Saturday, October 19, 2019

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part III

I'm really glad that I took a wealth of Images of the Event to see me thru several Blog Posts, since with all this Packing and Purging, the emptying out of Villa Boheme', I haven't been anywhere that I could indulge in Photography lately!  So much of what we own is packed up now, that our Home is rather barren.  It's not looking very much like the Holidays are upon us either.  Yes, it is Clean and Editorial for Selling, but for Daily Life, it's kinda Surreal to be Living with so much less around me all of a sudden.

I don't Hate it tho', which was pleasantly unexpected, I could probably Live like this.  Every Room looks enormous, devoid of objects and most of the usual Furnishings.  This House is ridiculously large anyway, empty it out and it looks even larger and makes me feel so Small in every Room.   So I am conflicted on whether that will be a Selling point or not?  Grandiose would Appeal to some, but be too imposing to others I would suspect... and if it looks pretentiously so, that could potentially be a turn-off?  I'm trying not to over-think the whole thing.

We're trying to do Daily Life while keeping everything pristine... and for a Family of Three, that can be a particular challenge and rather hilarious.  My Friend had done Magic in the Kitchen with deep cleaning the Stove, Microwave and Fridge, so she checks on it regularly when she comes back over to Help.  So now The Man, Princess T and I joke about not messing up HER Stove, Microwave or Fridge, lest we undo all the hard Work she's done making them look practically New and unused!   She didn't have to do the Oven since we never use it!  *LOL*

The Man had mused, "Do you think if we let her come over for Weekend Staycations at the New House, she'd Trade that for Cleaning and keeping our New Kitchen as spotless?!"   As much as she Loves to Clean, I wouldn't doubt it, we'll have to ask.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   I, myself, am NO Domestic Goddess... the Trade Off for The Man being, that when he Married me, I had excellent Earning Potential and made more Money than he did, so my lack of Domestic Skills was a total non-issue.   Now I have no Career and still am no Domestic Goddess... Housekeeping just ain't my Jam, what can I say?!  *LMAO*  

I am not messy and I like a Home in Order and Tidy, I just never heard anyone say on their Deathbed that they didn't do nearly enough Housework... just sayin'!  *Winks*   I have often joked when someone has asked how I keep such an enormous Home Clean and say, "Oh... I'm supposed to Clean it?!?"  *LOL*  It is a lot of Maintenance and that's one of the primary reasons I'm not that impressed with keeping a ridiculously large Home, no matter how Beautiful it is, since I cannot afford Staff.  *Smiles*   Many around here hire Staff and don't do any of their own Work in the Home or the Yard... I'm not used to that... nobody in da Hood had Staff.  *Bwahahahaa!*

I am looking forward to having 2.5 Acres of Natural Scenic Desert that I don't have to Maintain and can just let it be completely Natural.   The View of unspoiled Pristine Desert is preferable to me to this Manicured rigid Landscaping the HOA dictates.   It looks Okay, but they're way too Uptight about it for my liking and have far too many restrictions on what you can plant and how it has to look.   The Standard being pruned within an inch of the Life of each Plant or Tree, Mother Nature in submission is just Sad to me.  Many Plants and Trees just die from the butchery... or perhaps they end up lacking the Will to Live under such oppression and domination, I dunno?

If Wildlife ventures in from the surrounding Desert, because their Habitat has had such encroachment with the mass building of all these Subdivisions replacing it, they are considered the Nuisance.   At the New Home, Nature and the Home are in complete Harmony co-existing seamlessly, which The Man and I found particularly Appealing that so much Wildlife was evident and coming right up to the House.   

Granted, Miss Priss will have to spend more time indoors than she presently does so as not to become a Meal.  Tho' even here some Predatory Animals pick off a lot of Domestic Pets, so she's been very Guarded from Day One!   She was a Working Cat at the Old Homestead and has some Street Smarts, having been a Stray in the Urban Jungle before Adopting us.   Since the House is atop a Mesa, it does have some protection from the Desert below it, some of which is part of the Property's Acreage too.

Princess T's progress in the Double Car Garage has been astounding!  I have to Work Tuesday, Friday and Saturday Nights, so could only put half the Time in to packing on Work Days.  We're thinking we might spend Saturday Morning at the Storage Unit re-configuring all the Boxes to be more stabilized and make more room.  So, Hopefully, while doing all that, we'll discover her missing Halloween Costume she inadvertently packed?   She's working so hard and diligently, that I kinda wanna take the Time to find it for her, since the misunderstanding was primarily my fault.  A Kid has no concept of time lines of buying or selling Real Estate... Hell, most Adults don't!  *LOL*

And tho' she's been a Good Sport about her missing Costume, it was beyond Sad when she's been spending Time trying to improvise some Ghetto Version of a Costume that costs Nothing, by smearing Old Lip Gloss Special Effects Gore all over her Face!   She wanted my critique and tho' I didn't think it was half bad, it was such a Hot Mess for her to remove and not irritate her Skin.   It looked uncomfortable too, Lip Gloss not being meant for the entire Face!  *LOL*

So, Yeah, we're gonna try to locate that Evil Clown Costume I spent a small Fortune on at 'The Spirit Store' and which she'll likely outgrow by next Year, making it worthless.  We've been joking that if we can't find it, she'll be forced to wear it at least once a Week thruout the Year, just to get my Money's worth out of it.  She'll just have to prance around Pueblo Boheme' on a given Week Day as an Evil Clown for no apparent reason!  *LMAO*  As you can see we did keep just a few of our Halloween Props up, tho' not many.  

I Confess I got Militant about it after we purged 98.6 of all our Holiday Decor at the suggestion of our Agent, since he said Buyers can be Extreme.  We just don't Care if it offends some overly sensitive types that are too easily offended that we still have a Pumpkin out and a Whimsical Fake Little Shop Of Horrors Plant.  If they won't buy Houses, merely over Holiday Decor present, during the Holidays... that's just too Weird... mebbe House Hunt when it's not the Holidays then???   Just sayin'... the vast majority of people Celebrate Holidays and I'm not one to cater to the minority of people who protest what we Celebrate.  At their House do whatever they want, while Viewing our House they are still Guests until it's not our House.


Do ya wanna Sell the House... Yeah... but if this lingers thru Christmas am I not to put up a Christmas Tree either lest it offend someone who doesn't Celebrate that Holiday?   I'm just not doing it.   I'm not denying our Grandchild the Holidays we Celebrate in the off chance some people merely Viewing the House and not even committing to Buying it, don't like the Decor or Decorations, that's just ridiculous.   I put my Foot down and said either Sell it like it is or we'll keep it and forget about Buying the other one too and everyone loses their Commissions... how about that?!  Have the Viewers GET OVER IT!  Can you only tell this whole Moving shit show has made me testy and somewhat rebellious about being Forced into Conforming?!  *LOL*

Besides, I'm Tired and in considerable Pain every Day now... I'm Dealing with The Man not Coping very well with the disruption in his Routine and pretending to take his Meds... I'm Raising a 14 Year Old... so if it Comforts me to defiantly keep a semblance of our Normal present... in the form of a few faux Pumpkins and Prop from 'Target', fuck whoever doesn't like it!   Aren't I eloquent?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Can you only tell I'm not having Fun anymore and don't wanna Deal with anyone's Bullshit?  *LOL* 

 Can you also tell I'm fed up to my Eyeballs with coercion to bend to the whims of any random person who has Uptight Issues... whether it be the HOA Gestapo or some strong opinionated Yuppies Viewing Homes?  *LOL*  I don't wanna Deal with other people's Hang-Ups, that's precisely Why I'm trying to Escape Subdivision Hell, where they seem to have a slew of them!  Most of them probably have Doctor Feel Good on Speed Dial... or they SHOULD... it could perhaps help them Calm Down about how other people choose to Live!?  *Winks*

Hey, if ya REALLY Dig the House... try to IMAGINE it sans the fucking Pumpkins and Prop from 'Target', Okay... can ya Manage that, make the HOUSE a Priority?!   Try... try real hard... you can do it... Yes, you can!  *Smiles*   Not buying a piece of Real Estate over whether or not the current Owner Celebrates a Holiday is just kinda Bat Shit Cray-Cray IMO, so I'm not even sure I wanna Deal with THAT Buyer anyway... already smells like Drama and a Headache!   So... anyway... got that off my Chest... I will probably Need to get more off my Chest as this whole stressful Ordeal continues. *Winks*  But for now, I Feel Good knowing that most people I know Agree that Selling a Home ain't one of their Fav things to do either.  Buying one is much more Fun!  *LOL*

Attending the Event helped take The Edge off for me and for Princess T... and for my Friend, whose Worked tirelessly too alongside us.   She Sold her Home successfully and then had more of an Ordeal finding a Retirement Home to replace it with.   So I am at least Glad that we found the Forever Home we really want to replace this Property with and spend Retirement in.  I don't think I would have had a Peace with Selling this first and then looking for the Forever Home... no telling how long that might have taken and I don't wanna move Twice, just One more time is MORE than enough!!!

I ran into an Old Friend on the way in to Work and he didn't even know we'd Moved and Sold the Historic Property, he assumed we still lived there.  So he was more than shocked we'd Sold it, since everyone knew how much we Loved it and our Community there... everyone we knew Loved the Old House... plus it was Paid for.  Then when I told him we were Moving yet again, since this just didn't Work Out satisfactorily, he wasn't actually Surprised when I told him it was an HOA Subdivision and a rather Pretentious Community that isn't at all close knit nor necessarily Neighborly.  He said his Parents ran into the same problem when they bought into a Newly built Subdivision and Sold the Home he grew up in.  So I guess it's not uncommon as a Mistake.

If you've enjoyed and had a taste of Freedom to Live Life as you choose... if you have enjoyed a close-knit Neighborly Community you become an integral part of... nothing else measures up that doesn't have any of that.   No matter how Fancy the Homes are, it just won't Feel like 'Home' and you'll know beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that it isn't for you.   It may be for someone... and that's Okay if that is what they are looking for... and many Modern people apparently are content with that Standard and prefer it actually.   I guess we're Dinosaurs in that we come from a different Era and our expectations thus are anchored in how things used to be in a Community.  We don't Need nor Want an HOA and we happen to like to get to know our Neighbors and be Invested in our Community... it's just how we Roll.  I make no apology for that Old School Lifestyle Choice.  Having a CHOICE being the Key Word!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Moving Diaries And Sweet Salvage French Market Part II

Pixs of the "French Market" Event at The Sweet will be intermingled in this Post with the Moving Diaries!  *Winks*  Princess T tackled the Double Car Garage with gusto and got an entire Wall of Milk Crates and Boxes packed up after we got Home from the Event!  That Kid could be a Professional Organizer and when she's on a bender to organize, she could put most Adults to shame!

My Friend and I tackled Upstairs, her in the Meditation Room and I in the Art Studio Loft, we made amazing progress in packing up anything small and eliminating clutter.  After a few Hours tho' I was winding down to where it was time to call it a Night!  Plus, Boxes packed were now everywhere and that means we'll have to make a run to the U-Haul Storage Unit in the Morning to get it all out of here in case more Viewings get Booked?!  At this point we're trying not to make messes inside the House!  *LOL*

My Friend said she wants to bring all remaining Taxidermy I've put into the Storage Unit to her new Home, to join what she's already storing for me in her spare Bedroom.  She's worried about Insects in Storage facilities getting into my Dead Animal Mounts, she could be right, so we'll send them off to Sun City West for a Vacay 'til we get moved into Pueblo Boheme'.  *Smiles*  I'm certain her New Neighbors are Curious as to all the Dead Animals, all Pimped out with Tiaras, Top Hats, Santos Crowns and such, being brought into her New House?!  *LOL*

  My Friend is one of the Younger Residents in her Retirement Community, being she's just barely old enough to qualify to live there.  I'm sure the Old Timers might be thinking, "Well... there goes the Neighborhood!", as she drags Home SUV loads full of all manner of my Dead Animals to her House!?   I mean, she looks like a totally Normal Person, I do not... so it stands out more when she's doing it I would think?!?  *LMAO*

The Art Studio Loft packing went surprisingly fast, since it's mostly Art supplies Organized in Antique Sewing Machine Drawers and Vintage Canning Jars, so I'm just putting the whole filled Storage containers in Boxes.  I figure that way everything will still already be Organized when I unpack it and set up a new Studio Space.   When the Moving Company Guy comes to give me an Estimate on Sunday I'm Hopeful we have most Smalls packed up already so that he doesn't think they have to do all that minutia work too?

Of coarse wouldn't you know during all this packing and purging to Show our Home and make this Move, that Princess T's Annual Dental Check-Up and Cleaning would come due so I'll have to devote an Afternoon to that now?!  We got The Man's VA Doc Appointments and Labs out of the way this Week, but since they didn't have a good result or go well, now we've got Follow-Ups to also squeeze in!  *Le Sigh*  I caught him sneaking Candy again, since he got into the Halloween stash for Trick-Or-Treaters, so clearly the VA Doc's Warnings and the harping of Princess T and I afterwards, fell upon Deaf Ears!  *Le Sigh*

At least this will be the last of Trick-Or-Treating this Year, since the New Home is so remote from Neighbors or a Neighborhood that we won't get any.  I'll be Sad about that since I J'Adore everything about Halloween, including seeing all of the Kiddies in Costume and handing out Candy to the Children in any Community I've lived in.   Perhaps we'll just throw Halloween and Masquerade Parties instead each Year?  I know I'll still Decorate extensively for every Holiday in spite of nobody seeing it except invited Guests and Family.

Tomorrow Morning, before my Friend comes over to go to the Storage Unit with us, Princess T will tackle more of the Double Car Garage since it's going quickly.  That way perhaps we won't have to Rent more Storage Units and can instead use our 3 Garage Spaces for Boxes and Crates packed?  We do already have some in there, but Organizing and packing the Garage Spaces helps to make room for what is being packed up.  I will also be having some Designer and Industry Friends from the recent Event coming over next Week to buy more of my stash of the Good Stuff I'm letting go of, mostly out of the Garage Caches.

I've still got some large Furniture pieces in the House to Sell, but most of it has been Sold and is already gone now.  If I can manage to Sell Off the last pieces I don't want to move, that would be idyllic, I'm not as concerned about Smalls since I can easily hawk those in my own Retail Spaces over Time.   However, I'm allowing access to it all to Friends in the Industry who are willing and able to buy in bulk, to raise fast Cash for our Move quickly.  I'll have a better Idea come Sunday how much the Professional Moving Companies charge for the contents to be Moved to another City about 40 Minutes away?  Since the Home is out on a Mesa, I'm Wondering if that will be Extra?  *LOL*

Isolated flat topped Hills not being so accessible to large Moving Company Trucks, I wouldn't wanna be the Guy trying to traverse that Road into Pueblo Boheme' in a big Ass Moving Truck!   Shit, I White Knuckle it driving my Nissan Titan down into it without ballast!  *Bwahahaha!*   But... The View... and the Privacy, is so worth it... and the Road in is paved... and who knows how many Weird locations these Guys have moved Clients Home contents to and thru all kinds of Weather too?!   I think the Guy coming said he just got back from a Delivery in Idaho... so mebbe a Mesa locale in Arizona isn't so intimidating a destination?  I'm sure they've delivered to worse properties to get to easily?!  I Hope it doesn't bump up the Cost too much tho'?

Cost, that is the most difficult part of Moving beyond the Packing part I think.  Hard to predict how much or how long... and therein is where most Stress is Created for me.   Buying a Property or Selling a Property is the very least of my Stress inducers, since I've bought and sold enough of them not to Freak Out about it.   But moving stuff from one location to another in a coordinated smooth transition effort and affording what that will cost is terrifying!  I'm always worried I'll either run out of Time or Money... or perhaps both!?  *LOL*  My projections are about as vague as they are to those of us not in the business of doing this for a Living... so it's my best Guestimate.

The VA Appraisal alone has gone up from $450 only 4.5 Years ago to $600 now!  I don't know why the huge increase, I'm fairly certain what it takes to do an Appraisal hasn't altered that much in such a short time span to justify such a hefty hike?  I mean, over 33% more is pretty significant in such a short period of time IMO for the same thing!   I Wish our Income had gone up by that percentile within the same time frame, then I could easily afford all of this!  *Winks*  But, it's mandatory and not optional so whaddya gonna do, right?  They got you by the short Hairs there on what you simply must pay for whatever they wanna charge for it.

The Positive part is that I'm certain the Appraised Value will come in far higher than what we're buying it for and there is a lot of built in Equity to make the VA feel entirely comfortable lending on it.  I know in my Retired Banker Head what I determined the Value at, and it's always a bit Fun to see how close I was to their determination... or if I'm Rusty after all these Years out of the Corporate Loop involving Real Property?  *Winks*   There are no real Comps due to that Property being OOAK and so Unique in all ways, so Value will be more subjective than the average Home with loads of Comps an Appraiser can utilize.

I don't want to be entirely consumed by The Move tho', so I'm attempting to seek Balance in what I'm doing and even Blogging about.  Especially since it's the Holidays and my all time Favorite Month of the whole Year, I want to ensure we stick to our Traditions and Rituals despite the upheaval a Move is causing to our usual Routine and Celebrations.   It is difficult when so much of what just has to be done consumes so much Time and Energy, I Feel quite depleted and almost devoid of enough Energy for much else.  And there is that lingering Guilt when I step off for a few Hours to do something Enjoyable rather than getting done what remains to be done, when Tick-Tock and all that looms larger than Life.

Yes, it's Silly to Feel Guilt about it when I know I've Worked way too hard and too long at it each Day, but I still do because it all HAS to get Done!  And there I am poncing off to do something Enjoyable as if Denial has set in and I've not got a Care in this World!  *Ha ha ha*   Because if I'm not here doing it, nobody is... so it's all in a stall and suspended animation when I'm not coordinating every aspect of it.  It's not as if The Man is going to take the initiative in my absence to Surprise me by tackling any of it.  I have to delegate everything he must do now that he's suffered Brain Damage... and even then he's usually resistant or makes a Production out of how bad he Feels and how Sick he is.  Man Drama is the worst, I can't handle it without Going Off like a lit Firecracker!

A Dear Friend of ours who we hadn't seen in ages showed up on my Shift Tuesday Night at the Antique Mall, he's been a Best Friend to The Man for Decades, before and after the catastrophic Accident, when most people fall away from regular contact.   I'd been worried about him since he's not one to go off the grid and be MIA, but I knew he was Caring for ailing Elderly Parents whose Health was rapidly declining.  Apparently his Mom finally died of advanced Dementia and it's complications, he Cared for her 'til the End at Home and still Cares for his Elderly Dad there in their Home.  This Guy is a Saint, I don't say that lightly, he's just one of the most Gentle Big Guys with a Huge Heart for everyone and a Kind Spirit.   Soft spoken and meek, even tho' he's an imposing 7 feet Tall and sturdy build, he really is the type of Guy you never see flipping out, saying anything Negative or being unlovely... and we've known him a very long time.

 His usual countenance is always Pleasant and Patient to a degree most people just don't possess.  But he Confessed to me how Guilty he felt in the time he had to do Extreme Caregiving for his Mother there at the End.  To where he wasn't getting enough Sleep, Help or Rest EVER and it made him upset, testy and short tempered with her at times.   His own Health began to fail, his Stamina waned, he lost Weight and the strain was evident visually.  He asked me how I've done it for so long and held up?  I told him Grace abounds and we all get testy, overly tired and allow our Humanity to leak out when it comes to Extreme Caregiving and Extreme Parenting too. 

 We're only Human and when having to do extraordinary Caregiving without sufficient Help and resources, with Sleep deprivation and more Personal Sacrifice than is Healthy, it's a tough row to hoe for anyone.  And Guilt comes anyway when we're tough on ourselves for not always reacting in the Fruits of the Spirit.   I told him he's always been a Good Friend, a Good Son and an exemplary Human Being, he has nothing to be ashamed of, what he endured takes a heavy toll.   He said he almost felt Relief when his Mom mercifully finally was out of her Misery, rapid decline and succumbed in her Sleep, because it was so very hard to Witness and be powerless to do anything to alleviate any of it.  It is... been there, done that... when things will never improve it's a bitter pill to swallow or accept. 

Hows your Dad Coping... and You... I asked... and he said he felt his Dad won't last much longer now his Beloved Mom is gone, they were Happily Married almost 70 Years.   I worry about our Friend, he's not looking so good himself with the intense strain of Extreme Caregiving and he has gone thru the usual Routine of seeking Help and getting none that we've all moved thru too.  It is disheartening when you know nobody is coming and Help is conspicuous by it's absence.   What you fail to Qualify for in the way of Services... especially Affordable Services for those with Extreme Needs that require Full Time Caregiving presently being done by immediate Relatives without the financial resources to cover exorbitant expenses the average Family cannot afford, ever, so Options are non-existent.

It was difficult to hear a Good Friend's suffering and know all I can do is commiserate and try to encourage him from experience to not give in, give up or give out.   He said it was Helpful just to talk to another Caregiver and keep it 100%, since he knew I had a point of reference and wouldn't Judge, but would let him speak his Heart.  Sometimes all you do Need is to be Heard... many people will often be Polite, but not really having their full attention, you know in the asking that the answer cannot be entirely Truthful or it gets awkward fast to get a response from speaking your Truth.   I knew just seeing our Friend and how weary and what a toll it has visibly taken, that his Truth was going to be difficult to Hear... so I knew he Needed to be Heard and it was the very least I could do.

 I quit Amusing myself a long time ago giving Starling answers to the How's it Going rote Greeting people give one another to be Polite or PC.  But often not Care enough to wait for an answer or to expect an authentic response to that question and respond accordingly and appropriately.  I'd rather if it's rote or not Sincere, just don't ask at all, so I don't just lie and say what you wanna Hear.  I do Amuse myself in odd ways like that tho' at times just to Test People and see whose being rote and whose being authentic in the asking.   If you really don't wanna know or don't need to know... best to just nod and Smile or avoid personal questions entirely IMO when you know someone may be going thru some tough and heavy shit in their lives.  Sharing with no Caring leaves an awkward Space to hold in person.

I guess I've broached this Topic in this Post because this Friend told me I'd been the very first Person he felt has Cared about what he's going thru and has gone thru in Months... that broke my Heart!   This is a Man very involved in his Church Community, his Neighborhood Community, Volunteer Work, overall Caring about anyone he's known whose Needed a Helping Hand and yet nobody was there for him and he felt forsaken and completely alone.  He didn't like what that brought out in him, the frustration, the anger, the resentment... all the Human traits that we try to repress because while Caregiving you have to muster the more Positive ones for the sake of those you're Caring for!

 I Confess even I couldn't be there for him, not that he expected me to be, knowing our situation... but still... I owed him an apology for not Reaching Out. Especially since he had been on my Heart and Mind lately and I'd even talked to The Man recently about not hearing or seeing his Friend in so long, which was out of Character for this Friend.  I suppose many people get so caught up in their own Lives, their own Issues of Life, that it's difficult to Reach Out and Connect to those in a deep struggle that is ongoing and would require more Investment than people can handle or give.   He said he had no expectations of any individual, but he sure would have liked to receive Help from anywhere, since it was too much for him alone.  I get it... it is.   Sadly... it is... in a World filled with Billions of Humans... that anyone Needing Help can't Receive it when they are desperate for it, is nothing short of a statistical tragedy.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, October 17, 2019

French Market Event ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

So I needed a Girl's Day Out and a Blog Break Today in the worst way, after the stress and strain of pushing so hard for this Move all Week and getting Villa Boheme' ready for Viewings.   Plus, The Man's VA Doc Appointment Yesterday hadn't gone well at all, he's not been following his Doctor's Orders or my advice and all his stats were crap again.  We'd had good results 6 Months ago, but alas, he's fallen back into bad habits yet again. 

 Also, we suspect he has only been pretending to take his Meds when I tell him to!  So, we'll be back to me watching him take them and checking under his Tongue I suppose, since I can't take them FOR him!   Lemme tell ya, Caregiving for a non-compliant Adult can be challenging, since they do still have Free Will and he's not been deemed Incompetent to make some decisions for his own Health Care.  As with any Adult, he can stubbornly refuse to do what he knows he should do to manage his own Care, since he is a grown ass Man and not a Child.  *Le Sigh*

   Princess T and I ride herd on him pretty hard to stick with his Safety Prompts and Health Regimen, but sometimes it's like herding a Cat and we can only do so much, the rest IS up to him ultimately!  His Doctor was on our side, but we know he hasn't been listening to her either, so she was Sighing as heavily as both of us were in the Exam Room.  We did get him to agree to his Flu Shot, he didn't even remember he had it after he got it, sometimes his Memory Care Issues play out in our Favor.  *LOL*   SWEET SALVAGE was having it's madly popular "French Market" Themed Event, with Opening Day being this Morning, so the Timing was Ideal to take a Break, Escape and come back to Center.

  The Friend who has been helping me pack came along with Princess T and I, since it had been a while since she'd attended and she's worked as hard as I have.   We all had a good time, it's a Fantastic Show... BTW: I'm pretty sure I paid extra for those holes in Princess T's Jeans?!?!!  *LOL*   Princess T hasn't come to a Show with me in a long time, but I think she too needed the Escapism it provided.  This decision to Move, pack, buy a New Home and try to get this one ready to Sell has been heavy stuff for us all to Cope with.  For a 14 Year Old she's been holding up well and doing more than the average Teen probably would and having Gramma's Back during this.

Speaking of Backs, Gramma's Back hurts like Hell, but even if I'm not losing Pounds, I sure as Hell am losing Inches with all this Stress, Physical Work and long Hours at it Daily!   Some of my Clothes are starting to feel too big and quite loose, so color me Happy!  Perhaps I'll be Svelte and Toned by the time this Move is completed?!?  *LMAO*   "Do you know you're wearing Navy Blue and Black Gramma?", Princess T had asked me on the commute to the Event this Morning, she knows I'm Color Blind.   No, I didn't, but I didn't much Care, since if I manage to get out of the house dressed presentably and put together at all it's nothing short of a Minor Miracle right now, with everything else going on and on my Mind!  *Bwahahaha!*

 We Won V.I.P. Early Entrance so I was Jazzed to get in early to Photograph some of the pristine Vignettes for The Land Of Blog Coverage of the Event for you all!    This is one of the most Popular Themes they have since French Style Decor is really Trending and a French Market is Appealing to so many.   I happened to Love so much that we saw Today but due to the present circumstances I had Promised/Vowed to The Man and myself not to be indulgent or default to Retail Therapy as a Coping Mechanism.  *Winks*  Expenses for a Move and packing our excess is more than enough right now to Deal with!  I've got the Mover coming to give me an Estimate on Sunday to see what that will cost and set us back?

But Princess T, being the Compassionate Soul that she just is, told me I should get one wee thing I was really drawn to, since I've been Working so hard and Selling Off so much of my stuff to fund everything.   So, she convinced me to get this wee OOAK Hand-Made Fabric Pumpkin, which is about the size of a Mandarin Orange and I just Love it.  Especially since I had to pack up all my other new OOAK Fabric Pumpkins and can't enjoy them until the Move is complete now, which sucks.  *Pouting petulantly!*  Isn't it Adorable?!?  My Designer Friends at the Event joked that they were Speechless I used such Restraint and this was all I was Tempted to buy in spite of the present circumstances!  *LOL*  The good thing being, several of them are coming by to buy more of my stuff to divest me of it before the Move.

Some are coming for the first time, some are repeat Buyers, since they've already bought a lot that I've been unloading before the Move.   They know my stashes are deep and we'll likely uncover layers of the Good Stuff that packing has now Revealed?!?  *LOL*   I'd rather unload it now so I don't have to pay to have it moved up to Wickenburg or try to cram it into my Showroom or Booth at the Antique Mall and pay Commission and Fees on the Sale of it.   If I had more Retail Space for the Killer pieces I'd probably Stage them and get higher margins, but Honestly, fast Cash right now is the name of the Game to fund this Move and do whatever it takes to get out of here and up there ASAP during the Holidays!

I'm falling out of Love and Breaking Up with Good Stuff right, left and center my Friends to get it gone and out of the way!   Somehow this Move decision has just made me Simplify Life FAST and prioritize things differently.  I liken it to when you have any sense of Urgency and just don't have the Luxury of Time to vacillate or agonize over stuff... just Act.   Kinda like if the house was on Fire and you gotta think fast on your Feet what you can carry out the damn Door with ya in a hurry... that's how I just feel right now.   Not that I'm getting Crazy about it, the most Beloved Objects are the No-Brainer possessions that require no Thought whatsoever and get packed.

Then, once the Move is done, I can unpack at leisure, intending to wait a long time and have a lot of leisure actually before doing it... then re-assess each Object as it's being unpacked and Revealed again.   Often after I haven't seen something in a long time, my Attachments are over, unless it has Mad Sentimental Value or is absolutely irreplaceable.   I just want to Luxuriate in the Basics and Simple Life for a while at the New Home and see how we Feel doing that?  If we dig it a lot, that's how we'll then choose to Live and alter our Lifestyle accordingly.  Curating a Blank Canvas of a New Home is something I also want to Experiment with... clearing out Villa Boheme' for Viewing has kinda given me a sense of that and I Confess, I LIKE it. *Gasp!!!*

Yep, the self professed Maximalist is diggin' having Less and the Calming Effect it is giving me.  It kinda takes me back to when I had Nothing and was quite Content with that State of Being.   When The Man first met me, beaucoup Years ago... I was recovering from having lost almost everything after a nasty complicated Divorce and DV situation... I pretty much ended up with the Kids and not much else in the way of possessions.   And it was Okay, they were my absolute Priority anyway.  Starting from Scratch has never Intimidated me one iota anytime, Life being a Blank Canvas and Fresh Start has it's definite Rewards, especially after Hardships and huge Life Changes, whether voluntary or involuntary.

You Adapt, you Improvise, you Change whatever suits you at various Seasons of Life and Feel Right for that part of Life's Journey to you.   I just Feel a definite Shift and so does The Man, to where we're entering a phase of Maturity as Seniors, that Advanced Age and Circumstance has altered long range Plans to suit that Season of Life.   When you probably have less Time on this side of Time and Eternity, you start to Prioritize what you spend Time on differently.  What you want to surround yourself with also changes, there's so much I just don't have Time or Patience for anymore and our Time is too Valuable, especially the less you have of it to parse out.

Even this Move, I'm Moderating the Time spent doing anything, whether it be packing, relaxing, Caregiving... to seek a healthy Balance of anything and everything that should be done but by just one Person.   Pacing myself is a priority now that I've got the house Viewing ready, to the best of our Ability to, and don't have to push as hard as those Four Insane Days with a ridiculous Deadline!  *LOL*   Seriously, it was ludicrous and in hindsight pulling it off was exceedingly ambitious and perhaps even naive.   Sometimes it's a good thing to be naive about what is Impossible because you just might be able to do it!  And we did... do the Impossible!  *Winks* 

And right now we're back at the house packing again, after our brief 2 Hour Girl's Day Out... my Friend and Princess T are hard at it and my Blog Break now over I'll be adding to these Post Installments as we go.  *Winks*   So I shall parse out my French Market Experience in increments as I need Breaks from Packing and Lord knows what other shit is on the Calendar to squeeze into a 24 Hour period each Day!?  *Le Sigh*   I will keep it vague for now, but suffice to say some Interesting Developments for the Purchase have come up that should work in our Favor and buy us some more Time, which is crucial... and perhaps even get us out of Villa Boheme' prematurely... so Hold it up in Prayer that it all Plays Out satisfactorily because it is something I'm seeing as a Positive and perhaps even Divine Intervention!?!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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