Wednesday, June 12, 2024

He Simply Helped Them Be Who They Were


I have wanted one of those large Globes made of semi-precious inlaid Gemstones on a Brass Stand.  Well, whilst Goodwill Hunting, whallah, they had one for Sale and I got another 20% off, so only paid Forty Bucks for it!  The size it is, usually Sells for Hundreds to even past a Grand, so, Color me Happy!  I had a very small one once scored secondhand on The Cheap, but had never seen the large ones at a Chazza before, only in Antique Malls at a hefty price point out of my League.   This one has the White Opal Mother Of Pearl Ocean, which I like better than the Lapis Blue Globes like it.  Tho' the ones with a Copper Ocean are very desirable too. It's as heavy as a Boat Anchor, I can barely carry it, and I can lift a considerable amount of weight.  Hard to tell Scale Online, but the largest ones similar to mine were in the $600-$1,200 range.

It actually was a good day for trawling the Chazzas and Thrifting, Donations had been of the higher quality Merch, with even some New Old Stock from Specialty and Import Shops.   In fact, where I got the Globe, it seemed as if an Import Shop might have Donated a considerable amount of their higher end Product that still had original Price Tags affixed so you could see the Retail Price Point.   It was as if the Goodwill Pricer had been blind or oblivious to Retail Value tho', as they still had it marked for a pittance.   Some Locations overcharge and some undercharge, I've come to know which Locations are the best to avoid or frequent.   Especially now we're Sourcing Vintage Band Tour and Specialty Tees for our Showroom on The Regular, some Locations are a Honey Hole for them and with great Margins for Resale.

I do let The Family sift thru my Haul to pull the Shirts they want first and I do the same.  *Smiles*   The Daughter wanted this hilarious Bad Kittie Tee I Sourced.  *LOL*  Sometimes a Shirt is just too good to Let Go of and so then I rotate our Wardrobe out when we upgrade our Tees.  We don't get that attached to Wardrobe, so, we're constantly Selling ours off really.  What can I say, folks like our Style apparently and Selling our own Wardrobe has been effortless.  I go thru phases of what I wear and so does Princess T, so, once we're over that Look, well, we Move On to something else.   I had a lot of those long Boho Gossamer Vests you wear over a Tank Top and Capris, Sold damned near all of them once I wasn't wearing them so much anymore.  Sold Out in fact and earned enuf to Buy some Designer Statement Pieces I was Jonesin' for.

Now, my Designer Statement Wardrobe I rarely Sell or tire of, so, they're more of a long term Investment and indulgence I can justify.  My Johnny Was and Magnolia Pearl Wardrobe are Keepers.   And, usually I either Buy them on Seasonal Sale or Secondhand too, at a fraction of the Retail Price Point.  I have my Contacts for my MP Wear and the Johnny Was Boutique at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall always has a Sale Rack.   I've had Friends who dig the same Designers try to weasel my Contacts out of me, but it's one of those situations where if I told you, then I'd just have to kill you.  *Bwahahaha*  I actually knew people from way back when, that worked for Robin in the early days, and don't give out info on my Friends and Cultivated Contacts actually.

In fact, sometimes I've, by pure Serendipity, run into Famous or at least Well Known Designers and didn't even know it or who they were, became Friends, and THEN found out by accident.   Recent example, a Woman I've befriended and now known a long time from standing in Line with her at an Event we both attend regularly, happens to be a well known Designer, I had no idea.   She often asks my opinion or advice about Style and Decor, so, being a Nobody myself, I just thought it was a Kindred Spirit connecting on that level and sharing a Passion.  I didn't even know that's what she did for a Living and was clearly exceptional at doing for Clients!  She looks Top Shelf, very Classy, I was pretty sure she was affluent, but, didn't know who she was at all.

Then I had a Book that profiled Well Known Designer's Homes at Christmastime and there she was in it!!!  WOW!!!  Couldn't have been more Surprised and tho' I have the Book, I would not Fan Girl her now to get her to Sign it.  Since, our Friendship has been based on me not knowing she is well known and I would not want to change that dynamic now that I do know.  I have known people who are well known and everybody knows who they were and they often say they can't then tell who only wanted to be Friends becoz of their Celebrity Status.  I'm sure that's difficult to discern and Anonymity for some is difficult, if not impossible at a certain point.  It is awkward, even for me, when a Celebrity initiates contact, approaches me at an Event, becoz I don't know if they expect you to know who they are or be offended if you don't?  *Bwahahaha*  

Now, sometimes I don't Care if I look like a Fan, case in point, a Friend and I ran into Tim Holtz at an Event, since he attends a lot we do too and she owns Craft Stores.  He Designs Craft Products that are well known and has a Line that is madly popular.   I'm a Tim Holtz Product Junkie, so, when he stopped and talked with my Friend about the Business, she asked for a Photo Op and had introduced me.  I was in the Photo with them and he was so gracious about it.  He's a Cutie Pie too and the nicest Guy, he was probably the nicest Guy before becoming well known and Fame hasn't changed him.   He gets Fan Girled all the time by Women who Craft and adore his Products... so, I didn't wanna act like one of them... but... was delighted to get a Pix with him.  *Winks*  

 And Alice Cooper, the Rocker, is a Local Guy and I've met and talked with him a few times, he used to be a Vendor at our Antique Mall Phoenix Location.   He and his Wife are the nicest people and mingle with everyone as if they're not Celebrity Status at all.  Very easy to talk to and interact with, not pretentious or evasive about interacting with Regular Folks and Fans.   When I first met him of coarse I knew who he was, but I didn't let on or mention it and say anything related to his Music, on purpose, we just talked Antiques.  Which is a Shared Passion he's just as interested to talk about as Music and less awkward, he's not known as much as an Antiques Enthusiast or Collector.   And I'm sure for Famous People, being treated like everyone else is Rare and refreshing.

Depending upon level of Fame, I would Imagine that being Famous can be hard, even dangerous in Public, so, I wouldn't like it.   I like the Freedom associated with Anonymity and being Nobody Special or having Strangers want a piece of you.  *LOL*   Anyway, glad I'm just a regular Anonymous person in Life, I like my Privacy and Anonymity too much to compromise it.   It was a Big Deal when I began using Social Media, or Blogging, becoz prior to that, I was skeptical about the Internet.  It was probably over a Year before I even put any personal pixs or a pix of myself on my Blog.   I kept it generic and unspecific, perhaps even vague, in the beginning, until I felt the Community here was okay.

Developing actual valued Relationships via Social Media and a Blog wasn't even something I realized could be done or was possible on a meaningful level.   It was even awkward at first to have random people approach me who were Dear Readers and then would see me in Real Life.   Becoz they felt like they already knew me and I didn't always know who they were in Real Life or we'd only had PM interactions beyond the Blog but never met in Person yet.  Now I have Blog Friends who are also Real Life Friends and even become Best of Friends closer than a lot of people I knew first in Real Life and never been a part of the Blog Community.   Sometimes people know us more intimately via our Blogs, than in Real Life situations or Friendships.   There is a bit of Anonymity in the Blogasphere.

I'm now binge watching the NetFlix Series "Mindhunter" {2018} based on the 1995 True Crime Book about the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit and founding of the Behavioral Science Unit.   Since I Retired from a large DA's Office I have been intrigued about the Behavioral Science associated with Crime, Criminals, and particularly the most dangerous ones.   I'm deep into Season 2 and a particularly intriguing profound thing mentioned wasn't about the Serial Killers studied at all.  But about the dangerous Behavioral Science behind the infamous that could make others do the dirty work for them and become devoted Followers, like Manson and his Cult.   Becoz it also quite adeptly describes 45 and his: HE SIMPLY HELPED THEM BE WHO THEY WERE.

No wonder 45 wants to discredit and dismantle the FBI and especially any Institution in America that has the Guardrails and Boundaries to keep Society within an acceptable checks and balances.   Becoz I've always said that even with people who you might least expect or suspect, who they REALLY ARE might/could harbor some really Dark shit suppressed and not yet unleashed becoz of Social Norms inhibiting them with the consequences.  Until someone simply gives them permission to and helps them be who they were.   Giving them Justification for such actions.  So, similar to Manson, 45 simply helped his Base BE who they always were, perhaps suppressed or concealed before, but now without the Societal boundaries, ethics, moral compass and guardrails that had been established and followed, to safeguard them and everyone else in our Society.

I've always been fascinated by Psychology and Behavioral Science, so this Series has been one I really have enjoyed thoroughly and is quite thought provoking on that level of Study/Science.    What Humans are capable of doing to other Sentient Beings, both Human and Animals, knows no bounds.  Especially if boundaries and moral compass have been removed or compromised, or intentionally altered and corrupted, either by them or someone else.   And it is in them to and now they have given themselves or someone else has given them permission to Be who they always were.  I've seen it up close within the Files I Worked for Years of the worst Offenders, so I have no delusions of the atrocities that can be committed by people to people or animals.  A lot of it is Deviant Behaviors, Fear, Anger and Fantasy based, that spirals out of Control once Acted upon.

During the January 6th Insurrection I noticed some parallels of what Serial Violent Offenders often do, especially the taking of "Trophies", which, many of them did.   Either by Photographing their Crime, or the taking of a Souvenir of some kind from the site of it.  To Relive it and get the Rush it gave them to do it.  Even if it was just their First Time.  And of 45 intently watching what he had wrought and getting quite aroused by it.   All quite typical actually and often will escalate and become an Urge now not able to be adequately suppressed or able for the Offender to cease and desist from until they are forcibly stopped.  It gets to the place where they no longer can or will be able to help themselves from what they do Serially that has aroused them on a visceral and primal level.

The Daughter got her Hair done and had put Blonde Hilites in again as I'd suggested, everyone is complimenting her on it, it suits her well.  At Work they changed the Uniform from a Classy Black with the Garage Logo on it, to a Flightline Orange, not as flattering or Classy.  She's not Happy, Wardrobe, even if she has to wear a Uniform, is important to her and she's OCD about it.  To the point that even when Institutionalized, she insisted on hers not being faded.   Which was rather hilarious, since, they obliged or knew she'd opt to wear nothing at all rather than comply with wearing something that looked Busted.  *Bwahahahaha*   Yep, she's Bat Shit Cray-Cray like that, so when she came Home morose and in Orange, she said it was reminiscent of being on a Prison Work Detail and she did NOT Like it!!!  *LMAOROTF*

We're going thru our Pantry and Cupboards and Organizing it to see what we have in Stock and what we might need to restock.  When you have Three Generations, well, you go thru your cache of Supplies quicker than you expect, so we're low on things I used to have a healthy stash of.  *LOL*   Especially during Pandemic, I was adept at having an Emergency Supply of damned near anything you'd need and was in short supply.   I'm no doomsday prepper, but I have never been one to have the bare minimum on critical supplies of anything that are essentials.  I keep a Mental Inventory of what's on Hand, but, sometimes the Kiddos plow thru it quicker than I anticipated it would last... since... well, Younger People are insatiable about eating and especially what they like most to eat.   Even our Fussy Eaters can plow thru their Favs fast.  So, I buy certain things in bulk.  And Specialty things to supplement Staples.

I ain't gonna Lie, I am Obsessive about certain Specialty Foods and indulging in them.   The Kiddos don't usually get into my Specialty Stash, they aren't as experimental with their Diet as I've always been and like Basic stuff, they're not Extra like me about Flavor Profiles.  *Winks*    I did the balance of our Grocery Shopping to stock up early, before the heat of the day sets in, it was 113 Yesterday and should break existing Records again Today too.  The Man hasn't been doing well in the heat since he got released from Hospital, so I only let him tag along early and then when he begins to fade, well, he has to accept he needs to go Home.   The extra Medication they have him on can only do so much for his Heart Condition.

The Contractors confirmed they'll be here on the 17th to build our Shed, so, only a few more Days before I have one.  Yay!!!   I'm quite excited to have my Inventory and Pricing Station in a separate building/location from everything else.  I will also be Investing in a portable Air Conditioner which is on Wheels, they range in price from a couple Hundred to around $500, which isn't bad and should adequately Cool that Shed to make it a Climate Controlled Space when I want to be in there working on stuff.   That will open it up to being able to do it Year round without interruption or dragging Inventory into our Living or Creative Spaces.  The Daughter and I will stack Inventory in Vintage Milk Crates or Banana Boxes and Label anything Seasonal/Holiday related.

I can do better at Editing & Purging too once I have a specific area to Stage what isn't being Kept or is being actively sorted.   Also, having a separate area means less interruptions by Family, Guests or Phone Calls... I can sequester myself in my She Shed, which is what I'm unoriginally calling it *LOL*... and be away from distractions when I want or need to be.    I may even take the time to Paint the Interior and around the Pricing Desk and Window area, make it Styled and attractive, why not?  *Smiles*  I've been wanting a Black & Red Space like I've had at every other Home I've owned, and here, I don't yet have one, just some Black Walls... none of my Signature Blood Red.  *Winks*  So, I'm considering buying those Colors to Paint the Shed's Interior with once it's built.  The Contractor is Painting the Exterior and doing Roof Shingles with Colors I chose that similarly match the House and RV Garage Mahal.

I did get my XXL Tee from that alternate E-Bay Seller after the first Seller couldn't perform or supply the item I'd Won at their Auction.  They did refund my Money and E-Bay apparently won't let you leave Neutral Feedback for a transaction that couldn't be finalized for whatever reason.  I think that would be important for other Buyers to know about, if they Win Auctions, pay for their Item, that then the Seller doesn't Honor and just issues Refunds.  I personally think that's sketchy and probably how they avoid Honoring Winning Bids that ended lower than they hoped to Sell at.  To me, they should have set a Reserve Price and not a Teaser Price they have no intention of Honoring.  Pretending they only had a Medium in Stock, when the Auction was for an XXL and they still have XXL Listed in active Auctions, is exposing their Tricks and Lies.

But, I'm delighted with the alternate Seller even tho' I had to pay a little more for the same Shirt, and it's good quality and they were quick to Deliver.  Plus, they didn't charge for Postage, the other sketchy Seller did... but, did Refund me the Postage Cost I Paid too.  So, since I got my Money back, all is well and it was a rare bad experience for me buying Online.   So, I just let that Shit Go... *Smiles*  Princess T had more Good News about Summer School, she recaptured another Credit and is almost finished recapturing a 3rd One!   She said it's actually been easy to so she's very encouraged and likes her Summer School Teachers and Classroom Environment.   I think it's better suited and structured for the Students who struggle Academically or have other Special Needs.

Rusty has been coming over after Work and hanging out with her.  This Week Timmy is back from his Vacay in Cali so she also plans to hang out with him.   We were joking that he might come back all Tanned, with Sun bleached Blonde Hilites and looking like a Surfer Dude?  *Bwahahaha*   I think if she hadn't been enrolled in Summer School his Family might have Invited her, they've taken her on Vacations with them before.  She still thinks their Friend Matthew, from the Gay Boy Posse, stayed at their Mini Farm here to take Care of their Animals?  They don't have Livestock, but they have Cats, Dogs, Fish and Reptiles.  Matthew works nearby so it would be closer for him to get to and from Work too than from where he now lives.   She's been missing hanging out with her Gay Boy Posse and felt rather left out and left behind at times, now they're Graduated, have Jobs, Drive, and are Moving On, while she still feels stuck for now.


Blessings, Love, Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Monday, June 10, 2024

Collapse ~ Chaos ~ Anarchy


We packed the Showroom, The Man assisted, so we got it done in record time this Morning and then went out for Lunch.  I had the Roast Beef Sammie with Fried Okra, Mashed Potatoes N Gravy and a side of Fresh Seasonal Fruit with a Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee.  The Man had the Meatloaf Open Faced Sammie with it's sides.   We got Home before Noon, which was just as the triple digits were hitting.

My Book Of Faces Newsfeed Blast From The Past dredged up this adorable one of an 8 Year Old Princess T Celebrating School getting out for the Summer.  *LOL*   She used to like wearing fake Glasses even way back then, only as a Child, most of the time there weren't even any Lens in the Faux Glasses.  *Smiles*  Time sure flies tho' and what a difference a Decade makes.

One of the Great-Granddaughters had her first Dance Recital.   She must have had half a Dozen changes of Wardrobe in it!  *LOL*   She looks so much like our Oldest Daughter did as a Child, so will look very much like her Gramma as she Matures.   Now that she has Two Younger Siblings she has to vie for Center Stage now.  *Smiles*  So, this Day was all about her and she was totally Feelin' it.  *Bwahahaha*

LATER:  Work was pretty busy and our fill-in for a Co-Worker on a Cruise wasn't particularly speedy, so, it became hectic at times.   When she's preoccupied with doing go-backs she seemed to ignore customers.  A go-back can sit in your cart and wait until you've served customers waiting for assistance.  But, at least she was working the whole time.  We have some new Paid Staff Kids behind the Registers that spend most of the time on their Phones.

My Sales for the previous Payday Period were particular Strong so my next Check will be a good one.   That's encouraging since usually once it gets Hot, Sales slump in late Spring and thruout Summer.  So, mebbe this portends a Positive Off-Season?  I sure Hope so, since, come the November elections it's looking less likely not to be a close race.  Seems almost half of America seems willing to do away with Democracy and Sell Out America by installing a revenge filled Dictator, for only the promise of cheaper Gas and Groceries!!!

The New Carrot apparently being dangled is they claim they will do away with Taxing Tips.   Talk about throwing Crumbs to those who are relying on Tips rather than earning an actual Livable Hourly Wage to Buy Votes.  *Shakes Head*   Don't get me Wrong, the Service Industry and Gig Workers are in need to be able to afford even the basics, but it's not like the Billionaire's Boys Club REALLY cares or gives Two shits, come on!  A small Carrot dangling to distract from what they're doing for their own obscenely wealthy and powerful, is an ultimate Illusion and Con.  

If you Believe their spiel, well, you probably also still Believe in the Trickle Down Economics Fairy Tale that has never manifested in over Fifty Years of it being Promised to those they consider The Peasants.  Anyway, I'm glad I'm prospering a bit now, coz I foresee the end of the Year, due to how Crazy shit might get come Election and even after it, being a real shitstorm.  The Economics of a Society on the verge of potential collapse, total chaos and Anarchy is generally not favorable, let us just say.  This is my Concern for end of Year, if mebbe it's not yours, I suggest Wake Up!

Anyway, now that I got the doom and gloom part of the Post out of the way, what Fluff of Life can we distract ourselves with now?  *Bwahaha*  I fell asleep watching an Apocalyptic Series on NetFlix you see, the Sets and Special Effects were pretty fabulous, the Acting was not as well Invested in the making of it.  The bulk of the Cast were dewy Eyed Pretty Young People you never heard of, more intent on looking Cute than passing as Serious Actors/Actresses.  Eye Candy, if you can't Act, just doesn't cut it for me, so it put me to Sleep trying to watch it.   It's called "The 100".  *LOL*   I'd rather read good Books than watch TV and I've got the one above Pre-Ordered and coming.

Honestly, that Series, there's just some of the Cast whose Acting is so bad I was just hopeful they'd be the next casualty of the Apocalyptic Storyline.  *LMAO*  Clearly I won't get thru this Series.  *Bwahahaha*  There are some Series so bad I just don't know how they got away with producing so many Episodes of them?   Anyway, since I fell Asleep trying to watch it, I didn't realize The Son had overslept and was Two Hours late now getting to Work!   He is usually gone by 4:00 a.m. and the rest of the Crew doesn't have to be up for School and Work 'til 6:00 a.m..  Today I got all Three of them running around trying to get ready at once and vying for Two Bathrooms to do it. 

And crazy shit is going down like Princess T asking her Grandpa about Dental Health!   And I Deadpan from here in front of the Computer Screen, "Ask Grandpa to Smile and notice he has no Teeth, so he's not the best one to give advice about it, hopefully you'll take better Care of your Dental Health than he did!"   And she dramatically tells her Grandpa while Laughing, "Ewww, you better be Careful Grandpa, she's coming for Blood this Morning..."  *Bwahahaha*  In the meantime, I got a well Cared for set of my own Choppers and she breezed right past me to ask the Guy who won't even wear his expensive Dentures about Dental Health... go figure!  *Eye Roll*

Anyway, she's fretting that her Wisdom Tooth might be coming in, none have come in yet, so, it's a possibility and she's having Anxiety about it.  She has a Dental Appointment coming up too and she's my Golden Child about her Dental Health and Care of her Pearlies, so, she's not been problematic doing what she should.   Her Pediatric Dentist will still see her and she likes him a lot, Two Generations of Kiddos have gone to him and he is great and takes the Insurances we've had.   He tells Kids to brush their Teeth in the Morning to Keep their Friends, and in the Evening to Keep their Teeth... the Mantra sticks with them. Even my Adult Dentist now uses the Quote and borrowed it, since he Loved it so much and wished he'd thought of it himself.  *LOL*

MUCH LATER:  Well, I have good news, Nick, the Contractor from Lowe's Home Improvement called me.   I'd finally received my Lowe's Card and Nick said the new Lowe's System was now interfacing with his System.  So, there shouldn't be any reason they couldn't now finalize the Sale of the Shed and pay him to build and paint it for us if we still wanted it.  I told him the Contract I Signed was for it to be bought, built, painted, so, that's the only way I'd honor it, as originally promised, if Lowe's would still Honor the Contract I Signed and Approved.   He said as long as they pay him, he would still honor the quote he gave and Contract too.  I told him I'd go in to Lowe's and see if they could finalize it this time, 3rd time hopefully being a Charm?  *LOL*

Well, lo and behold, they could finalize it and even offered me more preferential Terms for my inconvenience and patience.  The New Terms will make it financially easier to finance and gives me longer to pay it off, so that was great News, I hadn't expected that perk.  So, it's now Paid For, Nick will be Paid and in a few Days will come and do the consultation work about placement.   I'm excited, I had been so bummed thinking we couldn't get this sorted out satisfactorily and I wasn't gonna be able to get a Shed built.  So, I'd given up on it.   I didn't want to apply for financing somewhere else or go Shed Shopping again, I wanted that Shed and the price point of it was the best for the quality that I'd found that suited our needs.  Color me now Happy!

The Daughter and I know that once we get all the Inventory out of everywhere it's spread from Hell to Breakfast and in one Location, that Shed, it will make a hugely Positive impact.   The House, RV Garage Mahal, Back Patio and Art Studio Spaces will be tidier and less messy with stuff that shouldn't be there.  Accessibility to my Inventory will be easy, finding things I intend to Sell easier, less mess everywhere else, and a smaller Space easy to Climate Control and work exclusively on Pricing and Storing just Inventory for the Showroom at the Antique Mall.  I can more easily assess how much Inventory I have to rotate in and when I'm getting low.  I can sort Inventory into specific Seasonal areas of the Shed too to better be able to Style the Showroom for Holidays and the Seasons.

Earlier in the day The Man and I went and did Environmental Cleanup, since, after a Weekend, there's always a mess left behind by piggish Environmentally Unconscious people.   We probably hauled out about 60 lbs. worth of Aluminum from the River Bottom and a favorite Manmade Lake Park.   There was a nice Cooler Breeze early, but, it was gonna be a 110 Degree Day later on so we called it quits before 11:00 a.m..   The Man was getting tired and I can always tell when his Mood Regulation becomes poor, and his Voice gets very loud as he becomes upset about trifles, even while doing what he really enjoys.  He gets Cross about everything and anything so can't be Centered or Calm.   This will lead to poor Behavior if I don't just tell him we should call it a day.   So, we did, before he bottomed out.  *LOL*


Happy Summer my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens

 I am developing New Favorite Things.  I tried the Rose flavored French Yogurt, liked it.  Still trying to get the Lavender.  I did get some French Lavender Honey, it was Okay, overrated for the price point.  Same with the Hawaiian Ohi'a Lehua Blossom Honey.  I prefer Desert Honey.  I'm now binge watching "Florida Man" {2023} on NetFlix and really enjoying it so far.  Edgar Ramirez is Handsome and Abbey Lee, Otmara Marrero and Lex Scott Davis are all Beautiful... so it's filled with Pretty People in the Cast who I'd never heard of before.   I don't keep updated on the newer Actors and Actresses tho', since, I rarely watch Movies or TV. NetFlix is probably the most I've watched in Years.  

This is Why The Niece got me a Subscription for Christmas and then my Adult Kids paid for a Renewal to the Subscription, to get me watching and engaged in Entertainment.  *LOL*  For some reason it bothers the Young People that I don't watch TV or use my Phone that much and could live without either.  *Bwahahaha*   But, I can't live without trying new Flavor Profiles and seeing what new and interesting ones I prefer and will stock the Pantry and Fridge with on The Regular.   The French Yogurts are now a Staple, the Honeys will be a One Off.  They were good, just not exceptionally superior to any Local Honey I can obtain Cheaper and just like better.  But, I have a Curious Nature.  I wanted to know what a French Bee or a Hawaiian Bee might produce.  Now I know, Curiosity is satisfied.  *LOL*  

Anyway, Princess T tore up her Room to Redecorate it again and rid herself of a lot of Squishmallow Mountain.   She had too many and it was ridiculous and taking up a lot of Space in her Room.  So, we sorted what she was Letting Go of into Donate, Sell, Give to her Brother, and Keep piles.  I immediately took a Truck load of the Donate to the Chazza before she could change her Mind.  Plus, they were some of the larger ones that would have taken up way too much Space in our Showroom.  I priced all the Midsized and Small ones to take in to Inventory Tomorrow before my Shift on Sunday Night.   She wanted to also Style her Room in a more Grownup Decor reminiscent of how we had the Historic Home Decorated.

I didn't realize how much she'd Adored and Remembered what the Historic Home she grew up in was like and how it was Decorated.   She was about 8 when we moved in order to ger she and her Brother Adopted.   And she was about 13 when we moved from the Villa McManse to here.  Now she's 18 and said she wanted to Re-Invent herself.   So, I turned her loose in the RV Garage Mahal to pick out what she had Nostalgic Sentimental Memories of that she'd like to use to Redecorate her Room.  She's having a Big Time doing it and it's costing us nothing and is looking really good.   Eli has been quite Entertained watching her go about it.   I'll try to get some Photos of the finished Work when she's all done to Share.

She took down a lot of her Hippie Tapestries, which Surprised me.   She's Keeping them, but wanted a more Refined look so that it looked less like a Teens Room and more like a Young Woman's.   She confided that Rusty's Dad had told him he couldn't have her over to their House and in his Room anymore and she was quite Offended by what he was Implying.   She's a Good Girl and said his Dad is making it sound like they're doing something Nasty, and they're not.  His Son has been a complete Gentleman and she's not a Promiscuous Girl, so, she was Embarrassed when Rusty had to tell her why his Dad didn't want her over there.  I'm sure it was Embarrassing for Rusty too, since, he's not THAT Guy either.

That said, Rusty lives with his Dad and a bunch of Single Men in that House.  So, perhaps it's for the best we have him over here instead and his Dad might be worried about even the appearance of impropriety having a Young Teen Girl over to a House full of Men.   I'm glad she told me... and that he told her... becoz having him here instead is no problem and her Safety and Reputation are always primary in our Minds anyway.  She never felt unsafe over there, nobody ever said or did anything inappropriate either.  But said you can tell a bunch of Guys live there and it's always messy and smelly, without the presence of a Woman's Touch.   She was even cleaning up when she went over to visit and sneaking Air Fresheners in.  Mebbe they found the Air Fresheners??!  *Bwahahaha*

I'm glad she talks to me about everything and asks our Opinion.  We like Rusty and he's a really nice Young Man.   She's never met his Mom and doesn't know why his Parents are no longer together.  She's met his Younger Siblings and said they're nothing like he is... he's the Golden Child of the Family apparently.  *Smiles*   He's really generous with his Younger Sisters, but Princess T feels they take advantage of him too much and aren't very nice to him considering what a good Big Brother he is to them all.   I can tell she doesn't much Like his Siblings and they probably realize they're being critiqued and judged by her.  *LOL*  She has a pretty strong Moral Compass and anyone lacking one, she has disdain and no respect for and makes no pretenses otherwise.  I'm glad she has high Standards, she should.

Anyway, she and Rusty are Good, it's just that now I know why he's always over here after Work and she no longer goes to his Home.  I had Wondered Why, now I know.  He's always Welcome here and is a very good and exceptionally Respectful House Guest, you hardly know he's here, very introverted like she is and they are good together.   He's very quiet and doesn't talk much, but, he has come to me with her and asked advice when they're having problems with other Young People.  Like that Stalker Gal, who, hasn't been back or had contact, after she threw a Drink on his Truck while he was parked at our House and then had sent some menacing Social Media Texts that his Friends had forwarded becoz it concerned them.  And, it concerned me too, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

I hadn't wanted more Drama or Headaches from that lil Skank and Rusty wanted nothing to do with her.  Unlike Isaac and Jon Carlos, she couldn't offer herself up to this Guy and have him think a promiscuous Girl was a better option.   Good on him.   And as for Princess T, she feels that any Guy that would be with a Whorish Gal, she doesn't want anything to do with anyway, Man Whores do not interest her one iota.   She jokes that those type of Guys are as much a One Night Stand as the Gals who will also Sleep with everyone or anyone, they are not "Keepers", whether Male or Female.  *LOL*  Well, the Stalker Gal is being passed around a lot and dumped unceremoniously once every Guy is done with her... and... that will likely be her Lot in Life.  Not my Kid, her Family have to sort that shit out... or not bother. Which by the looks of it, they lost Control a long time ago with her.  It happens with Prodigals, not judging.

LATER:  Finished my Series of "Florida Man", felt like it had a rushed ending to wrap it up, but overall, was entertaining and a Dark Comedy.  There's plenty of Series I never finished watching once it lost my interest, this one didn't so I saw it all the way thru.  *LOL*  I have a Truck load of Inventory to bring in Today so will hit the Antique Mall early.  It will be challenging to find suitable Space for it all to Display it nicely, so I want to take my time.  I work Tonight but don't want to just cram it in there before a Shift, we're being Editorial with how the Showroom looks and I want to keep it that way.  I'm having decent progress with Selling actual Antiques in this Space.  It's been a long time coming, so Color me Happy at the resurgence of Interest since I procured a better Location in the Mall and went in a different direction with our Merchandising and Showcasing of our Inventory.

Yes, our Bread and Butter is still the Smalls, Vintage T-Shirts and Collectible Toys... but, I've also suddenly been Selling quality Antiques that languished in Inventory too long before.   I had a Collection of good quality Antique Yellow Ware Mixing Bowls for example, had them a long time with no Luck in the Old Showroom of Selling them.  Sold them all in a day in the New Showroom at full price, the Customer didn't even ask for a Discount, even tho' they spent a lot on them.  Quality Old Stock is what I didn't have the Heart to pull from Inventory.  So mostly I'd stubbornly held out and just used those Antique Bowls to Display things in all this time.  *LOL*  Attracting the Right Demographic to my New Showroom and Locked Case has been a Goal.

I know the Customer I'd like to attract and which ones I'd rather not cater to, so, we decided with the move within the Mall to go in that direction and see what might happen.  I like the direction it's going thus far and it is working, wasn't entirely sure it would, so that was the risk taken.  When Selling of Antiques seems deaded and you still want to Specialize in The Love Of All Things Old and Preserved, you just get Creative about it's Presentation and what else you carry that you know is an Easy Sell but not a Sellout of your Passion or your Soul.   The Vintage and Specialty Clothing was the perfect marrying of Inventory for us to meld both Passions and make it Work.  The Vibe of our Showroom is definitely reflecting our Essence.  And our Sales have remained Strong since the Move to Showroom #140 and Case #83.

The Case is also very packed with Inventory and more than paying for itself.  The added level of Security of a Locked Case meant I could bring in high risk items, higher value Merch, and not worry so much about Theft or Manhandling of it.  We were able to bring things back in that we'd had to pull over a Year ago becoz of big Loss Prevention Issues with it.   Princess T's LPS Collectible Toys for example, and she's just about Sold Out now from the Locked Case of them... with successful Loss Prevention of them.   In fact, even in the Showroom, with the higher traffic location and desirable move towards the front of the Mall, there's a lot less tearing up of the Space by Customers even tho' more are flowing thru it now.  Goes to show if Eyes are on them, most Shoppers behave more appropriately.

That Aisle has a constant flow of traffic, so you don't have the Privacy to do Dirty Deeds without being seen.   When lots of people are flowing in and out constantly, seems the Five Finger Discount People and Vandals gravitate more to the secluded parts of the Mall to commit their Crimes.  And, when I'm in my Space foofing it, I see that the Demographic of Shopper it's attracting are more inclined to be "Our Tribe" of folks who truly Appreciate what we carry and are actual Customers Buying.  We're constantly getting Compliments now from our Customers, which is very encouraging and we're happy they like our Space and quickly becoming Regulars who make a Beeline for it now whenever they come in to Shop.

I found some more Tiki Merch and am putting it in to Inventory, I almost can't keep enuf of it Stocked.  I've decided to always have the Tiki Corner of the Showroom so that the Collectors of it and other Vendors who Specialize in it, can easily know where it's at and check in regularly.  It's the kind of Merch I enjoy Sourcing too and Displaying.  At one time I even owned a lot of it, not so much these days.  The Young Prince dug it, so I gave them all the Primo pieces of it that I didn't wanna put up For Sale, as their early Inheritance, since, they appreciate it.   I had some that was worth a lot of Money and Rare, so it felt good to know it's been handed down to an Heir who Loves it as much as I do.  When you're an Incurable Collector, that means a LOT to you, more than what it's worth and the Money you could make off it.

I always give the Kiddos the very Best that I have if they want it now and expressed an Interest in Inheriting it and not having me Sell it.  Sometimes I don't even realize the strong Sentiment, Cherished Memories and Nostalgia they have of certain pieces.  Which is Why I am glad they are going thru it and asking if they can use or even have certain things.   For example, never realized or knew that Princess T adored how I Decorated the Historic Home while she was growing up there... and so wants to replicate The Look now in her own Space!  What she pulled from The RV Garage Mahal to do her Room Makeover was quite fascinating to me, it DID look like the Old House and thus reminiscent of it.  We can't get the Historic Home back, but, we can get the Vibe of it's Interior via existing contents we still own.

Granted, if Mr. Avila ever did decide to Sell, the general consensus of all the Kiddos and I is we'd pool Resources and just Buy it back.  I never wanted to have to Sell it and both Generations behind me felt the same way and would want it back if the opportunity ever presented itself.  I doubt it will, but, you just never know what the Future might hold and what Opportunities could present themselves either.   I keep an Open Mind about the possibilities whenever I'm speculating on what I can have and what makes itself available to me in it's Time and Season.   The Laws of Attraction have always Worked in my Favor, in such a remarkable way I still get Goosebumps about it actually. 

It's already reaching triple digits now by 7:30 a.m., so, no more beating the Heat, Summer is here full force.   I'm glad The Daughter has gotten so much done in The RV Garage Mahal, she's relentless when she's on a Roll of Cleaning and Organizing, few do it better and with as much discretion.   That's why all the Wealthy, without exception to how their Wealth was made, had her Cleaning for them in Mexico and would give her Keys to their Homes.  She misses her Friends there and keeps in close contact and they check in on her regularly and are so happy she's doing well on this side of the Border now.  They looked out for her there and took care of her there, so I'm Grateful to all of them.   She is a Trip, so I can see why they found her to be quite interesting and Fun, she is.  *LOL*

This Granddaughter is rather the Black Sheep of the Paternal Side of the Family and thus The Man's Kinfolk and those they Married into don't always 'Get' her or Approve.  We 'Get' her, so, it hasn't been uncommon for her to ask my opinion or advice, since she knows Gramma Dawn is a Kindred Spirit and fellow Weirdo who could give Two Shits about Conforming either or what anyone thinks about it.  I think they're all afraid she'll bring them over to the Dark Side?!  *LMAOROTF*  She's madly Creative so I Love her to Share her Creations and fierce sense of Style.   She and The Young Prince are so alike and not far apart in Age.  So our Oldest Daughter always said it was eerily like rather than being Cousins, it was almost as if they were more like Twins in every conceivable way.  The parallels were remarkable and Striking, Twins couldn't be any more alike than those Two are actually.

She has Majored in Special Effects Makeup and Art.   These are some of the Nails she recently did for a Client attending a Themed Event.  Yes, she gravitates towards the Macabre, as do I, so tho' most of her other Loved Ones back East aren't into what she's into, she knows we are and can Appreciate her Art Form, her Wild Imagination, and how Madly Creative she is and Talented.   She and The Young Prince have been Sculpting like they were formally Trained to since they were wee Kids and are Amazing Artists with just the Raw Talent.   She Graduated top of her Class in Special Effects School.   But like The G-Kid Force, she struggled in the Public School System and went to Online Learning during High School.

Princess T is talking about wanting to get her first Tattoos done and I've already told her I'll Bankroll it if she goes with one of the best Local Artists.  There's a Local Shop that does work like the above and below in Black And Grey that some of my Customers at the Antique Mall have had done, it's exceptional Realism.   So, when she's ready, I'd like her to consider only the most skilled Artisan to do her Work, since, it's permanent Body Art.   Unlike her Mom and I, who had ours done by Biker Friends... The Daughter is now working on Coverups of her old and regretful Tats.  *LOL*   Mine is sufficiently faded, small and discreet, so would be an easy coverup if I decided to just eliminate it with Good Quality Art.  *Smiles*

Most of the Women in the Family and most of the Men are heavily Tattooed.  My Paternal Grandma had a Body full of Tribal Tattoos she had started when she was 13 and coming of Age.  Even when I got mine done it was still Illegal.   So, mostly you had them done on the Rez where it was Culturally acceptable, or in Backroom Biker Shops.  Now it's acceptable Socially and the quality of the Art Form has improved dramatically.   I had mine done in a Back Room Biker Shop by a Biker Friend Terry, who was one of the few Female Tattoo Artists.  A bunch of Hells Angels were in there having theirs done on the inside of their Lips... Ouch.  And I was Pregnant with The Daughter at the time and a Bank Executive handling Millions of Dollars worth of Industry Portfolio.  Quite the contradiction.  *Bwahahahaha*

So, yeah, I wasn't your Garden Variety Gal ever and didn't always make the best decisions ever in my Personal Life.   I had quite a juxtaposition going on in my Professional versus Private Life.   Professionally I was madly Successful and fast tracked my way to the Top, Persoally I could often be a total Train Wreck, go figure.  *Bwahahaha*  No, my Parents were not Surprised in the least, nor judgmental about it either, they've Known me all my Life.  *Winks*  Dad always joked that there was this Fine Line between Genius and Insanity going on with me.  *Winks*  We're pretty damned sure it could be Hereditary too and has been passed along from Generation to Generation.  *LOL*   Anyway, as you can see this Shop Specializes in Realism and also Cultural Tattoos, which is why I'd choose them if I was having Work done.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Stay Cool my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl