Sunday, August 25, 2019

That's Just Ridiculous

Since it broke more Records Today, both Officially and Unofficially, and I didn't have to Work, I basically gelled for a lot of the Day and just stayed inside 'til the Sun began going down.   Anytime outside temperature readings are in the 120's, that's just too ridiculously stupid Hot, even if it doesn't become the Official Reading where they gauged the outside temps over Grass... twenty feet off the ground... outside the Airport where there's no buildings... where it was clearly much Cooler than just about anywhere else in the Valley so we don't put much credence in "Official" Readings being 'accurate'!  *LMAO*

Yesterday's Reading had Unofficially been 124... but Officially they said it broke a previous Record by being 114.  That will be the usual discrepancy with Official versus Unofficial temps that we're clearly experiencing but won't be recorded Historically!   That's OK, I know it was every bit 120+ for the past few days, it FELT like it... and after having lived in the Desert now for almost 50 Years, you instinctively gauge every Degree come the Hottest Months because it could mean Life or freakin' Death my Friends!  I Love the Desert, but it can be a very harsh unforgiving environment for every living thing.  You get tough or you get out.

I'm sure you'll recall this reading just a few Days before, it made the background light up Orange-Red as a Warning Sign in my Truck when it reached 127, which is why I noticed it!  That is probably the hottest I've ever personally seen registered and experienced.  Even tho' one Year on June 26 of 1990 it was OFFICIALLY 122... so no telling how much Hotter it Unofficially REALLY was THAT day?!   I can hardly breathe any Day it's this Hot, it is like sticking one's head inside an Oven!  Birds don't even fly, they can't get any lift.  You see Birds just walking around in utter resignation on the ground as if to say, this Sucks!  I don't even know what Official Record got broken that Day of the above reading, just that it did break a record again... and so it goes almost every Day now.  

 Climate Change is clearly evident regardless of what denial some Politicians try to Spin about it.   The Brother-In-Law in Alaska had told us they've almost reached 100 Degrees this Year and they're having huge Forrest Fires from the drought and heat now.  The Salmon are dying before they can spawn because the water in the Rivers and Streams is too Warm and it's too exhaustive for many of the Fish to make it to where they'd normally breed!  So... I know we in the Desert regions are not the only ones probably searing and staying inside most days this Summer.  I'd rather be sitting in front of my Computer in the Air Conditioning... tho' my Utility Bills, even with Solar... are ridiculous lately and stupid expensive!

So it's always good to hear from our Kids and Grandkids via Facebook... and to receive new Photos of everyone is a Joy.   Keeping in touch used to be so hard before Technological Advances made it so effortless and instant.   One of my Young Adult Grand-Daughters in Pennsylvania {Pictured Above}, is prepping for a Haunted Attraction she will be working at.  She asked for my advice on Creating a Romany Fortune Teller Room, if she lived closer I'd just lend her my stash from Home and save her a lot of Sourcing of items.  *LOL*  She'll be Working in The Haunted Tea Room, I can't wait to receive pixs of the end results of their Designing  and Styling of both Rooms!  The Macabre runs Deep in this extended Family, it's clearly our Element!  *Winks*

As we discussed possible ambiance and Imaginings of both Rooms, I told her that my Mom, her Great-Nanna, used to just read Tea Leaves at the Kitchen Table.  That's about as flamboyant as Nanna got when telling people what Future events they should expect or making predictions... but she was uncannily accurate and never charged anyone.  She was also very selective about what she told people, because it could Freak them Out and make them totally uncomfortable when she'd know things she shouldn't have been able to know about them or their life.  Also, she told me that some things should just remain unsaid if it isn't going to be Helpful for someone to Know.  If Nanna gave you a Premonition Warning tho', you better heed it, becoz it WOULD come to pass!  Her whole Life her 'Gift' was often a double edged Sword, Knowing some things you'd rather NOT Know and have Revealed thru such a 'Gift' can be so burdensome.

I also enjoyed briefly talking to and receiving some recent Images of our Youngest Daughter Today, The G-Kid Force's Mama.  She looks Well and between the two Images, taken just minutes apart, I thought she'd cut and dyed her Hair, turns out it was just the angle and she'd done neither!    She's a very complicated person and leads a very unconventional Lifestyle, so we keep conversation Light so that I can just Imagine everything is swell... it Works for me.   Relationships with complex people can be more challenging and unpredictable... I'm at that Season of Life now where lower maintenance in relationships is just necessary and they all know it and respond accordingly whenever they can.  So a lot of things remain unsaid.

   Unless it's a Crisis, I'd rather just not know details, I don't Need to know.  If you have any Prodigal Children... and/or ones with serious Mental Health diagnosis... you probably understand better than most that you don't Need to know everything going on in their lives and probably wouldn't approve or not worry intensely if you did!  Shortly after I talked with her Online... her Son, The Young Prince, called me from Washington State, which was a pleasant and very unexpected Surprise, since he rarely initiates Contact, use Social Media much and isn't one to usually be chatty.   He was chatty... so initially I thought something might be wrong and was waiting for him to drop some bombshell, but as it turned out, everything was Good and he just felt Sociable and talkative for a change!  *Whew!*  He's a very Private person and I respect his Privacy, all the more now he's an Adult living Life Independent of us.

Lately receiving any more Bad News is just hard for me, it's difficult for me to stay Stoic like I normally would be able to, I could Cry a lot and get overly Emotional so easily lately.  So I just would rather focus upon the fluff of Life, Good News or the Illusion of Good News.   I think perhaps we're just too saturated with Negativity in general in the World right now and so the Positive Energy we crave is more difficult to come by.   I have even re-written this Post several times, to try to keep it more upbeat than the Mood I actually Feel and have tried to stave off all Day long.  Topics for Blog Fodder lately could be much heavier than I'm desiring or even remotely Sharing... so seeking a nice balance of moderation in what is Shared and what is kept Private is a high wire Act right now.  Things remain very Complicated, for lack of a better description.

No, I didn't let any of the Loved Ones know I was struggling, I said everything was Well... they Like to hear that, even if they might not Believe it.  I don't always Share the struggles each of them may be going thru that I'm privy to either, but not everyone in the Family is, confidentiality being primary.  There would be nothing Helpful in doing otherwise.  I did let The Young Prince know I had new pixs of his Mom and had talked with her, that she looked Well and didn't seem to imply to me that things weren't Well.  He worries over her more than most Kids have to about their Parent(s) and he remains Guarded.  Mostly to avoid being upset or hurting anymore than he has to over someone Beloved, yet not Well and not always making the best Life choices either. 

 They have a very complicated relationship and I often have to Mediate.  Mediation requires a great deal of Diplomacy and intense negotiations between all parties, to where it's a Win-Win for everyone and healthy, harmonious compromises are implemented and sometimes enforced.   I am a Boundary setter and The Enforcer... a dirty Job, but somebody's gotta do it so Chaos and Drama with Headaches doesn't reign!   I've been a Mediator between many parties, apparently I excel at it and thus have been asked by many to Mediate on their behalf.  I always rise to the occasion since it beats the alternatives.

 Being a Moderate by Nature and by Choice often makes it easier to Mediate and maintain Calm in situations, when they may otherwise become Chaotic, Negative and Extreme one way or another.  I find it ironic that in Politics most who consider themselves to be Liberals or Conservatives talk as if being a Moderate is a Bad thing or a very Odd thing to be... and we should be convinced to swing to one side or the other... Why?   I think being Moderate is Okay, I will probably always be one, it's how I'm Wired to BE.  I found the above Political Voting Signs amusing, it's sadly really just come to this tho', hasn't it?

  Some Liberal views and some Conservative views make sense to me... but a great deal of it on both sides do not, and I can't say I'm in complete Agreement with, so I can't necessarily align and go over to a 'side'.   My Liberal Friends and Conservative Friends know I can often play the Devil's Advocate while standing on my mostly Neutral Ground in any Debate and Challenging Extreme Thinking of either side. *LOL*  I do it mostly to give Pause for deeper Thought and Contemplation... Why does it HAVE to be Extreme one way or another is my lingering Question?   Why MUST it even be staunchly Partisan, regardless of the Insanity and decline a Party might be experiencing where you might should question your Loyalty to it?   I mean if a Horse was Dead or gone Buck Wild, why I'd just get off.  *Smiles*

  I may not be Neutral always, but Moderation over Extremism is more my Mantra and State of Being.  I don't have to be convinced to be something I'm just NOT or align myself with a 'side' where being Partisan is more important than choosing Well and Supporting the best choice, the right choice, regardless of Party affiliations and being Labeled something, as if that's somehow more relevant... or should make me feel Superior... to WHAT... and WHO exactly?  Being Independent in leanings means that likely your choice will never, ever Win in Politics tho', so that makes the Voting harder for us who don't align and identify with the Polar Opposite 'sides' that dominate the Political Landscape.  I find that to be rather a Sad commentary to any Democracy.   I've even been so far as to be told to Vote for the 'Lesser of Two Evils' if I must, so that my Vote would at least Count!  Holy Shitshow! 

 So with the State of the World... and the State of my World in particular, it has been Nice and somewhat Comforting also, to see the Lovely Faces of Loved ones who I cannot be with in person, but think about often and Love with all of my Heart, even from afar.  So, Why my Mood you might ask?  Well, remember when I told you what Dear Ole' Mom said about some things should just remain unsaid if it's not going to be Helpful in Knowing?   That's Why... I know that things are definitely NOT Well with some Loved Ones, but Knowing that isn't Helpful.  Even talking about it isn't Helpful.  What we cannot Change, we must reach some level of Acceptance of and a Peace about.

  I have to be at Peace, and have a Peace, as much as I'm able, to just know that for now no major Crisis is unfolding... nobody has had to be Institutionalized for Mental Health or Behavioral Health... nobody has overdosed that is struggling with their addictions off and on.  Most of the time I'm not even sure when it's off... and when it's on?   Addiction and Mental Illness both plays out like that... but I can usually Suspect pretty accurately now when sobriety is compromised or when someone is aboard The Crazy Train.   We no longer have to be concerned whether someone is off their Psyche Meds... nobody is even ON them anymore.  Mostly due to the Neg serious side effects, but those that can take them usually don't anyway, and self-medicate, so whatever...

I would sometimes like to have what I consider 'Average' problems playing out that the vast majority of people Deal with and Share as their 'Epic' things to overcome or try to Cope with... even Blog about and get feedback on.  I think I would do very well with 'Average' problems that had mostly an Upside to them.   Crying over things like Adult Children moving out and going off to Colleges {this is the time of Year for that thing}... or going on to a Fantastic Adult Life isn't so 'Bad', it has a mos def Upside that can actually be Celebrated after the Tears have been shed for the missing of them not being present all the time.  Empty Nest Syndrome hits some people harder than others... wouldn't know, never had one yet, for two Generations, so I think I'll Roll with it Okay if it ever happens in my Lifetime?  *Winks*

  The DIL is Emotional right now because their Middle Child is doing just that... going off to College to live in the Dorms and it's a Fantastically Positive thing, but also an Emotional thing.  I don't mind experiencing personal Sadness that has to do with Positive things happening to people that I'll just Miss, but can also Rejoice over their good fortune, great News or abundant Blessings.  That's 'Good' Sorrow and who doesn't like to Rejoice, Right?  You rebound from that better and more whole I think.  I'm excited and delighted for that Grandchild earning Scholarships and I just know she'll do so Well and go on to realizing her wildest Dreams.  I know for her Mama it's a temporary 'Good Sad' of Letting Go as they become a Young Successful Healthy Adult.   She's had two to Let Go of back to back and that's hard for any Mama!

  I do 'get' the Sorrow mingled with Joy thing and am not implying that Sorrow isn't very Real to those experiencing it, even if it's a Positive thing they're feeling Sorrowful about moving thru on an Emotional level.  Your Heart aches for what your Heart just aches about, it's deeply Personal that way.  I just cannot really relate to much of it, having a totally different experience in most cases and very little point of reference personally.

  One with no real Upside without a Downside looming potentially always.  One that constantly weighs heavy on your Soul and Spirit.   Those kinds of Sorrows are perpetually draining and typically not 'Average' problems, yet you don't wanna be a Drama Queen about it all either.   Mebbe you don't hear people Sharing those intense Struggles as often because it's so heavy a Topic... mebbe they Cope and suffer more in silence than those Dealing with 'Average' problems, I dunno?

We all want Wonderful things and a Fantastic Life to play out for our Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren... well, ANY Loved One.   Wonderful things don't always happen... aren't always a Given... sometimes have serious barriers to things being Wonderful... sometimes EVER... and Forever is a mighty long time.   For a variety of reasons that aren't always within the Control of anyone... or could be perhaps, but things are out of Control and so they aren't Wonderful at all... may not even be tolerable or fixable, so you just Deal with it all as it just IS.  

 Families Dealing with such things, perhaps constantly, have to Rejoice in things that are perhaps compromised Milestones.  If you have any Seriously Ill Loved Ones, any 'Good' Day is Rejoiced, however brief and fleeting.  The same with any Loved Ones who are struggling with Addiction... sobriety comes and goes... typically often... and always at risk of being sustained long term... it is a Day by Day thing to walk out for a Lifetime once it's had it's grip on you.  

 I don't always Blog about such things even if they're raging in our World, the Topic is a heavy one and it's not always Helpful to discuss at all.   Sometimes a Private forum is the best way, if you have to feel the Need to talk about it at all... and sometimes you just can't keep it all bottled up unsaid lest an implosion happen within!   I ascribe to Mom's Philosophy that often some things should just remain unsaid tho', if it's not going to be Helpful for other people to Know.  

But even a little transparency can go a long way, since the Connection and camaraderie between those suffering similar Trials and Tribulations helps them not Feel so all Alone in it and might be a platform to discuss things hard to talk about.  Perhaps not as much Shame or embarrassment in the revealing of it, since judgment, unkind gossip and criticism can be rampant among those who've been fortunate enough to never have it touch their lives in any way, shape or form.

  I always say that until it's you... you cannot possibly know what it's like nor presume to pass judgment... best to shut the fuck up with unsolicited advice you have no point of reference about.  I am prone to SAY that too, since clearly I have no filter when it comes to Dealing harshly and with no tact, when it comes to bullshit opinions or ugly self-righteousness people.  *Winks*

And one thing I know for sure about Parenting is that the bigger the Child, usually the bigger the Issues when they do crop up.   A Teen Crisis is very much elevated from the Crisis of a Toddler!   An Adult Crisis is very much elevated from the Crisis of the very Young... usually... not always.  There are naturally exceptions like catastrophic events and serious Illness for anyone of any Age.  Tho' the Youngest Grandchildren are growing up at an alarmingly exponential rate that sometimes scares the bejesus out of us older ones, including the older Siblings... that's just part of Nature isn't it?   Nature progresses at it's own Pace regardless of what we think or fear about it.  *Smiles*

 New Levels... new Devils... is what my folks used to say about what could complicate Life in the Growing Up Process.  They cannot stay Children forever and we try not to worry over them Growing Up... but we sometimes just do.   Hell, I still worry over our Adult Children who are now in their mid-30's and 40's... I guess that is just what all Parents do to some degree.  Depending upon your Child and circumstances, varying degrees... from a little Worry to a whole shitload of Worry!  

 We've got Kids and Grandkids we have to Worry less over... and those that consume us at times with Worry... being Individuals, that's just par for the course.   We Love each Unconditionally and each knows that Fact.  As a Family we CAN discuss the difficult stuff Honestly when necessary... any Family is only as Sick as it's Secrets really.  Open lines of Communication is paramount, especially when shit gets Deep... and much better to keep it 100% and Real than shining Sunshine up each other's Asses!  *LOL*

I do worry over Saint Maria in Mexico not becoming an immortal, as I'm reminded that once you're in your 90's, Time is not on your side.   There are Three of The G-Kid Force's Younger Siblings that she is raising and things would not be Good if Saint Maria doesn't become an immortal.  This one {above} entering her Teens at the end of this Year, tho' she looks more Mature than 12 and The Young Prince said Yesterday that his Younger Sisters looking way more Mature than they are is Terrifying! 

  His Adult Friends always think Princess T and the above pictured Sister are in their late Teens and cannot Believe they're only 12 and 13!   Yeah, that is some scary shit right there for any Older Male Sibling, Parent or Guardian of a Blossoming Young Woman isn't it?!?   If I potentially had FOUR Teen Girl Siblings in the Household being Raised at the same time by us within the next Five Years, it would be beyond Terrifying... and Exhausting... and Expensive... so I don't like to even Think about it!  But sometimes I do in spite of myself and all the Denial I can muster!

Our Kids were all late Bloomers so I didn't have this Problem a Generation ago... they always looked Younger than they were... way Younger... that was Good!  *LOL*   This was The G-Kid Force's Mama by end of High School... her Daughters now look Older and more Mature than this at 12 and 13...  Holy Shit, that's rough!   They are still little Girls... but looking pretty much like Women even when wholesome and fresh scrubbed to try to look like Kids... he was right... it's somewhat Terrifying indeed!   I don't want any Great-Grandchildren arriving too prematurely... can ya blame me?   The ones having Great-Grandchildren in their 20's I can handle... winks!

Average Problems, yeah, I could probably Roll easier with Average Problems my Friends... and not these exceedingly Extreme and Complex or absolutely Terrifying ones all of the time.  My Pensions finally kick in come October and that will lighten at least the economic strains some, so I can hardly wait to receive Earned Benefits of my own to supplement semi-retirement.   I say semi because Full Time Caregiving means you will not be fully Retired, it's part of the Package... and it's a lot of unpaid underappreciated Work.  Raising Children in your Senior Years means you will likely have to also work your side hustles constantly to earn some discretionary supplemental income, since Retirement and Disability Pensions won't cut it.   Raising a Family remains expensive... even with Modest aspirations.

 "I don't suppose I'll be going off to College...", Princess T had lamented wistfully the other day, just stating an obvious Fact. "Since I don't do Well in School now and can't pass anything even with Specials {Special Ed Services}, they don't let people like me go to College."   Her Friends already talk of College a lot it seems, of earning Scholarships and Dreams for their Future, she stays Silent... and I know Why and it breaks my Heart Why.  Even tho' College isn't Everything nor for everyone... sometimes its made to seem like it is in order to have a better and more successful Life's Journey. 

 Kids pick up on that Socially and when they know it's not in their Hand dealt, it's worrisome to them how they will then have equal opportunity at a better and more successful Life and compete in the work force without the opportunities afforded to some, but not all?  It is a heavy Topic of discussion to have, particularly with a High Functional Special Needs Child(ren), that desperately want to be contributing members of Society and live Independently some day.  They don't want to burden anyone with their Needs once they're Grown... they know some day you won't be there for them too... Death you know... it happens.  I don't Plan on Immortality even tho' I Pray for it for Saint Maria, for what I Confess are purely Selfish reasons.  *Smiles*

I do try to encourage them that it ISN'T EVERYTHING to have the privilege of Higher Education.  And that if that opportunity is denied them, for whatever reason, it's still OK and doesn't limit going on to Greater things.  The Man was a Dropout, he went on to an illustrious Military Career that spanned 39 Years and so many Awards and Medals he could have an entire "I Love Me" Wall if he was so inclined and not so Humble about his Heroic accomplishments in Battle.  He used to semi joke that he had Officers who were highly Educated and had Rank over him, but who would come in complaining that their System wasn't working... you know... in the O F F Mode.  Um, Sir, that means it's Off!  Yeah, Scary but True, I'm not making that up, really happened!  No Offense intended to all Officers, but there are some that Higher Education clearly didn't help fix Stupid.  You can't fix Stupid.

 I myself didn't even have the opportunity for a single College Class until I had already become an Assistant Vice President of a Bank and my Employer paid for some Higher Learning, to enhance my Career and keep up with changes in Real Estate Laws across the Country.  Success and Intelligence isn't always measured by how many Degrees you might amass or how affluent your Family is.   You can have more degrees than a thermometer and still Fail or be a Fool.  And Honestly, just getting that Child thru the next Five Years of School will be Challenge enough for us all, so we'll just take it one small step at a time!   Her Gifts, like everyone's Gifts, will make Room for them in this World... The Universe is most Abundant that way, Thanks be to God!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Domestic Goddesses... And Other Things I'm NOT

So, I think Villa Boheme' is suitably dusty for a Haunted House look for Halloween, I might even have a few legit Spiderwebs for the correct ambiance of benign neglect.  *LOL*  I freely confess that I just wasn't Born to be a Domestic Goddess and would rather leave Housekeeping to those that were.  My Mom was Born to be a Domestic Goddess, good Lord that Woman made Housekeeping and Laundry into a Fine Art and she was the Queen of Clean!   It skipped a Generation and apparently I didn't get the Clean Gene inherited from her.   And I'm Okay with that... as an Old Hippie, it's just not My Thing... I rather Suck at it actually!

When you have a lot of crap it's almost an impossibility anyway to keep it all pristine while also living in a Desert where dust reigns!   So things being dusty doesn't bother me anymore and what I don't want to gather dust I put under or behind Glass.  Besides, don't things just look more Important and Interesting under Glass in a nice Cloche?   Or in gorgeous Antique Barrister Cabinets that you've converted into your Cabinets of Curiosities?  I J'Adore Antique and Vintage Barrister Cabinets, I'd have them all over the house if I could afford the best ones, to Showcase all my crap in and keep dust free!

And as you can see I also J'Adore Vintage and Antique Mannequins and Antique Dress Forms.   Often the Old Mannequins totally Creep people out, but I don't find them the least bit disturbing and they Model things so Well.  None of mine have their Wigs anymore and I prefer it actually when they remain Bald... tho' some still sport their Eyelashes.   It's very Interesting to see the progression of how Mannequins look and are Stylized or Transform for each Era they were made in and for... Old Dress Forms too.  Beauty constantly Evolves as to what is considered most Desirable.

We are now fast approaching that Season that is my Element tho' and I revel in the preparation for it!   Just about everything I own and Cherish is Weird and Wonderful, an Oddity or Macabre Style!   Yes, I have a lot of Botanical Style too... but my Creepy shit dominates the Home all year long and for Halloween, it is Idyllic even tho' it's not just a Prop for Yours Truly, it's a way of Life!

 People don't always know that... and whenever we have unexpected First Time Guests, especially during Autumnal Holidays, they think we have spent a considerable amount of time and money Creating the Perfect Haunted House!   They don't realize we live like this pretty much all of the time and have Addams Family Sensibilities year round!  *LMAO*

Young People especially really dig it, I think for Older Children and Young Adults, their Curious Nature just gravitates to such things instinctively and inquisitively.   For the very Young Children and Older People, not so much unless they are of my Tribe of Peeps!  *LOL*   I have been known to rub off on people tho' if they have exposure to me very long... and even some of my Glittery Pastel Gal Friends have suddenly felt the urge to buy an Eyeball Necklace, Pimped out Taxidermy or Creepy Doll Heads!  *LOL*  Come on over to The Dark Side for a while... you might like it here more than you realize... *Winks*

Now, I have to confess that I too came over into the Lightness for a Minute, during a period when Shabby Chic and Rachel Ashwell's Adorable Aesthetic was all the rage and I was exposed to it long enough for it to rub off some.   I still have a few chippy shabby pieces and hints of White here or there that were too Beloved to banish with the rest of it. 

 But I just couldn't LIVE like that, I could admire it in someone else's World... but Jewel Tone Color... Black... and Sepia... were just too dominant in my World to eliminate for long.   At Villa Boheme', being a Santa Barbara Tuscan Architectural Style, the Sepia and Warm Tuscan Earth Tones go very well and I am at Peace with that Palette here... it's Calming and Suitable.

Black being my Favorite Non-Color and Sepia being my Favorite Neutral, I could Live with absence of most other Colors only if those dominate my Landscape.   Otherwise I'd have Jewel Tones everywhere and saturate my World with Color.  The Colorless Palette Gals do it so well that the French Nordic Look does Appeal to me, but I'd find it difficult to Live with full time. 

  I'm just not that 'into' White to have it dominate where I spend the most Time.  I always reserve at least one Room in any Home I've owned for my Blood Red and Black combo tho'.   My Mom also always had one Room in her Home that had Blood Red and Black, usually her Boudoir, it was always so Sexy, Elegant and Alluring a Combo I thought.

Now I do like Green... especially a Room filled with Living Plants or Old Botanical Prints... coupled with Black and Neutrals, that would be my next best combination for a Room's predominant Palette.   I used to have so many Living Plants in my Home that you'd almost need a Machete to walk thru it!   Now, not so much, mostly due to upkeep and needing low maintenance everything... tho' I do have a Collection of Air Plants that seem to be thriving on semi-neglect.  *Smiles*   I really dig Air Plants, just how they look, not just because they're so damned easy to keep Alive!

Keeping things Alive... that has to be a consideration if you bring any Living thing into the Home... be it Plant or Animal.   I had always wanted to have a Canary in the Home, but The Man said all that Singing would drive him Crazy.  And Peacocks outside of the Home, if we had Acreage again, but again, that Haunting Cry would have driven The Man, Bat shit Crazy!  

 Left to my own devices I could probably be Content in a Ruin and with Animals and Birds roaming inside or outside of it freely and the distinction between Inside and Outside completely blurred.  One of the Coolest Homes I saw in Print had Vines from the Outside growing in thru gaps in the Windows and cascading thruout the Designer's Interior Rooms!

Think Biosphere or Conservatory Style Living... even an Interior Pond, Fountains or Stream if you could keep the Humidity in check.   Clearly I'm NOT a Traditional type person when it comes to Lifestyle Preferences.  If you gave me one of the most Unusual Homes on the Planet I'd probably consider it pure Bliss to own one.  

 The Quirkier the better actually, nothing Appeals to me like a House that is VERY different from anything else I've ever seen or experienced yet.   For my Forever Home I'd actually prefer a House that might be a tough Sell to anyone else, but would be considered Idyllic to us because it's so Strange and Unique!

If it's a Forever Home you don't have to consider Resale Value and Appealing to the Masses when it's time to Sell it.   This Home is Gorgeous and has Mass Appeal, so for Investment purposes and to make Money on later on when we Sell, it was more of a prudent choice than I'd of made for a Forever Home.

  Besides, remember, I was wooing the Adoption Committee to be suitably impressed with whatever I bought to replace Historic Bohemian Valhalla.  So that I could get The G-Kid Force finally Adopted and be done with all that Hoop jumping shit regarding The System and it's New Kinship Placement Laws and their 'Standard' of Living qualifying me as Adoption worthy.

Believe me, in the Three excruciating long Years I was battling for the Right to Adopt my Grandchildren, that I'd already raised since Birth for 15 and 10 Years respectively {but whatever...}... I had to reign in how I'd normally Live and pack up a lot of my shit that might Freak out an Adoption Caseworker!  *Bwahahaha!*   Think if an Adoption Committee had considered Morticia and The Addams Household able to Qualify as Adoptive Parents... and visited them at Home unannounced... then you'll get the Picture of my 'Challenge'.  *Winks*  

Throw in that The Man had TBI and thus couldn't Qualify to Adopt, due to the extent of his Disability, but his was the only Income supporting everyone... oh... and both Kiddos being Special Needs with high ratings for their extent of Disabilities!  Yeah, it had to get really Creative in Adoption Court lemme tell ya to push it all thru and finalize!  *Le Sigh*  

 But all that is Mercifully behind us now and one Kiddo now Grown Up and moved out on his own... so The Man and I are musing now about what we'll do and where we'd like to Live once Princess T is Grown Up and moved out too?   So we Daydream a lot about what Forever might Look like and where it might be?

He's not Good at Living in the City since Urban Issues concern him and he needs Peace and Quiet... and I'm not Good at Living Rural or in a Subdivision Hell, because being bored out of my Mind and forced into Compliance concern me... so we're trying to figure out a Healthy compromise.   One we both can Live Happily Ever After with and be a Win-Win for us both to enjoy Contentment!

 We're kinda thinking that buying 1-3 Acres with a smaller Home on it with a large Storage building behind it, close to a Major Freeway so I can Escape into Urban Bliss when I Need to, might just Work?   Sure, I'd prefer a Historic Home... but once you're outside of the Oldest parts of the City, few ever don't get razed and Developed by being replaced by higher density Housing Subdivisions.

The Old Farmers and Ranchers never just Sell off their Acreage to greedy Developers and Investors and ensure the Preservation of the Old House.   And even if they try to somewhat Appeal to the Preservationists among us, the cost of the Land becomes too prohibitive and desirable for us to compete with the Developers and Investors who pay Cash and intend to raze any Historic structure on the Property.  And it grieves me like you wouldn't believe, so many have already been Lost and I would have given my Eye Teeth to buy and Save!

 Right now there is a 100 Year Old Mansion sitting on a huge Estate up for Sale for $1,800,000 in the middle of the City that is at high risk for demolition since the Owner would prefer to do that and have petitioned for it even!  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION... nuff said... nobody is gonna be able to spend that much just to Buy it from them, Restore and Preserve that piece of important Arizona History.   

But a Developer will very likely Pony Up and raze it and probably either build Luxury Condos, Commercial Property or a Twenty-Five Million Dollar ridiculous Modern Manse for some Billionaire... who will probably use it as a Vacation Home to live in occasionally!  It happens... I just Wish it wouldn't... but whatcha gonna do to prevent it really?

And Billionaires could give two shits about History and Preservation, a Community not just being a Commodity, or about Environmental Protection either!   All Billionaires care about is making even more Money, as if having Billions of it already isn't nearly ENOUGH!   Because once you're filthy Rich, apparently you think you can just Buy anything and no restrictions apply to you anymore!?   So... that's another thing I'm Not Good at... tolerating that kind of person or their Cronies!  Of coarse, they probably aren't tolerant of and don't think too much of Our Kind either!?  *LOL*

I don't know that I could Solve all of the pressing problems of the World, but I do think that I could co-exist Peacefully around most people so long as they stay in their own Lane.  *Winks*   So The Man and I were discussing this Important fact Today as we drove around looking at Homes on Acreage not too far from the City Limits to where I'd Feel as isolated. 

  Homes where you had Neighbors, but they were at a suitable enough distance from each other not to be a pain in your Ass and would leave you the Hell alone to Live your own Lifestyle and they theirs... nor have an HOA governing the Community!  We're Grown, we can Govern our own damned Selves! *Smiles*

See, I'm quite Capable of making sound decisions for myself and how I choose to Live!   It might not be how YOU choose to Live and that's Okay, you don't have to Live MY Life, I can do that all by myself and allow you and yours the same Courtesy! *Winks*   See... it's easy NOT to interfere with someone else's Life, you just have to stay in your own Lane and not run interference or collide by overstepping personal boundaries... Simple!   Funny how some peeps just cannot seem to manage that tho'... I don't understand Why?  Live and let Live without being intrusive and judgmental shouldn't be SO FREAKIN' HARD!

Can you only tell I'm already Gearing Up for the Big Kahuna of the HOA to come back end of Month and 're-assess' whether or not I've taken her up on her alleged 'Suggestions' that she erroneously made on a 'Violation' Letter, even tho' no Violation had actually happened?!?   I really don't wanna have to do The Dance with her again, it's annoying and testing my Patience and working my last Nerve. 


Her lack of relevance isn't my Problem and I don't want her to try to MAKE it my Problem because she Feels irrelevant outside of her little Job she was Voted in to on the HOA Board.   Woman needs to get a Life, get Laid, get SOMETHING so she Calms the Fuck Down and leaves people alone!  *LOL*   So... Pray for me... especially at Month's End when she's stalking my Property again looking for perceived infractions or shit she can strongly 'suggest' we do lest she keep bothering us incessantly!

Otherwise, she might become my next Obsession and intense Fixation... to Take Down... if she wants to Play me Hard and cause me to lose my shit when I've just had about enough?   Because tho' you can take the Girl outta the Hood... ya can't take the Hood outta the Girl!   And I don't really Care anymore to Play Nice after Five Years of this nonsensical, pretentious, uptight shit... so we'll see how that rolls... until we can blow this joint and move on to Greener more Serene Pastures that don't smell like Drama and a Headache???????????????   *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Maniacal Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl