Friday, May 26, 2017

A Grand's Graduation 2017

Last Night was the Graduation Ceremony of yet another Grandchild!

They all grow up so very fast and we're so Proud of all of their accomplishments.

This very Smart, Talented and Beautiful Grand-Daughter has earned a full Scholarship to ASU in the Fall!

She is a Senior with numerous Awards in her Graduating Class of 2017 at her High School.

It was a lovely Celebration and a Beautiful Evening to hold it outside in the Football Field.  We were fortunate to get very good seats.

She has made the entire Family so very Proud and it was an Emotional Moment for her Mom during the Ceremony.  She too had Graduated from this very same High School and this is her Oldest Graduating!

The Son was so Proud he had Moonbeams shooting out of his head... or was that his Mom's inability to Frame a Shot correctly with bright Stadium lighting in the background?  You decide?!?  *Winks*

The Youngest Practiced how wearing a Graduation Cap and holding a Diploma would look so she borrowed Big Sister's.   After all, she'd just Graduated to 4th Grade and we were very Proud of that too!

The Family Photo.

The Maternal Family Photo with Solina's Dear Parents and Handsome Brother.

With just some of the Cousins... Yes, it's a very big Family... I think we took up half the bleachers on our side!  *LOL*

Getting that many Kiddos to stand still for a Photo Op was no easy feat!  *Smiles*

These Milestone Events are those most Precious Moments and Memories we Cherish forever...

ASU watch out... an Exceptional Student is coming your way in the Fall and she's determined to make all her Dreams come True!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert from a Proud Gramma... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fruit & Herb Infused Water

With significant Life Changes necessary due to Health reasons I've been seeking ways to get more hydration thru drinking Water.   So, with Fresh Fruits and Herbs in Season all Summer long I'll be making Fruit & Herb Infused Waters.  The combinations are endless as to the flavors one can Create.  And being a highly Creative Being, I find that part to be Fun and an added Encouragement.

Right now I have some Strawberry Blackberry Mint... some Strawberry Orange Mint... and some Raspberry Grapefruit Mint chillin' in the fridge.   But there are Lemons, Limes, Blueberries, Mango, Pineapple, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Watermelon, Cucumber, Thai Basil, Sage, Peaches, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Strawberries, Oranges, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon and Grapes waiting in the wings for when my containers are empty and ready to refill again with Fresh Spring Water and whatever ingredients suit my fancy!!!

NOTE: The rest of the Beautiful Imagery is via Pinterest Favs of mine about the Topic for Today's Post... all Credit goes to the Talented Photographers whoever they may be:

We've been doing Fruit & Herb Infused Ice Cubes and Popsicles for a while, looks as pretty as the Fruit & Herb Infused Waters do, so it makes you want to drink even more healthy Water and Cool off during your day.  Delighting the Eyes is a sure way to encourage healthier options... fresh foods always look more Appealing to the Eye than processed ones do.

And we've been recycling various handy containers to store our individual serving sized Fruit & Herb Infused Waters.   I don't tend to mix them up in a Pitcher, though you could, due to fridge space limiting me on that option.  Not to mention, for us Variety is the Spice of Life so we like to mix up various blends to choose from so we don't get burnt out on any one flavor.   You feel positively like an Alchemist Creating them actually and can get as Experimental as you like to see what Flavors and Mad concoctions Appeal to you most?

I've been scouring Pinterest for Inspiration in packaging our Waters and the most Visual Presentation of them, as well as new Recipes we might not have Dreamed up ourselves yet.  If I can get everyone in the Family on board drinking them that would be Wonderful, but it's Optional, not Mandatory.  I began this Journey of Life Change primarily for myself and any of the Fam is Welcome to jump on board to the degree they so Wish.  This has also made me a more avid Re-Cycler of suitable Containers that otherwise would be landfill bound.

Typically with The G-Kid Force, if I can get anything to look this Visually Appealing, Refreshing and Yummy, and easily Accessible, well, they're instantly on board and asking for some.   The Man is a tougher Sell, tho' since his Traumatic Brain Injury he's been much more inclined to try new things, because he simply cannot remember what he liked and what he might not have before the accident.  So I've been presenting things to him to try out now... and he's embraced quite a few Life Changes in The Process of being introduced or re-introduced to new things in his Diet.

This was a Cute Idea of Chalkboard labeled Canning Jar Mugs of a nice Variety of Flavored Waters.   Don't they look so Pretty and thirst quenching?!  If I was Creating some Flavored Waters to drink immediately I'd do it like this.  But I've found that pre-packaging them in glass or plastic containers with screw top lids works best for us... to conveniently grab and go whenever the Mood strikes to have one without having to stop and Create one.

Of coarse you can have larger slices in larger openings... and we always enjoy the Fresh Fruit afterwards and just toss some of the Herbs we don't want to eat.  Though they can be re-used in Fresh Vietnamese Soups or Fresh Salads as well and serve double duty.  That way you get a lot of bang for your buck on your Fresh Herbs, in case you haven't grown an abundance of them in your own Victory Garden.   This year my Herbs have been sparse in my Garden, we have some, but most of them I buy Fresh at the Farmer's Markets while in Season.

This Beautiful Peach Raspberry Basil Image has me thinking I should make one of those to add to what I currently have chillin'. Note to Self: Buy Peaches!  Just looking at the Imagery makes me thirsty for any one of them actually... which is a good thing... both for Health improvement and Weight Loss... of which I need both!!!   So I do Hope this might have Inspired you as to what you can hydrate with this Summer my Friends? 

So I will leave you with a Chart of Ideas and Ingredients... which also includes Edible Flowers like Hibiscus.  In case you aren't sure which Flowers are Edible from your own Gardens and want to play it Safe, some Specialty Grocery Stores do Sell Edible Flowers in the Salad section.  That's how I buy mine and  I've tried Lavender, Pansies, Marigold, Chamomile, Chrysanthemums, Fennel, Nasturtium and Squash.  Some I like better than others, but I'll try anything once, twice if I like it!  *Winks*   I believe there are over forty Edible Flowers and you can Google which ones you might want to Experiment with the Flavors of, they typically tell  you what Flavor to expect from each. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Turtle Infestations And Princesses

Before we get into the Turtle Infestation part of the Story I must first show off a Beautiful Princess, this is Princess T's youngest Sister who lives in Mexico, growing up so quickly!  She looks exactly like one of her older Sisters, Princess R, when she was this age and we visited the Family that year, too long ago.  We're long overdue to see all of the Family South of the border, I'm missing so much of those Grandbabies all growing up!!!  Of coarse all of the Sisters look cloned, mirror images of one another but with different variations of eye and hair coloration.  I was Delighted to see these Precious Images, several of which I'll Over-Share in this Post of coarse, Proud Gramma that I am!  *Winks*

And now on to the funny part of the Story... about a Month ago I had a Crazy Dream about a Turtle Infestation at the house.  It was silly and we all laughed about it as I recounted it... because... well... TURTLE INFESTATION!?!!?  *LMAO*  So fast forward to Yesterday Morning, I go out into the front Courtyard and beside my Tomato plants and eating them sits this Turtle!!!   Yes, the Family joked, it's starting... The Turtle Infestation... as we remembered my bizarre Dream!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  So, our subdivision, with it's traffic, numerous Children and Domestic Pets isn't the safest place for a Turtle to roam about so I couldn't just leave it be.  But I wasn't sure which species it was or if it was an indigenous Desert Tortoise or an escaped Exotic Pet so I took it to the Nature Center near our Home to ask one of the Wildlife Experts first.

Turns out it was an escapee Exotic Pet and an African Tortoise, which doesn't belong in Arizona, is the second largest species of Turtles in the World actually, growing to a whopping 200+ lbs., a prolific breeder, a voracious eater and excavator, digging holes that men can fit into!  Also living 100+ years so this would be a Pet you'd have to put into your Will and certainly shouldn't release as an invasive species into our Sonoran Desert Wild!!!   So much for The Young Prince bonding with it on the drive to the Nature Center and pleading if we can keep it if we can't find out who it belongs to!?!  Uh, Hell to the NO!!!  

 I don't plan to live another 100+ years or have Man sized holes dug in my Yard, with a voracious Pet eating all my flora and I know who ends up getting stuck taking Care of Pets... after everyone else loses Interest in Caregiving of Living things!   I'm taking Care of enough Living things in this household Thank You very much!  *LOL*  And who the Hell would you Will something like this to that requires such long term commitment?!  For Generations they would Hate you! *LOL*  So it turns out to be one of our Neighbor's escaped Pets and they were Delighted it survived and got recovered!  I was mega relieved we found it's original Home right away!  *Whew, close call!*

So now all my flora is Safe from the beginnings of The Turtle Infestation... Smiles... it was so Amusing tho' given my Crazy Dream.  But I don't wanna find anymore critters knoshing down in my Courtyard and having to catch and release or find appropriate Homes for them if they're not Native and we cannot find the Owners.   We had enough years of abandoned Pets in the Old Neighborhood with Cats and Dogs... but I have a bigger Issue with Exotic Pets. Most of them don't make good long term Pets when they get so big or unmanageable that the Owners want to get rid of them and cannot find placement... so make the cruel mistake of releasing to the Wild in areas these animals don't belong and threaten Native Species survival and become nuisance animals.  Or they escape and take over the Natural Habitat of Native Species. Places like Florida have learned that the hard way and the Arizona Desert is way more fragile an ecosystem that needs Careful Stewardship and Preservation.

But enough of Pet Peeves, Today I'm focused upon Positive things like Beautiful Grandchildren growing up quickly before my very Eyes!   As this one is Celebrating her Christening and giving me flashbacks of a Decade ago when her Older Sister, Princess R looked exactly like this {if I could locate those Images I'd Share them so you could see the uncanny resemblance}, still other Grandchildren are growing into Young Adults and Graduating!!!  My how Time flies and in the blink of an Eye they are Grown!!!

We are all very Proud to also Announce that another Beautiful One in The Son's Family is Graduating Tomorrow Night and will go on to attend ASU in the Fall majoring in Biomedical Sciences!   She is so Smart and Talented as well as being a Blossoming Beautiful Young Woman!    It doesn't seem all that long ago that my Youngest, The Son, was Graduating... but it is and Time has surely flown by like on the Wings of a Dove!   Life can be and often is fleeting... so it's very important to be Mindful and ever Present in the Moments of it!

I fondly recall this Moment... during The Son's Graduation... and Tomorrow Night I will Witness the next Generation Graduating at her Ceremony.  Yes, indeed it is a privilege to grow Old, a privilege not afforded to many. I'm exceedingly Grateful for the opportunity to see so many of our Grandchildren now growing up into Young Adults, with some having Children of their own already!


But we do still have some of the Little Grands, this one actually being an Aunt at her Birth since her Oldest Siblings already have Children who are older than she is!!!   *Smiles*   Every Child is a Gift from God Himself... each is Cherished in our Household as the Great Gifts that they are, not just to us, but to the World!!!   Those that are Fresh from The Father have a Destiny to shape our World and it's Future for Generations to come and I stand in Awe of that sometimes when I think upon it!   They are indeed our Legacy... and I'm so very Proud of them all and to have such an abundance of Beautiful Legacy!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Showroom Bound...

I've been Showroom bound with loads of New Inventory... including this Antique Trunk that has been hand painted with a Golfing Scene.  Usually I Source Smalls since my Showroom isn't that large, but it's the bigger pieces that can command the better prices to boost that bottom line.

I had recently Sourced some Vintage Golfing items and they all Sold quickly, so perhaps this will fly out the doors too?  I certainly Hope so since it's a larger piece and will take up a fair amount of Showroom Real Estate.  That's the quandary with small Retail Space... what best to fill it with?

But I couldn't resist picking up this piece since I know it's one of those crossover pieces that appeals to a wider audience of Customer or the Consummate Collector.  I've always done well with Mantiques and anything Sports or Militaria related, you almost can't go wrong with those genres of merchandise.

The Smalls will probably always be my bread and butter, but I do like to carry some larger or higher end and Statement pieces as well.   I'd rather carry all Killer merchandise actually, but, one must appeal to whatever the demographic demands and supply it.

If I went Purist in my Aesthetic for the Showroom I probably would have had to close it up years ago... but after over five years... I'm still there... so I must be doing something right!?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rust & Roses ~ Quiet Meanderings

While out and about during my two day foray I did seem to have better luck with the Photography I took at my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST & ROSES, every Image turned out!   So I didn't feel like a total failure for the Photo Shoots taken both days, the good Imagery helped me save face with myself!  *LOL*

Well, some weren't as crisp as others, but they were presentable enough to Share at least and not have to ditch while Editing for my Post!   Lately I have been pushing myself hard to accomplish a lot before the weather gets too brutally Hot, so perhaps I'm just more fatigued than usual?

The Young Prince will be attending Comicon for four days at the end of next week, he can hardly wait... and I'll be getting my Dreads next Sunday, I can hardly wait either!  *Smiles*   I ordered some Nag Champa scented DOLLYLOCKS Dreadlock Shampoo and it smells Divine, just like the Essential Oil Perfume I always wear, so it will layer nicely with my signature scent.

Princess T's last day of School is Wednesday and she only has a half day... alas, The Young Prince doesn't get out of his Charter School for Summer Break until early June.   I will be so glad to have the Freedom to sleep in, do what I want without having to rush Home to retrieve Children from School, do so much commuting to get Kiddos to and from School, or deal with Homework and IEP's for Summer Break!  I don't know whose Happier, the Grands or I?!?  *Winks*

Of coarse the New Challenge will be Child Boredom, which will set in quite quickly because Modern Children seem to lack Imagination when it comes to entertaining themselves.   Modern Children seem to require megadoses of stimulation and an entertainment Director at their disposal or they're claiming they can't find anything to do!  Doesn't matter if they own everything under the Sun, it's apparently not sufficient to hold their interest for long!?!

Their definition of Go Play and mine are apparently Worlds apart, they seem to think I should be involved in this Play, as they define it... when was the last time you saw Seniors at Play?  *LOL*  Yes, I will Play various Board Games, but beyond that I'm just not in my Prime anymore for Playing.  *Smiles*  The first words out of their mouths on any Day Off from School is always, "What are WE gonna do Today Gramma?"  Usually those words are spoken in my ear while I'm still asleep... it seems to bother them to see me still Sleeping past Sunup!!!

Yes, some of my Senior Friends who aren't raising their Grandchildren like to remind me that quite soon enough I'll miss that they don't want to Hang Out with me anymore and consume all of my time.   I want to slap them when they say that... I've been Hanging Out with this duo daily for almost 17 years and almost 12 years respectively... I miss having NO time to myself, that's what I miss!   I want to Hang Out with Grandchildren like a NORMAL Grandparent... mebbe an hour or so once in a Blue Moon, spoil 'em rotten and then send 'em Home to torment their Parents like you're supposed to!  *LMAO*

Because hanging out with this duo is not your average Hang Out with your average Kiddo and even if I were of a Normal Parenting Age it would still kick my ass!   Children in general possess infinite Energy... Hyper Children with Mental Health and/or other Special Needs not only have infinite Energy, their inability to Mood Regulate or possess any kind of Stability means they can turn on you on a dime!  You can go from having Fun and being their Bestie to NOT having Fun any more and being The Enemy in the blink of an Eye!!!  

It's like Hanging Out with Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde... or Pod People whose bodies get snatched and replaced by demon spawn at any given point in time during any given day... and you never know when it's gonna happen!   Your Sweet Docile Grandchild whose gushing over how much they Love you and want to go have a Good Time with you can suddenly take you to Hell and back for no apparent reason!!!  And when that Switch happens, you don't have any desire to Hang Out with them anymore and especially in Public!   Yes, I Love unconditionally... but Hanging Out with The Force can be a double edged sword so much of the time with either of them.

He's a bit easier now that he's almost 17 because most of the time he doesn't want to spend time with any of us... unless he has a hidden Agenda and ulterior Motives... and we're Okay with that!  *Smiles*   When he's too Nice to me and sucking up I get instantly suspicious and on guard!  *LOL*   He knows it too, so we usually just cut to the chase and drop the facade... whaddya want NOW and just lay your cards on the table Boy... I'm on to ya!  *Winks*

I'm Bankrolling Comicon so he's being particularly Pleasant to me, I have leverage.  *Winks*   It's harder to have leverage with the Other One, she's a slippery one when it comes to finding the Currency that will Control her successfully and gain the upper hand.  *Dammit!*   She'll punish her own self if she thinks it will punish everyone around her... she's The Punisher like that... and revels meting it out!   Sometimes I swear that Child actually Enjoys being Miserable, Malcontent and Morose!??!??

Of coarse she's at that stage of Puberty now where we knew it was coming... when the Ratchet Bitch Mode would come forth out of the once Sweet Child who could be our absolutely Adorable Princess.  *Le Sigh*  Now she's become The Antagonist... the proverbial Queen Of Hearts that drags you down her Rabbit Hole and is demanding Off With Their Heads when she doesn't get her own way!!!  In fact they had a Play this past week at her School and they cast her as The Queen Of Hearts, I'm not kidding!  The Young Prince dryly says, "Well, that's appropriate..."  *Bwhahahaha!!!*

She was just Happy to be cast as a Powerful Queen, regardless of if ferocious and evil!  *LOL*  Oh Yes, The Princess T is quickly growing up into The Queen Of Hearts my Friends and is a Force to be reckoned with.  This is why Hanging Out with her, even tho' she always wants me to, is dicey!   We have yet to get thru an entire Hanging Out day without things going Left you see... so it's a Wrap the moment she gets Unlovely.   Because two Powerful Queens clashing can be quite the spectacle otherwise!  *Winks*

And yet, I STILL have delusions of actually sleeping in during Summer Break... and not having to go anywhere Under Protest or coercion... of having Quiet Meanderings and Me Days... Uh Huh... Dream On!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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