Thursday, November 14, 2019

Parting Can Be Played Hard... Or Played Easy... And Let Downs

So... I decided to put a Dozen larger furniture items up on my Private Facebook Page for Sale to reach only Trusted Industry Friends and Relatives, who I'd have complete comfort level coming to our Home to buy stuff.   Good-Byes to stuff can be Played Hard... or Played Easy.   This was the only Hard one for me, my Retro Table with Two Vintage Atomic Chairs and Three Vintage Chairs... all in sparkly Original Red Vinyl Upholstery circa The 50's.  I'd like to Keep it, so if it doesn't Sell, no harm, no foul... I'll see it as A Sign and find a damn place for it, right?!  *LOL*


Because I have a tendency to Hoard Vintage Tables and Chairs, I just have too many to spread out in The City House if that is The One.   And my Hoarding tendencies Need to be Cured once and for all, so this is part of my own Intervention to Self.  *Smiles*  Be Well Dawn... and get rid of "Extra" shit that is just absurd to own that much of any one thing of!   As my Grand-Daughter always tells me, "Gramma, you're SO "Extra"!  *Bwahahaha!*  That doesn't make me Hip, and it's not a Positive Label, since the Urban Dictionary states it's Slang definition being: Trying too hard, over the top, excessive, maybe a little Dramatic.  Often a little inappropriate.   Uh, Yeah, I'd have to say I'm a Poster Girl for being SO "Extra" then, coz that's mos def ME to a tee!  *LMAO*

This set was the only one I went Firm on the Pricing of, since I was into it for quite a bit, being I always intended to Keep it.  The Atomic Chair duo were hard to Source and spendy alone.  It's comfortable, functional and Nostalgic in a Good Way, but The City House Vibe isn't going to be Retro 50's Era Diner.   I've got an Antique Harvest Table with Fab Italian Cut Velvet Antique Chairs... plus an Ethan Allen larger Harvest Table with matching Chairs that will go with us and be more than enough seating for Meals and Guests.   The Harvest Table Urban Farmhouse Look is more appropriate for The City House's Vibe.

My Vintage beveled glass Antique Window Table conversion is something I Love but won't have placement for... so... it's gotta go.   The Son, a Glazier by Trade, was always going to make a protective Glass Cover for it and now he's no longer in that Trade, it won't ever happen either... so... Good-Bye.   It used to have a protective glass cover over the Window part.  That's 'til The Young Prince and I were moving it and didn't realize it wasn't permanently attached, so when we flipped it to the side, it fell out and shattered... we were Lucky we weren't injured by broken glass!   That Old Window set in to it is super heavy too, so it's a challenge for an Old Lady and Teen Manchild to move anyway, what were we thinking back then?!  {He was about 15 at the time.}

Most of my Architectural Salvage of Antique Doors, Hardware and Stained Glass Antique Windows is going with us even if I have to Invent placement for all of them!  *LOL*   The last big Sell Off of Architectural Salvage happened when we Sold Historic Bohemian Valhalla and I divested myself of about 36 Antique Doors and I don't even remember how many Antique Salvaged Windows.  Not to mention Victorian Fretwork, Columns and a Salvage Staircase Railing from a Victorian tear down.   At one time I must have been the Queen of Salvage in the Valley, since I'd been Hoarding it up since the 70's or so, squirreling it away when people thought it to be worthless and me a Nut Job for wanting any of it!  So I often hid it away in Storage so I didn't have the usual WTF comments all of the time to explain myself!  *LOL*


I only have one Antique 100+ Year Old Cabinet left and it has it's original wavy Glass and both Skeleton Keys for it's Locks.   Selling these Farmhouse pieces has been easy since it's Trendy right now and the White Sells again.   The Colorless Palette having made a big comeback with The Urban Farmhouse Movement... which might stick around longer than The Shabby Chic Movement did?   I had this since The Shabby Chic Movement when for a Minute I thought I'd Decorate with a lot of White... which was the antithesis of my Aesthetic really, being either more attracted to Jewel Tones or Black... so it didn't last.  But, some things I just never got rid of either and now they're coming back into Fashion, it's time to Let Go.

Yeah, when something Trends is when Yours Truly is MORE likely to detach from it and say Farewell, since... well... in a Word... Money!  *Winks*   Trending items are a Fast Turn and usually eliminate the Lowballers entirely, since you have a broader Audience vying for the pieces, so you blow off the annoying Customer... Move Along... it isn't for you!  *Winks*   That said, because I'm having a Moving Sale, the other Eleven pieces I'm hawking on my FB Page are at those First Cousin Deal Prices coz I want them GONE!   It's only the Vintage Red Retro Diner Set that I'm not doing a deep Discount on, tho' I felt I have it reasonably priced for anyone looking for one and appreciating it's Rarity of being a Real Deal set and not a repop Knock-Off.

Having the original Skeleton Keys for very Old Furniture is Rare too... the fact I've owned this so long and didn't lose either Key, even during Moves, is only because I kept them in the Locks!  *LOL*   Today I probably won't get as much packing and moving done as Yesterday, tho' I should try.  Yesterday was a very productive Day followed by a 10 Hour Sleep to sufficiently recuperate from doing so much in a single Day!  *LOL*   I only awoke relatively Early due to the sound of my Neighbor's Workmen who are hammering and using power tool saws to install new Flooring in his Home!   The Walls of New Build Homes, even Luxury Ones, is paper thin compared to Historic Homes.  I'll be Glad to be back in a Historic Home with outside noise buffered better!   Yeah, The City House being circa 1949 is built like a Brick Shit House... literally, since it's Brick... no shit they knew how to build a House to last back then!  *LOL*

So Princess T's little Retro Style Set isn't likely that Old... and one Chair has Issues, since a Corn Fed Built Friend of The Young Prince was too large to have the Chair handle his Muscular Large Frame adequately.   It happens, Young Men can be a challenge to Vintage Furnishings... Hell, Old Men can be... it's a Man Thing, they aren't that delicate with stuff no matter their size and strength, what can I say?!  *LOL*   But it's a Cute set being Sold On The Cheap to divest me of it since it's Upstairs and... we won't be Needing it anymore without a Guest House or Apartment attached to a Main House.

The G-Kid Force not only utilized it for Entertaining and Dining... but also as an Artistic Creation Station... and so any residual Art on the Table portion is Free!  *Winks*   Yep, no Extra Charge for that... and likely, with some Elbow Grease and good Cleaning Products, if you're not as Lazy as me, you can probably remove all or most of it anyway.   The Price reflects your Deep Discount for doing your own Restoration of said set... *LOL*   Yes, I am a Lazy Seller, most pieces you will ever Buy from me are Fresh From The Farm 'As Is' because I simply couldn't be bothered and frankly, most of my Customers like it better than way... who knew?   Yep, I used to clean up my Mantiques especially to try to get more for them... and they languished longer that way after all my wasted effort!

But if I just knocked the Living Spiders off them and brought the Mantiques in to the Antique Mall "As Is" and Fresh From The Pick... they Sold at such a Quick Turn that I discovered I was On to something!   *Smiles*  The Men seem to think it to be a fake if it looks too Good I guess?   The Real Deal shit has to look like it's had a Life and a History or the Male Customer won't give it a 2nd glance!   And I'm okay with that being I'm a Lazy Old Hippie and Domestic Goddess Duties are just not my Jam!   You'll never hear me saying on my Deathbed that I didn't do nearly enough housekeeping!  *Bwahahahaha!*   And so... any Dust, Cobwebs and normal wear and tear is going to be evident and I won't charge ya Extra for it either... Deal!  *Winks*

Another Vintage Ethan Allen piece that I've owned Forever and a Day, since way before any of my Kids were even Born, is this solid Maple Coffee Table.   Along the Years the Kids and then The G-Kid Force inherited it for their personal spaces and it was often used as an Art Creation Station as is evident by some of the light staining, which all should come off with a light refinish.   This Table has had a Marine Varnish on it since I've owned it and is practically indestructible, since that's how they made Furniture back in da Day!   Honestly Two Men and a Boy can STAND on this Table, or SIT on it with no problem... in fact, over the Years I can Testify that they HAVE with no ill effects!  It's still solid as a Rock and should last another 50+ Years and is priced at way less than Fifty Bucks!

I always Loved the Grain and Patina of that Coffee Table, so it's one piece I never Painted when I was in my Painting All Furniture Phase.  *LOL*   So you see, I've never been a Purist and I'll slap me some Paint on something to give it a New Life if I felt it Needed one over the Years.  *Gasp! say the Purists... Sorry... Not Sorry says Me... Smiles*   Granted, some Patinas shouldn't be destroyed so I'm not saying I've molested too many Real Deal Antiques with Hundreds of Years of Beauty bestowed upon them by Father Time.  You simply cannot replicate that with faux finishes no matter how Good you are at it!   So I am Mindful of that Fact too... but some Great Antique Pieces have excellent Bones yet are Sad, Outdated to an extreme or simply Neglected to an extreme and those pieces deserve a New Life and Resurrection.   Be Born Again!

This piece was a DIY Project I bought from another Vendor at our Mall a long time ago who was going out of Business and Selling Off her Displays.   But I really have no Need of it nor Space for it at any New Location... and it's an Easily Played Good-Bye.  No Attachments to certain things mean I might rotate them in and then out of my Life without any challenges in doing so.   For some strange reason larger items are like that for me, detachment from the Big Stuff is usually way Easier and not as Emotional for me as The Smalls can be!   I know that Downsizing my Cabinet Of Curiosities Collection is going to be rougher and a Hard Play.  I have to, since I Sold Off more than Half of my Barrister Cabinets that Housed them!


The Young Prince couldn't Believe I even did that... and only kept The One most coveted Antique Barrister Cabinet for my Curiosities Collection!!!   But I'm Serious as a Heart Attack about this Downsizing Project and going Balls to the Wall with it... I just HAVE to my Friends... the Time has come and is long Overdue!   Better to get it over with Emotionally in one fell swoop and culminate what I've been on a Quest for since The Great Edit And Purge began.  I've Culled a lot over the Years and my Curated Clutter is getting more Manageable.  A Fresh Start and Blank Slate of a New and considerably Downsized Property will make it so that I simply have to Finalize what I began too long ago!  Life Changes being kinda Exciting, I'm Okay with the Parting is such Sweet Sorrow Thing.

I held onto my Antique Dress Form Gals even tho' they're quite The Hoard now.  But... Two Vintage ones are going to be Sold Off... sans their Exotic garb they're now Modeling in the Meditation Room.   Anyone who Buys both gets a considerable Discount, I'd rather they be Sold as a Pair anyway since they're similar.   And... Bad News just arrived as I was hammering this Post out... The City House Offer was rejected.  They were Okay with what we Offered, but weren't comfortable with a Contingency of us Selling our Home before we could Buy theirs.  And there's no other way for us since we're rolling The Man's VA Loan over to a New Purchase and thus it has to be Owner Occupied and the VA Loan released on this Property... bummer!   I'm Processing my Deep Disappointment as I Write... since I was really LOVING that Home A LOT.

The Man is still Hopeful that Pueblo Boheme's Title Issues will be resolved and that us looking for alternatives might light a Fire under the Ass of the Seller to resolve it quickly, if they but can?   We have First Offer Of Refusal on that Property since we were deep into the Purchase of it when they realized they couldn't Sell it to us or anyone... double Disappointments back to back are hard... but such is the Game when you're Buying or Selling Real Property.  I'll see this as the Luxury of even more Time to detach, Sell Off shit, Live with a LOT LESS since we're practically Living out of Boxes now as it is... and Waiting Patiently for Divine Favor for The One we SHOULD Buy and won't be a Closed Door?   I cannot even try to Process remaining HERE... and having to Move back in... tho' it could be a Possibility too I suppose if it's just meant to be?

So, that last Update was always a Possibility... and I knew it... and I was iffy on whether or not we COULD be contenders from the Get Go... so I could Accept it when our Agent had to convey the unfortunate News.    I had told him I wasn't certain our Offer would Hold... given the Area and the Quality of that Home being high enough we'd have competition and limitations on what we could bring to the Table in the Negotiations.  I prefer to go into any Negotiation from a Position of Strength and with this Albatross to dispose of, that's not what I'm used to when Negotiating a Real Estate Deal.  I've always had Paid Off Properties I could Sell at my Leisure, move out of at my Leisure, Transition seamlessly from to whatever I Bought.  That will not be the case this time and it's New Territory for me.

So anyway, I Mourned for a Minute and now I'm Over It... Move Along, it wasn't for us apparently.   The Man wants me to keep looking, he knows I Master at The Thrill Of The Hunt, it's what I was Born to do!  *LOL*   If there is something worth having out there, I'll find it... and I'm picky enough when it comes to Real Estate, yet flexible enough on Aesthetic of a Property... to have a lot of Loves and yet be very specific in what I don't Want or Like.   Thus, my Agent doesn't do a lot of Looking FOR me since he knows how I am and we've worked together before.   He knows what part he will play in this Dance when I find something I wanna try to Buy.  *Smiles*   And since he'd bend the Earth for us, when it's supposed to happen, it will happen... Trusting God for that Outcome.  So... as you see, here's another Antique 100+ Year Old piece in the form of another Chest Of Drawers with Crystal Knobs.   And a Vintage Needlepoint Boudoir Bench, both for Sale.

The Dresser is a very Old Hand-made piece and I replaced the Wood Knobs with Expensive Crystal ones many Years ago.   I remember paying $80 for those Custom Knobs and I'm only Selling this piece for $99 so it's a Bargain.   I had a 'Thing' for Old Needlepoint but have Sold Off most pieces now of the Furnishings that had Amazing Old Needlepoint on them... my Phase now being Over.  This is a nice Bench tho' and comfy for the foot of a Bed to get Dressed while sitting upon.  When The Man was going thru his TBI Rehabilitation he Needed a lot of specific things to Help him to do Normal everyday Activities he was re-learning to do, like Dressing himself.   Now that he can do all that again without Aides, we're Good on getting rid of the Bench.

Here's a solid Maple Chest Of Drawers that is Vintage and I completely refinished Years ago.   It was when I was in my Furniture Restoration Period of Fanatical Projects.  *LOL*   Now I don't have the Time, Energy nor Inclination for such things, but at the time, it was Fun and I brought back to Life many a piece sadly Neglected or Abused, but which had Great Bones for a Restoration.  This one has the most Divine Wood Grain, Color and Patina... it now has a Marine Varnish finish because... we had a Family... and it holds up to ANYTHING!   *LOL*   Not to mention, at only Fifty Bucks, it's a Bargain, you can't buy a piece of shit Chest of Drawers at Wal-Mart for that!

The Room Divider and Kidney Shaped Antique Table, both in White, I've Loved but it's time to move them along.   Yeah, they're from way, way back in my briefly enamored experimentation with Shabby Chic, since Rachel Ashwell got even us Colorful Gals excited about something different.  *LOL*   But, this Family just can't do White... we just can't... we're too messy first of all... and Color always creeps back into our World.  I can J'Adore the Colorless Palette if done Well since it's soothing to the Soul and Clean looking... it just doesn't STAY that way with Mi Vida Loca so there's no point and it's just not me at my Core.  In fact, a Home with White Walls makes me think of an Institution... and not in any Good kinda way!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

I got this piece Years ago from a small Boutique owned by a Lovely Lady with a Vision for having unique merchandise in Old Town of where our Historic Home was.  Sadly, wrong Demographic for her Vision and she went out of Business quickly and it was a shame because her Shop totally ROCKED!   Sometimes the best Shops close down thru no fault of their Vision being Awesome... but hey, it's no real Surprise that places like McDonalds have thrived while Quality Restaurants have gone under.   Our disposable, fast paced Society being what it just is... you can serve crap and mass produced shit to make Millions doing so... while the Quality Vendors and terrific Indie Shops have to close up Shop for lack of demand... go figure!

It is hard to compete with Big Box Corporate America, no matter how fantastic a Vision the Small Business Owner has.  They can undercut your prices always and serve up an array of cheap crap that disposable America is Okay with Buying all Day long.  Mostly coz they'll tire of it in a Minute anyway and move on to the Next New Thing.   Look at Tech Gadgets, they're redundant almost the moment they begin Selling them and discontinue everything related to it quickly so you can't buy replacement parts and HAVE to Upgrade.  It's Addictive by Design and there are Billions of Addicts.   Just stroll by the Apple Store in the Mall to get a glimpse of the Tech Pushers and their hapless Victims... it's as sad as watching the Junkies on the Corner buying from the Drug Dealers really.  It's just not illegal for the Tech Gurus to Push their Addictive by Design Products and get filthy rich off the backs of who they have hooked.   

And Yes, new studies have proven that the Addictive Nature of Tech Gadgets rivals even the most Dangerous Drugs in Addictive endorphin release.  Especially damaging to Small Children... who now most are Babysat by their Gadgets so the Parents don't have to Parent!  The Body having Opiate Receptors responds and that's why people freak out when they are separated from their Gadgets once they're hooked.   And, the Manufacturers know this and exploit it... it's the next Epidemic that will be something Society will have to run damage control behind, you can count on it.   The number of Vehicular Homicides I processed at our DA's Office related to people distracted by their Phones and Gadgets was getting higher than most other DUI carnage!  In fact, Drunks and those driving High were probably at least trying to keep their Eyes on the Road and anyone Texting or Viewing their Phone isn't at all.  So the carnage can be so much more horrific as they careen down the Road without even giving it their full Attention like they should be!   Okay, stepping down off Soapbox now {winks} and Small Cabinet I'm hawking needs a small Knob on bottom Cabinet Door.

This is an English Monk's Bench I inherited from my Parents, they had it made by a Company in England called Undle I think or Oundle... they made a lot of Popular Gothic Style Furniture in the early 1970's.   It was all Hand Carved and Custom Made for Clients and my Parents had a house full of it.   It's been in Storage a very long time so the Dust is Free... Winks.   It isn't My Style but I held onto it all these Years because it did remind me of my Parents... but it's time to just Let Go of it to someone who digs Goth Furniture and has that whole Aesthetic going on at Home.   I believe it is solid Oak construction.


It has crouching Lion Arm Rest...

And the Seat opens up for a lot of Storage... which we've now used in the Mud Room for Princess T's assortment of Sports Gear so that I'm not tripping over Rollerblades, Skateboards and such in the Hallways!  *LOL*   Well... that's it for Today... I haven't been doing much Todaying for Today since getting the Sad News about The City House kind of deflated me.  To where I didn't feel much like going gangbusters on the packing and hauling shit to my already bursting at the seams offsite Storage now.  *Le Sigh*   Good thing I got so much done Yesterday then, while I still thought I had somewhere we might Move to!  *LOL*


Blessings, Love, Light and some Disappointing Let Down in the Arizona Desert again... Dawn... The Bohemian

No Photography Bender

One of the challenges of being on a Moving and Purging Bender is that I have had no time to be on a Photography Bender for Blog Fodder!  *Gasp!*  Yeah, I know, I should be going thru withdrawal right about now for the interruption in my Pathological Picture Taking Addiction!  *Winks*  It's not that I don't want to be out and about doing stuff and taking pixs, but this Move is CONSUMING me my Friends... so I can't wait to get it Over with and behind me!  So I can partake in Zen shit like Japanese Rock Weavings and such... {Pictured Above}

In fact, I can't even turn my Mind off for the Racing Thoughts I've been having, even whilst trying to Sleep, of how much Purge will be necessary if The City House comes thru?!   It will be a reduction in 2,000 square livable feet and the loss of a triple Car Garage Space... so there ya go!  *Yikes!*  Yeah, I've already decided I'll have to temporarily Rent some offsite Storage for a Minute.  *LOL*  So that Zen Existence might be slightly delayed while I ramp up The Purge... dammit!

But that Outlay to Pay to store shit I should Purge, should light a Fire under my Ass to do a Serious Purge like a Purge of none other I've ever experienced in this Lifetime!  Which is a Good thing and Honestly, I am ready for the challenge, it's overdue.  I have a LOT of The Good Stuff that I really must Let Go of and Sell Off.  Problematic is that I have limited Retail Space and don't want more outlay there and Industry Friends aren't buying like they used to.  Serious dilemma that is, to find Buyers for my Good shit!  I mean, this ain't gonna be Donation quality stuff!

I suppose I could explore other Options and if I wasn't so Tech Challenged and Lazy I would think Online Sales might be one of them?   I don't like Dealing with anything or anyone that might even smell like Drama and a Headache, so I've avoided Online Sales, even tho' those I know who do it make serious Bank off the practice.   I know I could outreach to a more serious audience of Collectors and Buyers that way... so we'll see if I'll test the Waters of Online Sales?

I know many who use Offer Up and such sites as Craig's List very successfully too, but having Retired from our Local DA's Office, the huge risks of random people coming to your Home is just not something I'm Down for.  Yes, that Career made me Cynical and showed me too much of what could happen and does happen all the freakin' time... so I'm quite Jaded and cautious.

Yard Sales, perhaps at the City House that will be a Thing?  I just don't know... I know in my last Historic Neighborhood you could make Serious Bank off even a short half-assed attempt at a Yard Sale.  I'm not big on them, since I'd rather light my shit on Fire than Deal with the average Yard Saler's Mentality towards what you're hawking.   You got something of significant value and priced well and they say something stupid and insulting about would you take _____, you just wanna break out the Matches and light it up in front of them!  *Or mebbe that's just me?  This is precisely Why I NEED Zen Outlets, to Maintain my Calm... Ohmmmm!   LOL* 

It does happen at the Antique Mall too... sometimes I Wonder why some Customers would frequent an Antique Mall and assume it's like The Goodwill where everything is Donated and should therefore be had for a Song?   I remember at one point having a $5,000 Persian Rug on my Showroom Floor just for Ambiance... it was natch NFS.   But the people who insisted I be Called so they could offer me Fifty Bucks made me take the damned thing up and Home... forget legit Ambiance if someone waltzing in is that Clueless and Unappreciative of The Good Stuff, they were too many Zeroes Off even if I was willing to Sell it to them!  *Bwahaha!*

Okay, so Truth be told, now I don't hawk as much of The Good Stuff as I should at my Retail Spaces because the shit Sells better.  Yeah, most days Princess T's Childhood 'Collectibles' of LPS and Shopkins make more Bank from her tiny Booth than any legit Antique, Vintage or Collectible merchandise I am trying to hawk in my much more expensive Showroom so WTF?!?  This is why I'm trying to come up with better Options for hawking The Good Stuff I MUST Purge after and even before this Move!

The Purge... it keeps me up at Night actually with the logistics of it all and how daunting it is going to be.  Tho' seriously it's so overdue for the culmination of it, that I'm up for the challenge of it and Decorating the City House with a more Editorial Eye and Seriously Curating possessions.  I am Assuming of coarse that The City House comes thru, we should know as early as Tomorrow if our Offer was accepted or not?  It was looking very Good... but so was The Wickenburg Pueblo Boheme' Property for a Minute... so ya never know.  Sometimes how I would Live and how I will Live are Polar opposites... so you never know how it might LOOK?!?  *Smiles*  My Derelict Decorating would probably not go with The City House, so I'll have to refine the Aesthetic.

And for that one in Wickenburg... a lot less Purge would have been immediately necessary, so I probably would have dragged more stuff up there than I should have.  So no Wonder God slammed that Door shut... He knew I couldn't go on like this and that would just contribute to my Delinquency... and evade biting the Bullet and Curing me of Muchness and the inclination to Hoard The Good Stuff!  *LOL*  Now the rubber meets the road and The City House will be the Great Equalizer of how much is Enough... and Too Much?

Enough... Too Much... very subjective isn't it?  When the Young Prince came for his visit with his Partner, to a SERIOUSLY emptied out Villa Boheme', his Partner happened to mention HOW MUCH we had!  Wow, was that a revelation, since about 75% of it was now GONE, so to us this seemed spartan... bare minimum... almost hardship!  *LMAO*  I mean, shit, the Rooms echo, that's how empty they are now, some more than others, some ARE Empty for Reals!  You should have seen it BEFORE The Young Prince, a professed Minimalist, exclaimed!  *Bwahahaha!*

When The Young Prince lived in the MIL Apartment Upstairs you weren't sure if he was just moving in or had almost moved out... that's how little he Owned and he liked it that way.   Princess T is the same... so are our Adult Kiddos... I sure Cured them of becoming Maximalists, didn't I?  *Smiles*   I grew up with a Minimalist Dad and a Maximalist Mom... and I could see the merits in both ways of Living and so I've done both.   And I've been Okay Living either way if you can Believe that!?!  Shocking I know... but it's True.  I'm thinking Michael Trapp Style Interior Design would Work at The City House.

I Love Michael Trapp's Aesthetic and restraint... I Need to Exercise more Restraint.  I think I'm re-entering my more Minimalist Phase of Life, I really do, because I'm longing for it, of shedding The Excess, even tho' that isn't easy once you've accumulated it and much Beloved Objects galore!   For Incurable Collectors you'll understand the inner conflict that can bring.  Even tho' Attachments usually aren't a long convoluted protracted Process, Detachments usually are.  Which is why offsite Storage could be a temporary Solution for me.

I Detach easily from that which has been out of Sight and out of Mind... and the fact I might have to PAY to have it be out of Sight and out of Mind would just expedite my Process lemme tell ya!  I abhor Offsite Storage, it's so redundant unless you're actually Moving and it's really Temporary!   I know Vendors who outlay a Fortune... for Years on end, to house that which is Inventory and thus their margins are crap, if they're even still making Money at all off Selling what they've Paid too much to Store for too long?

Stranger still are those not even Storing what they Hope to Let Go of... and KEEP... in Paid Storage... Forever and Ever... Why?  I don't understand and only a Month in to Paying for my Storage out of absolute necessity, I'm anxious to get Moved to bring back what I can and Sell Off what I can't... quickly... and not be shelling out to Store shit!  Now, that said... not to Judge those who Keep too much shit... Unpaid Storage, yep, done it to an extreme when I've had ample Space to Store shit that I probably should have and could have Let Go of or even brought out into the Light sooner! 

  Shit, I have uncovered stuff that has been Stored and forgotten from my last Move almost FIVE Years ago... which is Insane!  It was some Good Stuff too... Stuff I could have used or displayed... but forgot I even had!   Oh... THAT'S where it was!   The Broom Closet under the Stairs was rife with such things, now it's filled with packed Boxes of New Stuff I might Forget about?   Such is the Cycle and Circle of Mi Vida Loca!  *LOL* 


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... On The Cusp Of Life Changes... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Curious Nature... And You ARE Wondering, Huh?

After the Veteran's Day Parade was over and they opened Central Avenue back up to traffic along the Parade route, one of my Fav Shops opened near where we had been sitting on the Parade route, CURIOUS NATURE.   Well, of coarse I HAD to go in, being I was walking back to where we'd parked the Truck anyway... to bring it to the Restaurant to pick up The Man, The Son and Princess T.  I got busted however... since they SAW me going in and Shopping a bit and blew up my Phone to tell me I'd been spotted ducking in!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Okay, so they weren't mad, they were just amused... and I came away with some Palo Santo Incense and a Sea Sponge, as well as some Cell Phone captured Imagery of the Shop to Share with ya.  *LOL*

Now, if we get The City House, we'll be near this Fav Shop and a multitude of everything else I Love in The City.   And oh... Yeah... I'm sure your Curious Nature now Wonders, what about The City House Dawn?  And you ARE Wondering, Huh?  *Winks*   Well, we went to the Open House on Sunday Morning that they were Hosting, so that we didn't have to try to cram too much into Veteran's Day for The Man, since he might have had Sensory Overload doing too much in a single full Day.   So we cancelled the Appointment we'd set up for a Private Viewing and told their Agent we'd drop by at the start of the Open House the Day before instead.

Since the Open House was busy I didn't take Photos, the Listing pixs were sublime enough anyway and it was everything and then some that the Imagery had portrayed.   There were some Fancy People and Young Professional Couples viewing it, filled with fussy and rather pretentious Complaints about everything... which wasn't Surprising and favorable IMO.  Since I didn't see a damned thing we didn't J'Adore about the Property and it's sublime Remodel, so perhaps that just eliminated the competition? *Winks*   I think some prospective Buyers just assume that if they're too picky and find fault in everything, they can lowball a Seller, I dunno... or mebbe they just are damned near impossible to Please... either way, I don't Care, I saw it as an advantage to us, since we fully intended to make an Offer and try to Buy the place!

In fact you would have laughed, since Princess T and The Man had already Claimed the Property as their own, which was a Good Sign for me, I already knew it was EVERYTHING I Desired!   So, there was one Couple, an Older Professional Type and his much Younger Trophy Wife, she was very fussy and full of Complaints about everything, which was another Good Sign to me.  But, I could tell the Woman was Annoying to Princess T, so Princess T's countenance did one of those Wednesday Addams Child switches!  And since our Diva Child had already Claimed the Place as her own... she was very vocal to her Grandpa and I about what she was going to do with this, that, the third, conveying it was ours... and kinda crowding out Trophy Wife Woman to assert HER Territory!  It was freakin' hilarious!   I don't think they wanted the Property anyway... everything was ALL Wrong... and I think Older Husband {The Wallet} was gonna have to dig deeper to please Younger Trophy Wife, who was clearly High Maintenance!?  *Bwahahaha!*

The Seller's Agent was very Nice and extremely informative, he'd Sold the Home to the Male Couple who live there, so he knew a lot about the Property and Area.  The Home was Decorated very tastefully and very well taken care of and Loved.   Princess T was smitten with some of their furnishings and their Agent joked that perhaps he could get them to throw 'that' in with the Purchase?  *Smiles*   I wouldn't be Surprised if the Sellers aren't Interior Decorators or know someone who is, because everything was like HGTV and it wasn't Staged, they live like that and it was all their Decor and Aesthetic.   The Home isn't a Flip, it was done to the Owners specifications and that showed.   There are a couple of legit Negs that wouldn't Appeal to the Masses due to that, but didn't bother us one iota.   If you Appeal to the Masses too much, competition is too fierce in the coveted Inner City Historic Neighborhoods... so sometimes I prefer too much Customization that is Owner or Designer Specific.

It's like when you Customize a Collectible Vehicle, especially a Vintage one... you can throw a lot of Money into it, but the more Customized it is, the less likely you are to get a return on that Investment or Appeal to as many Buyers.  Anyway, I was diggin' their Customized non-masses-appealing touches... since that weeded out a lot of potential competition.   Which is just how I like it when I'm Negotiating on something I want and Hope to Own!  *Winks*   So, Yeah, our Agent has talked extensively with their Agent all Day and Tomorrow we're signing our Paperwork... to Hopefully Own The City House.   I'm not Sure yet whether I will NAME it "The City House", that's something I haven't come up with yet... an appropriate Name for this Property.  I've considered Urban Boheme' as a possibility... let me know if you have any Ideas with the Word Boheme' attached to it?   That might be Fun!  *Winks*

We drove The Son past The City House so he'd know just where the Location was and how near it is to EVERYTHING I Love about the Inner City and all of the Historic Neighborhoods I prefer!    This Property is in a smaller Historic Neighborhood of Phoenix and there are only about 300 Homes built between 1949 and 1952 in that Historically designated area.   It tends to be a more obscure and lesser known Historic area and so it wasn't even on my radar to consider actually... one of those hidden gem Neighborhoods tucked away on large lots that are almost 10,000 square foot or even larger.  So, the Lot is actually larger than this big Lot that our ridiculously Large Luxury Home sits upon... which is Sweet!   Plus, it's a Corner Home and in those Eras they built Corner Homes facing the rounded Corners, so it gives the sense of having no actual Neighbors.   The angling of the Home on the Lot also gives huge front and back Yard space for Outdoor Living in front AND back!

Since many of the Historic Neighborhoods also had Alleyways or Irrigation Ways and Canals behind and between the Homes, the North side of this Home has an Irrigation Way between it and the Property behind/beside it, so no Common Walls there.   The Big Canal that flows thru the Inner City is very nearby too.   And the Walk Score is off the hook fantastic to SO MANY THINGS!   Plus close to the Light Rail... and routes of City Buses... and Monthly passes for Seniors is Cheap... so I wouldn't even have to drive if I didn't want to spend Money on Gas for the Truck or fight City Traffic... shit out here you can't even get Uber to show up!  

So... that's the Update and it's looking Good and Promising that we might Buy The City House and I couldn't be Happier!   I had been hesitant to get too Attached to it until I felt it was an actual Possibility and we were and could be Serious Contenders for it?   It's looking as tho' the Sellers are Interested in our Offer... so... Fingers and all Body Parts Crossed... I can give you Good News for a change???!?!?????????????????????   I sure Hope so... having Dreams and Hopes dashed all to Hell was getting rather Old on this Adventure of trying to Buy and Sell Property... you know?   I'm still packing like a Maniac and I'm slowly but surely filling up this plethora of empty Boxes.  I'm taking as much to Storage as I can still cram in there... and housing the rest in obscure parts of Villa Boheme' where prospective Buyers don't have to see them or ruin how this Shows when we Re-List it, which I Hope will be SOON.

We will now be the ONLY Home with this desirable Floor Plan by the Luxury Home Builder in this Area, since the only other One that was up for Sale has Sold and he got more than we had initially Listed for.   So that does a Good thing for the Comps for sure... and gets any competition eliminated for whoever wants THIS Floor Plan, which there were never many built anyway, so demand is higher than supply.   And I hear that Interest Rates went down some... so that was Good News too... this Crazy Economy and Crazier Administration always has me On Edge about how things could turn on a dime and go entirely sideways in a not so favorable way!?

Honestly, if things hit the Skids for the Economy and the Nation because we've had such Poor Leadership... I'll Feel much more comfortable already situated in my Forever Home where I want to finish out our Lives anyway.   Then I'll sit out front in my Adirondack Chair with my Friends Contentedly sipping Wine and contemplating how The Shit Show goes it?   Regardless of which side of the Political Fence they lean on, or are straddling... since I prefer to get along and play well with others, whether we agree or agree to disagree.  Because this Non-Partisan Moderate really thinks any Extreme is only bound to Fuck things up beyond all recognition more... so if that is what the Majority supports... what can I say but... it wasn't ever a Good Idea to have Extreme Thinking on the Left or the Right!  

And things are already FUBAR to an extreme and I'm weary of it, it's been a constant Sideshow that is embarrassing and alarming!  So, only causing more divisive Chaos isn't Helpful, probably not even Stable or Sane... Moderation in ALL things and Unity of Purpose just being more sensible, practical, stable and likely to play out favorably IMO!  If we intend to remain The UNITED States of America and be a Democracy intact???!!!!?!?  Nuff said...


Blessings, Love, Light, Faith and Hope Eternal from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

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