Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part III

Where in the World?  Yes, the Theme of this Month's Event was rather appropriate for me, not so much because I intend to go on an International Adventure, but because of contemplating a big Move to somewhere else.   Where in the World will you end up has been the focus of my Attention for several weeks now as we sought out a new location to make our New Home and slowly detach from the Old one. 

Changes can be exciting and exhilarating, such a Rush to consider all of the new Possibilities and what the Changes will bring?  And yet, it can also be intimidating and anxiety ridden as well... especially as you assess the Big Picture of what it will entail.   I've never minded actually Moving, it's The Process that can be overwhelming and scary in it's magnitude!

I ain't gonna lie... when I look at the volume of Work it will require to empty out a large Home, disposing of a lot of possessions all at once... and move into another and get it set up just the way we want it with whatever we're bringing with us, I get palpitations of borderline Panic setting in!  *LOL*    What am I Thinking?    Yes, that thought has come to Mind more than a few times... sometimes just being Comfortable and sticking with the Familiar seems so much easier.

It is actually Surprising though what you can Learn to become Comfortable with.   I have Learned, while attempting to Restore a Historic Home that was really rough, how to become Comfortable with many daily Discomforts.   After enough years you just get used to it and the capacity to live in a Mess and a Work always in progress.   And then, once you begin to get exceedingly Uncomfortable and Fed Up with it, only then do you begin to explore other Options and consider Change.

I've found that as we Age it is more difficult to fully embrace Change, it's not that we don't want to, it just takes us longer I think.   I've been inclined to like things to remain somewhat the same and Familiar, within reason, because that becomes my Comfort Zone.   And as I'm Challenged to move outside of my Comfort Zone, it takes a bit of prompting and coaxing.   I'm not always as Bold as I used to be about Spontaneous Change you see... it kinda scares me... that Unknown Factor of it.

I'm not much of a Gambler you see, so when considering Options and Big Changes, I think things through very Carefully and Orderly... sometimes I overthink things through in fact and drive everyone around me Crazy with it!    Yes, I have decidedly convinced myself that Change is due and inevitable now so I'm having a Peace about actually Moving.   It's The Process it will require that totally freaks me out some days as I let my Mind race!   *Arghhhhh!!!!!!*   

After all, when you've reached a certain Season of Life and you are an Incurable Collector, you have amassed a ridiculous amount of Fabulous stuff.   The thought of having to dispose of and/or move all or most of that stuff can be quite intimidating!!!   I'm not alone in this dilemma about what to do with an excess of Fabulous stuff, most folks at our Season of Life who are like us have expressed similar reservations about the Downsizing Process.  We know we HAVE to do it, we desperately WANT to do it, NEED to do it... but the DOING of it is like looking at scaling Mount Everest as a Senior Citizen... is this even POSSIBLE you Wonder?!??!?   *Smiles*


I have played out several Scenarios as my Mind races with these thoughts... various options and strategies... some days I can be Calm, Cool and Collected about it even.  Other days, not so much... as borderline Panic begins to set in at the magnitude of undertaking a Big Move and what it will entail.   I know that I will come out the other side just fine... because the worst case Scenario I've played out is to leave whatever I don't have Energy to Deal with behind and have it disposed of any kind of way... and I could actually be Okay with that if a worst case Scenario plays out.

Yes I LOVE so much of my Stuff that my bigger Fear is bringing too much of it with me, rather than leaving too much behind actually!  *LOL*   I am striving towards Simplifying my Life and a Fresh Start is giving me that Golden Opportunity so I don't wanna blow it!   And yet I know I shall never become a Minimalist just because it's easier to take care of nothing!  *Winks*   My Goal therefore is that Delicate Balance of "Just Enough" and for someone like me, who is lousy at Editing, well, that's easier said than actually done!

So I want The Process to go rather Slowly after the Big Pieces would move over to a New Location... it's not the Big Pieces that are a worry since I already Edited which of those are Coming or being left behind.   The MOVING of them is a particular Challenge... and staying within Budget to do so... but once I've hammered out those Details I am not so concerned about the massive amounts of Smalls as I probably should be... or could be... not yet anyways!  *Smiles*

I can't really even Imagine right now what is going to be a Good Fit or not in the New Home we're trying to Purchase?   And even if everything fell through I'm Okay with the fact that I've begun such an Earnest Purge now that I'm on a Roll and can't look back.   Several of those close to us cannot Imagine us parting with this Old Home... and Wonder if we shouldn't, which doesn't Help my Process of Letting Go... so I try not to obtain too much external Input, no matter how well Intended.   None of them has to try to Care for this Property and the enormous amount of Upkeep it requires.  To Whom much is given, much is required... that's all I can say about that.

It is both a Blessing and a Curse to have a lot to take Care of and be Responsible for.   Whether that be in your Personal Life or Professional Life.   I'm growing Weary of taking Care of too much, so I need to discard what is easiest to Let Go of... which is Property... Real Property and Personal Property.   The Time Element of how long it will take is still somewhat of a Mystery to me though I have set a loose Deadline.   I'd be playing loose with the Truth if I told you that I've got it all under Control right now, I don't... there are still many variables and I'm taking it one day at a time.

We're still signing Legal Documents for the new acquisition and having the Agents come over this Afternoon to view this Old House and Property.   I'm not certain yet when I would put it up for Sale, but it would be once we're settled in to a New Home and have disposed of as much as possible that got left behind.   Keeping two Properties going for a while is Economically going to be Okay since I factored that into the Move Equation... but I don't like to keep any Real Property Vacant for long so I would want to Turn it as fast as possible so the Investment isn't compromised.

And in all Reality I want to keep my Lovely Historic Home Safe from being Vacant too long... so I'd rather it be Sold promptly since it is a large Property to Monitor while Vacant and on the Market.  And I know I will be diligent to pay daily visits during that Process as well, even after everything is cleared out and I can have a Peace about the stuff.  *Smiles*

Of coarse the Family's biggest lingering Question is which Property will be LIVED in most during this Process of Buying and Selling?  To which I don't really have a firm answer right now... so I can only Imagine how Seasonal Residents who own several Properties must Feel?   I don't know I'd like to own several Properties for that reason... the Empty One would always Concern me to some degree!   I'm very OCD like that... I have to KNOW what's going on with whatever I own!  *Winks*

And, though I don't wanna Jinx anything... I think my next Post will take a brief break from the Event and Reveal the New Home we're trying to acquire... because it's killing me not to Share it with you all here in the Land of Blog!   *Smiles*   I'm just that Excited... and Scared Sh--less all at once about the Journey we've decided to embark upon... and we don't know yet where it will lead us, but we're definitely on our way!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part II

Though the Event wrapped on Sunday Afternoon I still have loads of Images to Share.  I particularly Enjoyed my Friend Minnie's Space this Month which was Styled and Inspired by Woodstock.  Well, of coarse that would be something I'd be drawn to like a Moth to a Flame, right?  *Winks*

I suppose I've never moved away from Enjoying and Connecting to this Style of Decor... it is always so Eccentric and a Bold Statement... it always makes me Smile and Feel very relaxed and comfortable in any Environment with this Aesthetic.

But I also find myself drawn to the Vintage Industrial Vibe as well... something about Warehouse and Loft Styling also Appeals to me strongly.   So I Wonder... could I somehow meld my gravitation towards Gothic, Boho and Vintage Industrial into a distinctive Style that would take the best of them all in a Tuscan Architectural Inspired Home?  Well... I think I'm certainly gonna try if we end up with the New Home.   I'll call it "Funky Gothic Tuscan".  *Winks*

Even though I used enormous restraint this Month, due to the Home Buying Thang... I have to tell you that the Vintage Suitcase plastered with great decals really wanted to come Home with me.  But when I'm on a self-imposed Sabitical from Buying, in order to move towards Living The Dream, I'm dedicated to sticking with the Mission Statement.

While also soaking in Inspiration and Exploring all kinds of Possibilities... because I'm really thinking that the potential New Home's Courtyard could definitely be Styled as a Zen Retreat... done all up Spa Style, whaddya think?   Yes, Eclectic will be the key word when it comes to Styling a New Home because there are so many distinct areas that could be Styled quite differently... like Traveling the World... but under one roof.

I have always been Intrigued by Homes that don't just Showcase one particular Style or Aesthetic and could take you to a different Dreamscape with each room... a different Atmosphere.   I Love how Unpredictable turning the next corner could be in a Home like that.   I think if the Occupant(s) infuse their particular Essence into each, it still somehow has a great Synergy.

I've never been one to play by the Rules when it comes to Style and Decorating ... because I always Wonder, "Who made the Rules anyway?"  And more importantly, why does their Opinion or Outlook really matter more than anyone else's??!  *Smiles*  I prefer to do what Pleases me rather than what might Please anyone else, especially in the confines of my own Private Sanctuaries.

That said, because each Home has it's distinctions and Character, I do know that I could Embrace something entirely different and Unexpected when it comes to Styling a New Space, which might not conform in the least to what I've ever done before.   And in so many ways, that is really Exciting to me... to Explore other aspects of myself as I come together with a different Property's distinctions and Unique Character.

I'm not even entirely certain which possessions will Go with a new Home and which just won't and therefore will go Bye-Bye when they're just not a correct Fit?   We've been discussing some of the Possibilities of starting from scratch with a Blank Canvas and what that could end up looking like?  We're not entirely sure yet and the Evolution of it is Exhilerating to contemplate.

I'd like to bring some larger than Life Statuaries into a New Home's Decor... so I've really been eyeballing those that Appeal to me and getting a Price Point to create a budget towards the acquisition of in the Future.   The Beauty of Contemplating a Forever Home is that you're more inclined to Invest in the Statement Pieces that will abide.

Lord knows I've got enough Smalls that even after an enormous Purge of the majority of them, I won't really NEED any more of those.  But Statement Pieces, that's another story... and so I've been concentrating more upon that kind of Decor now for Future Decorating Projects.

And Ambiant Lighting... because I've decided that the majority of my Chandies are probably going to be Sold Off ... *Gasp*... yeah, I know, I never thought I'd say that either!!!   But the existing Lighting Fixtures in this potential New Home are quite different than what I have here at this Old Home... and I'm kinda diggin' them... a lot actually... and how NOT Fussy they are!

While at the Event I was looking at Fixtures that would Compliment the Existing ones in the New Home and decided it would be more like this Lovely Example... than Chandies dripping with Crystals and overly Oppulent.    Not that I won't drag some of my Fav Oppulent Crystal Chandies with me... but it will be only a select few if we do move.   And the proceeds of the others I'd Sell Off would Fund the New Ambiant Vintage and Antique Light Fixtures.   That's the Master Plan anyways. *Smiles*

And having a Transition of a more Under The Tuscan Sun potential Environment is causing me to see what Objects I would like to Decorate with if I Explore a different side of My Style... Refining it to suit a different Space entirely.    Something like this for Example just seemed so RIGHT!   Of coarse you would have to Envision it with some Gypsy Flair thrown in... Naturally!  *LOL*

But... we'll just have to wait and see what direction everything goes... and until then, keep perfecting the Dream and the Vision of how it COULD be!?
Dreaming and Envisioning a Change in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World Event ~ Part I

When I wasn't totally Consumed with the Journey of trying to finalize the Purchase of a Fabulous New Dream Home, I did take some time this Month to attend SWEET SALVAGE's "Where In The World" Event, which I knew would be a favorite Theme for me.  It didn't disappoint, it never does.  I think I might NEED Storage Units like this once we're all settled in, I'm Excited actually to be considering a Blank Canvas to build upon again.

As usual I attended on Opening Day by myself for a Girl's Day Out unencumbered, to meet up with Friends there.   Then I returned as usual during the Weekend with a G-Kid in tow, this time it was Prince R who wanted to attend with me.  If I only have one in tow we have a Big Time and thoroughly Enjoy ourselves.  I had forgotten my trusty point and shoot camera at Home by accident *Gasp* and so Prince R challenged me to use my new Smart Phone Camera and begin practicing Photography with it.  With his assistance and guidance I began navigating Smart Phone Photography, which I knew would be superior quality, just not sure how skillful the person behind the lens {Moi} would be with it?!   *LOL*   Necessity is the Mother of Invention, right?  *Winks*   I'm such a Creature of Habit that sometimes I have to be forced to switch gears and learn or use something different.

So the more slender vertical Images are with Camera Phone taken on Saturday... mixed in with Old Trusty Point And Shoot Camera Images taken on Thursday... you be the Judge.  I'm leaning towards the Camera Phone which does not require a flash and has nice crisp Images... and now that the Young Prince guided me thru downloading to my Computer at Home, to where I felt comfortable Editing them for a Blog Post, I may just begin more Experimentation with my Phone's Camera Feature, it was so easy and user Friendly, plus, the Quality of Image blew me away, I felt somewhat like a Skilled Professional with the Outcome!  *Bwahahaha!*

Look, I've got Pottery growing out of my head!  *Smiles*  Young Prince isn't that Concerned with what's in the Background when he's using his... or how it might interface with his Subject Matter?!  So I guess you could say that I'm a Pot Head in this one!!!  *Bwahahaha!*  

Both days I spent a considerable amount of time Socializing and discussing our prospective Move with all my Friends and Extended Family... it is Bittersweet... but for the most part, though everyone will certainly Miss this Old House... and Tears have been shed... we're all very much looking forward to what the Future might hold?!?   And a big Housewarming Party if things work out with the acquisition of New Dream Home.   Not to mention a big Party 'Pick' at this Old House when that time comes to Liquidate Possessions and Inventory that won't be moving with us.

My Friends and Family have all been so very Supportive... and I am Hopeful that having less to take Care of in the way of deferred Maintenance with a very large Old Home, will give me more Time to spend with Family, Friends and to Create my Art.    Not to mention work on losing more weight and Improve my Health,  since it's still pretty Painful to see all that spare cushion I don't need to be carrying around with me in the midsection especially!  *Grimace!!!*   If we're having a Fresh Start, well, the absence of distractions left behind might give me more time for those things I really would prefer to spend my time and resources doing more of... I'm looking forward to that very much.

I Believe the Blank Canvas will assist me in the Minimization and De-Cluttering Process that I've been on a Journey with for a couple of years now.   After Enjoying so much Success with Transforming my Art Studio Cottage, after stripping it down to a Blank Canvas and rebuilding upon it, I think having an entire Home with that emptiness is just what I need to begin anew and shed what has been excess or unnecessary.  The Art Studio Cottage turned out so well that I could actually move in and Live there with total Peace about every aspect of it... it is the Essence of me and my Style... so to have an entire New Dream Home to do the same with... well, it's very Exciting indeed!!!

So at this Month's Event I was far deeper into Inspiration Mode... for the Possibilities of what might be great to Style the prospective New Dream Home with, since it's Character is way different than this Old Home, so it will probably Transform in a somewhat different way and Altered Style to suit the Architecture and Character of the Home.   Each Home has an Essence that is it's own... and melding it with your Essence Creates a Distinctive Style in each Home you might have ever lived in and Decorated.   It is an Evolution of Place and Person coming together so that it is just right and Feels like Home.

I think that for me the largest Purge will be in the Smalls I possess... though I will be Keeping those I absolutely J'Adore or have major Sentimental Value, my Goal is to Edit very carefully and Let Go of a lot.   My Vision is to Cull the Hoard considerably and the G-Kid Force are on board to keep Gramma accountable during this Process as we change Homes and build a New Environment.  One or both of them will be with me daily as we meet our Self Imposed Goal of Culling a minimum of Ten items per day from here on out... and Ideally Twenty items or more per day.   It has been going well and there hasn't been any Anxiety associated with it... I'm far more Excited about starting over than what must Go.

It is looking very, very Good that we will get this New Dream Home and the Goal of coarse would to be in it by the end of next Month, which is looking quite possible at the present time.   I had reached the Peace of being totally Content whether I stayed here or moved there, so there is no Negative Outcome in my Heart and that is a very Good space to be in.   I am ready either way to precipitate Major Change.

So, though I have numerous Posts I Intend to do about this Wonderful Event this Month, if I am not Blogging often, it is only because I've got many irons in the fire right now and don't have as much singular Focus at the Moment... not because anything in particular is wrong.   Our Personal Struggles in fact are under control at the moment, which is a good thing since buying Real Estate and making a Big Investment in our Future and the Changes that go along with all that, needs more Focus and my Undivided Attention for a while.   The Family is realizing this Reality and has given me some space to do what I need to do for us all without vying for the Spotlight and Center Stage.  *Smiles*

I'm Grateful that everyone has as much Excitement as I do and nobody is moving Forward under Protest.  Any time you are Moving that can be an Issue and I was Concerned it could be, since Friends and Familiarity will be left behind along with a lot of possessions.   With the exception of this Historic Home though, there is nothing I'm leaving behind that will be particularly missed or cannot be replaced by something Better and more Positive... so I'm in High Gear to move Forward.

Of coarse with a Big Move comes Expenses, and so I've trimmed the discretionary Budget considerably beginning Immediately... which seems to be easier for The Man and I than for the G-Kid Force.   They Understand why it must be this way for a while during a huge adjustment and major transition, but Kids will be Kids and the impact for them isn't fully comprehended economically of coarse.   I have explained that having a Mortgage from a long time ago that is just about paid off is far different than having a right now Mortgage.   But that after Liquidating our other Real Estate Investments that have lots of Equity... and flipping a lot of unnecessary Treasures we won't be packing up and taking with us, things will level out well and be better than back to Normal.

I know you might find this hard to Believe, but I can be extremely Frugal when I need and want to be... and this is one of those need and want to be Moments in Time for me so I don't feel particularly Tempted to stray from my Self Imposed Restrictions that are quite rigid at the moment.  My entire Focus is on getting what I want... and what I want right now is that New Dream Home... I'm tenacious like that and extremely driven and relentless towards my Desired Outcome.  I have already Negotiated my Best Deal and had it Accepted in it's entirity, which was cause enough for Celebration, so I don't need more than that for right now!

And yes I will soon be Sharing some interior Images and more of the New Dream Home... my Facebook Friends have already gotten a Sneak Peek Reveal... suffice to say that the Wow Factor is definitely there for our Family... and it just Feels Right.  Be sure to come back for even more of the Event... I've still got a lot to Share from there as well my Friends!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Navigating Turbulent Waters

There have been a fair amount of Tears shed in recent days as I Contemplate the possibility of giving up and Letting Go of my Beloved Old Historic Homestead.  Changes and a big move at this Season of Life are a whole lot more Intimidating than they used to be... downsizing considerably is quite Daunting... I guess I always thought this would be our Forever Home.  But the Reality is, now that The Man can no longer help me take care of it... and I must take care of it, him and the G-Kid Force too without 'Staff'... well, it's just become too much and I recognize that sobering Reality.  I Believe it could be time to pass it along to a new Owner that could put it to best use... though what that might be is also somewhat Agonizing for me to Contemplate since we Saved it from being Razed and Lost almost two decades ago now.  I've had to come to a Peace about every Possibility and Outcome... that has been a Process... and a Tearful one at that!

I have to do what I Believe to be best for the entire Family, while having them all on board and behind the Vision... whether that Vision ends up staying put and deciding that a move is not possible, so what to do now?   Or Moving On to a New and I must say Exciting Adventure?   Our present Home is the only one the G-Kid Force have ever known, so it was not without Anxiety for them to Contemplate being uprooted.  However, Kiddos are Resilient beyond Belief and they quickly became equally Excited that our Forever Home could be the Chosen One we'd Found after much Searching and Due Diligence.  Yes, a Prospective New Home would certainly have to be so Fabulous that the Letting Go of our Beloved Old Historic Home wouldn't be quite so Painful and would lose some of it's Sting... we all felt this one and it's entire Neighborhood, reminiscent of a Historic Tuscan Villa and the Historic Downtown Phoenix District, fit the bill... but without being a Historic "Project".  I think we're quite Done with "Projects" now and unanimous about that Labor of Love coming to an end.   Many will Wonder how can I give what I have up?  Well, when you realize you can no longer take proper Care of it then the HOW CAN I becomes somewhat easier and Logical.

Now that The Man has Traumatic Brain Injury, Changes are very difficult for him, so it was with a mixture of Excitement and Anxiety that I got him on board for another Nomadic Journey.  Having lived my entire Life as a Nomad... and most of his Adult Life as one too while being Military Families, we've had tons of Experience with picking up and Moving On.  We know we CAN do it... it was more a matter of WANTING to and deciding if the Timiing was Right or not?  Liquidating Assets to make it a Possibility and going thru the Stressful Process of New Home Buying was not without it's share of Reserverations... but though Sellers NEED to Sell, and we don't NEED or HAVE to Buy, it has taken much of the Pressure off for me.  I'm Okay with EITHER Outcome now... I've come to a Peace about Staying or Leaving... let God's Will Prevail as to the eventual Outcome.  I do know that I will Leave with a Heavy Heart and a Missing if that be the Outcome... when you Love anything it is not easy to Let Go and not Look Back Nostalgically.

I've begun the Process of Potentially Moving On... so we'll see what happens?  I think that even Considering a Fresh Start and the Excitement of New Beginnings has made a difference in everyone's Countenance.   Things have been quite Overwhelming and Difficult in recent weeks so juggling Personal Issues that will be ongoing with a Big Move will not be without it's particular Challenges.  And if we stay put, then we will have to still continue to work on improving our Environment so that there is a lot less Work for me and we can obtain Contentment where we're presently at.  Working around Challenges of remaining in a very Old property that will require a continued Labor of Love and much Resourcefulness.

I would prefer to be able to Concentrate more upon the Resolution of Issues and Challenges associated with the Disabilities of the trio I'm Caring for and less upon deferred Maintenance and upkeep of an Old Home.   I Love the Home very much too... but my Loved Ones are by far more Important and if I have to Focus my limited Resources of Time, Talent and Treasures upon something, I'd much rather it be the People I Love exclusively.  Purchasing a new Home that requires no "Projects" and is a blank canvas to build upon is far more Appealing to me right now and seems more do-able and less Work actually.  I can really decide what I can live without when bringing stuff over to Decorate and Style a new Home... rather than wading thru the accumulated possessions of a Lifetime right here at this Old House. 

But whether we stay or go... the Exodus of Possessions will continue unabated... to the Showroom for right now until we know the Outcome of trying to buy a new Home.  Things will just be ramped up with a Green Light on a Move... and having Family plus Friends clear out what they would like to have or Purchase in a "Mega-Pick" as we'd clear out this Old House, after I've decided I've moved enough over to the new Home.  This would be just one of several downsizing Phases I've already Orchestrated an Order of in my Mind's Eye.  An Estate Sale would probably be the next Phase... more Showroom bound Treasures that remained after Phases I, II and III... and then have a Charity come and clear away the rest to empty this Property out completely.  It Feels Good to have a Plan of Action in place... I'm trying to see how much I can actually live without again.  I once Lived a very Spartan Existence during my Nomadic days and for much of my Life... so returning to less would be Empowering I think.

The harder part for me is giving up so much Land and Garden... we live on Acreage now and I've Loved it, but now that I'm down to an Army of One in Maintaining it, I'm Embracing having less Garden too and just visiting the enormous Mountain State Park frequently that is so close to the new Property that I could visit it daily if I wanted to.  It's a locale I've Loved, Hiked and spent many fond Memories at for well over forty years now... so living within the Shadow of it's Magnificent Mountains that were Sacred to the Ancestors of the Native American Tribes of the area will be Spiritual and Magical for me... food for the Spirit.  The View from the new Home is breathtaking!

Moving and emptying out the majority of our Possessions also means less potential for mishaps like this.   I had Attended an Event Today only to come Home to this... The Man isn't very steady or as Careful as he used to be before his Accident so occurrances like this are unfortunately par for the course now.   He's like a little Boy after an unfortunate mishap like this occurs since he's afraid I will be terribly upset about it.   Accidents happen... and yes, it always seems that most happen to some of my very Favorite pieces, why is that?!?  *LOL and a Sigh*   But at least he was just fine and only a plate went down this time.   He doesn't fall or stumble nearly as often as he used to and so the mishaps are a lot less frequent... but clearing the clutter will surely help a lot to avoid scenarios like this.

And there will still be plenty of room in the smaller Gardens of the new Home for my Container Victory Garden and Herb Gardens... so a Harvest of Fresh Veggies and Herbs will still be possible... especially since the Home is build like the Historic Villas with an Interior Courtyard completely surrounded by the Home as well!!!   I've always Dreamed of that particular Feature in a Forever Home, so that was on the Plus Side in Favor of the New Home!  *Winks*   Can you only tell how Excited I am about actually Moving now that I've decided I CAN Let Go and relocate if I need to?  That too is quite Empowering and I will certainly try not to Look Back too much at what had to be left behind... if it plays out that way.   Only Time will tell... and you'll be some of the first to know of coarse what our Outcome turns out to be!?

And the lingering Questions yet to be Answered remain... such as, will I be able to Impart as much Character to a new Home's Space as I have been able to within the walls of this Unique Historic Home?  A Home which has so much History, Superb Craftsmanship, Charm and Character that no new Home can really compare... no matter how Fabulous.   As one who has a Deep Affinity for the Love of Old and the Preservation of our Historic Architectural Treasures I suppose I will always be Partial and Biased about the Superiority of the Historic Buildings.  Landmarks that have Survived "Progress" and many perils over the ages and remained suspended in Time... to give us a glimpse back into the Past and the History of what once was.  It is my deep Desire that whoever owns this Old Homestead when I give it up will Appreciate it at least in part for what it is?

But if not, at least I have the Memories of the almost two Decades we have Loved it and Preserved it as best we could... it has been our distinct Privilege to have Owned it and been it's Stewards at least for a Time.   And it's Bittersweet to know that the Time has probably come for a parting... I always said I would never get Attached to a PLACE... but I couldn't Help it with this Place... it is very Special and it is with a considerable amount of Sadness that I even Contemplate a Move.   Not so much because I can't Let Go... but because I have seen the Fate of so many Lovely Old Properties come to a demise and that WOULD deeply Sadden me... no matter how much I Profited from the Sale of it.  Our particular area and Town has not designated Historic Structures to Protect them and really doesn't seem to Care very much about it's History, which is a Shame because once it's all gone, there's no Redemption.   Progress without Balance is not always a Good thing IMO.

So... this is my Update for Today on what I've been up to here Off The Grid...  it's been a very Emotional and busy time... almost like navigating turbulent waters... where the Adventure of being on the Ocean is Exhilerating, but at the same time you have to steer your course Carefully and navigate where you actually want to end up.   Enjoying the Journey and yet having some kind of Final Destination at the end of the day... or week... or however long it might take?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where Change of some kind is definitely in the air... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl