Monday, October 26, 2020

Just Oh My F*ck!!!


So first thing this Morning The Man warns me that The Death Cult Dictator is holding one of his Super Spreader Rallies just a couple miles from our Home this Wednesday!  Just Oh my Fuck!!!  I wish that Covidiot would quit Super Spreading the Virus to our Communities, every time he does our Numbers spike something fierce and go further out of Control bringing Sickness and more Death!  It really infuriates me, when we're trying to hard to stay Safe and he continuously pulls stunts like this in our State and others, infecting our Communities and intentionally spreading Death like the Grim Fucking Reaper!  Sometimes it seems as if he's intentionally trying to Kill us all?!?!??!!!

His Administration already confessed that they have given up on the Virus, they know they Failed utterly and now they won't try to even pretend to fight it. They have no Plan and never will have one.  Now their Hail Mary is to wait for an Immunization they say will be a 'Cure', that won't be ready 'til about the same time Next Year!  An Immunization that doesn't 'Cure' anything, since you can't 'Cure' a Viral Infection, just try to Prevent one... they're such Idiots.  Oh, and since such Distrust has been sown by this Administration, about 60% or more would be skeptical or refuse to even get the Immunization being rushed out before it's likely Safe or Effective enough!

I'm trying not to feel like we could be doomed, especially us older vulnerable folks with comorbidities that are already considered High Risk!  Yesterday I already finally had to give in to my Fears and go to an Urgent Care, which then sent me straight to an ER, for the Dental Emergency.  I just couldn't stand the excruciating pain that was not only worsening, but spreading rapidly to other areas of my Face and Neck!  I really felt like I might risk Dying if it was an out of control Infection, Thankfully, neither the Urgent Care or ER were super busy and they both felt Safe during a Pandemic, who knew?  That was a huge relief!

They got an IV in me right away with strong Antibiotics, decent Pain Management Meds, Fluids to re-hydrate me and an anti-nausea Med.  It was the first Blissful time I'd been pain free since late Thursday Night when this all began!  So I finally also got a few Hours of Sleep before the Pain Med I got intravenously wore off.  They gave me an MRI too to ensure I didn't have Abscesses or raging Infection, with I didn't and that was good news and a huge relief!  They sent me Home with Rx to limp along until I see the Dentist for my Appointment Today.   I'm hoping to get that Appointment bumped up to this Morning instead of this Afternoon given the progression of things?

Luckily I live within sight of the Hospital ER, so I could drive myself back Home that Evening and just go back to Bed while I had Pain relief.  It didn't last all Night, but at least I don't feel utterly fatigued now and I'm still taking Oral Antibiotics and have the benefit of those they gave intravenously.  Both of the Doctors I saw at Urgent Care and the ER, as well as all the Nurses Aides, were Wonderful.  I know the strain the Health Care Professionals are under during Pandemic, and the long Hours and elevated Dangers, yet they were so Cheerful, completely Professional and extremely Caring and Empathetic during my visit, Bless them!

They only asked we Please not turn on any Doom and Gloom News Channels on our TV's about the Pandemic or Politics.  I laughed and said I was already in too much Misery to tolerate any of that shit either!  *LMAO*  Tho' I don't like Football, the Cardinals were playing and most of my Nurses seemed to be Fans, so I turned on to the Game and they were so Happy when they Won against the Seahawks.  I guess the Three Points was tight, but it was the first time they'd Won against that Team in Five Years, so Fans were deliriously Happy.  The Man Loves Football so I've endured many Games besides this one, so it was all Good.  *Winks* 

 As for myself, Pro Sports is about as interesting as High School Sports but without your own Kid at least on the Team and in the Game.  *LOL* Yes, I was a Sports Mom and The Man a Sports Dad for Two Generations of some of our Kiddos and they were decent Athletes and played all kinds of Sports, so we were Supportive of their Passions for it all.   I remember spending inordinate amounts of time at Practices, Competitions and Games, while a Kid or Two of ours was playing Football, Baseball, T-Ball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Dance, Softball, Archery, Marching Band, Diving and Swim Team, Skateboarding, Roller Blading and what have you.  Small Kid Sports can be the most Entertaining lemme tell ya!  *LOL*

I recall a Football Coach or two telling us that The Son was too 'Aggressive' for Football and thinking WTF, isn't that the Point of Football?  Well, I guess not if your Kid is like a Raging Bull and sends other Players to the ER.  Because when they told him to get the Ball across the Goal Line, he could have multiple people hanging off him and he wasn't going down or stopping that Mission!  And if he was tackling another Player, they for sure were going down and aggressively hard!  *Bwahahaha!*  Yeah, so we switched him to Dive Team. 

 I remember also telling his Archery Coach that giving a Bipolar ADHD Autistic Child a Bow and Arrow didn't sound like a good idea either.  I was Right about that... it wasn't, we got "The Call" about an "Accident" involving him in Archery Class and I had this Vision of some Kid that was a handy and more interesting moving Target, with an Arrow sticking out of him, luckily it wasn't that bad!  But it wasn't good either, so they excused him from the Archery requirement during P.E. and gave him something Safer to participate in that they could Moderate more appropriately.  *LMAO*   A little bit of The Son went a long way when he was growing up, so I didn't fault any Adult for not always being able to Handle him.

 This is the Special Needs Child of ours that once accidentally stabbed me in the Foot with a Pitchfork during a Pumpkin Festival while we were digging Carrots in the lower forty of the Farm that Hosted it!  The Farm quit allowing Children to handle the Farm Tools after that incident, which was completely my fault. *LOL* I still recall the Call to The Man, who was at Work on Base when it happened, when the Paramedics tending to me gave The Son the phone to call his Dad and tell him what had happened.  He was about Nine Years Old, so The Call went something horribly Sideways like this:  "Dad, you gotta come Home, I accidentally stabbed Mom."  {The Man, not even fully aware where we were or how it happened, "Where is she!!!"} "She's laying here on the Floor bleeding..."  

By then I yelled at the Paramedics to please take the Phone away from The Child and explain in less terrifying details what the Hell was going on, so my Husband didn't have a Heart Attack!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Me lying on the Floor bleeding with a fucking Pitch Fork sticking out of my Foot and going into Shock!  Yeah, NOW it's a FUNNY Story to re-tell, not so much in Real Time!  I have loads of Stories like that one, once in Vegas when he was only about Three Years Old, on our First 'Family Vacation' that The Man had taken us on after Marrying me and Inheriting my Special Needs Brood... The Son threw himself down the Stairs at 'Circus Circus' Theme Park and told Security his New Dad and Older Sister had pushed him down the Stairs! 

 Luckily his Sister, the Crazier One, Calmly told them that her Little Brother wasn't Well and was on Medication to stop him from hurting himself and others... so nobody got Arrested!  *Whew!*  When you are raising Children with Serious Mental Health Conditions, each Day is a New Adventure lemme tell ya!  You can't make shit like this up!  The Man had no Idea what he'd gotten himself into, but he was a Fast Study and is now in his 2nd Generation of Raising Special Needs Grandchildren, he's a Trooper!   He said Special Forces during Wartime almost pales in comparison to Raising The Special Needs Child and fighting those Battles, both with the Kiddos and with The System for Support Services.   I'm sure we both have Caregiver PTSD from Two Generations of doing it in fact!  *LOL*

BTW: It does not End when they turn 18 just because they become Legally Emancipated, SMI is for Life my Friends and they will always be your Beloved Children and require you to Advocate on their behalf.   We are Dealing with all of that right now with The Son, whose in his 30's, and The Grandson whose in his 20's... and neither one is 'Well' right now at all and it's caused considerable complications to their Well Being and stability.   The Son is Local, but The Grandson is still in Washington State and is under Mental Health Court Order to remain there for another Four Months even tho' they can't adequately find Placement for him.

  We're Appealing that decision so perhaps he can return to Arizona and be closer to us to Advocate for him as a Schizophrenic Adult with Dissociative Identity Disorder... neither condition can be Cured, it's a Lifetime Disability and can worsen over Time.   His Partner has really been a Trooper and Ride or Die thru his Illness and stood by him.  But his side of the Family would rather they break up, which isn't uncommon for a Healthy Partner's Family to suggest that for the sake of their Loved One.   So any Relationship becomes all the more complex with the Family and Social Pressures and biases that all those with extreme Lifetime Disabilities must always Deal with along with their Illnesses.

Can you Imagine if other Physical Medical Disabilities or Illness with no Cure were dealt with by Society in such a way that the moment you become Ill everyone would tell your Loved One to abandon and forsake you?!?  More Compassion is typically extended to those with serious Physical Illness than with serious Mental Illness.   So if your Loved One(s) have such a Diagnosis, you know it's going to be a very tough row to hoe for their entire Lifetime, from Childhood onwards.  Even a vulnerable Child with SMI is often treated badly by other Children and/or Adults and not given equal protection under the Law... their 'Value' to Society being so marginalized and so transactional.

I haven't Blogged much about it in recent Posts, but when you Connect with others in the Community that are Dealing with similar Challenges, you realize you are mos def not The Lone Ranger in your experiences and observations.  Advocating for our Loved Ones becomes a Lifetime Preoccupation and Mission Statement for the Families of those afflicted.  I will kick Ass and take Names on behalf of mine and take down anyone who tries to deny them their Human Rights and to be treated with Dignity and Respect that every sentient Being deserves.  It is always a Challenge when you get the Emergency Calls when things aren't going Well and they aren't 'Well' and having Episodes, even once they're all Grown Up.


Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Death Cult Phenomenon Of Trumpism

 The Dentist is Closed all Weekend, Pandemic Hours are so Weird... and so the only way I'm getting in is on my Scheduled Monday Appointment I guess.  That means the only thing I can think of right now is how much worse the pain now is, especially on that upper Tooth.  Now it's so sensitive I can't even brush it without feeling like I might pass out!  Eating is dicey and so is Sleeping, until I get this taken care of, I'm misery personified at this point.  So I'm definitely not the best version of myself and the Family are at least leaving me alone and giving me Space, knowing that.

 Princess T has her Llama Rice/Lavender little Pillow you can heat in the Microwave and use as a Warm Compress, that has helped some. I'm concerned this is a Bad Infection or hidden Abscesses, that was my initial hunch too when both Crowns didn't look damaged at all. Just contemplating what they might have to do to remedy this is giving me Anxiety, but the pain is so excruciating that whatever it is has to be done.  After already having a bad Senior Fall at the beginning of Pandemic, where the Shoulder took Months to self heal, I'm thinking my Luck with other Non-Virus related Emergencies during Pandemic Sucks! 

I do think Pandemic Stress wears us down Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, making us more prone to illness and accident though.  They are talking a lot now about Pandemic Fatigue people are experiencing.  Which I would imagine you can only really have if you've been participatory in doing what needs to be done during Pandemic?  I don't know how those that have defied everything are claiming Fatigue for what they haven't done?  Perhaps it takes just as much out of them to be Covidiots, I dunno?  It does take more Energy to be Hateful than to be Loving, in which case I guess they would be Fatigued from expending so much Negative resistance?

It is as if Covidiots think that the Virus will comply with their whims.  That just because they refuse to Believe in it or do what they should and make the Sacrifices necessary because they don't take it Seriously, it will cease to Exist.  I find that both amusing and interesting, if you listen to Covidiots and realize the depth of their Ignorance about a highly contagious Disease.  They seem to have zero comprehension, even if it's Scientifically explained to clarify Truths and dispel Myths they've been misinformed by.  They rather stubbornly hang on to a Myth or Lie at their own peril.  This is why I now call them The Death Cult, nobody can get thru to a Cult Mentality Individual.

Cults exploit a basic psychological urge, the desire for Comfort in the face of uncertainty and fear, which leads some to seek outlets that can soothe their anxieties.   A Cult is attractive because it promotes an Illusion of Comfort and satisfies the Human desire for absolute answers.  Doesn't matter if those answers are false or seriously flawed.   Cult Leaders always make Promises that are totally unattainable, but aren't offered by any other group in Society.  So if the desire for whatever that is runs deep, Cult victims desperately want to Believe in it and buy into it, giving them a constant Peace of Mind their Cult Leader allegedly provides.

Cult Leaders provide Messages that are overly Simplistic and many people who have successfully been Recruited to Cults have an issue with low self-esteem, making them easier to break down.  Then build back up the way the Cult wants them to be, Believing the Cult is the Supportive Environment they've been looking for and will solve their problems and fill their voids. There is a phrase in Cult tactics called 'Love Bombing', when someone has low self-esteem and is consistently seduced, complimented and flattered, it Trains their Brain to associate their Cult with Acceptance and Love... very insidious Head Tripping going on to those vulnerable to it's tactics.  Cults maintain their Power by promoting an "Us Versus Them" Mentality, thus Isolating their Followers.

If they can convince their Followers they are Superior to those not in The Cult and Isolate them from Normal Society, Friends and Family, they then have exclusive access to Mind Control and they are typically Masters of it.   They will use Paranoia and Brain Washing and once the Members come to the conclusion that their Families, Friends and Country cannot keep them Safe, they then begin to Worship and put all their Faith in their Cult Leader.  Most Cult Members don't even know or have any idea they're in a Cult, even if it's obvious to everyone around them.  They entered into it willingly because the perceived benefits outweigh the potential dangers and without realization of the Power it is going to have over them.

This Death Cult Dictator's Playbook is play by play a Cult Classic.  He's not doing anything New that Cult Leaders before him have latched onto and done to Control people and cast a Spell over them for their own glorification and selfish desires.  Those within any Cult are handy and disposable Props so the disregard for their safety and well being is nothing New either.   Most really bad Cults end very badly when their Cult Leader spins too far out of Control and demands the ultimate Sacrifice or the Government finally has to indict that Leader for their Crimes and lock them up.  A locked up Cult Leader is not an impotent one tho' if they still have Devotees on the Outside to Control, but it does diminish their effectiveness.

I think that anyone whose been Victimized by joining a Cult and gets out, is usually quite Psychologically damaged for a very long time.  The Human Psyche can be quite Fragile about handling the effects of having Lived a Lie and the realization of complete betrayal by the Cult that was Trusted and Revered for so long.   I don't really know Post-Election what will happen to those in The Death Cult of Trumpism?  He kinda went full on Jonestown with them in his desperation, hasn't he?  

 He's made them so fearful and distrustful of the rest of Non-Cult Americans, the Media, our Democratic Institutions, our Rule of Law, our Allies, our Scientists and Doctors, The Truth... that their Isolation is pretty complete after Four Years of that kind of intense Indoctrination.   I know the people I've had to cut loose who are completely bought into his Cult and are Devotees, aren't the same as when they went in, the Change has been really startling and disturbing in fact.  So much so that I don't want them around me and mine with the Toxic propaganda they've ascribed to... it's too unsettling to have any exposure to.

If you have Loved Ones or Friends who have joined The Death Cult Phenomenon of Trumpism, I'm so sorry, there's no easy way to Deal with how damaged they've become.  I just Hope you are able to keep them Safe enough and Sane enough to remain functional even once The Cult utterly Fails them, and it will... it already has... and it will continue to do so... so there's no Happy Ending for them.  The fact the statistics show that close to 40% of Americans have been so infected with his Deadly Disease of Trumpism is almost as sad as the statistics of the Pandemic's Deadly Disease.  Only they chose their Disease, so I can't extend too much pity, as I do to innocent CORONA Virus Victims who were not Covidiots.  Let us Vote Out this Death Cult Dictator and Save the rest of America!


Be Well, Stay Safe, make sure you Vote and have your Voice Heard among the Collective Voice... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Chainsaw Trapeze

The Four Young Men who came to trim the Trees were scaling those things like they were nothing and knocked the Job out in about an Hour and a Half!  They didn't even use a Cherry Picker and it was fascinating to watch them do their work and that high up like Trapeze Artists with Chainsaws.  The Chainsaw Trapeze Show was the most excitement for the Day.  *LOL* The Foreman said they've been taking down a lot of Dead Trees this Year so we were Wise to get ours some intervention, it's been a hard Year on every Living thing.  It would be nice if weather regulates to Normal by next Year, but I'm not counting on it given Climate Change is Real.

They were very nice Young Men and did a really good job, were very professional and left everything immaculate.  I'm relieved to have all of that task behind us now for Tree Maintenance and Treatments, now onward to my Dental Work next Week and whatever that will set me back financially?  If they have a cancellation before Monday I Hope they can squeeze me in sooner, since 3.5 more days of agony is a lot to push through.  I have a high threshold for pain, but this has pushed me to the edge of my pain tolerance.  There's not much giving actual relief and taking the edge off.  On the errand list for the Day is some over-the-counter topical Novacaine.

Since our Job was their last of the Day, I gave all the Young Men an Ice  Cold Cerveza and they were Grateful for it.  I might kick one back myself and see if that helps mellow the Pain out some?  *LOL*  I did get some of that over-the-counter topical Novacaine after they left, which helps numb the area until I can get in to the Dentist on Monday.   I don't like the numbing of my Tongue, but it's a relief to have the painful areas now sufficient numb and there's 50 applications, which should be more than enough to see me thru 'til Monday Afternoon.  *LMAO*

At least the Weekend is now here and we're done with Pandemic Home Schooling for this Week, which is always a relief.   I'm glad our District hasn't sent them back to In-Person Classes since our State, and about 37 others, have spiked higher than the Peak of the Summer Infection and Death Rates already.  So it's less Safe now than when they discontinued In-Person Learning at the start of the Pandemic.  Unless and until it's Safe, I won't send her.  Yes, it would be easier than this Pandemic Home Schooling and Academically better for her, but not Safe and our Safety is a Primary concern for Pandemic decisions.

No Crystal Ball Predictions about when it will become Safer, I just don't know.  Even if a new Administration inherits this Hot Mess that this Administration has left in it's wake, it's a huge Clean-Up measure.  And an expensive one... so where all the funding will come from is anyone's best Guess?  I just cashed my Check from the last Pay Period at the Antique Mall, which was Thankfully a decent one... but this Pay Period Flatlined completely already, the first Week of it being ridiculously dismal.  I've gone in for the past few Days to bring in Fresh Inventory and it's Dead in there, you can't Sell to people who aren't there.

With the Holidays upon us usually Sales increase, but my Spidey Senses give me the impression people are hesitant to spend again... or are broke and can't?  With no new stimulus money coming, a lot of people can't even make Rent or put Food on the Table, so the buying of what they don't need is off the Table completely for those struggling.   I know the Young Men who came to do the Trees told me that they were relieved business has picked up some because it's been really difficult to keep working steady.   People might need the Service but can't afford it.  They said everyone's doing Side Work on their Days Off just to keep afloat.  These are hard working people in the Trades and that's a typical narrative during Pandemic.

Their last Job of the Day was ours and we had a 9:00 a.m. appointment scheduled... that's very early for their Day to be done and no more work.  Our Job wasn't even 2 Hours worth of Work for all Four Men.   The Foreman had told me he is usually off on the Weekends, but now he spends all of his Weekends looking for Side Jobs to work.   Very few Companies are paying Overtime or even able to fill a Forty Hour Workweek right now if demand is low.   I know so many people who now are only Working Part-Time because Full Time Work with Benefits is harder to come by.  So, not only aren't they getting Full Time Pay, but many no longer have Benefits either during a Time of Pandemic, when that's vitally important to have Health Care and Sick Leave.  But it's better than being Unemployed.

With many Businesses now having reduced Hours or Closing altogether, and empty Storefronts abounding, it is very concerning what is happening.   I don't know what's still thriving right now except mebbe the Funeral Industry?   Our State had a 50% Increase this Week in Infections and Deaths, which is sobering.  I know I see multiple Funerals Daily now at the big Cemetery near our Home.  Our State has had 236,000 Cases and 5,865 Deaths to date... which is more than some entire Countries!!!   We're averaging about 955+ New Cases Daily now, with most of them in our County, which is the largest County.  But there are 25 States with worse Statistics in the last 7 Days than Arizona!

Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, California and Tennessee have had from 15,000+ to 35,000+ New Cases just this Week... so compared to our 6,100 in the same time frame it just makes me Glad I don't live there!!!   Vermont had the lowest Count with 84 New Cases in a Week... but every other State above it had 230+ with the Average being about 5,000-6,000 this past Week.  I keep Track of these things even if this Administration seems to be trying so hard to Ignore it and Pretend we're rounding some Imaginary Corner!  We had the highest Count of new Cases EVER in a Single Day Nationally, THE HIGHEST since this began, how is that rounding any Corner that we wanna go around?!

I personally have exhausted my Patience with the La-La Land People who actually Imagine this Administration is competent and has done a decent job of Leading and Unifying America during Crisis.  And for those that don't want a Unified United States of America anymore, they are Domestic Terrorists trying to destroy our Democracy as much as any Foreign Terrorist and Enemy.  When they Interview any of these Rubes on TV it's like they're living in some Imaginary Alternate Reality so out of Touch with how things really are, that they're endangering the rest of us.

I do feel that their Ignorance and Arrogance about how to behave during a Pandemic has made us the best at being the worst in the World during it.  I do place a heap of blame upon those who refuse to do the simple mitigation efforts that are known to contain Spread and prevent and reduce unnecessary Deaths in our Country.  They are prolonging the suffering and Economic decline by their refusal to participate in fighting this Virus effectively and appropriately, they share in the Responsibility of what has happened to make things worse.  The Death Cult Dictator didn't do it all by himself, he had numerous segments of the population complicit in the undoing and decline of America and the Values and Global Respect we should have and are losing rapidly.

I don't see Election Day as some Magical Date where everything will suddenly change as if Overnight.  If we have an Improvement it will be a slow hard earned one that will take a lot of Work.  If we have a further Decline it will be a slippery slope to hang onto whatever shreds of Democracy and our way of Life that we possibly can while adversaries try to destroy it completely.   Either direction is going to be a tough row to hoe at this juncture, but hopefully we'll be on the right trajectory and not the wrong one for the next Four Years after Election?  We have Identified a lot of Problems, so they are out in the Open for all to see, even if all won't acknowledge them or may even be in support them as twisted 'Solutions'.  Regardless of this Election's Outcome, those people will still be fellow Americans to try to live in relative Harmony with in our Country... I suspect it won't be easy.

Those of us who want Unity will have to do most of the Hard Work to Unify a now very Divided and Divisive Country that has been Created these past Four Years.  Reconciling the irreconcilable differences is not going to be the answer in my humble opinion.  Especially when everyone isn't on board with reconciliation and want that Separatism, Fascism, Authoritarianism and Nationalism they Imagine would be better and find desirable in this Leader they Worship and Idolize like a demigod.  But we certainly are going to have to learn to agree to disagree with more Maturity and Civility than what I currently see displayed.  Whether we can manage that with the resistance against it, remains to be seen?

I have to concentrate right now on my own Family Members who are struggling with being displaced from Jobs and Homes due to Pandemic related Issues.  Who are struggling with Sobriety because they feel their situation is now Hopeless and that things aren't getting better for them, so they've reached a place of despair and numbing as a form of Escapism from it.   There is an exponential increase in our Country with Depression, Domestic Violence, Hunger, Homelessness, Unemployment, loss of Health Care and other Benefits, Addiction and Substance Abuse that this Pandemic has exacerbated.  Hardly any of that is being addressed in Real Time by this Administration, they don't even mention it.  So long as Wall Street is making Bank for the Wealthiest during Pandemic, they may never want to quit Milking their Golden Cow.

Do not be Fooled into thinking everyone is similarly suffering during this Pandemic.  You may or may not be Surprised by which Companies and Billionaires are making the most Money from Coronavirus and thus would have little to no incentive for it to end or get better.   The venerable Stock Index continues to set Record Highs in the face of the Pandemic.   Apple for example has set Records on the Stock Market in 2020, being the World's first $2 Trillion Public Company... just like it was the World's first $1 Trillion about Two Years ago... doubling your Money that fast during a Crisis is speaking for itself.   And Apple wasn't even the Top Performer on the S&P 500 this Year... there are more than Ten Companies that out performed it during the same Time Period!   Companies Capitalizing on uncertain Times might not bother you unless you realize what that means FOR you in Negative ways!?

Those who've been duped into Believing in Trickle Down Economics, even tho' it's never materialized and never will, it's a Theory and it generally does not Work, might still Believe reducing Taxes for the Wealthiest translates to increasing rates of Employment, Consumer Spending and Government Revenues in the Long Term.   It just doesn't really represent a cohesive Economic Theory, it's really more a Cruel Joke and clever Negative Sound Bite that the Wealthy use to Justify their own Breaks and avoiding paying their fair share for the benefit of all.  I'm not against the accumulation of Wealth that is Honestly Earned.  But a lot of Wealth has been Earned in questionable ways and methods that hurt those that are not Wealthy.   I have a Problem with that and if you're not obscenely Rich and don't Profit off of the Suffering of the Majority of your Countrymen, you probably should too.

Exploitation of the Middle Class and Poor should bother anyone with a conscience and a Moral Compass.  If in the pursuit of Money you are willing to exploit anyone and everyone you can, that Greed is not only insidious but insatiable.  How much Money do you really NEED should be the question really?   Once you already have Millions, Billions, now Trillions, and it's STILL NOT ENOUGH, I have to question whether you will ever stop putting your Greed ahead of all else?   And we have reached that juncture in America now, where the Haves have a LOT and the Have Nots are a ever growing population being marginalized, taken for Granted and further Exploited.   Those in the Middle Ground are eroding and losing ground fast.

I still Believe in The American Dream, I'm not absolutely Jaded by various Realities I see playing out that don't make it a level playing field for everyone.  I would just like for America to still have the Reputation of being Good, of being Decent, of being the Land of Milk and Honey if you will where anyone can be Living The Dream... that the World used to look up to and isn't so much anymore.  I'd like America to be seen as Trustworthy again and not have the Global Distrust this Administration has Created by mistreating Allies and pandering and cowtowing to Enemies.  Perhaps that's a lofty Vision I have of what we still Could Be if we were Unified to attain those Goals?

I've Traveled the World extensively and tho' there are many Fabulous Experiences I've had while Abroad in Countries that Hosted us, I still have my Love Affair with America, my Country.   There isn't anywhere else I'd rather Live than where I am right now in this Moment in Time.   I don't want that disrupted further and I doubt you do either, as you try to attain or have already attained whatever it is that has become your Version and Vision of The American Dream.   I'm magnanimous enough to Believe fully that there's enough of The American Dream to go around and I would Celebrate every single person who attains theirs.  I don't Believe that my Dream has to be compromised by your Dream or that you Living The Dream somehow diminishes or threatens mine.

Lemme tell ya, I've been Poor and I've been Down and Out during my Lifetime, it's a tough Space to Hold.  But I knew it wasn't because of anyone else that was Poor and Down and Out, so I didn't have to vilify any of them that were also in a Struggle, so that I'd have a handy Scapegoat for my own Situation.   I wouldn't have Believed any obscenely Rich or Privileged person trying to blow Sunshine up my Ass either that they were 'for' me, unless their Actions proved otherwise.  And there are Benevolent people with Money who put Action behind their Words, their Promises, their Compassionate Outreach towards those less Fortunate than themselves.   They are easy to distinguish tho'... just sayin'... DJT has never been a Philanthropist in his entire Life!

Anyone whose Run their Game to Con people for Decades, thinks they can continue to Fool Enough of the People Some of the time to continue doing so for an indefinite period so long as they continue to get away with it.  They know they can't Fool All of the People All of the time.  Because you can Fool Some of the People All of the time, All of the People Some of the time, but not All of the People All of the time.   The Death Cult Dictator knows this Truth, even tho' he can't tell the Truth to save his own Life and perhaps even now Believes his own Web of Lies and defends them as his Truths.  Pathological Liars really don't even know the difference.   Those they can get to Believe their Lies end up not really even being able to know the difference anymore either.

It has been difficult lately to Focus on what is Uplifting and Going Right when so much is Going Wrong and so Disheartening.   I sometimes have to look back Nostalgically to Blasts from the Past to Smile again as much as I used to be able to effortlessly.    This is a Halloween Blast from the Past Six Years ago of Princess T, my how Time just flies by before you know it.   She'll be a Cow this Halloween, a Diva Cow, but a Cow nonetheless, more Confident in the fact she can be anything she wants to be and it doesn't always have to be Pretty to be relevant.  I think she makes as Cute a Cow as she made a Tiny Dancer that Halloween Six Years ago.   We really Love Cows, they're such docile Creatures with such Expressive Eyes and provide a lot to Society in their very Being.

Yesterday, with the Weight of the excruciating Tooth Pain I'm enduring 'til the Dentist can get me in, the Weight of knowing The Young Prince and The Son aren't doing Well, The Man being rather Testy and Difficult lately, my very astute Grandchild told me we needed to get away for a while and take our Minds off shit.  She was Right of coarse and so we did.   We trawled a few Craft Stores looking for the remnants of marked-down Halloween Decor, which is sparse.  But they still had this Awesome Door Wreath with the Audrey II Little Shop Of Horrors Vibe marked way down with just a couple left.    

It matched so much of what I'd already managed to Score this Season with that Theme and Vibe so I was Jazzed to add it to the New Halloween 2020 Collection of Decor and hang it on the Front Door.   I liked the 'Feed Us' Sign, mostly because, during Pandemic, that's exactly what some of our Dear Neighbors have been doing when they have Home Cooked Meals and generously Share it with us.  So they'll get a kick out of this when they stop by to drop off some delicious Meals they've prepared.  *LOL*   I Love living in a Community where we all Share with one another, that's how it SHOULD be here in America.  Givers Gain, it's the Divine Law of Reciprocity and it always Works.   America has been Great because we have been Good... when we cease to be Good we cease to be Great.

I find it more than Ironic that MAGA is based on Principals that have Greed, Hatred, Exploitation, Deception, Deflection, Self-Interest, Exclusion, Racism, Nationalism, Extremism, Civil Unrest, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism and a host of other Negatives at it's Core.   America will never be Great Again with any of that driving us and our Core Principles, NEVER.   But some people really aren't on a Path or trajectory that has Positive Principals behind it, that's Evident.  Even if those Negative Principals are putting Lipstick on a Pig, Illusions of Dressing it Up and attempting to make it appear palatable and presentable to the masses, it's Lipstick on a Pig any way you cut it or look at it.  It's not only ridiculous, but hideous... and it is not Normal, especially coming out of the White House!

We are taking this just One Day At A Time and realize our Path isn't as rocky as the Paths of so many Struggling American Families right now.   It's still hard in spite of knowing it could be worse and could get worse for us personally.  I don't take any Good Day for Granted at all.   With this Administration continuing to just Mock COVID and Mock Preventative measures, I doubt they have a Plan to wage against it.   That's why they're trying so hard to discount how deadly it is and downplay how they've lost control of the situation and won't be able to turn it around.  The same with Healthcare, they want to eradicate the ACA but they have no Plan to replace it and are intentionally Vague about non-existent Plans they claim they have but won't be Specific about.

Anyone can be Vague indefinitely when they know full well everything they're touting is Imaginary and doesn't really Exist so they couldn't provide Evidence it does.  It's about time ALL of America woke the fuck up and realized they're being shoveled Bullshit and unless competent Leadership is restored, the Country could be doomed and they will have contributed to that outcome by Believing a Bullshit Artist who Played them like a bunch of Fools.   I really do Hope November shows that more Americans aren't buying into the BS than those who still are... we shall see...


Be Well, Stay Safe... Have a Happy Halloween... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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