Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Aw Crap They're Rolling Out A Forced Enhancement

So, just when we're Inmates and probably Blogging more than we have in Years, as a Captive Audience during Pandemic... Blogger decides to Roll Out a forced enhancement by end of June!   FUCK!!!  Your Default Browser will still be an Option to use Legacy Blogger {which is what we apparently have now and I don't want to be forced to change}... but in July you will no longer have the Default Option and will have to Roll with whatever crap they're pushing as New and Improved Blogger!  Fuck... did I say Fuck already to tell you how I REALLY FEEL *Winks*... have I dropped nearly enough F Bombs already to convey my displeasure... since... if it's not broke, don't fucking fix it!  Certainly don't force it down our Throats, some of us like what we have just Fine, we don't want no stinking damned enhanced Blogger!  Let it be Optional not Mandatory!

I've already heard Negative things about this Enhancement from those who made the Mistake of Opting In early to give it a whirl.  Apparently if you do that, you're stuck with it prematurely whether you Hate it or not.  It's apparently more complicated, as if that's a Surprise with any enhancement, eh?  *Le Sigh*  Since we'll all be stuck with it later, during Summer Lock Down, I don't even know if I'll bother to try to Learn it or go somewhere else?  Mebbe if everyone bailed like Rats from a Sinking Ship they'd get a Clue that it was a huge Marketing Mistake?   Anyway, it's been a nice Free Ride while it lasted, I've spent over a Decade Blogging here and I would have liked to hang around indefinitely, I'm Loyal like that if you don't try to Enhance me.  *Winks*  I'm even on a Manic Blogging Roll, so any Change would interrupt and interfere with my Rhythm!

Things Change too much now, I don't Like it... the Pandemic has Changed too much, well everything really, already, so that's enough involuntary Change for Yours Truly in 2020 and beyond.  Yep, if not another damned thing Changes I might... just might... be able to handle what has already been altered forever without my consent.  I think 2020 will already go down as perhaps the worst Year ever from the Jump.  We hit the 100,000+ Dead Americans Milestone Today, it was a Solemn and Emotionally Heavy thing to Process, even tho' we surely knew it was coming.  The Orange Virus has been conspicuous by his very absence and avoidance about attaining that staggering number.  Well, lets face it, he couldn't do it, you know, be a Wartime President, he just liked the Idea of Pretending he was one.

He's kinda 'Over' the Pandemic anyway, like a Child with a serious Attention Deficit, if he can't do something or face something, or bores of it, he just avoids it entirely.  Just moves on to Fun things he can still pretend about and Play at being.  Distracting himself and trying to distract everyone else, so we won't focus on the Elephant in the Room either... you know, the one that's shitting all over the place and trampling people to Death by the Hundreds of Thousand now.  Golf and Tweeting is about all he can handle, having the Adulation of his Cult feeds his Ego just enough, that he thinks he's still relevant and doing this Good Job he Imagines his dismal Failures to be.  It's pathetic.  

He couldn't squeeze out an Ounce of Empathy if his own Life depended upon it, he can't even fake Empathy or Compassion.  Not for the Dead and their Survivors, not for the Suffering, not for the incredible Losses of Life and Jobs that the Nation is Dealing with.  Dealing with without Leadership, since he's AWOL from The War he said he was going to be All In with the Troops to Fight.  But we haven't Lost a Leader, since he NEVER WAS one.  Leadership has had a Vacancy now for Years, waiting to be filled by anyone up to the Job, who would take over the Hot Mess he's left in his Wake and try to run damage control behind this sham of a man.

I don't wanna be Forced to Endure any more Fucked Up shit that somebody else Rolls out and shoves down our Throats involuntarily.  I really have reached saturation point of tolerating any of it.  I worked very hard to keep my Life in Order regardless of any challenges and Changes thus far.  I've kept it together and held it down, I've weathered a lot of shit pretty well, if I do say so myself.  So... at this juncture I'd like for nobody to mess with my Life or the Lives of those I Love any more.  I'm okay with having to be an Inmate Locking Down in our Trench during the War and Fight the Good Fight against an invisible insidious Enemy that seeks to destroy us.  I just don't need our Govt. being part of the Enemy Lines and against us rather than for us.  That's the very definition of Treason as I understand it.


Wondering how I'll Cope with the Three In The Mornings, this Pandemic or this Lunatic Presidency without the comfort of Blogging... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, June 22, 2020

Urban Farmer Delusions And A Rant

**NOTE: All Lush Sustenance Farming Images not taken here... but at our Old Historic Acreage when my Thumb was still Green!**

A Friend and I were discussing how being Inmates of Lock Down have given us the delusion we could become Urban Farmers and grow everything we'd need to eat so we wouldn't have to go to the Grocery Store on Death Runs to buy it during Pandemic!  Of coarse, SHE didn't spend a shitload of Money to buy an actual Farm, along with the outlay for fancy dirt, seeds and her Hothouse Plants that also croaked without even a Harvest... so mebbe I made her Feel better at how much Money she'd thrown at utterly failing at Subsistence Farming?!  *Bwahahahaha!* 

 She does have a feeble Onion Plant that might possibly survive and give her an $8 Onion as a return on her Investment?   I knew she might be Losing It when she Messaged me several Images, like you do your Newborn Babe, of said Plants that probably ain't gonna make it either!  *LMAO*  I couldn't even tell her how much I'd thrown away on fancy dirt, seeds and a couple of fledgling Herbs that withered on the back Covered Patio because it was just too Hot and they opted for Death over enduring it anymore!   I hacked off the Two remaining Living Leaves of the Sweet Basil, as a Mercy Killing, just so I could say I got a Harvest as a return on that futile Investment!

Here's the thing that sticks in my Craw tho', while trawling the Photo Archives torturing myself for Blog Fodder Imagery for Yesterday's Post, I ran across the multitude of Lush Imagery of my Victory Gardens and abundant Harvests we always had at our much Beloved Historic Homestead!  Yes, I USED TO be able to grown damned near anything, abundantly and actually have some Subsistence Urban Farming on my previous 3/4 of an Acre, which is just a few scant Miles away from this one, so WTF?!??!   What has Changed... what has happened to my Hippie Green Thumb I've always taken for Granted until now?!?  Am I losing my Street Cred as an Old Hippie Plant Whisperer I Wonder?!  *Gasp!*

I mean, I did discourage Princess T the other day when she enthusiastically tried to talk me into Teaching her how to Tie Dye... since the Truth is, I Forgot how to and didn't wanna actually be bothered?!!?!  *Double Gasp!*  Don't clutch your Pearls just yet, I'm still sitting here Braless and Commando, in Funky Clothes with Dreadlocks, smelling of Nag Champa Essential Oil, so I still LOOK and smell the part, even tho' my Hippie actions now and abilities are fading fast apparently!?  Insert the wringing of Hands and gnashing of Teeth and sorry about the TMI Visual you have stuck in your Head now Dear Readers!  *LMAO*

But I might lose my Lifetime Hippie Membership, I'm really not even sure anymore, when I can't even grow Herbs now!  *Winks*   BTW: The Young Prince keeps sending me Links to show Scientific Hopeful Evidence that some varieties of Cannabis could help prevent and treat COVID... and I can't say I'm Surprised since it's Medicinal Value is Legendary and quite Amazing.  He's desperately trying to keep The Man and I vertical thru this Plague, I guess he doesn't wanna hafta finish Raising his Little Sister, since he and his Partner never want Kids and aren't among the Breeders?!  *LMAO* 

 He's been taking Medicinal MJ successfully for Managing his Mental Health for a couple Years now.  Since he can no longer take the Psychotropics that were damaging his Liver and Kidneys to a point it was killing him faster than Serious Mental Illness ever might.  Oddly, the last time the VA had a Phone Consultation with The Man they were asking Questions about whether he'd take Medicinal MJ or not, so perhaps they're considering it as an alternative for those with serious Conditions... much like they finally came around with about Acupuncture?  The Man Qualified for the Acupuncture VA Trials and it was quite successful.  I'd Paid out of pocket for Years for Eastern Medical Treatment for him, so I knew it would.

Anywhoo, being unable to grow a damned thing Edible around here Sucks, since we do have a Mini Farm that is a Forever Home we just LOVE!   So, it would be Nice to have those Visions of vast Victory Gardens and Greenhouse Harvests I've envisioned on the Canvas of my at least very fertile Imagination!  On the Canvas of my Imagination I could Feed the World... or at least my Immediate Community!   Okay, mebbe me and that Friend whose sucking at this as much as I clearly am now!   Shit, just my Family!!!  *Winks*  She brought everything inside, I tried that too... didn't Work... in fact, Houseplants here don't thrive either, it's Weird because it's a Home with lotsa Natural Light!  Mebbe I'VE BECOME TOXIC!?  *Gasp, say it ain't so?!*

Sure, during Pandemic I've become a very Angry Revolutionary against Covidiots and this Lunatic President!   Can't his Inner Circle do a Julius Caesar or something as a National favor?  Now I'll probably have the FBI, CIA or something at my Door... but mebbe not, since he's thrown all of them under the Bus too much for me to Believe they wouldn't Fantasize about the same thing?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Even his Android, Pence, is hilarious when I watch the expressions he's trying so hard not to reveal, as his Boy says the most outrageous things and with the vocabulary of a Nine Year Old Boy! 

  In fact, that's become my new form of Comedic Entertainment, turn the Volume Off, and just watch the expressions of 45's Posse uncomfortably standing up there with him, it's fucking hilarious!   Okay, I know it's Twisted, coz I legitimately did Feel Sorry for her, but when he was thinking out loud about the ingesting of Disinfectant and UV Light Ray Thing as a Cure and then turning to poor Dr. Deborah Birx for validation, did anyone else find Amusement in the Motion of her Feet as she averted her Eyes and said Nothing?!?!?  If you couldn't read that Body Language, you are not paying Attention... it spoke 1,000 unspoken Words!

Oh, here's another one that has me almost pissing my Pants with hysterical Laughter, the Orange Virus' Face like a Thundercloud when he's allowed any Expert to finally Speak Truth to Power about what's really going on!  Fuck... if Looks could Kill, they'd all be Dead now and you can see he'll completely lose his shit the moment they all move off Camera!  Well, sometimes, it's pretty Amusing how Journalists can so easily Bait him to unravel on Camera!  His default mechanism of coarse is to pretend he's still on Celebrity Apprentice and start Firing everyone and tossing people under the Bus he's retaliating against and can't Bully sufficiently or find Useful anymore to Manipulate.  It's really all an extension of his Bad Reality Shows, only moved to the Oval Office.

If he wasn't allowed to Tweet or Golf I think he'd totally Melt Down completely and have to be carried away in a Straight Jacket to a Padded Room and be heavily sedated!   Him doing the Thorazine Shuffle on U-Tube would be a Lark and go Viral, No?!   Now that would be worth watching, even the Reruns and Sequels!  Talk about Ratings he Craves... that might actually get him some?!  *LMAO*  After being a complete Failure at Urban Farming you might think I'd extend some compassion for his complete Failure at being Presidential and Failing us all... but I'm NOT.  I am not responsible for my Failure causing people to be dying in droves and wrecking our Nation... 

I'll save my compassion for the deserving of it, the rest can go Fuck themselves while they're busy Cluster Fucking anyway.  I could give Two Shits about any of them... they don't give Two Shits about any of us... Touche'... lets see who has less Fucks to give shall we?!   See... I NEED the Soothing Touch of Nature and growing shit to Chill me out, get my Hands dirty in the Soil and be plucking delightful Veggies and Herbs from Successful Victory Garden Beds and Terra Cotta Planters to Nourish my Body, Calm my Mind and Feed my Soul!   I'm not going to Give Up on it, I've got too much Invested in freakin' Seeds and fancy dirt that still haven't given it a go yet!  *LOL*  I can do this... it ain't my 1st Rodeo!

Because dammit, my Basil Plants used to grow the size of Bushes!  My Cherry Tomato Plants were growing berserk Year Round, even when they should be and looked Dead in the brutal heat of a Desert Summer they were still producing more than I could use!   I never had to buy Fresh Herbs for cooking or my Salads.  I didn't even have to take good Care of any of it, the only problem I ever had at my Historic Property was Gophers decimating some fabulous specimens like my Chocolate Mint.  At least they had Minty Fresh Breath for their Burials when my Working Cats finally dispatched them and brought them to me as Pressies!   Good Kitties, Miss Priss still Rocks at Neutralizing Nuisance Vermin and Scorpions, even tho' I don't have a freakin' Veggie or Herb Garden here.  *LOL*

It's not for lack of trying, I even bought fancy dirt... at the Historic Property I never had to buy dirt, what was there for the 100+ Years on the Land that the Old House had also been on for over a Century, just Worked!  I was Spoiled I guess and now I'm realizing that it's not as effortless or successful as it used ta be... dammit!  I really had this delusion it just would be like it had been... and that during a Pandemic, I'd even have more Time to Devote to it!  At the Historic Homestead along with growing a bounty of Food I was Working a Demanding Career, Raising Two Generations of Kids and Caregiving for an ailing Spouse... so Time was at a Premium for Gardening!  The Plants were pretty much on their own relying mostly on Mother Nature!

I got all choked up looking at the Old Garden Pixs, the Beloved Historic Homestead Pixs... and most of all, all the Pixs of Dearly Departed Fur Babies we had over the many Years of Working Cats owning us there.   And Working it, since the Feline Family Members really earned their Keep lemme tell ya, not a Lazy one of the bunch!   Most died of Natural Causes, but it's particularly difficult to remember those that I had to make the difficult decision to euthanize at End of Life to not prolong suffering.  Or those that met with untimely ends or just disappeared without a trace. 

 All our Cats have Adopted us and came as Strays or Ferals... and so often they'd lived a tough Life before finding a Forever Home with us.  Feline Lukemia for a Street Cat is like COVID is to us Humans.  And a once Feral or having been an Alley Cat Stray, most can't be completely domesticated to ever go Indoors, they HATE it and will wreck your House trying to get out to Freedom!  All but one Domesticated enough to be considered Pet Quality.  Jackie One Eye never did, not even enough to get her to a Vet to have that lost Eye socket and facial damage corrected, which Grieved me.  She was too smart to Trap, but she lived on the peripheral of our lives there for a substantial amount of time and we allowed her the privilege of remaining Wild at Heart and distrusting of us Humans.

Miss Priss is the only exception to that Rule we ever had, who once was an entirely Outdoor Stray Cat and chose to come Inside part of the time to escape Predatory Animals once we had moved to Rural Subdivision Hell.  She's no Fool, the first few encounters with Coyote and Raptor Birds and she's like Fuck this, I'm coming inside at Night... then transitioned to some Daytime Captivity.  *LOL*  It probably helped Miss Priss to make that decision when Fluff, the other Cat that was still among the Living when we bought Villa Boheme', didn't last 2 Weeks before she disappeared.  I liked to Imagine she just found a better Home and Adopted someone else or went back 'Home' to Da Hood, that's at least what I told The G-Kid Force... but I doubt it and I doubt they bought the Story either.

Luckily we do not see Strays and Ferals around here, the Mini Farm Residents seem to take good Care of their Livestock and Domesticated Pets.  We also don't have the predatory indigenous Animals here, too far into the City, so Miss Priss is much Safer at Forever Boheme'.   Well, she had one close call when the Neighbors goofy Female Pit Bull got out and came over to say Hi and chased her under the Truck!  I panicked, luckily their Dog is very Friendly with everyone and Obedient, so she backed off and the Neighbor's Teen Son apologized profusely for her having escaped his notice of getting out when the Younger Kids left their Gate open accidentally.   Miss Priss now is on high alert to make sure Pit Bull Gal is safely behind the Chain Link Fencing!  *LOL*

Actually, she doesn't mind our Cat and never even barks at her, but given the Nature of a Pit Bull and strength, we just were glad nothing bad happened during the one incident where she came over to say Hi to us Humans and then saw our Cat!   Her tail was wagging, but I'm glad our Cat decided ain't no way I'm risking a Play Date with a damned Pit Bull, no matter how goofy and docile she usually acts between us thru the Fence!    Miss Priss has intruded I'm sure on other people's Properties,  Cats having that Roving Commission and all.  But Neighbors are very Gracious and said since she's a Working Cat and we all have Farms, they Welcome her visits to keep Roof Rats in check.

The Citrus draws the Rats like a Moth to a Flame so we decided we'd not plant Citrus here even tho' we did have some on our Historic Acreage.  Enough Neighbors here have Mature Fruit and Nut Trees not to have to bother, they Share during the Harvest and always have Too Much actually.  I've not had to buy much in the way of Citrus or Nuts since moving here!   But damn would I like to grow some Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Mints, Oregano, Spinach, Lettuces, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumber, Kale, Radishes and everything else to Harvest from Home!  *Sob!*  I had such lofty Visions for doing so this Spring!  Dashed... dashed all to Hell I tell ya!  *LOL*

It makes me wanna run out and buy a Fresh Fruit Tart... to soothe my bruised Gardener's Ego.  Well, that and I can't locate the Archived File of the damned Carrots I wanted to insert above, that I'd Lovingly grown at the Old Homestead!  *Bwahhahahahahahahah!*   They used to grow in the Weirdest Shapes ever, I've never seen Carrots like mine in the Stores!  Mutant Carrots and yet so tasty and Fun to pull out of the ground to see what peculiar Shapes I'd grown next?!?  *Smiles*   I don't know if I was growing Carrots all Wrong for them to look Carrot-Like in the Traditional way we've come to know a Carrot, or if it was some Heirloom Variety of long forgotten misshapen Carrot that Buyers didn't like so they quit growing them that way?  *LOL*

You know what else I can't find?  My Dad's Pottery Monkey I Inherited!  I know I didn't Sell it, since it's been in the Family Forever, one of those Crazy Kitsch Family Heirloom things passed along in Dad's Family and ended up with me since I'm sure my Brother was like... No Fucking way!  *LMAO*   I wouldn't have parted with The Monkey even tho' it's Odd even for my Eclectic and Bizarre Tastes, which is saying something! 

 Since I got a lot of Weird and Wonderful shit everywhere and Oddities galore!  *Smiles*  I just don't know what happened to it or Why I can't find it... as I'm almost done unpacking everything from Boxes and it wasn't in the Garage Storage from Villa Boheme's Old Milk Crates still packed and stacked?!  It's now among the Laundry List of Mysteries, like Why I can't grow things worth a shit anymore suddenly?!?

But I did find some fab Peacock Pixs I'd taken of a particularly Proud Male strutting his Stuff so close to me, that I got those Amazing Shots that make you Feel rather like a Professional Photographer!  *Ha ha ha*   And even tho' I'll probably Save Money just BUYING my damned Fresh Produce and Herbs rather than trying to grow them... there's that part of me that still is deluded enough to Believe that I could still become this Urban Farmer Hippie Chick.

  You know, setting up some Farmer's Market Stand here... that would be way too expensive!  *LOL*  Since with all I've had to Invest in growing any of it, by the time I get any meager Harvest, I'd have to charge you a small Fortune and unless you're real Bougee and like to brag about how much Money you Waste... or desperately want that Twenty Dollar Tomato or Mutant Carrot... that ain't happening, Right?!  *Winks*

Mebbe I should just stick to what I do BEST, Junquing and Pathological Picture Taking?  *winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Without A Known End

I'm hearing the haunting cries of the Neighbors Peacocks as I create this Post, exotic sounds like that can take your Imagination places, even when you're stuck at Home.  I like the sounds of my new Neighborhood, it quiets the Mind and soothes the Spirit.  I've felt quite restless in some ways, like I should be doing something, but I'm not quite sure what?!??!!!  There really isn't a routine to my Days now, or a Schedule anymore.  Just a comfort of it being secure here at Home during Lock Down, familiar, during very strange times without a known end or any type of familiarity out there during Pandemic.

Out there really doesn't have any semblance of Normalcy anymore whatsoever.  Sure, they're trying to re-imagine how to make it seem like everything is returning to Normal, but it's not.  Only the most deluded would conclude that everything is returning to Normal and as it was before.   But I do Hope that we're shaken up enough as a Society to make some things better than before?  The Pandemic has exposed some things that should be addressed and we can no longer pretend aren't problematic.  Perhaps we can all slow down and simplify Life from the hectic pace it's been at for too long?  Perhaps we can give the Environment a break and time to Recover too?

With this bringing out the very best in Humanity and the very worst, perhaps we can nurture the best and address those Issues of the worst?  It's now all out in the open, so no more pretense.  No more guessing of what has worked and what clearly didn't.  When the pressures came, it brought a lot to the surface that was both wonderful and awful.  The wonderful has been amazing and inspirational... the awful has been grotesque and shockingly shameful.  If we ourselves had delusions, perhaps this has opened our Eyes to reality?  Perhaps there can be intelligent discussion and dialogue opened?

Though things right now are without a known End, it does somewhat Feel like a New Beginning of something.  What that something will be probably depends on what we make of it, individually and collectively.   I have leaned towards being an incurable Optimist most of my Life and I'd prefer to remain that way even in the most dire of circumstances.  It's Helpful and I'm one to ditch whatever isn't Helpful and whoever isn't Helpful.  The things and people that would be a Hindrance really just get in the way of progress and making things better.  The Path I'd be taking isn't without obstacles, but I can remove some of them voluntarily to make the Journey better.

I was trawling my Photo Archives from waaaaay back and was going to use some from over a Decade ago, but most of it was too Emotionally charged for me to.  I just couldn't and so I didn't.  Visuals do trigger certain intimate parts of our Lives that even if fond, can be quite Emotionally charged.  It's kinda Crazy that even tho' my Short Term Memory is becoming shot to Hell in the Aging Process, when I see almost any Image, from almost any time period, a flood of Memories comes rushing back so distinctly that it actually Surprises me!  It was like THAT!  Most of the Memories were actually very fond... Most... but not all.

With Mother's Day not having been that long ago, perhaps the hardest was when I opened a Photo Folder in the Archives that were the exact Date of the last Day of my Mom's Independent Living in her own Apartment.  I had forgotten the actual Date, but damn did I remember how difficult that transition was for us all.   We had kept her Apartment intact, as if a Still Frame frozen in Time or a sealed Time Capsule, during her turbulent period of having to be in an Arizona Nursing Home Facility.  Always Hoping she could come Home eventually... but kinda knowing she wouldn't and couldn't.  At the time we lived in our Historic Home and it couldn't be modified for her Needs... and I was already Full Time Caregiving for Three in our Household, I couldn't do Four by myself, we all knew it.

I remember pretending as if she would be coming Home... she was pretending as if she would be too... it was all such a pretense that wasn't very convincing to either of us.   The G-Kid Force were so Young, I had forgotten how Young they were at the time until I saw the Images.  They were just Happy to be at their Gt. Nanna's Apartment visiting that Day, unaware it would be the last time.   Of coarse the explanations came later, Kids are more perceptive than Adults usually give them Credit for... and quite resilient and adaptive.  My Brother took over and moved her in with them for her California Adventure... and then to a Nursing Home in Cali when he could no longer Care for her either.  Hospice came next.  Then there were the Images of The Man before he got really Sick... and really Disabled... and didn't require Caregiving.   It's been so long now that I sometimes forget and he can't usually remember at all with the TBI.

He does like me to tell him what we used to do, where we have been and used to go... sometimes he recalls... sometimes it's a Blank now.  I'm Wondering, when it gets to be a Blank for both of us, will it just be easier... or harder?  I dunno.  He gets very mixed up with when we were Raising our Kids and when we were Raising the Grandkids... putting the wrong Kids in the Memories. *Smiles*  No, Honey, that wasn't Princess T, that was her Mother... No, that wasn't The Young Prince, that was The Son... or vice versa.   Hey, when you've Raised Two Generations of Kids it happens... sometimes if I'm flustered I get their Names mixed up and just go thru Generational Roll Call!  *LOL*

R.I.P. Tony... 

R.I.P. Barb... 

R.I.P. Leigh... and Oh, so many, too many others!   I Miss you all!

And then there are the Archives of Photos of those who have now departed and crossed over... Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Old Boyfriends.  As you get Older you do start outliving folks and it never gets any easier to hear the News that they're gone.  Sometimes you're present when it happens, sometimes you weren't and you have to find out... sometimes right away... sometimes much later... mebbe even Years later, if you really lost touch and didn't have a lot of contact recently.  I have found out about a lot of Dearly Departed via Facebook in fact... being the first place you find out about it... since so many use that Space to record Life as it happens.   I Thank everyone who lets us know, in whatever ways they can Share the sorrowful News.

 The Memorial Pages start adding up over Time.  At least there was someone left behind to record the Memorial Page and inform everyone.  All are dearly Missed.  The Memories become poignant, revisiting the Images can be Emotionally charged once someone has crossed over, no matter how long it's been!  Some passed Peacefully and others were not so fortunate and a lot of suffering took place... sometimes tragic sudden or violent loss took them from us.   With now 100,000 departing due to COVID, just in our own Country, that's the potential for a lot of Memorial Pages all at once.  It's really gotten me to thinking upon Death more than usual, how can you NOT, Right?  When Hundreds can be Dying in a single Day and every Day, it's staggering to wrap your Mind around.

That is Why I suppose it is grotesque to me that some are harping about their Freedom being infringed upon to just wear a Mask or simply being asked to stay at Home... or acting like everything has returned to 'Normal', when incredible amounts of their fellow Citizens are still Dying every single Day!   Still countless others are in ICU fighting for Life, being hooked up to Respirators, trying to Recover in After-Care Facilities for sometimes Months, due to the damage the Virus has wrought on their System and Health!  Their Families forever changed by this Pandemic, not just a perceived Freedom lost, but a LIFE!  Those Lost will never enjoy another Day on this Earth and their Loved Ones are Mourning!  Is it so difficult or impossible for some to Act like that MATTERS?!

Let us not lose all Perspective and proper Priorities!!!!!!!!!   I would Hope that Compassion will prevail, Sensitivity will come to the forefront. Rather than the petty, selfish squabbles, that pale compared to the profound Sacrifices being made by so many who aren't complaining or protesting!  I would Hope that no Life is deemed Expendable, or not Valued as much as any other Life on the Planet!   Who decides who is Expendable anyway, whose being so arrogant as to play as if they're a god like that?!   I thought I was too spent for a Vent... and in some ways I truly am... and in other ways some things just still need to be given a Voice and said.   Giving some a Voice that have none is also important, may we never forget to Advocate for them.

Yes, delving thru Photo Archives was very Emotionally charged for a whole lot of reasons.  And lately I tend to be more Emotionally Raw than usual anyway.  More Nostalgic... just MORE everything really.   I know I'm not alone in that range of Daily Emotion that can swing like a pendulum and sometimes be hard to regulate as we Cope, as best we can.   Perhaps for those who remain oblivious to the Danger it's their way of Coping, I dunno?   Some people Live reactively and some Live intentionally.   I've heard some say that if they were to catch this and Die from it, they don't want to have wasted a single Moment they could have squeezed as much Life as they had left into it.  I don't think that going Buck Wild tho' is responsible and it is selfish, given the dire consequences.

I've heard some say that those choosing High Risk and ignoring Expert Advice and Public Safety Protocol should perhaps sign a Medical Waiver to decline all Treatment should that Choice backfire.  Kind of like the Waivers you sign when you do anything intentionally risky and accept those known risks.   That wouldn't Work, but I can see where it might give Pause if they knew foolishness at deliberately exposing themselves to the Danger excessively would have such a consequence?   I liken it to those who go off the designated Trails and get themselves in a perilous situation where then others have to risk their Lives to Rescue them.   Sometimes your Free Will Choice doesn't just affect you or put just you at Risk.   Let us ALL just be Mindful of that and set differences aside to DO the Right Things to turn this all around before it's too late!

Because this is not The End, it's not even the Beginning of the End, but it is, perhaps, the End of the Beginning...


Blessings, Love, Light and Hope from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl