Saturday, August 13, 2022

Weight Loss And Medical Complexities

 It was the usual rigamarole to get my Rx filled at the Base Pharmacy.  I'd heard they were Closed the day before, nobody knew why, and opened Two Hours later than every other day on the next day, so it was backed up terribly.  I also heard from someone else waiting, that the Clinic had Closed their Pharmacy so now all the people that would use that after their Appointments with their Doctors, now have to use the Satellite Pharmacy too, which is Drive-Thru only.

You do go inside the Building to activate your Prescriptions, which is part of the nonsensical rigamarole procedure that makes no sense.  Your Doctors send them an E-Mail for the Meds you'll need and they prescribe, which should be enough for them to just fill them.  But, they don't, you have to then go in and Activate the Scripts, then come back AGAIN a whole other day to receive them thru the Drive-Thru.  The line for the Drive-Thru is ridiculous and time consuming.  So, it's just a time consuming procedure.

If, for some reason, they mess up your Prescription or forget something, you'll have to go back on another day to fix all of the mistakes.  Since, if you are on TriCare For Life, which is the Military Retired Senior Coverage, you don't Qualify to receive Medicare Part C for Meds coverage.   The best way for me to ensure I receive my Meds without additional Costs is to use the Base Pharmacy and not have Insurance woes should I try to go straight Civilian at any Pharmacy.  If the Meds aren't prohibitive cost, I will sometimes use a Civilian Pharmacy and just pay out of pocket.

But, all the Meds I'm on are Diabetic related and expensive, so, I go to the Base Pharmacy to get them filled.   So... I was the 3rd person in line to Activate my Rx and go into the Building.   We'd waited almost 2 Hours outside, due to the later opening.  Well, it became a Comedy of Errors once 9:30 a.m. arrived, they couldn't get the Doors opened!  So, it took Three Airmen with Screwdrivers to get the hinges on the Door to work so they could open one of the pair of Doors.  

After waiting Two Hours or longer in the Heat, some of the very Elderly people were starting to get irritable to the point they were threatening to file Complaints and getting restless.  Most of them had taken the time to show up the day before when it should have been Open, wasn't, and gave no reason to why it was Closed on a day that the Posted Hours said it would be Open?  Listen, I already knew I wasn't getting my Meds this day anyway, just Activating the damned Scripts, so no use getting worked up and whipped into a frenzy yet.  *LOL*

So, they finally pry one of the Doors Open and we're finally Inside!  Then there is a Kiosk that you must scan your Base I.D. Card on to receive a Number, for a turn to see the Ancient Red Cross Volunteer who mans the Window and will call out Numbers like he's Calling BINGO at a Senior Center.  The Kiosk went on the fritz with the first Customer, so then they had to get Two more Airmen to fix that!   Plus, most of the Seniors don't know how to work the Kiosk, so they station an Airman to 'Train' them.  Now that's some Entertainment right there lemme tell ya!  *Bwahaha*

 They have Four Windows to hand out Meds, but only One was open in spite of the Crowd and the Red Cross Volunteer was an extremely elderly Man who was quite testy and irritable from the Jump... Splendid.  Since, he is a Volunteer, who isn't getting Paid, I try to be patient and nice, even if he's not quite up to the Job at hand.  Since, the Guy looked to be in his late 80's or early 90's, couldn't hardly hear us behind our Mandatory Masks you must wear while there and his Pandemic Plexiglass Safety Window... so, Bless him, and he's still trying to Work and for Nothing, so whaddya want?  *LOL*  Finally he got things right... I think?!  *Eye Roll and Le Sigh*   We'll find out if he fucked my Script Activation up Tomorrow when I go to pick it all up.

He had been surly with me becoz my Scripts were from a New Doctor and he didn't like that she'd also provided me with Hard Copies of the Prescriptions, to help get it Right.   And it was a different Doc than the last one that prescribed it, so I had to explain the whole Insurance Transition Thing to him, in great Detail, as if he'd never heard this before.  I just wanted to know for sure that he had received all of the numerous E-Mailed Scripts I'd need and that when I'd come to pick them up the next day, he had Activated THEM ALL, so I didn't have to come back a 3rd Day?!   He seemed to be confused about the Scripts for my Needles and my Test Strips, so I just Hope he did Activate those Two along with all the Orals and Injectables?

If I get there Tomorrow Morning and I'm missing my Needles, then my One Injectable Insulin Pen that requires them won't be any good to me and will be rendered Useless, since I can't inject it without the Needles.   The other Injectable I take only Weekly has it's own built-in Needle to inject it.   And, Test Strips are crucial, since I have to adjust my Insulin doses according to the results of my Testing.   I don't know how I'm doing or how much Insulin I need unless I know my Numbers, so, the Needles and Test Strips are extremely important to receive on time and without mistakes.  I've already been completely out of some Oral Meds for over a Week already... which should never happen... but did... due to the whole Insurance BS.

Anyway, I got thru it and in the Morning will see what they Activated and actually Filled?  *Smiles*   All Body Parts now Crossed, that they Fill them ALL?   Becoz I don't want another day's delay or to sit in that ridiculously long Drive-Thru line using up expensive Gas for Two more days if I can help it.    While I waited for the Pharmacy to finally open I killed time at the BX Food Court and had one of the best Breakfast Sammies I've ever had, from a place called 'Charley's'.  {Pix above}  It was a Sausage Patty on a Scrambled Egg with Pickle, Lettuce, Tomato on a Toasted Sub Roll they must bake fresh there, it was delish and came with Hash Brown Tater Tots and OJ.  I may buy another one Tomorrow before I sit in the Drive-Thru long line and eat it while waiting for my turn?   I multi-task well like that.  *LOL*

When I'd gone to my Doctor I tried that Lebanese Restaurant that is in the same Strip Mall as the Clinic, it was really good too.  I had the Spinach Pastries called Fatayer {pix above}, which were very similar to Greek Spanakopita, but contained Spiced Meat and Onions.   They were really good and easier to eat than Spanakopita, since they are tiny Hand held Appetizer sized Pastries.

I also had their Stuffed Vine Leaves, Warak, very much like other Stuffed Grape Leaves I've had from other Countries, I'd eaten one and some of the Pickled Veggies before I took the pix.   You also got complimentary Home-Made Pita with Za'atar Dip, which I LOVE and could make an entire Meal of just that.   Since it was my Weekly Injectable day I never feel very hungry after taking the Trulicity shot, so I kept it at Appetizer level for Lunch, I can't eat much for days after taking that Medicine.  But, it also meant I'd lost weight and am getting closer to being under 200 lbs., which was good news when the Doc weighed me.  My Goal is to get back down to 160 again.

Last time I lost the excess Weight I got to 160 and stopped trying to lose becoz that seemed to be the Ideal weight for a Senior to be.  I couldn't see myself being as Skinny as I could carry off in my Youth and was always Naturally, before the Hysterectomy caused obesity to be my scourge and constant battle after it.  The Diabetes came with the excess weight gain after that Surgery and when I lost 61 lbs. {pix above}, I didn't have Diabetes anymore for almost Two Years and could quit taking all the Diabetic Meds and Injections.  But, after Two Years I couldn't Maintain the weight loss even with a paid Maintenance Program I followed Religiously.

It was discouraging becoz NutriSystem had been quite expensive as a Weight Loss Program and it took 10 Months to lose the Weight and reach Goal, then only 12 Months to gain it all back.   I'd paid $99 for their Maintenance Program, which they claimed after you transition off their prepared Foods and go back to regular Foods and stuck to their Maintenance Plan, you'd Maintain your weight loss.  Well, that didn't work for me clearly.   But, this is me at 160 lbs. and I felt good, was Healthy, and had no saggy Skin from the weight loss, so that's how I want to do it again, gradually and allowing my Skin to recover and retain some of it's elasticity.  Harder as you get ever Older tho'.

NutriSystem had encouraged you to use their Online System, Post Before and After pixs and connect with other Clients, which I did.  {My After pixs above.}  It was a Community much like The Land Of Blog, only Weight Oriented exclusively.  I made Friends there who also were either on their Weight Loss Journey or had Attained it.  Some people never had been on the Program but participated in the Chats and had a Page on the site.  Mostly Fitness Instructor or Life Coach Types who'd encourage you and perhaps it put them out there to solicit some Business?  

 One Young Polynesian Guy named Joe was very Helpful to give Free Advice, he was a Fitness Instructor and quite a Handsome Stud Muffin, so very easy on the Eyes.  So, all us Old Fat Gals liked Joe.  *Winks*  I doubt he'd ever been overweight a day in his Life yet.  He looked very much like a gorgeous Native Hawaiian Boyfriend I once had, way back when I was Young and never had a Weight problem either, but... I digress.  *LOL*   We all had our heydays and Joe was still enjoying his... but, if you keep on Living... shit happens you never expect, so he was somewhat naive and had zero point of reference about how some of us got in the shape we were in.

 If I did hire a Fitness Coach, mebbe I'd want one who used to be Fat and got Fit, just so they'd know the Struggle intimately.  Anyway, Joe would often get kicked off the site by Moderators off and on, I know not why, he always seemed to follow the Rules from what I saw and was a genuinely Nice Guy and Respectful to his NutriSystem Groupies.  *LOL* But, you never know in any Community who might file Complaints and what behind the Scenes Drama might occur between people.  I never got into the Online Negs, just what was Positive and helped me with my Weight Loss Journey.  If someone was Helpful to me and Encouraging, which everyone had been towards me anyway, I felt their presence there was a benefit.

I have thought, over the Years, to budget for a Program again and see if I could keep the weight off and Maintain better now I'm even Older?  I was a Senior and a Custodial Grandparent and Full Time Caregiver when I did it before, so not much has changed except more Years passing by.  *LOL*  As you can see by how Young Princess T and The Young Prince were, that this was way back in Spring of 2008 in the Desert Botanical Gardens pix... and October of 2008, just before Halloween.  I used to Date Stamp some of my Photographs back then.   Sometimes 2008 seems a Lifetime ago already.  And Father Time is catching up to me fast.

Here's one of my 'Before' Pixs of very Fat me... and very Dark me... since, if I'm not Careful during time spent in the Sun and don't limit it, I get as Dark as my Dad was.  Yes, I look Happily Overweight in this pix, in actuality I was at a Buffet at a Friend's Event at her Shop, I kid you not!  *Bwahahaha*   In the Years since having had the dreaded Hysterectomy Weight Gain Issues, I've yo-yo'ed back and forth between obesity and being not so Fat.  Being Naturally Thin like I'd been all my Life tho' was now a thing of the Past for sure.  I'd spend over half a Century being very Skinny Naturally, so I had no idea how to Diet or lose Weight if my Body fought against me.   You see, I'd never tried to be Thin, I just was... and now I wasn't trying to be Fat either, I just was.

Reminders showing both "Me's" is Helpful to get some perspective and some idea of what Goal should even look like, now I'm Older and will look differently at various weights.   I have no Fat pixs of me before about Age 50, since, I was never overweight from Birth to my earlier Senior Years.  So I guess I should feel fortunate it's been a Senior Struggle and not a whole Lifetime one, becoz it certainly sucks.  It felt good to know I've been consistently losing the last few Doc visits tho', slowly but surely, which is how I want to lose it, gradually.  I don't want a Quick Fix, you look Dreadful if you lose too much weight too fast and it's unhealthy also.


So, on the long, slow Journey to getting my Girlish Figure back... bwahahaha... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, August 12, 2022

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

 I'm out of new fresh pixs again becoz frankly, I haven't been taking any.  I haven't used my Real Camera in ages and what few new pixs I've taken have been in haste and default via the Cellphone, which isn't how I prefer to preserve my digital photo Memories.  We're getting Irrigation this Afternoon and it was Raining like Hell this Morning, and I'll be at the new Doctor Appointment when it comes, so, that will play out interestingly.

The Man is in Charge of doing it, Heaven help us, but The Son isn't Working at any Subcontract Job when it comes, so Promised he'd be Dad's Minion and let Dad pretend he's in Charge.  *LOL*   The Son is desperately trying to find a Doctor willing to just Write him a Return To Work Order so he can go back to his Real Job now, since he has no Insurance and no PCP.  County Hospital wouldn't Write him one, even tho' they've been who he's seen for the follow-up to his Injury, initially Casted by an ER.

County wants to punt him back to an ER, but you don't go to an Emergency Room just to get a freakin' Doctor's Note to Return To Work!  Ah, the American Medical System is a thing of Beauty, isn't it?  *Sarcastic Eye Roll*   He can't return to his Real Job without a Doctor's Release to, so he's stressing about all that, since, he has that new Truck Payment that I Co-Signed for... Timing is everything, isn't it?  *More Eye Rolling*  I told him everything will work out, tho' I am not sure it will, as the Mom, you have to say that and sound Believable.  *LOL*

Allen was having a Mental Health Crisis with his Autism the other day and becoz he just found out he has no Insurance at Work becoz they never called him in to Sign up for it after his Probationary Period was over and he'd Qualify for some.  So... now apparently he has to wait for Open Enrollment NEXT YEAR!   I suspect becoz most Workers are Immigrants from Africa and Mexico, most of them don't even know they have the option of Insurance Coverage at Work and ever Question it like he does?  Just sayin'...  He's already Stressing over trying to wade thru the Red Tape and Mountains of Paperwork Social Security and Social Services sent him for his Husband, The Young Prince, qualifying for Benefits.

They went to the Dentist for the first time in Two Years of not having Dental Insurance, becoz I put them on my Plan I had at the New Dentist, so it would now be affordable for them.   Allen had a great checkup, like I had... but, The Young Prince's costs will be as prohibitive as his Mother's will be, even with all the deep discounts.  *Le Sigh*  I'm not Surprised, his ability to Care for himself is marginal at best and at worst non-existent, you'd almost have to brush his Teeth for him to ensure it's getting done consistently and properly.

Not to mention, with it being Monsoon Season, the Humidity is 99% most days now and Triple Digits, so Allen has been getting heat exhaustion at Work almost every day.  Means he's missing a lot of Work, but means he won't drop dead either if he Taps Out and just comes Home.  He's not so much worried it will risk him the Job, just possibly the fast track into Management he was on, he had a good trajectory to the Top of the Heap and doesn't want that derailed by excessive absences.   So, he's trying to keep it together and hold it down, struggling to tho'.  I ran across some Listing Pix Aerial Views of our Lil Slice of Heaven on Earth, it Sustains us all right now, so I Believe we're in the Right Place at the Right Time.

So, I told him that perhaps Online Therapy at Eighty Bucks a Pop might be the way to go affordably for his Mental Health?  Or, if he just needs to Talk, I can Listen and say, much like a Therapist or Shrink would, "And... how do you Feel about that?"  Listen, I'm not intentionally trying to be flip about it, but that's pretty much what you pay them a fortune to say to you in your expensive time limit with them every time.  They won't be Solving any of your Problems.   When you leave their Office, you'll be Dealing with them all on your own, just as you did when you came in... just sayin'.

 His Mom is a Doctor, so he's been making calls to her, I'm glad that since the Wedding, he and his Family have had more Contact and reconciliation.   I don't need or want him unraveling, as it is, The Young Prince has been becoz he's worried about Allen... and about them not having any Health Care or Mental Health Care they can afford... which is huge for them since they both have significant Disabilities and needs.  You don't want to wait for a Medical Crisis to occur and you have no Insurance in place that is affordable and covers you.

So, down the Rabbit Hole we go.   I am having an Alice in Wonderland Moment as the Matriarch and Ringmaster of this here traveling Circus.  I still got Adult Kids on Cots in my Dining Room and sprawled out on the Sectional in my Living Room, with all their Worldly possessions in Tubs in my Sitting Room... and Adult Grandkids occupying my Guest Bedroom... doesn't everybody?  *LOL*   The Younger Guys did all my Yardwork before Irrigation, Bless them, so they are Earning their Keep in other ways even if Earned Income has become precarious for them all.  At least they're Safe and Cared for here regardless of what Money comes in... or doesn't.  Backside Aerial now provided of The Asylum.  *LOL* 

We'll throw more Water in the Beans... I can stretch a Buck like nobody's business and make do, wear it out or do without.   The Man has been cranky becoz with the heightened levels of Stress in the Household, it's been palpable and it's his Response to all of that, so I take him out for long Drives in Nature, so he can come back to Center... me too.  *LOL*  In this pix you can kinda see one of the Four Irrigation Gates he'll have to Lift across the back Ditch for Irrigation while standing on Boards across the entry Channels it flows thru...

 I'd rather The Son do the Circus Act of Balancing, not his Dad in my absence.   In due time I'd like to convert the Gates to the inside of our Property, some Mini Farms designed it that way, whoever did ours didn't. So, it's a pain in the Ass and not great for Seniors to negotiate how dangerous and risky this set up is for us to do so often.  A lapse in Judgment on my part when choosing a Forever Home, but the Pluses outweighed the Negs.  I'm still glad we're here and there's ample room for everyone, well... almost ample room, the McManse would have housed this Hoard of Family and everyone's possessions more adequately, I ain't gonna lie.  We Laugh all the time about our Illusion we could ever Downsize really.  *LOL*

So, anyway, I have caches of Essential Supplies to sustain a Small Army, since there will be Seven of us at least for the duration, I Suspect.  At least Seven is a Lucky Number in my Mind.  *LOL*   I'm starting to resemble a Doomsday Prepper, I swear!   I'm practically readied for the Apocalypse, shouldn't we all be?   You don't have to answer that rhetorical question  if it gives you too much Anxiety or a complete Panic Attack!?  *LMAOROTF*   The Political Scene is still quite the Cluster Fuck in America and a lot of American Voters are ill informed or complacent I feel... some won't even bother to Vote, you can be sure of that Fact.  But, if the Country unravels they'll be gnashing Teeth and wringing Hands as if they had nothing to do with the Outcome. 

So, they Raided Mar-Lardo... whaddya think will actually come of that?  Another rhetorical question that you don't have to try to answer... since the uncertainty being the only Reality here.   My answer is, will The System wanna risk Federally Dealing with the backlash of Justice prevailing, from his rabid Mob Base losing their shit and getting violent and more radicalized, that is the burning question really.  Not IF he did enuf to get locked up for Life, shit, if we all don't know that Truth, that he mos def did by now, we never will face Reality and are living in that Alternate Reality 'they' speak of.  *Winks* 

 Let's face it, the ReTrumplican Cult has become like an American Taliban bent on Fascist Theocracy wet dreams they Imagine will make America Great Again... as in Make America White Again... wink wink and a nod.  They Believe that Democracy has failed them, so they want their chosen Orange One to become the first American Dictator and he has become their Messiah.  Their 'brand' of Christianity is perverse and extreme as the radicalized of any Faith Based Movement that does the unthinkable and commits atrocities in the name of some god that resembles none Jesus or any other Religion's greatest Leaders ever spoke of, and in fact, warned us of.  

It's performative Religion and it reeks of corruption and fanatical Devotion to abhorrent Causes that have weaponized and perverted Religion, it's not Spirituality at it's best, that's for damned sure.   It is History repeating itself in all the worst ways tho', which happens when you don't pay attention to Historical clues of what NOT to do again.  When Society becomes so complacent that they allow infiltration of Evil doers to get into all positions that would influence an outcome not favorable to a Nation.   Too many still are staying sidelined and thinking doing nothing will prevent chaos and a very bad outcome.  They will get what they deserve by their inaction and complacency or cowardice.

Whatever happens, I know we'll have to Deal with it, and so I'm girding myself for a 2022 continuance of an unsettling situation unfolding.  The Clown Show is scary shit to me, I'm anything but Complacent about it. I'm doing whatever I can do and that's all any of us can do Individually... Collectively it would make more of a difference, but The Collective, as I see it, ain't happening like it should.   I feel rather like that Proverbial Kid on the Beach frantically throwing marooned Starfish back into the Ocean and trying to make a difference.  Yes, futile for Saving them all, but at least I managed to Save a few and made a difference for that one... said as I toss one more back where it belongs so it won't perish.

I'm sitting here Creating this Blog Post at Four in the Morning, if that gives you any Clue as to my overall State of Mind lately?  *LOL*  I have a Caramel Apple sitting beside me here on the Desk, eyeballing it as if it will possibly be Breakfast as I get Princess T and Timmy to School by 7:00 a.m., The Daughter to Work by 8:00 a.m., then ready myself for my new PCP Appointment by Late Morning.   If I'm highly Favored, she will renew my ridiculous amount of Scripts for the Diabetes that are either run out or running out, and all will be Right with the World again and I won't drop Dead or lapse into a Diabetic Coma waiting on Medical shit to sort out satisfactorily?

I want to Believe that everything will be Okay in The End... and if it's not Okay, then it's not The End.   We'll run with that for now, even if it's Fantasy Thinking on my part.   For now the Cache' I have in Stock is sufficient to sustain everyone, nobody is Hungry or Homeless at the present time.   I told the Uninsured Kiddos that if they begin getting Collection Calls, use it as Free Therapy, I would.   So don't stress about what you can't afford that you desperately need... if you can get it, get it and worry about whatever you can't pay later... if they ever get Paid... who even Cares anymore?

 Keep them Collection fuckers on the line for as long as you can, spilling out all your real woes and ask them when will they be calling again so you don't miss that call, becoz you Feel so much better now!   Chances are, you will at least Feel better after downloading on them for Free.  Hey, beats having to pay some Shrink even more of what you can't afford and you have no Insurance to cover, as a hard Working Stiff neglected and forsaken by The System... and it's all about how we Feel about it, isn't it?   Okay, I don't Care who you are, that's fucking Funny!!  *Bwahahahaha*   Even if the Hand you been dealt really Sucks the Big Kahuna... at least we're still above dirt, so many of those we Cared so much about aren't anymore... may they R.I.P.


Missing you Sue... we sure had a lotta Laughs my Friend, before you Crossed Over, but you sure left an incredible Void behind... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Being On Retirement Time

 This is The Young Prince with the Birthday Cake he picked out, some kind of Caramel Nut Cake.  He also picked out a Fruit Tart, Three Quarts of different flavors of Ice-Creams, a Fresh Fruit Platter and a single slice of a Fresh Strawberry and Glaze Cake.   I felt like a putz at the Bakery picking things out, since usually it's under curved Glass and the Worker gets it for you.  So I ask the Young Man to get what I'm wanting, pointing to it as if it's still behind Glass.  Well, apparently the Glass broke and they took it out, so there was no Glass and it was now Self-Serve, but I just thought the Glass was there and very Clean!   The Young Prince and the Young Man working in the Bakery were laughing their Asses off.  *Smiles*

Over the Weekend everyone was lamenting about going back to School or Work, I remember having those Sentiments, before Retirement.  *LOL*   Funny tho', when they have prolonged time off School or Work, they get antsy and restless about when they can return, and I remember having those Sentiments too!  *Smiles*  I think a balance of both is preferable for most of us actually, that's why some don't ease into Full Retirement well, even tho' most Imagine it's going to be Idyllic.  Being on Retirement Time I'm finally easing into, but it's taken Years to acclimate.  Now, I rather like being almost properly Retired.  *Winks*  I say almost, becoz now I don't have to GO to Work, I just wake up and it's all around me.  And, I always seem to be Working at something.  *Bwahahaha*  The above humorous Altar Candle I picked up at a Chazza and just Love it!  Strong Successful Women should never apologize for being tough in their Careers, no matter whose critical about it.  Men can do the same things Professionally and be applauded, rewarded and revered for it.

I do appreciate the Privilege of being able to sustain early forced Retirement, due to our particular circumstances, and the need for Full Time unpaid Caregiving being my primary job now.   It wasn't the initial Plan, so I had to adapt and improvise when it became necessary to Retire early and not get Paid.  Waiting for Pensions to kick in was the hard part, now I've reached the Age to where the Pensions and Age related Medical Benefits have arrived and kicked in, it ain't so bad.   I even got a Pension Notice recently from a Bank I Retired from as an Executive, that I didn't realize I'd have a potential Pension from, since it no longer exists, but apparently it's Pension Fund survived, who knew?  We'll see what comes of it?  I'm Impressed they even located me to get me the paperwork after all these Years of no Contact and numerous moves.  *LOL*

The Paperwork even arrived at this Address and in my Married Surname!  Curious, I didn't even know The Man when I Retired from that particular Bank and have moved several times since my Old VNB Corporate Banking Life!   They must have Microchipped me before I left?  *Bwahahahaha*  Okay, so couldn't resist that one, even tho' Hell, back when I Retired from that Bank we didn't even have advanced Technology, still used Microfiche and the Bank's Computer took up the ENTIRE 13th Floor of the Building.  Yes, they put it on the 13th Floor and allegedly there was no 13th Floor in those days becoz people were madly Superstitious about the Number 13 apparently.  *LMAO*

I worked on the 11th Floor and it went up to 24 or 25 as I recall.  Those were the Years of Disaster Movies like 'The Towering Inferno', circa 1974, so you can only Imagine the Anxiety levels it could have caused to Skyscraper Employees.  *LOL*  I remember when Disaster Movies were all the rage and at Work they'd actually try to ease the fears of Employees who might be Movie Fans by telling us what to do in the Event of a similar Disaster in our Buildings.   Their suggestion of coarse was to go up to the fucking Roof.  Okay, so I was situated in the Middle of the Skyscraper and going Down made a helluva lot more Sense to my Younger Brain than going Up to a Rooftop with Hundreds of other Employees! 

 You know, where I'd be 25+ Floors off the Ground with a Fire or other Disaster underneath me, and now needing a Rooftop Rescue by Helicopter that could take mebbe Five of us at a time?  Or the Roof might get too full of us desperate to be Rescued and people would be pushing each other in a Panic off the Roof so their turn would come quicker?!   Hell No, I was going Down the Eleven Flights of Stairs and take my chances in that direction, irregardless of what Fire and Rescue suggested.  *LOL*  Since all Elevators were Heat activated push buttons in them Days, the Elevators would be a Deathtrap and go right to the Hottest Floor, so at least I was Young and Healthy back then to do numerous flights of Stairs, now I'd be so screwed!  *Ha ha ha*

I still don't like Skyscrapers, after having spent Decades working in them in my Corporate Lives, apparently PTSD from Disaster Movie Days... or mebbe Terrorist attacks since then, who knows?   Parking in the Inner City was also another dilemma I'm glad I don't have to deal with anymore.  If you've never worked somewhere that required Paid Parking, and had ample Free Parking, you might not understand.   Until you had Seniority or a Title, in them days, Bank Underlings and Minions got the worst Paid Parking, where you needed Ninja Skills and rousting Bums and Junkies off Sleeping on the Hood of your Vehicle or pissing on it.  I rose to the Ranks of Bank Executive Level before I was 23, mostly for the good Paid Parking.   Well, that and other Perks of having Title-dom.  *Bwahahahahahaha*

Yes, I broke me some Glass Ceilings at a very tender Age, and earned my Stripes, that's why I'm a Hard Case now.  *Winks*   Actually I'm a very Nice Person that can morph into a very Formidable one, it's my Superpower I think.  *LOL*  My Family tell me I'm just scary Crazy and very ambitious, but a Valuable and Brilliant Asset nonetheless to Capitalism, and so my Brand of Crazy just Worked well in the Corporate Grind and doing the very Dirty Jobs, they could be Right?   Yes, Foreclosures, Collections and Bankruptcies of Assets was a very Dirty Job, but somebody hadda do it and I did it well.   And Criminal Law was even a Dirtier Job, but had better Job Security than Banking, when Banks were folding up or being taken over right, left and center, who knew?  Or, that my Future Corporate Life would hinge on someone else's Criminal Activity?!  *Smiles*

In actuality I never had a Vision or Dream of becoming a Bank Exec or working for a large D.A.'s Office, those Careers came to me, I wasn't even looking for a Job when they found me.  *LMAO, and that's the Truth!*   I had a Headhunter who was a Vice President of a very prestigious Bank and happened to be Married to a Guy I worked with, who asked me to come work for her, that initiated my Banking Career.  She mentored me, since she was getting ready to pass the Mantle and her Husband had told her I'd be a great Female Prodigy replacement for her in the Industry.  This was back in the Good Ole' Boy Network when Female Execs at Top Levels were scarce as Hen's Teeth and you hadda have a bigger Set of Balls than any Man to Survive in any Industry at a higher level.  Has that even changed?  *Eye Roll*

I wasn't a Feminist, or even Banker Material IMO, but she Groomed me into what I needed to be and we were Friends with she and her Husband even after both of them Retired.   I'd been in the Jewelry Industry with him, and since they were Seniors even then, like my Dad had Schooled me too, they taught me that Cultivating Contacts and having Mentors who would pass the Mantle, was more important than Learned Knowledge.  Coz it's never about what you know... but, who you know... or who you blow.   And I wasn't one to consider getting ahead with a Mattress on my Back, like so many unfortunate Females resorted to who Slept their way to the Top... it's not the way to earn any Respect in any Industry when they do.  Where ever you place your Dependency, ultimately Controls you... and I've been a Control Freak like, FOREVER!  *Winks*

After I Retired permanently from Banking, which was a Process, since the Industry kept hiring me on as a Consultant.  Yes, but at ridiculous amounts of Money they'd throw at me to entice me to stay in the Industry, mostly to clean up messes... since those were the days when Banking had hit the skids big time, it was a Wild time in the Industry with tons of Corruption at high levels.  I Imagined I'd stay Retired very Young.  What I didn't know was that The Man felt my Potential was being wasted, pretending I was a Domestic Goddess, with Housekeeping and Raising Children now being my Life, which I had zero skills at being adept at either, I must confess.  *LOL*   So, he sent my Resume' in to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office without my knowledge.

Imagine my Surprise when they called me for an Interview and he hadda Come Clean, whilst saying something like, well Honey, you know Real Estate Law, so Criminal Law oughtta come Naturally, No?!   Yeah, that's what I said in response, so I thought I'd Tank the Interview completely, I had no Idea what the Position even entailed that he'd applied for on my behalf?   Apparently either nobody wants the very Dirty Jobs that Criminal Law entails in Support Staff positions, or, perhaps a jump from Real Estate Law and Criminal Law isn't such a stretch after all, who knew?   They kept wanting me to take Management Positions during my years there, since I had the Qualifications.  But, I declined and only filled in for my Boss when she was MIA.  I was pretty much Done with Supervising People, it's like having Big Children at Work and Little Children at Home. 

Plus, the County paid Piss Ant Salary compared to Banking, they were Decades behind in comparable Salaries, so I'd been Spoiled.  Yes, if you didn't throw considerable amounts of Money at me, you just couldn't motivate me to Perform at top levels.  I was content to be a Peon, have less Responsibility or Obligations, and get Paid Overtime if I had to stay more than Eight Hours.  So, forget about Earning only Three Dollars an Hour more than my Boss and being on straight Salary regardless of Hours pulled, I was Working the Numbers and Peon Pay was actually better at a County Job IMO.   And, the Benefits were Impressive, The Man at the time was costing about a Million a Year in Medical Bills and they paid it all, so I factored that Mil annually into my Salary.   Not Bad.  *LOL*

   Plus, Criminal Law is not as Dry as Real Estate Law, so, there was THAT.  I actually enjoyed Criminal Law more, it was so much more interesting, tho' the Content of files could be A LOT to Emotionally Process!  You can't unsee and unhear, so a lot of it could stick with you and many people couldn't Cope, even after they spent a fortune getting their Master's Degree in Criminal Law, they'd wash out before their Probationary Period was even up.   The average tenure even for a Prosecutor was a mere Five Years, even in the Homicide Bureau, where the most experienced Prosecutors need to be.  Besides, all the Money is in Defense, not Prosecution, so that often was a Wake-Up Call for anyone getting into Criminal Law.

Anyway... so all of that is behind me now and I don't miss either Corporate Life actually, I just miss the Money.  *Ha ha ha*   And Retirement isn't exactly as I Imagined it would be, but I do enjoy being on Retirement Time, I have plenty to do that I'm much more Passionate about than working any Corporate Grind.  I don't keep in touch with any Co-Workers now from my Corporate Lives, the ones I was closest to over the Years have all now Died.  Old Age is a Privilege not afforded to many.   It's allowed us the Privilege of seeing yet another Generation in our Lifetime, of some of our Great-Grandchildren.  The newest Great-Granddaughter pictured above.

In Real Time I will be seeing my new Doc this Afternoon and am a bit nervous about it since I'm hopeful she's a good one and will just see me exclusively for the Diabetes and not insist I see a Specialist?  I need her to just fill all the Rx Scripts I'm already on since I've run out of some with this transitionary period where the Base Clinic and the Specialist I had dropped me due to Insurance changes that were Age related.  I don't need to prolong getting my Medicines and risking my Health over Red Tape bullshit concerning Insurance coverage being sufficient and being passed around like a Hot Potato.  As it turns out she's close by and there's a great Lebanese Restaurant near her Office so I can have Lunch there first. Keeping all Body Parts crossed for a good and favorable outcome.


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