Thursday, April 17, 2014

Procrast-Egg-Nation And Egg-Stremes

It happens every Holiday... the swaying between Procrast-Egg-Nation and Egg-Stremes... because we always try to do it ALL and take on more Projects and Activities than any Sane Person or Family should!  *Smiles*

Easter just happens to be one of the worst for that Scenario than most other Holidays for us... because Spring rolls in with it and the Activity Calendar of Events being Hosted during the most Glorious Weather imaginable makes it difficult to focus on those Easter faux Art Eggs Projects I always fully intend to get around to... and mostly don't.  Either because I run out of Time to squeeze those Projects in or I forget where I stashed the supplies!   Or simply Forgotten altogether in the Holiday Prep Frenzy going on!!!  *LOL*

This Year it was once again the faux Art Eggs dyed with Vintage Ties and the Organic Moss, Vintage Button and Jute ones... ah well, we can spend Non-Easter Time Creating them in the newly completed Art Studio this Summer instead I suppose!?  *Smiles*   Instead the Eggmeister, Alias Princess T, insisted that our focus be upon the gazillion plastic and metallic Eggs to get out of storage and let her stuff with treats.   And I'm not Eggs-Aggerating the numbers here... she always insists upon Epic Proportions for the big Easter Egg Hunt on our Property!   Wonder where she got that Overkill Excess Mentality from?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I'm pretty sure there's still some out on the Acreage we hid Years ago when Relatives were Visiting and all the Grandpas, Great-Uncles and Uncles hid them so WELL that Year that I'm STILL finding some long forgotten ones to this day... now Sun Bleached with Petrified Candies in them!   *Smiles*  Thank God they weren't of the Hard Boiled variety!   Guys can have their own Obsessions when it comes to Hiding things for a Hunt... even tho' gently reminded these are only Kids Hunting and the Point is to actually be able to FIND the Hidden Treasures!  *LOL* 

Because Seriously... do you think that Aging Men and ADHD Young Uncles are even gonna remember where THEY hid the gargantuan Cache of Eggs distributed around an Acre if the Kiddos can't find them?!!!?   *Bwahahahahaha!*   So in recent years we've narrowed the Hunt Area considerably and given a Time Limit just so that we don't have Heat Stroke and a Coronary trying to Hide OR Find the Eggs!   Because naturally the Kiddos are Attached to them all and seem to be able to know if even ONE is Missing from the Hundreds!  *WHAT!!!!!  Are you SURE it's not in there?!??!   LOL*

I Suspect the G-Force is very much like The Son was... Photographic Memory and Total Recall. Because they surely must Memorize every single Egg as it's being filled... and of coarse there's 'The Count' just to make it a Sighfest for the Adults to ensure that we keep at it 'til every single Egg is Accounted for!  *Le Sigh*

This Year I tried in vain to Impose Egg Limits on the sheer volume of Eggs going into The Hunt... but lets face it, I 'Get It', that's akin to Imposing Junquing Limits and what I can Haul Home on Yours Truly... and that's never quite worked out either has it?  *Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!*  The Apples didn't fall far from the Tree in this Familia... we're all similarly Afflicted with extremes and taking on too much... hence the procrastination part of pulling it all together and holding it down when Time Constraints run out!  *LOL*
But after two days of slogging away at it the Eggmeister managed to get her Project Completed... inbetween stints of being the Candy Police and keep Grandpa and the Young Prince out of and from devouring Easter Candies that hadn't made it into Plastic Eggs yet!  *LOL*  Which is more than I can say for Gramma Dawn... who is YET to Complete or even to Begin ONE Vintage-Tie-Dyed faux Egg or Moss Covered one!!!   Even though there are about four dozen faux Eggs and Supplies at the ready... for WHENEVER that manages to play out and actually go from being Conceptual to being Real?!?  *Winks*  

But it's not As If I've been Idle either my Friends au contraire... there have been School Fund Raisers to Attend... Pizza Parties...

Trips to the Parks so that the Kiddos can meet up with their Friends and have Play Dates...

And that is The Stuff that Memories are Indeed Made Of after all!!!   They will probably not Remember Fondly too much about how much Effort Gramma put into Decorating for the Holidays and having it Just So at Bohemian Valhalla so that the Atmosphere Evokes a Mood of each and every Celebration.

It's more about Celebrating Life along with those Cherished Holidays and Holy Days that Counts and makes for a Life Well Lived and Fully Enjoyed to the Max!!!   And I'm All About THAT!!!  How Priceless is Attending a School Fund Raiser with my Little Princess and her Friends.  Having Old Style Photo Booth Dress-Up Images taken with her Posse and Sponsored by a Generous Local Orthodontist so that they each received a strip of them as a Free Gift because they Love to see them Smile and have Fun!?!   Princess T's closed mouth Smiling is due to recently having three stubborn Baby Teeth extractions up front this week that she's still a tad bit self-conscious of having a Toothless Grin about, Diva that she is.  *Smiles*  And since it is likely she will need Braces like her Mother before her... I shall have to keep this Orthodontist in mind! 

So yes, once again I have definitely swayed between Procrast-Egg-Nation of those things and those Projects that never got done and I fully Intended to immerse myself into after being Inspired here in the Land of Blog or on Pinterest by the Visuals of Wonderful Shared Projects I wanted to try.   And Egg-Stremes of having an Itinerary and To-Do List that no Sane Person should ever Imagine could get done... even on their Best Day and under Ideal Conditions and Circumstances!  *Winks*

And Prioritizing Egg-sactly which Traditions and Rituals MUST be done no matter what!  Even if some Years they are Compromised a bit... such as the Purchases of the Easter Baskets rather than making them myself... which was the case this Easter.   Not that the Kiddos mind one iota, they've Loved it both ways because it's not As If Gramma isn't gonna go Over-The-Top either way!  *Winks*

And if I find the right Baskets made with Love and Attention to Detail and having Perfect Contents there's really no point in taking on a Needless Project, right?   BTW:  Cracker Barrel does not charge extra for the Creation of their Pre-Made-Baskets... you will only be charged for the actual Contents... so why not Purchase these Beautiful Pre-Made Baskets in the Store Section of the Restaurant I say!!!   *Winks*

I Like that they have Retro Candies... and I can always Supplement the Pre-Made Baskets with whatever I know the Kiddos look forward to every Easter and I can usually find everywhere.  Like Yellow Peeps... tho' there was a Run on them this Year and tho' there was a Rainbow of the other colored ones, the Yellow ones were hard to find... so the Princess got Yellow Peep Rabbits instead of the Chickies since Prince R's were the last box of Yellow Peep Chicks!  *Whew, close call!*

Having narrowly averted disaster by procuring the last box of Yellow Chick Peeps for the OCD Prince who would have not been Settling for anything other than YELLOW ones shaped like Chicks, I could now Relax and just sprinkle Springtime Elements around Bohemian Valhalla to my Heart's Content... since Clearly I'm not getting around to faux Art Egg Creating anytime soon!  *LOL*

There are the Cherished Spring Gifts from Past Spring Celebrations... like the Mad Tea Party Hat Created for Princess T by my Extremely Talented and Uber Generous Blog Friend Tricia Fountaine.  It's Special Memories of Celebrations Past that fuel the making of Special Memories of Celebrations Present.

And we mostly Accomplish it every Year, though each Season tends to have it's particular Challenges of filled Schedules and Commitments... along with the Unexpected Issues of Life tossed in for good measure.

You know... Peppered with Sick Kids Home from School recovering... Post Surgical Spouses Home recovering... Agency Visits and a Host of Doctor and Dental Appointments... just to make it MORE Interesting, Un-Egg-Spected and Egg-Citing!  *LOL*

But the fact of the matter is, we do so Enjoy our Holidays and Holy Days immensely and even though we always take on too much it always Works Out just Fine and we don't Obsess about what didn't get done and we haven't yet Accomplished.  So long as everyone is having a Wonderful Time in the Process of Celebrating it All, the Doing of it All is secondary really.  We fully Understand that we're very Clark Griswold when it comes to our Style of Celebrating Holidays.  In fact, I'm sure we're Related to those Iconic Characters?!?  *Winks*

But they were a Memorable Bunch weren't they?  And it's in Creating something and being Someone Memorable that makes anything a Success in our Minds.   In Doing or Being Unforgettable because the Recollections and the Memories are what Lives On long past any Point in Time.

And Years from now nobody will probably Remember or even remotely Recall what didn't happen... and so long as they Fondly Remember and Recall what DID happen, it's all Good!

And this is Sure not to be the first nor the last Holiday and Celebration where we have run the gamut of  Procrast-Egg-Nation and Egg-Stremes, that's just how we Roll and that isn't likely to Change.  Because we ALWAYS want to Try to DO IT ALL, you know?!?  *Winks*  To keep Adding to those Traditions and Rituals we hold Dear and look forward to each Season.  And sorting out which are the most Important and Prioritizing them as such.

And even though we know we can't, it's Fun to Try!!!   And perhaps one Holiday we might just Succeed?!?   Who knows...

Easter Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

No, in case you were Wondering, I've never seen the Movie yet, though the Name always Intrigued me and I can certainly Relate to the Subject Matter and Premise of the Film's Challenge... well, most of it anyway, except for one pair of pants fitting everybody Perfectly that is!  *LOL*
"Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly."

Staying Connected as Lives go off in different directions... even in this day and Age of Technological Marvels that make it more possible and convenient than in the Past, can still be quite the Challenge can't it?   We were Designed to be Social Creatures and to be Relational... that's why Solitary Confinement can be so Torturous a Punishment and Loneliness the worst Condition for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul to Endure and as Mother Teresa once said, "The Worst Poverty!"
"We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty." ~ Mother Teresa

Are there Friends or Family that you've Lost Touch with over Time my Friends and would certainly have to hatch a Plan to Re-Connect Effectively... and more importantly Stay Connected to bridge distance and Lives going off every whichway?!  Or perhaps even had a Relational Disconnect under the same roof at times?   We have... and Investing in Long Distance Relationships is even more tricky than Investing in Relationships of those who remain Close or at least Close by.  Absence doesn't always make the Heart grow Fonder and there is always the Risk of Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, just because Life in General can consume so much of the thought process and Time.   And Time flies... before you know it... lots of Time might have gone by without Contact or an Intentional Connection being Sustained and a Relationship Cultivated and properly Nurtured so that it will Thrive!  And even those we see every day, we have to Invest ourselves reciprocally in each other to have Healthy Relationship!

I don't know about you, but for me, when folks fall off the Grid so to speak, the Reaching Out part can be Awkward because who knows why anyone falls off the Grid Relationally and for extended periods of Time?  Sometimes you can pick up right where you left off, even if Time, sometimes even a lot of it, has been breached.  Other times that's just not possible... or even if it was... some folks keep falling off the Grid because that has become their particular Pattern and Nature Relationally with Friends or Family.   Since I'm an Investment Person by my very Nature, if something or someone is Truly Important to me, I Invest my Time, Energy and Resources into Sustaining, Cultivating and Nurturing the Quality of it, even over Time, Separation and Distance.

I realize not everybody is like me though and so, I do find that those who fail to Sustain Relationship in a Meaningful Reciprocal way, might find that anything Neglected eventually doesn't Thrive and can in fact just Die Off or fall by the wayside.   That pertains to Relationships just as surely as it does almost everything else in Life.   I would Expect it in fact... though I'm often Surprised at how many don't Expect it even if they know they've not Invested anything, or much of anything anyway, in Caring for their Things or their Relationships!   And when it's all Damaged or Lost... they will Lament... and yet, not always really Change.

And sometimes Truly it is Hard no matter how much we may Try or Want to, or is just not the Same anymore... especially if Distance, Time, Changes and with Life going off in different directions or no Commonalities anymore is the Real factor in why Friends or Family just aren't Close anymore Relationally.   Sometimes perhaps they don't even want to be... or one party doesn't want to be... and that's Okay too... to Let Go and Move On when something is Dead and no longer Valued for whatever reasons or maybe no reason at all and has simply run it's course and served it's Purpose.   Maybe not completely Forgetting when it was Special and more Intimate or Fun and Mutually Beneficial.   So I do Wonder... in that Movie... if the Sisterhood Succeeded?  If the Traveling Pants continued to 'Fit Perfectly' over Time?  Or if that was merely meant more as a Metaphor for Folks who either Fit or no longer Fit Perfectly?  As Folks... and Pants... tend to do... especially over Time.  *Smiles*

There are Changing Seasons, even Relationally... and you either Change with that Season to continue to Compliment and Complete each other and Value the Changes we all go thru... or you grow Apart... in another Field completely perhaps... like Seeds blown and taking Root where ever they happen to land and melding with that Environment completely or Purposed Differently for each Season of Life and thus simply Moving In Purpose.  

Or maybe Intentionally Separated, sometimes beyond their Control or Desires... like Siblings from a Litter given to different Families and never to perhaps ever see each other again and have the Opportunity to continue to Grow Together and Share Life uninterrupted?   When I see my Precious New Kittens nestled Sweetly together or with their Mother I often think of how unfair it is for those in the Animal Kingdom that are Domesticated to be split apart by us Humans, even though it is necessary, by our Standards or particular Circumstances to often do so.  Though even in Nature that may eventually happen just because it was Meant to Be So.  But for the Time they had Together it was Special... and so I Hope it also is with each and every Family Member and Friend each of us has ever had Relationship with in Life!?   For However long, or short, that Season was.

And may we not Focus upon the Whys or Hows when our own Sisterhood of Traveling Pants fails to hatch that Perfect Plan that works out to keep us Connected... even with the Best of Intentions and Efforts, by one, some or even all.  It happens... if we just keep on Living its bound to happen sometimes to us all and with various Relationships we've had, however Precious they were and no longer now seem to be... at least not the same way... and sometimes we just have to have a Peace about that in our own way.  And it's Okay to go thru the Grieving Process of the Loss of a Family Member or Friend, even if they're still among the Living... that's Natural and Normal if it wasn't by Choice that it Withered, Changed or even Died.  But don't Risk closing yourself off so that you won't ever have to Hurt again or be Hurt again.   I Hope you never Believe you are unwanted, unloved and uncared for, because you aren't... Truly you aren't, Believe that with all your Heart and Soul, because God has always Loved you just as you are, even if People have sometimes failed to and failed you!  And because as Life Continues there will be New Bonds and Attachments to Form and Cherish, if we remain Open to it.  Those who will Celebrate you and have Purpose in your Life and you in theirs. It doesn't necessarily diminish nor replace previous ones and the Memories we can continue to Cherish forever if we Choose to.  I do Hope you Choose to my Friends... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip ~ Girl's Day Out Therapy ~ And A Flea Market

Well, the Meeting with the Base Doc about the Test Result 'Problem' was unceremoniously Cancelled due to the Base having a Training Exercise which shut down the Clinic all day... not that they'd Notify anybody who had Appointments mind you so that we wouldn't make a wasted trip!  *Resigned Sigh*  Doubtful they'll do a proper Follow-Up to Re-Schedule all those with Appointments that day that got turned away either... so we'll see when I can manage to get in again?  In the meantime, no News is better than Bad News I say.  And I just made Plans to have a Spectacular Weekend and not think about anything that would bring me down.

 We got thru the Young Prince's Meeting Okay Friday Afternoon, even tho' he is kicked out of Attending that particular Church, the Boy Scouts Meetings and won't be Sponsored for or going to their Summer Camp.  All of which we're Okay with.  The Church Board we met with was Compassionate and extremely Kind though, since some on the Panel also Shared that they have Beloved Family Members diagnosed with Serious Mental Health Conditions.  I know it's not always easy for that kind of Personal Information to be Revealed, so we Appreciated that Heartfelt Transparency, Empathy and the Knowing that there was a Point of Reference and no Judgment nor Prejudice about the Afflicted nor towards my Grandson.  Mental Illness does have many Sorrows and long standing Social Biases that come with Living with and Dealing with it, so you try to get used to it, but it still often Hurts, especially when it's one you Love having the Condition interfere with Quality of Life and Socialization.  You come to Realize that your Reaction and Attitude to whatever transpires is more Vital than the Reaction and Attitude of others, which you cannot Control or always Mitigate.   We could see the Panel were probably even more anxious and uncomfortable about the Meeting than we were, it was an unfortunate situation all around, and their obvious Relief that we were perfectly Okay with their Corporate Decision made the Atmosphere Lighter for everyone.

The other Boy's Family had an extreme reaction to the altercation between the Boys, and I certainly felt they weren't willing to Acknowledge their Son's Accountability and Part in the verbal conflict, even though he initiated it, and were conspicuous by their absence at the Meeting, so I 'Get It'.  Perhaps the other Boy will now have an Understanding that incessantly Verbally Taunting someone with Mental Health Issues until they snap, even when Warned to Cease and Desist, is probably not the Wisest thing to do and has it's own potential Consequences!?  The other Boy coming off as the total Victim was mildly Annoying though... but the Young Prince joked that this other Kid is more than mildly Annoying ALL the time anyway Gramma.  *LOL* 

 And he Confessed that the day of the Conflict he just wasn't in a Head Space or Mood to Deal with it Appropriately since AIMS Testing all week had already escalated his own tension and triggered his Mood Disorder because he was already Emotionally Raw and Mentally Exhausted.  So having Tolerance for a Kid whose always a Jerk and Annoying just wasn't in him he said, but he couldn't put it all on the other Kid either, he knew he was Primed for Going Off, it just took the right Trigger and that Kid was it that particular day.  I'm glad my Grandson kept his Sense of Humor about it all and very Proud that he was Mature enough to be Introspective about the Incident and what led up to it, take ownership of his Part and be totally Accountable for it and the Consequences.  He holds no animosity towards the other Boy, he said that Kid clearly has his own 'Issues', he's probably right. *Smiles*  The Young Prince is an Old Soul and very Intuitive about People, that kind of Wisdom will Serve him Well in Life and give him ample Compassion, Insight and Empathy towards others.  Everyone has their own 'Issues'.  The other Family still had the Police sent to our door even though the Church and Scouts had already dealt with it that very same day... but since nobody was touched or harmed and it had already been appropriately handled, they considered it just a Civic Duty to Respond and hear the other side of the Story and how it got sorted out.   My Personal Thoughts are that if the other Family does not Teach their Son not to bully and be mouthy or have Tolerance and Compassion for those different than himself, one day it will have Serious Consequences for him when he does it to the wrong person, it just didn't this time, but the time will come.

So... having successfully dealt with Meeting No. 1's Cancellation... and Meeting No. 2 and the Police Visiting to Chat all on a Sunny Friday just before my return to Night Shift Friday Night, I set aside Saturday as a Road Trip with my Friend Pamela and some Girl's Day Out Therapy!  *LOL*  The G-Kid Force had a Favorite Aunt picking them up for their own Fun Day Out to the Arizona Science Center and Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.   That left The Man a day of luxuriating in a Restful Quiet Home Environment where he could continue to Recuperate and dominate the TV Remote Control without having to Compromise and Endure watching Sponge Bob Square Pants or Sam and Kat with Princess T for endless hours on the Weekend!  *LOL*  You should see those two vying for and Negotiating TV Time and Enduring each other's Fav Shows, it's Hilarious!  I'm so glad that the Young Prince and I rarely watch TV, neither one of us is the least bit interested in the Shows the other two Live For!  *Smiles*  I'd much rather hang out with Friends or Create something.   So I took Pamela to one of my Favorite Haunts for Lunch CHAKRA 4 TEAHOUSE AND SAGE KITCHEN.   Pamela Treated for Lunch since I was Chauffering for the day *winks* and we had a Divine Vegan Lunch.   Though I could never give up my Animal Proteins I do Enjoy the fusion of  Fresh and Wholesome Ingredient flavors many Delightful Vegan Dishes Created by a Talented Vegan Chef offer... my Lasagna was Sublime!  And we're both stealing this Idea of putting an unpotted Herb in a Pickle Jar with Aquarium Rocks for an Upcycled Mini Terrarium!

It's a very Zen Dining Experience and the Aroma of Fresh and Dried Herbs permeates the air and saturates the Senses, along with Restful Music and Visual Delights, I just Love this place and have for Years, it's a Jewel in the East Valley worth finding.   If you're an Old Hippie like me, it's always good to visit an Establishment that is Reminiscent of many Shops you could find in the Sixties and early Seventies and are now beginning to make a Comeback as the Health Craze is amping up the Interest in Holistic Living and it's Benefits.   I Wish this Image had turned out sharper, it was the Vignette beside our table, resplendant with huge Amethyst Crystal, the Sweet Herbal Terrarium and Fresh cut Flowers and Herbs in vases.

Okay, so we Ate Healthy first so that we could Endure Resisting these Fabulous Creations over at Whole Foods which is in the same Mall as Chakra 4... along with Trader Joe's.  If you have either of these Wonderful Grocery Chains in your Area you'll know what I mean... I could wander their aisles for Hours I tell ya... and we did!  *LOL*  Thankfully Pamela has an Identical Shared Love of the Visuals and Sensory Pleasures of such places too, so it's a Joy to hang out with someone who Enjoys it as much as I do and doesn't think its Weird.  *LOL*   Yeah, tho' these Culinary Artistic Masterpieces are Off Limits to keep the Diabetes in Check, I Enjoyed Photographing them because they were almost too Pretty to eat anyway!  *Winks*

Reminiscent of a French Patisserie the vast Selections were a Visual Delight and I can only Imagine how tasty they were!  {Patting Self on back for not even being mildly Tempted to find out!}  That's the Beauty of eating Healthy to begin with, the Temptation for Forbidden Foods is completely erased for me because I'm Satiated by the Healthier Alternatives I just consumed.

But, though we both Resisted all of this... my Treat was a trip to the Whole Foods Smoothie Bar to buy Dessert for us both that would nourish our Bodies and fill us up while still tasting Awesome!  Mine was some Tropical Delight concoction with Spinach and other Wholesome Greens... it was Green but the taste predominated with Coconut, Pineapple and Mango... Yum!!!   And I picked up some Artisan Breads from the Bakery for the Family... such as White Chocolate Pistachio Loaf and Cranberry Walnut Loaf.   And Gourmet Granolas to sprinkle on our Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit Salads.  Why eat ordinary when you can eat extraordinary I say!

Along with Visiting Fav Shops in the East Side's Malls like Anthropologie and having Dinner at Pita Jungle... we also hit our Antique Mall's Flea Market Parking Lot Sale on the West Side... so our Road Trip took us from one side of the Valley to the other this day... from Sunup to well past Sunset!  After all, Girl's Day Out Therapy cannot be matched, it's the best kind of Therapy IMO for whatever ails ya!?!  *Winks*   I Arrived just as Vendors were Arriving and Setting Up... so that I'd get first Picks and Pristine Photo Ops of the Best Treasures I knew you would Appreciate my Friends, since we're Kindred Spirits after all.  *Smiles*

It was a Glorious Balmy Day for an Outdoor Market... our Weather was Spectacular with a slight Cool Breeze and everything is in Full Bloom... so the Saffron Hued Palo Verde Blossoms were raining down like Golden Snow in the Breeze.  I gathered four Canning Jars full of the Dried Blossoms in fact for Display since they hold their Vivid Saffron Hue well after drying in the Sun and are Excellent for Potpourri use with Favorite Essential Oils.

And they look rather Lovely just bottled up as well in my Mini Vintage Canning Jars until they are used for Potpourri making.   But you didn't just wanna see what I got for Free from Nature laying around the Parking Lots did ya?  You wanna see what other Found Treasures I might have 'Scored' at the Event huh?  *Winks*   Drum roll please as I Reveal my Haul and then move on to what I left behind for the rest of you:

I snagged a Lovely Pair of Large Vintage Salt N Pepper Shakers, I liked that the Art Deco Graphics were not worn off as is usually the case if they've had Years of use.  These are a Fav Hue of Jadeite Green but are not the Jadeite Shakers {I already have those} and are the Vintage Painted Glass instead, which I find to be much harder to procure in these parts, so I was Jazzed to 'Score' this Pair for only $18 to add to my Collection.

A 'Score' I couldn't quite Believe happened to be stumbling upon a Pair of Large Vintage Opalescent Glass Tie-Backs, I've been Seeking this exact Style AND this Hue of Glass in what seems like Forever.  I could often find the Style, but not this Color... and usually nowhere within my Modest Budget anyway, regardless of Color.   So I had been Patiently awaiting the day when they'd Show Up, whenever that might be?!   Well... Today was obviously The Day I had been very Patiently Waiting for!!!

You see, tho' Patience is not one of my particular Virtues, I am inclined to be one who can Wait for Exactly what I Desire and at the right price.  I always Expect that the Laws of Attraction will eventually Work in my Favor and it will Show Up, whatever it is I'm looking for Specifically... and at the right price... or at the very least will be Negotiable so that I can get it to the right price.  When the Light shines thru these the Opalescense is truly Magnificent!!!

Since this Gorgeous Pair, over the Years, had some Condition Issues {one has a chip and one a stress crack}, the Vendor was willing to Negotiate and drop the price considerably to what we could mutually Agree upon.  Had they been Pristine Condition I wouldn't have even haggled since the Price would have been quite Fair... but Condition is Everything... and for those like me who actually Prefer the Perfection in the Character of Imperfections, that usually Works in our Favor so it's a Win-Win for Seller and Buyer... which Equals a Good Negotiation.  These will be in the Bedroom of the Art Studio Cottage Makeover tying back some Burlap, Antique Embroidery and Tea Stained Vintage Lace Curtains I shall Create, where they won't Endure much Daily Living so they'll be just Fine 'As Is'.

I 'Scored' a Vintage Black Velvet, Ostrich Feather and Bling Tam for my Vintage Hat Collection...

When Vintage Velvet meets Perfect Adornments and is a Killer Price... can't pass it up!  *Winks*  I tend to Trade Up in Hat Collections anyway... each time I 'Score' one I like better than some I have, I simply flip the lesser Desired one and then that theoretically makes the new Acquisition Free... and typically I also make Money on the Swapping of Collectibles in the process of rotating them in and out of my Collections.  Since I always make my Money on the Buy in the first place for something that will be potentially Re-Sold at a later date and Appreciate in Value, being sure to never overpay no matter how much I Love something, it's an Investment waiting to happen Later.

'Score' one creepy Doll Head at a Bargain to Create some Display out of Later and that Perfectly rounds out my Haul of Lovelies for this Flea Market Experience and doesn't break the Bank!!!

So now, for you to Join me as we trawl the rest of the Market and behold what I left behind for other Treasure Hunters and Gatherers to 'Score' and tell their Stories of... *Winks*

I'm at saturation point for Old Trunks, but I still Enjoy beholding them...

And my Friends Rita and Dan picked up these Awesome Cast Iron Hotel Fixtures from a Historic Town in Colorado called Leadville in the Seventies... which was just profiled on a 'Pick' the Night before on an Episode of 'American Pickers' !!!!!  The Town Leadville must have lost a lot of Historic Buildings in the Seventies to make room for Parking Lots and Development. Mike and Frank just Picked the Magnificent and renown 135 Year Old Opera House in this Week's Episode that is in Danger of a similar fate if not properly Funded to continue to Preserve.  How Ironic that Rita and Dan had gotten there to Leadville first to 'Pick' that very same Town over four decades earlier and Appreciated the Salvage History before it was On-Trend and Popular with the Masses and Reality TV!   *Smiles*  Alas, the Historic Hotel Building Rita and Dan Picked all those Years ago in Leadville wasn't Saved and Preserved by a Passionate Private Individual Championing it like the Old Opera House... and sadly was Razed Decades ago before Preservation was On-Trend too.   But at least these Fab Treasures from it weren't Lost and have been Lovingly Preserved by them for all these Years by my Friends.

So their Downsizing was the Gain of another Couple who are Picker Friends of mine too... Louise and Leo, who snapped this pair up to Decorate their own Home with!   I'm so Happy they got them, since they too have a deep Appreciation for Historic Elements and Salvage in particular.
Would I have been Tempted to have gone over Budget to 'Score' this Cast Iron OOAK Antique Set of Architectural Amazement and Old West History had they not been Sold?   Absolutely... so I'm rather Relieved that Louise and Leo beat me to it actually!  *Whew!*  Of coarse, I would have needed Help unloading them since each outweighed a boat anchor... so I couldn't have snuck them in without The Man noticing and fessing up... so he was Glad that my Friends beat me to this unresistable 'Score' too!  *LOL* 

Not that there weren't plenty of 'Within Budget' Scores to Attempt to Resist mind you!!!  *LOL*  I had to practically drag myself away from some Vendor's spreads... with Tintypes in Original Ornate Frames... *Le Sigh*

Vintage and Antique Packaging of every type Imaginable!!!  Which I'm always Fascinated to look at since so few Survived because they were never meant to be Preserved on everyday common items of their Era.

Sometimes even Old New Stock Exists, with Contents intact... and that is always a Bonus to Collectors of such things.  Having Original Packaging is always a Bonus even if Used... but if it was never Sold or Used in it's Day, then it's like Time Stood Still and it's a virtual Time Capsule of that Era's Goods.

Those Loving Militaria and Mantiques would have had plenty to Lust over... so you could safely bring your Guy and know he wouldn't be totally checked out and disinterested... *winks* 

And Artists looking for Supplies to Create their Style of Art from would have been in Seventh Heaven too!!!

The 'Smalls' always Appeal to me because they are typically Affordable and useful for Creating Art and Enhancing Styling or Embellishing Statement Pieces.

We've had some mighty Hot days already nearing triple digits, so this day being Milder was defiitely a Bonus for Vendors and Shoppers alike and just Perfectly suited for Outdoor Venues, of which there were many around the City and Suburbs this day... so it was a Junquer's Paradise!!!

Whether you were looking for something Specific to add to your Collections or your brick and mortar Shop... or to take to that next Show of your own... or just looking... it made for a Pleasurable Day Out.

And oh how Time flies when you're having Fun!   Before Pamela and I knew it the Sun was setting and the Weekend Night Life had begun in the City as we headed Home, weary but totally Content with our Girl's Day Out Experience and Haul.

Though we didn't come Home with loads of Treasures, we did come Home with loads of Inspiration and a few Carefully Curated Treasures.

And we can't wait to do it again as soon as we can.

Because the one thing that is a 'Given' during any Girl's Day Out, is Planning the next one!!  *Winks*

Because Lord knows we haven't Done nor Seen it ALL yet!   Nor Saved up for every Found Treasure we might want to Procure and Feather our Nests with or Flip in our own Showrooms!  *Winks*

Because you just never know what might turn up and turn you on?!?

Though pricey and definitely out of my Budget this pair of Miniature Boudoir Dolls just took my breath away!!!  *Swooning*  You always see the larger ones, not so much the Miniature ones in Pristine Condition... or a Pair at that!!!

I can think of a few Blog Friends that came to Mind when I beheld them... and you know who you are!  *Winks*   I do Hope you'll come back and Join us again on our next Adventure!? 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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