahahaha*  He knows how random I am and he's not one to even like Modest Gifts for himself, since, when he finally wants something, it's a big ticket item that will require payments for Years... not hyperbole, that's the Truth!  *Eye Roll*   So, we don't go Shopping for him much.  *Bwahahaha*

He's wearing Camouflage, so he can blend in with the Christmas Trees and not be Seen.   I was Old Hippie Slumming and didn't dress up in any Holiday Splendor, but my Pants were Red, does that Count as Holiday Spirit Inspired Enough?!   I mean, at least I did get out of my Jammies this day, so it was an improvement over Saturday!   But, I was pretty 'Basic', as Princess T would Call it, and not my 'Extra' Self when I go out and about.  *LMAO*

The Man got to play with Swords, so he was Happy.  They were Real and probably Designed for the Comicon Crowd, very Interesting and Cool Handles and Design.   But, all well over a Hundred Bucks, so, No, he didn't get one for Christmas.  Besides, now that he has TBI he'd have to be Supervised with a Weapon and these were not really benign objects, if not handled correctly you could get hurt.   And, I'm not really sure that a 70+ Year Old Guy with Brain Damage needs a Weapon almost as tall as himself?  Especially when he knows how to use it to Kill People!  And No, I don't let him do that anymore either.  *LMAOROTF*

He didn't Earn his Bronze Star and numerous Purple Hearts for nothing my Friends, he was a Stone Cold Killer for his Government for many Years.  So, I make him understand he's now fully Retired and doesn't need to Kill anyone on my behalf.   Well... yet.   *Bwahahaha*   We did like this Dragon Handled Sword best of all, but some Idiot Looky Lou had jammed it in it's Scabbard backwards so it was hard stuck.   Now, that's an Individual that really shouldn't be handling a Weapon, The Man joked.   But, don't we all know of folks that shouldn't be and own a lot of them anyway?  *Eye Roll*

The Man was fond of this Ornate one, a Young buff Man rolled up with his Girlfriend while The Man was handling the Swords and casually said in an obvious Patronizing Tone... "You could easily Kill someone with that."  The Man responded, "I could more easily Kill someone without it and be a lot less messy."   I then said, "But, don't worry, I don't let him do that anymore." *Winks*  He got a hasty "Thank You for your Service...", and the Young Couple quickly left.   *Bwahahaha*   Okay, so The Man has a very dry and serious tone of Gallow's Humor and people never really know if he's kidding or not.  I thought it was hilarious... since, Young Men who are Patronizing Old Men deserve a response like that.  *Winks*

The Man wanted me to Photograph this piece, so he can replicate something like it for me and for Roman, for their new Shop, to hang Chandies on.  He's going to Create some Vintage Industrial Pipe Racks for us and for Roman, but with the TBI he needs the Visual Reference to recall what we want or need him to make for us.   I want him to get back to Fabricating things becoz he's very good at that and it would stimulate his Brain and improve his Motor Skills and Memory to be Creating things, he enjoys doing it.   And I enjoy the Free Labor and Income it can generate.  *Winks*

Speaking of Creative Projects, look at this Creative rolling Table someone made out of Four Old Game Boards, Scrabble Tile Holders, and Round Plexiglass Top and Wooden Round Base with Rollers attached.  How Cute is that?!   I often find Old Games that aren't Complete, but I've just Saved the Metal Game Pieces out of them, but there are Projects you can make out of the Old Game Boards and other Game Pieces.   I have a Vintage Mork And Mindy Game Board that is just Framed and I have For Sale in our Showroom.

Getting The Man interested in Fabricating some things for me and my Industry Friends is making him find Purpose again, so he's getting Jazzed about Projects he feels he can still do well.   We'll start with the Industrial Style Racks and go from there, since, he's already made me one and Roman really liked it and asked him to make some for their new Shop.   I've got to go get him the Supplies so he can get started on all of that and make theirs first, since they need them before we do, then get to mine.  I've got a slow Process going on here addressing my Needs.

So, here was my Box of 25 little Bottle Brush Advent Calendar Ornaments, I guess you can put a Treat in the Box of each for the Christmas Countdown.   It was half the cost that it had been Retail and was from a Line of a better quality Store I like the Holiday Decor of, but usually won't pay the price for.   Anyway, the little Boxes are Wooden with Gilded Numbers, super Cute and yet Simple Design that would look good in a Vignette for Christmas too.

Here's my French Antique Chalkware Madonna and Child.   I Collect Chalkware Vintage and Antique Carnival Kitsch, but I like Religious Old Chalkware too, especially the European Styles of it.   This Vendor had a great price on it due to the 'Condition' Issues, which don't bother me at all, anything of this Age made of Chalkware usually has some imperfections.   I also got 20% Off of most of my Purchases and a minimum of 10% Off on the rest.

Work called me to ask if I'd come in on Sunday Night, but after having worked last Sunday Night and realizing that my Friend Crazy Ed hadn't come in due to the Slackers he has to work with on that Shift, No Thank You, I declined.  He's trying to get off that Shift, to no avail, so lately he said he just isn't coming in anymore if they won't consider giving him and other good Workers desirable Shifts, so they don't have to work with those Slacker or Unlovely Co-Workers nobody wants to work with. 

  I don't blame him, our Friend Ken quit all his Shifts due to it.  Ken and Ed are really good Workers and were my Co-Workers when I worked my regular Shifts for Years, they're easy to work with, great Guys and up to the Job.  Management will lose all it's good Workers unless they begin to address the problematic ones.   Management knows I'm a conscientious Worker and do 3x the work of most everyone else during a Shift.  I'm just hyper that way, but, I don't want to have to cover for Slackers, or Deal with Unlovely problematic Co-Workers, and do their Work and mine too.  Too much Drama and a Headache, No Thanks.

Okay, so to Torment myself I had 'Visitation' with the Vintage Sepia Christmas Tree a Vendor wouldn't Sell to me.  I so wanted this Tree and it had been For Sale during the Halloween Event and I didn't buy it then, should have, since, by Christmas Events, they now had it NFS Display Only... Dammit!   I know that AFTER the Holidays, they'll probably put it up For Sale again, so I'll have to see if I can Score it then?   Granted my Mardi Gras Inspired Tree turned out great this Season and if I'd used this Tree my Decor would have gone in a whole different direction, probably Monochromatic and not Colorful, so it's all Good.

The Young Prince declined me buying them a faux Tree since he said Sadie wanted to buy a Real Tree and will spring for it if I could just give them some Decorations to decorate it with.  I have plenty of those so have set some aside for them to pick up.  He liked my Tree so much he asked if I could give him some Colorful Ornaments and I Shared what I didn't need for the Tree, I had leftovers.   Plus, all of them are shatterproof non-breakables and that will be handy since Tyson The Pit Bull is an Inside Dog again.  It's not as if he'd mess with a Tree, but he's like a big Bull in a China Shop, Bless him.

I have an abundance of Seasonal Decor even tho' every Year I've downsized the Stash considerably.   So, it's a lot less than it used to be and I don't add to it as much as I used to in the Past.  The Adult Grandkids have asked me not to get rid of much more, since they'd like to Inherit most of it becoz it's Nostalgic to them, they've had it during their Holidays every Year for their entire Lives, so it's Sentimental to them.   Now that the Adult Kids are back Home, I didn't realize how much the familiar Decorations for each Season brought back fond Memories for them too, 'til they mentioned it and reminisced.

I have a bunch of Old Toy Blocks and attaching some little Bottlebrush Trees is a Cute Idea, whether you spell something with them or not.  Most of my Mini Bottlebrush Trees have a little Wooden Stand so could just be glued on and not require drilling into the Block.   I remember last Year I liked the Altered Art of Old Spice Tins to make Ornaments and Decorations out of.  By just adding little Mini Vintage Christmas Bits and Bobs and Orphaned Bling to the Tops.  There were a lot of Cute things that I might have bought had Budget permit, but, it didn't.


And, becoz I tend to have very Expensive Taste, most of the things I would really like to Own aren't within Budget at all.  *LOL*  So, it's easy to just come away with the Images of them than to Invest in them and drain my Pocketbook.    Some of the best Stuff is expensive and would also be difficult to Source in order to make it ourselves.   But, I don't Need it all, so, having just Photographs is Enough really.  I only have a certain amount of Space to rotate Seasonal Displays now and only so many Years left to rotate them all.   According to Allen... mebbe Ten.  *Bwahahahahahahahahahaha*


Okay, so me finding that comment to still be Funny does disturb my Adult Kids, becoz Allen has no Filter and they felt he shouldn't have been so candidly blunt.  *LOL*   But, hey, he didn't mean it in a bad way, he was doing the Math and at our Age, we can do the Math too, so I didn't take Offense.  We probably have more Holidays behind us than in front of us now, it's just a Fact.   Yesterday at the Event, we were talking to an Old Timer who was even much Older than The Man and I.   He was joking about his Age and saying too many of his Friends keep Dying and so now he needs Younger Friends.  *LMAOROTF*  Yeah, we're getting there too my Friend...


Happy Holiday Season to you all... whatever and however you Celebrate... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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