Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Day Of Gypsies, Karens, And Moroccan Flavor

 Another Two-Fer Post kinda day, since... why not?  *LOL*  On Saturday I'd decided to go back to the Event to ask my Friend Big Kenny about some Antique Pharmacy Apothecary he had.  I wanted to buy the entire Set if I could get a mutually agreeable negotiated price.  He was selling them all individually, not as a Set, but they were a matching Set.   I know he has seen my Collections and realizes I'd appreciate them and their rarity and value.  He agreed that they don't command what they used to and it can be a very narrow demographic of Collector of such things and a specific Customer that would Decorate with them at all.  I like the Quirky Treasures, many people don't.  Those with the Red on their Labels in Front are part of the Set of Six I bought and successfully Negotiated a Deal on.

Tho' those types of items are Primo for Decorating for Halloween, most people wouldn't invest that much in their Halloween Seasonal Decor just to put out during a Holiday as a Prop either.   For their Age these were in excellent condition, usually those Glass Labels get chipped with the use they had when in a Pharmacy at the turn of the Century.   Big Kenny said that the Collector he bought them from had very high end Collections with only the very best of whatever he Collected, it shows.   Four of them have the wide mouth Jars with fat Stoppers, Two have the bottle neck Jars with narrow Stoppers, only one Stopper had a Chip off the Glass and only one Jar had a small chip on the Rim of it's mouth.  Neither condition issue shows when Displaying them in my Antique Medical Cabinet.

That's all I got on the return visit, it had been my Mission Statement and I stuck to it.   It was a breezy pleasant day, as you can see by my Kimono flapping in the Breeze by the Courtyard Entrance.    We're liking that the intense Heat is slowly tapering off, but it's not quite feeling like Fall yet except in the Morning and Evening.   The Man wanted to come with me, so he was in tow, initially neither he or Princess T wanted to go, but he decided he was bored enough and changed his Mind before I could Escape without an entourage.  *LOL*   It was all Good because we did other things after the Event that he likes to do, so he enjoyed himself and the day out together and so did I.   We made a whole day of it.

He even posed for the Obligatory Blog Fodder Pix to prove he was in tow... Winks... and he even brought his New Cane in with him and made quite a production out of using it.  *LOL*   I see a lot of Old People do that, if they have Medical Equipment they make a Display and Production out of using it to draw Attention and perhaps Sympathies?  *LMAO*   He's not so doddery that he couldn't Walk without it, or tip over like an Old Cow or a Fainting Old Goat.  But it is good for him to stabilize himself, since he has been having trouble with one side of his Body not cooperating with the Signals from his damaged Brain.  He's lost 20 lbs. with all the Walking I'm having him do, so that is Helpful too.  I've freakin' only lost 5 lbs. doing even more physical activity than him... so NOT FAIR!  *Le Sigh*

That unidentified "thing" and Situation on my Breast finally came to a Head and drained like Hell, definitely it had infection, so I'm glad I'm on New and stronger Antibiotics.   Two things came out of it's center that looked like Barbs, whether Insect or Plant I couldn't tell you, they were clear and transparent looking yet sharp on one end.   So, either something stung me and left Stingers in, or I rubbed up against something in Nature in the Desert that had Barbs, which isn't such a stretch in a Desert, everything has Thorns or Needles of some kind!   *LOL*   I'll keep a close Eye on it now it's an open wound that is draining, it looks bad but feels ever so much better now the toxins have drained out.  I should see it beginning to Heal now and if it doesn't I'll get some follow-up so they can take another look at it and ensure Healing is not being compromised by the Diabetes. 

  I Loved this Two Feather's Cigar Display that was painted on an Antique Window that my Designer Friend Michelle had in her Space.  The Font is very 1960's Hippie Cool, Loved the Native American Graphics too.  The Window is obviously much older than the Sixties, probably from a Historic Building.  I think in the 60's it had been painted on for the Cigar Display Advertisement in some Old Building that housed the Shop?   Probably now Building and Shop are long gone and this is the remnant of both in the form of Architectural Salvage Rescued?   The fact it was Salvaged and Saved makes me Happy even if the Building nor the Shop managed to Survive the ravages of Time and alleged Progress.  So much has been Lost, that anything Rescued that can still Exist, makes my Heart Sing.


I also Loved my Friend Michelle's Two Wooden Carved Mermaids.   We stayed longer due to it not being overly crowded and so The Man didn't have Sensory Overload and it was mellow enough an experience he didn't short-circuit.  Usually he doesn't know what to do other that follow me like a Puppy afraid of getting left behind.  *LOL*   I told him he was free to wander and look at whatever he wanted to, but sometimes he realizes he might become disoriented and not know where to find anything familiar, so he didn't.   He stuck to me like Glue and that's Okay, better than putting out a Silver Alert if I lose him!  *Smiles*  "Where did you see him last Ma'am?"   You'd feel foolish, like losing your Child by leaving them unattended, so it's often best he stick with me, just in case he wanders off, no Lost Vulnerable Seniors or Kiddos on my Watch!  *LOL*

We went to another Antique Mall after the Event, since my Designer Friend Joe said he had some Vintage Halloween over there that he didn't have Displayed at the Event.   It was hard to Source items, but all Halloween Vintage Noisemakers, Joe always had the Goods.  But I'd spent my Budget on the Apothecary Jars, so I didn't buy anything else that day, just Window Shopped everything else and took pixs for Blog Fodder.   We also gleaned Cans at a very large Park we Love in the Inner City that has a Lagoon and lots of Mature Shade Trees.   They were having a lot of big Picnics, large BBQ Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Weddings and some Corporate Events, so it was a very upbeat Energy and lots of discarded Aluminum Cans.

Especially Outside, people are clearly feeling more comfortable gathering in larger numbers again.   The Public Restrooms still ask you to Mask Up when you use the Facilities Indoors at the Parks.  But when walking around Outside, since we steer clear of all People, The Man and I don't wear our Masks while Can Gleaning otherwise.   We always do Indoors or if we must be close to anyone, whether we know them or not.   People respectfully seem to be Socially Distancing better, with just a few exceptions now, which is also a Relief.   I think now it's more force of Habit to just give someone their Space and once it becomes Habitual, people don't even have to Think about it to just do it as a New Social Norm and Etiquette to comply with.

Isaac will be taking Princess T to "Fear Farm" Haunted Attraction Tonight and they both have a Peace about attending it.  It's on larger Acreage than it used to be since it's grown considerably in recent Years.  We thought it had Closed Down due to Pandemic when it vacated the Farm near our New Home... turns out it just moved to another larger Farm further North on the same Road.  Now the previous location has Soccer Fields and matches, which is really Big here in the West Valley, you see more Soccer than any other Sport nowadays.  Of coarse it's always been the most Popular Sport outside of the U.S., now it's rivaling American Football, Basketball and Baseball here too.

By pure Serendipity we found a new Favorite Restaurant, ALZOHOUR Moroccan and Middle Eastern Restaurant and Market.    The Chef is Moroccan and a Lovely Lady, Three of our Favorite Middle Eastern Restaurants have Closed during Pandemic and Two won't be Opening again and sadly went out of Business.   We didn't even realize it until we tried all Three, unsuccessfully, while I was Craving Middle Eastern Cuisine for Dinner!    Sinbad's and Persian Cafe' are both now gone, I was sad to see that since Sinbad's had been there at their location a long time and had a great Middle Eastern Bakery alongside the Restaurant.   Now it's some Rib Shack and Persian Cafe' is getting some Chain Restaurant in that location to replace it.   Our 3rd Choice was having repairs and just Closed for that.  So, it was fortuitous, otherwise we wouldn't have found this Gem!  It had the best Falafel!

We also Shared the Sampler Platter so that The Man could try some things he'd never had before.   Usually I Dine solo when going to my Middle Eastern Restaurants because the Family isn't as familiar with the Cuisine as I am and timid about trying new things.   The Man really liked the Kofta, Gyro, and Lamb Shish Kabab... he wasn't as keen on the Chicken Shish Kabab due to it's Spices.  He did like the Saffron Rice and the Falafel, as well as the Pickled Vegetables.   He didn't want any of the Stuffed Grape Leaves, even tho' I assured him every Restaurant and Family Recipe for them is different, so he should try just one, since these were Moroccan.   The Chef and Owner is Moroccan and by pure Serendipity I was wearing a Moroccan Antique Necklace a Friend Sold me that she bought while living in Morocco.  The Owner LOVED it and we talked about her Country.

I will definitely have to come back earlier in a day to get some of her Moroccan Sweets, she was almost Sold Out by Dinnertime.  She told me to check out her Website on The Book of Faces, the Link was provided above in Green, just click on it to get some real Eye Candy.  I did Crib some Images because her Presentation is as Delightful as her Skill as a Chef, who is Masterful at Creating her Country's Dishes as well as some other Middle Eastern Fare popular in other Countries.  Apparently she has been profiled on TV and other Media Coverage, plus does large Catering Events for various Clients Special Events as well as for Traditional Religious Events within the Middle Eastern Community.

Many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Restaurants have the Home-Made Baklava, but I've never seen such a selection as what she Creates of the Moroccan Treats, which are visually Stunning and I'll have to taste test each one!  *LOL*   I was reading what some of the ingredients are and I'm sure it will become a new Addictive Craving once I've had some!   At least they're small bites, so I shouldn't go into an instant Diabetic Coma if I indulge on the rare occasion?!  *Ha ha ha*   The Owner is such a Sweetheart and it's an intimate small Restaurant and the majority of people were coming in to pick up very large Takeout Orders, so we had the place to ourselves mostly that Evening.

It truly felt like you were Dining in someone's Home, very Inviting and Intimate.  I was Surprised how much The Man ate, since he hasn't usually been a Fan of Middle Eastern Cuisine, but neither he nor I had eaten Moroccan before, so this was my first Experience and now it's a new Favorite of both of ours!   I recognized some of the staple Middle Eastern dishes, but there were some new ones and some unusual ones you can't find just anywhere that I'm going to try the next time.   They do serve Goat Tagine, I like Goat, haven't been able to find it at any Restaurant here in the U.S. tho', it's more common to find on Menus Overseas where it is eaten a lot.

Anyway, we had plenty of leftovers to take Home even tho' we ate so much we felt like Beached Whales leaving!  *LOL*   This is hearty fare and Visually it's as Stunningly Presented as it is delicious!   Now when I have a Craving for Falafel I won't have to travel all the way to the East Valley to get some really good Falafel! *Smiles*   I just Love finding new Gems of Restaurants that may have been around a while, but were off the beaten Path and I didn't know about.   This Restaurant, Bakery and Food Market also has a Boutique selling Moroccan Clothing and Accessories.   About half of the small Strip Mall it's in is occupied by this Owner's Businesses.   It's located at 7814 N. 27th Avenue in Phoenix, just South of Northern Avenue.


Okay, so now I've got you salivating and Jonesin' for Moroccan Dishes, even if you've never tried them either *Winks*... I'm done with the Food Porn.  *LOL*  While Creating this Post Princess T has been behind me in the Hallway doing Isaac's Laundry!  Oh, how Domestic!  *LMAO*  To be fair, he fell in one of the irrigation ditches and got wet when they were taking their Walk last Night!  He said he felt stupid because she sprung over it like a Gazelle so he thought he could make it and fell short, ended up in the ditch full of irrigation water!  *LMAOROTF*  So, there went his Macho Moment and she felt bad, so said she'd wash his clothes and lend him some of hers, which do fit, ironically they're the same size!  

  I guess she's meeting his Mother today and is nervous about appearing either Too Basic or Too Much!   Well, I assured her that nobody in our Family has ever been accused of being "Basic", tho' the "Too Much" could be problematic and form a Visual Judgment!?  *Bwahahahahahahaha*   Just look Cute and not look Too Hoochie I instructed, that should go over well with someone's Mother.  *Winks*  She's a Good Girl but they don't know her and so sometimes people make snap assumptions based on impressions that may or may not be accurate about people they know nothing about.  She's bold about Fashion and Fearless about what she wears, but she knows some of the Older Ladies look at her disapprovingly.  I say, they're just Jealous and sure Wish they could look that Good!  *Ha ha ha*   

I say this because anyone under 30 always compliments her on the Ensembles she wears and random people always walk up and tell her how Cute she looks in her Outfits.   She has been told that by some over 30, but mostly the over 30 crowd is pretty uptight and judgmental about the Young who look different and are bold and comfortable about Fashion.   When I was at the Event one of the Young Cashiers had a Quirky short Hairstyle and Bold Fashion Look, she was Adorable and totally Rocking it.    Two very "Basic" Karens behind me in Line, a Mother and Daughter duo, were being very Snarky, Judgmental and Unkind about the Girl's appearance.  So I just turned around and looked them up and down with a disdainful Critique without Words, that shut them up instantly!!!  *Bwahahahahaha* 

They would be the sort my Mom would say would be Overlooked rather than Looked Over, nuff said, no Words needed.   When someone looks 'Basic' they almost can't stand anyone who Stands Out and it doesn't elevate them in the least when they're vocal about their Self-Righteous Pretentiousness, Jealousies, petty Prejudices or Insecurities.   The Mom had more Face Foundation on to try to hide her ravaged by Age complexion than Tammy Faye Bakker!   It just accentuated she had a lot of Wrinkles and a bad Complexion, she'd of been better off going Natural.   The Daughter was nothing to look at, tho' she certainly had thought she was All That, 'til I gave her the disdainful Up and Down. 

  You can say a LOT with your Eyes above your Mask, she Blushed and shut the fuck up about the other Girl, who was about her Age, but Cuter and way more Fashionable. *Bwahahahaha*   Hey, if you're gonna be so harshly Critical of someone else, better look in the Mirror first Honey, lest you be equally Judged.   A LOT could be said about them both that wouldn't have been flattering and so I put them on Blast here... that was left unsaid there but conveyed with a Look.  *LMAO*   Otherwise, had they just shut up and not been Mean Girls, they were so "Basic" they would go unnoticed and be virtually invisible in Public, just sayin'. 

 If what they were about to say out loud and intentionally overheard wasn't an improvement over Silence, they should have kept it in their Heads and remained Silent, instead of sounding like a couple of Jealously Judgmental Ratchet Bitches.  What they were buying was very "Basic" too, filler stuff, nothing that would make a Statement.  *Yawn*   Very predictable boring taste, or lack thereof, I can only imagine how Boring their Homes looked, if it looked anything like them, it would be underwhelming.   Anyway, standing in front of them in Line to get checked out was just annoying, because they were annoying and so pretentious, like the Subdivision Hell Women always were, Gak!   So I wanted them to just shut up... and was glad my Looking them Over made them finally Silent. *Winks*

Yes, I can be Ratchet like that too if someone just annoys the Hell out of me and comes across as a total Bitch or Male equivalent of one.  *Ha ha ha*   Normally I wouldn't be in close Orbit to that ilk, I don't run in those Circles... but in Lines you never know whose gonna be in close proximity that you have to endure for the wait.  *Smiles*   I prefer to have people in Line who are Interesting, Lovely, Sociable and not a pain in the Ass or clearly not Nice People.   Oh, Funny Story, a very Elderly Lady at a Goodwill recently was being her Generation's equivalent of a Karen and carrying on something fierce, making a total Spectacle of herself.  It's not like you weren't gonna stop and watch The Show, so everyone was!  People behind her in Line were sighing heavily and annoyed as it was the only Register Open too!

 She wanted her Senior Discount, but it wasn't Senior Discount Day... she wanted the Manager, poor Dear probably didn't even know where she was or what Day, Month or Year it even was?  *Bwahahaha*   I don't know how it got resolved since it went on so long I left, too much Drama and a Headache to stick around for, Bad Energy begets Bad Energy I've found.   Next thing you know everyone is pissed off and a whole Situation unfolds.   It must have been one of those days, since at Work that very Night, we had a group of Old School Romani Gypsies come in and they tried to run out of the Mall stealing shit, but got stopped by the Night Manager and he recovered most of the Stolen Goods!  It was an Old Woman, her Daughter and Three very Young Grandkids.  Even the Kids tried to boost Product!

I'd heard them speaking Romani and eluding they were going to put one over on the Gadji... ruh roh, I told my Two Co-Workers to just be vigilant.   Neither of the Women wanted me to wait on them, they wanted my Co-Workers to.  They kept evading me in fact.  *Smiles*  The Old Woman was wearing a Leopard Print Maxi Skirt and Bright Colored GUESS T-Shirt and Print Head Scarf, Bangles to the Eyeballs... she was definitely Old School Gypsy and quite the Vision.  No way was she buying the expensive Jewelry she wanted to fondle out of them Cases!  *LOL*

  She wanted to look at all the most expensive Jewelry in the Cases and handle it all or reach into the Case!  I felt bad for Judith trying to make sure nothing got Palmed and ripped off.  The Daughter and Kids had on equally mismatched layered Clothing and were looking at Clothing, so I alerted Staff to pay attention to make sure no more layers ended up on them.  I suspect some did, but, it would be hard to tell if they layered enough of it over their existing layers of totally mismatched Clothing.   That's intentional by the way, when there's that much going on visually, it's difficult to discern what they weren't wearing when they came in!?  *LOL*

So keep viewing Video Surveillance, especially of the Baby in the Stroller, which is where the Younger Woman was piling shit up.   They wouldn't let you take anything up front and it was one of those Situations where if something Looks like a Duck, Walks like a Duck and Talks like a Duck, it's a Duck.  I knew we had Problems so long as they remained in The Mall, one being a Distraction while the other one or the Kiddos boosted shit.   Keeping your Eyes on a Crew rolling like that would be like herding Cats... they were heading in all directions and sections and we were quite busy since there were a lot of Customers in the Mall.  Ideal conditions for Thieves.

Listen, I don't like it when anyone assumes all people of Gypsy Heritage are Thieves because that isn't True, but you do get the ones that are, just like every single ethnic group on the Planet.   There are those that are dishonest in every Society and Culture.   Sadly a lot of Honest Gypsies also get the bad stereotypical Rap perpetuated that has caused a lot of Non-Gypsies to not Trust any of them, which is unfortunate to get Labeled something you are not guilty of yourself.   It is also why many people of Gypsy Heritage will not admit to their Heritage or deny it, since it often denies them employment and discriminates even where they might be Welcome to live or be tolerated in the least.   They have always been a very marginalized, discriminated against, feared and judged Community. 

 But this Band was Bad News and I knew it, they knew I knew it, they were Smooth too and I'd guess newly Immigrated.   A lot are being resettled here from Europe.  The shakedown in the Parking Lot probably didn't recover everything.  The Old Lady was shooting daggers at me via her Eyes and Vibe anytime I was close by... while my Friend Judith waited on her.  Intentionally shot 'em right back at her, Touche' Babatie, I SEE you and how you're trying to run your Game on my Friends.  *LOL*   Anyway, at least we recovered some of what they went out the Doors with and tried to boost.   After the Gangbangers of the other Week doing the same, it's getting exhausting how vigilant you have to be in order not to have the Thieves rip shit off in volume brazenly now!  It just makes me both Mad and Sad.


Happy Autumn and a Happy Halloween to you all... Dawn... The Bohemian

In Real Time... Shit Changes FAST!


In Real Time it's a Tuesday Night and I think my Precious One just got her little Heart broken and is crying in her Room in the Dark.   Grandpa came in to tell me she'd just come back from visiting Straight Anthony and just before that Irresistible Isaac had come over and left early taking a big pile of all his things with him... Hoodies, X-Box, the Works!  *Ruh Roh!*   Well, it was bound to happen, he's Older, she's Too Young, they wanted different things in a Relationship and I could see that Writing on the Wall.   I dutifully went in to see if she was Okay, clearly she wasn't, but said she would be, she knows we can Talk if she wants to and needs to.  My Heartstrings ached for her, when Relationships end, with people you enjoyed being with, it's always difficult at any Age.

 She's not ready for a 'Boyfriend' and her insisting I Chaperone everything and only having him come over to hang out here was likely wearing thin with The Young Man and a complete anomaly in this Day and Age of how Teen Girls act?  We do roll Old School like that, this ain't our first Rodeo and a Teen Grandbaby's Virtue is high on our List.   He's a really Nice, hard working, trustworthy Young Man, but probably should set his sights on someone Older and ready for Dating.  He'll be an excellent Catch for some Older Young Lady wanting and ready for a Boyfriend, she wasn't The One.  I'm kinda glad she wasn't, I prefer her to hang out with her Boy Posse of just Friends, that's more of what she wants and needs at her tender age and I don't have to be so vigilant things aren't progressing too fast.

Back when she had Gay Timmy as part of her Boy Posse, he was her Virtue Guarder and there was no way a Straight Guy on the Move was getting near my Precious One.  *Smiles*  He was 'Safe', a Guy who knows how Guys think, but who wouldn't ever be interested in being more than just a Friend, due to his own Orientation.   They often talked candidly about stuff that probably she didn't want to have to discuss with her Old Grandparents or most Straight Guys, but could when her Brother lived at Home, from the Gay Guy perspective on how Guys are.   Yes, she has great Communication with us and knows no Topic is Off Limits with us and we'll always speak The Truth In Love... but some conversations are just awkward, we Get It.  Plus, we came off the Ark with Noah, remember?  *Winks*

So, anyway, her Broken Heart will Heal and this was a first Experience with a Crush that progressed about as far as a 15-16 Year Old Girl Crush probably should with a Young Man whose Grown... for his sake and hers.   That Truth won't be Helpful to her right now in her Angst ridden state of Being.  It's not quite the same as when her and Gay Timmy became on The Outs and she was Okay with that Relationship running it's course and ending.  Mostly because his Lifestyle Choices were heading in a Neg direction she also didn't want to go, I'm very glad she's using Wisdom and discernment beyond her Years, my Golden Child.  Not that she always will make the best Choices, in Life we never always do, but she tries to and that's what counts.

Moving On... since Gramma can't mend her Broken Heart for her, she'll have to move thru her stages of Grief over what transpired between them and why.  On to Happier Topics, a New Competition on the Food Network surfaced for Halloween and involves Three Teams of Chocolatiers who have to Create a Scene out of Chocolates and Candy exclusively and be Judged with a Winner that gets a Year's worth of Product from Hershey Park, a Vacay to the Theme Park, and Ten Grand... plus the Show is Hosted there in the wee Hours of the Night and Early Morning when nobody is there!   I really Loved this Show and it's Pace, it's Judging and the Skill level of it's Competitors.  The Team I was rooting for Won with this Vignette that had Creepy Doll Heads and parts, but also Whimsey.

I always like when the Self-Taught Artisans prevail over the Formally Trained ones who can be quite Arrogant and Condescending towards them.   There was a European Chocolatier Dude like that on one Team, I think he was Dutch and World renown, but very Snarky about the other Two Teams 'lack of Techniques'.  I didn't like him immediately, he was a pompous Ass and very full of himself.  Well, for all his showing off of Techniques and being Formally Trained and World Renown, his Team had the worst Display in my Amateur Opinion and I was glad he got put in his place and Humbled.   A touch of Humility will do him good and perhaps his Arrogance will be Checked?  *Winks*  

Okay, so, Yes, I did Delight perhaps too much in him not only Losing, but having the most unfavorable Critique by the Judges.   All of whom are respectful of his Stellar Reputation in the Industry, but also Professionals in this line of Work, speaking Truth about the flaws of his Display as Judges are required to do while Judging.   It was ugly and unimaginative compared to the other Two Creations, lots of relying on Techniques, but very little Creativity going on, it was Boring and Meh.   I didn't even Photograph it, that is how underwhelming and forgettable it was!  *LOL*   Swipe to the Left the Arrogant Dutch Chocolatier Guy who was way too confident he had an easy Win and was instead a Loser... a rather Sore petulant one with Excuses... sound Familiar?   *Bwahahahaha*

The other Two Teams did an exemplary Job, I liked them both, but the one I liked best did Win.   It was a Haunted Forrest Challenge and the other Team that didn't Win had done an Amazing Job of Creating an entire Chocolate Forrest with loads of Details and Techniques.  Including Mini Trick-Or-Treaters wearing Candy Bar Costumes paying Homage to Hershey, the Sponsor, clever move.   So, if they had of Won I would have thought them equally Worthy of a Win... just not Dutch Dude.   He wouldn't have been deserving with that lame Display he Created that didn't even make sense or have something that resembled a Tree or Halloween in it, I couldn't even follow what his Story Line was supposed to Convey?  Mebbe it was a Dutch thing, perhaps they don't do Halloween there, I dunno?  *Smiles*

I liked the "Alice In Wonderland" Vibe of the Memorable Characters in the Team's Vignette who Won.   And the "Wizard Of Oz" Vibe of the Memorable Tree Characters in the other Losing Team's Forrest.   The Winning Team's Tasting Treat was Hand Carved Molded Chocolate Doll Heads with Treat Brains and Plants growing out of the Skulls!  I don't know if the Show was a One Off or they're going to do it Weekly right up to Halloween?  I really liked it tho', the Concept was Fresh and Fun, I really got into it and it's New, they never did a Halloween Contest like it.   I hope it's more than just the one Episode?  I'd watch this one every Week up thru Halloween!

   I'm just not getting into the Pumpkin Carving Show spinoff, I liked it better when they were a part of the Teams on Halloween Wars and combined their Talent with Cake and Candy Masters.  I'm watching it, but it seems their Work isn't as good as it was when they were combining Talents.   A lot of it seems unfinished and not the caliber I expected from a predominantly Pumpkin Carving Masters Show.  Perhaps I'm Critiquing them too hard coz I'm mad they left the "Halloween Wars" Show and did their Spinoff?  *LOL*   Plus, I think I know who might Win already, it's not looking as close a Competition as I'd like it to be.

I'm still mad at Zak Bagans making a big deal of being the Host of "Halloween Wars" and he doesn't even bother to show up.  They still have him on those flickering TV Screens talking to the Contestants and doing shameless plugs for his own Show and Haunted Attraction in Vegas.  Perhaps he's Bankrolling the Show this Year, it sure seems like it and I was initially excited he'd be the Host... again I'm Critiquing harshly because the Show is actually delivering now in the quality of the Work the Cake and Candy Masters are pulling off.   It's difficult to even tell whose going to Win or go Home with whose left competing.   Shinmin Li even cried when she had to eliminate this Week's Team.  One Young Man from Mississippi whose only 20 on that eliminated Team is a Made For TV Personality everyone just Loved.

I just Loved this Team's entry for the Show's Episode, but the Judges didn't like the interpretation of the Apparition, and they almost got eliminated!  I would have been upset had they eliminated this Team for this Creation because it was far better than all the rest.  The Judges were impressed by things that I didn't think were that Memorable about the other Creations, tho' they were well executed and of coarse I'm not tasting the Creations, which is part of how they Win or Lose too this Season.   I am still mad they did away with the Small Scare and Tasting Element part of the Show, along with eliminating the Pumpkin Carvers and choosing a Host that is absent from the Set.   Devoted Fans of the previous Decade of Seasons don't like the Changes at all for this Season 11.

In case you think I'm being petty... the Judges liked this Creation of what was supposed to be a Furnace eating a person, which looked nothing like a Furnace to me and more like a Weird Tree Stump... and Yes, the Socks were good, but... SOCKS impressed them more than the Face on that Apparition standing on a total pulled Sugar Base with no armatures holding it up?    And, the Team that Won this Episode had a Zombie Gramma beside another Furnace, that looked nothing like a Zombie, tho' their Furnace was better.    But, if you're going to say your Main Character is a Zombie, it should convey being a Zombie, not just a Gramma with a Creepy Smile and Milk Clouded Eyes, coz I couldn't tell she was supposed to be a Zombie 'til they explained she was supposed to be one.   I couldn't tell the above pix was supposed to be a Furnace 'til they explained it was supposed to be one.

  Mebbe the Judges just had a Thing for Old Furnaces being particularly Scary, I dunno?   I do remember our enormous Old Furnace in the Basement of Base Housing in Upper Michigan at K.I. Sawyer AFB did Scare us Kids, it made weird noises, was huge and seemed Alive when it kicked on.  But it kept us from Freezing to Death!  *LOL*   Here's a Closeup of that Awesome looking Hand-Carved Doll Head Tasting Element from the Winner of the Chocolatier/Candy Master Show.   The Dutch Chocolatemeister made a Boring White Bon-Bon with Two Dots on it that was supposed to represent a Ghost!  Yeah, apparently it tasted great, but it was underwhelming in the Creativity factor Visually.   This apparently Tasted fab and looked Cool and Madly Creative since she made and Sculpted her own Molds!

A Lifelong BFF sent me this Ahhhmazing fold-out Halloween Card.   It Cheered me up, I can't even recall last time I received a Greeting Card and I typically kept the Halloween ones over the Years.   This is a Keeper, the Cadaver spins in his little Doorway.    Now I can go out and find a Cool one to reciprocate the Exchange... hardly anyone does Cards anymore so I never want my Friends or Family to feel Obligated if I were to send them one first and they'd rather Opt Out of Card Exchanges.    Even Christmas Card Exchanges are waning considerably, we used to get enough sent to us to Wallpaper an entire Wall during the Holidays.  Now there are probably less than a Dozen people we know who still participate.

 I still enjoy things like this tremendously, but it seems it's gone the way of the Dinosaurs for most people. You hardly ever see a Hallmark Store in the Big Malls anymore and the few left have hardly any Inventory compared to the Old Days.   Mom and I should have owned Shares in Hallmark, it was one of our Fav Stops at the Mall, I think of her every time I do see the Rare one left.   I get all Emotional and Teary Eyed in fact, especially since if I go into one I don't even buy anything anymore because mostly there's nobody left to send them to.    The kept Cards that the Sender is no longer with us, I Cherish, but they make me choke up now too... the Card remaining, the Person not.

UPDATE:  Apparently Isaac came back and so now there's no Trouble in Paradise and she's dried her little Eyeballs, tho' she looks rather like a Raccoon, so it's fairly obvious she had a meltdown after he left with all his stuff.   I'm semi-glad because he's supposed to take her Trick-Or-Treating Halloween Night and wear a Costume that compliments her Naughty Cop one she had me to spend over Fifty bucks on and they chose together... so there's THAT!   She'd of probably forced Straight Anthony to be her Criminal Sidekick if Isaac had Exited Stage Left permanently!  Or stayed Home Halloween Night and shredded her Costume in a fit of Bipolar Rage?!  *Whew*   And she came in to tell me he was back and Smile... and I inquired if I had to ensure he doesn't leave again with a Knife sticking out of his Back?  She laughed maniacally!   He is Dancing with the Devil, whether he knows it or not!?  *Bwahahahaha*



Having a bout of Halloween Nostalgia ... Dawn... The Bohemian  

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bountiful Market ~ Sweet Salvage

 I think I'm gonna do a Two-Fer Post Today because my initially pre-scheduled one was so Dark and depressing.  But, I wrote it while I wasn't in the best possible Head Space and I'm all better now.  *LMAOROTF*   Well, at least I now know I don't have Breast Cancer, so it relieved a lot of stress and anxiety over that possibility when my Breast started looking Suspect!  I still don't know what it is, but what it isn't was Great News to me.  I don't even Care what it is now I know it's not Serious, the Base Doc thought I had a very Positive Attitude when I told them that.  They have no idea what to me could be construed as Good News in Mi Vida Loca, you know?  If I did get bitten by some poisonous Insect and Lived, I'm totally Okay with that!  *LOL*  Yes, I'll keep a close Eye on the Wound since I'm a Diabetic, but now I'm not Stressing!

Okay, so the Theme this Month for SWEET SALVAGE was "Bountiful Market" and had a lovely Autumnal Vibe.  I was 3rd in Line on Opening Day and got to meet and talk to Two Delightfully Lovely Ladies from Wyoming in front of me in Line that were there for the first time.  I really liked these Two Gals, they were my kind of people and they Scored some great things at their first Event there. They were liking Arizona and had spent time in Scottsdale, which they thought was too Pretentious.   True that!

 I had to laugh and agree with them about how ridiculously pretentious so many folks can be in some parts of the City.   And you know already how I feel about Bougie people.  Swipe to the Left to all the Karens and their uppity Spouses and entitled Spoiled Spawn.  *Smiles*   Clearly it wasn't their Vibe to be among the pretentious either, so I doubt they'll be looking for Real Estate in Snottsdale... as I like to call it.  *Winks*   Good to scope out the Vibe of any Community before you Invest in it.  I Hope they find a less Pretentious spot to Land if they decide to buy Real Estate in Arizona, around people as Stellar as they clearly are.

My Friend Big Kenny was saying he still has a scant few Rob Zombie Props he could give me a First Cousin Deal on if I wanted one or more.  He's going to shoot me off some pixs of what he had left after last Show, which was a Halloween Theme.  He said he'd come over and help me sort out the RV Garage too and relieve me of a lot of my excess... ha ha ha... he's not kidding, he's serious tho'.  He, his Dad and his Brother have bought a lot from me in the past and especially when I was doing any Big Move... he is a Fabricator, so Architectural Salvage is his Jam.  They bought The Man's ATV too when we were moving from the Historic House and he's the one that bought my Old Jukebox during that Move.  He has the Clientele that dig my stuff.  

Anyway, I just went on a Pumpkin-Palooza with the Velvet Pumpkins my Friend Michelle was Selling.   I did have an early 1918 To-Die-For Loving Cup Trophy in my Stash up front waiting to buy and had been so Excited about.  But while in Line to Pay at Check-Out, the Asst. Manager had to tell me it had already Sold and they'd forgotten to pull it!  *Arghhh!*  And that happens when things get crazy and distracted at big Events.  Yes, I was absolutely Crestfallen and Dying a bit on the Inside, but if another Customer had already bought and paid for it, then it wouldn't have been the Right thing to do to insist on keeping it. *Huge disappointing Sigh tho'!*

  So you plaster on your Happy Face and do something you'd rather not HAVE to do but know you SHOULD do.  Nobody would want that situation happening to them.  The Lady had bought it for her Grandmother... Awwww, that's Super Sweet and a Great Gift... and how could I deny a Granddaughter a really Special and Significant Gift to her Granny, Right!?   It would have been petty and dastardly!   She just had either not taken her Purchases with her apparently or been an Online/Phone Order for something she saw in a Preview Pix and asked if she could buy before the Show opened?  Since she Paid for it already, in my Mind it was already hers then.  You do always wanna do the Right Thing, well, I do anyway.  So... Well, Fuuuuuuck!!!  *Le Sigh*  At least I can Vent here and tell ya how I REALLY Felt, to keep it 100!  *Bwahahaha* 

  The Yellow SOLD Signs are on many things like that, this one just hadn't had it pinned on it yet, so I assumed it was still up for grabs.   Many times other Customers interrupt Staff that are doing something for another Customer, and it's so easy when distracted like that.  Then to forget something hasn't been done when you're called away from it and don't get back to it, I understand how that happens all the time when things get hectic.   It was fortuitous it was in my Stash, since if some other Customer had Scored it, they might have insisted on it being Sold to them and caused a Bad Situation, which would have been unfortunate for everyone.   To me that would be Bad Karma and I had to look at it as Saving me Money also to NOT have the opportunity to buy it, clearly it wasn't meant to be mine.   Had to be a Good Sport about it and just Move On... *Sob*

It is doubtful I'll find one that Old and Nice at that Price Point again, so, it did put a definite damper on my Shopping Experience, I ain't gonna Lie.  I kinda felt like that Toddler that is told to give a great Toy they have in their possession back that belongs to someone else!  *LOL*  I got there very early to Score the best stuff, so whoever bought the Loving Cup had to of been an Online or Phone Order, I doubt they beat me thru the Doors, since only the Two Wyoming Ladies I'd met were in front of me?  *LOL*   It had been the best thing I'd found at the Event and the Primo Piece I'd been Delighted to Find, but I left with my Pumpkin Hoard and a couple of Smalls... no Major Score... Boo Hoo! 

 Not that I'm deprived mind you... Winks... but you already know that... it's just another of the One's that Got Away and will Torment you for Life now!   But I have a Picture, so there's THAT poor substitute to Remind me for Life now what I had to give up and isn't MINE. *Bwahahahaha*   Yeah, you know how many Torments I have over the Years of great shit that Got Away for one reason or another and for some reason I end up Obsessing about even Years later?   And no matter how much MORE you acquire!?   I guess for an OCD Adult that is typical to have those kinds of irrational Obsessions, but it ain't Fun to know it's gonna happen now that another one Got Away!    Don't anyone now say "1918" or it's likely to be a new Trigger?!   I'm not a Well Woman like that!  *LMAOROTF*

Okay, so what went Right at the Event for me and wasn't a complete Downer, you might be saying?  What DIDN'T get away and drive me to the brink of The Edge of trying not to have an Internal Emotional Meltdown and Senior Childish petulant Tantrum?   *LOL*   Well, there was this Retablo of The Virgin of Guadalupe with Milagros, that I Scored from my Designer Friend Joe, who always has the Goods at a Price Point I don't even have to Waffle on.  Since, truly I did Waffle slightly on the Loving Cup coz it was over $100 and that's about my tipping point for Waffling on an extravagance that I have to Justify in my Head before I pull the Trigger and put it in my Stash without any more hesitation.   This was under $30, which for an Old Retablo is a great Deal for this genre of Devotional Primitive Folk Art I Collect.   Between giving this up or the 1918 Loving Cup, I couldn't have given this up as easily, just sayin'!

There would have been the need for Kleenex and an embarrassingly snotty Cryfest had I been asked to relinquish this!   *LOL*   She's Magnificent and so I'd have to say that after relinquishing my Loving Cup, that wasn't mine after all, She was my Favorite Score of the Show!   No, not very large and definitely not very Expensive either, but Priceless to me, which is what Counts, Right?!   She even has the identical Expression and Countenance, that was perfectly in line with how I felt when I got the unfortunate News about that item I couldn't have.   Of coarse I'm nowhere near as Saintly... Trust and Believe!  *Bwahahahaha*

You have to remember that this Event was the Day Before my Mammogram and Ultrasound would be done and diagnosed, so I was still pretty Anxious and High Strung, so Emotionally I was Raw as Hell.   Only, nobody knew it, since I didn't really wanna talk about it... and as you now know everything turned out Okay in the End and no Cancer, whew!   Well, I dunno, I may or may not have injected that in a recent Post?   All of that is probably hanging out there and not Published yet, since my Pre-Scheduled Posts were Written in Real Time but won't Publish for Days later.  So, Spoiler Alert, there is nothing Life Threatening going on with my Tits, Thanks be to God!  *Whew*   I always think it would be a total Bitch to Survive this Pandemic and get taken out suddenly by anything else, Right?!


Blessings, Love, Light, Be Well and Stay Safe my Friends, Enjoy Autumn... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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