Friday, March 23, 2018

Fresh From The Father

Fresh from the Father we're announcing the arrival of our Newest Grand-Daughter.  The Young Prince's newest Little Sister arrived on the 21st!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Peacocks Pastries And Penpals

So, what have I been up to so that I've been MIA from the Land Of Blog for a while?   Well, I've been taking glorious walks with The G-Kid Force at The Wildlife World Zoo, which is near Villa Boheme' and I've got a Membership for the whole Family thru July.   The weather has been glorious and Exercising each Morning with long walks around Beautiful Exotic Wildlife feeds the Soul.

With it being Spring everything is feeling frisky and Baby Animals are abounding.   This Albino Peacock, among many of the Peacocks, was strutting his stuff to try to impress the Peahens.   And when they wouldn't pay him due Attention, well he Serenaded those of us with Cameras that WERE paying him Homage to his Proud Display!  *LOL*

He put on a Show for quite some time for us actually, so I was able to get some good Images even tho' I only had my Camera Phone available this day.   I don't know why the Peahens weren't suitably Impressed, us Humans sure were!  *Smiles*   They ignored this poor Handsome Fellow and so he had to be content to just Wow the Humans instead.

I've always wanted to own some Peacocks... alas, until and unless I get Acreage again it won't be possible.   Well, The Man doesn't want Peacocks anyway due to their Haunting cries, he thinks it's rather Creepy.  *Smiles*   Of coarse The Force and I would be Happy with a menagerie of Interesting Critters roaming the Grounds of where ever we could have them.   But for now our only Interesting Critters are of the Taxidermy variety.  *LOL*

I also indulged the Family with an assortment of Macaroons by Binh from one of my Favorite Vietnamese Restaurants.  Her Macaroons are better than any I've bought at Patisserie's around the Valley and she usually has 15 Flavors or more to choose from.   They used to only be available on the Weekends, but now the demand is such that you can sometimes get them midweek as well.

There are also Ice-Cream Sandwiches made with Macaroon Pastry with Gourmet Ice-Cream sandwiched in between.   Since I was getting these as Take-Out this day I opted just for the Macaroon assortment and my personal favorite flavors are the Pandan and Taro flavor {The Minty Green and Lavender hued ones}.

But there's also Thai Tea, Strawberry, Cookies N Cream, Smores, Mango, Red Velvet, Pistachio, Coffee, Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Birthday Cake, Matcha Tea, Raspberry, Caramel, Peanut Butter... all tasting Divine!!!

We also Hosted Flat Stanley for his Arizona Adventure since my Great-Niece had a School Penpal Project and had to send him out of State as part of her Homework Assignment.   Now, Princess T Loves her little Niece, but it's hard for her to get thru her own Homework Assignments, nevermind someone else's,  and getting a Tween to take Flat Stanley on 'Dates' around Town being Photographed with him wasn't gonna happen!   Her Street Cred was at risk and she said she died a little on the inside just reluctantly posing for this one shot under protest and hoping nobody was around and actually looking!!? *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

The Young Prince was only slightly more cooperative and only because it was his little Niece.  Hurry Up he said, or Flat Stanley is gonna have an unfortunate accident and fly out the window of this Truck and his next Image will have a tire mark across him or him being set on fire!  *LMAO*   Well... we are a twisted bunch here and it WAS mighty tempting to want to do some crazy shit with Flat Stanley for Pure Fun... only we were quite sure it wasn't appropriate if the Great Niece's Teacher didn't also have a morbid sense of humor?!  *Winks*

No, you guys Behave is what The Man sternly warned... ha ha ha... he was an excellent Sport for his Great Niece's School Project.  And hey, if Grandpa was gonna be Down for it, then The G-Kid Force reluctantly agreed that ALL of us should be equally Down for it too and so they finally obliged and got the Job done!  *Whew!*   I mean, a Grade was at stake here!

I have found that I totally suck at Selfies, and trying to get myself AND Flat Stanley in frame and try to look Cute, while juggling the Camera was truly Interesting!  *LMAO*  And IS there an angle where extra chins disappear I Wonder?  *Bwahahahaha!*

And of coarse I have to Show Off the Beautiful Great-Niece on the far Left, with her equally Beautiful little Sister and Adorable Baby Brother.   The Younger Sister looks identical to her Mama at the same age, brought back Memories of Yesteryear of when my Niece Alex was a Pre-School aged Princess herself!

So, Flat Stanley went to the Desert and we resisted the urge to photograph him impaled upon a Cactus!  *Winks*

And tho' The G-Kid Force wouldn't be caught dead in Public with him, he did ride around with us for the day and even tho' she said she didn't Like him, Princess T protected him from flying out the window!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   I had thought she'd be more Artsy in the Decorating of him since she's very Artistic, but I don't think she was that Into it, tho' I Wish she had of been.

I thought it was a Fun Grade-School Project for my Great-Niece and I Hope she gets an Excellent Grade based on Flat Stanley's Arizona Adventure?!   I tried to Motivate The Force, but you know... it was like Homework... and well... Motivating either of them to do Homework has always been a Major Issue!  *Le Sigh*

I should have probably taken him thru the Zoo with us, but then The Force said they would have stayed in the Truck!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Not that we haven't done Crazier things in Public... but... whatever... *Winks*

So most of Flat Stanley's Imagery was taken being introduced to an assortment of Villa Boheme's 'residents'... ha ha ha... that should raise the Teacher's Eyebrows enough I think?!   What Rabbit Hole did Flat Stanley fall down she might Wonder?!? *Winks*

But I thought my Great-Niece might Enjoy some 'different' Images of Flat Stanley's Arizona Friends he spent time with... that weren't Boring and might add some Flavor to her Assignment?!  *Smiles*

He was greeted at the Door by Pappi... who should probably be holding an Easter Basket now rather than Felt Pom-Poms... but I've been so totally behind the 8-Ball in Seasonal Decorating this year that it's ridiculous!   That said, I have been plowing thru the Hoarded Garage Project lately with the Help of Friends and Family so I feel quite accomplished and am making Progress.

Flat Stanley was glad that Mister Piranha was under Glass so that he could approach without Risk during the introduction!  *Winks*   I don't know what happened to Mister Piranha's Santos Crown, he used to have a lovely one but it disappeared during The Big Move and I have yet to find it.

I had Fun taking Flat Stanley's pixs around the house even tho' The Force thought it was Insane and said their Niece's Teacher will probably Wonder what drugs this Family is on?!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*

Flat Stanley did end his visit with a Spa Session before he will soon be shipped off to his Home in Texas and then make his Show N Tell Presentation in front of the Niece's Elementary School Class... I would like to be a Fly on the Wall during that one!  *Winks*

He also had his Fortune Told while at Villa Boheme'... I predict we'll never be able to get The Force to wanna do something like THIS again.   Sorry Alex... your Niece and Nephew just weren't that Game to embarrass themselves like we used to be able to easily talk them into!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

He also attended a Wedding while here and the Bride was Lovely!   Tho' I'm told by The Great White Hunter among us that She is actually a He... so he's named her Caitlyn!  *Smiles*  Safe Journey back to Texas Flat Stanley!!!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our Anniversary

Today The Man and I are Celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  Princess T is on Spring Break and so we had another Tween sleeping over, this is how Seniors who are still raising Children Celebrate, what can I say?!  *Winks*  When I reminded The Man of how many Years it's now been he jokes that he'd of served less Time for Murder... True that!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But he's always been exceedingly Generous in Indulging me my Peculiar Wishes for Anniversary Presents over the years, this year was no exception.  Go out and pick out anything you want he says when I went for my Girl's Day Out on Thursday.   So he wasn't particularly Surprised when I came Home with yet another Fab Belt Creation by my Talented Artist Friend Angela... even tho' I still don't have a Waist and thus never actually wear Belts!  *LMAO*

And Yes, he KNOWS he Married a Crazy Woman a long time ago and so nothing much that I do or drag Home to Decorate with or Wear Surprises or Shocks him anymore.  *LOL*   He rolls with it, which Mannequin Gal will Model it for you would be his only inquiry because clearly moi will not be wearing it until and unless I get a Waist again.  *Ha ha ha*   I did have difficulty with the selection, since Angie had Created a multitude of Beautiful Belts with enough Bling to blind a Magpie!

And way too many with these Adorable Frozen Charlotte Bling Butterflies, ideal for Spring!   I knew I wanted one with a Frozen Charlotte Bling Butterfly... but WHICH one, I agonized over the selection... each would have been worthy to be The One.   So it came down to deciding which array of Bling on each Belt was Calling Out to me loudest?!   My Friend Tina was there as a fairly objective second set of Eyes once I decided that I definitely wanted a Belt for my Anniversary Pressie.

We compared which Stone Flowers, which Brooches, which Leather on the Belts seemed ever so slightly Favored?   Each Belt had three to four Floral Blinged out pieces attached to it... we decided to narrow the Leather down to which ones didn't have some other Guy's Name on them so that my Guy wouldn't say, who the Hell is ____________ {fill in the blank} and did HE pay for this then ??!?! ... ha ha ha... that Helped!

So anyway this one Won out and the Mannequin Gal in the Hallway is now Modeling it for me.   She's almost too skinny for it, since I do choose a Belt I COULD actually fit around my own ample BMW frame if I go bold enough to decide to be belted BEFORE I get a Waist again?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   I have a 'Thing' for Bohemian Belts and Quirky Vintage Hats even tho' I rarely, if ever, wear either, but rather use them for Inspirational Displays around Villa Boheme'.  Let us not delve into the abnormality of that Thinking and Logic, since we've never professed to be 'Normal' around here, nor Logical, it's way too Boring and Predictable!  *Winks*

So, here's a Close-Up of my whole Belt, The Young Prince assisted me on Styling my Mannequin Gal with it, he was concerned it was just going to slide off her slender hips and crash to the tiled floor!?  *Smiles*   If you're gonna get Mannequins to wear YOUR stuff Gramma, Why not buy ALL Big ones?  Well, because I only have managed to Score ONE Plus-Sized Antique Mannequin Dress Form in all these Years, that's Why!   Apparently Real Sized Women did not Exist abundantly way back, everyone was Skinny Bitches, or perhaps died prematurely before they got fat?!  Perhaps it's Good I'm Living in this Era of longevity instead since I haven't been Skinny since my Fifties rolled around!  *Ha ha ha*

Now in my Sixties I've decided I'll Work harder on it since you don't see too many really fat very Old people, which is a Clue to further longevity I think?  *Winks*   But I digress about the Healthier Lifestyle I've now Adopted... and the Waist I may someday reclaim... back to my Belt!  Here's some Close-Ups of each individual attachment to it that finally tipped the balance on which one would go Home with me.   I got my Frozen Charlotte Blinged Butterfly, she's set upon a nice Neutral White Stone Flower that would go with anything and everything I might wear... you know, when I get a Waist!  *Winks*

This attachment with it's Enormous blinding Brooch and tiny Bling Butterfly set on a Turquoise Stone Flower was what clenched the Deal on this Belt being The One actually.   No other Brooch could compare to the sparkle on this one, I think you can see it dazzling from Space!?   The Human Magpie in me NEEDS Sparkle, is mesmerized by blinding Bling, what can I say?   This one was the whole Package and then some...

And let us not forget the third Floral White Stone with a Fabulously Hued Brooch that was Eye catching because of it's Coloration.   The tooled Leather on the Belt is Black... which Channeled the Morticia Addams in me Perfectly, besides, Black IS such a Happy Color and one of my all time Fav Non-Colors!  *Smiles*

Yes, I would have liked to have finally Scored myself a Peacock Mount for my Anniversary, but the dreaded Budget doesn't permit for year 29.   And on our Milestone Year of 30 years in, I wanna go to Bora Bora for our Anniversary so we have a full 365 days to Win the Lottery, starting now.  Because it would take a Lottery Win, since we won't be Empty Nesters until closer to our 40th Anniversary when we're in our Seventies, so we'd have to take this whole Show on the Road to a Bora Bora Celebration! *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

I know... the Benjamins always get in the way at Retirement and when you're still raising Kiddos which is $$$$$$$$, way moreso than when we were raising our own Kiddos lemme tell ya!   Not that The G-Kid Force are necessarily higher maintenance Kiddos, but because inflation and the Economy my Friends has driven up the cost of raising or funding anything!  *Le Sigh*   I don't even like to do comparisons anymore about what things cost Now as opposed to back in da day... since I can't even buy a modest Vehicle anymore for what it used to cost to buy a Home, a NICE one!

Sometimes I almost seem Mental when I'm thinking that spending what we do on a Home now is a Good Deal based on price per square foot... because, there are REALLY no more 'Affordable' Nice Homes in Arizona, period!   But, I don't wanna Live anywhere else and so... you have to actually think a 'certain' price point is actually a Good Deal.  Whilst trying not to look at the $$$ amount in a way that makes you realize the Insanity of it all nowadays!  *Bwahahahahaha!* And when I go online Nationally and actually find a For Real Good Deal on Real Estate nowadays... that's usually because nobody much wants to actually Live THERE anymore... or can Live there due to Economic blight of the Community and no jobs or industry!


I have a Friend currently looking around the Country for her Retirement Dream Home in a Reasonable Price Point for a Single Senior settling down.   She said Small Town America seems to be being boarded up and vacated like the Old West Ghost Towns of Yesteryear... and it's Sad... Heartbreaking actually.  Because they're still so Quaint, so Lovely in their Scenery, their Rich History and abundance of Gorgeous Historic Homes and Businesses.   Only almost all of the Businesses are Out Of Business and boarded up... and there are no Jobs.   So if you couldn't swing it on your Retirement Income and needed to supplement it, where would you Work your Hustle?!  Us Urban Gals like our Options!

She said most of the Highways and Freeways have bypassed these Quaint Little Small Towns across America to where they've just been out of sight and out of Mind, as Modern Life speeds by them on the Interstate... you almost have to stumble upon them.   No more are the Route 66 Type Adventures sustaining a lot of these places and I don't know how long it will be before most disappear and do become Tomorrow's version of Ghost Towns?   Urban sprawl is happening around most Large Cities due to this, as the Younger Rural Dwellers have to find Work and something growing and thriving instead of dying off.

On our Anniversary I do contemplate The Future, not as much as I used to when I was Younger, since as you Age it's just way better to Live in the Moment completely and just savor each Moment in The Now.   My Corporate Lives are behind me, I wouldn't even want to be in the Corporate Grind anymore actually so I'm Glad that I'm at a Season of Life now where I don't have to be anymore and could Retire from it.   Sure, The Man and I do Miss the big Paychecks that came with Successful Careers, regular Promotions and all that jazz... which would certainly Help in the raising of Grandchildren rather than being on fixed income.

But full time Caregiving, though a tough gig, does give me more time to spend with my Family and those I Love so it is in many ways Priceless.   There is so much of daily Life that you just Miss while in The Grind, so it all comes at some Price... a huge Cost actually.   And so on this Anniversary I'm focused upon the Blessings of what IS right now... Blessed that I still have my Better Half on this side of Time and Eternity in spite of many close calls where The Lord could have taken him Home and left me a Widow.   I'm Grateful I still have The Man to Celebrate Life with, even if we do it in the most unconventional ways now during our Anniversaries.   Like tending to a couple Tweens ON our Anniversary, who will soon be waking up and being... Tweens on Spring Break.   *LOL*

And so long as you remember to never get so Old you forget what it was like to be Young you can be totally Okay with that, Energized by it actually, since Youthful Energy is almost palpable in the Environment it occupies!   Would we prefer to be two Old People putzing around this big house without that Energy occupying it too?   I don't think so, we Fantasize about it sometimes when it's all a Bit Much, I ain't gonna lie... LMAO... but in Reality, it's kept us Young in so many ways that we might have failed to have Aged as Gracefully. 

 I'm still HAVING to do things that Young Parents do... and in a way that is beneficial, you can't just slide into Old Age and get comfortable in a rut with a Young Child relying upon you to raise them.   You can't stay Down because they are likely to take you by the Hand and hoist your Old Ass back up so you can DO things with them!  *Smiles*  They remind you that you have to last a LOT longer, for their sake, perhaps way beyond your perceived Shelf Life or Expiration Date!  *LOL*

Princess T said it best during our Girl's Day Out Yesterday, where she dragged me all over the City having Fun with her from Sunup to past Sundown.  "You can't be so Serious, so Depressed or so Tired all the time Gramma... or you're going to Miss too much and not have a Good Time!"   Shit, that Kid's way cheaper than Therapy and much more Profound in her Wisdom, isn't she?  True that, and so we were not Serious, we were Silly all day... I didn't feel one iota of Depression, which has been a Challenge recently lemme tell ya... and it was difficult to remember you were Tired when you were having such a Good Time and Missing NOTHING and doing Too Much all day long... which is way better than the alternative my Friends!

And so this is a very Good Anniversary even tho' we don't Plan to DO anything Special for it and can't sneak away for some Quality Time Together, which Yes, would have been Nice.  And despite that I have to Work Tonight, which is kinda a bummer that it fell on one of my Shift days this year.   But I really do Love my Anniversary Gift that he insisted I pick out for myself... he's Generous to a fault when it comes to his Loved Ones.  Our Happiness and Well Being has always been paramount to him since Family is EVERYTHING... and I Love that most about him because that is my Priority too.  So we're in Unity about the most Important things in Life and how it should prioritize... God First, then Family, then Money, then Things.   Happy Anniversary Honey!  Mwah!!!


Celebrating our Anniversary here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Desert Spring

Spring approaching is evident in the Desert already... everything is in Bloom and Butterflies are everywhere!   Princess T and I went to The Desert Botanical Gardens, had alfresco Brunch at Gertrude's by the Grinding Wheel Fountain, reveling in all that Glorious Spring brings to Life in the Desert!


Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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