Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part III

The majority, but not all, of the Imagery in Today's Post of the Event was taken in the Warehouse section of SWEET SALVAGE.  I just Love the Vintage Industrial Vibe in there filled with Mantiques.  I could easily be swayed in the direction of doing more Vintage Industrial around our Home because growing up some of my favorite hangouts would always be the Workshops, Sheds, Garages or Old Brick Industrial Style buildings where a lot of the Grandpas and Dads were busy repairing, fabricating and Creating things.  I always had a Daydream of buying an Old long Abandoned Historic Warehouse or Industrial Building and converting it into a Loft Style Residential Living Space.  There's something about it that would feel comfortable and Timelessly Trendy to me... and just think of the Scale of Decor you could arrange and Style with in such a cavernous open floor plan True Vintage Industrial Space!  More to come... so be sure to come back for the Finale' Post my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part II

First let me say that the dreaded Meeting to switch classes and update the IEP at The Young Prince's High School went exceptionally well... RELIEF!  He has now be re-assigned a more competent Counselor that we were very Impressed with and options to help him Succeed have now been implemented... Hallelujah!

  Color me Happy this Morning and it has relieved a great deal of Anxiety and Stress from his shoulders and mine to be Heard and actually have a Team that respected him and included him in his own Process.  It has been our experience that many people, when dealing with someone with a profound Disability, tend to behave as if that individual is invisible and talk just to me and ignore him like he's not even in the room.  So I Loved that they were inclusive of him and Heard him express his Point of Need and explain what hasn't worked and why.

His Maturity and Intelligence actually Impressed the New Counselor and Asst. Principal who we'd never met with before, so they had a lot of dialogue directly with him and I was overjoyed!  I could see they suddenly realized that tho' they were accommodating someone with a profound Disability, they were also addressing a particularly Gifted and Intelligent Student as well, which provides more options to explore in helping him to succeed and not keep enduring failure due to The System in place in the Public Schools, which are rather archaic. 

 So anyway, just had to Share that Good News... since now I Feel much more Fluffy and Positive in Sharing the rest of what I've been up to in the Right Spirit of Positive Energy.  So Today's Post series of this Wonderful Event that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE are doing a 'Green Acres' Spring Theme of to appease our Spring Fever building up... is being done in a much more Positive Head Space!   *Smiles*

Some of these first few Images are of my Friend Minnie's 'Vintage Minnie' Spring Line of Bedding and Wardrobe/Accessories Boutique!   Oh I could just see Princess T's Room Styled like this, she just Loves the Feminine Pastel Color Palette.   She also has White Furnishings in her Room so the Prairie Style lends itself well to Decorating her Room fit for a little Princess!   Princess T is very much the Girly-Girl so she would J'Adore her Boudoir to resemble Miss Minnie's Spring Vision!

And for the Vintage Kitchen who doesn't Love the 1930's Seafoam or Jadeite Green that was so prevalent in that Era?  It's always been my Favorite Kitchen Color Palette because it's always so Inviting and reminds me of Fresh Garden Produce and Herbs being brought it and blending with the Decor in such a pleasing and appetizing way.  

 I wrestle with myself right now not to paint my Custom hardwood Kitchen Cabinets at New Villa Boheme in either White or Seafoam Green accents actually.  Since I like a Brighter airy Country Farmhouse Kitchen Look and Palette in the busiest and most used Room of the Home!  I'm resisting for now, but probably will one day when I don't feel so bad about painting over Beautiful Custom hardwood Cabinetry that clearly was expensive to install and upgrade!  *LOL*

Appreciating what the previous Owner spent a small Fortune to upgrade around New Villa Boheme' has inhibited me somewhat in changing it too drastically because it has been well appointed tastefully with Quality Custom products.  So for now anyway I'm keeping most of it 'As Is' since it would be almost a crime to change it all since she did most of the $110,000 worth of upgrades within the year before we purchased this Lovely Home so it's all quite New. 

 I can put my stamp upon it all in more subtle ways that don't waste that Investment she made and we inherited... without all the remodeling Stress or expensive outlay since the Home was bought at a Deal regardless of it all!  When you inherit a tonnage of upgrades at no additional charge you count your many Blessings!

We came into the Home with a nice Collection of Antique Furnishings so I don't really Need to upgrade any of that tho' I can certainly Admire all of the Gorgeous Country Inspired Vintage Fabulousness at these Events!   The Vintage European Grain Sack upholstered pieces especially Speak to me, Love them!!! 

 I am seriously thinking upon Selling off my mismatched Art Studio Loft Creation Station Antique Chairs and replacing them all with sturdy and more comfortable Vintage European Grain Sack upholstered and Vintage Industrial mismatched ones now.   Original Antique Chairs are Gorgeous but not as sturdy or practical for a Creation Station seating arrangement. 

In fact I was totally Eyeballing this Vintage Industrial Trio, which seemed Ideal for a Creation Station and comfortable for Creating while seated on.   I have some similar Style Drafting Vintage Industrial Chairs at our Kitchen Island and everyone Loves sitting on them and spinning.  *LOL*   Had Budget permit I would have liked to have picked up this Set and replace at least three of my Antique Chairs up in the Loft Art Studio already.

If you were seeking some Country Farmhouse Furnishings there was a wealth of them to be had in a variety of Styles with a bounty of Accessories you could furnish entire rooms with.  I like that you can find everything you would need to Transform any Space in the Home or Garden completely with.  For anyone beginning to Style a complete Space it saves so much time and energy that would otherwise be spent running around trying to find exactly what you Want and not sure of where to Find.

And for those of us who actually already have a lot, it refines the Search for those extra Special touches to complete a Look.  I can always find what I'm looking for at these Events, I can Count on it in fact, which is great since then you don't have to Settle or Compromise your Vision.   I don't know about you but I am loathe to ever do that, I want what I want and I can be very tenacious about Finding it.

It has saved me countless hours that otherwise would have been wasted just Seeking and NOT Finding to attend these Events on a regular basis.  With each Month's New Fresh Theme I have an Idea of what I could Find of a particular Genre of Decor.   And the Inspiration, well, that is truly Priceless my Friends!!!  To be Inspired just by attending something, well, you can Trust and Believe I don't miss out on too many of those opportunities!!!

As you know I Love and Collect Good Quality Decor Books for Inspiration and have a vast Library... but there's just something about seeing Good Styling, Design and Excellent Inventory you can actually Buy in person.  On the pages of a Book I might Admire something and not have a Clue where to Source it or if I can ever Source it?  But when I go to an Event that has been expertly Styled by Designers and they've done all the Work of Sourcing and Vignetting it, it's all there for me to actually consider taking Home with me.

And it doesn't get more convenient than that now does it?  *Smiles*  And it's just plain Fun to attend a Popular Event such as this which delivers Month after Month and exceeds all of your expectations for a Wonderful Shopping Experience.   To tell you the Truth, most places that have mass produced Inventory I just don't Enjoy the Shopping Experience, it's so Expected and so lacking in Creativity or Originality.

Even if I have NEED of something like a piece of Furniture, just going into a Chain Store Furniture Warehouse is overwhelming to me and I can't wait to get in and get back out again.  But at an Event I can linger and Enjoy the entire Experience, it's more of a Destination Experience and the Energy is much more palpable.  With none of the enduring of a Salesman's pitch to try to get you to Buy anything and pouncing on you as you walk thru the door and stalking you around the Store making mindless chit-chat!  To me mass produced Furnishing Shopping is like Shopping for a Vehicle... HATE it!

And even worse, Big Box Store Shopping where you're lucky if you can get any Customer Service or knowledgeable Staff at all!   Here you will be able to talk to skilled Designers about your Needs or Desires and have the Excellent and Sincerely Friendly Customer Service that is so lacking in so many other Retail Shops nowadays.

And if I haven't swayed you yet, well, I think you should go down and Experience it yourselves at least once so that you can Transform how you Shop for your Home and what you Feather it with.  To infuse your own Essence into your Spaces, Personalize it, give it some real Character and not just make it look so generic as a Furniture Warehouse Showroom might Display it with whatever everyone else has because they made like a gazillion of it all.  *Yawn* 

You can and will Thank me later, I Promise you!


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part I

NOTE: Due to an unfortunate camera malfunction at the Event *Gasp!* some Images in the 'Green Acres' Show Posts have been cribbed from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page... all Credit for those Gorgeous Images goes to the Original Photographer and I take no Credit for their Fabulousness!

Yes, it's True, my New Camera malfunctioned at the Event and put me in Panic Mode!  *LOL*  So there were Images I couldn't capture to Share from the perspective of the Eye of my own Lens.  Thankfully they had been captured by The Sweet Team's Eye of the lens on their coverage, so I've included some of my Favorites, like the above!  Just too breathtaking NOT to... like the Vignette above, which stopped me in my tracks and is Vintage Show Ribbon of a single Hue Valhalla!  WOW!  That's like a Lifetime of Collecting Green Vintage Show Ribbons and an Instant Collection yours for the Having!  I Wish I couldda been 'Having' said Instant Collection, I was Green with Envy!  *Pouting!*

Alas, the pesky Post-Christmas and Post-Family Crisis Budget couldn't be leaner so mostly I had to be a Window Shopper this time around... dammit!  *Winks*  Because the "Green Acres" Themed Event happens to be one of my Favorite Themes since it ushers in the Spring Freshness Vibe to keep the Winter doldrums in check.   Yes, it was a dreary, Cold, rainy inclement weather kinda day Outside, but Inside it was Glorious Springtime Inspiration all around!  Sweet Kim opened the doors early for those of us die hard devotees that had queued up outside in the rain and stood huddled with the courtesy umbrellas.  So the coverage of the Pristine Vignettes was Ideal... well, until the camera went down that is... Le Sigh!

Lucky for me I take a lot of pixs quickly so I still did get a lot of coverage of my own, otherwise I might have gone into Shock from the disappointment and fixated on broken camera rather than Amazing Event!  *LMAO*  Yeah, I'm really OCD that way so I cannot have a distraction play out simultaneously with trying to have a Big Time or my brain explodes and I short circuit!  *Winks*  As it turns out it just wasn't holding a charge so The Young Prince fixed the problem once I got back Home! *whew*  Seriously I was sweating having no good camera as a possibility.  *Gasp!*  I've become quite spoiled with that Wonderful Gift I received from my Sweet Designer Friend Michelle.  This Adorable Vignette and Quote was in fact one of Michelle's, I'd be unanimous about that Factual Statement, which is why I usually break the Rules!  *Smiles*

No wonder I have raised a bunch of offspring that are Rebels and march to the beat of their own Drummer too, we just can't color inside the lines, or fit inside of the box of Conformity, nor do we want to!  *Smiles*  Life is indeed too short to miss the Fun along the Journey.   I was trying valiantly to have Fun this day, but lately delayed Grief has suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, quite unexpectedly, and I find myself close to tears, anxious and rather nauseous from the weight of Sorrow and the Darkness engulfing me.  Even Spring Fever being satiated couldn't keep the welling up of unpleasant Emotions at bay, so I didn't stay as long as I usually would and cut my 'Me Day' quite short and went Home very early in fact.

The Young Prince was Home Sick again anyway, with extreme Depression and Anxiety, mostly triggered by the Need to have that dreaded Meeting in the Morning about Schedule changes at High School.  But also because the recent back to back passing of both of his Great-Grandmothers has made him Anxious about our Mortality.  He's constantly asking me if I'm Okay and clearly Grandpa isn't on any given day and his Head and Grandpa's is therefore often in a Dark place.   So I didn't Feel comfortable not being here for backup and tho' the Guys did quite well in my absence, and were Surprised I came Home so early, they were relieved I was back to steer the Ship.  So that we didn't have a complete Titanic Moment hitting the iceberg with no Captain aboard.  If the Ship was indeed going down, well, I'm the Captain and all that... my Duty is to go down with it, right?!  {Saluting as I stand at the helm, Dramatically going down...}

Spring reminds me of renewal and New Beginnings, so I'm rather relieved it's on the Horizon, this has been a tough Fall and Winter to get thru with too much Loss and Sorrows piling up during it!   Among other Challenges, which are just reading like a Laundry List and so it's probably no wonder I'm Emotionally Raw and completely spent and quite Shut Down.  In fact, it's been weeks since I've Felt anything Emotionally... and so the intensity of a bunch of Negative uncomfortable Emotion hitting me like a ton of bricks and releasing was unpleasant because you Feel like you might die from the weight crushing your Spirit.  You don't of coarse and the Release is necessary, but I can't crumble into a Hot Mess of not being able to be functional, keep it together and hold it down... Caregivers don't get that Luxury!

The Old saying that when Mama ain't Happy, ain't nobody Happy can be quite True!  The rest of the crew here totally Panics when I'm clearly struggling and yet sometimes the carefully constructed facade just crumbles like a wonky flimsy Movie Set that can't hold up.  And because the Family Unit has been dropping like flies as Age takes a toll, it creates way too much Anxiety for the Children to be confronted with the Natural Process of the Mortality Issue.  Ain't none of us getting out of this Alive, but to dwell upon that Fact can be sobering and a terrifying Reality Check to Children... well, and some Adults too, if you had a Plan to be an Immortal and get that Wake-Up Call that Sorry, it ain't happening.  *LOL*

Immortality would be too exhausting for moi, so Eternal Rest isn't something I'm actually building up any Fears about myself... in fact, any kind of Rest sounds pretty Good most days.  Opportunities to Rest are so unreliable and sporadic that I take them whenever I can... like the moment I got Home early from the Event.   I still had one in School and the Guys were Calmer once I got Home, so they were just Happy to have me back so early and I didn't therefore Need to be Present in the Moment, so I took a LONG Nap!  I completely missed Dinner, which was Okay since they managed it quite well without me... tho' they were concerned I just couldn't rally myself to eat any of it and went back to sleep for as long as I could.

I say that because the trio, and most especially Prince D, kept waking me up to make sure I wasn't dead or dying and was Okay?  It was a wonder I didn't awake to a mirror being held up in front of my mouth!?   Yes, they've done that in the Past with Grandpa, the Ole' Mirror Test, so now I must be looking like perhaps I might Need it too, so I fully expect to awake to it one day soon!?  *LOL*   I attempt to be a Good Actress for their sakes, I really do... but they are astute with observations and they all know me too well, so the pretenses would be a complete waste of time and so if I'm not winning any Oscar for the performance, I just come Clean and admit, Okay, I'm not doing so well Today, but don't worry, I'll bounce back.  Not bouncing back isn't a Choice or Option really... so it has to be the Outcome... bouncing back.

And I really, really Wanted this to be a Fluffy, Positive and Uplifting Post... and I really, really wanted to be buoyed by this Wonderful Event's Experience since it was really all that and a bag of chips like it always is and delivers... exceeding expectations every Month.   So I Hope the Inspirational Imagery is enough for you for at least this Post anyway my Friends... and I'll try to Fluff up the Story Line in Future Posts if I can muster it?!?   My musterer is rather broken lately tho', so no promises or guarantees since I might not be able to deliver as Faithfully as the Event does?   I just don't know, tho' having the Breakthrough of FEELING something, even tho' it was a totally crappy range of Emotions to Feel, might eventually Help?

I couldn't help but Feel complete Admiration tho' for this Amazing Meerschaum Reliquary Antique Necklace Creation by my Friend Cyndie of 'Vintage Envy', the Detailing of the Carving was over the top Exceptional and Exquisite!  Even tho' my attempt to Capture it was one of the camera failures as it was beginning to malfunction... so I hadda crib Cyndie's much better Image of it to properly Share.  Had Budget permit, this would have come Home with moi for Sure!  It is indeed Divine and whoever can buy it is one Lucky Gal!!!

Okay so what else did I have to leave behind that really chapped my hide and made me Wish I'd Won a Lottery Ticket recently?  *Winks*  Well... THIS Book Shelf with ornately carved Mahogany that my Friend Michelle had in one of her Vignettes!!!   I literally Believe I heard Angelic Hosts Singing when I laid Eyes upon it... OMG, Magnificence and in Dark Wood... I NEED this piece actually, been looking for a good Bookcase like this Vision Forever... and DARK!  Never can locate one when I have the funds Saved up dontcha know... well, I'm Sure you do, I'm certain I'm not the only one that happens to?  *Le Sigh*

I Love Darker Furniture, Ebony and Mahogany especially.  But you can rarely Find them since Dark isn't so Trendy and the Masses still pretty much like the Light Colorless Palette or Lighter Natural Woods so that's what is usually Sourced and made available.   And Ornate is also difficult to Find... Simple lines seem to be most Popular, not the over the top Detailing I Die for!  I've got all body parts crossed that nobody else wants to take this Home so that perhaps I have a fighting chance for it in another Show after Mad Savings goes on and I Sell Off a bunch of stuff?   Sorry Michelle... I put my Mojo all over this piece Darling... hadda!  *Winks*

But just in case... since sometimes The Mojo has been known to not be Strong enough... I Photographed the living Hell out of the piece from every perceivable angle... you know, just to Torment myself with later in case it's one that gets away!??!??!  *Le Sigh*   Yeah, I do that to myself too... because the Inspiration and Joy of Finding the Perfect piece, even if I cannot buy it, is just too much to not capture at least some Imagery of thru the Eye of my lens!!!  For Future Reference... like I'm ever gonna Find the Holy Grail again... Right?  *Winks*

So, Yes, I had my Forbidden Lust Affair with several pieces I didn't come Home with... in fact I didn't come Home with anything at all, which is nothing short of Miraculous and made entirely Possible by such 'Miracles' as being too broke.  *LOL*  Yeah, it happens... what can I say, I'm Sure many can relate to having that situation on occasion?  As it is, if I cannot Work a Miracle at the School Meeting in the Morning to switch his Class and get it approved, I've got to somehow pull the Funding for a Musical Instrument each Month out of my ass! For The Young Prince for this semester's mandatory Band switch from Color Guard to playing an Instrument again, lest he get an automatic Fail in the Class!  Big ass Flags and faux Rifles were loaned, Instruments are about twenty five bucks or much more a Month to Rent!  *Ouch!*  I should probably send him with one of the Antique Violins that doesn't work but I use as a Display piece, whaddya think?   *Ha ha ha*

But I'll worry about all of that Tomorrow if I Need to... for Tonight I'm just fixating upon left behind Fabulousness at the Show!  *LOL*   Darned Priorities having to be in Order and all... such as paying Bills, getting Grandkids Raised and paying off The Man's constant Medical Bills really cramps my Style sometimes!!!  *Ha ha ha*  I could be so extravagant otherwise... well, if I still had a Career that is... this forced Retirement fixed income crappola really is annoying too... I Feel I still have such Earning Potential, you know?  Being totally Wasted and frittered away doing unpaid things!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Because Really, I NEED and have been seeking one more small piece of Dark Ornate Furniture for the Informal Dining Room that could hold the other spinning Craft Organizer at proper height... and there it was... dammit!   Michelle had a wealth of Glorious Darkness... and I just Hope all of the Whiteness sitting around it Appealed more to the other Lightness Shoppers so some Darkness remains for moi another time perhaps?  *Winks*  Don't come over to the Dark Side folks 'til I buy up the pieces I Need, Okay?  *Smiles*

In fact when it comes to Ideal Darkness I can become quite Obsessed... since my Friend Kenny has Black Shiplap Old Boards up on one entire Display Background Wall and whenever he gets weary of it... I WANT and NEED it Kenny... gimme a Call, Okay?!!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Otherwise I'll have to buy a torch and find some Old Boards for my Project 'Shiplap Wall' and char the crap out of them and that will make The Man mighty Nervous... me with Fire, pyro that I am!  *Ha ha ha*

But it isn't and wasn't all Darkness I was Covering at the Event... even tho' I was Feeling mighty Dark and coming from a rather Dark Place in my Head.  So you Colorless Palette Friends will get some Eye Candy in another of the Post Series, I Promise... there was loads of yummy Lightness as well for you guys!  *Winks*   And I'll try not to delay Posts too long in my Funk... but in case you just cannot wait, the Event for 'Green Acres' Theme runs thru Sunday Afternoon so you've still got three more days to Experience it in the flesh and get yours while there's still some left my Friends!

And I'll end this Post with a Fabulous Creation from my Friend Anne of 'Dos Fannies', a Lovely layered Bohemian Bling Necklace... Divinity!  Yes, the Angelic Hosts are clearly Singing again... *Winks*   And much more to come... eventually... when I get around to it... whenever that is... ????????????


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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