Friday, December 29, 2017

Wonderful News... Becky Edwards Coming To The Valley!

Via: BECKY EDWARDS Facebook Page

I received the most Wonderful News Yesterday that a Favorite Artist, BECKY EDWARDS, will be visiting the Valley and will be at my Friend Carol's Shop, COTTAGE GARDENS on March 10th!  I can hardly wait to finally meet Becky in person, since we've only ever corresponded on Social Media and I've Collected her Amazing Jewelry and Accessories for years now, buying them from Carol's Shop!   I've cribbed the above Image from Becky's Facebook Page to give you a sampling of the Creative Genius of her Work... and how stinkin' Cute is that Image anyway??!??!   Aren't they BOTH absolutely Adorable, it just made me Smile... Cat gazing in Cat Mirror!

I own several of Becky's Amazing pieces and Photographed many others that alas I couldn't own at the time they were in the Shop.  I've tried to go back thru my Photo Archives and find some of the Work that I recall was hers.  The Old Fading Memory being what it is I Hope I've recalled correctly, her pieces are rather distinctive and recognizable so I think I got it right?!  *Winks*  If I screwed up because some of these pieces go WAAAAY back from years ago, I'm sorry Becky... and to any other Artist whose Work I may have misidentified... so set me straight if my Memory failed me Okay?!   I lament that I didn't get the Peacock piece... shouldda, wouldda had I couldda at the time... but you know... budget doesn't always appease our Desires.  *Le Sigh*

Guilty Indulgences being what they are if I HAVE to own a piece I have been known to start Selling Off a bunch of my possessions to ensure I can fund it.  Never have had a regret in the purchase of a high quality piece of OOAK Wearable Art, so it's always a Good Investment worth sacrificing for.  When I find the Work of a Favorite Artist I will be tenacious about building up a Collection, slowly but surely... tenacity pays dividends in the long run!   The Cuffs pictured I do own and have owned for years now.  They are sturdier than they look since they've been worn a lot and even the delicate China Flowers have held up.  Now that's not to say I do the Gardening or Dishes while wearing them, use common sense my Friends with Wearable Art, you don't want to risk avoidable damage!  *Smiles*

I also display my Wearable Art everywhere around our Home, I don't hide it away not to be seen when I'm not wearing it, that would be a crime against Art and the full Enjoyment of it!  I have had the argument and debate with people who say it's risky to have your Art and Valuables visible.   But Trust and Believe, Professional Thieves will find it where ever you've hidden it anyway, so why deny yourselves the Pleasure of Enjoying it daily "just in case" some low-life targets your Home?!  And if it's all in a Safety Deposit Box in some Bank, Safe... but how much Enjoyment are you getting from Investing in it if it's there almost all of the time?  I might as well not have it if I'm going to Squirrel it away that unavailable and inaccessible 99.9% of the time!

Besides, I Photograph the Hell out of my Lovelies and OOAK pieces, hard to Move and NOT be identifiable and traced, so the savvy Criminal is aware of that fact and the high risk.   And the stupid ones, well, they always get caught because you can't fix stupid!  *LOL*  Having worked at a District Attorney's Office for many years, it's been Testimony to me that it's just an unfortunate fact that the scourges of Society will always be with us.  So you just can't live your Life fully in fear of being victimized by them.  I am sorry to get off on this tangent, but I see so many Good people in fear of having Nice things lest someone victimize them and steal any or all of it.  And why deny yourself Nice things for any reason that is merely fear based?!

I lived in The Hood and still had Nice things, wore Nice things and Yes, had some Nice things stolen by Thieves every so often... because those low-life scum are everywhere looking for opportunity to commit crimes lemme tell ya!  But it didn't inhibit me from acquiring Nice things for me and mine, we refuse to live Life so fearful it cannot be lived fully and on our terms!   Don't allow the Negative elements of Society to dictate how you Live, they should never have that much Control over you and alter or diminish your way of Life that much.  Stepping down off Soapbox now, for some reason I felt somebody Needed to hear that Today.

This Bluebird Bracelet IS mine, I put it on Layaway so I could procure it some years ago.  Many of Becky's pieces have Birds on them and I'm drawn to Bird Jewelry so it's a nice fit for me to find so many Options by one Artisan.  Are you drawn to any specific genre of Ornamentation too my Friends?   Sometimes I don't even notice I've developed a pattern and theme of what I Collect until I end up with several and it becomes obvious.  *Smiles*   Some Obsessions are noticeable and some are more subtle.

This Notebook is mine too and has an Interesting Back Story... I found this in an Antique Shop and recognized it as likely being one of Becky's pieces so I was giddy with excitement to easily be able to afford it that day!  *Whoop Whoop!*  So here's another benefit to Collecting a certain Body of Work of your Favorite Artists and Artisans... you will have a sort of built-in Radar after a while of spotting it whenever you see it anywhere!   That can give you some great negotiating power since knowledge is leverage when you're out Sourcing anything and come across something you Love!

Of coarse there's Love and then there's Lust... I LUSTED after this Peacock Necklace and just couldn't swing a purchase at the time, I was crestfallen.  It probably doesn't Help that I Photographed it and even years later now lament not doing SOMETHING to be able to attain it... dammit!  *Le Sigh*   With my Infatuation with Peacocks it was a No-Brainer that this should have been MINE... it's even wearing a Crown, how much MORE Perfect could it have been, right?!  *LOL*   The Laws Of Attraction being what they are, I've been trying to Call it In for a while now so I can get that proverbial 2nd Chance... so we'll see how that works out?!  *Winks*

Truth be told I haven't been Investing in Jewelry as much as I'd like to... or Real Estate... and the list goes on and on.  I'm an Investor by Nature, always have Invested and always will when Opportunity and Budget collide and the Stars align themselves just right.   Few Good Investments don't Pay Off... so to me, it's always worth it to make money on the Buy and Sell when you decide it's Time to rake in the Profits.   And if you always buy what you Love then you can't go wrong anyway... Love abides and frankly what I've Loved has always turned out to bring me Favor later on down the road of Life.

Which brings me to the next question you're probably Wondering... have I ever Sold Off any of my most Beloved Collections and inclusive of some Bohemian Bling?  Yep... I have... seldom, but everything has a Price generally speaking.  If someone makes me an Offer I can't refuse, I've been known to fall out of Love just enough to Let Go and Cash Out sometimes.  *LMAO*   But getting me to part with a Beloved item don't come Cheap, just sayin'.  *LOL*   I was a strong willed Child even... so you can't Make me do anything, but I can often be Persuaded!  *Winks*

I am actually very Excited about meeting Becky in person for the first time and talking about Art and everything else.   I'm also Wondering what Amazing Creations she'll be bringing with her and what I might end up with?   Could there be some other Peacocks... you just never know... I do know I'll be saving up to have the opportunity to Score something Awesome if a piece Needs to come Home with me.  *Smiles*   It is always a Joy to speak with an Artist about their Work and even the individual pieces of Work they have there at the time.  The Imagination of an Artist is a Wonderful thing to Explore... Creativity is so Miraculous when you think about it... it's like that piece of The Creator within each of us being brought out for to Share with the World.

And Creative Genius is always Mind Blowing when you get to Experience what they have Created and Shared with their Body of Work, whatever it is!   Not just the Masters, but also the Unknown Masters, of which there are many that have never had the Worldwide Recognition or accolades, but are nonetheless Amazing Talents at whatever they Create!   I happen to always seek out New Artists for that reason, their Work is always so Fresh and not polluted by Fame and Fortune.  Which unfortunately can happen once Popularity soars and Branding morphs the OOAK aspect into mass production to meet Popular demand, which just isn't the same anymore.  I understand The Process and the Necessity of that progression, it's just not so much for me once it goes that route.

Not to say I haven't bought some mass produced Bling and other Wearable Art over the years, I have, but it's gotta have the corresponding Cheap Price Point to justify it.  Otherwise I'm going for the Real Deal OOAK piece instead, still made by the actual Artist!   If I Pony Up for anything and it's a Sacrificial purchase, it's gotta check off all the boxes of being a Good Investment and The Real Deal.   My Dear Ole' Mom taught me the Importance of buying the very BEST you can afford and Trading Up when you can... she was a Tough Sell when it came to the Good Stuff, her scrutiny was intense.  No matter what Label was on something, if the Quality of Workmanship or Quality of Materials was not there she didn't Care how Popular or Famous the Brand, she wasn't having it!  *LOL*

She even abandoned some Fav Brands when they Jumped The Shark so to speak in what they began to Offer and at what Price Point for far less Quality, just to ride on Brand Name alone.   I have Mad Respect for any Artist or Designer that keeps their Quality intact or still does Hand-Work so that what has their Good Name on it isn't diluted.   I'll still pay the Price when I know it's still a Labor of Love for whoever Created it and they refuse to Sell Out.   Is there any Brand or Fashion that you have just lost Interest in because it's no longer the same as when you were absolutely Madly in Love about it?   Is there any Artist you can no longer get the Creations of that you sorely Wish you still could?

Well, as for me I'll still be anxiously awaiting March 10th to roll around so that I can possible procure another Handmade by Becky Edwards piece of OOAK Wearable Art.   And finally get to meet someone I have considered a long distance Friend for some time now as well as a Respected Artist whose Body of Work and Creative Genius I just absolutely LOVE and Respect!  Keep checking out Carol's Facebook Page for more information as the Date draws nearer my Friends, and mark your Calendars like I have, perhaps I'll even see you there?

P.S. Becky, this was the one piece I began waffling about showing in this Post because I couldn't quite recall if it was one of your pieces I bought or the Lovely Creation of another Artisan?!   Lord, getting Older does make the Memory grow fuzzy!  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rust... Roses... Post Holidays

So, No, it wasn't Post Holidays that I visited my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES in Phoenix, but she's also over at SWEET SALVAGE now too, so you can find her Unique Treasures at both venues now.  I try to hit everywhere during the Holidays if I can manage it, I fell short this Season, but I tried and I apologize to those Friends whose Shops I couldn't get to due to time constraints and personal circumstance.

I do already miss the Festivities of the Holidays, the Seasonal Music and Atmosphere it all imparts as Seasonal decor begins to be taken down and we must wait another whole year to see it appear again.   I am one to revel in and Enjoy it all optimally and could linger in it long past when everyone else is rather fed up and ready to put it all away and behind them.  *Smiles*  I know this about me, I'd like perpetual Celebrations and Atmosphere to permeate most Months of the year actually.

Yes, logically I know we cannot sustain that kind of Celebration Mode and then it wouldn't make the Celebrations nearly as Special if it wasn't different than any of the other days of the year.   But I guess what I'm saying is that the Atmosphere and Ambiance of Celebration is just Energizing, Positive and Uplifting and that's not a bad State of Being in my humble opinion.   I think people crave it in fact and why almost any Event draws huge crowds to participate in it all.

Those that avoid and dislike any kind of Celebration and Positive Energy are usually struggling with their own inner demons that are causing Negative Energy to prevail and bring them down.   It would be my Hope that eventually even those Tortured Souls could Experience unadulterated Joy and participate fully so that their Energy could be Transformed in a Positive way.   When I see someone being absolutely miserable it always makes me very Sad for them, I don't know what it must be like to always have dread for most things that make others Happy and Joyful?   I can't imagine they Enjoy their misery, but perhaps they've become mired in it and can't find a way out?

I do realize that Holidays can be Too Much at times tho' and great expectations can be sidelined by Reality, which sometimes isn't so great and thus leads to disappointment.   Being overwhelmed by the Holiday Experience can be very Real even to those of us who thoroughly Enjoy everything about it.  And so when it's culminated it can bring things back to Normalcy and that is often a relief and more familiar and Real.   The climax of Holiday revelry is now behind us and things are slowly but surely returning to whatever Normal you had before Celebrating.

The let down can subside and business as usual returns things to a State of Calm... or at least Calmer.  I know here at Home that has been the case, whatever let downs they had are soothed, since lets face it, the expectations of Children can be insatiable really even if they got most of what they desired.  With Princess T she got her deflated Soccer Ball aired back up with the New Pump and her Neon one, that doesn't Glow in the Dark after all, isn't bothering her so much Today as it did last Night in the Dark when it didn't Glow as claimed on the packaging.  *Smiles*

And let us Talk about Losing Your Glow, it can happen folks... and not just to Cheap Soccer Balls!   Sometimes we have to face the fact that our Light isn't Shining as Brightly as it should, or did, and we have to try to figure out what extinguished it?   How do you Get Your Glow Back?  Sometimes that Answer eludes me too when my Glow is just flickering and threatening to go out entirely.   Especially during the Storms of Life... and they will come... that you can predict with absolute certainty!   If you're not IN a Storm at the present Moment, Enjoy the Calm, coz it won't last indefinitely... a Storm will rage eventually.

How you Weather it isn't even always entirely up to you, there are variables and factors that all play into the Outcome.   I've had some humdingers of Storms, practically Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Tsunamis of the Issues of Life hitting full force and sometimes without Warning.   Sometimes Life has ended up in shambles in their wake... and you pick up the pieces of what you have left and move on with as much dignity and Grace as you can muster after a catastrophic Storm pummeled you and yours.  

 If it didn't kill you and you're a Survivor of any of it, you get another chance to rebuild Life and make any alterations necessary after Storm damage.  Because sometimes things will never be how they were Pre-Storm and you have to face that fact.  Post-Storm can look and BE quite different.   I'm not even saying it's better or worse, but different... and perspective is everything about how you address those changes.  I've seen people lose their Faith entirely after enduring a catastrophic Life Storm because they can't make sense of the suffering enduring it created.

But I personally don't think Storms discriminate, they hit, they're a part of the Life Cycle in Nature and we're certainly no exception to the Process of Storm weathering.   We're very complex Beings and things go wrong, the more complex anything is the more shit can go wrong with it actually.   Just look at your Technologically Advanced shit to realize more goes wrong with it than when any of it was Simple and pretty Basic.  *LOL*   And we as Human Beings are WAY more complex a Creation than your Smart Phone or Computer!  I quit trying a long time ago with my Average Mind to figure everything out that I cannot explain or doesn't make Sense to me.

The Purpose of Human Suffering for example, or any kind of Suffering for any Living Thing actually, never has made Sense to my Average Mind, I can't wrap my Mind around Purpose to it, so I just don't.   I also don't allow that lack of Understanding to sway my Faith or destroy it either, I wouldn't give the Devil that much due and Celebration.   I like to think it drives the Devil Crazy that I still have Faith and remain up by it regardless of Circumstance or what I or anyone I Love has Endured thru the Issues of Life and the many Storms that have come.  Some which last seemingly indefinitely like chronic Illness or lifetime Disability and how that shapes my Life and those I Love.

I fully Believe that Contentment and Happiness can be found even in the midst of Storms, no matter how long they last or how brutal they are.  In fact, the ones that last longest, or perhaps indefinitely, make it so that some of us just learn to Fully Live even while in the Eye of the Storm.  Knowing that Calm in the Eye of the Storm is completely surrounded by Chaos and likely complete devastation if you don't move with it Gracefully, One with it so to speak, like a delicate Dance you do together in an unlikely Partnership you didn't intend on having.


Raging against that Partner you've been stuck with in The Dance of Life really only releases tension and allows you to express your Humanity, however raw.  But your Dance Card may still include that Partner, that Issue of Life that hasn't gone away and perhaps never will.  How will you embrace it enough to still Live Life fully and just Dance?  Your Life, the Hand you've been dealt is completely up to you... and I've managed to Live Fully and rather Happily thru some pretty shitty Storms so it can be done if you make your Mind up not to be robbed of your Joy... or your Faith.

The Lyrics of that one Beautiful Song "I Hope You Dance" say it best and so in case you've never actually read them I'm including them in this Post to Uplift you, because they really Minister to the Soul in a Powerful and Profound way that I can Connect to personally... and I Hope you will also as the New Year approaches signifying a Fresh Start to 2018...

I Hope You Dance
I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance
I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Livin' might mean takin' chances, but they're worth takin'
Lovin' might be a mistake, but it's worth makin'
Don't let some Hellbent heart leave you bitter
When you come close to sellin' out, reconsider


Still Dancing in Arizona... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Half Off And Holiday Drama

I actually look forward to the day after Christmas... everything is half off or more at the Shops as they close out Seasonal merchandise!  I got my Baklava for 90% Off, apparently there was not a run on Baklava this Christmas so they had a hefty overage of it.  I couldn't be more delighted to Score this box of Mini assorted Baklava for a ridiculously low price... Nom-Nom!!!  I was Tempted to buy more than one box at such a deep discount, but didn't wanna end up in a Baklava Coma just before the New Year.  *Smiles*

So the whole Crew here has been feeling under the weather and they've been Bearish since they're all not feeling Well and needing lots of attention.   Sick Men and Sick Kids are very dramatic when they are not feeling Well and I'm no Nurse Nightingale I must tell you!  *LOL*   I had to Work the day after Christmas, my usual Night Shift and it was very busy, so by the time I roll in at just about 10:00 p.m. very weary, the last thing I want to greet me at the threshold of Villa Boheme' is a bunch of whiny Sick people being very dramatic about it.  *Le Sigh*

So it's a Good thing that I had Scored some Pioneer Woman Seasonal Bowls half off and filled them all with assorted Gourmet Christmas Nut Medleys and Holiday Treats also marked way down, to buoy my Spirits.  After I medicate and tuck all the Sick people into Bed I do plan to Enjoy some Comfort Food indulgences, since I can stay up super late and sleep in now that The Force are out of School on Winter Break. 

The Man absolutely Loves Pioneer Woman and watches all her Shows where she's doing Amazing things for her Family out there on the Ranch. She makes me feel very Tired just watching all the Work she does making everything from scratch actually, way too much of an over-achiever, so I just like her Products being hawked at Wal-Mart.  *LOL*   I especially like them when they're on Sale.   Her Brand is really Cute and I'm sure she's a very Nice Woman who just doesn't realize how bad she's making most of the rest of us look to our Families when we don't do nearly so much in a day for them!?  *LMAO*

So there I was playing around with my new Pioneer Woman Bowls to begin Photographing them for this Post and The Man asked me if now I'd soon be Baking and Cooking like her?!   Yeah, Right... uh huh... you're living in a Fool's Paradise Honey if you think that will ever happen in this Lifetime!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Nope, just flinging some Nuts and Such in her Bowls and calling it a day Honey, I responds.  *Winks*   He went to Bed shortly thereafter, rather sulkily, since I also wasn't fussing over him when he made quite the Production of telling me at great length how Sick he suddenly felt Today, the moment I'd walked thru the door after my Shift.  *LOL*

I'd already had both of The Force regale me with their ailments as soon as I barely got thru the door... and since they were dropping like Flies around here I really didn't want any of them near me, so that I might stay Well!!!?!!?   They each gave me a List of what they think they Need from the Store... you know, IF I was going to the Store Tomorrow directly after waking up.   In case you might have forgot, there are NO Stores directly around Subdivision Hell out here in the Boonies... NO Conveniences whatsoever!  So to Shop any Store that is remotely closest to Villa Boheme' is gonna be at least an Hour or more of my Life that I'll never get back... Swell.

This Rural Living shit is really working my last nerve... I made it a point to remind The Man again of that and how much I Miss the City every day, before he coasted off to Bed after giving me his List of "Sick Man" necessities. *LOL*  The Good thing is, they're all too Sick to wanna tag along Tomorrow as an entourage when I do make the Pilgrimage to the Store to pick up their "Sick People" supplies... and Nail Glue.  Since the damn fake Nails I put in Princess T's Stocking had no Glue in the Kit, WTF!?!   And so I haven't heard the end to that since she opened her Stocking of coarse.  She's fixated on Nail Glue in fact and of coarse I forgot to get some before Work... Dammit!  *Le Sigh*

I did however, remember to get a damned Air Pump to blow up the freakin' going flat Soccer Ball I got her for Christmas!  Why do they Sell those things NOT already totally inflated?!??!   And of coarse we didn't have an Air Pump anywhere and so she melted down about having her very first opened Gift be too flat to play with... a Gift that she'd been asking for incessantly!  So it totally took the Joy out of receiving it when it was not fully inflated and Tears ensued!  *Uh Oh*


This is Why she looked like THIS while being photographed with said slightly limp Soccer Ball... which renders them Useless of coarse!   Her countenance speaks a thousand words and she'd finally quit being Hysterical and Dramatic, dried her Tears, and we'd managed to move on to the rest of the Gift Opening.  So, first thing I bought the day after Christmas was a damned Air Pump, which cost more than the freakin' Soccer Ball Gift... and just for good measure, another Cheap Soccer Ball that was fully inflated {I checked this time} in case the original one might be defective and have a leak?!  *LOL*

And that wasn't the only Gift Opening Drama... I had bought both of The Force these Virtual Reality Headset Glasses that you put your Smart Phone into... I had thought it to be a Gift they'd J'Adore and get really Excited about!   Well, they WERE totally Jazzed... UNTIL... their damned Smart Phones didn't fit!!!   Shit... apparently tho' the Box said MOST Smart Phones interface with this Device, neither of theirs did... who knew?!  *Le Sigh* 

 So I hadda give them away to the other Grandkids that came over Christmas Day and had Smart Phones that did fit.  Whew... well, at least I dodged a bullet about having to stand in a long Return Line to get a refund... and had two Happy Teen Grand-Daughters, the ones to the Left and Right of their Mom, that Scored an unexpected Bonus Gift each.   But as you can well imagine, The Force was disappointed and expecting a Replacement Gift each.  *Ha ha ha*

But other than all that... everything is Post-Christmas Swell around here.  *Bwahahahahahaha*   And I still did look forward to the day after Christmas Sales at a few Shops I was able to visit before my Shift.   Seemed peeps were out in force Shopping, many seemed to be buying all of their Christmas Gifts in fact!   So I'm assuming many people just do Christmas late to Save money and Salvage their Budgets for the Holidays, which is Smart.

The Man has also been testy that The Son and all the Grandkids have been raiding the Candy Dishes and he was worried we'd run out and there'd be less for him... and so to appease him I bought some more Chocolates, just for him, on Sale after Christmas too.  He gets very possessive about Treats and has mini Panic Attacks about Sharing... and really tries to Secretly Hoard and Hide Candy since having his Traumatic Brain Injury.  And then he forgets where he's hidden it, so I'm finding it stashed everywhere and some of it got old and has to be thrown away!  *LOL*  Even tho' he's partially Deaf he can hear anyone rustling around in a Candy Dish from a Mile away, I Swear... I also Swear he Counts it all???!??!  *LMAO*

The Daughter-In-Law told The Son perhaps he shouldn't take any of his Dad's Candy Home with them... when The Man began to get slightly agitated.   The Son assured her that it's not DAD'S Candy, Mom buys it for everyone to Share {True that}... and that Dad has plenty of Candy, he probably has Candy in the hidden compartments in the Arms of his Media Chair {he does}, his Closet, his Bedstand and God knows where else around the house stashed!?!  *Bwahahaha!*  I assured them both that I would be sure to replace Dad's stashes when they get low, so don't worry, he won't go into Chocolate Withdrawal anytime soon... and I'd get it all on Sale after Christmas anyway.  *Smiles*

So everyone got sent Home with Treat Bags filled and now that I've replenished it already The Man is now at ease that we won't run out of Treats in Paradise.  *Winks*   I even bought him a large box of Whitman Sampler that was on Sale for Two Bucks that nobody is allowed to touch, exclusively his, he hid it immediately.  Now if only he remembers where the Hell he hid it while it's still Fresh, all will be Well.  *LOL*

And Princess T just wandered into the room here whining and holding her New Lime Green fully inflated Soccer Ball replacement and informed me it is supposed to Glow in the Dark and doesn't!  Apparently she's been standing in a Dark Room just to see and Test it!!!  *Oh Lord!*  GO AWAY I told her, or I'll light your ass up, I don't Care and I'm NOT buying anymore freakin' Soccer Balls!!!  She went away coughing loudly so I'd remember just how Sick she is... and I'm Wondering why that Prescription Cough Syrup hasn't yet knocked her ass out?!?   See... this is Why Women my Age don't Breed anymore and usually shouldn't still be Raising Children!!!  *LOL*

I think I finally got all the Guys down for the Night... and so once she does conk out there will be Peace in the Valley and no more Trouble in Paradise!?   I might even get this Post done without further incessant interruption and the playing of a very feeble, very tired and inept version of Nurse Nightingale?   And then visit FB and see what all my Family and Friends have been up to?   I am hearing that various Family Members and Friends have been dropping like Flies too with various Winter Ailments, so 'tis the Season to succumb to shit like that...

And I just Pray they don't all spread their Sick Germs all over me because I don't have the Time nor the Luxury of getting Sick.   Full Time Caregivers are allegedly supposed to stay 100% Healthy all of the time or we're completely Screwed you see... as is everyone in our Charge and Care.  So... as we're so often tritely told by Agencies and Caseworkers who are supposed to offer Assistance or Services to us and so often don't... Good Luck with that and we Hope it all Works Out...


May Peace and Wellness be with you as we approach this New Year on the immediate Horizon my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl