Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sweet Salvage ~ Refresh Event ~ Part I

I got a late start to attend THE SWEET SALVAGE "Refresh" Themed Event opening Day, due to tying up loose ends on the Home Purchase, that the Lender needed that Morning.   But arriving a couple Hours late meant less crowds, but a long walk, since Parking was not available anywhere close by.

Not really a problem since, due to the circumstances of The Move, I wasn't Buying anything but a few Smalls, that would easily be squeezed into Storage.  *Winks*   Budget also was a consideration, since The Move has squeezed that considerably too.  But Inspiration is Free and I got loads of that to begin a brand new Year!

I had The Urban Farmhouse in Mind with absorbing Style Inspiration, since I do Plan to Decorate the Main House differently than I might have anywhere else.  I felt that Global Style was a heavy Influence for this Event and I happen to really dig Global Style.  And of coarse the ever popular Urban Farmhouse Styling was abundant too and that would always Work at the New Forever Home!

And you can't really live Out West without Skull Decor... Winks... and tho' most of mine at Home have Bling embellishments, I might borrow this Idea of some Succulent embellishments too... for a Desert Botanical Vibe.  I Sold Off quite a few Steer Skulls in both Moves during the last 5 Years, but I kept my Favs.

My Friend Shelly had Sold Out of these Cool Mermaid Head Planters... if she gets some more after I'm settled in, I'll likely get one of these.  At the Forever Home I will have more Plants and especially more Potted Plants, since there will be shadier spots for them to thrive there.  Here at Villa Boheme' I had thought the Courtyards would be Idyllic, but in actuality, both Courtyards were too Hot and too much direct Desert Sun and fried most Plants.

The Urban Farmhouse, being an Older Property with a lot more shade and Acreage, is more conducive to going Wild with my Green Thumb.  I'm excited to have more Indoor and Outdoor Plants there since that's totally my 'Thing', even if Decorating with Live Plants mostly fell out of Favor in the 80's.  But I hear it's making a Comeback, so mebbe I'll be on the cutting edge of a recurring Trend?! Everything comes back around eventually if you wait long enough!  *LOL*

I did Buy one of those Sea Glass Necklaces, mine is the one on the bottom... it was the first thing I spied that I wanted, yet the last thing I actually Purchased.  Sometimes I Resist temporarily, but if it stays on my Heart and Mind after I've walked away, then gotta have it!  *Winks*

Da Bohemian Bling in the Boutique areas always draws me in, The Human Magpie in me always goes for those Shiny Objects!  *LOL*  Yet, I had no Intention nor Desire to actually purchase any Bling this Event, so I resisted loads of Tempting pieces.

Well, until I spied what I instantly recognized as one of my Friend Heidi's Creations of a Vintage Paris Montana piece!   My Friend Kim had likely bought it for herself and was now parting with it... and at a killer price... so now it's Mine all Mine!  *Swoon*   When I'm not wearing my Paris Montana Collection I always have it Displayed on The Antique Mannequin Gals around our Home.  Each being a little Work of Art and Over-The-Top Glam!  And of coarse that's my Jam, right?  *Smiles*

I saw Demijohns of all Shapes and Sizes and it did make me regret having Sold Off so many of mine recently.  Yep, I did... since they're always a fast turn and make Bank for me, which was Helpful for funding The Move.  But now I'm thinking I could have used them all at The Urban Farmhouse... tho', I haven't Sold all of my Collection and did retain my Primo Pieces.  *Whew!*

I am a rabid Old Trophy Collector tho' and when I can find one on The Cheap in a Stylization I like, then I always Buy it.   This is the one I Bought this Day at the Event.   My preference is the Bronze and Copper Antique Loving Cups... or Sterling Silver when you can find Sterling at an affordable price... hard nowadays when Silver is worth so much!  Most probably got melted down for their Silver Value.

I also Bought this wee Hummingbird Nest, resplendent with Mud accents that the Hummingbird meticulously lined it with.  I have a Passion for Naturalist Elements and have Collected them since Childhood.  They only have Intrinsic Value, so often, when Packing, The Man isn't even Sure WHY we're Packing up such stuff as he'd probably throw away otherwise?!  *Gasp!  Yeah, I know! Even after all these Years together he still doesn't "Get It"...  LOL*

To be Fair, he'll be perplexed at how I can unemotionally part with an Expensive and Valuable Antique with no regrets whatsoever, yet go to pieces if it's even suggested I Give Up one of my Naturalist Elements even if I found it for Free!  *LMAO*  My Attachments and Detachments can be random and without logical reason like that!  *Winks*   This Hummingbird Nest will likely be a Forever Piece to me.

Kinda Sad that the Magnificent OOAK Amber Glass Saint Joseph European Demijohn Sold, since I've been Lusting after it for a couple of Events during The Move Ordeal.  I only hesitated to not purchase it on account of The Move Ordeal and vowing I wouldn't purchase larger pieces until we were Moved and Settled again in our Forever Home.  I just didn't think it would take from early September to damned near February for that to happen!  *Le Sigh*

Well, it isn't as if I didn't see other larger pieces that I Hoped might stick around 'til the February Event when I could consider a larger purchase.  *Winks*  I already know after we begin unpacking, that I'll be Selling Off what I didn't have sufficient Time to hawk before The Move.  That will Fund any future Statement pieces I want for the new Home and it's Styling.

Love the Idea of this Old Salvage Watches Necklace that my Friend Cyndie Created, I have a Bracelet, Ring and Earrings like that, but not a Necklace.  I don't know that I've seen a Necklace is Why... it's a great Idea to Upcycle Old Watches.

I already have a pretty Solid Vision of what I want to Style The Urban Farmhouse like... and then do my Fantasy Decorating in The Big RV Garage a different kind of way that is my Usual Aesthetic.   We were able to Negotiate a really good Deal with our Seller to get in 5 Days early with a brief Lease Back.  Sure, I would have liked to have had even more Time, but I'll take what I can get... tho' it isn't Helpful for moving the Big Stuff, it was Helpful to ensure no Days of Homelessness!  *Whew*

We must give possession to the Buyer of Villa Boheme' on the 28th.  And since I can't gain early possession of The Urban Farmhouse 'til the Morning of the 27th... and only have my Stud Muffin Movers for the 26th {half of them, The Son and his Friend} and the 27th {other half of them, The Guys from my Antique Mall}, it's gonna be tight and crazy hectic!   Our Escrow on The Urban Farmhouse doesn't Close 'til the 31st, on account of the VA Rollover taking time... so at least I won't be Homeless from the 28th-30th or have no-where to bring the Big Stuff right away!

I'm glad this Mega Sized Demijohn was Sold since it would have seriously Tempted me!  *Whew!*   The Insurer of the new Home is doing both our brief Renter Insurance during The Lease Back and then our Hazard Insurance effective after Close of Escrow.  So that Morning I'd been coordinating all of that for The Lender too... and discovered that The Diving Board on The Pool hadda GO or they wouldn't underwrite the Hazard Insurance... who knew?!  I don't Care, we wouldn't have used it anyway, so we'll just take it down right away before the Insurance Inspector shows up, along with The Old Slide, which isn't Safe anymore and the Insurance said we could Keep!?  {I know, Weird!}

The Insurance there will be much less expensive than the Insurance here, even with a Wood Burning Fireplace, Pool and huge RV Garage Structure to Insure, which was a nice Surprise!   In part because the Structure is Brick, the Roof is New and Asphalt Shingle rather than Spanish Tile, and it's Zoned Agricultural and we can utilize it as a legit Mini Farm if we wanted to with Livestock and Crops.

So, it's going to be loads Cheaper to live there than here and the Savings will be considerable all around every single Month.   I can always use more Money and disposable Income every Month, how about you?!   Not to mention less Drama, Control Issues and Headaches than this unbearable Community has wrought!  *Winks*   It will be Sweet to have our Freedoms back, they are Priceless and having an HOA Voluntarily gives too many up and you have to PAY for losing your Freedoms and Rights... it makes little sense Why anyone would prefer that actually? 

We will also have better City Emergency Services and for Free... whereas here Rural Metro extorts a shitload of Money out of Residents for Emergency Services Monthly and then only has the One Ambulance and One Fire Truck to respond to any Emergencies!   At The Urban Farmhouse a top rated Hospital is also within Eyesight from the Property and only about 1.5 Blocks down the Street, literally, so with The Man's Poor and Fragile Health, that is HUGE for Peace of Mind!

After I got Home from my Girl's Day Out, Princess T had caught all the Tropical Fish, put them into Goldfish Bowls, along with all the Aquatic Plants and Snails, and we transported them to my Friend's Home who will Babysit them for us.  So, the Fish/Snails are on Vacay in Sun City West, the Tank we set up in her Home actually looks better than their Tank had looked here!  *LOL*  Her New Home being very Bright it Showcased the Tank Beautifully in her Dining Room and all Fish happily settled in right away to their new lodgings.

Princess T will be Home helping me to Pack Tomorrow, since she's on a One Day Suspension for dropping a Male Bully at School like a Rock.   It was Provoked and he was Sexually Harassing her, which is not Okay, but she did really hurt him with her Ninja Skills of drop kicking anyone much larger than herself and handing them their Ass.  She's scrappy... and tho' ya can take the Gal out of the Hood, ya can't take da Hood outta the Gal! *Smiles*  In hindsight, she should have just told an Adult and let them handle it, since she clammed up after she took him Out and wouldn't say it was Provoked or that she was defending herself... so initially they told me it was Unprovoked, which I knew couldn't be True.

I know my Kiddos, they're not the Type to just take someone Out for no apparent reason or even Start a Fight... but they will End one in a flourish and mos def won't be Bullied or Intimidated without a strong Reaction you won't soon Forget.  They got that from their Mama and I... so I can't say that I am not on their side if I find out what really happened and get to the bottom of the Incident and The Truth.   The Assistant Principal and I had The Come To Jesus Talk about it, Calmly and reasonably, she was Reasonable about it and Princess T had not Shared what the Boy had done to her before she dropped him like a Rock when he wouldn't stop and it wasn't appropriate.

She hadn't Shared because as they say in da Hood, Snitches get Stitches and she wanted to avoid Retaliation and just Squash the whole Incident by just handling it herself and gaining Respect that she won't be an easy Mark for a Bully's Victimization.   It should Work, nobody has ever Bullied her more than the one time before they regret having done so... and that's how we get it Done.  Since the impotency of most Administrations with Dealing with Bullies effectively is notoriously sadly lacking if you leave shit up to them!   And... if the Bully's Parents are problematic, well, then they Deal with Moi and The Man... and we'll really have some Fun... coz we're one Helluva Tag Team!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Urban Farmhouse It Is... For Sure!

Yes, Yes, Yes... The VA Appraisal came in Strong and the Seller is agreeable to early possession thru a Lease Back, so The Urban Farmhouse it is for SURE!  *Whew!*   It's been a long, arduous and expensive Journey to finally Buy a Home where the Seller could Perform, but FINALLY, it's Over!  Hallelujah!

Working out a short term Lease until Closing, means we could move all our Larger Furnishings and Outdoor Furnishings directly there, since it's Vacant, and have no logistics problems with a smooth Transition!  *Whew!*  Since U-Haul Storage Unit No. 5 isn't as large at the first full 4 Units... I was sweating just how much I could cram into there and what would I do with the rest?!

I mean the Huge RV Garage would and could hold EVERYTHING we own, but we'd need possession first.   By gaining possession early, I might even be able to get most, if not all, of the 5 Storage Units emptied out before another Month's Rent becomes due for some or all of them?   For Unit No. 5, I might not pay any Rent at all actually, since I'm still on the Free First Month with that one.  Due dates are staggered on all Units, so I'll see which ones come due first and empty those earliest.

I also like the Idea I could Hire the Young Men who will move the Big Stuff earlier, so they're not so pressed with an unreasonable Deadline of Two Days right at Closing!  It also will give me time to empty Villa Boheme' out completely and clean it for the new Buyers to gain possession.   They are getting a Cleaning Credit, but I'll still make it Move-In Ready and then they can hire who they like to do the Professional Cleaning Thing to their Standards.

These pixs are of The Urban Farmhouse before it was Vacant, I've seen it Vacant too... so it's already Move-In Ready for us.    I got the last of the minor repairs done to Villa Boheme' and the Roofing Repairs only set me back $475, I had needed it to stay under $500 and had the Spanish replacement Tile supplies, so just had to pay for Labor and installation.   The Solar Company had broken all the Tiles and had I known a Year ago, I could and would have made them cover the Cost of Repairs.

However, I didn't want to get into litigation with a Company for damages they caused just 2 Weeks before my new Buyer Assumes their Solar Loan, so forget about it, I'll absorb that Loss.   Our Roofer said we're getting a much better Roof with The Urban Farmhouse, he doesn't like these Spanish Tile Roofs because they break so easily and often have leaks.  He said Shingles are far Superior and The Urban Farmhouse has a brand new Shingle Roof on the Home.

The Man and I have decided that rather than fix the problem with the Venting of the Laundry Area, which is in a Hallway and we don't like that location, we're moving the Laundry Area to the RV Garage instead.   The generous Credit the Seller is offering gave us plenty of Options to spend the Money as we choose to have repairs or reconfiguration done for the few Minor things the Inspection revealed.   We'll convert the present Laundry Area into a large Pantry, which is much more Useful to us for the location of it is near the Kitchen.

The Double Car Garage has already been set up as an Office, complete with Air Conditioning and fitted Industrial Grade Carpeting. {The only Carpeting in the entire Home, which is preferable to me to have Tile and Wood only.}  So my Computer will be set up in there and give me Privacy from the Main House to do Work on the Computer, Blog and do Art Projects since it's large enough to make into Office and Art Studio Space.

And the Magnificent RV Garage Space... well, that will be my Library and Fantasy Decorating Space!   We will Plan the Laundry Room area in there... and a Yoga/Tai Chi/Meditation Area for Exercising and Meditation, alone or with Friends.   We'll set up the front near the Doors for Re-Sale of what I want to continue Purging/Editing of possessions and Found Treasures, Tag Sale/Barn Sale Style.   I'm very excited about the Transformation of the RV Garage, The Man said he'll probably never see me in the Main House... he could be Right!?!  *LOL*

The Man is excited to hoist his USMC Flag under the existing American and Arizona State Flags.  He's always wanted a Flag Pole since he's very Patriotic and has Served his Country in Military Service for 39 Proud Years.  I'll be learning all about Irrigation Systems and running a Mini Farm... since who knows what our Urban Farmhouse will Transform into full scale?!  We're only limited by our Imaginations!  Which are running Wild right about now! *Winks*

And I have one request for you all my Dear Blog Friends, tho' Zen Boheme' has a super nice ring to it, that's not what we'd dubbed this Property and we didn't Buy the Zen Boheme' Property after all.   So... we're considering Names for our New Property and would like some suggestions with the Word Boheme' in it... or not... I'm not quite sure yet.   The Man isn't opposed to it just being The Urban Farmhouse actually, me either if it comes to that... but I'd like to consider all Options first since we've always Named our Properties.  So get your Imaginative Ideas of a good Name and submit them in the Comments... lets see what we come up with for our Forever Home's Handle?


Blessings, Love, Light and Relief from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sweet Salvage ~ Refresh Event

So THE SWEET SALVAGE New Year's "Refresh" Themed Event will begin on Thursday, in spite of the Chaos of The Move and tight timeline to be out of Villa Boheme' by the End of this Month, I'm still going!   In fact, The Man insisted I not miss it, since he said I've been Working and pushing myself too hard and he's right, I have been, all while not feeling 100% due to Seasonal Bronchitis plaguing me!  I Need the Down Time... I NEED that Cabinet in the Preview Pix!  *LMAO*  Okay, so No, I won't be Buying anything like that, since... well... 5 Big U-Haul Storage Units dictate I really need to Work more on the Downsizing Project after we get moved in to a Forever Home!  *LOL*  And Budget, it is blown all to Hell with his protracted Move situation lingering so long!  But... if Money were no object and I was Refreshing my Decor at a New Forever Home, I'd NEED that Cabinet!   It is Ideal for The Urban Farmhouse Decor 'Vision'! *Winks*

I've definitely been considering what I want the Styling and Decor to be like in a Fresh New Home where a New Beginning will be taking place in a brand New Year!   Something about the Year also being 2020 Appeals to me, it somehow seems significant numerically... Numerology being something that has always fascinated me and I tend to be Superstitious about.  Those of you who know me Well already know I don't DO the No. 4, Bad Mojo Number and I don't like it and avoid it.  It is inauspicious in Numerology and in many Asian Cultures actually, I didn't know that 'til fairly recently, I just knew I didn't ever like the Number and I didn't quite know Why?  The No. 13, which bothers more people as an Unlucky Number, has never bothered me at all, not even a Friday the 13th!  This Year one of my Grand-Daughters, whose Birthday is on the 13th of December, turned 13 Years Old, and it was all Good.  She is one of the Younger Siblings of The G-Kid Force and just a Year Younger than Princess T.

The Son is starting a New Career here in the Far West Valley so he'll be closer to us again.  I'm so happy for him, since this will be a good opportunity and he'll be back among Lifelong Ride or Die Friends as well, that he grew up with on the West Side.  Alas, it will also mean, since he's starting right away, that he won't be able to help me much more with The Move.  He's done a lot for me tho' that I couldn't have done without him.  I too am glad to be moving back to our Old Community that I Love and have a Deep Connection to.  We got an HOA Letter Today, a generic Form Letter, about reminders that they want everyone painting their freakin'   Homes!  We have a White Home, it's Whiter than when we bought it, looks better than when we bought it, I'm not outlaying an enormous amount to repaint it since we won't even own it in 2 Weeks now!  It doesn't even NEED repainting and what if Families cannot afford to spend $8,000+ to repaint their Homes on an HOA's whim and it imposes undue Hardship?  They are so out of control with their demands upon the Community, good riddance, I'm not painting the fucking House!

So except for some last minute potential completely unnecessary HOA Drama and the VA Appraisal not coming in on time, everything is Swell!  *Bwahahahaha!*  The Bronchitis has been a beeyitch, but I'm taking Treatments for it and hopefully won't be suffering with it too much longer, so I can be back to Feeling 100% to finish this Move?!?   The Exodus of Stuff is looking like it's on the Home Stretch, that which I can Move Out myself, that is, and Store at The U-Haul Units of Five.  *LOL*   I Feel rather like a Pack Rat as I scan the already Full Four Largest Units looking for any square Inch that I can cram something else into?!?  I want to Save the less expansive Unit No. 5 for the larger items we can move over there before Hiring Guys and Renting a Big Ass U-Haul Truck nearer to the 28th Deadline.   Right now I don't even know if I'll have somewhere to drive and unload a Big Ass U-Haul Truck(s) to yet... so that Suspense and uncertainty is killing me!  It's not like I can Live in one and drive it around endlessly 'til I can Buy a Forever Home and Move in!

Yes, Dear Kyle at The U-Haul did tell me I could Rent One or More of their Special Trucks at a Cheaper Rate and Store it in their RV Lots at $39 per Day, per Truck, filled and unloaded, but that could get expensive FAST, so I'd rather not rely on that Plan of Action for more than 1-3 Days tops!   Renting 5 Units is already expensive, tho' I did get 5 combined Months of FREE Rents, which I can't begin to tell you how much of a Relief that was to the shot Budget!  Nobody can seem to tell me how much longer the VA will delay giving us the Appraisal Results?  Shit, it was Ordered some time ago... step it up, we've only got Two Weeks left now to do a Dual Closing!   Anything to do with the Government tho' is par for the Course that they take however long they just want to, irregardless of the hardships it causes to people.  Hurry up and wait... that's kinda the Military Mantra and if you've spent a Lifetime in it you kinda get used to it... being made to wait... somewhat... *Le Sigh*

So I am in a Holding Pattern and Maintaining my Calm, since Calmer was my Word for 2020 and I'm certain that being Calm when things are not within my Control is infinitely better than NOT being Calm!  *LOL*   Que Sera Sera and all that... whatever will Be, will Be.    So, in the meantime, to keep Calm and Carry On... I'm Fantasizing about how I could Decorate the New Forever Home that we will Hopefully be Moving to by February, all Body parts crossed???!?!  I Loved that the Ceiling in this Image was Painted Black and the Fantastical Crown Molding and extremely Ornate Barbola Embellishments framing the Doorways!  *Swoon!*  I LOVE Plants, Greenery in particular, in Decorating... and I always used to have it... then I got Lazy, or had Homes it didn't necessary thrive in either... and now Air Plants was mostly my Lot to try to keep Alive and Style with.   At The Urban Farmhouse I Hope to Buy some Awesome Live Greenery to Decorate with and get the Ambiance and Vibe I Envision.

I'm thinking about the Blog Withdrawal I am likely to go thru should we not have a smooth Transition between Homes?!  *Gasp!*   Yeah, tho' the thought of being temporarily Homeless doesn't Appeal to me whatsoever, the thought of no Land Of Blog to Retreat to during a Stressful period like that is equally terrifying!  *LOL*  And wouldn't you know that Princess T has now come down Sick!  She has chronic Respiratory distress this time of the Year too, so it's very likely a Seasonal thing with her, like it is right now with me... and The Man... so none of us Feels Good.   The Stress of trying to get Moved and all the complexities of it is just complicated all the more when the house full of it's people is also not Feeling Well!  She's been coming Home from School and just falling asleep immediately on the Sectional for HOURS.  She's not contagious as nobody around her has gotten Sick and it seems to be Respiratory so I just Hope I don't have to take her to the Pulmonary Specialist again?!?  She's been under the Care of one off and on since Birth, as she's gotten Older she's gotten Stronger tho' and has less Severe Episodes.

When she was a Baby she was on 5 Breathing Treatments a Day and she was almost 10 Years Old before she could Sleep laying down flat!   She had a Surgery around that Age which made it possible for her to finally Sleep like a Normal Person, Bless her Heart!   She rarely, if ever, complains about it, she's quite the Trooper about being Stoic during Illness, but I can tell she Feels like Crap and Needed that Mother Hen Mothering a bit Today.  She's been dragging around her Big stuffed Animal and looking like Misery personified, it's so pitiful it breaks your Heart!   She'll likely spend more time Asleep than Awake, when she's not Well she does that.   The School System, even if you have a Child with Special Medical Needs, isn't very sympathetic about missed School Days due to Chronic Illness.   As if the Parent(s) of said Children have any real Control over such things as Chronic and Serious Illness or Disabling factors that cause those Children with Special Needs to miss School when not Well!!!   I've gotten The Threatening Letters often with these Kiddos while they were growing up and in School.  I'm waiting for another one if she misses too much School due to this and has to be kept Home to recover!?

I look forward to such Pain in the Ass Harassment Mail from the School System as much as I do the dreaded HOA Letters of Threats, Doom and Gloom!   *Le Sigh*   I remember one such Letter from the School, Years ago, threatened me with Jail Time for too many missed School Days of my Seriously Ill Child!   Shit... don't threaten me with a Good Time... that sounded like a damned Vacation compared to being Home with a Seriously and Chronically Ill Child, plus Two others to be Caregiver of!   I told them that too... make my Day... have me Arrested... and BTW: Better come up with a Replacement for BOTH Special Needs Kiddos AND my 100% Disabled Husband if I'm Sent Away, coz they require Full Time Caregiving!  I may not wanna come back Home actually and Relieve said Sucka you have to Hire!?  *LMAO*   Needless to say, when the State did the prospectus of how much that would Cost them per Month for the Trio, they decided against Locking me up... Bwahahahahahaha!   I think the Figure was somewhere in the Neighborhood of in excess of Fifteen Grand or so per Month if they had to Pay someone for what I did as an Unpaid Caregiver!   I'm Priceless you see!  *Winks*

The School System also makes you take this enormous stack of Paperwork to your Child(ren's) Specialists Annually to Verify the Nature of their Chronic Disability or Illness that causes so many Absences, even if they're Excused Absences!   The G-Kid Forces Specialists always LOVED that inconvenience lemme tell ya!   I remember one time the Specialist worded the Documentation to reflect that this was a PERMANENT Lifetime Condition... with no Cures... and yet every Year the School wanted that VERIFIED... as if they didn't GET what PERMANENT and LIFETIME conveyed about it NEVER FUCKING CHANGING... EVER... so the One Time Verification should Hold Up Year after Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's Funny now in a Dark Gallow's Humor kinda way... but at the time we were not Laughing!   I remember a Mother of a Terminally Ill Child telling me they also got those Threatening Letters about excessive Absences, while her Child was actively Dying... how Crass... how Cruel... I couldn't even Imagine the response I'd of had to that!!!!!!!  Her Daughter finally Passed, after Years of valiantly fighting for Life... so did it really matter she missed some School and spent more Precious time with Family than in the Classroom in her Short Life?

The Changing of yet another School System is something I'm rather on Pins and Needles about, given our Experiences of Special Educational Services adequacy, or lack thereof, from School System to School System and District.   Right now Princess T seems to be having a good Quarter, she even got several A's, which was a Shocker and we were deliriously Proud and Overjoyed!  Since this is the Kid that usually Fails all her Classes no matter how hard she tries, Cares and Works super hard!  I will probably Keep that Report Card and Frame the damned thing!   Well, Two of the Four A's were her Electives... but hey, an A is an A even if it's in Underwater Basket Weaving my Friends, we'll take it and brag about it and Celebrate it madly!  *Winks*  She got a kick out of that, I knew she was Proud too to get ANY A's at all... even if half were Electives and not the Major Class Subjects... it's not often she gets to show us Academic Success like that, Bless her!   I think I told you she's given to wearing Fake Glasses now {a requested Christmas Pressy}, because she said it makes her "Look Smarter" and she was going for a "New Image" at School, a more Scholarly LOOKING one at least!   Okay, so tho' that IS Funny, it also made me choke up a LOT too so I didn't know whether to Laugh AND Cry?!

So I know Why she's having such intense Anxiety about changing Schools, even tho' she said she won't Miss living around here anymore really.   Yes, she has her Inner Circle of close Friends who she will likely keep in touch with and invite over to where we Move to... but she's not your Social Butterfly Type, she's very Introverted too and doesn't Like People very much.   Nothing that Personal, she'll tell ya with Candid Dark Humor, if she don't like you, don't worry, she doesn't really Like anybody and mostly just Tolerates people!    Today she's not Tolerating anyone... but she's not bothering or tormenting us either, she wants to mostly be left alone to Gel on the Sectional under a big pile of Blankets with her Phone... so it's a Good Day.   Well, about as Good as it gets when you don't Feel Well and you're looking after a Teen Kid and a Spouse who also don't Feel Well... in the middle of emptying out your Home of ALL of it's Contents... basically, just your Average Bliss kinda Day!  *Bwahahahaha!*

It's sustaining me to Visualize what our New Home might look and Feel like once we get all Moved in and Create that Forever Home Space that is our Version of Bliss.   I'm getting more Excited about it as we get closer to what I Hope might be the Home Stretch and Finish Line FINALLY!?!?!??  I could be packing some final Boxes right now, but I did Need to spend some Down Time just Blogging and NOT Working at it for some time during this Day.   I am at the place now where there is a Possibility that all the Smalls we aren't reliant on for absolute Necessity, could be packed up by the end of this Week!?!?!?   That's Exciting to me, since it seemed as tho' that would be Impossible at times... within any kind of Time Frame or Deadline actually?!?!  *LOL*

So I do Feel as tho' I can spend my Girl's Day Out on Thursday Peacefully and not Thinking about The Move at all... giving myself a Break from it being the Main Focus 24-7.   I Plan to make the Refresh Event a way to Refresh myself and my Spirit... replenish me in Sensory ways that are balm to the Soul!  And for the Blog Friends and Real Life Friends who are also on The Move... may you also Feel Refreshed during the arduous Journey you've embarked upon or will embark upon.   Usually I try to just Enjoy any Journey, but during this Move I must Confess that I was mostly Destination Oriented.   And reaching that Destination will bring with it much Relief and a sense of coming back Home... after being away in Exile far too long...


Blessings, Love, Light and Calm from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl