Friday, November 27, 2020

Pandemic Pause... Not Such A Negative Thing


I spent most of Black Friday feeling out of sorts and quite fatigued, so I slept it off and spent most of the day in Bed and never got out of my Nighttime Jammies.  I think I just needed the Rest, both physically and emotionally, so the long Sleep did me good.  I am inclined to go hard until I hit the wall physically and emotionally, then need to recuperate and recharge, as I Age that becomes more frequent now.

Princess T opted not to ask me to therefore take her back to Crazy Pamela's and just let me Sleep.  The Man also just checked on me from time to time, ensuring I was still Alive.  *LOL*   I told them I just felt out of sorts and very tired, but I didn't think I had The Rona, so they didn't Panic.   When I finally woke up at dusk I made a run still in my Jammies to the Post office and had The Man drop off the Christmas Cards I'd done the day before.

  There's only a few I haven't done now, need Address Updates of those still to do... some Friends and Family have Moved too and The Man's Oldest Sister is now in a Long Term Care Nursing Home.   But I'd say I have 98% of the Cards off now, so that everyone will now have our new Address update.  It didn't take me that long to do them, the List in recent Years has shrunk considerably as folks died off or lost touch over Time.

Not surprising the Losing Touch, since we were very Nomadic recently with Selling and Buying Properties in recent Years... and so many of our Friends were still in the Military, so Moved all the time too.  Facebook has managed to reconnect us with people tho' and keep in Touch better... you can almost always find someone on FB, that is, if they still utilize that form of Social Media.  I have a Closed Page, but can receive Private Messages to respond to or decline.

I have to admit that this Political Theatrical last Four Years did distance me from people who became part of The Cult Of Personality... it was just all Too Much to wanna Deal with or be exposed to and far too Toxic.   When Character and Moral Compass become too compromised, I just feel it's time for me to move on and allow those Individuals to find their own Tribe who ascribes to how they've chosen to become. Life is too short and precious to have ballast in Relationships or hop on the Crazy Train with anyone clearly going Wheels Off The Rails in the wrong direction to an unsavory destination.

It seems most did as we did this Thanksgiving and opted for a Safer one.  I'm sure many people didn't, but they weren't people we know well or are still close to.  So it was a relief to know our Friends and Family kept it on the down low and just opted for a Safe Pandemic Thanksgiving Celebration that was intimate and meaningful.  We can have the Gatherings again when it's Safe enough to resume such things in the Future.  Better everyone Be Well and Stay Safe until then.

I do feel as tho' The Virus has been like The Grinch that has tried to Steal Christmas this Year.  Tho' perhaps the slower pace of Life and re-assessing our Priorities as a Nation is long overdue in so many ways?   The turbulence, wickedness and divisiveness of the past Four Years has been sobering to me. To see just how disunited, how low, how vulnerable and corrupted we have become as a Nation.   So maybe a Pandemic Pause will give everyone more Time to Isolate and have to reflect upon important things.  

To perhaps choose to quit already with the nonsense and hatefulness towards Countrymen and The World outside of our Borders.  Opting for Unity, Decency, Dignity, Order and Civility again?  Some won't of coarse, but I'm Hopeful they will be among the Minority and not a larger Majority than the rest of us can feel comfortable trying to coexist with?   The division and wacky Conspiracy Theory crap devoid of Truth or Evidence is just too Toxic to be Sustainable for any Nation.  Make sure your Sources are Reliable before you buy whatever they're hawking, Fact checking isn't Rocket Science.

We should also be moving Forward as a Nation and not digressing Backwards.  I'm as Nostalgic as the next person, but the good Ole Days had their Issues to be sure and it's high time we sorted some of that shit out by now!  Things like Systemic Racism, Gender discrimination, LGBTQ Rights, Socioeconomic disparities, Educational Barriers, Climate Change, Job Losses due to Technological Advances replacing People, Immigration Reform Issues... do exist and ignoring them or ignorantly pretending they don't still exist won't be Helpful to Society as a whole.   We also must DO BETTER here in America when it comes to mitigating Pandemic, this just won't Work as it's now going... in the wrong direction all the damned time!  We should be Ashamed at Being the Best at Being the Worst at this... IN THE WHOLE WORLD... REALLY!

I have always said that many people can be indifferent, ambivalent, callous and blinded to Issues, up until it directly impacts them... then when it's you, whole other Story!  Nothing gives someone a whole other Perspective when it's them!  Anyone smug in their State of Being can have a complete turnaround when it becomes their Issue now or one for those they Love and are close to.  Funny how that happens, huh... not in a Ha-Ha way either, it's Humbling and give ones a whole lot of Humility and Pride to swallow.   And IF it hasn't been you yet, because you've Lived a Charmed Life thus far, just keep on Living, it could be...

 I've met many people who said they'd NEVER... or been Judgmental and Critical about what someone else had gone thru that they never have.  Because they simply had no Point of Reference to draw upon as to what they IMAGINE they'd NEVER do or be confronted with, you know?  Then they keep on Living and lo and behold Life will eventually hand 'em something they NEVER IMAGINED would happen to them personally and have to get thru.   Then they're eating Crow... I know... because I've done it too, part of the Human Condition to think it will NEVER BE US!   Then, when IT IS US, we realize what we were talking complete shit about in Theory, because we had no Point of Reference or Personal Reality as to what we'd REALLY do or be capable of!

I do think these Troubled Times have given many people Pause to have to Face some grim shit that they never Imagined they'd ever have to Deal with and get thru.   And a Pandemic Pause is not such a Negative thing, some Positive can definitely come out of it in Quiet Reflections.  If we can be Still enough to Listen in that Silence... to whatever is Imparted thru all of our Senses, Conscience and on a Spiritual Level of Connectiveness to something greater than ourselves and our own Ego.  Whether you are Spiritual or not, you can Meditate upon your Thoughts and have some epiphanies that may astound you and benefit you, as well as benefit those in your Sphere of Influence.  May you Find and Hold that Sacred Space.


Be Well and Stay Safe my Friends and Visitors... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Signs Of The Season


It's Black Friday, I Hope you will just stay Safely inside and Boycott it?  Slowly I'm decorating the house for Christmas and putting Fall Decor away now that Thanksgiving is over.  It's a Process to change out the Seasonal Decor when Holidays string together so closely.  I'm just slower now at getting any of it up or taken down.  *LOL*  I bought this Vintage Chalkware Deer with Plastic Antlers really cheap at our Antique Mall's Central Phoenix location.  I put a Bottlebrush Tree in the Votive Holder indentation it had on it.  Or, due to it's Age, perhaps it was where an Ashtray went, I dunno?  *Smiles*

It was tempting to get the Retro 1960's Light that matched it, since that had a great price on it too and I like Kitschy Mid Century Modern unusual stuff.   The Light portion was very reminiscent of what my Parents had in the Sixties for ambient lighting, those Fiberglass Cone shaped Lampshades being Classic.  For the Era it had a very Futuristic look to it that I always liked and stood the test of Time well.  But I resisted and now am having non-buyer's remorse about that.  *Le Sigh*  I may have to go back and just get it.

I got a little Vintage Diorama for the Christmas Tree.  When I finally sort out my Art Studio Space I'd like to work on Creating some Vintage Style Ornaments and Tags, utilizing Vintage Smalls I've Sourced over the Years.  I guess I don't really have to wait until I've got everything in Order really.

  But finding all my Supplies would be difficult, if not impossible, which is why I'd rather wait until I've got more Organization sorted out with what I have.  I'm off and on with the RV Garage Project.  But I did bring in a wealth of Inventory for the Showroom.  My Vendor Friend Michael just bulk bought almost all of my Antique Frames for some of his Art, that I'd only just brought in.

He and I always treat each other right, so we give each other those First Cousin Deals.  *Smiles*  He's the Vendor Friend that is the Male version of me, I swear, we dig the exact same Quirky stuff!  He could be my Brother from a different Mother!  *LOL*  If anyone bulk purchases from me, I'll always hook them up with a Deal.  I'd rather move my Inventory in bulk for a fast turn and replace it with something else right away, increases my margins in spite of giving a bulk buyer a good Deal.  After all, if you're not making Money, you're losing Money... so I don't like Inventory sitting around, I want a fast turn on all of it... I'll make more Money than I paid for any of it.  Besides, I want to buy some indulgences like these Fancy Jammies I spied by P.J. Salvage!

During Pandemic I'm wearing more Jammies than Real Clothing and joke that I have my Daytime and my Nightime Pajamas.  So I wouldn't mind Investing in some good quality Jammies that I think are cute and are comfortable... these are spendy tho'.  Usually I just buy Chazza Shop Pajamas Bottoms and plain Tees to match them.  So I wouldn't mind indulging myself with some new PJ's that are this Cute, especially since I go out and about on my Property wearing my Hippie Jammies half the time, no telling how much Therapy the Neighbors will now require since you can't unsee that?!   I'm a very uninhibited Old Hippie, tho' not AS uninhibited as our Old Neighbor behind us, Laura, who Gardens in the Nude.  *LOL*

Tho' I don't now personally Decorate with these types of Seasonal Decor, I do enjoy still beholding all the Holiday Villages.  The faux Gingerbread ones are quite impressive and look like real Gingerbread, tho' I don't think they are?  They are very expensive so I'd Hope they're Created out of something more lasting than stale Food that would attract vermin?  *Bwahahahaha!*  I Photographed quite a few of them, yes, I'm the complete Weirdo who does shit like that with no inhibitions in Retail Settings and Restaurants to bring you great Visuals for Blog Fodder.  *Winks*   I wonder how many people buy these and some Kid tries to eat them and take a bite?

I did see that a couple had sustained some minor damage from Customers or their Kiddos, so they're too fragile and expensive for my comfort level.  Not that I have small Children or Animals anymore, nor Guests manhandling my stuff either.  But just to keep something this Ornate in one piece would be a challenge year after year while Storing them.  I've had mishaps with this kind of stuff back when I did have a Christmas Village Scene.  I Sold it for a tidy profit and was glad actually not to have to try to keep it from having any more breakage.  I do have a Halloween Village that I didn't put up this Year and Scored at a Chazza on The Cheap.

My favorite piece of this whole Village was the Travel Trailer.  I do have one like this in Metal, along with an Old Pickup Truck in Metal to match that pulls it.  But I haven't used them in Years, so might just flip them this Year if I locate them in time?   The downsizing of Seasonal Decor I've been very thorough with, I don't get very attached to most of it and can only use a portion of it every year anyway, the rest is just excess going unused or waiting for a rotation to have a turn at being Displayed.   I figure, running out of Seasons of Life to rotate all of it now, so might as well let go of the less desirable pieces.  What is no longer desirable to me clearly is still desirable to many, Vintage Seasonal does Sell well.

I still remember when I was a Young Adult, having a Passion for Collecting Hallmark Style Ornaments and just anxiously awaiting each year to see what new ones they came out with?  Then Mom and I would wait until after Christmas, when they'd put them on Sale, to pick up the ones we wanted, if they had any left.   Sometimes they didn't, but we always could find some secondhand Hallmark Ornaments at the Chazzas too and over Time I ended up with a great Collection that could decorate an entire full sized Tree.   Then of coarse your Big Box Shops got in on it and places like K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target came out with their cheaper Hallmark Style knock-off Ornaments that were Cute and more affordable.

Mom just Loved the Hallmark Stores, she was big on sending Greeting Cards to everyone.   Now people don't do that so much anymore and the price of Cards and of the Hallmark Ornaments is in the stratosphere.   I recently went into one of the few Hallmark Stores still at the Mall, and it was Nostalgic and Sweet to see the Families agonizing over which Ornament to buy for their Collection this Year to put on the Tree for 2020.   I remember doing that, of coarse back then you didn't drop around $25 for a single Ornament!   But, when I look back on the Boxes I have, of what the Retail prices were even way back in da Day, they were always expensive.   Which is why you only ever bought One and took Years to get enough to Decorate a whole Full Sized Tree!  *LOL*

Since our Christmas Card List has shrunk with folks dying off or losing touch over the Years, I went ahead and bought this Year's Cards from said Hallmark Shop.  They had a Special where if you bought a Box you got another Box 50% Off and I liked not only the Peanuts Cards, but the Containers they came in that can hold future Cards for easy Storage.   They are like a Box with a removable Lid and are sturdy and Cute enough to use as Decoration too.   I did all my Cards last Night because we have a new Address and not everyone knows it yet.   Tho' we do have the same Phone Numbers we've had for Years, so people have gotten in touch to ask where the Hell we are now?!  *LOL*  They know it recent Years we've gone Nomad again and moved quite a lot.  *Smiles*

This was the day that the Kiddos asked me to take them to the Mall and we spent several Hours there.  Me mostly walking to get exercise and just Photograph things, them going off and doing whatever Teens do at The Mall.   Princess T never did find any Kicks she liked, so she had me buy her a Playboy Hoodie as part of an early Christmas Gift, which she's already wearing.   Heff would be Proud that he's still so relevant with the Young People as he ever was, especially Pretty Young Things Advertising his Brand!  *Smiles*   

I think I might have mentioned that my Brother used to do Photography for Playboy back when Phoenix had a Playboy Club and the Models did a lot of the Local Car Shows.  He once Dated a Playmate of the Year and brought her to Dinner at my Parent's house in the ensemble she'd worn to a big Event at the Club Downtown.   The Boyfriend I had at the time almost shit Kittens, since he didn't Believe my Bro' was Dating Playmate of that Year... and there she was, sitting across from him at Dinner in my Parent's house.  *LMAO*   My Brother and his Lady know a lot of Celebs and Entertainers because they've been in the Industry for Years in their respective Careers.  The Stories they could tell... *Winks*

I had Sold the G-Kid Force's Stocking Hangars because they were too Juvenile and now The Young Prince is grown and gone.   So, I bought a new one to hang Princess T's Stocking from, that is like the Antlers and Skulls of the tiny German Axis Deer I have hanging on my Tree as Decorations!    It looks Gilded in this pix but actually is a Silvertone rather than a Goldtone, which is weird that it photographs Goldish.  I would have preferred it to have been Goldish actually, but I don't want to mess with it by spray painting it... at least not this first Year.  *Smiles*  Now all I gotta do is locate some of the Christmas Stockings which are still MIA in the Gauntlet of the RV Garage!

Princess T liked this Pink Tree and it's Ornamentation, which was Cute and very Editorial to Photograph.    I could see where Kids would think this to be a Fun Christmas Tree and the Felt Animal Ornaments were Adorable!   Like I said tho', the price of Ornaments is in the stratosphere now so I'm glad I've got more than enough to rotate the look of our Christmas Trees for several Years worth already.

  To Trick Out a full sized Tree from scratch now would cost a small fortune!  Not to mention the cost of a good Tree!   I'm so Thankful we got ours on Deep Discount this Year early and were finally able to get our Dream Tree.  If I had enough room in the Showroom I'd flip the other Tree we have, I think I still have a slightly Flocked Faux Tree with Berries and Pine Cones on it.

This breakable, fragile Christopher Radko "A Rolling Stones Christmas" Ornament was $73.00 at 'Dillards', I kid you not!   Who pays that for a single Ornament?!?!  Of coarse that wasn't the only pretentious priced Display I saw for those who have more Money than Sense, but I must say it made the expensive Hallmark Ornaments seem like a Bargain by comparison!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Yeah, it's Cute and I'd buy something like this if it was a Sane price... but Seventy Three Bucks was Sticker Shock when I took a gander!   

Judging by Hallmark's Price Points this Year, I had expected it to be a hefty Twenty-Five or so.   I dunno, when I know so many Americans are not even able to put Food on the Table during Pandemic, it seems Obscene that some can still easily pay so much for trifles.  The disparities between Haves and Have Nots growing all the wider.   'Dillards' did come out with these Retro inspired Reproduction Shiny Brights, which is nice if you can't find the Real Deal... and would be a whole lot less Expensive than buying or Sourcing the Real Deal over Time.  If you want or need an Instant Retro Look, you can have it reasonably.


And compared to Pandemic Christmas Present... perhaps your Christmas Past seems all the Sweeter this Season... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Be Thankful... We Don't Need a Specific Day For That Really...

We don't make a Big Deal out of Thanksgiving, so downplaying it for Pandemic to ensure safety was no Big Deal at all.  The Son seemed bummed, I think he isn't handling his first Thanksgiving Alone all that well, so didn't receive the News well that we aren't doing a Meal here for it at all or Hosting anyone.  His Roommates are all visiting Relatives for the Meal I guess.  Yes, we've had Gatherings of the Thanksgiving Past, but it's a lot of Work for whoever is Hosting it and that usually was us, so I'm not distraught about it not being so much Work either.  I thought about the now hilarious Thanksgiving Past disasters, that at the time, were not so hilarious of coarse.

The most Epic Thanksgiving Disaster Past: One Year, very early into our Marriage, when The Man wasn't aware he had to forfeit his Need to be Right to defer to his MIL's Need to be Right {Silly Man that should have been a No-Brainer}, he and my Mom got into a heated argument about Zip Codes at Thanksgiving Dinner, of all things!  She got so mad at him she didn't even wait for Dinner to be served and asked me to take her back Home!  Splendid, after that we just dropped off a Thanksgiving Meal since they didn't speak for Two Years even tho' nobody really Cared what Zip Code the damned AFB had!  *LMAO*

Mom was a Foreign National anyway, so she never Cared about American Thanksgiving and only did it for us Kids and our Dad, I think.  So I rationed that dropping off a Meal probably was all she wanted to have to endure of a Holiday she didn't grow up even Celebrating?  She did get into Halloween a lot more, even tho' that is not a Welsh Holiday either.   Sometimes we forget what are distinctly American Holidays.  Mom did find it curious that my Dad was into Thanksgiving at all, given he was of Native American Ancestry.  We all know how Thanksgiving started and how badly the Natives fared for that generosity towards inviting European Foreigners to Dinner and being Hospitable towards them.

Mebbe that's why Thanksgiving has never been a Big Deal to me perhaps, I dunno, it's not because I don't feel Thankful, I just don't need a specific Day for that tho'.  I also don't need to spend all day cooking one Meal that will leave me later feeling like a beached Whale and groggy.   I don't know which other day of the Year I ever crave Turkey or Cranberry Sauce either or would even buy a whole Turkey and a Can of Cranberry Sauce?   Tho' Ham is another story... I could eat that at least once a Week for any old reason.  The Man has always been in charge of the Turkey and Dressing.

Now, Stuffing... I like that, I can eat that as a main entree and forget about the Meats actually.   Everyone's recipe for Dressing is Sacred I think, kinda like Secret Family Recipes for Chili or Salsas.   And Gravy, don't even get me started... one thing I can mos def go down in flames with is a good Gravy... I could bathe in it!  As for Thanksgiving Desserts, meh, can take 'em or leave 'em, but then again, I've never been a big Dessert person.  *Gasp!*   Yep, it's True, a Pie of any kind could sit in the fridge 'til I throw it out uneaten... if The Man forgets it's in there.  He is a Pie fiend... this Year he shocked me by Passing on buying one!  *Double Gasp!*

We did pick up a Quarter of a Boneless Rotisserie Turkey, a Jar of Turkey Gravy, and some Pre-Made Deli Dressing and Mashed Potatoes... and call it a day.  Yep, this will be a reheat Thanksgiving impromptu Dinner, but only becoz we couldn't even find Turkey TV Dinners by Swanson, did they quit making TV Dinners I Wondered?  I haven't bought a TV Dinner in Years, so that might be hilarious to any of you who might have known they don't even have them in the Frozen Section of the Grocer anymore?  At least, we didn't even find an empty spot where they should be in the Freezer Section of the Safeway, so we assume they don't carry/make them anymore?

Princess T hates Thanksgiving because she never eats anything Thanksgiving related in the Traditional sense, she HATES it ALL.  So we bought her a NY Strip Steak and she'll cook it herself Today, she's Good with that.   She's not big on any of the sit-down Gathering Meals anyway, she's a Graze Eater by Design and so big meals are not her Jam, even during a Holiday Celebration where it's expected.  So in this household we could just skip right over a Traditional Thanksgiving any Year, so Pandemic didn't really alter our regular sentiments about any of it.  We're not big on Leftovers either, so at least I don't have to find room for or pawn them off on Guests this Year.  *Whew!*


Happy Pandemic Thanksgiving, here's Hoping you are opting for a Safe one and not Spiking the Case and Death Count for the Rona my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Let's Drink To That


I think it's finally Cooled down enough to tackle the RV Garage and converted Double Car Garage/Art Studio Spaces.  It's daunting, even intimidating in it's current state of chaos... yet I know I only have Winter to get most of it done. Before it heats back up in the Spring to where it would then be too Hot again to tackle it in earnest.   I languished all Fall because it never Cooled down enough this Year to get back to unpacking, editing and purging possessions from The Move.  Come February, we'll have been here a full Year tho', so I want it Squared away once and for all.  I've gotta stay Strong and get it done!  This final push will tell me how effective I've been at downsizing?

Right now the RV Garage Gauntlet is just overwhelming, cluttered and ridiculously haphazard, so it gives me anxiety to assess it visually and get around in there.  The Art Studio Garage Space is smaller, so visually not as overwhelming, but it's awkwardly coming together, so I will have to refine placement of furniture in there or get rid of some.   I know I can fine tune it all, yet there is a part of me that doesn't want to have to do things more than once or move larger furnishings all around either.  So I want to Visualize how I want it, before I tackle each portion of the Spaces, to get it right the first time, Hopefully?  All of this Stuff I've carted around to every Property thus far, so I am getting down to the harder Stuff to Purge and let go of.

Perhaps that's ambitious to think it will come together that way and I won't touch anything more than once and have to revisit any of it?  But if I don't Rush my Process, I might be Pleased enough with the end results?  I remember how long I put off Decorating the Meditation Room at Villa Boheme' and when finally we tackled it, the finished results had exceeded all expectations and there was a place for everything.  Too bad I waited so long actually, didn't get to enjoy that outcome nearly long enough really.  Since this is our Forever Home tho', I feel once I get it the way I want it, I can luxuriate in the finished Outcome, knowing I won't have to start over from scratch again.

But packed and stacked, it's impossible to assess properly.  I'm also anxious to get thru The Purge of every Object we own and get rid of what we don't need or want anymore.  Then I can more accurately assess what is left and where it's placement should be.  The unpacking from this final Move gives me that opportunity to actually re-assess every single item/object and make a decision about it.  A secondary sweep will probably happen even after that, if I'm not satisfied with how much I got rid of?   Sure, I have the Space here, but I don't want clutter or excess that isn't either enjoyed fully or useful in some way and much Beloved.  I still have too much damned Cargo!  *LOL and a Big Sigh*

Unfortunately, I still have a Love Affair with Cool Stuff and am afflicted with being an Incurable Collector, the Dichotomy of Dawn I call it!  I have been the Creator of my own Nightmare! *Le Sigh* Those of you also Aging Out and downsizing understand that sense of urgency you eventually have... to assess possessions and simplify Life as much as you know you should tho'.  Not only for your Heirs not to have to Deal with later, but also for upkeep reasons... since you just don't want to have to Care for so much anymore in your advanced Years.  There are things I'd rather be doing than taking Care of Stuff even if I like all my Stuff still.  Pandemic has also made me assess Priorities more and what is truly important to me now, versus what might have been when we weren't this Age. 

I'm getting Lazier in my Old Age when it comes to Housekeeping and Maintaining shit, I know this, I'm slowing way down and have a finite amount of Energy and Stamina now. Yet there's really no Budget to Hire Staff to do the things I'd rather not bother with anymore.  *LOL*   So, perhaps if I Sell Off a lot more, I'll have less to Care for and extra Funds to Hire someone to do what I don't want to be bothered with doing myself now?  *Winks*   The Man isn't that motivational to initiate anything, but he will assist me in Projects if I ask him to, or he sees me deep into something he wants to join in on.  He hasn't been Well lately, so I'm Okay with him taking it easy anyway and not pushing himself physically. I've been worried about him lately.

Today I think will be when I initiate the RV Garage Project... if it doesn't look like Rain I can haul some things outside of the RV Garage and Stage stuff there until I decide what to do with it.  With having Acreage and no HOA to harass us, I can take my time with clearing out the Space and reorganized it, even if it means some stuff has to sit outside for a while to accomplish that.  Since Organization is the Granddaughter's strength, if she wants to get in on it while on Fall Break, I'll Welcome having a Partner to help me Deal with it.  She does like seeing what all I've got stashed away, Curiosity gets the best of her.  *Ha ha ha*  If I had all our Adult Grandchildren present to put to work, with their Significant Others and Friends, we could knock this shit out in Days!  *LOL*  But... I don't...

The Man and I got so much done last Winter and early Spring, so I know we can get ever so much more done as we progress with this Project and attain the Goal of downsizing enough to live here comfortably.  There are some Projects I can give he and T.J. to work on, like putting stands on the bottom of my Antique Door Collection so that I can utilize them as Room Dividers in the RV Garage.  To break up Spaces to Decorate individually, rather than having one cavernous Space visually and to try to make useful.  With not utilizing it as an RV Garage I'd rather it become an extended Living Space with some areas devoted to Storage.

Now, if I can just get sufficiently motivated and step away from the Blog, I can make some progress in the right direction before Winter is a wrap!  Because I am mos def not one of those peeps who has nothing to occupy my Time during Pandemic Lockdown and nothing to be done around here!  But I've perfected the Art of Avoidance like nobody's business during this Isolationist Period!!!  *LOL*  And I've got no motivational Posse at the ready to jump start my Ass and dive in there with me.   So... I've concocted a host of excuses to keep putting off what I dread to have to tackle, that often seems too much for one person to accomplish as a pathetic Army of One.


But lets Drink to me doing it anyway... and Stay Thirsty my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl