Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Immortality, people over the Centuries can and do feel all kinds of ways about it.  How it can be Hoped to be Attained?  Mummification was an Ancient Practice and Cryogenics is a more Modern Method that is Hoped to Immortalize the Dearly Departed so that Eternal Life of some kind is Achieved.

If the remains can be Preserved, it kinda gives a type of Immortality to whatever or whoever that Living Thing once was though.  And the Practices of Embalming and Taxidermy Methods can give an Immortalized Forever aspect to what was and is no more in this Realm.

The Skeletal remains are Interesting and yet Taxidermy of various sorts gives more of a view of what that Living Thing WAS in it's entirety.   We kinda wanted THAT for our Dearly Departed Chameleon Ivara to Immortalize her.  I decided upon a Wet Specimen Preservation, because it gave the best Hope of Preserving her much as she was in Life... other Methods were riskier and sometimes Creepier!  We weren't guaranteed what Color she might turn when pigment reacted to Preservation Fluids?  Chameleon have Interesting and individualized pigmentation even in Life!   Today she was ready and I was going to see Ivara Immortalized and Revealed!

I was so nervous, because I so wanted it to have gone Well and Hoped that most of her Colors in Life would have remained?  I was pleasantly Surprised that they had!   Even the Taxidermist was Surprised, since previous Chameleon Embalming had often gone very different Coloration than in Life for the Animal, even Purple!   She did have some Darker Green, almost Black pigmentation, due to the Condition she had been in on her way to the Vet, which was not her Best Day Ever!

Chameleons in Life often go Dark when they are Unhappy, Upset, Mad or just under Stress... and that had been a very Stressful day for us all, especially her!  So I was Okay with her Hues being just as she WAS then, and that such a Beautiful Job had been done with great Care and Love to Immortalize her for us!

Even a little of her Fancy Show-Off Red had remained, she always seemed very Proud of that Coloration.  If she was showing Red she was Showing Off usually, for a Jackson's Chameleon she always had very Lovely Coloration of Pigment, a Beautiful Girl.  I am so Touched and Happy with how she turned out, it exceeded my expectations and CURIOUS NATURE did a Fine Job, I owe them a Debt of Gratitude!

Since she cannot be shipped due to the fluids, she'll remain here with us until The Young Prince ever makes it back to Arizona for a visit and Hopefully to retrieve Alduin too one day.  I would have more of a Peace anyway about him actually driving both of them Home to Washington State anyway, especially the Living Animal!   I just don't Trust the sufficient Care Shipping may or may not provide?!

So Ivara is Home again, where she belongs... safely tucked into one of the Cabinets Of Curiosities and I think I'll have a small Plaque with her name on it made for her Specimen Jar... and put it, along with her Clay Footprint Heart, with her for Identification Purposes.   So, even if the rest of us never Attain Immortality, Ivara has, and will be Forever visible on this side of Time and Eternity, which is rather Special really when you think about it! 

When The Young Prince is an Old Man himself, he can still have her and be able to say, she was my 18th Birthday Present from my Dad and his Family.  Her Immortality Preservation was a Present from my Grandma.  If you are going to leave Legacies I think they should be the most Meaningful ones to everyone.

I always Love looking around the Shop and picking up a few small Oddities while there and covering it for The Land Of Blog.  You really must go there in Person to Experience it properly, it's one of my absolute Favorite Shops in the Valley!  Very much like 'Obscura' in New York and 'Loved To Death' in San Francisco, I'm Glad we have an equivalent in Phoenix!

I really do miss those "Oddities" TV Shows that profiled the New York Shop first and then a spin-off with the San Francisco Shop.  They sadly ended in 2013 but I don't think I missed a single Episode!   I Wish they still had Reruns on any of the Channels that runs Old Programs for Nostalgia sake!  I miss Evan, Mike and Ryan of 'Obscura' and who can forget some of the Characters who were their Customers, such as Edgar Oliver and Laura Flook!?   And Wednesday Mourning of 'Loved To Death', the ultimate Goth Gal and what a great Name she gave herself!   My Tribe of peeps they all are... so Interesting!  *Winks*

I am Glad that a host of new Paranormal Investigator Shows are coming on this Season.  I do miss the Original 'Ghost Hunters' Show with Grant and Jason, hard to believe it's been so long since that went off the air and that it ran for 11 Seasons!   But a lot of new ones have replaced it and some of the people who worked with them got their own Shows, which is Cool.   A new Show will begin Friday with Ozzy Osbourne's Son Jack, 'Portals To Hell' with Katrina who also was in 'Paranormal State' and 'Paranormal Lockdown' TV Shows.

Seems it's rather a smallish Inner Circle of Paranormal Investigators that have worked with one another off and on, who also got to be on various Paranormal TV Shows.   Our Family just Loves those kinds of Shows... after all, we lived in a legit Haunted House for Years!  So it's not as if we didn't already know such things actually Exist and it's fascinating how Technological Advances are now providing more proof rather than mere speculation to back up Experiences so many people have had!

Do I ever regret that I never got a Paranormal Investigative Team in to The Historic Homestead to try to Document some of the Activity and provide solid Evidence?   Nope... because Honestly, I would have more of a Peace just with the co-existing with Spirit that wasn't 'bothering' me than to get some 'proof' that might just bother me, depending on what it was or what it said???!!!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!* 

Living alongside the Uncommon, the Weird and the Wonderful, Oddities, and even Spirit doesn't bother me one iota, I can Exist in complete Harmony and Peace.  So long as I have no hard Evidence that it's Sinister or Malevolent, Demonic or Evil in any way or might be saying shit I can't hear like GET OUT!   That would totally Freak me the Hell out, so if nothing is bothersome, don't provoke it... and sometimes it's just better not Knowing.  *Winks*

So... how many of you have had a Paranormal Experience?  If so, did you Share it or did you keep it to yourself for Fear folks wouldn't Believe you, be Skeptical or think you to be Nuts?   We had many a Skeptic or Non-Believer come to our Old Historic Homestead and leave Convinced that Paranormal Experiences DO Exist after they had a Personal One!   Most got totally Freaked Out or Scared shitless, I think often when confronted with something you previously never Believed exists, it can shake your foundations after you have to re-asses them!  *LOL*

Most people like to have a definite Comfort Zone of what they Believe and what they don't Believe.  If any of that is rocked... well... it shakes them up!   And rightly so, I know some things I never Believed, when confronted with Evidence to the contrary, well, Acceptance of what IS that I thought WASN'T can be pretty unsettling sometimes!   There's a lot of things we can't See that might Exist.   There's a lot of things we can't Hear that might Exist.  Some things we just have to Believe on Faith of Existence.

The more Analytical and Scientific a person is and how their Mind just works, I find they often require the most Proof, outside of just Faith, of Existence of something they are Skeptical of or hesitant to Believe.   I know The Young Prince is such a person as that, so we've often had very stimulating conversations, especially of Spirituality, Faith, and such.  However, having grown up almost all of his Life in the Haunted House, he was never a Skeptic of THAT, too many Personal Experiences, tho' Scientifically he wasn't certain of all the Whys about any of it!?!  *LOL*

There are still a lot of Mysteries that abound and Discoveries yet to be made!  I think those of us who like the Idea of what is next to be Discovered, Proven and Solved find it all rather exciting and fascinating!   Those who feel they already Know everything and that not much is left to be Revealed and Discovered, well, I think they'll just have to keep on Living.  *Winks*  If you keep on Living you'd be Surprised at what you didn't Know yet!   There will be Revelations and Discoveries beyond the Scope of your limited intellect or experiences thus far.

I was Interested to look up Stats of what HASN'T been Explored thoroughly by Man yet.  Here's some of those Stats, which really was fascinating:

As of the Year 2000 the NOAA {National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration} estimated that as much as 95% of the World's Oceans and 99% of the Ocean Floor remain unexplored!  WOW... even 19 Years later I suspect we still have a lot to Explore and Discover THERE and don't yet KNOW, right?!   

Even after Centuries of effort, Scientists and Studies predict that some 86% of Earth's Species have yet to be fully described!   That means Scientists have cataloged less than 15% of Species now Alive and current Extinction rates mean many unknown Species and Organisms will become Extinct before they can be recorded!  Again... WOW!   So there's a lot in the Natural Realm we don't even KNOW yet, nevermind the Supernatural Realm!

And there are some Creatures that Indigenous Populations talked of for Hundreds of Years that might be more Reality based than Mythical, we just don't know for Sure yet.  I always think about the various types of 'Bigfoot' for example that Cultures across the Globe have claimed Exist... long before it could profit them to make such things up for 'attention' or 'publicity'.  And lets face it, many Encounters were kept Secret because people didn't want to even talk about it for Fear they'd be disbelieved!

Kinda like the UFO thing too... where either you're a Believer... a Skeptic... or you think it's all Fabricated.   It will be fascinating in the Future to see what Evidence could show up to throw more Light upon the subject?!?   If you've never had Encounters with things that are Paranormal or Unexplained, then it's a matter of taking the Word of others who Claim to have.  Depends upon how Reliable you Feel that Source is I guess?

Yes, I've known people who had far more Experiences than I've had and many are Believable and Credible people, so I tend to Believe their accounts.   Often they don't go around even telling anyone they think would mock them or disbelieve their Experience was Real.  So it's almost a Relief to them to have some Believe they're telling us what they Experienced and cannot Explain!

In all Honesty, I don't want to have an Experience with something scary that then I'd have trouble having anyone Believe, how about you?   If Bigfoot Exists for example, they sound way more powerful... and cunning than us, to have been under our Radar so long, so I wouldn't want to meet one without knowing how 'Friendly' they are!?!   I also worry about when and if one is found, how it will be Treated and how Humans will Deal with a Species more Human-Like than Animal-Like... it could potentially be a Quandary for Mankind!!!

I mean let us be Real, it wasn't that long ago actually that many Indigenous Peoples were thought to be Less Than Human and Treated Inhumanely because of that classification of being Less Than!   So if a brand new Species of 'Man' were to be found, would we be inclined to treat it more like an Animal I wonder?  Would some Humans we inclined to want to Hunt it like an Animal and as a Trophy Kill?   In some instances, until our Species evolves beyond those Mindsets, I Hope some Species remain hidden in their Safety of not yet being 'Discovered' by us!

But as for the Paranormal Realm, I Hope we Discover a LOT about it and solve some of the Afterlife Mysteries we've been seeking Answers to for millennium!   Mebbe some of the Answers will disturb us even if it Enlightens us as to what happens after Death, I'm just not Sure?   I never like the Idea that a Soul is stuck and cannot move on for whatever reasons.

Whatever communication we have though will reveal some things I'm Sure.  Whether in a Good way or a Bad way?  I think probably some of both actually.  I just know I Enjoy what Research and Investigations are being done.  I'm fascinated by what they're Inventing to try to reveal more with better clarity and proof.   And even in the Natural Realm, I'm constantly Learning something New that I didn't Know before, Nature is incredibly fascinating!

I would have liked to have come Home with a nice Skully, but Budget didn't permit.  So I came Home with two Lucite Specimens, a tiny Crab and a Spider... and the Bony Plate of an Alligator's Skin called a Scute.  One never can have too many Objects of Curiosity after all!  It's been a Lifelong Obsession of mine to Collect them!  *Winks*

This is the Alligator Scute in the Foreground, it's a rather large one I'm told.  And certainly it was the largest one in the Basket of those for Sale, so probably from a much Older, Larger Alligator?  I didn't know their Skin had Bone, but it makes sense when you see the ridges on their Backs, this would be THAT!

And here's my Spider, a South American one as I recall, and my Crab, who seems to be Smiling, unless that's an optical illusion?  *LMAO*   There is a Tarantula Specimen from South America at our Antique Mall that I might just have to save up for and procure, he's HUGE, way bigger than Arizona Tarantulas!

But for now a few tiny inexpensive Treasures and getting Ivara Home where she belongs was more than enough.  It was a Beautiful day out and I thoroughly Enjoyed my outing into the City...

I stopped at one of my Fav Breakfast Restaurants 'Snooze' for the Benedict Duo with Soyrizo... OMG it tastes Divine each way I ordered it Today!   I like that I can order any Benedict with the Meatless substitution there. I usually have the one on the Right, but The Son has always ordered the Bene option on the Left {his with Real Meat} and so I tried it Today and it was Excellent, no wonder it's one of his Favs on the Menu!

And my Friend Nina picked some more mutant sized Lemons from her Tree for me, that are even larger than the ones before, which I didn't think possible!  These each are larger than my outstretched Hand and about the size of a very large Grapefruit!   She said they got so big this year that some branches broke on her Mature Tree!  They are very juicy and make great Fresh Lemonade, which I'm consuming in large portions now it's getting hotter!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tales Of The Chronically Disorganized

The Title of this Post came to me this Morning as I stood paralyzed and then spinning in circles in the Double Car Garage, that I'd vowed to tackle some more while it was still Cool enough to this early!   So while I regale you with some of the rest of the Inspiring Imagery I took at The Sweet, we'll talk about some of my more frustrating afflictions.  *Winks*  Yes, I am among the Tribe of The Chronically Disorganized!   And I like Organization and abhor Chaos, so my Organized Chaos is rather my compromise I suppose!??!!!?

To those of you who could be Professional Organizers you might not understand why it should be so difficult for us?  Hell, I don't even understand why it should be so difficult for us and why mostly I get Overwhelmed just beginning The Process!?!   First I go into Visual Overload and the Overwhelmed Sensation begins, if I could Organize with my Eyes shut it would therefore be Helpful!  *LOL*  Then the Indecisiveness and Confusion sets in, what to do... what to tackle initially... where to put it... where do I even start... ad nauseum with the million questions I have no answers to, until I actually Feel nauseous!

This is about the time I become paralyzed and then spinning in circles surveying the Chaos around me, which Feels rather Apocalyptic!   It certainly LOOKS Post Apocalyptic, so momentous and visually catastrophic it seems!  So utterly intimidating and beyond the scope of my obvious weakness for being Disorganized in the first place!  By now the Fight Or Flight Instinct sets in... should I tackle it head on and just push thru the intensity of Emotion it stirs up... or Exit Stage Left and Hopefully be able to make some Progress another day?

Today I was determined, well, for about the first Five Minutes I was determined!  *LOL*  By then my resolve began to quickly dissolve, I feebly moved a couple of things around.  It didn't look any better... and to the Chronically Disorganized, we are painfully aware of our Tactics to fake Organization and I was mos def faking it this Morning, it was a pathetic attempt!   Since I have racing Thoughts anyway, about a gazillion Thoughts begin to spin inside my Head now, none of them particularly Helpful or necessarily Positive!   This all happens so quickly you'd be amazed at how quickly I can Overwhelm and abort a disastrous Mission that is unraveling at warp speed!

Once the Anxiety escalates I might as well call it a day because in Anxious Mode I'm not very Effective nor Efficient.   And it doesn't happen EVERY time Thank God, some days I can actually get a lot done when I have an attack of Ambition to and am in the Right Head Space!   It is Helpful if I have a Minion available to insist I press on and who can talk me Down once I've Emotionally began to deteriorate.  Because I am Hyper and have amazing Stamina, so if in my Head I don't fall apart, I can get more Work done than a Team of people usually... no brag, just Fact.  I can Work relentlessly and be tenacious about Finishing.


If I were to try to Analyze my reaction it might be that being around a Mess makes me Agitated and Uncomfortable to such a degree I just want to Escape it!   When I Work I NEED Order, not Chaos, surrounding me.  I NEED things to be a certain kind of way for optimal Function and Peace or Clarity in my Mind.  I have often Wondered if I am on the Autism Spectrum since my Routines are Important to me too and an interruption in it can throw me off big time!?  If someone I'm Working with is haphazard and Chaotic, I can't Work with them or I'd lose my shit!  *Smiles*

And I'm not a Perfectionist, since nothing has to be Perfect in my World, in fact, I embrace the Imperfections of the World, in Things and in People.  I guess the biggest MUST is that it MUST Look Pretty... if a Scene looks Ugly to me, I can't stand it!   And right now the parameters of the Garages is Organized and Pretty... but the middle of that Space is Hideous!  This is why you're not getting the Visuals my Friends, I don't want to preserve those Images to Torment me for Eternity about how it WAS!

And I say WAS, because it will get Done, just not Today I suspect.  *LMAO*  Mebbe not even in a Month of Sundays, but the Timing isn't so important to me actually, so long as it gets Done eventually.   So long as I can fully Believe it can get Done eventually and I attain the Victory over it!   And the fact of the matter is, for a couple of Years here those Garages were in Order!  I could even pull a Jeep into the Double Car Garage at one time, so there was, at one point, room for an actual Vehicle in the Garage!  *LOL*  Not now... so I was my own worst Enemy in why it is the way it currently is, nobody else is to blame, not a one of them!

Yep, it's True, usually The Chronically Disorganized have actually Created their own Disorganization.  Sometimes the Family assists, but I cannot blame any of the Garage Spaces on my Family, they never even go in there.  Mostly because The Man has mobility issues and so for him it is like a Gauntlet!  *Bwahahaa!* A very potentially Dangerous one in fact!  He Ventured in there, since he could see me unraveling and becoming aggitated, to try to see if he could be of some Help?   And this is really never a Good Sign, in fact, it compounds my Anxiety levels actually, to have my Beloved and well intended, but Brain Damaged Spouse wanting to HELP!

 So all I could Think of as he maneuvered unsteadily just a few feet in, was Christ on a Bike... he was gonna risk a fall and breaking a Hip or something so I quickly escorted him out!  Honey, I know you mean Well, but a 911 Call or a trip to the ER right now wouldn't actually be Helpful! *Smiles*  And really, watching me Tormented and unraveling is not Entertaining in the least, so he didn't resist the suggestion he leave immediately!  In fact, it gave me a handy Excuse to just not do it Today and leave along with him!  *Winks*

He's the Analytical One actually, the one who would make extensive preparations, graphs and lists for anything and everything, not being Spontaneous and On The Fly like me, so he's often the Voice of Reason.   Even if that Voice can be irritating if he's trying to Logically Solve a Problem and I'm Illogically Addressing said Problem in Spontaneity!   Sometimes being Spontaneous is an Asset, but in some cases clearly it is not!  This was one of the cases, yet I didn't Need him trying to Reason with me right now, or I might have flipped out while I was so On Edge and Emotionally Raw as the Realization hit me that nothing was getting Done Today!?   Nada!

So I decided instead to do this Blog Post to Calm Down and to discuss my affliction... and he decided to make me a nice Breakfast with our Fresh Pastel Eggs I bought from my Friend Stephanie.  It has Worked, I Feel a lot Calmer already and the Day is still Young.  So though it will definitely get Hotter, perhaps I can venture back into the War Zone that is my Double Car Garage and make some headway Later?   Sometimes just giving myself some Space and Time does Work Wonders and will determine whether it's a Failure for the day or a Success?

Sometimes it isn't even a matter of Enthusiasm or Resolve, because I can be Enthusiastic as Hell and have what I Believe to be the ultimate in Resolve and yet still have a Failed Mission!   And other times I just Wander in not giving two shits whether I accomplish anything or not and actually leave quite accomplished... go figure!   Today tho' I do have to Work a Night Shift at the Antique Mall and so if I don't have a 2nd Wind by 1:00 p.m. that isn't gonna happen Today!  *Winks*   And by Tomorrow the Ivara Immortalization Project should be completed and I can go pick her up at 'Curious Nature'!

I'm both excited and nervous about that since I don't know how I will actually Receive her... Joyfully or reduced to Tears... or a combo of both?!?   I remember when I dropped her off, the Taxidermist did have to open her little Coffin Box from the Vet's, which had been handed to me sealed so I hadn't yet seen her in Death.   I'd had her in the Freezer for a Week, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to look and see if my method of quick preservation to stall the decomposition Process had Worked or not?!?  She simply looked like she was Sleeping, all nestled in Tissue Paper... and the Taxidermist had to hand me a Tissue as I got Emotionally Overwhelmed in that instant, but in a Good way!

The Taxidermist owns Exotic Pets too, as does the Owner of the Shop, so they have a Heart and Deep Respect for them.  She said a lot of people don't seem to understand we get just as Attached to them and Love them just as much as any Domestic Pet, so our Grief at the Loss is just as profound and Real.  This is True, if anyone had presumed to be so glib as to suggest she was "Just A Lizard" to me after our Loss, I might have handed them their Ass right then and there!  With a glib response of, as they were Laid Out and Dropped like a Rock, well, that was "Just How Offended" I am at that insensitive, disrespectful and ignorant Statement Fool!  *Winks*

Thankfully everyone was sympathetic, respectful, sensitive and compassionate about Dear Ivara's demise and realized we did Grieve about it.  More than I thought I would actually, since I really was quite opposed to even having The Young Prince own a Chameleon, so was resistant to the whole Idea!  Had his Dad not already Promised him one for his 18th Birthday I would have suggested something else.  Because I just didn't have a very good premonition or Peace about trying to keep a Tropical Pet alive in a Desert Environment actually.  Turns out my Instincts were correct, by what the Vet told me about our Air being too Dry in Arizona for such a Pet, even with exceptional Care taken.

Outside of a Zoo, where they can manipulate Environments more Skillfully with their Staff of Experts on hand, I suspect most Chameleons don't do Well in Arizona long term and probably succumb to the Respiratory Ailments the Dry Air creates for them.   Which is why Pet Shops here probably shouldn't sell the poor things, since that's a horrible way to go!   At least we will have our Little Gal Immortalized and Cherished for a lot longer than she managed to Live in this Realm.   I'm still Wondering what to do with her Habitat, though it was all quite expensive and gently used, I hesitate to sell it to another Family who considers a Chameleon in Arizona, realizing the potential Fate!

I'm quite sure I've become overprotective of Dear Alduin, the Bearded Dragon, since poor Ivara passed away!   On my Watch I don't want any more fatalities!  He's getting very lazy and rusty with his Hunting Skills when I get him Live Food now tho'.  The other day I bought Crickets and some of them were climbing on his Head, perched there and he'd close his Eyes and look all pathetic!!!   He was being so ambivalent about Hunting them that I suspected they'd have to walk right into his damned Mouth to get eaten!?!?!   I'm like, REALLY Alduin??!??!  He Eyeballed me as if to suggest, get this thing off of me, so I did.  Since it was a tenaciously emboldened Cricket that kept tickling him with it's Antenna... and I'm thinking, these are not very Smart Creatures, dont'cha know you're his Lunch???!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Mebbe it was The Cricket last Defiant Stand, who knows, Torment the Predator and be The Resistance?  They were even eating his Kibbles and drinking his Water... but I did notice that this Morning there are less of them.  So, whether they commit mass Suicide by walking into his Mouth, or he finally decided to Hunt, I'm not Sure, but he did look like he'd probably had Breakfast one way or another!   And he likes his Freeze Dried Proteins and his Salads immensely, so I don't have to buy the Live Food all of the time like Ivara required.  Because she would eat nothing Dead and even sometimes drowned what she was bored with, the little Assassin!  Those things cost Fifteen Cents each so I Hated the Waste!  *LOL*

Now a Tip I've Learned thru owning Exotic Pets is that if you buy their Freeze Dried Proteins from the Exotic Pet Aisles you'll pay a small fortune!  Alduin's Freeze Dried Mealworm Mix for example is about Eight Bucks an Ounce!   Yet, if you walk over just a few Aisles to the Wild Bird and Chicken Feed Aisles, same shit is about Eight Bucks for a Pound of it... exact same Bugs, no difference whatsoever, usually even same Manufacturers!  You can Thank me Later for your immense Savings.  He actually likes the Wild Bird and Chicken Feed Mix of Bugs better because they're more substantial in size and he's getting quite Big!

Marketing often does that... I've found that with Pets in particular, even with The Hamster Brothers, Small Mammal paraphernalia is jacked up in price.  But you can also get them the exact same things, especially Kibbles, from the Bird Section Cheaper... reading the Labels of Ingredients, for Treats especially, exact replicas but vast difference in Pricing!   And lets face it, tho' we J'Adore Hammy and Midnight, they are Rodents and will damned near eat anything my Friends! Tho' they can be particular about individual Favs and ours are Spoiled rotten and Princess T states I am to Blame... True that!  *Winks* Hammy in particular is so Spoiled now he'll examine each Kibble and toss to the side what he's not Jonesin' for!   He has a discerning and Refined Palate apparently now!? *LOL*

And completely Off Topic now, but I'd forgotten how Wonderful these Kilim covered Pouffs were that my Friend Shelly had for Sale at the recent Event!  I particularly liked that one in the foreground with the Tribal Kilim Motif.   Had they been within my paltry Budget I might have had to buy one of them... alas, they were not... so I am thus Pouffless!  *Le Sigh*  And I really could use a Pouff, because tho' I own a lot of Antique Kilim Lounging Pillows, I don't do so Well getting up off the Floor now!  *LOL*   I can get down on them just fine... but getting up off them could be the stuff to make a Video go Viral I tell ya!  The Grandkids get hysterical about my efforts to get up off the ground now! *Winks*

Really, us Seniors don't do such things to Entertain you Young People, we're really legitimately struggling and often it's Painful!  But it is Funny, I ain't gonna lie, I'm usually Laughing myself by the time I manage to get Vertical again without having to call 911 for assistance!  *LOL*   In fact, Princess T got indignantly Mad at a Young Man in his Twenties who was walking behind me at 'Hot Topic' Mimicking my Waddle!  Since we'd been walking the Mall for four Hours by then, so I had my Walter Brennan Real McCoys gait going on!  *Smiles*  Now, in all Fairness I used to laugh at Old Walter's gait, or Red Foxx's... not realizing the Old Dudes were probably in real Pain and thus the gait wasn't even exaggerated for Laughs?!

But Princess T was seriously Upset and feeling very defensive on my behalf, so I'm Surprised she didn't say something to him... or to me, knowing how I just am!  Coz if anyone can instantly Touche' zing you taking the Mickey out of anyone else, it would be Yours Truly!  I'm Lightening Fast with the Comeback to make you feel uncomfortable about insensitively mocking someone and Personalize it ta boot! *Winks*  

 Well, he was this Fabulously Gay Dude Gramma and so I knew if you turned around and saw him making Fun of you and your mannerisms, then you might be inclined to just turn around and go, "Well, Heyyyyyyyy!"   Well, we both laughed, coz her Brother being Fabulously Gay, he and I would have an inside Joke about that when we'd go by the Hay Fields being Harvested and he'd turn and look at me and we'd go, "Heyyyyyyy!" and always Laugh hysterically!  He's Fearless about being Fabulous!

And I Hope you too are Fearless about being however which way YOU are my Friends?  In fact, I told her not to be Mad at the Young Man and his Friends, if I was able to make anyone Laugh rather than Cry, intentionally or unintentionally, well then, it's been a Good Day indeed!   And if you saw my Waddle, well, you'd probably at the very least be Laughing on the Inside my Friends... coz that shit IS FUNNY, I don't Care who you are!!!!!!!   And remember, you can only be Offended if you TAKE the Offense, I choose NOT TO!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl