Friday, February 23, 2024

The Caregiver Diaries ~ Part Nine Million Or Thereabouts

 Again, we'll start you out with some Food Porn.  This Restaurant "Tamales Guadalajara", has the best Refried Beans EVER!  This Day started out like the usual Caregiving Crap.  I spent half the Day Wednesday purging more Merch out of my existing Showroom and Donating it to a Charity.  I ended up with Seven Boxes full, it will mean less to move over at the end of next Month.  Anything I don't want to be Selling in the New Space was Targeted.  I'm going to Curate my Inventory relentlessly now for the Locked Case and New Showroom.  More of what I'm Downsizing will likely just be Donated and I'm Fine with that too.  The Man and I have decided that speeding up the Great Edit and Purge will benefit me in the long run, plus, I'm getting back to my Roots of what I will want to Sell at the Antique Mall and did in the beginning.  Tired of trying to Cater to The Impulse Shoppers and those who Buy and prefer Crap Merch.

I'm having Ken leave all his Industrial Piping Racks in the New Showroom that he's mounted on the Ceiling and Walls, he was gonna take them with him.  I just asked what it would take for him NOT to take them with him?  *Winks*  He quoted me a First Cousin Price, which was a Deal, and so, now they'll stay for me to hang Product on.  *LOL*   Benefits both of us, he shouldn't be up on Ladders and such anymore, nor doing strenuous Work while he's recovering from his Bad Fall.  His Dear Wife can Thank me later.  *LOL*  I shouldn't be up on Ladders and such anymore either... Win~Win.  I also bought another Industrial Vintage Shelving Unit from him so he can now leave that one in there too, it's got great Patina.  His Fire Sale Pricing on his Displays couldn't be beat and already fit the dimensions of that Space and the Look I want.

I had a whole Post Written again and deleted the whole thing, I'd just gone off on a Weird and rather Dark Tangent, who knows Why?  *LOL... Well we KNOW WHY, but we just won't indulge me at this juncture, for YOUR sakes, Okay? LMAO*  We got Irrigation Yesterday and weren't  expecting it to resume until March, so, nobody, including our Neighbors, was ready to receive it.  Everyone just saw the Ditches filling up and saying, Holy Shit, we're fucking getting Water... and... once it comes you gotta do something with it to avoid a Flood!!!   Yes, an E-Mail had been sent out by SRP, but, nobody probably read it in time!?  I know I didn't.  Everyone was thus scrambling at the 11th Hour to receive their quite early Irrigation resuming, Winter ain't over yet.  It's Suspended during Winter, so usually resumes every March.  I suspect all these Rains are causing them to NEED to release Water earlier?

  The Main Canals have been topping off around the City, I'd noticed it and so I should have suspected something different might have to happen.  Luckily The Daughter's Boss had stayed to visit with us and helped.  Yeah, I put everyone to Work when they've become like Family to us.  *Winks*    Her Boss is a nice Young Man and quite fit, so, he's Handy.   So he and The Daughter dropped the Gates for me... and Rob, the Older Brother next door of our Neighbors, filled in for his Younger Brother TJ, who was at Work when the Irrigation came for both their Property and ours.  I hadn't had the Pasture cut since the last Killer Bee attacks on everyone who does Yardwork and Irrigation for me.  So, it's lush like a Wild Pasture now, but, the Water moved thru it all Okay. 

 I've got African Daisies sprouting up in it now that it's not been cut in so long, it actually has what looks like lush Clover, Alfalfa and Sorrell growing too.  Some of our Neighbors plant those kinds of Grasses to feed their Livestock, or mebbe a previous Owner did and now it's been left alone, it's growing again.   It looks pretty so I don't mind, we don't have Livestock to graze it down, so, as soon as Rob gets the John Deere fixed for us, we'll have him cut it.  The John Deere got flooded out when the Killer Bees swarmed and attacked it, getting INTO the Engine... they literally Killed a Tractor Mower!  *LOL but, WOW, huh?*   So, the new parts he must replace on it will set me back about Fifty Bucks in parts and he'll fix it for us for Free, they're Good Neighbors like that.  There's been nothing that the Brothers next door can't fix.  They and their Elderly Parents have Adopted us like Family since we became their Neighbors.

The Daughter's first Treatment made her really ill, so she's Home from Work tossing her Cookies and in a lot of Pain.   Princess T is also nauseous, I don't know what's going on with her, probably bad Allergies, since, a Storm Front has been moving in and she doesn't do well during Stormy Days.   Nobody except The Man and I know the particulars about The Daughter's Health Challenges, she doesn't want anyone else worrying, as they surely would.   Not that it's going to not be evident she's not doing Well, but, even tho' her Treatments are difficult, I'm Hopeful they'll promote a Healing Touch.  Then I won't have to get specific with anyone about what's going on with her, respecting and protecting her Privacy.  I spent Yesterday Morning and some of the Afternoon with her at the Doctor's.  She has informed her Boss she's having Health Issues, but we're remaining Private with everyone about what she's battling. 

The Middle Grandchild in Mexico has been Acting Out a lot since the Crisis with her Dad, which, was to be expected.  She's the one that had the most Trauma from what happened and I knew it would negatively affect her and she'd have some severe PTSD from the experience.  The Daughter is in no Condition to hear or Deal with such Bad News about one of her Children.  But, the Dear Aunt and Uncle who took her in to finish Raising her, just can't handle it.  It was excellent placement, they have Wealth and Influence, they treat her like their own Child, but it isn't working out.  So, they called The Daughter to explain it's too much responsibility and they're worried about things going sideways with her, understandable, they don't want the rest of the Family Blaming them if the Child is out of control and going Buck Wild and rebellious. 

 We are worried too, but, nothing we can do from this side of the Border, since we couldn't get any of the Children into the Country due to the Immigration and Border Fiasco, such that it just is.  We spent a Fortune trying and The Daughter ended up really Sickly due to going back to Mexico and it was a tremendously stressful and unsafe situation for her that extended into Months.  We all ended up running out of Resources and had to just bring her back Home and divvy up the Children with Relatives who would agree to take them in and finish Raising them all.  So, we're scrambling to find alternative Safe Placement for that Grandchild again with other Relatives in Mexico.  Problem is, nobody wants her, since, she's going to be a more difficult placement and hard to place Child with Mental Health and Behavioral Health Issues now.  Other than that everything is Swell.  *Bwahahaha* 

 I filled in a Shift for Co-Worker Kristi, last Night.  She'd been the one to fill in for me so I could take The Man's Birthday Off this past Sunday on a Holiday Sale Weekend, so, I Owed her one.   It isn't that busy on a Thursday Night and the Two Co-Workers working it are Friends of mine, so we had a good Evening working together.   In fact, my Friend Dan The Man gave me a Novelty Vintage Knife to give to The Man as a belated Birthday Gift from he and his Wife Rita.  It's shaped like a Horseshoe and has Old Advertisement from an Oil Company in Cali on the Leather parts, small, very Unique and Unusual, the Blades splay out from each side like Box Cutters, never seen one like it before.  He Loved it. 

With having both Girls Home Sick and Throwing Up constantly, The Man has gotten quite edgy, he doesn't handle stressors like that well anymore.  I told him to Calm Down, since the Worry about them both was manifesting in him becoming quite agitated and yelling, he just  doesn't know what to do and totally discombobulates and gets quite fearful about things he can't control.  Anymore, when he is Emotionally Raw, he Yells a lot and completely falls apart Emotionally.  I'm sure it's the onset of a form of Dementia, which just exacerbates the symptoms of his Traumatic Brain Injury, which also has to be managed with a certain Finesse.  I have to get Firmly Mad at him before he can or will Calm Down and get Centered tho', or he'd be Triggering the rest of them and it'd be Pandemonium here at The Asylum.  *Le Sigh*

The Daughter and Granddaughter were both already feeling really Sick, so I didn't need them Crying too becoz Dad/Grandpa was yelling and seeming Mad that they were not Well this Morning.  I know he gets Scared and his Anger is Fear is disguise, he Loves his Girls and is very Protective of both of them.  He can't handle when they seem really Ill and so he falls apart, which isn't Helpful.   I immediately firmly told him if he wasn't being Helpful, he needed to just Knock it Off, Stop and Calm Down, which, he reluctantly did.  *Winks*   I don't Yell, in fact, if I get Chilly and Eerily Calm on your Ass, then they know it's an ultimatum to be heeded and Dial it way the fuck back.  The Quieter and Calmer I get, the more Trouble you're likely to be facing if you're becoming confrontational with me.  *LOL*  Caregiver 101: Never let 'em see you Sweat or Crack under Pressure.  Or you're doomed!  *Winks*

So, now there's no Trouble in Paradise, it's only 6:00 in the Morning, but I got everyone done with their Cookie Tossing and back to Bed.  I got The Man Calmed Down to where he's rolled his Ass back to Bed too... and I'm quietly now re-writing this whole Post in Peace, Quiet and Tranquility.  *Whew*  Are we having Fun yet?  *Eye Roll*   Well, my Coping Mechanism happens to be that during extreme Crisis, I don't and can't FEEL anything Emotionally.   I just handle it all and do so by rote and unemotionally, yep, without Feeling any Emotions about any of it.  You can't have the Luxury of Emotion when you're Dealing with Too Much, since, it would not at all be Helpful.  My Shut Down Mode tends to make it so that I can just Deal with everything Calmly and Methodically and not Feel a Damned Thing about any of it.  Numbness Works for me.

Besides, the rest of them have enuf Excess and Over The Top Emotion FOR all of us, so I don't NEED to have any myself.  *LOL*  So, if I stay Stoic, Calm and Steady, it tends to deescalate their High Drama and gives the Illusion I've got everything under Control and every little things gonna be alright.  {Cue in Bob Marley... LOL}   My Dad was like that too and I recall that my Dad's lack of ever getting Freaked Out was like a Bedrock for everyone else to Anchor to.  I remember even my Dad's Military Friends saying that in Vietnam, Dad never wavered in remaining completely Calm and unphased by being in a War Zone.  And he was in Food Service, so they didn't get issued Weapons and were Unarmed, just like Medics and Clergy.  It didn't bother him, he remained Fearless and had Strategies for every situation he anticipated COULD happen.

  I never saw my Dad flustered, yelling, not able to handle anything and everything with complete Calm.   He was Stoic no matter what Chaos around him was happening or what he was going thru.  And he went thru some Hard Knocks Life and a Hand Dealt that many people probably never would have even Survived, let alone Thrive in and turn out Okay.   I don't know what he might have been Feeling, but, it never showed and he never cracked under pressure.  I Admired that and try to emulate it... and, it works for me too.  I do miss Soliciting his Sage Wisdom and astute Advice, but I do try to Imagine what he'd tell me to do in every Situation and Crisis that arises.  I always default to one of his best pieces of Advice if I don't know what to do or am afraid:  DO something... and just DO it Afraid then. 

Dad felt that doing nothing solved nothing.  He also felt Fear was actually a great Motivator and Instinct that could be quite beneficial, especially in dangerous situations.  Fight or Flight is a powerful Natural Instinct, doing either might just Save your Life.  Doing nothing might just end your Life or that of those around you.   We got far too many Nothing Doers these days and it's showing up in ways that have caused a serious decline of our Nation, it's National Security and Well Being IMO, since, if you're not part of the Solution, you ARE part of the Problem, plain and simple.  You can't just be a Fence Sitter and think somehow that's gonna Work Out Swell if you don't engage and just Hope everyone else is gonna fix what's Wrong while you do Nothing.  The Old Saying is Right, DO something, Lead, Follow, or get the fuck out of the way.  Too many Bitches are in the way and be Trippin', or, mebbe we pushed some.  *Winks*

I think it's gonna be a very Stormy Day and I really wanted to try to get some things done Outside.  I have Inventory out in Vintage Milk Crates on the Back Patio to Price and get into the Showroom.  I decided I might as well keep bringing in Fresh Merch during March, to keep Sales Strong.  Even Ken is bringing in more Merch and he's already given his Vacate Notice on Showroom #140.   If you're Renting the Space you might as well Maximize it, even tho' the eventual Move Out will be more Work.   I did Sell some of the larger items I just Marked Down, so now they're out of the way and I'm concentrating mostly on Smalls now to restock my existing Showroom.  They'd be easier to Move Out or Over at the beginning and end of March, to the Locked Showcase and New Showroom. 


Keep On Keeping On my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A Grandiose Vision

 I think we'll start out the Post with Food Porn... the rest of February should go smoothly.  There's Two more Events I plan to attend, both on the same Weekend at the end of the Month.  One is at a Nature Preserve we do a lot of Environmental Cleanup at, they do a Festival to promote the Preserve and I like to Support those Causes.  The other is the "Highland Yard Vintage" Event and it's Hosted at a large Antique Mall "Merchant Square" in a big Warehouse behind the large Mall, so it's always a fantastic Two-Fer Experience. This Month's Market there will have the Theme of "Vintage In Bloom".   I like the Spring Market Themes, it gets me in the Mood for all that is the next Season as Spring is on the Horizon. 

I spent this day cleaning up more of the Back Patio area.  The Kids use it a lot, so I reconfigured the Furniture in that section.   I swapped out my Antique Square Farmhouse Table they were using, and gave them a Modern Fold Out one to use, so my Old Farmhouse Table wouldn't have such hard use.   Now my Old Table is for my use out there only and I cleaned the surface.   I also am still working on all the stuff Allen put out there from the Art Studio Space, in time I'd like none of it to be out there.  It's slowly but surely getting done, I have a finite amount of Stamina and Energy, so every Project gets drawn out now.

The biggest downside to Old Age is the limitations that begin to come with it.  You have to acknowledge and work within those advancing limitations.  After what seems like a ridiculously short period of time, I feel exhaustion setting in.  Often I even need a Nap to recover from a lot of physical or mental exertion now.  It's freakin' annoying!!!  *LOL*  So, I just do what I can, for as long as I can, and then do some more Tomorrow.   Slow progress, but, if done with consistency, some day it will all get Done and attain the Goal I've Envisioned.  It's a grandiose Vision, but, it's the one I have and I'm going for it.  I can't Work with a Vision that's too Small... go Big or go Home.

The Daughter got back to back very Bad News so I felt really bad for her, she held it together well, considering the weight and gravity of it all.  One was about her Health, the other was about her Middle Child in Mexico.  All I can do is be Supportive and Hope everything works out for the Best eventually concerning both worrisome Situations.  Some things aren't within our Control and you just have to accept that Fact and move thru it without allowing it to derail you.  Stay in a position of Strength if you can, regardless of the Issues of Life that come against any of us, often without Warning.   Anyway, it is what is just is and Life is usually complicated in one way or another.   When you're up against the big things, then the petty things come into sharper perspective.  I guess that's why I can't be bothered with petty shit and petty people... we got big things to Deal with.

I got the Move In Date for my New Showroom, it's March 31st, and March 3rd for my Locked Case at the Antique Mall.   I won't give Notice to Vacate my current Showroom until about Two Weeks before my New Showroom Move-In.  That way I have about 10-14 Days, give or take, to transition from one Room to the other without rushing or being under too much pressure of a short deadline.   Since you pay a Month in Advance, when you give Notice to Vacate, you're now prepaid for that last Month of Rent.  I already Pre-Paid my Move-In to the New Showroom and the Locked Case in advance... so all the outlay is done.  Funny how Word gets around the Mall's Grapevine and Rumor Mill tho'. 

Vendors I don't even know and have never seen before have come up and asked me about me Vacating my current Showroom, and I haven't yet even given Notice!  *LOL*   I'm cordial and polite about it, but in my Head I'm thinking, WHO the Hell ARE you and how do you know my Business?  *LMAO*   I don't Care, I suppose many of them are on long Waiting Lists and so even the Rumor of someone giving up a Space gets them all chomping at the Bit and Hopeful.   I've even had some be presumptuous to assume they might by attrition get the Space, nope, barking up the wrong Tree there.  *Bwahahaha*  It's not my decision to make, who gets what there.  I'm just a Tenant and I'm not cutting Side Deals with anyone whose trying to buck the System in place.

I just know I'm not Interested in keeping an Extra Showroom and paying for that much Rented Real Estate, no matter if it's Premium Space.  And, I'm also not Interested in Sharing that Space or becoming Partners with anyone, EVER.  Partnerships to me are just another complex situation to manage the personality of another individual who I can't control the actual Actions and Decisions of.  So, just not baggage I wanna manage or deal with.   I answer to nobody about my Hustle and decisions, so I have complete Freedom about what I decide without considering any Business Partners. So, I'd rather they make their own Mistakes on their own and keep me out of their Loop too.   I've seen Vendors Share Space to Save on Rent, it rarely Ends Well.  I don't Rent or enter into anything Contractual that I can't afford on my own.


My Observation has been that most people who want you to Partner with them, might be struggling to afford their Vision on their own and NEED a Partner.  I don't have need of a Partner, so I don't want one.  I can Bankroll my own Vision without Help or compromise.   Sharing Space with my Granddaughter is all the Partnering we need becoz we KNOW each other and it's mutually beneficial.  We do it together for reasons other than Profits.   This is what we do just for Fun and to enjoy doing something together that we both like to do and have done together since she was a very Small Child.   It's been Educational for her and something to do in Retirement for me, that is a means to an end to Downsize possessions and excess most profitably.

It's been a great Social Outlet for our entire Family, we've met a lot of Kindred Spirits doing it and made Good Friends over the Years.  I'm still meeting new folks that I'm getting to know via the Shared Interests.  I've even become Friends with folks that started out as Customers... or I was their Customer.   I still do a lot of Trading with other people who like what I have and have what I want.   Easter will be at the end of March and actually falls on my Move-In Date to the Showroom this Year.   Next Year it falls closer to the end of April.   I didn't used to understand Why the huge fluctuation in when it's Celebrated.  Now I know it's tied to March Equinox and thru a computus calculation of Paschal Full Moon {Ecclesiastical Full Moon of the Northern Spring}.  Yeah, way deeper than my comprehension.  *LOL*

 Slowly I've been finding my Easter Collections and gathering them.  I want to eventually Display them permanently like I do my other Holiday Collectibles.  I've been Collecting Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, for many Years.   Some are Real Eggs done in the Tradition, others are Wooden Eggs done in the Tradition and are much less Fragile.  Each being a tiny Work of Art... the Designs only limited by the Artist's Imagination or Traditions of Time Honored Cultural Design.  I have tried my Hand at it and wasn't very good, so I just Buy mine.  *LOL*  Way back in the 1970's they used to have an exhibition during Easter of the Ukrainian Community Creating the Pysanky Eggs, it was fascinating to watch the process.

I have some Antique Chocolate Easter Molds.  We used to have a Vendor at the Antique Mall who was Selling Off their Lifetime Collection of them.  Hard to find them now that Vendor isn't there, you're Lucky if a Vendor has a single one to Sell.  Also, they can command really high prices that are out of my League.  So, my personal Collection of them is quite small and likely to remain so.  I don't Care, how small a Collection is if it's something I really enjoy.   Plus, I'll never Sell my Antique Chocolate Easter Molds.  I suspect a lot of people who have them hold onto them and why you rarely see them up For Sale?  Online Auctions have a slew Listed, but most look more Modern or are clearly Repops, even if Listed otherwise.

Princess T is now beyond Easter Baskets or Easter Egg Hunting, so, we don't do that much for Easter prep as we used to when we had underage Children.   I don't even attend my Church anymore, after Pandemic they do all of their Services Online and I can go Virtually.  I no longer do Volunteer Street Ministry Work in the Field now, or Food Ministry Work.  I did both for Decades as a Volunteer aiding marginalized populations and Street People.  Along with working my Careers.  But as you get Older and become a Vulnerable Adult's Age, it can be riskier Work and physically too demanding as well to do what I once did.  Yes, in Retirement, sometimes I miss my Volunteer Work, yet, rarely miss the Careers I got Paid so well to do.



Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Birthday To Himself And Chazza Trawling


The Man had a very nice Birthday Yesterday, I took the Night off Work, they were able to get someone to cover for me.   He really wanted me to take the Night off and Rachel said she'd work on getting a replacement for me so 'Grandpa' could be taken out for his Birthday without Time constraints.  I took him to our other Antique Mall Location in Downtown Phoenix and he found some nice Pressies for himself.  Then we went to a Steakhouse for Dinner.  He enjoyed himself and we ran into some Friends at the Antique Mall who are Vendors at that location and Visited with them, catching up.  I got him a Cheesecake and some Caramel Swirl Ice-Cream and Eskimo Pies.  His Cake is pictured above/below, it was really good and an attractive Cake.

In the past Week I've Sourced Two Antique Caged Dress Forms really inexpensively.  One is Victorian Era, the other is probably about 1920's Era.  So, now I'll be Selling Off some of my Vintage Dress Forms that aren't as Old and as Cool.   They Sell well and are great for Displaying other Merch until they Sell.   I've been Sourcing some other Vintage or Antique Displays for the New Showroom I'll get in March, that will be the Aesthetic I want for a Fresh Space.  Some Displays will be repurposed items I'll utilize for something other than what they were made to be.

I'm having Fun with it and am excited to start a Fresh Showroom and have the Locked Case to Showcase higher end Smalls that are For Sale and will be more Secure.  I'm also going to be able to blast thru The Purge better when I only concentrate on Selling the best Inventory.  Then just Donate anything I don't want to have in the New Spaces if it's just the Wrong Aesthetic or Vision for where I'm going with it.  I've been Donating a lot more and it's going to worthy Charities that I like to Support.  I had a lot of empty Moving Boxes to fill with Donations, so it was easy to load it all up, I'm not going to be Moving anymore, God be Willing.  *LOL*

At the other Antique Mall Location in Downtown Phoenix I noticed a lot of new Vendors and liked their Presentation, their Merchandising Style, and their Merch, so, I Hope they do very well.  It was very busy there this Holiday Weekend and on President's Day is when they're having the Big 20% Off Sale, so, it should be even more well attended.  I have a non-advertised Sale of 20% Off now in my Showroom already.  They don't let you advertise openly any standing Discount you might be offering, either temporarily or long term, so Customers have to ask if you have one in effect, then they can receive it.  You can have a Sign Up, which I do, saying you have a Discount on File and to ask at the Register and give your Vendor Number.

I always offer some kind of Promo on File and change it every now and then to Stimulate Trade.   The Mall does a couple Promos a Month, or less, so, I'd prefer them to initiate something like a lot of other Malls do, a Senior Discount Day and a standing Military Discount {we're 5 Miles from a large Military Base}, would work well, they do at places that have them.  All of The Man's Pressies had my Employee Discount, so that was Helpful.   Anything we Purchase that is over $20 has 10% Off if you're a Vendor, unless the Vendor offers more on File for other Promos they're having.   The Man added to some of his Favorite Collections for his Birthday.  He really didn't want to be Photographed too much tho', he never does and is reluctant to, so, we Respect that.

He obliged for this One Birthday Photo with his Salmon and Loaded Mashed Potato Dinner at the Steakhouse.   I had Steak & Lobster with Charred Roasted Brussel Sprouts with a Honey Glaze {below}.  I could make a Meal of just those Brussel Sprouts.  I've never liked Brussel Sprouts until I had them like this.  Now it's one of my Fav Veggie Dishes and several Restaurants offer them this way as a Veggie Premium Upgrade for just a couple Bucks more, well worth it IMO, they're Sublime.   Even tho' my Dish doesn't look like a lot of Food, I did have trouble eating it all, I just feel satiated sooner now I'm on the GOLO Weight Loss Plan.   This constituted my Two Protein Servings and Two Veggie Servings, I had some of their Fresh Baked Bread as my Carb and the Butter as my Healthy Fat. 

When we were at out Downtown Antique Mall Location I took a few Pixs of items in their Locked Cases.   I needed Blog Fodder, I just haven't been in Pathological Picture Taking Mode for a while now and so I've been Light on Imagery for the Ole' Blog and Posts.  *Smiles*  You all deserve some Eye Candy, and some Dear Readers come for the Visuals more than Reading Blog Content.   I'm the same way, I'm not such an avid Reader, so I don't always Read, even tho' I Write a lot, but I am Addicted and Obsessed with Visuals.  So a lot of Blogs provide me with such Inspiration via their Eye Candy on their Posts.  I try to provide a good mix for those who like to Read and those who like to just Look.  Even most of my Books in my Library are "Picture Book Loaded".  *LOL*


Since Princess T has Collected and then Sold a lot of LPS, she met the Vendor when she was little, who does the Custom LPS in her Cases at both Locations.   This Vendor has been there many Years and when my Granddaughter was a small Child, she'd Gift her with some of the Delightful Accessories she uses for her Custom LPS.  Things like little Starbucks Drinks and other Tiny Miniatures that are Adorable!  It was so Generous and Kind of her.  I can't even Imagine the Time this Dear Lady spends Creating her Custom LPS, she's madly Creative with them and doesn't charge much more than you'd pay for just the Stock Figures of these Tiny Collectibles that are so Popular.   This Season her Line has some in tiny Demitasse Teacups, so I couldn't resist Photographing those.


Sourcing these had become next to Impossible now, tho' I recently hit a Motherlode of them at a Chazza in Bagged Lots priced inexpensively, that's Rare these days.  I don't know where this Vendor manages to stay Stocked Up, I can only Guess she's Online Buying them now?   Locally, the secondhand Market of them dried up and my Grandchild's Customers are always asking when we'll be getting in more?  They are one of those Bread and Butter Tiny Collectibles that the Generations of my Kids and my Grandkids really can't get enough of and has remained relevant to the Collectors of them.   Kind of like Barbie and Trolls, I think these little Figures will always do well and have become Classics in the last 20+ Years they have been around.

Sadly, unlike Barbies and Trolls, they are now a Retired Line of Toy and aren't being Sold Retail anymore, just on the Secondhand Market as a now considered Vintage or Collectible Toy.   They were around when my own Kids were Young, then when my Grandkids were Young.  They Cancelled Production in 2016, but I have heard, due to demand, they may be coming back in 2024.   I would be glad when they do since a whole new Generation is now coming up behind ours and I don't doubt that my Great-Grandkids would Love this Line as much as the previous Two Generations did.   I even thought they were Cute enuf to Keep a few of my Favs.  We still do very well when we have some to Sell, but, they really require a Locked Case now, Theft is High on hard to Source Product like these.

There was a New Vendor that did Entomology, Skeletal reconstruction and some other Weird and Wonderful Merch in their Cases.  I particularly liked this one with The Bees on some Honeycomb and a Crystal.  Yeah, I know that after the Killer Bee Fiasco next door at our Neighbors Property, one would think this wouldn't Appeal to me, but, it does, I'm Weird like that.  *Smiles*  I still do not Dislike Bees, I just know they could easily Kill me so I don't want the Africanized Species near any Residential or Public Space, too dangerous.  I don't begrudge them doing what they do for the Environment, but, not being a Native Species, and being so aggressive and having Killer Instincts, they are Threatening the Native Honey Bees and Humans, so that's making them an Invasive Species to our Continent.  The Poor Bees were a Scientific Greed Experiment by Humans tho', not their Fault.


These were some great Antique Drawer Pulls, but the Vendor was extremely Proud of them judging by the Stratospheric Price Point.  Out of my League.  I did however Buy a Vintage Incense Burner made of Metal and Created out of what looked like an Old Belt Buckle {Below}... probably some Hippie of the 1960's or 1970's Repurposed it to burn their Incense Cones?  I totally dug it, we burn a lot of Incense and I'm always looking for Unique or Vintage Burners and Holders for the Incense Cones and Sticks.  Of coarse Princess T and The Young Prince have Liberated many out of my Personal Collection to use themselves.  *LOL*

   Along with I must Share my considerable Incense Stash... along with my considerable but now dwindling Gold Canyon Candle Stash now that Line is Discontinued and the Company is Insolvent.  Which, I don't mind at all, it always ensured their Personal Spaces smelled Divine.   For Teens that's important.   Have you ever had a waft of a dirty Teenagers Room?   *Winks*  So, I was glad mine were smelling Good, even tho' they were using my Stuff.  *LOL*   Princess T burns so much of both that I almost don't need to light mine anymore around the House, her Room's Aromas permeate the entire Household when she's got everything lit in there, like Teens are prone to doing.  Looks like she's ready to Host a Seance in there sometimes!  *LOL*

My favorite Type of Cone Incense now is the Backflow kind since it fills up it's Burners with the most Delightful Smoke that wafts around Magically as it's Burning.  I have some Backflow Designed Burners that are like Waterfalls, the Smoke will Drift and Flow downwards as the Top of the Cone Burns.   So the Repurposed Belt Buckle has the back Loop on it Soldered down so it works more like a Stand for it now, and I don't know what used to be in the Round Section that you burn your Cones in now... but it holds the Backflow Smoke nicely and when it's filled, it Flows and Spills over it.   The Old Buckle itself looks like it could be Bronze, the Patina is all Wrong to be Brass or a Base Metal.  It has developed a nice Patina over Time, as Metals just do.


The Vendor Selling it had it priced inexpensively in their Locked Case and had an Eclectic Mix of Unusual Merch, but, wouldn't be at all Surprised if they weren't also an Old Hippie.  *Smiles*   The G-Kid Force always told me their Friends all Wished their Grandparents were Old Hippies, I guess most of them had Grandparents who were Squares, or at least more Traditional and Conservative than more Liberal Bohemian Spirits, I dunno?   The Funniest thing to both of The G-Kid Force is that none of their Friends would Believe that their Dreadlocked Gramma didn't know where the Good Kush could be Found.  *Bwahahahahaha*  

I remember a few times going to the Legal MJ Dispensaries with either my Grandsons, or The Son, who use it Medicinally for their Mental Illness Conditions, and I kinda get that too at the Dispensaries.  The Staff always assume I'm an Old Rastafarian and partake, I don't, and am not.  *LOL they'll never Believe it tho'... which is hilarious*   I'm not opposed at all to MJ, I think it's got therapeutic properties as yet unlocked and unknown to Modern Medicine.   But, I've never Smoked anything and rarely do an Edible, no Need to, I'm High on Life my Friends... I was in the Sixties and Seventies too.  So, I was a Rare Hippie who didn't do Drugs, go figure. 

 Anyway, I digress, I also Scored the Old Hula Troll with a Rooted Hair Hula Skirt on it's Midriff.  And a Rarer Green Emerald Crystal Antique Doorknob. {Previous Image}  Depression Era of 1920-1930's came out with the Green, probably a brief Run of that Color.   The Doorknob was less than $15, Online Sales are typically over $100 each, even Repops command a lot more than I paid for the Real Deal.   If you can find a Set, like the above one Sold at Auction for $265.00, even better, but you'll have to Stand Tall.  But mine was an Orphaned Knob and the Fluted Crystal... I do like the Clear ones a lot, but have never seen any except Online and Selling for more than I'd Invest in any.  But, for less than Fifteen to Score one Unusual Color Old Crystal Knob, I was All In.  *Smiles*  I have a Seafoam Green 1930's Old Door it will go great on.


The Daughter dug up more Pixs of herself as a Tween of 12 when we had our Professional Glamor Shots done together, she had some done of just her.   I'd forgotten about this one where she wore Red, so I'm glad she Found that one in the Photo Archives she's been wading thru for me.  She's been taking all my Photos out of Old Albums, which we then Donate if they're in decent Shape, or throw out if they're not.  Then puts all the Photos we want to Keep in Vintage Suitcases or Vintage Train Cases for Safe Storage.  Takes up less Space than all the Albums did and protects them better as well.  Not to mention, we're Editing and Purging my Pathological Picture Taking of the Past, and Curating what's Kept.  Both the Adult Kids had to Work this President's Day, I have to Tonight also.  But, Princess T wants to Trawl The Chazzas first, so... we're off to do that now... Ciao...


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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