Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm In The Mood For Color

Sometimes you buy a Book and every single page is the Perfect Visual Fantasy of Rooms you could Live or Work in!  You fairly gasp at each Image because it's absolutely Sublime Decor and the Ideal Aesthetic for you!!!  My tastes are fairly eclectic and my sensibilities are not typical, so to find a Book like that is Rare for me.  But every so often it's like an Author got into my Head and Created the Visual Fantasy Rooms of my Dreamscape Home that play out on the canvas of my Imagination!!!  These are the people so much like me they could BE me!  *Smiles*

The Man and I have Decorated and Styled our Homes in our Head and on the canvas of our Imaginations like a thousand times or more, everywhere we've lived.   So we like to browse Furniture Stores and Antique Shops seeking out those Elements that would or could be "The Ones" we Invest in for the Anchor pieces of our Home.  We haven't Invested recklessly in Anchor pieces and thus we always ponder potential candidates very Carefully before laying out a considerable amount of cash for larger furnishings.  But we ALWAYS buy the very Best we can afford, since you always get what you pay for.

And sometimes the Search can be Epic and yet you never, ever find those spectacular pieces that just take your breath away and would be the Dream Pieces to Score and Own!   The OOAK Vintage or Antique Dream Anchor Pieces such as this one may elude you for a Lifetime actually.  It's pure Serendipity and Chance if you Luck Out and even Find one for Sale, let alone be able to Afford it, since the Sublime is often not had On The Cheap!   And I'm discerning, way more than The Man is, if I'm gonna Pony Up on any piece of anything!!!  I will, and I have, but it has to be beyond Amazing for me to make a large Investment in it.

Always worth it tho', I've never Paid Up for a Sublime piece of anything that I regret laying out even substantial Cash for.  I'd rather have nothing... and for a long time Make Do or Do Without, than to constantly rotate pieces of crap in and out of our Home tho'.  I've never understood the outlay of numerous pieces of crap over the years rather than Investing in something worthwhile and well made the first time?!?   Particle Board, anything just Glued together, flimsy Cheap furnishings and 'Settling' for inexpensive Decor because it's 'affordable' is just not for us.  We'd rather sit on the floor and have no furnishings than to have crappy ones!


Because in the End the pieces of crap outlays add up so you might as well have Invested wisely initially...and it's not that I'm a Decor Snob at all.   Something doesn't have to be expensive or particularly Valuable or Rare for me to totally dig it... but mass produced crap has almost zero Appeal to me.  Not that I haven't bought some mass produced crap in my day, I have.  But it generally is not Kept, and it usually doesn't remain for long, so it was never a Wise Investment at all... and I recognize that temporary evaluation of it in our Home.

At last Month's Show at 'Sweet Salvage' I'd missed out on one of THOSE Books I talked about earlier in this Post... the ones that every single page of is a Perfect Visual Fantasy of Rooms you'd gladly Live and Work in.   Or even Hire a Stylist that could Create such a Room, yeah, I mos def would if the ones who Styled for this Book could be Bought!  *Winks*   Not that I'm Lazy and don't know my own Style, I Love The Thrill Of The Hunt to seek out my own Nest's Featherings.  But if someone could and would be Hired to just Make It Happen, and have Instant Rooms JUST like these, resplendent with Aged Wall Patina, you're freakin' HIRED whenever I can Afford you!   *LOL*

So anyway, my Designer Friend Pam apparently bought the Book so I hadda order mine Online, and when it arrived I was immersed in the Visual Fantasy of every single page!  *Swooning*   In fact, I was Obsessed with several of the Rooms and Imagery... and this happened to be one such Spread, OMG and be still my beating Heart!   I had palpitations and if any Room at Villa Boheme' could be made to look EXACTLY like THAT, well, I'd ditch most of whatever it held now!  *LOL*

You see, I bet you didn't know I COULD go Spartan and Minimalist, did you?  But I could, IF the Right Elements existed in the Room... along with the Right Patina of the Distressed Walls.   Walls that remind me of a Ruin, of Benign Neglect and Eons of Time passing that make it just Right in my Eyes!  *Still Swooning*   Even tho' to some it might be dreadful and too decrepit, to me it is a thing of Beauty... and Envy... I ENVY whoever for Real HAS this Building and this Room in it looking like THIS and not remodeled or fixed up!   I'd be throwing myself in front of a Wall Aged like this if someone approached it with a can of paint and a paintbrush!!!  *Smiles*

Or laying prostrate across that Fainting Couch if anyone even hinted that it Needed reupholstering and a better throw Pillow!  *Gasp!*   But you see, people do all the time, fix things up that are Sublimely Aged and Perfect as they are thru the passages of Time imparted upon them.   I HATE it when something I would Die For "as is" gets an Owner that destroys it with an 'Overhaul' or 'Complete Restoration' or their Idea of what a Restoration is anyway.  Which is often gutting to the studs and rebuilding New so why they think that is "Restoring" is beyond me?


And this Bed, I could just climb right up in it and never even Want to make the Bed each Morning if it could look this Divine unmade!   The Man prefers an unmade Bed and the bane of his existence is that I have him help me make ours every Morning, so he'd Love this option instead.  *Winks*   These faded Indigo Sheets and Pillowcases, with the bare Bulb Ambient Light and Aged Grey Patina of the Wall behind it... along with the Deep Indigo Wall beside it... well... I can't Imagine anything more Restful and Simple.

And the Book displays the Colors of the Rainbow for you to ponder which Hue you could be in The Mood for?   Myself I am a Colorful Person and only a few Neutrals have any Appeal to me to actually Live or Work in all the time.  I can surround myself with Sepia, Black, Grey... but a completely Colorless Palette can't Work for me long, I've tried it in the Past and had to Move On and back to the Color Wheel!  *Winks*   I Love LOOKING AT French Nordic Style... and Brocante Style... I can't Live with the former and tho' I think I could Live with the latter it's hard to Source the right Elements here in the States.  So I'd probably die before I got everything Needed to do a total Brocante Look.  *LOL*

So, anyway, Inspired by my New Book, The Man and I went out to Furniture Stores to see what is out there and a Possibility for the Future Investment towards larger furnishings we Need?   For him the Textures and Grains of Wood are paramount, Carpentry is his Love so discernment with Wooden Furnishings is Key!  It has to be On Point and pass his Inspection for Quality and he'll pick a piece apart if it's shoddy Workmanship or inferior Quality of Wood.   He Loved this Table just because of the Grain on that one Board of it!   He would buy an expensive piece if only one Board is Perfection like this... and I totally Get that aspect of what can be most Appealing in the Details of Anchor pieces of furniture you'll Keep a long time.


On the other hand, his Crazy Ass Wife {ie: ME} might be looking right past what is actually for Sale for Inspiration.   Because of his considerable Workworking Talents, I know The Man could build me damned near anything my little Heart Desires and I become totally Obsessed with... you know, just to shut me the Hell up!  *Winks*   I just happened to become totally Obsessed with the Faux Walls constructed of Salvaged Lumber behind damned near every Room Vignette in the Furniture Store's Showroom Spaces!  Humnnnn... WOW, we wouldn't even have to mount Salvage lumber on the actual Walls at Home IF you build me some of these I pondered!  *Winks*

I'm now spending far more time Eyeballing said faux Salvaged lumber Walls for construction Details than I am any actual Furnishings for Sale.  The Salesman is Clueless, The Man knows just what is happening!  *LOL*  Couldn't you contact Corporate and ask them if they'll just give in and Sell my Wife some of your fake Walls he asks?  Then I won't have to make them... the Salesman's Face was a picture, yeah, he's realizing he's potentially Dealing with Crazy People who wanna buy the Props... ummm, No, we can't do that.   Oh well... you ain't Closing a Sale Today then I quip.  *LMAO*

But Seriously, The Man is building me at least one of those faux Salvage lumber Walls for in front of a Wall in our Boudoir just so we don't have to mount the actual lumber to said Wall now... problem Solved.  You see, I'm always thinking ahead, I Love Salvage lumber accent Walls, but some peeps don't dig 'em and if I ever flip this Pad, then I won't have to be ripping out Walls, just take my fake ones with us!  *Winks*   But we were Infatuated with this Sectional Sofa, which was Contemporary and usually I don't Like Contemporary Furniture, but this one we both Loved completely even tho' it was Grey Leather.

On the far Right the seat is a Recliner... and every seat of the five adjusts at the head rest to several positions!   And then there was that little built in Ottoman part on the far Left.   I am thinking we might have to go back for this one... and even if it doesn't come in Brown or Black... we could Live with the Grey just Fine, we aren't Opposed to Grey Leather actually, it's just lighter than I prefer for a busy Family that is hard on Furniture.   The Man said then he could move his Media Chair into our Bedroom to replace the Antique Wing Chair he now sits in... and I can flip that at the Antique Mall.  See, we're always thinking and upgrading... *winks*

So after we Inspected the faux Salvage Wood Walls... and decided upon the Ideal Dream Sofa... it was time to move on and Fantasize about Decorating and Styling the rest of the house.   Not that we probably will Change very much from what it is now, but because we just Enjoy the Indulgence of Pretending and Changing Rooms on the canvas of our Imagination, which Costs nothing!  Much to the chagrin of Salespeople who actually don't initially realize we're just Indulging our Fantasies via their Displays.  *Ha ha ha*

That said, we DO Need to get The Young Prince's Queen sized Mattress off his floor IF we can get him to Agree to me Styling his Room one day?  Probably not gonna happen 'til he moves out... but should that happen, which is way more likely an option for actually getting in there and Styling *Smiles*... I'd like something like this for that Mattress.   The Headboard is Salvaged lumber and the Bedframe is just a Simple Box with Cubbies to Display things in.  Kinda has an Asian Flair, which he totally digs, so perhaps he would consider something like this while he's still Living in the Spaces, who knows?

So I took some pixs of it just in case... since he Hates Furniture Shopping about as much as Grandpa does.   The Man Loves just browsing and Imagining but the actually Process of buying doesn't Appeal to him at all... it's like buying a Vehicle, tedious and long so he taps out.  *Smiles*  He'd rather I Deal with the logistics of The Purchase and he could care less about how the Process went so long as the stuff just Magically shows up at the house, delivered and set up by someone else.   Hassle free for him and forget about Negotiations about purchasing and terms, that's my Domain.  *Winks*

Of coarse I always fall in Lust with those pieces where they only have ONE LEFT... like this one, which had a Marble Top and Industrial Wheels and just an Antique Vibe to the Iron part of it I Loved.   I'm sure the weight of it meant it would take two Men and a Boy to transport it tho', did I mention that my Desired pieces always seem to be a transport problem logistically?  *Winks*

And sometimes I fall in Love with a Look I know we wouldn't have at Home but I Like anyway enough to Appreciate the Styling of.   Like this Livingroom Vignette, which The Man said was WAYYYYYY too Colorful and had too much of a Shitload of gaudy Pillows all over it... *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*   My Hippie Sensibilities cross a line for him sometimes and I know I have to reign myself in a bit so he's not having Sixties Flashbacks to some Psychedelic Pad that Jimi or Janis might have Styled for us.  *Winks*   No, it reminds me too much of having been Styled by someone on an Acid Trip he says, there's just a LOT going on, my Brain Injury is hurting just looking at it... it's Sensory Overload!  *LMAO*

Well, Yeah, and I think I'm probably past that Vibe myself, well, mebbe a little anyway... *Winks*   But... when the Kiddos move out {I KNOW I'm just Assuming they will one day...} the Possibilities are Endless for Upstairs, right?  You know, since you never go up there Honey... he gives me The Look... since it would make him Fearful of venturing Upstairs in The Future!  No telling what his Crazy Wife will have done up there once The Force are no longer here to Stop her and she got on the Merry Prankster's Bus of Styling unrestrained?!?!?!??!?!?!  *Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!*

I'm goin' up the country, baby don't you want to go? 

I'm goin' up the country, baby don't you want to go?
I'm goin' to some place, I've never been before

         I'm goin' I'm goin' where the water tastes like wine

                I'm goin' where the water tastes like wine.  We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time.  ~ Lyrics by Canned Heat 



Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Halloween Kicks Off In August... Outstanding!

My Favorite part of August is not that it's my Birthday Month, it's that all the Shops will be Displaying their Halloween Decor early in the Halloween Kick Off of Commercial Excess... Outstanding!   I can of coarse revel in the Atmosphere of Halloween year round, so it's no real revelation that the earlier the Halloween Decor comes out the better, to extend the Ambiance of one of my Favorite Holidays!!!

I want to see it ALL so I will make Pilgrimages to Shops I don't even normally shop at, just to see their Halloween Offerings!!!   Since Halloween is a mega money maker, I hear retail sales eclipse even Christmas Seasonal Decor, all the Shops get into it!   Each year it seems they have better Offerings than the year before and I'm Delighted that now I can easily even find Dia de los Muertos Decor for our Ofrenda Altar in most Shops!

Of coarse my fav Shops are the Boutique Offerings and Indie Shops that will have the most Unusual selections, with Offerings you cannot and will not find anywhere else, some being OOAK!   Vintage Halloween is hard to find so I'm always trying to Source some of the Real Deal from way back when, as I can locate it... and more importantly, afford it, since it can be spendy and highly sought after!   When demand exceeds supply, and rarity magnifies what is coveted, well, prices can enter the stratosphere and only consummate Collectors will Pony Up!

Of coarse at Villa Boheme', since it could be mistaken for being Halloween or Addams Family Style year round, it's often difficult to discern if I have Decorated for the Holiday or not?  *LOL*   I will hardly ever put my Velvet hand crafted Pumpkins away, I just Enjoy Displaying my Antique Bohemian Bling upon them too much to Store them away, hidden from sight most of the year!  And many of my most Beloved Objects are rather Spooky and Oddities that are Ideal for Halloween... or just any other day of the year IMO.  *Winks* 

I have Upgraded so many Objects over the years, to the High End of Halloween Blissdom!   But I'm still inclined to wanna see what the Discount and Dollar Stores or Big Box Shops have as Offerings all the same!   It's Enjoyable for me to leisurely browse the Halloween Decor isles whether or not I have any intention of actually adding to my Seasonal Stash of Halloween Goodness!  I'm often disappointed at how many Unique opportunities are missed by Antique Shops and Malls to capitalize on this Holiday and not try to Style or Source for it more extensively though.

That having been said I'm equally Guilty of not Sourcing enough to completely Style my Showroom and Booth in total Halloween Ambiance!   When I do put my Autumn or Halloween Offerings in there, they just don't last long enough to finish Creating an entire Vignette.   Which is a Good thing, no complaints about it flying out the doors, so I always Imagine I will Source or Create far more than I actually do every Season.   The main reason, Time my Friends... you really have to be ahead of the curve in Retail Seasonal Sales, prepping months in advance and getting it out there in August, for Halloween... and well before Thanksgiving, for Christmas!

I just totally Suck at doing that, being adequately prepared as a Retailer and thus my Offerings are sparse for each Holiday, and not always put out in due time!   Hell, as much as I J'Adore Halloween and everything to do with it, sometimes it's all I can do to locate my Seasonal Decor that is in Storage and get it Styled early enough to really revel in it here at Home!!!   I always Intend to start at the end of August, but when it's still 110 degrees outside, thinking about Autumn is not just that easy!!!   LONGING for Autumn is, but not actually thinking about Styling and Decorating for it!  *Smiles*

The heat is just still so brutal that it saps my Energy reserves, which aren't all that built up anymore at this Season of Life anyway.   But this year, I am determined to be ahead of the curve, because dammit, just how many Halloweens do I have left I sometimes Wonder?   Your own sense of Mortality does become more Real as you reach a certain Season of Life.   Old Age being a privilege not afforded to many, you are Grateful you got there... but just how long will you revel in it is anybody's Guess?   Besides, I recall when my own elderly Parents just quit Decorating for any Holiday... Heaven Forbid I should reach that juncture, but it could happen I suppose?!?  *Shudder!*

You see, both of my Parents were Excellent Stylists and avid Decorators all their lives, so if they could get to that juncture, well, I suppose anybody COULD?!? So it's not even a matter of being toes up as it is, will I still Want to do it or be Able to do it year after year and Maintain the Enthusiasm I presently have?   After all, I have downsized considerably from the Obsessively Balls to the Wall Decorating for the Holidays in Sublime Excess that we used to do for both Halloween and Christmas!  *What!!!!!!!!!?????? Say it ain't so!?!*   I know this because I can look back upon Halloween and Christmas Past and see the dwindling!  *Gasp!!!*

And even The G-Kid Force don't do it up like they used to!  *Double Gasp!*  This was only Circa 2013 and Princess T was SO 'into' Halloween she even surpassed my Enthusiasm.   Fast forward to 2017 and she's not even certain she wants to wear a Costume OR go Trick-Or-Treating this year... you know, now she's so freakin' Grown-Up at the tender age she will be of Twelve come October!  *Insert me with wringing of hands and knashing of teeth!*   As she's the LAST of my Tricker Treater Kiddos to go door to door with and have appropriate occasion to peep in at what all the Neighbors are Decorating like for Halloween inside their lairs!  *LOL*

Gramma, you're a Holiday Peeper they both say disgustedly... and it's True, I am... I want to see how Haunted and Ghoulishly Delightful any of your Homes are for the Holidays!  *LMAO*   I want to see if you dress up in Costume, what kind of Treats you hand out, if you go all out with exterior and interior Decor... I want to see it ALL... just like I do all the Shops during this Season!   Now... if I don't have a legit Kiddo to drag around with me Trick-Or-Treating just how am I going to APPROPRIATELY manage that pray tell?!?!?!  It's not like I can make up believable excuses... like can I borrow an Egg would just be lame... just at the time Kiddos are going door to door!  *Winks*

I can't even get The Man to wear a Costume anymore and he used to be Game for it so I wouldn't be The Lone Ranger all dolled up in my Sugar Skull Gal Ensembles!  *Smiles*   But, since The Young Prince is all into Cosmetology as a Sideline he will oblige me in Creating my 'Look' if I give him Inspiration, such as this Awesome Sugar Skull Gal Tattoo which is Sublime and if I could find an Artist who could pull this off I'd so go out and get Inked, even on this Aging skin!  *LOL*

And some things I just never seem to find the Time for like making our Sugar Skulls from scratch, so we usually just buy the plain ones at Events and Decorate them there for our Ofrendas!   Besides, if I had some as Gorgeous as the Professionals Create, I'd have Ants in the house coz I'd be inclined to try to preserve them forever!  *LOL*    And the Commercial Ofrendas Created by the Artisans that Excel in the Creation of them... OMG, I am giddy with anticipation each October to see the new ones!

I've used their ample Skills as Inspiration for the Creation of our own Ofrendas and each year we try to make them more elaborate than the year before.   We as in me, myself and I since now The Force aren't really all that 'into' the Creation of their Ofrendas anymore either.  *Le Sigh*   Where did I get these Kids, I thought they'd at least have to be Forty before they lost Interest in Seasonal Decor?!?!   I'm like the Big Kid of the group when we go to see all the Seasonal Delights, they are rather Meh about it all now and not nearly as Enthusiastic as they used to be!  

 Damn, I Need to find me a New Halloween Posse, with peeps as Obsessed about Halloween as moi!!!  *Winks*   But it's Okay, even if I have to indulge my Halloween Obsession and Seasonal Visual Fantasies Solo I most def will my Friends.  No way I'm missing any of it just becoz I can't round up a bunch of other Devotees with the same compulsive Obsessions as myself!  *Smiles*   I will however probably beg and plead with Princess T to find an Awesome Costume she will wear and oblige me by going door to door getting Candy none of us will really eat... since they don't have much of a Sweet Tooth and both The Man and I are Diabetic so shouldn't indulge in THAT.

But I'll indulge in everything else Halloween dammit!  *LMAO*   The Bold and Colorful, the Macabre and Sinister, the Whimsy and Harvest Vibe of it ALL!!!  I can and will run the gamut of all the Styles and Decor that encompass the Season being Celebrated.   There is no wrong or right way of doing it IMO, so I Enjoy seeing each person's Interpretation of what the Holiday means to them in the way of Styling for it and Celebrating it!?!   And those that don't want to participate at all, well, I can't relate to them at all... sorry... clearly we're on different Planets and run in different circles that will never intersect I guess.  *Ha ha ha*

But what is hilarious to me is that even those that can't or won't Celebrate Halloween, seem to have a Curiosity factor.  Perhaps a Secretive morbid fascination of sorts that they can't help themselves and wanna just take a peek into my World sometimes.  *Winks*   It's Okay, you can fall down the Rabbit Hole unscathed, and come over to The Dark Side briefly, just for a little visit, we Promise we won't hold you Hostage and it's not contagious... well, mebbe not that last part... you never know what you might just get a tickled Fancy for once you Experience it?!?

I just know that from here on out I'll be visiting more Shops than the rest of the year combined, just to window shop and browse the Offerings!   Not that I spend more during this time of year, I typically don't actually since I have enough Seasonal Decor, but just to soak it all in as Pure Eye Candy!!!  To Delight my Eyes and my Senses completely, to satiate the hunger I have for all things Halloween during the brief time frame it dominates the landscape!

Which is much too brief for me even if it's much too much for most of you.  *Smiles*   Yes, I hear the lamentations of so many others that aren't Happy that the kickoff seems to get earlier every year for the Commercial Holiday Season.  They say it Spoils the Reasons for the Seasons, I will respectfully agree to disagree though, I think it just intensifies the Experience of each Holiday, at least for me.  Nope, don't get Fed Up with it going on longer than 'usual' or is considered 'proper', in fact, I could be in Celebration Mode year round actually and quite never tire of any of it!

Won't have too much of the sights, the smells, the Atmosphere or the Ambiance of it all, I revel in every Glorious Moment of it actually.   I anticipate it coming around every year and get Excited as a little Kid when finally it's upon us and the kickoff is evident!   I couldn't wait for 'Target' to get rid of the School Supplies and begin loading up their shelves with their Halloween Offerings... other Shops were more proactive.   I'll of coarse have to wait 'til September to Experience the Halloween Themed Favorite Events and Shows around the Valley.   Which are BEYOND AWESOME BTW!!!

In fact, even tho' our Calendar Schedule can often be extremely full and hectic, from now until Halloween I am diligent about leaving Space Open on the Calendar for those Events and Celebrations I simply will not miss!!!   I make my annual Pilgrimages to them Faithfully, it's like a Spiritual Experience for me!  *Smiles*   In fact, this time of year I'm even trawling the Blog sites for Bloggers who are as entranced, Obsessed and infatuated with the Season as I am and I devour their Posts hungrily!!!  It's a virtual Halloween Buffet of Offerings out there in cyberspace this time of year!!!

It will culminate with the Halloween Blog Parties and then the days of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos... before disappearing for yet another year.  *Pouting*  But it's Okay, it's usually still lingering, alive and Well here at Villa Boheme', perhaps downsized some during the rest of the year until it's resurrected again each Autumn!   Trawling the Shops now in late August just builds up the anticipation of Styling and Decorating our Home to a crescendo!  

And already got me so Excited about the Halloween Kick Off in August that I just couldn't delay this initial Post Celebrating it any longer!  *Winks*   Yep, I'm a total Halloween Fanatical Weirdo and I make absolutely no apologies for it, totally dig it... totally immerse myself in it.   I recently saw the Cutest sitcom where one of the regulars on the Show had Elvira over for Halloween as a house Guest.  One of his Neighbors said something to the effect that she goes all out for Halloween and the Guy who had her as a Guest said, "She doesn't even know it IS Halloween..."   OMG, I was laughing my ass off!


Frightfully yours from the Arizona Desert... where our Halloween Kickoff is just beginning... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, August 28, 2017

Handling What You Dread

We Survived The Young Prince's IEP Meeting at School, it helped that at his Alternative School it's more intimate with us two and two Administrators, not so intimidating and they are super supportive.   Focusing more upon Successes, however small, rather than fixating upon Failures, however epic.   So last year he earned one Credit and got an A in that Core Class, which was one of the more difficult ones.  They Praised and Encouraged him about that Success and didn't languish on the slew of F's and unearned Credits from his Junior year.

He was already having major Anxiety Attacks going into his IEP Meeting, knowing that he'll be a Senior for at least two more years since he's so far behind.   And he did break down into tears, but the Administrators were as Positive and Encouraging as I was, clearly in his corner.   What a refreshing change from Public High School where it was bleak and depressing even for me and worse for him, since their disdain and contempt for even having to Deal with a Special Needs Child was always glaringly evident!

I am confident he is in good hands there and the Meeting went very well in spite of him becoming totally overwhelmed, which was expected.   He felt nauseous before we even began the Meeting, so the fact he stayed and completed the School day after the Meeting, even tho' he'd rather not have, was Progress. He was Cheerful and Confident again when I picked him up after School two hours later, so clearly they had reinforced a Positive Future outcome for him and uplifted him from despairing.

We talked at great length of his Future Plans after High School, I want him Focused upon a Promising Future and not fixated upon Past struggles and only Bad experiences in Public High School.   For anyone who had a Good experience the High School years can hold a lot of Cherished Memories worth remembering. For those who experienced only Bad Memories, it's something they're rather just Forget, try to Forgive and move forward, putting it behind them... he will be of that Camp.

I was just Glad to get thru another IEP intact, handling what you Dread is something we've had to become quite Experienced at, it never really gets Easier.   I myself, even tho' it went Well, had to go walk off my range of Emotions after the Meeting and indulge in some light Retail Therapy!  I know the next three years of him being a Senior is not going to be a walk in the Park. It's going to be a turbulent tough row to hoe, in order for him to earn all the Credits he Needs to Graduate, before Aging Out of The System and being unable to.

I've got another Child behind him that could have an equally troubling Path to Graduation being she's in 6th Grade and still can't really Read... or comprehend that much of what she's being taught!   I think her IEP will come up soon, since I'm not even Sure if I did it this year already or not?   They tend to blend together in my Mind like a blur... and there's that Mental Block that would just like to Forget about all the mandatory Meetings!    Mostly because for all of the adjustments made, the outcome is typically still not rosy... there isn't that Fairy Tale Ending where everyone Lives Happily Ever After because it all worked out just dandy.

There is always that pesky detail of "there is something wrong with your kid..." since that is the reason for the Meetings in the first place.  There is no getting over that, it's the Elephant in the room, no matter how delicately it is approached, it IS in fact The Barrier we're trying to get over... or under... or around some kinda way on a Path to actual Graduation!   Life itself might just play out very Well in spite of any obstacles in School, sometimes it works out that way... sometimes it doesn't... it's kinda like playing Roulette in Vegas... or Russian Roulette!  *Le Sigh*

Today at least nobody hadda take a bullet, so that was a good thing, we Survived the Meeting we always Dread and we have Goals for yet another School Year.   Whether they will be attainable Goals or not remains to be seen, but that's how Goals are, right?   And since after this Senior Year we'll have at least two more, well, slow and steady might just at least Finish the Race even if we don't Win it!?!   As for the Trade School, we Hope they can get him in even with lousy transcripts?  Since that's a definite Positive he's looking forward to so that after High School's long road he might be trained enough to obtain gainful Employment and be able to Live Independently.

Bless his Heart he was still intent on sending me to Bora Bora once he's an Amazing Success in an Awesome Career Field!   "It's my Primary Objective Gramma!", he beamed as he said those words with the utmost of Sincerity!   Yeah, I still pretty much have that lump in my throat because how can't you, right?!?   Even if he ends up being a Dishwasher, I pretty much think his Primary Objective won't be swayed.  He can be tenacious like that, which is one of his most Amazing Strengths... that he keeps getting back up even if he's constantly knocked down and made to Feel degraded or marginalized!

And besides, he always sees a Bright Side... another conversation went something like this as we had Lunch after School.  "Hey Gramma, remember that really dangerous Mental Health Medicine I was on for years and we had to take me off of it when I got that tumor in my breast and they discovered it was causing Young Boys to have serious side effects like that from it?"   How could I forget, it was a Huge Scare at the time and thankfully the tumor was benign, though it did cause some lasting physical and emotional damage! 

 "Well, another Kid at School was on it for years too and he just got a really big Settlement from the huge Lawsuit against the Drug Company that manufactured it and didn't disclose all the risks to Children taking it!  So will you help me file my Lawsuit too... we have all the necessary evidence and it typically Settles in just two months!"   Gotta look into that now, who knew?   It's not as if some random letter will come in the mail telling you of all the Lawsuits against Big Pharma of all the Drugs they Pushed on the unsuspecting Trusting Public and they're now getting Sued for... about the harm and collateral damage they've done!  

That's why it's such a lark to me that Western Medicine is SO opposed to Medicinal MJ as if it's the Devil, when in fact they've Pushed much more harmful Drugs with absolutely no conscience, even upon Infants and Children!  Follow the Money and whom is in whose Pocket, what they got Mad Rich on Pushing and "Approving", then you'll realize the Real reasons behind the opposition!  It's all rather nauseating actually, especially if you're a Parent or Guardian of a Chronically or Seriously Ill Child with a condition that has no Cure and are desperate for Good Advice given with Clear Conscience by the Medical Community you've put your Trust in!  Alleged Pillars of Society within the Medical Community often have dirty hands in that Smoke and Mirrors Illusion we've been force fed. 

But I digress, since my Hot Topic Button was just pushed by myself... LOL... we were discussing my Grandson's Guarded Optimism and absolute Tenacity about prevailing against any Odds.  I'm very Proud of him and The Man he's becoming, even if he doesn't pass a freakin' High School Core Class they give him.   Frankly I don't know that anything I learned in High School prepared me for any of my Corporate Lives, which I was very Successful at anyway.   The Man freely Confesses he wasn't a very Good Student and he was very Successful in his Career Fields as well.   So it's not an End All assurance, this High School Success thing.

When The Young Prince disintegrated into tears I reminded him that there are probably a fair amount of 'Successful' High School Students that could still be sitting on a Park Bench in the rain right now.   And certainly there are a lot of High School 'Failures' that still became Huge Successes in the Corporate World and Life in general.  So don't sweat it... we'll get thru it... one Senior Year at a time!  Your High School Transcripts will never Define you, neither will your Medical Diagnosis... and I'm Confident you will be the Huge Success you Imagine you can be!  Besides, I can Imagine myself on the Beach in Bora Bora on that Vacation you're sending me on... No. One on my Bucket List Checked Off Compliments of my Beloved Grandson... and he grinned broadly!


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