Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Blog Party 2014

Welcome... it's Time once again for the Halloween Blog Party Hop Hosted by my Friend Miss Vanessa Valencia of A FANCIFUL TWIST Blog... so come inside and join the Halloween Party in progress at Bohemian Valhalla...


The actual Party will begin October 25th and have Links for all the other Party Participants over at Vanessa's Blog and Link back... so be sure to go over on Saturday to Spectacular Party Hop!!!  Or hurry up and become a Party Participant by Creating your own Party Post!

  Do you Enjoy a good Scare?  Does the Macabre Fascinate you?  Does the Dark and Mysterious Intrigue you?  Do Oddities and everything Weird and Wonderful make your pulse race?  Is October your Favorite Month and Halloween your Favorite Holiday to Indulge all of your Decorating and Masquerade Fantasies?  Does the Paranormal and Spirit seem quite Normal and Accepted in your World?

If so you're in Good Company here... I am rather a Morticia of the Desert... and my Fascination with the Macabre makes Halloween one of my Favorite Holidays and each day in October rather a long drawn out Halloween Party.

And you're Invited to join us here at the Old and Allegedly Haunted Homestead in the Heart of the Arizona Desert.  Where Octobers are balmy and the weather becomes quite Glorious and Ideal, making Halloween Night Perfect for gathering your Treats in as much or as little Costume as you dare to wear!  *Winks* 

But where Trick-Or-Treaters in the Neighborhood have often been hesitant to walk up the Path... some even Fearful of walking on the same side of the street... because of the Rumors, History and Urban Myths surrounding the Property we call Home! 

For an Addams Family Style Clan like ours it was Perfectly Derelict and Intriguing... and we Rescued it from being razed and filled it with our Weird and Wonderful Found Treasures.

And every Halloween it becomes the Perfect backdrop for a Halloween Wonderland.  Where Creepy Enchantment and Magical Fantasies can be brought to Life and my long held Dreams of living in a Home like the Addams Family Mansion can be Manifested in Real Life.

My Wednesday Addams Type Grandchild is my Lovely yet often Morose Assistant.  But don't let the Sweet Smile and Pretty Face fool you though... a Beast Princess lurks within, just below the surface!!!   Scary Stuff indeed Dealing with this one when she's not having Fun anymore and you awaken The Beast! *Winks* 

Yes... there are many, many things in my World that could Terrify the Average or Ordinary Person... but you're not Average... you're Extraordinary aren't you... or you wouldn't be Excited and Thrilled to be here with us!

And we're Excited and Thrilled to be Hosting our 2014 Halloween Blog Party here at Bohemian Valhalla... each year we look forward to it in fact!

We've spent weeks Preparing our Home to Receive you.  The Dia de los Muertos Altar has been set up early... and you're Welcome to pay Homage to your Dearly Departed upon it too in Sweet Remembrance of the Special Times spent together before they Crossed Over and to Celebrate their Lives and your Eternal Love for them.

We here at Bohemian Valhalla aren't Fearful of Spirit... we have found that some of the Issues of Life to be Dealt with on this side of Time and Eternity are often far Scarier and can strike more Terror in the Hearts of Mortals than benign visits from beyond the Veil.

But we Celebrate Life each day regardless of Circumstances and what is a Celebration without a Party!!!   And what is a Party without Inviting Guests!?!

The Treats of this Season are among some of our absolute Favorites!  Caramel and Candied Apples... Pumpkin Soups, Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Pancakes, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Breads... Sweet Potato Pies... Candied Yams... Hot Apple Cider... Sugar Skulls...

Sweet Little Cake Pop Sugar Skullies...

And Sweet little Cupcakes and Cakes for our Dia de los Muertos Celebration!

There are many Kits on the Market... so even if you're not a Culinary Genius you can try your Hand at Creating Sweet Treats for the Season!

 Source: Pinterest
And you can certainly draw Inspiration from the Pros who have Shared Images of their Culinary Magic Online... Creating Treats almost too Spectacularly Pretty to devour!!!

 Source: Pinterest

A veritable Feast for the Eyes as well as the Tummy!!!

Source: Pinterest
Yes, you can be sure I became a Pinterest Junkie just prior to any Holiday so that I could soak in ample Culinary and Decorating Inspiration and then put my own spin on it as I Create our own Versions of Holiday Magic at Home!  *Winks*

Because when you throw a Party, you want it to Create such a Special and Memorable Atmosphere for Family and Guests that they'll never Forget the Good Times they had there!

And we've been busy Creating that Magic for you... and for ourselves... even the Vintage Mannequin Gals have donned their Masquerade Masks and Finery for the Festivities.

And their Mad Hatter Party Hats...

But you can wear whatever you want... or come as you are since Costume is not required... it's all Good... whether you Enjoy Dressing Up Fantasy Style or prefer to go as yourself.

We tend to go Over-The-Top of coarse... coz that's just how we Roll... almost every day actually and not just for Halloween!  *Smiles*

Some days we're even All Dressed Up with nowhere to go!  *LOL*  But we're ALWAYS Down for a Good Time!!!

And a Good Time is what we're Creating here at the Halloween Party... Maybe we'll tell some Fortunes...

Or Read your Palms...

Or do Face Painting... The Young Prince is quite adept at that and he goes thru more Halloween Grease Paint around the Holidays than almost anyone I know!  *LOL*

You can be on a Pixie Stick Sugar Blaze...

While we tell Scary Stories by Candlelight... but don't worry... though we have a Spirit Board we don't own a Planchette and only use it for Display purposes so you don't have to be totally Creeped Out!  *Winks* 

But it's Okay if you wanna be!  *Winks*  Plenty of those who came before you have been!!!  *Smiles*

And even if many are hesitant to take the Tour alone or go into the more 'Active' Spaces of our Home... or this isn't particularly their Style of Living... each has been Intrigued enough to linger and take a closer look...

And Appreciate the Whimsey as well as the Macabre Accents scattered around Bohemian Valhalla.

And some... the Brave Few... have even lingered past Dark... or Dared to spend the Night!!!

Hiding beneath the Covers and peeking out above the blankets, just barely, almost Afraid of what they might see looking back at them?!???!

Surrounded by Dancing Shadows on the walls Illuminated by flickering Candlelight.

And the Gaze of Creepy Doll Heads and blank stares of Eyeless Skullies...

Each decked out and ready to Party too!  *Smiles*   Some layered in thick Dust... not because it necessarily lends itself so Well to the Ambiance of the Occassion... but because the Lady of the House isn't much of a Domestic Goddess!  *Bwahahahahaha*  But this time of the year... I'll Pretend I did the Benign Neglect on Purpose.  *Winks*

Because actually, this Lady of the House does Enjoy Benign Neglect and Derelict Decorating... but for the sake of the Family and all that is Socially Acceptable... I refrain from going too far in that direction... FOR NOW anyway.  *Smiles*

As well as the Weird and the Wonderful there are also my Pretties mingled in... so it's not all Dark and Morbid... we have a Healthy Balance of each.

Though a Mantra of 'All Things In Moderation' is not quite My Style... I'm more of a 'Too Much Is Never Enough' Type of Gal actually, how about you?

If you too are a self-professed Maximalist you might Appreciate the layers upon layers that some might find to be cluttered and excess?

I have Attempted to Minimize and Simplify... but I'm not quite there yet... nor will I ever probably 'Arrive' there... which is Fine... I'm not certain I'd find Comfort and Solace in a barren Homescape?  But the Journey towards seeking a Balance is part of the Fun now isn't it?

Well... that's what I tell myself anyway!  *Ha ha ha*   As the Great Edits and Purges seem to go on Endlessly to cull the Hoard of Fantastic Stuff I tend to accumulate over Time... in the ebb and flow of what comes in and what goes out.

The G-Kid Force are much better at Simplistic Decorating than Gramma... this is Princess T's nod to the Holiday in her Private Sanctuary of the newly Remodeled Playroom.

And Prince R's Creative Touches of Sculpted Voodoo Dolls are tucked into several Vignettes here in the Computer Room.

We even have a Halloween Tree and beneath it an assortment of Creepy yet Sweet Creations.

And all of our Taxidermy Family are Dressed Up to Party with us in their Tiaras and Santos Crowns, Antique Brooches, Fancy Vintage Predator Furs and Bohemian Necklace Bling!

We even have some Faux Feathered Friends as well as the Real Deal scattered about.

And my Halloween Collections abound... from my Beloved Skullies...

To my equally Beloved Velvet Pumpkin Patch which knows no bounds!

It keeps growing ever larger every year in fact!

Because can one ever have too large a Velvet Pumpkin Patch?  I think not!!!

And my Medical Cadaver Collection is slowly building as well... I don't have a Lifesized one YET... but one day... *Winks*

I also like to Collect Antique Items that were used to pay Homage to the Dearly Departed... these Funeral Buttons are so Sweet, even though quite Sorrowful at the same time.

I'm beginning my Collection of ATC Cards of the Style I like to Display as well.   I've made some for myself as well as Receiving some Lovely ones as Gifts from Friends.  It's True, I'm an Incurable Collector and there is no Cure that I'm aware of for those of us so Afflicted!?!  *LOL*

We just Live for the Thrill of The Hunt and the Saving of Beautiful Old Treasures that some may have Discarded and considered no longer worthy of Respect and Appreciation. 
 But which we find the Beauty and Value in enough to Save and Salvage it or Create something out of it... giving it New Life in our Homes and Creative Spaces.

If you too are a Savior of the Forlorn, the Discarded and Unappreciated, you'll find Kindred Spirits present here at our Party... Like Minded Souls tend to find each other that way I've found.

And at certain times of the year we Gather and Celebrate our Similaries... or Differences... whatever the case may be.   Each Distinctive and Unique... yet Alike in so many ways that its Eerie. *Smiles*

Yes, so many of us are cut from the same Cloth... and its Refreshing to get together with those who are so like us in so many ways... where the Misfits FIT and Compliment each other... Celebrating our Uniqueness and Quirkiness rather than Shunning, Misunderstanding or Fearful of it.

Celebrating such things as Curiosity Eternal!!!

Odd yes, but in a Wonderful way!!!

Since Beauty is in the Eye of each Beholder we find Beauty where many have been unable to and surround ourselves with it.

Our way of Life is not for everyone... but it is for us the only way to really LIVE and Feel very much Alive.

So this Halloween Party Celebrates many things.

And as the Queen of Quirkiness I Applaud all of you who Live your Lives Boldly and Authentically, regardless of Public Opinion and the Status Quo.

I'd rather be thought of as Weird or Crazy than Boring and Unimaginative any day, how about you?  *LOL*

 Ours will never, ever, ever, ever be a Boring Existance!  In fact, I don't remember being Bored a single day of my Life!  There's always so much to Experience and Do!

I am fully Convinced I will have to Live several Lifetimes to pack all that I want to Experience and Do in!

My 'Bucket List' grows longer each day in fact!!!

I've Experienced a lot and had the distinct Privilege of Growing Older... because Old Age is a Privilege not afforded to many!

And I'm Enjoying a Good Party now even more than I did in my Youth!  Part of which is that at a Certain Age you become even more Comfortable in your Own Skin, know who and Whose you are... and exactly what you want!

Priorities become more Focused and Time is not so Wasted since there is more of it behind you than in front of you now on this side of Time and Eternity, well, unless you're an Immortal... or a Zombie.  *Winks*

I know Exactly what I Like and what I'm About at this Season of Life and I go Full On with it.

Even if it sometimes turns heads... because as my Dear Old Mom has always said... better to be looked over than overlooked!  *Winks*

Mom is rather like Frida... on Steroids... even well into her Eighties... and always the Life of any Party.

She taught us to always Celebrate our Distinctions and the Distinctions of others as well.

And so we will continue to Gather each year and to Celebrate it all!!!

And Go Long... and Excessive... coz that's how we Roll!  *Smiles*   Are you worn out yet?  *Winks*

Because we're just getting Warmed Up and Turned Up!!!

And it simply MUST last until I've Exhausted you and the last of the Images I frantically ran around the House and Studio snapping for the Blog Party Post!  *LOL*

Yes... I was a Woman on a Mission to bring you to the best Party possible here at Bohemian Valhalla!

And I do Hope you've Enjoyed the Imagery and Partying with us as much as I Enjoyed Creating it for you?

I should probably Prepare the Post WAY in Advance, but I always tend to wait 'til the last minute... because I guess I Live Life on the Edge like that to make it just that much more Exciting and Pressure Filled?!  *Ha ha ha*

"What are you DOING?" The Man quizzed as he saw me, Flashlight in hand, scurrying around in the Dark... since I waited 'til Nightfall to even begin... in order to Illuminate my Subject Matter enough to Photograph it with Cheap Camera!  *Smiles*

"I'm throwing a Blog Party" I says... he's not quite sure WHAT that is... or whose coming... or why it necessitates a Gazillion Images being taken of my Stuff... but he's used to me going Over The Top like this so it didn't really Surprise him.  *Winks*

And of coarse I had to then wait for all of them to be tucked in for the Night so that I could Create this Uninterrupted... lest I go completely Mad in the Process!  *Le Sigh*

Yes... this Crew AWAKE is Scarier than ANY Haunted Attraction, hands down!!!  


And it's a Crazy Wonderful Life... Mi Vida Loca... but it's MY Life being Lived on my terms...  Thanks for coming... now lets Blog Hop to the next Party shall we?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... THE END... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl