Thursday, February 25, 2021

An All Day Affair

 Okay, so the Three Hour Job to replace the new Hot Water Heater became an All Day Affair, as I suspected it might, due to the tight location next to the Washer and Dryer Cubby in the Hallway.  It's Odd Placement for a Water Heater in a Home, but in the early 80's, well... what else is there to say about how things were done during that Era.  *LOL*  It's a good thing The Son was here, since he did some things to cut down the cost for us, so the Technician didn't have to do them and charge us for the Labor.

Example, the Cabinets above the Laundry had to go, since it was impossible to remove the Old Hot Water Heater or install the New One with the Cabinets up there.  They were likely POS Cabinets installed later anyway and painted White, so I didn't mind losing them actually, they couldn't even be removed without breaking up.  I'll have The Son now install some Shiplap on that Wall and some Vintage Industrial looking Shelving for the Laundry Supplies, it will be a better Look and more convenient for me too.  And we'll use the Wood from the Old Cabinets in the next Bonfire.  Not to mention smashing those Cabinets to bits will relieve Stress. *LOL*

Then, wouldn't you know, the clearance to put the Washer and Dryer back in the Cubby almost wouldn't work with the New Hot Water Heater because it was One Inch Wider!  Fuck!  I almost had an Anxiety Attack, it was already installed, and the Tech and The Son knew I was ready to Freak Out so they figured it out so I wouldn't go Postal!  *LOL*  I said No Demo and so they had to creatively re-position the now full of Water New 50 Gallon Hot Water Heater to squeeze that Washer and Dryer back into place and hook it all up.  It was quite the Chinese Circus, but they got er done!  *Whew!*  

I had some Safety upgrades put in to avoid any flooding or fires, so now if it malfunctions, we'll have Alarms and Auto Shutoff.   I didn't pay Cash since they offered 18 Months Financing at Zero Percent Interest, so, why not?  I'll use their Money for 18 Months Interest Free while collecting Interest on my Money instead.  The Hot Water Heater we chose was on Sale and we also got a Preferred Customer Discount, since we've used this Company for many Years and Contract with them for all our Plumbing and Air Conditioning Needs, they've always done us Right.  This Unit is Commercial Grade, not those crap Units Sold at Big Box Home Depots or Lowe's Stores. 

So, one more thing replaced that has a Ten Year Warranty, if it malfunctions at any time during a Decade, it's replaced for Free and we just pay Labor for installing another one, I'm okay with that.   No Labor if it malfunctions within the first Year.   They Service it every Year for Free also, just like they do Twice a Year for our Air Conditioning and our Water Softener.  The Tech was a nice Young Man, about our Son's Age, he and The Son had a lot in common, like doing Mixed Martial Arts and working in The Trades.

 He appreciated The Son volunteering to Help some, so he didn't have to call for another Technician, when things got complicated, since that would have cost us more too and wasted time waiting on the other Tech to be dispatched and arrive.  The Son was watching everything being done since he likes to learn new things and this Tech was happy to show him everything he was doing.  It took up the whole Day so we didn't get much else done really, except that.  But, I did unpack a Half Dozen more Old Milk Crates of their Contents and we all Purged Photo Albums while the Water Heater was being installed.

Princess T did complain about not being able to flush the Toilets during the time it took, but she's Happy to be able to take a Hot Shower Tonight.  *Smiles*   Rather than not be able to wash Dishes I just got Take-Out for everyone, saved me cooking Breakfast or Dinner, we skipped Lunch entirely, too busy.   After the Hot Water Heater was finally installed, I made a Post Office run before they had the last Mail pickup and then dropped some newly Priced Inventory off at the Antique Mall.

I was talking to one of the Guys I always Worked Nights with whose a good Friend of mine.  He told me the Demographic in the Year I've been gone has dropped by about 20 Years since Pandemic has begun.   When I was still working, the Demographic was mostly people over the Age of 40 coming in and mostly Seniors, now he said it's dropped to the 20-40 Year Old Crowd during COVID that are the main Buyers and Regulars.  I had noticed a shift in what is Selling and that would certainly explain it.   This last Pay Period was better than the previous one, whew!

We had Purged Inventory last Week and brought in a lot of New Inventory from The Purge at Home, so that's made an instant difference in boosting Sales.  Plus, Princess T and I did foof the Showroom some and make new Displays of the Merchandising, which I think has helped make everything look Fresh and perhaps more Editorial and Inviting?   I know that Vintage Toys and Rubber Art Stamps are still Selling like Crazy during the Pandemic... keeps people busy during Lockdown I suppose?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Electrical Scare

 We had quite the Scare late Monday Night, The Son and I were up late watching a Denzel Movie Marathon and smelled something Electrical burning.   The Hallway was filled with White Smoke but we couldn't find the cause.  It smelled Electrical so we unplugged anything that could be unplugged, he checked the Attic and all the Outlets, nothing seemed amiss.   We had to wait for the acrid smell to dissipate to hone in on where it seemed the Source might be and pinpoint it.  That took 'til this Morning, so I stayed up all Night while everyone else slept, to be on Watch lest we have more problems.

We didn't and by this Morning we could finally pinpoint the Source, which turned out to be the Hot Water Heater in the Hallway, something burnt out inside of it and fried, so the smoke and smell was from the insulation around that, which is fiberglass.  I've got T.J., The Son and The Man going to work all that out Today, it's looking to me like that Water Heater will need replacement.  If it's malfunctioning, I don't want it repaired, I want it replaced.  It's not a very old unit but it isn't under Warranty either, you don't always get much Life out of these Modern Appliances, I'd say 7-10 Years seems the Average now when they crap out.

I'm relieved The Son discovered the problem, he was like a Dog with a Bone until he found out what had burnt up.  He moved the Washer and Dryer, which is beside the Hot Water Heater, they're brand new Appliances that were purchased by the previous Owner for the Sale of this Home.  He checked the Older Air Conditioner which is on the side of the House that had the problem, we'd replaced the other one just a few Months ago, but didn't know if the Older one had gone kaput or not?  I'm glad it's not the Air Conditioner nor the Washer or Dryer.  I'm even more relieved it's not the Home's Wiring.   I can Deal with a Water Heater replacement, we've replaced those before in Homes.

Nothing scares me more than the potential for a House Fire tho', so I was on Edge 'til we discovered the Cause.   I wasn't sure if The Son, T.J. and The Man could troubleshoot it or not, if I'd have to call the Fire Department and/or an Electrician to figure the Cause out?   T.J., being a Lineman, works with Electrical Power Lines all the time, so he has a lot of his own equipment to Test everything out and he said once identified, we could get this squared away, which made me Calmer just knowing that.  The acrid smell is pretty strong, so we've aired the House out now it's Daylight.  Even just something small burning or smoldering sure stinks!

So, anyway, that was more Excitement than I needed on a Monday Night, talk about your adrenaline being amped up to ridiculous levels!   I was wired like you wouldn't Believe, Thankfully The Son and I being Night Owls and handling the situation as it happened, meant that The Man and Princess T could feel we had things up under Control, but I was scared.   Once the smoke cleared and didn't resume, I felt whatever it was no longer was smoking or smoldering and no Fire was evident, but it still meant I wasn't Sleeping that Night at all!

We'd Identified the problem by about 10:00 this Morning, I'd gotten a couple Hours of Sleep after the Family woke up for Princess T to do her Pandemic Home Schooling at 7:00 this Morning.   I had a Phone Appointment with my Chinese Doctor at 10:00 this Morning, so couldn't Sleep more than Two Hours.  As I woke up is when The Son had finally pinpointed the problem.   T.J. said he hadn't gotten much Sleep either, since his elderly Dad took a bad fall last Night so they were in the ER 'til early this Morning, he's going to Thankfully be Okay.

I have to take Princess T to her In-Person second Day of Class at the High School by Noon, pick up The Son's prescriptions at the Pharmacy while she's in School, then directly after School lets out we have her Online IEP Meeting for her Modified Curriculum and Special Services.   Plus, by then, hopefully I'll know what we're doing about the Hot Water Heater situation after the Guys have decided how best to handle that problem?  We won't have Hot Water until then, so no Baths or Showers Today.   I'd always thought this Home didn't get good Hot Water fast, so that Hot Water Heater may have been malfunctioning slowly since we bought the place?  

You can't depend on Home Inspections to catch everything that could be ready to go Wrong on a new Home Purchase, only the really obvious stuff.   And this Home had a crappy pre-paid Warranty we got with it that didn't cover so much that I decided I will not renew it.   Most Home Warranties that have ever come with a New Home Purchase I think are a rip-off and just cover nitnoid Service Calls basically and inexpensive items, not the big ticket items you'd really need a Home Warranty for!   I can easily cover Service Calls and basic Home repairs, that's not why I'd need a freakin' expensive Home Warranty!  

Most of the time they cover the Service Call and then when their people show up they hit you with all the big ticket repairs the Warranty won't cover and you have to pay for anyway.  Plus, they tend to use questionable companies to save themselves Money and are more likely to rip you off, so I'd rather have more reputable companies or people I Trust and know aren't in the Pockets of some Warranty Company.  Anyway, gonna be a very Full Day so I doubt I'll get much done in the way of the Downsizing Project there in The Gauntlet of the RV Garage this Day?  And... we were on such a Roll... dammit... it's ALWAYS SOMETHING as Roseanne Rosanna Danna used ta say!

LATER: The Son said the Water Heater was Toast, everything fried and he thinks a slight leak shorted out a circuit panel and the insulation melting from the heat that created when it fried the panel is what caused the smoke and acrid smell.  He unhooked it and we're having our Air Conditioning/Plumbing Company that we have a Contract with come out this Morning to discuss replacement of the unit and to haul the old one away.  We're leaning towards a Tankless Unit if they're affordable enough, since the location of the Unit is in the Home's Hallway and not in a Garage or Outside.   Anyway, this one that fried was installed in 2014 so it wasn't that Old but was out of Warranty.

Probably the Lady who did the Remodel of this Home before the people we bought it from had replaced that Water Heater when she did the Year Long Remodel in 2014-2015?   Our understanding is she was a Realtor and this was her Primary Residence so she completely Remodeled the Home when she lived here, then downsized since she lived here Alone and was a Senior, so this is a lot of property for a Single Older Woman.  The Young Couple we bought it from were running a Trucking and Farm Business from here, but only lived here Four Years, since they were on the Road so much and couldn't enjoy it really.

It's nice having Neighbors on each side of us who were Original Owners of their Properties since the Mid-1970's when this Mini Farms Community was built.  You get the whole unvarnished History of all the Community from people who have always been here, so we know about the other Three Families who've lived on our property, including the Original Family that built it in 1980.   T.J. and his Brother Rob, and their Dad actually helped the Original Owner build this Custom Home in 1980, so they've been a great Source of information about the Home.  They said every Family that occupied it always took good Care of it and that does show.

Anyway, Yesterday was such a hectic and busy Day that I'm rather exhausted Today.   Princess T's IEP Zoom Meeting was LONG.   So long, that my Adult ADHD made it difficult for me to keep Focused, as they told me how my Grandchild has Focus Issues.  *LMAO*  I don't know if they could tell how Unfocused I was as it dragged on? *Winks*  At one point I thought her Ceramics Teachers told me that the Coffee Mug Princess T hadn't turned in as their last Project, was supposed to have Legs!   WTF?! *Bwahahahaha!*    I whispered to Princess T, "LEGS??!  Why?!?!?" 

 And she had to move out of view of the Camera Lens because she was stifling a Laugh so hard and had to Text me the Answer that NO, the Teacher was talking about something else, not the Coffee Mug Project anymore!  Fuck!  See how Zoned Out I get if something goes on too tediously long?!  *LMAO*   The School Psychologist recommended she be Re-Qualified for increased Special Ed Services... Whew... about time.  Every Three Years they do the Re-Qualification Process and this was THAT Year, hence the long IEP Meeting to Qualify her for continued and additional Services. 

Really Pandemic robbed her of a Year's worth of those Services since they only just now figured out how to best Serve the Special Needs Student who receives Resources and funding by Medicaide.   They had sent me a Survey asking how well they were meeting her at her Point of Need for Special Education and I guess my blunt Answer prompted this Meeting?!  Since they hadn't addressed ANY of her Special Services since High School began and Pandemic upended everything Academic and the Special Needs Community fell thru the Cracks completely and weren't being Served.  

That Negatively affects their Funding, and especially once my completed Survey is now of Public Record and slammed them for receiving Funding for things they weren't doing.   So they had to pull it together and FAST!  All of Princess T's Resources and Services are funded by her Adoption Insurance Coverage thru Medicaide for Children with significant Disabilities and Special Needs both Medically and also Developmentally/Mentally.   Schools let them know how many of those Students they have Enrolled... and they get Funded accordingly, I know The Drill.   I also know when we aren't getting the Benefits of what we Qualified for and aren't receiving or are being Denied.  I don't suffer Silently.

  If we didn't have that Court Appointed help, we could never have afforded The G-Kid Forces astronomical Medical, Mental Health and Developmental Needs Costs since Birth.  The Man was the only one with Insurance after I had to take early Retirement to be his and their Full Time unpaid Caregiver and his Insurance wouldn't pick up The G-Kid Force, since they were not our Children, so we had no choice.  It's also why they remained Wards of the State so long.  And until the Grandson was 15 and she was 10, The State made all the Medical decisions about what they would or wouldn't receive and Qualify for, since it was on their Dime.

  My Brother and I even had to make our Mom a Ward of the State of Cali in order for her to receive the $11,000 a Month it was costing for her Care for the last few Years of her Life.  If you can't afford astronomical Costs of Care, it's all you can do to ensure they receive the level of Care needed.    Anyway, when The State forced the Adoption, due to new Kinship Placement Laws, the Judge awarded me all of the Medical, Mental Health and Developmental Services they'd continue to need.  Knowing I had no income of my own {at the time I wasn't eligible for my own Pensions yet} and that The Man Legally couldn't Adopt them and his Insurance thus wouldn't pick them up.

It was all very complex and I still have to fill out multitudes of Paperwork annually and go thru the Hoop Jumping to ensure she Qualifies for everything she needs, until she turns 18 and then she has to assume the responsibility herself.  That's what happened with The Young Prince too, and at 18 he'd ask me to join him for evaluations and ask my Advice, but Legally I couldn't make the decisions anymore.   He still calls me whenever he's re-certifying for any of his Services as a Seriously Mentally Ill Adult, since his Partner, Allen, doesn't have a Clue how to navigate The System to help him. 

  Legally Allen can't do it all either, unless they Marry and their State recognizes Gay Marriages.   I do all of The Man's Paperwork, Decision Making and Certifying for VA Services since I'm his Spouse and his Brain Damage makes it so that even tho' he's an Adult, he's hard pressed to do any of it on his own without help.  It may be so with Princess T after 18, we don't know, since her comprehension levels are impaired significantly and always have been, which is why she still can't really Read or Write beyond an early Grade School level. 

 She Panics about thinking upon turning 18 and having to do any of this on her own so she insists I can't Die anytime, even if she's Grown, because she can't do this shit.  *LMAO*  Ah, Bless her!   As it was you had to SEE our Zoom Meeting to appreciate the Gallow's Humor of the entire IEP Zoom Meeting Sideshow and Circus.  We did it Outside on the back patio, so you could at least hear Birds Chirping loudly.  We had Irrigation the Night before, so we even had Migratory Ducks floating in the background on our Pasture, a Nice Bucolic Touch to the polar opposite Insanity of Mi Vida Loca, I must say.  *Bwahahahaha!*

In our Thumbnail via Laptop Camera, I'm front and center, The Man off to my Left looking like a Deer caught in the Headlights thru the whole Meeting, and Princess T behind us often jumping and dancing around like an Animated Crack Head because she can't be Still that long or stay Focused that long, but she has to be Present.   Ducks floating along in the background behind us, The Son is off to the side watching the whole Sideshow and told me afterwards it reminded him of the hilarity of what I had to go thru when he and his Sister were still in School and required their Special Services!   *Bwahjahahahaha!*  Yeah, Two Generations later, it never loses it's Dark Humor.

The School Psychologist never turned on his Camera so he remained Faceless... tho' I have been told by Princess T he's very Nice and quite Young, but Freaks her Out because he wears his Mask under his Nose and so she doesn't want him close to her!  Crap, means I'll have to now address that Nugget of Intel with Administration already, only Two Days in!  Fuck!  He had to Evaluate her, so perhaps that's the only Day he'll be around her, I Hope?   She Hates to tell me anything Negative, since she knows how I am... bwahahahaha... yet, she also knows if she wants anything to Change immediately, just tell me... since she knows how I am... LMAO!

I was pleased with the IEP they drew up for this High School Experience, now we don't have to Re-Qualify again until she's a Senior, whew and fucking Hallelujah!  I can't do those One-Two Hour Meetings in Person very well, let alone via a Pandemic Zoom Meeting where everyone still seems very unfamiliar with how we should go about that shit in the 'New Normal'... it was a Comedy of Errors lemme tell ya... The Special Ed Teacher is also our Grandchild's Caseworker, she had her Camera skew-wiffy so we could only see her Face from the Nose up!  *Bwahahahaqha!*  

 She's a very nice Older Lady, so I understand, Princess T had to 'Place' me too or I'd of been too close and wouldn't have known where to even look?   I got a Headache trying to look at everyone at once, which is impossible when you have ADHD and don't know where to Focus?   I had about Seven Faces staring at me on different Thumbnail Screens with their Names in Subtitle under them.  So, trying to remember which ones are for which Classes and which ones are Administrators/Caseworkers was confusing, I've never met any of these people in Person yet! 

 People accidentally talked over one another due to slight lag in Connections, Audio Problems, forgetting they'd put themselves on Mute, people had problems with their Computers so it wasn't always a great Connection or we'd Lose them for a minute... it was like watching one of those TV News Pandemic Gatherings where they've got everyone on Zoom for the Question and Answer Sessions... all the same hiccups, only I do better when I'm NOT one of them participating!  It's not just my Kids and Grandkids that have Attention Deficits and Focus Issues, the Apples didn't fall far from The Tree my Friends, I ain't gonna Lie!   To keep me Engaged takes a certain set of Skills and Finesse, or I drift off!  *LOL*  

 You had to View all the Documentation on the Screen enlarged slightly around all the people Thumbnails and Review and Approve it that way.  I was close to a Mental Shutdown by the time we got thru the whole Ordeal.  The Man was always Checked Out so he was just a Prop really and we'd "Lost" Princess T about 15 Minutes into the Ordeal too, as she was Prancing around in Manic Mode in the background displaying how Hyper Animated and Disconnected she always is.  So they can't doubt it doesn't happen here at Home just like it happens in their Classrooms, that's for sure!  *Bwahahaha!*  By the time we were almost Done, Gay Timmy had come over and joined the Fray and was peering over my Shoulder at the Camera, they must think I run a Group Home here?  *Bwahahaha!*

And, if all that wasn't enough, I still got The Son's Rx picked up, my Chinese Doctor's Phone Appointment done and my Chinese Meds picked up, Scheduled the Water Heater Appointment for this Morning and got Batteries for all the Smoke Detectors.  Because we found that half the Smoke Detectors never were even operational, no Batteries!  We discovered this when the Smoke didn't set any off and we wondered Why, since during the Inspection while Purchasing the Home, everything allegedly passed Inspection.  That always chaps my hide about Home Inspectors during Buying and Selling Real Estate, they are not thorough nor accurate.

Anyway, Today I'm purchasing a shiny new Water Heater, mid-price range, the Tankless wouldn't work since we're all Electric and they don't recommend the all Electric ones because they're not as good as the Tankless Gas Water Heaters and in the Desert, they don't do well.   So, anyway, another significant outlay, but now we have all the Major things replaced in Forever Boheme' since we moved in a Year ago.   And so, that was this Day's Adventure... Stay Tuned... *Winks*


Yet another Epic Installment from The Novela of Mi Vida Loca... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Gauntlet ~ Day Two ~ Downsizing Cont.


Day Two of tackling The RV Garage Gauntlet and continuance of Downsizing went well again.  We got a later start due to Princess T's first day of In-Person Classes, which went well.   Since she'd only be there Two Hours we spent the time getting Errands done during that time frame she'd be in School.   The Son tackled The Gauntlet while we were Errand Running plus dropping her off at School at Noon, then picking her up at 2:00 pm.  

 She said only one other Kid scheduled for her Class showed up, a Boy, so there were only the Two of them this First Day, plus her Teacher, who she likes and has had before for Special Ed Resources.  A shame that Parents committing to this missed the first Day, there should have been 5-7 Students total and not just 2.  If they don't get better participation, I doubt they'll receive the Funding to continue it, which will be upsetting for us Families that are Serious about it and our Kiddos desperately need it.

Anyway, I'm glad she enjoyed it and her Anxiety now is lessened, the Boy in her Class is Cute and held the Door open for her, Twice, she said.  *Winks*  She was all giddy when she got to the Truck and pointed him out.  Which she didn't have to, since they were the only Two that showed up, so were the only Two being picked up!   But, she wanted us to know all about him.  *LOL*  They take their Temperature going in each time and walked her to the Classrooms, she goes to Two different Classrooms for an Hour apiece.

So, since Cute Boy Who Opens Doors is in her Class, I suspect she won't mind going Two Days a Week now for Four Hours total?  *Winks*   We'll see if any of the other Students shows up Tomorrow?   She couldn't wait to tell Gay Timmy all about her First Day of In-Person Classes and about Cute Boy Who Opens Doors, it's Gossip Fodder that is new for both of them and they both do Love the Gossip lemme tell ya!   Pandemic has made Teen Life very mundane otherwise.  *LMAO*

So, while she was in School, The Man and I dropped off some more Boxed Donations, dropped off some more Priced Inventory at the Antique Mall, and did the Grocery Shopping for Essentials we were out of.   Everyone has things stocked pretty good now, but had limits on some items, so we had to go to Two different Grocers to get all we wanted to stock up on.   At least now Coke Zero can be found again at about half the places I shop at, to me it's one of The Essentials.  And, it's limited to Three purchases of it per Customer, thus Two Store Stops.  *Bwahahahaha!*

There were no limits on The Man's Lipton's Peach Iced Tea, so we got as much of that as we wanted to stockpile, so we won't have to make as many Death Runs to do Grocery Shopping.   This is why I stock up on things we use a lot of, so that we have a Cache' here at the house and I can avoid numerous Death Runs per Month.   Tho', I must say, both Grocery Stores really were sparse of Shoppers, so I've also figured out the Days of the Week and Times when most people aren't there Shopping, which is helpful, saves Time and feels Safer.   I had a Special Request from my Blog Friend Shirley over at "Boots And Braids" Blog, that when I found a pix of The Man's Rattlesnake Cane, to Share pixs here in The Land of Blog... so here it is Shirley!

Now, it no longer has Fangs, we've replaced the Fangs perhaps 3 different times and who knew Rattlesnake Fangs are so Fragile and break off so easily?   He kept dropping the damned thing which is why the Fangs kept breaking off, his Motor Skills in 2012 were worse than they are now.  It's probably Safer not to have the Fangs in and he rarely uses it anymore now anyway.  He was very Proud of it when I first bought it for him and would take it everywhere, since it was a Conversation Starter and did Scare a lot of people, especially Kids!  *LOL*  It really is a Curiosity and it's a very large Snake that it was made from.

Now to get him to use any Cane, no matter how Cool it is, is an exercise in Futility, so I quit buying him Fancy Cool Canes to entice him to use them with any consistency.  His Motor Skills improved some and so he doesn't need a Walker, Canes, Scooters or a Wheelchair as much as he used to need them.  In fact, now I make him walk a lot to keep improving his strength and Motor Skills and we assist him when he's getting up or going up and down anything so he doesn't risk falling.   He used to fall a lot, so I know his Balance has greatly improved.   When you're a Caregiver of someone whose very stubborn about using their medical equipment, you have to do a lot of rehabilitation with them instead.

Anyway, after we picked her up from School we joined The Son in The Gauntlet Project and stuck with it until Dark.   The Son and The Man were having so much Fun taking Trips down Memory Lane with the Photo Album Purge that they actually stuck with it much longer than I did in my unpacking of more Crates.  But I did get 7 Old Milk Crates unpacked this Day and my work was more physical, theirs more time consuming.  The Son is now picking out pixs he'd like to have of all of those we're Purging from the various Albums.  He's finally at an Age to want some of our Family Photos and I'm ready to give them to any Adult Child who wants them.

Princess T is also picking out pixs of her Mama and Daddy, to hang in her Room, which is Sweet.  She has no actual Memory of either of them since we haven't been to Mexico since she was only Two... and when they Call her it's still awkward for her, since she doesn't really 'know' them and doesn't know what to say.  Her Dad's English isn't as good as it used to be when he was in America and speaking it all of the time... and none of her Siblings in Mexico really speaks or understands English, nor her Abuelita, Saint Maria, the Paternal Grandmother. 

 Our Daughter is Bilingual, but sometimes even forgets some English, since she speaks Spanish all the time there... and English, not as much for the past Decade Plus.   We Laugh about that, but I completely understand, both times I worked The Census and had to speak Spanish part of the time, I'd end up with this weird accent when I'd switch back to English, which was hilarious.  Now that I haven't had need to speak Spanish anymore, I've forgotten how to speak most of it and only understand partially anymore... if you don't use it, you lose it.   Believe it or not, when I was a Child, my Parents said I spoke Five Languages fluently... now English is about it for fluency!  *LOL*

My Mom was Bilingual her whole Life since English wasn't her First Language, and in her Older Age she was Teaching herself Spanish by watching the Spanish Language Stations.   Her best Friends were originally from Jordan and spoke Arabic around her so much she could understand it, she just couldn't speak it very well.  She picked up Languages easily and I suppose she could easily have been a Linguist had she wanted to be.   Her Jordanian Friends were Tri-Lingual since they fluently spoke English, Arabic and also Spanish, so they could talk to their Spanish Speaking Customers in the businesses they owned here.

Anyway, The Man stuck with it until 8:00 pm Tonight, whereas at Sundown I called it a Day.   The Son came in just before his Dad to fix some Dinner, I'd taken The Man out for Dinner to 'Claim Jumpers', it's nice having The Son here since he'll stick around to ensure his Niece doesn't have to stay Home alone when his Dad and I want or need to do something by ourselves.   Most of the time she's got things to do too, but she likes having her Uncle here when we're not here and when Gay Timmy can't be here with her to keep her company.   Today the Kiddos were burnt out on Purging Photo Albums, but they'd put in quite a bit of time Yesterday and I didn't expect Teens to slog away at it as long as us Adults can. 


Busting The Gauntlet, One Day at a time... Dawn... The Bohemian
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