Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Air Conditioner Debacle Continues

We are STILL waiting upon the Air Conditioning Tech to come back with the new part and repair the Upstairs Air Conditioning!   The Home Warranty people have been unable to reach the Company, it goes straight to voice mail, not a good sign IMO!   Everything has been approved, but I don't really want to have them send out a 4th Company for the same freakin' repair to get it finally fixed properly!  It's been enough of an ordeal already and now Princess T's Tropical Fish are beginning to die off, which is Freaking her out! 

 I've done what I could to cool off their Aquarium water sufficiently, it's just a lot of stress for the Fish, even tho' Mollies are particularly hardy.   So far most of them look healthy, but the Dead ones gave no forewarning of getting sick first, they appeared healthy looking yet quite Dead suddenly!   The Upstairs now being consistently over 90 Degrees, even tho' I've got Two Industrial Fans and Three Ceiling Fans on high up there!  Princess T has been doing Sleepovers at Friend's Homes, tho' she could use the Guest Bedroom Downstairs and Share it with The Hamster Brothers.

Speaking of The Hamster Brothers they do not Like their much smaller temporary habitats.  So have been having tantrums and tearing stuff up, which they never did in their regular habitats where they were quite content and Chill.   I Hope they don't lose their Minds before they can relocate back to appropriate sized accommodations?   A too small habitat is not good for a Hamster's Mental Health and Well Being so I take them out to play with them as much as possible to give them a break from their emergency habitats.  They chunner to me making verbal protest, which is I'm sure, their version of complaining to the Landlady?   WTF happened to our Nice Luxurious accommodations?!?  *LOL*  

 They have never gotten verbal like that, at first it was Cute to hear the chattering, now I suspect they're distressed and vocalizing their displeasure, so it's now making me feel bad for them enduring this exile.   There is just no way, with their heavy long fur, that I'd have a Peace about them trying to stay Upstairs in that sweltering heat, even tho' their Species comes from Syria originally.  Midnight is getting Grey Hair patches and a Silverback like an Old Male Gorilla!  Hopefully not from Stress or prematurely Aging in this Household poor little bugger!?  *LOL*  He's the Sensitive one of the Brothers... see the Silvery Grey patch of Hair near his Eye and his Silverback Hair!?  

So... while trying to keep Tropical Fish, Hamsters and Grandchild alive and Well during the Air Conditioner Debacle, I've not been up to too much else really.  At least I did scrape together the $700 it will require to pay the Tech, once he ever shows up to change out the failed Coil!   I am still intending on disputing all of the previous exorbitant charges that didn't fix the same problem and also cost me Three Service Calls from Three different Companies!   With so many lbs. of freon leaking all over my Attic for the past Three Months, I'm wondering what kind of Environmental Hazard that presents as well?  Especially since Princess T already has considerable respiratory frailness?!?   Companies often fail to have full disclosure about Environmental Hazards until people start dying at alarming rates... so I do ponder these things!

Lately I've been watching too much Politics on TV and the continued Shitshow Debacle from The White House, to keep myself informed... but I probably shouldn't.   Why?   Because it stirs up too much Negative Emotion in me actually to see what our Country has become and what we as a populace have numbed ourselves to accept without outright Rebellion against it!   Yes, there is some Resistance, some Protest, and there SHOULD be, just MORE of it.  Outrage without corresponding Action is impotent!   I personally feel quite impotent, like a speck of Sand trying to change the whole Sahara Desert shifts of Sand from consuming and obliterating everything that is Good about our Nation.  It is Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually exhausting to Resist it all, but we MUST!  The alternative to NOT doing so is too dire a consequence!  We all knew what he was, who he was, what he's always been and that he'd never be the President representing ALL Americans... no Surprises, he is what he is.

I just never thought America would be Okay with enduring a Sociopathic Demagogue in Leadership and tolerate it this long without ousting him!  It troubles me to know our Children are exposed to this... and at the highest levels of Authority of our Country no less!   Princess T asks Questions about him and what he's saying and conveying tho', so I must engage in thoughtful conversation with candor and yet not Freak her out about the Future and Safety of the Country we call Home!   My Grand-Daughter, as a Hispanic Female, is Aware the Messages coming from the White House are all Negative towards anyone whose not White.   The Message imparted being it's not the Country of ALL of us, everyone else Go Back to where you came from!  That's such ironic ignorance and an Old Trope, but I won't even GO there!

My shock isn't so much with him... since he's predictably ignorant, racist, misogynistic, unstable, greedy, egotistical, corrupt, inept and unfit for the Office he holds.  No... my shock is in How or Why so many still Support him in spite of what a vile Human Being they elected and what his Agenda clearly is?!?   That's so much scarier in actuality, how easily people can be Sold Out on someone vile if they think they'll prosper from it personally, regardless of collateral damage and blatant injustices being exacted against fellow Human Beings.   The allegedly 'Religious and Godly' supporting such Evil is particularly questionable!  Ummm, being a Devil's Advocate isn't especially Godly folks, no matter what God of a Major Religion you claim to Worship!  The God I Worship isn't the same god they do apparently!!!   So, enough about that, I don't even really wanna talk about it and what is spewing out of the White House in Tweets, Speeches and Behavior... it's too detestable, too shameful and such a National Disgrace! 

I have to go to Work Tonight and I don't really wanna... not because of Work... but because of my Head Space not really being in the Game right now, any Game!   I haven't felt particularly Grounded for a while now and sometimes I'm in deep contemplation about what the Hell am I even doing?   I don't see myself moving in a direction... just more or less hanging out and holding Space in a place I know I don't really wanna be for any length of Time.   It's a comfortable enough Space to Hold, well, except for Upstairs right now... where it's like an inferno raging.  And that's ironic given my Granson's Name, which of coarse I don't use here, even tho' now he's grown so I suppose I could.  But he's been The Young Prince so long here on the Ole' Blog, why change it up now anyway?  You Literary geeks get the gist of the irony of his Old Apartment now being a Hellish inferno to try to occupy or go through.

As for myself, I'm still languishing around in my Pajamas just Hours away from having to leave for Work, so that just paints how lacking in motivation I happen to be right now!   I had intended to price some more Inventory to take in to Work and refresh my Spaces, but I haven't.   Mostly because all Inventory is in the Garages and they're even Hotter than Upstairs right now, so I haven't wanted to step into the bowels of that Hell!   Things have gotten messy too with my lack of housekeeping enthusiasm lately.  Not that I'm EVER enthusiastic about housekeeping, Old Hippies generally aren't, we aren't your Garden Variety Domestic Goddesses that thrive on Suzy Homemaking skills!  

 I was looking up affordable Real Estate, which doesn't take too long since there's hardly any locally anymore.  There was this Quirky Cool Spaceship Dome, Off The Grid, 3,600 sf Home on Acreage {5+ Acres} in the Desert for a mere $199,000. The exterior is super Cool, the interior not finished and rather hodge podge Odd, but it has potential.   It is ridiculously remote tho', RIDICULOUSLY... but if it wasn't, we'd be Mad enough to be Game for something unusual like this, which is Far Side out of the Box Ordinary, but excites us on an Artistic Funky Fantasy living level.   You can see me living there happily Old Hippie right?  *Smiles* I'd just festoon Vintage colorful Indian Sari Materials all over those Ceilings to give them a more finished Desert Nomad appearance! The interior rather reminds me of Yurts and I could live like this Happily... if it were closer to civilization!  *LOL*  Hopefully some Brave Soul will buy and finish the Vision of this Green Living structure, the price now being low enough to buy in 'As Is' condition.  Originally they wanted $499,000 and that was never happening, given the amount of work still necessary to complete it.

But when not indulging in Fantasyscapes, getting Grounded to Reality is a bit of a Bore.   And I can't be bothered right now, coz Reality is rather a downer at the moment in so many ways, so I'm floating thru it.   Which is OK since then I don't Feel any kind of way about it actually, it just IS what it IS.   My Sweet Neighbor brought over a gallon of Milk, he's such a nice Guy, and I'm glad that tho' one of the few whose Sociable and Neighborly in the area, he lives right next door!   The other Two Nice Neighbors live directly across the Street and catty corner across the Street, so that's fortuitous.  I really Like the Two Johns, Sofie, Charlotte and Loren... I gel with their sincere and warm outgoing personalities.  If only more Neighbors were like that in every Community, right?  Having some Helps... problem with Spaceship House is it would have NONE, for MILES... and further from any conveniences and Services, which is crucial when you're Aging.

And Yes, we're Aging, to that point you do have to think about practical shit and not the Ethereal Dreamy shit like in your Youth.   I tend to still tenaciously hang onto my Ethereal Dreamy shit side, even as a Senior, where I know it's not at all practical or Wise to.   The Man Thankfully is an Old Recluse so he'd be Down for even the most impractical unwise shit I could possibly Imagine as a New Adventure.  As he says, at least it would BE an Adventure... and he'd just as soon Die being on a Great Adventure, than be Safe and Secure NOT on one, you know?  *LOL*   Hey, ya gotta Die of something... has always been a Mantra passed along from my Dear Old Dad that I still ascribe to.   Dad lived out his Life that way, totally unconcerned about what 'something' might be that would take him out of Time and into Eternity... it brings a kind of Peace that is beyond all comprehension and understanding actually.  So... if I ended up somewhere like Spaceship House, it wouldn't actually bother us... it would be way more affordable and all my shit Beloved Hoarded Treasures would fit!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Seasonal Limbo

Creating Two Posts in One Day, Yes, I'm clearly Bored out of my Mind!  *LOL*  If we had the Air Conditioning Upstairs repaired already, I'd be up in my Art Studio Loft or Meditation Room putzing about with Organization of Supplies or being Meditative.  Princess T's Old Room still hasn't had much progress since I last wrote about it either, so it's not like there's not lots to get done, but l would require less than an inferno temperature to try to do it in!   We had to go out and buy Two Industrial size Fans for up there, to keep the Tropical Fish cooled off sufficiently and alive!  One Fish died, the rest are hanging in there!   The Garages too, by Summer, will now have to wait 'til Fall to come back to as a continued Project.  It is rather a Seasonal Limbo I go thru every Summer, where more time is spent sequestered inside than outside, which is more my element, being out of the House!  *LOL*

Princess T usually spends very little time Downstairs, but it's too suffocatingly Hot for her to attempt to be in her Rooms up there, even with the new Fan in the Kitchenette on High keeping that Aquarium cooled off some.  If you are directly in front of either Fan it is tolerable... and it is cooling off the Fish Tanks so we don't lose all the Fish during this Air Conditioning debacle!   We have a lot of Fish {Mollies} and they'd been thriving and propagating nicely.  She is rather testy about having to be Downstairs, doing Nothing Fun, hanging out on her Phone with the Cat 24-7 until the Air Conditioning Tech shows up with the new part to fix the problem.  Whenever that will be?!?  I think Today it was even Hotter than Yesterday, I'm guessing it could be up around 118 Degrees, it's brutal out there outside of the House so she can't do anything Outside... and UP there IN the House, so she can't do anything on the 2nd Floor either!

Of coarse Yesterday I braved The Mall with her and endured the Testy Dad in the Parking Lot there.  I'm just not up for that much of that kind of 'excitement' Today frankly and neither is she actually.   One Afternoon of it was our saturation point for a while, there were too many People and too much Drama she said... well, at least we were unanimous about that fact!  *Smiles*  I also took her out to eat at our Fav Vietnamese Restaurant that Day.  I discovered one of their other Soups, a Seafood Udon, that is now my New Favorite... absolutely delicious!   Being a Creature of Habit, I almost always choose the same Fav things and don't try everything on a Menu, lest I don't Like it!?  So when I step outside of my comfort zone, I'm usually pleasantly surprised and will now eat that incessantly for a while!  *LOL*  This was a Nice Soup for a very Hot Day, refreshing, tasty and Light.

I ended the Pay Period at my Antique Mall very well, Sales were exceptionally strong for Summertime!   One would have thought we had a Sale going on, even tho' we didn't, so many people were there spending Money!  It can be very random like that sometimes.   But then again, when I took Princess T to the Retail Mall, it was swamped too on a Sunday Afternoon... go figure!   Mebbe everyone was bored... or stressed... and indulging in some Retail Therapy... I dunno?   We didn't buy anything at all while at the Retail Mall, that particular Mall doesn't have too many Stores we'd shop at actually.  So once she'd visited Hot Topic and Spencers, and not found the Socks she was seeking, she was Okay that I just bought a Wetzel Jalapeno Pretzel and Lemonade, and wanted to leave! 

  "I don't Need any Ass-less Pants or Gangsta Wear Gramma", she wryly said as we passed one of many Hoochie and Thug Ensemble Boutiques that have replaced such staple Anchor Stores as Sears, that used to be in that Mall... "Well, Thank God for that!", I quipped back at her! *Smiles*  Like I've said before, the Kid has a Wicked sense of Humor, served up deadpan Wednesday Addams Style, she cracks me up and we always have a lot of Laughs on our Girl's Day Out together.   Honestly, if she did want to wear some of the Clothing offered up in those Shops there, well... I don't even wanna think about it!  *Whew!*  Thankfully her Taste is much better than that and she's a Fashionista that wouldn't be caught Dead in wardrobe she feels is completely Tasteless.  She'll go for an Edge, but not go Over The Edge!  *Smiles* 

 Speaking of Over The Edge, I did indulge in some Rock Lobster at the beginning of the Month, my big splurge before another Air Conditioning debacle expense hit us!  This was perhaps the biggest Lobster I've ever had, the Big Kahuna of Rock Lobster it was!  I was SO full I almost couldn't eat the Grilled Asparagus and had to take the whole Baked Potato Home for later!  I never got to eat it Later, as I'm sure The Man consumed it, which was Okay, since he didn't get Lobster.  They were having a Crabfest Sale, but sometimes I'm not in the Mood to try to do the work to crack them Crab Legs and get to my food!   Besides, I'm perfectly Okay with cheap Imitation Crab, tastes Fine to me.  With the Summer tapping me out in Air Conditioning Repair expenses, now totaling about Two Grand and wiping out the Budget and Savings, well, August, my Birthday Month, will be lean.  Unfortunately Two Grandchildren Share August Birthdays and Princess T will start School again in early August and need Supplies, so that's gonna be rough!

She is quite ready for School to resume and start 8th Grade, given her utter Boredom, but I'm not.  I'm rather reveling sleeping in and feeling rested... having no IEP Meetings to attend, for to have Teachers and Administrators tell me all that's wrong with her, its all so Negative and utterly frustrating.   I had picked up the 8th Grade Supplies List at Wal-Mart and she was attempting to Read it to me, stumbling over almost every Word Bless her Heart!  She asks all the right Questions without embarrassment when she doesn't know, so long as it's me being asked, "What's this Word Gramma?", and she'll ask what it also means?  At School she shuts down, too humiliated to look 'Stupid' in front of her Peers or have Teachers get annoyed at her being so far behind everyone else in Mainstream Classes. Her Special Ed Classes and qualifying factors keep diminishing for Services she still Needs... she's too High Functional they claim! Even tho' she's Failing every Class... how High Functional is that REALLY from an Academic standpoint Pray tell?! 

 She tries so hard and I know she's embarrassed that she still can't Read or Spell!   We work on it constantly, to no avail, she's madly Creative and Intelligent, but Academically it's pretty dismal for her and she's still failing every major Class.  I'm not even good at PE she lamented, since she's had Respiratory fragility since Birth.   Art and Music are her strengths, but Schools don't put much emphasis in The Arts anymore and have cut so much of what they used to offer for Electives.   We don't even know Why she processes things like she does, all Testing has been relatively inconclusive as to what her Learning Disability actually IS?!?  We just know whatever it is... is quite profound and a definite barrier to her getting a decent Education!  She has told me before that even tho' Grandpa has Brain Damage and I don't know what they're Teaching them in School anymore nowadays, we couldn't do any worse Home Schooling her than her Teachers have done Public Schooling her!  It wouldn't be so Sad if it wasn't so True!!!

Having gone thru all of the Local Alternative Schools and Online Schools with her Older Brother, to no avail, I'm not certain that would be the answer for her either?   The Young Prince at least Tested at Genius level, so knew his curriculum... all his Failing Grades were due to missing School for Mental Health reasons and only Acing Tests, but not engaging in the Classroom.   I wouldn't say he had a Learning Disability, and he wasn't Behaviorally Challenged either... I would say they couldn't manage or know what to do with the Seriously Mentally Ill Child.   With her it's different, with proper Support Services she does Well, when they yank them for High Function, it's apparent she NEEDS more Special Ed Services that she won't now be receiving.   She looks and acts like every other 13 Year Old Girl you see, she has that Hidden Disability that thus Labels her High Functional and not eligible for Advanced Services given to Low Functional Students or those with Developmental Disabilities most extreme. 

At her last IEP I had a Teacher say they Believe her to be highly Intelligent, I would concur with that assessment, she IS!   The Teacher said she therefore had higher expectations that my Child wasn't meeting on any levels!   Okay, so Lady, that should tell you something, right?!?  It's not like the Child isn't trying or doesn't give a shit... she's humiliated by her poor performance and being unable to process the curriculum or keep up with Peers and being Bullied all the time by other Students because of it... you can see and KNOW that!   That's Why we had the Jackie Chan to the Balls incident with the older Boy who'd been Tormenting her mercilessly all year and you failed to intervene or protect her when she Told both her Male Teacher and the Asst. Principal!  But clearly she's also not Succeeding nor are any of you Helping her to Succeed, so Why do we keep doing the same things and expecting different results then, that's the very definition of insanity!?!??!?!!? 

 In the IEP Meetings everyone is so 'Concerned and Sweet' to me, so it cleans up Well, Princess T said when no Adult is present, they're not usually towards her... I Believe her, she's not prone to exaggeration or lying.  I'm glad that in 8th Grade it will be all New Teachers for every Class except her School Psychologist.   The feedback from her of the previous year, I wasn't certain many of the Teachers weren't being disingenuous in front of us and totally different with her?   I'm disturbed to know that doesn't even Surprise me anymore.  I hear it a LOT from Parents and Guardians of other Special Needs Kiddos... or from Parents whose Children struggle with Academics for any reason.   My child happens to be the docile quiet type who won't speak up for herself, especially against an intimidating Adult... her Older Brother would, so he was less intimidated and would be bolder about telling me what goes on behind the Scenes in his Classes.   

She wouldn't want me going on a rampage to defend her or make waves, she also hates to be Labeled a Narc, since she said Snitches get Stitches Gramma, it's not good to Tell and then not have adequate Adult protection against retaliation.  So she tends to remain stoic about problems at School, which only heightens her Anxiety and Panic Attacks.   If she's having a lot of them I realize something is Up and we've got to have another Come To Jesus Meeting at the School to flush out what is really going on!?!?   You know, BEFORE I get the Call like she's Suspended for kicking some Bully in the Balls, dropping him like a Rock after a year full of Torment by him, and sending his Bullying Ass to the Hospital!   I never did get full disclosure from the School about what his punishment was, except what she exacted in self defense, since she was the Victim finally protecting herself, confidential they said... yeah, Right.   Everybody knew I got Suspended she said, so much for her confidentiality apparently!  But, at least nobody Bullied her for the balance of the School Year, lest she go Ninja on them, so that was a Plus and a Lucky Break for her.

I have come to Hate School... and I haven't even been a Student since the very early 1970's!   I get Anxiety once School starts, since I know what Negativity will ensue!  So, NO, I am NOT looking forward to a brand New School Year for her... nor Four more Years of High School after that!   High School only gets way worse for the Special Needs Child, to where most drop out, get kicked out or have to Age Out of The System.   And it sucks... and it's not only difficult on the Student, but on the entire Family to endure it all.   As if we don't already have enough to endure if there are considerable Health, Mental Health or Disabling Factors to contend with Daily and perhaps for a Lifetime, you know?  We already are painfully Aware that these Children have Issues.  Sometimes the Doctors, Therapists and Caseworkers can assist with Services needed, sometimes they cannot either, but we do what we can to provide Quality of Life and as much Encouragement and Support as ANY Child Needs.

 Mine not being so Disabled that I just need the Respite of Public School being a Babysitter... I actually expect them to get a decent Education.   So they can be functional contributing members of Society and have a decent Life that they can Hopefully embark upon independently, without Full Time Caregiving being necessary?  Perhaps my expectations are high and loftier than the Administration's have been?  Most give up on our Kids actually, or pass the buck and shuffle them between various Alternatives to the Alternatives so they don't get penalized for breaking the Law and refusing a Child an Education based on Disability.   But they are discriminating, not every Child is being given equal protection and treatment based on legitimately diagnosed Disability.   I will continue to speak our Truth and let it be known what is happening to some Children and their Families who are being shown bias and no Real Alternatives.

Yes, I get fed up and angry actually, of any School claiming they can't Deal with the likes of The Young Prince, with a 148 IQ and no Behavioral Problems... when I know full well they have Kids they've not refused to let come back to their Schools, who are in way worse shape, Physically, Developmentally or Behaviorally and have even Graduated and received obligatory Diplomas!   He wanted to finish School and receive his Diploma, he didn't want to be FORCED to be a High School Dropout and settle for Buying a GED to be able to find gainful Employment after he was no longer able to go to School.  He didn't Believe he couldn't be Taught... me either!  

He didn't want to be some Victim or unfortunate Statistic, he didn't want Pity, or to be defined merely by his Diagnosis, he just wanted a Right to an Education.  He doesn't want to be a burden to Society or to anyone, he wants to make his own way in this Life!  I fully Believe mine have that unlimited Potential despite their Disabilities and deserve an equal chance to receive an Education, even if it's not a level Playing Field at all.   Many Disabled people go on to Great things as Adults, I want them to go on to their individual Greatness, whatever it may be.  We'll all be the better for it.  Thanks for the therapeutic Rant my Friends!  Less than 2 Weeks now before School resumes... and the Dread is already setting in!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, July 15, 2019

Simmering Rage And Jerks

There is a certain Mall that my Grand-Daughter likes me to take her to in the West Valley that I myself would rather avoid entirely.  Why?  Because almost every  time I've ever gone there, you seem to run into these characters, mostly in the Parking Lot, that seem to have this Simmering Rage.  Which manifests in them trying to cause conflict, initiated with just anyone and projected at others, and so randomly vented that you couldn't really avoid it, since almost anything sets them off in their indignant rants.   Sometimes it's not us whose targeted and I just see or over hear it playing out against others, sometimes it has been directed our way, Yesterday was THAT Day.  *Le Sigh*  We try to Deal with these characters cautiously and with as much civility, diplomacy, calmness and rational as you can muster when blindsided by them, but it is annoying and senseless projection of anger on their part.  Oh Lord, here we go again... another Crazy edgy individual acting out in Public... spare us!

I liken it to a sort of Parking Lot Road Rage, which intensifies in the Summer Months when it's stupid Hot, but gets set off over such petty trifles, yet perceived by them as major incidents apparently?   There seems to be a certain Age group most prone to this, Young Adults past their Teens but not quite to Middle Age yet.  Often with very Young Children in tow, which might or might not be their catalyst of the misdirected rants at others... since lashing out at their Kiddos, who may have initially annoyed them, would seem less publicly appropriate a Display I suppose?!  I don't encounter it everywhere around the City, but select locations seem to have a wealth of these easily triggered folks, seeming to be looking for trouble and conflict about almost anything they can Dream up and exaggerate.  I remember thinking perhaps this Day we won't encounter any Oddly behaving people at her preferred Mall destination, so I obliged taking her.  She'd been cooped up around here with few Complaints, even tho' she's been unable to use the Upstairs or her Room to even Sleep in, 'til the Air Conditioner gets fixed.  Still waiting on the back ordered part to come in and schedule installation!  *Le Sigh*   So Yes, I was Game for a Pleasant Girl's Day Out ANYWHERE, her Choice!

So, it's Sunday early Afternoon, The Sabbath, which isn't the least bit Helpful at Calming these characters down if you encounter them, perhaps they missed their dose of the Holy Ghost, who knows?  *LOL*   The Mall is extremely busy, so Parking is at a premium and since Monsoons are setting in, the pain in my extremities is already intensifying rapidly.  This means chronic pain in my hips and legs, but I do force myself to walk or exercise lightly and leisurely paced, even on these crippling physical misery days.  The Doc also says it's good for the Diabetic Neuropathy, staying in motion, so I do.   Walking in an air conditioned Mall while she enjoys the Outing therefore serves double duty, even tho' I've got the gait going on reminiscent of Walter Brennan or Redd Foxx!  *Smiles*   But since I knew a couple Hours there would mean me hobbling significantly, I opted for utilizing our Handicap Parking privilege when I found one near one of the entrances.  It actually was the only space open I could see anywhere so that also was fortuitous and a huge relief!   I didn't really wanna traipse in from the Lower Forty since it was 116 degrees and humid this Day!

It was one of those Van accessible spaces with wide striped spaces on each side, giving wide girth between the vehicles parked on either side.  I'm leading up the visuals so you'll know how ridiculously exaggerated and unexpected this Young Man's rant was.   He has an SUV and all his side Doors standing open on my Driver's side and is holding the Hand of his Toddler Daughter, just standing there facing his vehicle.   I didn't know if he was taking Children out or putting Children into the Vehicle so I paused at turning in to Park, waiting for him to finish or close his Doors... only he didn't.  He ignored me completely and was neither taking Kids out nor putting them into his Vehicle... just idly standing there with his back to us.   For all I knew he wasn't even going into the Mall and could be just waiting for someone in there at his Vehicle, oddly people do that, even in Summertime, especially Men who Hate Shopping!  Now, if I can be Pleasant while in intense Pain and with a Teen in tow, I guess I figure most people can manage to try to be Nice on Purpose even if it doesn't come Naturally to them?   I give People the Benefit of any Doubt as to their Character and Content!

He glanced briefly over his Shoulder our way, so clearly he knew now that we were there with the engine idling loudly, waiting on him.  Still, he didn't budge... he's standing by one of his open Vehicle Doors with the Child safely at his side, her holding his Hand, near and protected by their Vehicle and it's open Doors.  So now I am thinking he feels he and Child is in a Safe enough spot and doesn't have to move and just expects me to pull in?  Which I could, given the Handicap ingress was more than adequate to on his side, it wasn't a tight space nor close call to make actually.  I knew I had more than enough room, with the Handicap ingress, to safely navigate in still without coming near to them... and slowly pull into my Space if he wouldn't move or close his Doors, so eventually I just did.   Didn't think it was gonna be an 'Incident' waiting to happen... I was Wrong!

What else are ya gonna do, I couldn't sit there all day waiting on him and I try to avoid verbally engaging.  Since that can go way Left with an oddly behaving Stranger in the City too lemme tell ya, no matter how Politely you try to engage and ask them to move or close their Vehicle Doors to allow you access to Park!   As I exited my Vehicle he turned and popped off angrily, saying I almost ran over his Daughter!   "Uh, NO, I did NOT almost run over your Daughter!", I responded firmly yet Calmly, as I stepped out of my Truck and was now face to face with him but several feet away!   My Grand-Daughter by now had exited her side and we both gave him a Cold disgusted stare and he Calms down and storms off angrily.  Dragging said Kid along in front of us, muttering unflattering things in Spanish about us now, assuming we don't understand him I suppose?  *LMAO*  We do, but we Laugh, Grand-Daughter is Hispanic, which should have been a Clue to him that we might know what he's rudely saying and thus he didn't have to Cowardly switch from talking English all of a sudden... but whatever!  Incident thankfully over, thank God, who Needs that bullshit nonsense on a Sunday Afternoon in any language!?  Not us...

Frankly, our Take on the matter being, if a Dad is allegedly SO concerned about the Safety of his Toddler, Why would he not have picked her up and moved out of the way of a Vehicle clearly trying to Park beside him anyway?  He'd intentionally made the choice to stay put and not budge... that was his Call.  Since we'd sat there waiting on him for a decent amount of time, being ignored, and him not budging or seeming concerned for himself or his Child, I had no concerns really and plenty of room to Park.  But because there was a Child I eased very cautiously into my space, lest she break away from his grasp?!  Even tho' he had hold of her Hand and I had wide girth to get in safely and was moving at a Snail's pace, Why not just avoid any confrontation Dude by just closing your Vehicle Doors and getting the Hell out of the way of Vehicles in a Parking Lot?  It just dictates Common Sense and decent Parenting Standards in our Opinion!   Besides, it was not AS IF I'd of tried to Park if that Child had even remotely seemed in harm's way or unrestrained by her Dad, so don't be ridiculous and unreasonable!  I'm not in the habit of intentionally running over small Children, good grief!

We had a Splendid Time at said Mall tho', so I was Glad we went, it's always Nice to have a Fun Girl's Day Out with The Princess, she can be a lot of Fun and Wicked Funny!  Especially about people... and Malls are great for People Watching and a Human Sideshow of sorts, ain't they?!  *LMAO*  And wouldn't you just know, as Timing would have it, that as we exited said Mall, guess Who exited right behind us!?!  Yep, Crazy Dad and his whole Family entourage this time, which included the Wifey and an Infant with Stroller, Splendid!  *Le Sigh*  We knew this would likely get Interesting again!  We weren't disappointed, another Show, just more of them in the Act this time!   Anyone coupled to a Jerk, well, you just never know how volatile or Crazy they might be either?  I knew we were intent on avoiding further confrontation with the Unstable Family, since we were having a very Good Day, so Why ruin it over much ado about Nothing?

 Princess T rolled her Eyes and Sighed heavily, "Good God I Hope he doesn't get all Paranoid again, Freak Out and think we're gonna try and run them all over on purpose!?", she deadpans Wednesday Addams Style?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   We were already in our Vehicle ready to back out, but afforded them the Courtesy, as we would anyone, of loading Kids and Stroller into their Vehicle.   Suffice to say we laughed about the intentional Display and Production of taking their sweet Time to load both Kiddos and break down their Stroller, just to clearly inconvenience us and make us wait as long as they could.   With the Production of dicking around doing something so simple, just to be Assholes... well, it was nonetheless Amusing, you can't take people like that Seriously and so we didn't!

It became so ludicrously obvious what they were doing, we just had to finally start laughing out loud!  I think us laughing audibly in our Vehicle made them more pissed off and now feeling Stupid and Foolish?  We, being in comfortable air conditioning just waiting on them... and them, dicking around in the brutally Hot Sun being stupidly slow and clearly on purpose!  Since nobody able bodied and physically healthy as they appeared, takes that freakin' long to load a couple of Kids and a Stroller, come on!  *LOL*  Well, we don't Care... go ahead and sweat Bullets to make a futile Statement, stupid Asshole Parents.  What it actually Displays is your ignorance, lack of consideration and non-concern for the Comfort of your Kids, so you can prove some 'Point' you're attempting to make... which was WHAT exactly?!   When they could see they weren't 'bothering' us and it was becoming a Joke, they finally sped up their slothful Process and Production, she began yelling at the Dad to just hurry up now!  So, finally we eased out of our Space and on our way.   But Honestly, was ALL THAT really NECESSARY?   I suppose that is my Point Today, Why do some people DO THAT... Create their own Dramas and Conflicts with other people?!  I don't have the Time nor inclination to wanna have to Deal with them... PLEASE!

So I'll take an informal Blog Survey of sorts Today?  How many of you, if you're exiting or entering your Vehicles, however long that might take you due to whatever you're taking out, putting in, or Disability perhaps slowing you down legitimately... try to either step up the Pace a bit to be Considerate... or Thank another Driver for Patiently waiting on you?   We do every time, just because basic Manners, Civility and Consideration of others being something we were Raised to Respect and bestow freely within Society.  I don't solicit Negative interactions with people... in this day and age it is actually potentially dangerous to, given some of the Psychos out there not wrapped too tight and prone to random violence and overreactions!   We never pop off with some antagonistic comment or get snarky, to escalate some non-issue that's no Big Deal.   It seems to me that the Simmering Rage people likely had Issues before they ever indignantly popped off for some random and petty perceived offense?  Perhaps they like to live Dangerously and one Day it will backfire on them as they piss off the wrong target of their projected Rage?  When they do so with their Offspring in tow, that's just Child endangerment IMO.

 Seems to me they project said internal conflicts upon Society in general and knowing how Best to Deal with that... and them... is the dilemma the rest of us must come up with to maintain Harmony and Peace, in as much as is possible. I've found that a firm, yet pleasant, non-victim stance works best.   Many are just Bullies looking for an easy Mark to get froggy with and try to intimidate.   I suspected this Young Man might not have popped off had it been another Young Man who might have gotten defensive and handed him his Ass in response to starting something?  Perhaps he felt Safe and confident popping off at an Old Lady and her Young Grandchild, who knows?  Sometimes you just have to see the Humor in their ridiculously immature and Jerk behavior.  I think Princess T pretty much summed up the whole thing when she said she was just glad that she wasn't being Raised by people like that!   Who are an embarrassment in Public and cannot get along and play Well with others, making Spectacles of themselves where ever they go!   Being troublesome and going on the offensive for no good reason.

  Being Polite and Considerate can go a very long way in Society, being Aware of your surroundings is probably the best way to keep yourself and your Loved Ones safe from any REAL harm and Danger too.   Being a Jerk tends to not incite Pity but arouse only Irritation instead, so be Mindful of that Fact, any Simmering Rage people.   Had Jerk Off responded to my challenge of the ligitimacy of his initial Statement and accusation by saying, "Sorry, I'm very protective of my Kids and I'm Hot and bothered standing here this long...", we could have had a Human Connection that was a Positive exchange instead.  Since it would have been offering up explanation for his sensitivity or rude behavior towards a Stranger, yet not making excuses for it nor exaggerated false accusations against someone.   Why put someone else on the defensive if they've done nothing to you, it's a Mystery to me Why you even would?

 If someone is driving Recklessly, then having alarm has merit, perhaps even Authorities should be called to handle it if they've put people in eminent danger, especially a Child!  I know no-one who goes around parking lots trying to almost run over anyone else's Children tho', just sayin'!   I myself am actually overly cautious about Children in Parking Lots, because of how many Parents clearly aren't up to the Job of supervising or protecting them adequately and are distracted, mostly by their electronic devices constantly!   At least this Dad DID have hold of his Kid's Hand, I commend that, tho' Lord knows Why he was standing there that long with all his Vehicle Doors hanging open, seeming trance like in front of them and oblivious to his surroundings?   Mebbe he was ON his Phone Princess T suggested, perhaps, whatever, don't know.  He wasn't paying Attention, then was stubbornly holding ground and forcing an incident and thus caused his own Mini Drama to play out that he initiated.   And now he's the topic of Blog Fodder and an informal Blog Survey!   Serves him right...  *LOL*  Do you have a Crazy Parking Lot Incident to Share my Friends?  Entertain us with it!   May you be Free from and spared the Simmering Rage People and Jerks this Day my Friends!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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