Friday, March 24, 2023

River Altar And Waterfalls


Up the Mountainside Hiking Trail that faces the raging and now Flooding Gila River, someone had hiked way up there and constructed an elaborate and Beautiful Altar facing the River.   River Altars are commonplace, several Cultures and Faiths do them, I have Created them myself.  Thankfully most people are Respectful of them and leave them unmolested and just pay Homage to what they Represent.  Or find them fascinating and interesting enough to visit regardless of their own Belief Systems.


While I hiked up there to pay my Respects and Photograph it to Share here in The Land Of Blog, a couple of very Young Men and their Child were too.   They lit some of the Incense provided and we had a moment of Silence, then conversed some just before they hiked back down.  I had arrived slightly after them, giving them time Alone up there, and them Respectfully doing the same for me.   You can see our Incenses burning.

While the Power and Sounds of Nature was raging below, it was Peaceful up there above it at the Altar, I like the dichotomy of that.   I always stand in Awe of the Magnificent Power and Majesty of Nature, especially unleashed and unable to be Controlled or reigned in by us Humans.   I Believe it puts everything in proper Perspective as to Who and what actually holds the Power and Dominion over all of Earth.  We are but a temporal rather insignificant speck on the Surface of it all.

This day I'd also taken a Hike with The Daughter to the Waterfall at the White Tanks Park.  With all of the Rains, it was running and I hadn't been up there in Years.  It's mostly Paved halfway up now and they've made Stone Stairs closer to the Waterfalls to traverse the Canyon Trail up there more easily and accessibly since last time I was there.   But, I still couldn't get around or over that last enormous Boulder that separates the Waterfall from the Trail and Big Pond below it... dammit!  The Daughter laughed that while all the people were avoiding getting Wet, I waded thru the Icy Cold Waters in my Sandals and traversed it all like a Mountain Goat totally One with it all.  *LOL*

The Daughter said she'd hoist me up thru the narrow opening on the Side, but I felt she might have trouble getting me back down and out of it afterwards.  So, I just handed her the Camera to go the last 5 Feet or so to the Waterfall, which is around the Corner and just outside of Line of Sight of where I could make it to... dammit!  *LOL*  Mebbe another time after I do more CrossFit Biking and have the Legs strengthened for it, we can make another Pilgrimage and I'll make those last 5 Feet over or around that damned offending Boulder being the final Barrier to Victory?  *Smiles*

Yes, we took Pixs there too, which will probably be Saved for another Post to take you along vicariously with us.  It was a pleasant Hike, in between Rain Storms it's been Glorious, Cooler and the Air Fresher.  The Desert always smells Sublime after a Rain and there is now a profusion of Native Wildflowers.  It's going to be a good Year for Wildflowers to show out, due to all the Rains and Cooler Weather.   The Daughter hadn't been Hiking with me since she was a Teenager, so we Reminisced about all those times she's Hiked that Trail with me over the course of her Childhood.


Some of the fondest Memories our Kids and The G-Kid Force have are all the times I took them out in Nature.  And we developed the Traditions and Rituals Practiced by my Dad and handed down to me and then down to each of their Generations.   My Dad was an ultimate Naturalist, as most Tribal People are, he always used Nature as a Teaching Tool.  So that we'd know about all of the Plants, Animals, Dangers, Uses and Blessings that it all has to bestow upon those that properly Respect it.  To his People those that Disrespect it are committing an ultimate Sin against Creation and The Creator of it all.  I agree.

Both of my Parents came from Cultural Backgrounds that were Rich in Traditions and Rituals.   They both Created Altars and so there was always one Present in our Homes or constructed in a Natural Private Space and left behind.   Be they humble or elaborate ones, I always enjoy and Respect any Altar from any Culture.   My Mom would have truly enjoyed this one, since her Dad was Raised by a Chinese Family and was of an Eastern Religious background, his entire Life practicing Buddhism.  

My Nanna was Christian, but they always had their Interfaith Intercultural Union represented at Home and so did my Parents do the same in their Interfaith Intercultural Union.   The Man and I also now doing the same, since we have an Interfaith Intercultural Union as well.  It took him a while to have any understanding at all of our ways, but he has embraced them fully and Respected them always.  I do the same for him, since, his Brand of Religion he was Raised in is very Foreign to me also.   

Tho' a lot of Organized Religion is out of the Scope of the capacity of my Understanding actually and I don't have Religion and don't want it either.   I prefer having deep Spirituality and a Connection to my Creator that is a Relationship and not a form and a fashion of any Religion or Denominational Label.  The Man is not and hasn't been a Member in Good Standing since his early Adulthood of his Church tho'.  So there were no close ties to his, since way before we met, tho' the majority of his Family are devout Mormons.   

So, his Church does pay regular visits, as they just do with their Members, past or present.  I joke they must have a Chip in him, since they can track and locate him like GPS Tracking, even if his Family don't know where we are yet.  *LMAO*   And, speaking of Himself... well, he was in the Doghouse by late Yesterday Afternoon.  We'd had a fantastic Day but he deteriorated rapidly by late Afternoon.  Which, isn't uncommon these days and then he reverts to Ornery Old Man "Get Off My Lawn" Mode, where, nobody much wants to be around him or interact with him at all.   So, he sets himself up for alienation and isolation after that, he might even prefer it, who knows?!

It all started when he began messing with the plethora of Fishing Equipment he's been accumulating as if he's going on some Pro Fishing Expedition or something.   The Son and his Friends have been trying to coax him into going Fishing with them for ages.  Gypsy James and The Son go Fishing all of the time and always invite The Man to join them.  He always uses the same lame Excuse not to, he doesn't have his Fishing License and needs to go to Fish & Game to get his Free Disabled Veteran one.  Fish and Game is located out in the far North Boonies, near nothing at all, nobody is going all the way there for him to Save $20-$30 Bucks a License only costs.

It would cost more in Gas to get there than just going to a Wal-Mart and Buying a License, so, The Son has always said, "Dad, I got you.  I'll Buy it FOR you and so it will still be Free to you, Okay?"   Nope... Stubborn Old Fool that he's become, that's NOT Okay and he wants his Free Disabled Veteran License as if somehow that proves he's a Disabled Veteran more than just having a Paid License he could show to prove he's Licensed to Fish.  *Eye Roll and Le Sigh*   This time The Son's Friend Q tried with The Son to get him to agree to go with them this Weekend to go Fishing, if he'd just let them pick up his License and pay for it for him, when they go to Buy theirs?   Nope, he wasn't having it.  *Huge Sigh*

I only knew at the time that Q had called us to set something Fun up for a Weekend Activity with The Son and possibly The Daughter.  I didn't know yet that they were conspiring to take one for the Team and Plan something Special for their Dad so he could finally use all his Fishing Gear and go Fishing.   It's not like anybody else is going to take him Fishing, T.J. only took him out Gold Panning the one time and they were back so fast I knew he had to of been a Pain in the Ass or Too Much High Maintenance to ever get another Invitation.  T.J. had the best of Intentions, but I told him that The Man can be a handful, so he'd be forewarned and forearmed for The Experience.  *LOL*


Needless to say all his Invitations with his Friends Locally and his side of the Family Dried Up quite some time ago after his TBI.  But, The Son and his Friends truly want to take him out to have a Guy's Day Out and enjoy himself, but, he's not been receptive at all.   So, The Son happened to say out loud, in front of his Sister, "I don't even know why I try anymore?  Clearly he doesn't want to spend Time with us, even tho' he really likes and gets along with Quinardo."   Well, she trots into The RV Garage Mahal where I was busy Working, all up in Righteous Indignation that Dad was being Unlovely and it had really hurt her Brother and Q's Feelings how he'd reacted to a Sincere Invitation to go Fishing with them all.

The Son had told her not to do it... "It's Okay, I've been Over It... Gypsy James, Brandon and Q are now Over It too, he'll never get to go Fishing and he'll have to Resign himself to that fact.  And... besides, you'll just Trigger Mom... and... I don't want that."   She decided it was worth Triggering Mom coz Dad was being an Asshole again... *Winks*... becoz, that's just how she and Princess T happen to Roll anytime Dad/Grandpa is being Unlovely and a total Jerk.   They know that tho' he might risk being Ornery Old Man with any of them... should he feel Foolish enuf to risk doing that to me, all Hell breaks loose and he gets Dark Dawn who doesn't Play.  {Above is me realizing I'm NOT getting around or over that Offending Boulder, just FEET away from the Waterfall!}

 And so then there is an immediate Shift in The Disturbance of The Force and he better come back to Center STAT or consequences will be such that it will truly Suck to be him.  *Smiles*   Well, Listen, a vicious Maternal Instinct is something not to be trifled with, any Sane Man should know, Trust and Believe that, or, I pity the Fool!   I don't Care how Old my Kiddos all get, anyone whose being Mean Spirited to any of them, for any fucking reason, is then going to be Dealing with me.  And it will be a Version of me that is formidable, I don't even Like Myself when I get Triggered like that... since, I could become terribly Unstable and highly Unpredictable.

 My Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren are the most Precious Souls to me on this side of Time and Eternity.  So, don't DARE mess with my Babies, or it's ON and I'm Coming for you with an intensity you can't even Imagine!!!  Especially if they're just trying to do a Good Thing for you with the Best of Intentions, it's NOT Okay and never will be Okay.   It's not as if in over 30+ Years he does not know this with every ounce of his Being, so, perhaps he has a Death Wish of Dying Horribly, I dunno?   *Winks*   You will KNOW that immediately and with complete Clarity... I don't Care how fucked up in the Head you are.  I make it abundantly clear, don't ever be hurtful to my Kiddos, any of them.  To be hurtful to them is to hurt and wound me deeply.  I'd rather be hurt than see any Child of mine go thru anything with anyone.

 I Love my Husband, but he knows the ONE THING to never, ever ever do, is be Mean Spirited or Hurtful to any Child and especially if they're MINE.   If they're mine then you're Testing me to not go Mental on your Ass.  It's a non-negotiable Taboo to be Mean to any Kiddo of mine and not have immediate repercussions you will regret having put into motion.  He's a good Provider and willingly Raised Four Kids of Two Generations that he didn't Father biologically, I know he Loves them and would do anything for them.   His inability to be close to Male Children I Believe is a Learned Behavior from his Lineage and Upbringing, I really do.  The Machisimo Bullshit in his Family is bravado misdirected and projected inappropriately IMO.   We've often had a Come To Jesus about it too... he now knows better so I expect him to DO better.

It does not make a Son or Grandson tougher or more of a Man to be a Hard Ass and an Asshole towards them.  That's not my Opinion, I state that as a fucking FACT.  Some of the Toughest Men I've ever known have been Kind and Harmonious with all People and all Ages.  Some of the most deeply Wounded Men I know have dysfunctional relationships with their Fathers and/or Mothers.  But I know some Families have different Childrearing Techniques I disapprove of, The Man knows I strongly disapprove of how he himself was Raised, and so I took the Lead in Raising all of ours.  I refused to let them be Raised in a way I disapprove of in every way, The Man knew that before we got Married and had to Honor that Agreement that I'd Lead in Parenting in the way in which I was Raised and approve of.

  He's always been great with the Female Kiddos, but as fucked up as his own Family dynamic was with his Dad, it's difficult for him to be in the same Spirit with Male Children, so he's kinda become his Dad, as much as he wanted NOT to.  So, he's not close to Son or Grandson and that's the only reason why, they tried to be closer and that's all they can do.  Now they rarely bother and it's his own Fault.   The Young Prince is Kind and Tolerant to Grandpa, more out of Pity now for his Brain Damaged Condition, but, he has told me he doesn't expect or want any close Relationship whatsoever, he's Done trying to be Closer and I don't blame him.  Out of Respect and Love for me, he comes over with Allen to visit.  Allen gets along great with The Man, coz he was Raised similarly, has a lot of the same Interests and his estrangement with his own Stepdad runs deep.  I don't think he knows his Biological Dad at all.

I do not agree with how The Man was Raised and he knows it, I think his Dad was an Asshole to his Sons and not much better with his Daughters or Wife, my Observation in the short time I knew my FIL.   He Died about a Year after we were Married and I only met him once, he was Fine with me, since I established with his Family early on that I wasn't The One to get on the Bad Side of.  I think Fair Warning is always a good Ground Rule to set early on so people aren't blindsided.  I could see how the other DIL's acted and cowtowed, but, I wasn't Raised in that Culture of the Patriarchy, and I bow down to no Man.  Period.  If a Man wants to go to War with me and send me on the Warpath, he does so at his own peril.  It's ill advised, I've been told I'm completely out of my Mind when Triggered... they could be Right, I won't Recall actually.  *LOL*

My Dad Raised us totally differently and was strict, firm, but Fair and a very Loving Two Spirit Tribal Man.  I think I got the best Dad in the whole wide World since he was in touch with both Gender Spirits and thus could relate to my Brother and I in ways I don't see many Men be able to.  In his Culture, the Two Spirit Beings are an Elevated State of Being and Tribal Members not only Revere it and those Born like that, but they are embraced by Tribal Culture unconditionally.  As it should be.  I preferred my Parents take on Life and especially about Acceptance and Respect of all Sentient Beings, Parenting Lovingly and with Great Nurturing.  Putting Family First while Protecting Loved Ones at all Cost.  We would gladly Die for those we Love or have someone else Die horribly in defense of them, either way is Fine with me.

 We were Raised in a Loving Home where Dad taught us to be Tough, but in a way that was always Humane first, Kind and Respectful to everyone always, exist in Harmony with Nature, and only go to War when someone else Initiates it and gives you no other Choice.   Then take them out without Mercy and have them fight you all day long without ever seeing you.  *Winks*    It's only when Christian Missionaries entered the picture on Reservations that the Dogma of Religion tried to enforce Gender Roles and Sexual Oppression, you know, all that Bullshit that Western Colonialism Culture really seems to struggle with and be so Uptight about.   As if it's the only way of Being.

Using their version of God as an excuse to be Oppressive, Cruel, have Extreme Prejudices about other Cultures and ways, while being Biased, domineering and intolerant as fuck.   As if that is actually Godly... which, it's not and is a piss poor Witness of any attraction to their Brands of Religion IMO.   I don't Worship any God that has no Fruits of the Spirit or Godliness evident in His People, mebbe they do, I do NOT.   I can wear a string of Pearls but it doesn't make me a fucking Oyster, nor does calling myself one.  So attendance of any Church you are Devoted to, is not so attractive to me as what you say and do in your Actions that Proves a Relationship with your Creator and should be abundantly Evident and Radiate outwards Naturally.  {Above is Water running down the Stairs leading to the Waterfall and surrounding Pools cascading below it.}

Stepping down from my Pulpit now... winks... Yes, I have gotten into those kinds of Debates with the allegedly Godly and highly Religious Churchy Folk, they usually disengage quickly.   Every Devil will Flee from The Truth when spoken boldly and can't be contradicted with made up Bullshit that can't stand up to Scrutiny and be Questioned... *Smiles*   But, I digress... Yes, I was on the Warpath and he knew it when I confronted him about why he'd declined the Guy's generous Invitation to go Fishing?  Especially after I've spent a considerable Fortune in Fishing Equipment he was never gonna get to use unless THEY take him, coz nobody else will or wants to?!

I then stormed out and off to Calm Down and get back to Center lest I begin breaking Fishing Poles, crushing Reels and stomping little Plastic Bobbers to smitherines in a Rage, Fly Tying Feathers and Tackle flying everywhere too.  *LOL*  Yep, that wouldda happened and I knew it, tho' it would have been highly Therapeutic for me, it would have concerned the Rest of 'em and been absolute carnage.  *Winks*  He also knew he'd taken it a Bridge too far coz he did all the Laundry while I was out and stayed out of Sight...   {Above are some Native American Petroglyphs in the White Tanks, they are virtually everywhere and protected now with barriers to stay behind mostly, so people don't Graffiti and disrespect the sites with Brainless Vandalism.}

My Line of Sight he's stayed mostly out of 'til I have restored my Calm, since he knew he had a Target on his Back until I could be Nice again towards him.   On the way to Work this Morning, The Son told me to just Forget about it, he was Sorry it's the way it is, but it just is and there's nothing anyone can really do about it, we can't have Relationships FOR him if he's alienating himself on Purpose.   I told him to go Fishing and enjoy themselves this Weekend sans Dad.  As well as cease and desist from any further Invitations to his Dad, it's pointless if he's just going to be ungrateful and difficult.  He doesn't deserve or hasn't earned the Right to go and potentially ruin it for them if he did go either.  I don't Care if he ever fucking goes Fishing now, I really don't, he's fucked himself, so be it... and Deal with it.

I know The Son is Right of coarse, but it's troubling, since I see a deterioration in Mind and Body of his Dad that is worsening and we can't run damage control behind and his Docs can't seem to slow down either.   It's the Fear in Disguise kind of Anger you get when you know things will just worsen and you're all Powerless to do anything about it except have a dismal acceptance of how it just is and be unconditionally Loving, which is hard.  Becoz, Honestly, sometimes I'm ready to NOT be Nice on Purpose myself in retaliation, which, as a Caregiver, is not appropriate at all, so I Resist the Temptation to prolong my Anger and frustration.   I tell him that Civility is Mandatory, no Excuses... I don't Care how Far Gone he is, suck it up or risk being Institutionalized. {We can't afford that option, but the Threat of it Scares him.}

If nobody wants to be his Caregiver anymore, that's his only Option and he knows it.   So, I do use it as Leverage so he'll Behave as much as he is able to.  I don't want to have to throw in the Towel and Tap Out or go Long Term Care Bankrupt and lose everything in our Old Age.  Each Day we start anew and usually it's better in the Mornings, before he deteriorates and becomes difficult.  We Trade Off in the watching of him now since a little bit of him goes a long way.  Usually tho', he Isolates, which is probably better and easier for him as well as for whoever it watching him.  He's Peaceful and Happy when he's just left alone to his Routines and only coming along when he Imagines he's capable of getting along and playing well with others.  *LOL* 

  Sometimes if it's just he and I, he can Maintain that Mode for most of the whole Day before he begins getting tired and Cranky, then his Ass is whisked Home.  *Smiles*  He'll ask me why we're going Home already and I tell him the Truth, that he's entering Old Bastard Territory and in order for me not to Snap and go Mental on his Ass, it's just best we call it a Day.  He agrees, since, me going Postal is never Fun nor Wise as an Option.  *Winks*   Caregiver Diaries ongoing, we cross each Bridge as we come to it, some of the Waters of Caregiving are as turbulent as those raging Flood Waters, probably even more menacing actually, since, the Floods will End.  And Nature will go back to Normal.  {Above is an Ancient Hohokam Grinding Stone.}


Blessings, Love, Light and Happy Spring... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Great AZ Floods of 2023

 It's Raining like Hell again and The Son woke up not feeling good but pushed himself to take some Allergy Meds and just go to Work anyway and tough it out.  Princess T however, had Allergies so bad she threw up a few times and her Head hurt, so she's staying Home from School.  She's had a lot of absences, but I won't send a Sick Child to School.  She's not contagious, but, no way is it conducive to Learning if you're nauseous and have a killer Headache, they'd send her Home anyway from the Nurse's Office.  Plus, people still are nervous about COVID and it's impossible to tell the difference without Testing.

The Man is Sick too, same Symptoms, so he's been Misery personified and I stocked up on Allergy and Cold/Flu Meds.   The Daughter has complained about similar Symptoms, but doesn't seem as bad off as her Dad, Brother and Daughter are.   Each Morning, if it's not Raining, there is a dusting of thick Pollen on my Windshield, mostly from our Pine Trees.   I don't suffer from Allergies much, if at all, like the rest of them, so I'm really the only one feeling Well right now.  T.J. said Irrigation is coming Today, unless SRP suspends it due to the heavy Rains, we'll see how the Ground handles absorbing so much Water?

He had also waited too late to cut the Grass, so will have to now do it in the heavy Rain.  He usually waits until just before Irrigation comes so that it will be cut low and the Water can flow better.  But, inclement Weather lately has been unpredictable and Arizona is now beginning to get the Floods and deep Snowfalls like Cali has been getting.  Several Communities have had to be evacuated already, there's still heavy Snowfall and Melt up North of the State and torrential Rains in all the other Parts of the Desert sections of Arizona.  So once completely dry Dry Washes and Riverbeds are Bank to Bank and cresting at Historic Levels now.

I haven't seen the Dry Washes and Riverbeds raging like this since the early 1970's when it used to be more common and it would wash all the Bridges out.   The Mill Avenue Bridge, which is over 100 Years Old, would be the only structure still standing back in those days, a Century ago they knew how to build Bridges.   The Modern ones, every damned Year, would wash out and strand Motorists on one side or another. *LOL*   When we lived in Subdivision Rural Hell at the Villa, you could easily get stranded out there and they probably will with these Historic level Floodings.  We're on High Ground here and I've Sandbagged where it could crest above Irrigation levels.

When you have a Property that gets Irrigation, they build the Homes and Outbuildings on higher Foundations and build containment structures and Berms to keep the Irrigation in and from Cresting.  So, that is helpful when there are Torrential Rains too, it has to get damned high, before you might take on Water inside.   And, the City offers Sandbags for Free, so we always pick up a Truck Load to shore up Doorways of the Main House.   The RV Garage Mahal side entrance Door is up over Six Inches, but the Big Garage Doors on it have Sandbags across them on the Inside, just to ensure no Flooding.

It will be a Cozy Day spent Indoors due to the Weather being inclement, I don't Mind.   After doing Taxes and Owing the Feds, well, discretionary Income is not available now really anyway to go do things.  There's nothing we Need to do and there's not much we Want to do either, so it's Fine.   It's Wet and Chilly, so except for picking The Son up from Work at 2:00 p.m., I'd rather not be out and about in it.   When it Rained Yesterday, the Freeway had Closures due to bad Accidents, most Desert Dwellers have no Idea how to drive Safely in inclement Weather.

We had to come Home off the Freeway, which takes a lot longer, since it's a long Commute from Deer Valley where he Works in the Far Northeast, to the Far Southwest Valley, where we Live.  They spent the longer Commute making Fun of how I drive and pretending to be terrified of how I drive and that I probably had no Idea where we were or how to get Home.  *Bwahahaha*   They both are a Riot and have Wicked Senses of Humor.  So we were Laughing so hard our Sides hurt and Tears were running down our Faces, we couldn't stop Laughing uncontrollably, it got so hysterically Funny.

The Son likes to make Fun of and Tease his Sister as much as he does me, what Siblings don't, Right?  He's really Funny about it too, he could be a Professional Comedian, I swear.  We'd stopped at a Convenience Store and he went in with his Sister to get some Alcoholic Beverages for Home.  Well, she wanted this new Pirate Water in the Sex On The Beach Flavor.  They didn't have it, so, she's calling out her Brother's Name loudly and incessantly wailing across the crowded Convenience Store, "__________, I want Sex On The Beach, I can't find any Sex On The Beach!"  *LMAOROTF*

 He's Dying that she's drawing Attention, and what she's saying, and trying not to let on she's yelling that to him, or that he's with her... he said people were looking at her like she was Developmentally Disabled... only, he used the Taboo R Word.  *Winks*  She has few inhibitions, filter or propriety, part of her level of Disabling factors actually, but it can be Funny or Mortifying in Public.  Perhaps people had no Idea she was talking about a Beverage? *LOL*  When they get back in the Truck he's telling me what just happened and saying what she'd been yelling in there, only he mimicked her with a thick Mexican Accent.  She has spoken Spanish for so long now she actually has one and forgets the Words in English sometimes.  *LOL*

So, there he is Imitating her, spot on, and pronouncing it with a thick Mexican Accent like "Sex On The Beeeeeach", and repeating it over and over again, like she does, drawing out the e's with a thick Mexican Accent.  Well, I'm Laughing so hard hysterically, she's Laughing so hard at the Parody of herself, and it's encouraging him to go hard on the caustic Humor of making Fun of her, he's on a Roll.  But in a way we all think is hilarious, becoz, well, he's good at it and it's hard to actually be Offended when it's True and not Intended to be Hurtful or Offensive.   The Art of the Insult, if done well, is pretty damned Funny, I ain't gonna Lie.  The Humor Theory of benign violation and Insult Comedy can be hilarious.  When a Social Norm is overturned in a Non-Threatening way it can be successful at finding Humor in it. *LMAOROTF*

  He said he couldn't be Mad at her either or tell her to Knock it Off, when she comes rolling up to the Register along WITH him.  Since, People were now looking at them like he's the Caregiver of a Retarded Person and it would be a Bad Look for him to not be Kind and Patient towards her.  That made it even Funnier.  *Bwahahaha*  He said his Sister is oblivious she's made a Spectacle of herself in Public, and embarrassing him.  He's wanting to crawl off in humiliation, since, he does not like drawing Attention to himself, or have anyone looking some kind of way at his Sister either... so he just wants to quickly get them both out of there and get her in the Truck.

  In hindsight, of coarse it was Funny, just, not necessarily at the Time he's enduring it.  *LOL*   I don't embarrass easily, if at all, so I'd of found it Funny at the time it's happening and probably Laughed in the Store.  The Daughter has a good sense of Humor about herself too.  With Mi Vida Loca, Trust and Believe I've endured some really Crazy shit that you just couldn't make up, and Honestly, it's Ideal Parody Material for a Comedic Routine.   The kind Richard Pryor would have made into one of his Routines about hard knocks Life or Disabilities Challenges and make people laugh at, even if it's truly a Human Tragedy unfolding and a tough row to Hoe in Reality.

CVS came thru in a Day with the rest of my Diabetic Meds and Supplies, my Co-Pay for all of it will come to about $200 a Month that TriCare Insurance doesn't cover and Medicare won't either, now that the Base won't cover it.   It's not that any one Med or Supply is a really high Individual Co-Pay, but cumulatively for all the Meds, Test Strips, Needles and Prick Sticks it adds up quickly to end up being about Two Hundred Monthly now.  Ugh.   The Day didn't get any Cheaper, when T.J. went to cut the Grass/Pasture, the John Deere crapped out and he had to replace the Battery and some Wires, that was $70, he never charges us for his Labor to fix things.

Then when Irrigation came, the Pump that pumps it into the Front Yard and East Side Yard crapped out too.  *Le Sigh*  We didn't have the time or the Money to fix it before the Water came, so we had to miss this Rotation for the Front Yard where the Big Pine Trees are and the East Side Yard where one Tall Palm is.   I get paid from the Antique Mall on Friday and it will take the whole Check to replace the Pump, again, T.J. never charges for his Labor, so it will be just replacing the Pump AGAIN.  They only last about Two Seasons before they burn out.  We replaced it Two Years ago already, we're thinking of ways to do something differently to flow the Water in those Two parts of the Property that won't require a Pump.

Anyway, the Yardwork got done and 3/4 of the Irrigation too, and it Rained heavily so really nothing will perish that didn't get Irrigation this time around.   It's gotten to be a very expensive start to Spring tho', that's for sure.  *Le sigh*  I prepare for financial Emergencies to a point, but when several hit at once, and unexpected permanent expenses like the Medication fiasco where Benefits have really suspended at the Base for procuring Diabetic Meds, it can put a strain on even being adequately prepared.   The Son has been giving me extra Money above what I'd asked him to give in Rent, so that has been a Lifesaver really.  He's always done that anytime he's lived on our Properties, he says it's the least he can do.

By about 3:30 p.m. the Weather took a Nice turn and the Rains stopped and it got Sunny and quite pleasant.   So, The Man and I decided to go down to Tres Rios Nature Preserve and see how high the Gila, Salt and Agua Fria Rivers were cresting during these Floods.  Well, lemme tell you, I've lived here almost 50 Years and never seen anything like it.  They were raging Bank to Bank and even beyond their Banks in some areas!    They had taken out any Roads that didn't have major Bridges over them and completely obliterated Berms and Barricades set up to try to contain them.   I took loads of Pixs, I'll Share some in this Post now.


Some people have been stranded and needed Flood Water Rescues, some have Died too trying to either cross or becoz a lot of Homeless live at the River Bottoms and under the Bridges that usually aren't that fast and Flooded.   The Reservoirs are so full that they're having to release Water into the major Rivers, causing the unprecedented surge like I've never seen in almost 50 Years.  In some Communities, smaller ones near the Rivers, they've had to evacuate and Homes and Lives have been lost. 

This is the Gila River, usually it flows under this Road where we do environmental cleanup in the Tres Rios Nature Preserve that it runs thru.  This portion doesn't even have a Bridge but the Two behind it did... and beyond that had 12 Foot Soil and Rock Berms, they didn't hold and the River Crested over it all in numerous places.  The small portions of Road like Islands is mostly due to huge Tamarack Groves and slightly higher ground that so far, haven't been overwhelmed by the Power of the River.

You're seeing Waves here becoz there are huge Concrete Barriers that are about Waist High, like what you see on Highway Overpasses to prevent Cars from going over during Crashes.  They're bolted onto the Road, so they haven't been washed away, but, they couldn't withstand the height of the Water, which now must just flow over them as it heads Downstream at 16,000+ cubic Feet per Second.  The River which used to be just a couple Hundred Feet Wide Year Round, is now Bank to Bank for MILES... and at some places, way past any Bank it ever had.

This is way past any Bank it probably ever had, as can be verified by the Age of the Old Palm Tree Groves it's now rushing around.  The Palms are doing Okay with the Water Pressure, but a lot of Trees just can't and so there's lots of Debris rushing past in the Floods.   The Water is deceiving, it doesn't look as fast as it's actually moving.  The only portions that give it away are the Rapids sections, where clearly you see, that's some Dangerous Water you should not even venture into at all EVER.   But foolish people do, they walk into it and try to drive thru it... hence, the Water Rescues and Deaths.

They pulled a Body out of this Section the Day we were there.  They aren't releasing the Identity, but a lot of Homeless were Living in Encampments on the once Dry River Bottom and Under the Bridges, they likely had no Warning or chance to get out.   This is why the Sheriff's Dept. is constantly rousting them out, not only due to the way they Trash the Nature Preserve with their Homeless Encampments, but, becoz it is a Dangerous place and when it Floods, it Floods fast and you could get stranded and not able to be Rescued.

The same Day they had just Rescued a Homeless Guy with his Bike who got Stranded between the Raging River portions on what used to be a thru Road here.   He got video recorded actually trying to Walk across and then got swept away.  Luckily becoz people were there, like we were, to Witness the River's Massive Size and Surge, they called 911 and had been yelling at him not to try to Cross until Help arrived.  Tho' he got swept away, he was fortunate to Survive and be Rescued, but, that put the Lives of his Rescuers in peril too.

Sometimes Idiotic folk drive around the Barricades and Road Closure Signs and still try to drive across... utter foolishness and potentially Suicidal.  It only takes about 10 inches of Water to float a Vehicle, and at the Speed this Water is moving, your Vehicle trying to go across the Current, is not going to make it, I don't Care what kind of Vehicle you're in, it's going to get Washed away with you in it!   With all the Debris in the Water, it will also smash into you at an alarming and deadly Speed.

Here I'm standing on the very South Side of a high Road near Phoenix International Raceway, which is on the other more Southern side of that Road.  The Water now is AT that Road, and has never been there before.  It goes North for Miles Across now too, as far as our Eyes could see, the River was Raging across ALL of that expanse.  We had to Drive a long time to see both Sides of where it now is.   The Big Bridges are over it, I took some Pixs from the Pedestrian section of one of those Bridges.   The lengths I go to bring you Blog Fodder know no bounds, I had Vertigo so Bad, you have no Idea.  Even tho' I was Safe, it was Terrifying.  *LOL*

I was about Fifty Feet above the River with a Chain Link Guard Fence Taller than me, but, I still felt Vertigo dizzy and Terrified, so, I took my few Blog Fodder Pixs, defied Death by Vertigo *winks*, and got the Hell off there ASAP.  *LOL*  You're Welcome.   *Smiles*   The Man was Laughing his Ass off, since, he knows my Phobias and how difficult it is for me to Face them.   When I came back off the Bridge I was visibly Shaking, but I had my Pixs from the Middle of the River, a Once in a Half Century or more Opportunity seized.  *LOL*   Some of those Pixs are in this Post and taken thru the Link in the Chain Link Fence.  Even more Terrifying coz it gave the Illusion there was no Fence between me and imminent Death by Flooding River beneath me.  *Ha ha ha* 

When you have Vertigo you actually Feel yourself Falling and Spinning or Moving even when everything around you, including you, aren't.   It's not a pleasant sensation and I get it even when up One or Two Rungs of a Ladder, where, the most I could probably do is actually twist an Ankle and not Die... but I'll feel equally Terrified all the same and almost Panic.  In this Pix you can see the submerged Hiking Trail Sign in the Preserve, since, this is actually, or was, a Wide portion of a Walking Road, Two Lanes across that is Dry all the time.  Usually you spend about 10-15 Minutes walking down TO where the River is, in this direction.  This Day, I was AT the River in about 16 Steps instead from the Parking Lot... for reference.

This is looking down that Road, the Trees on either side of the Road are a dense Thicket of what usually just grows around the Rivers in the Preserve.  There are Fishing Trails going down each side of that wide Road portion.   It's Foot Traffic Only, but Parks and Rec drive down this Road to Maintain the Preserve... well, not anymore.  *LOL*  That Road goes for a few Miles, it's completely submerged all the way and Cranes are now shoring up, or trying to, the far North Sides to prevent the River from Cresting into Subdivisions built on that Side of the Preserve in a Rural Residential Community just outside of the Nature Preserve.  If it Crests past what they're building, those people will have to Evacuate.  They are mostly Mini Farms with Livestock.  The Animals were hysterical already, they sense the impending Dangers.


I found a Creepy Doll Head here floating, it's mine now for a Halloween Prop to Remember this Moment by.  *LOL*   After the River finally subsides to normal levels, The Man plans to bring his Metal Detector to areas it dried out and search for Treasures the Waters probably dredged up or floated downstream.

This section Flooded badly becoz during Pandemic there was a huge River Bottom Fire that raged thru and burnt down most of the Trees.  Burnt areas when it Floods become Mud Hazards and Mud Slides will happen and why a lot of the Water is so Muddy.   Tho' Bushes grew back, no Trees have had time to and what is still there is scorched and Dead.  A lot of that was being washed downstream as Debris.

In the Background of this Pix you can now see one of those Bridges I was standing on taking my Death defying Pixs for you.  *LOL*   Those are the Bridges a lot of the Homeless Camp under and probably got caught unawares by the Flood Waters when the Dams released so much Water.   Those of us with Phones and TV or Computers would know about the Releases from the Reservoirs giving us prior Warning, the Homeless Population would not if MCSO was unable to locate them all and make them leave beforehand.  Many of them hide from Law Enforcement and Park Services, since they know they're illegally Squatting.

They will eventually find Bodies after the Flood Waters subside, I'm sure of it.   Not every casualty or potential Victim was Witnessed by someone able to call Authorities for Help or to report it.

Today we Plan to go to some more areas and various Rivers to see more Spectacles of Nature and I'll Photograph them for you and regale you with more of The Great Arizona Floods of 2023.  *Winks*

Needless to say, even tho' we won't be Canning here for a while, we did do Environmental Cleanup around the Barricades.  Since Litterbug Environmentally Unconscious People do still leave their Beverage Containers and Trash behind when sight-seeing.  *Eye Roll*   We still got a huge Bag full of Aluminum from the likes of those who are too fucking Lazy and Irresponsible to pack out the empties that they brought in full whilst watching the Flood Waters.



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