Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rust & Roses Grand Re-Opening ~ Part III

I've got The Blues... The Indigo Blues.   Well, if you're gonna have The Blues that's the best kind to have, The Indigo Blues.   Even those of us who aren't necessarily Fans of a Blue Color Palette per se, can be drawn in by shades of Indigo and it's Rich Saturated Exotic Vibe.  Indigo Batik Pillow Creations abounded at the Shop for this Season and I was totally diggin' it.

Coupled with the heady Scent of huge bundles of dried Lavender, it was intoxicating.   I always keep dried Lavender sachets around the house and especially in our linen drawers.  I've grown Lavender to Harvest fresh, it does relatively well in a Desert environment and there are many types, so I almost always have some in my Herb Gardens.  Lately I've been looking at edible Lavender incorporated into various foods and refreshments... since I'll try anything once, twice if I like it.  *Winks*

But if you didn't want to grow and Harvest your own, Shelly has a wealth of it at the Shop available for purchase in lovely fragrant bundles, heaped up and giving off their delightful aroma.   I'm a very Sensory person and thus I've Enjoyed utilizing Aromatherapy for many, many years.   There's nothing so flattering to me in fact as someone associating a particular delightful Scent to me or to my Home.   Do you have a Signature fragrance or perfume that evokes an instant thought of you and your Essence to others my Friends?   

Is there some delightful aroma that makes people think of their times spent with you or around your Home?  Is it perhaps the scent of freshly baked Pies or Home made Bread from your kitchen if you Enjoy baking and do it often?    I can't not think of my Dad, the Master Chef, when I smell anything delightful Baking or Cooking!!!   Is it the scent of Fresh crisp clean sheets or a lovely scented Soap you use often?  I know I can't smell that Beautiful scent of Fresh crisp clean sheets and linens without thinking of my Mom, who always made Laundry a Fine Art and who could make a Home always smell like it had just been thoroughly Spring cleaned.  Which it probably had since for her cleaning wasn't a chore, it was something she delighted in daily.

These are Sensory things that can evoke permanent Memories for others and we might not even be fully aware of or even think about.  How the smells, sights, touch and sounds of what we surround ourselves with become a part of our very Essence and can become a fond Memory to those we've spent Time with.    I think this is why I have Favorite Shops as well, the Essence of certain Businesses is infused in the Styling of their Inventory and how it is Presented.  For the Small Business especially there is a Personality of who Owns it and what Atmosphere they present to their Customers.

Shelly and her Designers present a Wonderful Atmosphere to their Customers and a Unique Vibe with carefully Curated Inventory they have Sourced from far and wide.   They have spent all Summer Sourcing to fill the Shop for the Fall kick-off in fact.  To bring us this luscious presentation of Indigo Blues, Architectural Salvage Finds to Die for, Vintage and Antique furnishings, Natural Elements, Accessories and Fashions Created by superb Artisans. 

Had the dreaded budget permit I would definitely have scooped up this Beaver Top Hat embellished with Lace for my Taxidermy Goat to sport.   Right now he's still languishing in one of the Garages waiting for his debut in whatever room of New Villa Boheme' he will permanently occupy.   I'm thinking it will probably be the Juliet Room whenever I get around to finally painting the Walls in there.  I've been procrastinating on a lot of the larger Projects due to the heat of Summer, but as it begins to Cool off and I can throw open those French Doors to the Juliet Balcony of Death... I'll probably then tackle the Transformation of said room!  *Smiles*

I can only Imagine the amount of Work and sweat it took to Transform an entire two Sister Shops at the tail end of Summer for Shelly and the Designers!  Because SIRENS & SAINTSthe Sister Shop, also looked completely Transformed and a Vision of Loveliness and filled with a wealth of Fresh killer Inventory!!!

And speaking of Killer... I almost wanna Kill Her because a certain Beast Princess has been coming Home from School in a Nasty Dark Funk lately and spreading Toxic Negative Energy all over the place to Torment us all!!!   She will not Endure her own Torment without Sharing it in a most Dramatic Fashion.  She finds living out here in the boonies to be about as Boring and lacking in Social opportunities as I do... but being only Ten... it's Magnified a Thousandfold for her!   This is our little Socialite who almost needs an Entertainment Director at her disposal because if she has an unfilled Moment in her day, she's Misery personified!  There have been a lot of Moments... too many unfilled Moments!!! *Oh no!!!*

Riddle Moi with Guilt since a Fancy New Dream Home and it's Novelty wore off quickly for both Kiddos and they lament we might have been better off staying in our Beloved Old Home in the Hood where we at least had many Friends and lots to do!??!  Uh oh... yeah, these City Kids are having an almost worse time of transitioning to Rural Living and having little to do but enjoy a Nice Home!  The Subdivision has a lot of people but is certainly lacking in the Hospitality Factor, even among the Young people apparently.   She does have Friends at School, but most don't live in THIS Subdivision and are bused in so they only Socialize at School or if their Parents are willing to Transport them to Play Date Invitations.

We were used to having a house full of Kiddos, all living within walking distance from each other or being able to walk to almost anything, shops, restaurants, library, Clubs, parks, etc...    So our Kiddos either had their Posse daily in our Home, or they were Invited over to the Homes of their Friends and spent many Happy hours there or they were out and about in Old Town with Friends.   When you are used to daily Social interactions with people you Enjoy in a tight knit Community, it is tough to have that barren Alone time too often.  To feel Lonely and Bored out of your Mind with nothing to do, no Socialization and a long commute to get anywhere.   I 'get it'... and so I do have Empathy.

And thus every Weekend she looks forward to Planning Trips into the City on Friday Nights so we can 'Get Outta Here' and have a Life as she likes to put it.  *LOL*   Alas, with her Brother having a Medical Emergency that we have to sort out, I have to stay close to Home this entire Weekend.  Lest we need to make more Emergency Room Trips while waiting to get him into the Pediatric Specialist after Insurance Blesses the Emergency Request for a Referral to one.   We don't know when we'll get that call to get him in Stat, so I don't want to be out and about.  Not that she doesn't Care about her Brother being so ill, but Color her dreadfully disappointed and unhappy... so the Dark Mood prevails since waiting another Week is an Eternity for a Child!

Not that her Brother is any less unhappy and disappointed, since he's feeling dreadful and had to cancel a third Weekend in a row to visit his Dad's side of the Family in the City due to a string of illnesses he's battled since School began.  He looks forward to that very much too but has the Maturity to Roll with it such that it is, which makes it much easier on Moi.  He's actually an easy Child to Care for when he's Sick since he prefers to voluntarily rest and not complain incessantly or be overly demanding. 

  I feel so bad for the Kid, Yesterday's Trip to the ER put him thru the wringer and an almost intolerable amount of intense pain for which nothing they could give him would provide any relief.   Which puts me in an almost intolerable amount of Anxiety since what Mom or Gramma can stand to see their Kiddos suffering intensely and be able to do nothing about it?!?!!  He was begging me to ask them to put him out and sedate him, but of coarse rarely can or will they do that with Children, too risky and for this situation, not wise either.  I have slept most of the Afternoon away after another round of Doc Appts. for him Today, I'm Emotionally and Physically drained from this Ordeal he's going thru!

So even IF we could go into the City this Weekend, I probably wouldn't have it in me to actually.   And if you are Parenting a Ten year old Child you know how demanding of your Time and Energy they can be, especially if they see you not Feeling 100% because it Scares them.   After all, Grandpa isn't in Good Shape, her Brother is now not in Good Shape, so she's not having it that Gramma doesn't look to be in Good Shape either lately!!!   She'll do any amount of antics to get me back to looking like my Normal Self, even if it's Negative Attention she's inciting.  

 After all, Negative Attention seems better than No Attention to most Kiddos!   But my Reserves of Attention are spread quite thin and depleted right now.  *Le Sigh*   So... she finally gave up after Dinner and Calmed down enough to occupy herself playing Games on my Cell Phone and give everyone a Break... Thank God for Technology and Young People's Enjoyment of it!  *Whew!*  The Guys were Thankful I found SOMETHING... ANYTHING... to make her Stop!!!  The Young Prince's Bargaining Power was depleted due to needing her NOT in his Room so he could rest adequately.  All the other Tech Gadgets she Loves are in there and I needed Blogging here to Save my Sanity from hearing her Mood Swings in full force!  So I wasn't giving up my Computer!  *LOL*

And Lord knows The Man wasn't giving up the Remote Control to the main TV in the Living Room... he would have gone thru Withdrawal and had a Fit if he'd been Forced to watch her Little Girl Shows with her!  Is it Wrong of us to absolutely loathe the Girl Team of SAM & CAT and their Show?!!?!?  *Bwahahaha!*   I've had to Endure a lot of Kid Shows in my well over three decades of raising Children... but there are some Shows I just can't get thru... and The Man is more tolerant than I when it comes to watching Mindless Shows lemme tell ya...  *LOL*

But this Show... well, even for a Guy that can watch every Mindless Reality Show about Life in Alaska or Ice Road Truckers... it's just too much, even for him... and that's saying something!  *Smiles* The Sweet looking Young Lady on the Right, her Character and especially the Voice of the Character is like someone scratching their nails on a Chalkboard to me!!!   I could run out of the room screaming from the agony of trying to Endure it... and yet, for Ten year old Girls, this Show is apparently da bomb!!!   And now, BECAUSE she knows it aggravates Grandpa and they have this duel going on with World Domination and Control of the Remote... she Torments him with incessant requests to watch it with her.  Even though she has a new TV in her own Lovely Bedroom Upstairs... she doesn't like Solitude so rarely spends time up there... Upstairs, where we wouldn't have to hear it or her carrying on... Alas!

Will we Survive Puberty with a Blossoming Grand-Daughter?  Stay Tuned... in the meantime, I still have lots of Visual Distractions for us both coming up in Future Posts... so come back at least for that... Okay?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, August 26, 2016

Rust & Roses Grand Re-Opening ~ Part II

So we're back with the second installment of the Grand Re-Opening of my Friend Shelly's Shop.  As I await the Emergency Referral to a Specialist for my Grandson, it's been a hectic Morning already filled with Emergency Appointments!  *Whew*  So I NEED the distraction of Eye Candy and Inspiration more than usual!   One of my Favorite Floral Displays were these two Urns filled with dried Autumn Fauna... I could just see these Gracing my Entry Hall Table to greet you as you walk thru the door.

Only the Entry Hall Table had an unfortunate mishap in transport involving broken cover glass over the Architectural Salvage Beveled Glass Window in it's center.   Luckily nobody got hurt and the Money Piece {Antique Window} only suffered minor damage of a couple cracks which I can Live with.  Thankfully The Son is a Glazier so I'll have him replace the broken glass with safety glass anyway... since whoever constructed the re-purposed Window into a Sofa Table forgot to permanently anchor in any of the glass or use safety glass, which is too dangerous.

Note to Self and anyone else who purchases a fabricated OOAK piece, always double check construction and ask loads of questions that hopefully the Seller will know the answers to.   Making assumptions can be risky, especially if things aren't securely or properly anchored when it was constructed!  Finding out quite by accident can cause a very potentially dangerous accident as we discovered when transporting said Table!

I have actually owned said Table for a couple years but had bought it from a Vendor moving out of their Booth at our Antique Mall and only moved it into one of my own Showrooms previously to use for Display purposes, so didn't have to actually transport it before now.   I had decided it would go nicely in our Entry Hall since we don't use this particular doorway into the Inner Courtyard.  It used to be raw Oak colored which didn't Showcase the Amazing Leaded Beveled Glass Antique Window or make it Pop so I painted it Black... natch.  *LOL*

The Cover Glass absolutely shattered into shards and smitherines as it dropped out when the Table was tilted and the Window sustained several cracks due to falling completely out too.   I felt a bit sick when it happened tho' Grateful nobody got hurt, all of us had assumed the glass pieces were permanently installed and not just sitting loose in there!   The Leaded Glass picks up Rainbows of Color as Light filters thru it so I'd want a Safety Glass Cover to protect it and strengthen the Table Top while not detracting from it's Beauty.

I Love Sofa Tables, they're high and narrow, so Perfect for Vignettes and unusual placements like a Hallway or behind a Sofa.  So after we get The Son to repair the Table and permanently affix all the Glass to make it safer and strong enough to hold a Vignette, couldn't you just see a pair of Urns holding dried Seasonal Fauna Gracing it as you walk thru the door?  I'm probably going to replace my smaller Olive Buckets with the largest ones for Storage underneath... I pick them up in various sizes because they make great Storage that is also attractive.

And look whose Modeling one of the trio of small sized Santos Crowns I couldn't Resist when I was at the Shop.  Yep, that's my Reveal of what I came Home with... a trio of these Ideal sized Santos Crowns to fit my mid-sized Taxidermy Specimens and make them positively Regal.   *Smiles*

They were such a Bargain I bought all of this size I could find in the Shop!   Yes, I Hoard Crowns and Tiaras when I can find them at Bargain prices because I know I'll use them in a variety of ways when I'm Decorating and Creating Vignettes... they are a staple around Villa Boheme'!   *Winks*   Lets face it, Bargain Royal Headgear is getting harder to come by so you just would be Foolish to pass up the opportunity to have a Stash, right? 

The Gals also had a wealth of Fabulous Skullies around the Shop and can one ever have too many of those either when you decorate with the Weird and Wonderful in Mind, I think not!  *Smiles*   I like to embellish mine and it's really, really, really hard for me to just leave them plain and 'As Is'... I just can't manage to do it, much to The Man's chagrin!  *Ha ha ha*   But I can fully Appreciate the Simplistic and Restrained approach to using them in Decor unadorned too, it just probably won't happen around here... just sayin'... *Winks*

The Colorful Vintage Sarape was utilized a lot in this Season's Line, I always think the Cheerful use of Bold Color in the Sarape transcends Seasons and can be utilized almost any time of the year without necessarily defining a particular Season.

While I was there Photographing the Shop the pair of Ornate Antique Chairs my Friend Katie re-upholstered with Vintage Sarape material Sold to a Lovely Young Woman.   So I'm Glad I was able to Share some Imagery of them before they went off to their New Home!


I've utilized my Vintage Sarape stash of Fabrics for many Festive Parties and as impromptu covers on furnishings... makes me feel like it's time for a Fiesta and who doesn't Love that, right?!?!?!   I'm still in the process of unpacking most of my Vintage Fabric stashes and will have to look for the Southwestern Fabrics for Katie, if I still have them and didn't de-stash them already... she does such Amazing things with them in her Line.

From upholstered Antique Furniture to Messenger Bags and Table Runners... so many Wonderful ways to bring some Color and Festivity to your everyday Life!  If you'd like a little Southwest Flavor to remind yourselves of a visit to Sunny Arizona or any Road Trips to the Southwest or South of the Border, bringing Home something Created from a Vintage Sarape might just be what you might Enjoy as a practical and useful Souvenir my Friends!?

I happened to Like this South American elaborately embroidered Fabric that Katie had Created a Messenger Tote Bag out of...


And I'm Hopeful that once I've had my Surgeries and get these feet in Cowgirl Boot Shape again I can begin wearing my Favorite Southwestern Boots with my Wardrobe.    I Love the look of a nice Cowgirl Boot with almost any Ensemble, such Casual Elegance when you have a nice pair of Fancy Boots.

This was my Favorite Skully... the Antlers were positively Amazing!!!   And this shade of Blue on the chippy Benches, as well as the Indigo, really Appealed to me.   I don't usually Decorate with Blues but when I do those would be the two shades I could Live with easily.

Have to remember to glean some Fresh Raw Cotton Bolls from after the Fields being Harvested.   Now that we're more Rural we are surrounded by Pristine Desert or Farmland and it's Wonderful to behold.   Yes, I'm a City Girl still in Transition and getting used to the Solitude and inconveniences of living in the boonies, but it's starting to grow on me more.  *Ha ha ha*

Here's a Close-Up of another one of the three mini Santos Crowns I bought this day I attended the Grand Re-Opening of the Shop.   Initially I thought it was permanently affixed to the Madonna, but after finding two more not adorning anything I went back to retrieve it!

Lots of Great Dark Furnishings and Exotic Elements for this Fall... which I just Loved since that's much more my Aesthetic in Furnishings.   And I do Hope you'll come back for the next installment since I still have a wealth of Imagery to Share!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grand Re-Opening Of Rust And Roses ~ Part I

As many of you in the Valley know, one of our Favorite Shops closes for the Summer to Source more amazing Inventory and re-style the entire Shop for the kickoff of Fall, re-opening right around my Birthday in Mid-August.  Perfect timing for some Birthday Indulgent Retail Therapy, right?  *Winks*   So the Grand Re-Opening of RUST AND ROSES is something I look forward to with great anticipation.

I'm never disappointed since the Vibe and Style are so very appealing to my Aesthetic so I can always Source some Found Treasures to feather my Nest at Home.   The greatest Challenge I have in fact is not wanting it ALL!!!   Okay, so I DO want it ALL actually so the bigger Challenge is not buying it all!!!  *Smiles*

Especially since so much yummy Black, Sepia and Indigo abounded in the Inventory this Season so my Ideal Palette for Decorating New Villa Boheme' was indeed everywhere I looked!  *Swoonfest of Epic proportions!*   I have to confess I felt fairly Faint when I entered my Friend Katie's Magical Space... it felt like Home Sweet Home... Yes, I couldda moved right in!!!

So much Wanting was going on inside my head... the checklist of Treasures I J'Adored was like a Laundry List!   Chippy Blue Shutters in Image No. One along with Deer head Taxidermy wearing dried Hydrangea.   Butterfly Entomology Display, Black Victorian Gingerbread Architectural Salvage and Black Mantle... etc... etc... etcetera!  Good thing the Bank balances were too lean due to School starting in August and several G-Kids having Birthdays too had tapped me out sufficiently that I had no choice but to avoid undue Temptation!  *Le Sigh*

But you Hate that tho' dontcha, when you see so much Ideal Decor offered up and budget constraints leave you with just the Wanting and the Hope that when you are more Flush perhaps some of it will still remain?!?   You see, in my Great Edit and Purge here at Home I'm Selling Off a lot of what I've had in order to re-style with Fresh Decor that goes better with this Home's personality and Style.

Some staples abide of coarse but they will be enhanced with whatever Fresh Found Treasures I glean during my Thrill of the Hunt to replace some of what I've Sold Off.   I'm actually falling out of Love with a lot of stuff for this Goal and Vision I have of a completely re-worked Space here at Home.  Funding for said Project will come from the Sale of what I'm Letting Go of so it's a Guilt Free Project as well that really doesn't tap the Bank.

Alas, due to School starting I've had to tap my Secret Stash of Cash from Sales of my stuff more than I intended to.   And of coarse who can deny any Grandchild their Birthday Indulgences, not I!!   Yes, I'm a total Pushover Gramma and there are so many of them now!  Is there actually any Month left that doesn't have one or more of them having a Birthday?  I think not... *LOL*  And of coarse I did Indulge myself early this Birthday as well, so there was THAT!  *Winks*

And it seems this year we've just had so many other things come up... like lately I've always got a Kiddo at the Doctor or ER it seems!   Today was such a day as I spent the entire Morning and mid-Afternoon with The Young Prince in the ER again!!!   Significant enough health issue that we'll have to now do follow-up with his Primary and get a referral to a Specialist since the ER could not figure out what was going wrong!  

 Oh... and while I'm waiting for hours to get the results of his Tests back in the ER I get a call from my most recent Surgeon referrals office informing me that this Doc doesn't take my Insurance!!!  So they cancelled my Surgery Tomorrow Morning at the last minute... after I'd already given up my Friday Night Shift and prepared everything and everyone at Home for me getting Surgery and needing the Weekend to Recover from it!

This was actually the THIRD Podiatrist Referral since Assigned Doc No. 1 had been way over in the far Southeast Valley and we live in the far Northwest Valley so that wasn't happening!  I didn't need to try to drive Home with a driving foot that just had Surgery and have a three hour commute one way!  And re-Assigned Doc. No. 2 doesn't do the less invasive type of Surgery so he'd referred me to Doc No. 3 who does.  All the while I'm getting new Approvals from our crappy Insurance for each change which ain't easy lemme tell ya since it's a convoluted Process!

But it does no good to have an Approval if the Doc ends up not taking said crappy Insurance... which is happening a lot lately with the Military Insurance Package... more and more aren't accepting it anymore... guess they're not getting Paid reasonable amounts... on time... or at all?!?   Don't blame them... but it does make it more complicated.   So, rather than wait more Months to find yet another Doc who might do what I need... and in the less invasive method... and accepts said Insurance... I defaulted back to Doc No. 2.  After all, he's already given me a consultation and takes the Insurance... and it cuts the wait time delays and convoluted dog and pony show to a minimum.

Not because I'm eager for a more invasive Surgery with longer Recovery time and stitches.  But because I'm in a lot of pain and trying not to risk infection and complications from waiting too long to address a worsening Issue that has already had to wait too long for all the Red Tape already behind us!   So, now we're waiting on Insurance to Bless the current turn of events... let us Hope they do not tarry too long... Holiday Season is rushing up on us and I wanna try to Enjoy it without being freshly Post-Op!

Besides... next Month kicks off the Halloween Shows and I'm not missing any of that!  *Winks*   Last year the Big Move sidelined the Holiday Season somewhat as we were still busy moving over here and unpacking the necessities to just be functional in our New Home.   So I don't want another year to pass being sidelined with any particular Issue that has come up!!!

In fact, as I'm seeing Fall Decor coming forth I'm chomping at the bit to Transform our Home into an Autumn Vision of Bohemian Valhalla!!!  It is absolutely my Favorite Season to Decorate for and I'm overdosing already on early Inspiration presented!!!   Note to Self: HAVE to get some dried Artichoke Blossoms... LOVE them!!!

And I still have a wealth of Gorgeous Imagery to Share of the Shop so be sure to come back... and I'll keep you in Suspense as to what I didn't Resist in a future Post...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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