Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sweet Flea ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

Today was the Opening Day of "The Sweet Flea" Themed Event at SWEET SALVAGE.   That means not only Deals in the form of Sales marking down many items... but also a 'Giving Back' Treasure Hunt in Appreciation to their Customers, where you will see some Green Ticketed Freebies interspersed thruout the merchandise just to take!   I bought this Kilim Pillow right away... well, Two of them actually...

But the very 1st thing I Scored was a Freebie, this Nice Rustic Basket, which will hold some of my Naturalist Collection... once I unpack everything after The Move!   Speaking of The Move, it was Nice to have an entire Day NOT thinking about it at all... I Needed the Respite from it Mentally more than I had realized!   Yes, I did Talk about it with some of my Designer Friends, but I didn't have to Pack, schlep shit to the Storage Units, Sign Documents, think or dwell upon any of it for a full Day!

And in all Honesty, I didn't even really Try NOT TO indulge in any Retail Therapy either... it was still way Cheaper than hiring a Therapist, what can I say!? *Bwahahaha!*  Seriously, these Game Playing Sellers and Picky Buyers are enough to drive a person completely Mad... if you didn't indulge in some unhealthy Coping diversions from it all!  *Winks*  So Yeah, I got some Nice things to cram into my Storage Units... after I Enjoy them for a Minute in my emptied out Villa Boheme' Home!  *LOL*

So many of my Sweet Friends have been a HUGE Encouragement during this Ordeal of Selling and trying to Buy Homes!   So have many of you in The Land Of Blog and I Thank You ALL for the Uplifting Words and Positive Energy you have imparted and Believed will Work Out in the End for us.  I'm Hopeful we ARE nearing the End... since Escrow is Opening on this Home and will Close by the End of January, so I'd like to have a dual Closing and a Home we can Buy right away too as we Sell Off this one!?!

Our Agent was Negotiating the Terms of our Offer with the Seller's Agent on The Urban Farmhouse all Day long and I was leaving that all up to them to hash out while I just Enjoyed myself.   So far it's looking Promising, the Seller has only asked to Keep their Trampoline and Swing Set that they'd left behind... which was Fine with us that neither was conveying.  I only Hope they do convey the John Deere Tractor Grass Mower left behind in the RV Garage... since damn, there's a lot of Grass with that Property and The Man will Need one!  *LOL*

This one already had a brand New Fridge, so at least, unlike the Contemporary Zen Boheme' Home, we won't have to rush out and Buy an expensive Refrigerator right away!   And this one had the 2000+ Square Foot RV Garage, which is a very Nice one with Custom Flooring... so we won't have to build one of those either!  *Whew!*   BTW: Hilariously, the Game Playing Zen Boheme' Seller/Agent was blowing up our Agent's Phone all Day... I said put him on Ice... he Killed that potential Sale with us... may he Learn a Valuable Lesson about being Greedy and making shit up?! *Winks*

I'm Nice until someone gives me a Reason NOT to be Nice... and when I'm doing Important Business, if they can't keep it Professional and Respectful, I just won't Work with them or be the least bit Nice about it!  *Winks*  So, we ignored that Fool all Day... I will have no more of our valuable Time and Energy Wasted by him.   I spent Time instead reveling in all the Treasures Displayed and being Offered Up... I bought these Two Natural Sponges for my Naturalist Collection.  My Friend Shelly had a tonnage of Fab Natural Sponges at a great price.

The Aroma of Natural Pine Wreaths was filling the Air and it was intoxicating... the Smells and Sights of Christmas just make me Happy!  I haven't been able to Decorate our Home very much this Year on account of The Move.  *Le Sigh* So going out and reveling in the Sights, Sounds and Smells of the Holidays elsewhere, has made up for the lack at Home of what we normally would do during the Holidays around here.

I really wanted to Buy at least One of these Sweet little Antler Mounts... but I Resisted... since my Stash was already getting out of Hand!  *LOL*   A Grouping of these just looked so damned Good and I could Envision it on a Wall at a Forever Home.  But... Buying JUST ONE would not have made A Grouping... so... it was easier to just Resist Buying any at all!  *Smiles and Whew!*

I did go back to Shelly's Antique Tin Type Ornament Tree and select a Trio more of them to fill in a couple of gaps on our Christmas Tree.  I have Tin Types not made into Ornaments, but I lack the Time right now to devote to any Projects, so this Purchase just made more Sense right now!   I Collect the Antique Tin Type Photos anyway, so it serves double duty for the Holiday Decorations this Year... and then being added to my Collection after the Holidays.  These Two Guys weren't The Chosen Ones.

But this Infant and a couple of other Guys were.  I always ensure the Babies Eyes are Open so that I'm not Buying the Dead Baby Pixs.  A Friend who Specializes in Antique Photos of all kinds Schooled me on that... he said any of the Old Tin Types where the Baby looks like it's Sleeping... Nope... it's Dead... they did that in those Days to preserve the Child's Memory!   Since I didn't want Dead Baby Pixs hanging on the Ole Christmas Tree... since that's way too Creepy even for Yours Truly's Macabre Sensibilities... we avoid the "Sleeping" Baby Image ones!  

Not that I don't have a Wealth of really Creepy shit mind you, just ask anyone who knows me Well!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  I get "Donations" all of the time from my Friends and Family, of items they just are too Creeped out by to Keep themselves, and know would find a Good Home with Yours Truly!  *Bwhahahaaha!*   Should we 'Score' the Urban Farmhouse Property... that Big RV Garage is gonna really Rock with some Obscura!  *Winks*

I was absolutely Tormented at this Event by the Wealth of Apothecary, Type Set and File Cabinetry that I would Lust after to wanna Buy and can't right now!  *Le Sigh*   This White One that Shelly had Rocked... but there were numerous others that if Budget permit and I weren't Moving... or already Established in a Forever Home... well... just sayin'... I might have had to come Home with one then!  *LOL*  I have this Thing for such Cabinetry with loads of little Drawers or Cubbies.   I own several and feel like you could never have enough of them for Storing your Small Treasures, Curating and Organizing Collections!


I am intent right now tho' on Selling Off a wealth of my larger Furnishings so I don't have to pay to have them Moved anywhere.  Not to Storage and not to a Forever Home... especially not risking having to Move them to Storage AND then to a Forever Home!   Paying for One Move is more than enough expense, that is getting outlandish, as Weeks and then Months drag on with this Process of getting Moved!   I could have bought a whole shitload of great stuff for what I'm paying out for Storage and will have to pay to have larger stuff Moved!

And so I didn't Feel the least bit Guilty for purchasing some Nice things at the Event that I'll have something to show for the outlay!   Moving and Storage expenses have nothing to show for the outlay, so it grieves me to shell out a lot for that.   When I Purchase a Treasure, it's more an Investment opportunity... because I've always done very Well on the back end... Resale Market when it's been time to let go of something and make more money off it than I paid for it.   U-Haul Storage and paying some Stud Muffins to move large shit has zero Return on all that outlay.  Well, I'll still have whatever shit was Stored or paid to be Moved... but you get the gist!


This is also New Territory for me... since in the Past... I Owned where ever I had my shit Stored so there was no real Overhead Costs to Rent Space from someone else... and we did Self Moves coz we were Younger and Stronger.  Or we had a huge Posse of Younger and Stronger Family and Friends that would just get together when any one of us was Moving and just get it done.   As you Age... the ability to have all of that at your disposal narrows considerably.  Kind of like when I was Raising our own Kids... my Friends and I, all Raising our own Kids, Traded Babysitting for our Respites from Parenting... so we never hired Sitters nor did they... we simply Traded Favors.

Besides, we all had demanding Careers too and were shelling out a considerable outlay for Child Care while Working long Hours... so you didn't wanna pay even more for Recreational Time Child Care!   Fast Forward... by the time I Inherited Two of our Grandchildren to Raise from Birth... none of my Friends had Babies or Minor Kids anymore!   So... the Recreational Time ceased altogether... and in the end, so did the Career, as I had to take Early Retirement to become a Full Time unpaid Caregiver to an ailing Spouse and Two Special Needs Grandkids!  Moving reminds me of that progression of how things just Change and how Resources just Dry Up as you Age.

Pretty soon what you have to Enjoy is IN your Home exclusively, since you don't get out that much anymore.  I suppose that is why as we Age, we get more Attached to our stuff???   And perhaps more Nostalgic for what evokes strong Positive Memories we Cherish.   This is the Cabinet I was Seriously having a Forbidden Love Affair with, since each Drawer had numerous small Cubbies in them for a multitude of whatever Tiny Hoards I've amassed!  *LOL*  If I were already Moved and situated in my Forever Home... I'd Sell Off a bunch of other stuff to Buy something like this and fund it!

But this day I mostly stuck with smaller, inexpensive purchases... which was good Retail Therapy and the Haul made me feel good.  I was focused upon certain things being exclusive for potential purchases, which narrowed the field for what I intentionally resisted.   The problem being, my Designer Friends had Sourced such a Wealth of The Good Stuff that was on my narrowed exclusive List, dammit, that I did spend more than I anticipated.  Oh well... don't Care.

My Friend Cyndie made this Lovely Salvaged Old Watch Necklace.  I have a Bracelet done like this but I'd not seen a Necklace done like this before.   This would be the type of Bohemian Bling I'd wear and Buy if I were looking to add to my Accessories.   Right now I'm not Buying any Bling... Nada.  There's a lot of things I'm avoiding Buying while we're in Transition to Move... that's a long List compared to the much shorter List of what I would still Buy while we're in the midst of this Ordeal!

With the Holidays upon us, I haven't really been out Shopping much, since I got all of Princess T's Pressies bought early and she got them early, at her request.  We're just not REALLY doing Christmas this Year... and will make it up to everyone in 2020, when things settle down and we're Settled and not Dealing with a Move AND the Holidays!  It's all I could do to put up a Tree and a scant few Christmas Decorations so it even looks like the Holidays are being remotely Celebrated around our Home!   I don't Like that... I Love Decorating for and Celebrating Holidays lavishly!

I've barely sent out any Christmas Cards either... I started and got a scant few sent out... and the rest I just haven't had time or energy to devote to finishing up!   Now it's entirely too late to send any to Family outside of the Country and have it get there on time... we have Family in North Wales and in Mexico.  I will attempt to get Cards out in the next few days to at least Family and Friends in the U.S.A., but I cannot guarantee I'll manage it this Year or not?  We trimmed the List severely over the Years anyway... since many people just ceased with Card exchanges for Holidays and Special Occasions anyway.  I happen to like Card Giving... and Receiving... I'm a Dinosaur that way!

I still thoroughly Enjoy the Rare instances when someone Writes a Letter... just getting E-Mails, Messenger Correspondence or Comments isn't quite the same as Receiving a Letter!   I think the Younger Generations may not even ever Receive one in their Lifetimes now... and may forget it even ever was a Thing people used to do!?!   I remember when I still Owned a Vintage Jukebox that played 45 Records and we Moved it to our Historic Home.  The Young Man who Moved it over for us had never seen a Record... he was a Teenager at the time and it was the Year 2000... I was blown away that he didn't know what Vinyl Music was!

Now Vinyl Music is making a big Comeback and the Younger Generation are Buying and Collecting it like Crazy... who knew?!?  At our Antique Mall the amount of LP's that are being Sold to Young People is Mind Blowing... and they're always seeking the Old Turntables or Stereo Systems now too!  You just never know what will go away or what will make a Comeback!   Princess T's Top Christmas Wish List Item was a Polaroid Camera this Year... I got her one!!!  Of coarse now the Film is outrageously priced and who knows how long they'll continue producing it once the Trend wanes?  *Le Sigh*  And the pixs are wee compared to how large a Polaroid Picture used to be!

Of coarse Outkast and Andre 2000's lyrics to "Hey Ya" might have stimulated some Interest in Polaroid Pictures with the Youngsters?   Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture.  Hey Ya!  *LOL*  It was a catchy Tune and I found myself singing along anytime Princess T was listening to it.  *LMAO*  Of coarse, at first, even while singing along, she had no Clue what a freakin' Polaroid Picture even was or Why you'd be Shaking it???!?!??!   *Bwahahahahaha!*  WHY DID we Shake it anyway... didn't NEED to be done, Right?!  *LMAO*

Now, Thanks to the fact I mentioned it, I've got that Tune looping thru my Head!   Mebbe you now do too?!  *Winks*   Anyway, I'd expected to mebbe get an Update on The Urban Farmhouse some time Today... but didn't... and the Suspense is kinda Killing me now... since... Tick-Tock to finding a place to Buy now that this is in Escrow!   We've got the Inspection on this during the Weekend... you just never know what those Inspectors will find or nitpick about... whether Buying or Selling... so that's always just a tad bit nerve racking too!  You don't want them missing anything major during a Purchase nor trifling during a Sale just to have something to Write in their Report so it looks like they did a thorough job.

I've had Neg experiences with Home Inspectors in the Past so I don't particularly Trust them nor have a lot of Faith in their Reports.   They charge a lot and then often miss important shit and focus on trifles.   Sometimes the Home Warranty you get covers it... often times if it's something really major, it doesn't... or not entirely.   Home Warranties also find ways to avoid paying Consumers on Claims... just like Insurance Companies do.   But it's not as if you'd risk NOT having them... so, their racket Works mostly for them... and sometimes for us unfortunate Suckers buying the Policies.

Anyway... it is what it just is... so... whatever.   I'll be going thru getting an expensive mandatory VA Inspection on whatever Home we're Buying too.  Last time we had a VA Inspection done, not quite 5 Years ago for Villa Boheme', it cost $450... now it's up to $600!  If only our own Incomes went up by such a high freakin' percentile, huh?!  *Bwahaha!*    When The Man got a COLA increase on his Pension, the Govt. sent out a Letter saying they're Raising the Cost of our Health Care Premiums BECAUSE of the Cost of Living Raise! 

 WTF... especially since one of his Earned Benefits for having Served 39 Years in the Military was that the Govt. Contractually Promised to provide FREE Health Care for he and I for Life as a Benefit for his Service!   Then rescinded that Earned Benefit... AFTER you EARNED it of coarse... and now keep raising the Premiums constantly!   Since Lord knows they can't stand to see the Retired Vets getting a Cost of Living Increase without tapping into it some kinda way to nullify the benefit of that too and put it back in their coffers instead!   Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam, we got that Letter of the increase this Week and it begins in January!

I no longer spazz out about it... since, no point... nothing you can do about it.  And I'm sure the Civilian Sector finds numerous ways to screw over their Employees too, so we're not feeling like The Lone Ranger either as Military Retirees at the Mercy of a Merciless Govt.!  Perhaps this is why so many Young People tell me they will never have any Loyalty to any Employer whatsoever... coz they know the Employers will never have any Loyalty towards them or give a shit about them... they have a valid Point.   I'm Glad I'm no longer doing the Corporate Grind... I'd be way too Cynical now too.  *LOL*   So... to recap for this Post, here's THE HAUL in part:

Kilim One and Kilim Two...  now sitting in front of a Candle-Less Altar, since all the Candles are packed and at U-Haul Storage now... *Ha ha ha* 

A Close-Up of Kilim One...

And of Kilim Two.   Since I Sold Off about a Dozen or more Chairs, we'll be sitting on more of my Kilims once we relocate.  *Smiles*   Kilims being way easier to Store or Move... Chairs not so much...

The Trio of Antique Tin Type Photo Ornaments to fill in the gaps in the Christmas Tree's Ornamentation.   The very much Alive Baby in the Center... the Two Guys chosen mostly for the Background Decor around them of the Period...

Two pieces of Vintage Millinery Flowers... getting harder to Source these so when I can find them at decent prices, I always pick them up.   These are Velvet and Satin and are a Red Rose and Violets Spray.

I went ahead and bought Two more of my Friend Minnie's Vintage Grain Sack Christmas Stockings, I'd bought Three during last Month's Event for The Man, Princess T and I.   But since I don't know if The Young Prince and his Partner might visit during Christmas, I decided to Buy a couple more just in case.  I have a vast Stocking Collection, but they're all somewhere in U-Haul Storage!

Our Three are hanging in the Entrance Hallway and these Two new ones are hanging on the Antique Fireplace Mantle in the Formal Dining Room.  It's about the only Sign of Christmas in that whole damned Room right now except for a Tiny Charlie Brown Style Tree on the Mantle too!  *LOL*

This is about as spartan as I've ever Decorated for any Holiday!  And as things keep getting Packed... feeble attempts to replace them with whatever just happens to be left unpacked means a constant rotations of pitiful Vignettes!  *Le Sigh*   The Variety would add some Interest if I didn't feel so uninspired during this whole Ordeal of Moving and clearing out our Home so I don't Panic in the 11th Hour when it ALL has to be out of here before Closing!

I put my Two New Natural Sponges in my Onyx Dish because The Man had Packed the larger Natural Sponge that had previously been in it.  That empty Dish was bugging the shit out of me lemme tell ya!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  In fact, ALL of the Emptiness is bugging the shit out of me since it looks so undone, incomplete and unfinished now...

But it was a very Good Day... and I even managed to take a halfway decent Selfie.   Only it just made me think how much I could use some Work... especially on that Neck!  *Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaahah!*


Blessings, Love and Light and Holiday Happiness from the Arizona Desert... Merry Christmas my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Enlightenment... And The Moving Diaries Continued

So, this Afternoon the Adult Children of the people who made the Offer on Villa Boheme' are coming for a Viewing of what their Parents have chosen... I'm Hopeful the Children won't be problematic to the Deal already struck?!  You never know when a Multi-Generational House Buying Venture could fall apart if everyone isn't on board.  My own sentiments are you shouldn't strike a Deal  and enter into Legal Contractual Agreements until the entire Posse is on board, but that's just me.  I'm finding that Buyers and Sellers are a whole different Breed across the board and you cannot predict how they'll be to Work with?!

Speaking of that, the Seller/Agent of Zen Boheme' started out the Negotiations Playing Games and I don't like that, so we gave him a 24 Hour ultimatum to say Yes or No.  Then we'll go with something else.  I don't have the Time nor the Patience, now that ours is under Contract to be Sold and Close in January, to dick around with Game Players!   I felt he lied to our Agent and our Agent felt lied to, we didn't Believe the Story told, sounded like total bullshit and now I'm not sure I Trust that Seller, no matter how much I like his house?  

 Since it's his own Investment and Money on the Line, his Story that suddenly, after 75 Days on the Market, he has another Offer... but he was "Out of Town" so he hasn't even opened the E-Mail for that Offer in DAYS, just doesn't line up as legit or sound like anything but a bullshit story.  You wouldn't do that with a Client, let alone your own Investment and risk blowing off an interested Buyer!  And what does being Out of Town have to do with anything, we all have Smart Phones, you can open your important E-Mails or take and make Calls from anywhere in the World, Darling, so Why WOULDN'T you when it's an Offer on a Major Investment you've spent a lot of your own Money to fix up and Sell?!?   I Call bullshit Out when I hear or see it.

So sometime Today he's pressed into responding one way or another, I don't even really Care at this point... on to the next on The List if he doesn't want to Seal a Solid Deal.   The Man is disappointed too, yet another Seller Playing Games or not having their shit together is disheartening to say the least.  I am seeing a Trend here of hinky Sellers of Properties and it's disturbing.  I've bought and sold Real Estate many times and never run into this Modern Phenomenon of people Listing Homes and then being impossible to Buy a Property from!  What's the Point or Agenda?  Be Clear about that so that I can be too and do Business together with some Clarity of Purpose!

 Say Yes or say No... it's Simple... I don't Need to be dragged in to your Personal Dramas or to be expected to Believe your bullshit Stories that aren't remotely Believable.  I'm not trying to Buy your Sentimental Feelings or your Memories.  I don't really Care... I'm just trying to Buy your House and it's just Business to me.  If you are Impossible to do Business with, or can't be Trusted, I won't do Business with you, it's as cut and dried as that with me.  I'll find someone I can do Business with and who takes it Seriously and views it as a major Business Transaction that is Legally binding.  Game Playing is for Children... I left my Childhood behind half a Century ago so I don't Play Games anymore.

Can you only tell I'm at saturation point with difficult Sellers?  *LOL*  I might only slightly have more Patience with difficult Buyers... but ONLY because if they can be Solid enough to Buy what we're Selling, I'll Tolerate them more.  *Winks*  Once the Transaction is finalized I'll never have to see or hear from them again in my Lifetime... Business having been done and contact severed, which is Fine.  They go on to Live their Best Life and we go on to Live ours, Hopefully all being Happily Ever After in our New Homes.  I like Business to be that way, uncomplicated and done with Trustworthy Honest people.

I actually formed a Friendship with the Buyer of our Historic Home and he's Gracefully included us in his Process of the Restoration of it, by Showing us his Progress often and Socializing with us anytime we're in the Neighborhood.  Sometimes it works out like that in the best possible way, but I think that is probably Rare.  I can tell you my Heart is Full knowing I Sold my Beloved Historic Homestead to the Right person for it, he Loves it and I'm Sad I had to Sell it, but so Happy he's it's new Owner and Steward.   I have no Emotional Attachments to Villa Boheme', but it's a Lovely Home so I do Hope whoever Buys it will be Happy here and know they got a great Deal on a Luxury Home.

Since I was Emotionally Attached to my Beloved Historic Home, I am aware that happens with some Homes, and I'm not without empathy about that.  But when we were Selling it we were very up front with every potential Buyer that we only wanted it Sold to someone who wouldn't raze it and build Condos or something... we put that stipulation in the Contract.   Therefore we weren't wasting anyone's Time, not ours, not theirs, they knew our intentions in Writing and that should we not find a Buyer agreeable to those Terms, we'd just keep the Home and leave it to our Heirs eventually.  When we found our Buyer he Closed within 48 Hours with a Cash Sale... it was meant to be.  I intentionally Sold it to him for less than Investors/Developers had Offered who would have wanted to raze it and thought I'd Sell Out if the Money was Tempting enough.

Money comes and Money goes, everything isn't always about the Money... there are some things more Important or Precious than mere Money, or should be.  Each person has to decide what they would not Sell Out for just because they're trying to be Bought.   Some things perhaps you could be Bought, not saying that's not Okay in certain situations... you have to decide when you can be and when you just won't be.   My Price is pretty damned High if you're trying to Buy me and have me Sell Out... just sayin'... those Pockets better be damned deep if you think I can be Bought... but I do have my Price... everyone does really.  *Winks*

It's like the Old Joke about a Man trying to Buy Favors from a Female and Offering Twenty Bucks, she's Offended and indignant, saying she's not that kinda Girl.  Then he asks if a Million would Buy the Favors and she said well Hell Yeah they would... so he responds that we've now established what kinda Girl you really are... so now we're only Negotiating Price.  *Winks*   People are mostly like that, Male and Female, their Price varies... and what they'll Sell Out for varies... it's the Rare Individual who can't be Bought in actuality and most other people instinctively know that.   So the bottom line is each person deciding what their threshold is for holding their ground and what they won't accept... or will accept in Life and from other people?   Not just Money wise... but every kind of way.

As I Age I'm finding that I have a lower threshold for the bullshit factor from other people.  I don't know that I ever had much Patience for bullshit Artists in the first place, but now I have NONE!  Which is Why this current Administration I have Zero Tolerance for... classic bullshit Artistry going on there... the consummate Con.  Running his Game for a very long time, so there's an established Track Record easily Fact Checked.  Mebbe some are easily Conned... in fact, I know they can be and eat up or wanna Believe what's being spun irregardless of Fact Checking on their part.  To formulate their own Opinions based on Evidence and not just what ya wanna hear or are desperate to Believe or Fear so much they don't really want to confront The Truth.  Any Con knows that if you tell people what they wanna hear and not what they need to hear, you'll have an Audience that could be captivated by the Con Job you're running on them. 

I won't watch much TV coverage anymore about Politics, from any spun angle of any particular leaning... because Honestly, it's all gotten so polarized to an extreme that doesn't promote Unity.  I doubt we'll be Unified to a healthy degree anymore as a Country and that's just how it is... now it's glaringly evident deep division is here to stay.   A hilarious Friend of mine said some have drunk the Kool-Aid and his own Elderly and devoutly Religious Sweet Mom is among them, and as Beloved as she is, he just can't have a Rational conversation with her anymore.  He never would have guessed her to be so easily Conned and now it worries him for her overall Well Being and Vulnerability.   I get it, he's not a Young Man and she's at that Advanced Season of Life where you'd Worry anyway and want to Protect them.

I have the difficult discussions with my own Loved Ones about a multitude of things and we don't always have to Agree, we can Agree to Disagree and that's Fine... but I do urge them to remain Informed and seeking Truth, always... in all things.   Don't blindly Believe what you hear or Trust that what you See isn't an Illusion... it could be... so Beware.   The Young Prince has a Fav T-Shirt that expresses it best: THINK... IT'S NOT ILLEGAL YET.   He's a very Deep Thinker, probably more Thought provoked than most people I know of any Age.  So we've had some real Deep discussions and he's provoked some Thought in me because he's often so profound of Thoughts and Viewpoints.  Levels of Enlightenment thruout Life should go up and not down... and seeking Enlightenment should be a constant.


Here's to seeking further Enlightenment my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl