Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Random Musings Of An Intense Procrastinator

The Cable TV fix was effortless, they did it over the phone on a Saturday Morning so I didn't even have to get out of my jammies to Deal with it!  If only everything could be that easy, right?!  Remember how I was going to be so Gung Ho about Life Simplification after buying that Book?  Well, that's been harder to jump start into actual Action, rather than Theory and Intention, where it has languished in a rather dormant stage for now!  *Le Sigh*  Even with such motivation as driving around Historic Neighborhoods Dreaming about owning Quaint little Cottages like this one to Downsize to, I haven't yet begun in earnest yet!

I do that sometimes, get all Gung Ho inside my own Head, and then wrestle with my Body to submit to compliance with The Master Plan and actually DO something!  I have ALMOST done something each of the two Mornings since buying said Book.  But then Dealing with Air Conditioning Drama and Cable TV Drama back to back took a priority each day of the past two and... well... my motivation for tacking on Life Simplification Action just petered out! 

I had a Plan to toss a minimum of Twenty-Five objects into a Box that I'd purged from a designated Target Area each day to Sell or Donate.   Then before I ever did it even once... the Plan dropped down to a minimum of Ten objects.  So far NO objects are actually in the empty Box, but in my Head I've thought about what COULD be in there, from random objects I've pictured could go in, if only I could find them?!  *LOL*

I suppose this is Why the Author suggested not to go Mental about what you're going to accomplish, by Dreaming too Big about your Imaginings of it and trying to do too much all at once!?   Clearly she doesn't Know me and that I'd instantly bypass such advice! *Bwahahahaha!*   And that my Doing of Too Much all at once actually means I'll probably Think of Doing all of that and actually Do NONE of it in actuality!  I Believe it's called Bipolar Mania when you actually activate said Mental delusions.

Perhaps it's just as well I've remained in the Depressed non-motivated dormant activity Bipolar State of Being for right now, that is just Action Based inside of my Head?  *Winks*  Otherwise no telling how many Mania induced Boxes of objects would have exited Stage Left already?  Perhaps the hesitation has Saved me from purging the whole damned House of objects and The Man would come out of hibernation to find an empty Home?  *LOL*  IF ONLY... Problem Solved!  *Winks*

I am rather extreme and an All or Nothing kinda Gal after all.  Right now I'm in Nothing Mode clearly... and can't get my All jump started yet.  I have to Work Tonight again anyway and after last Night's Shift shit show, literally, no telling how much Crazy will walk thru that door Tonight?!  Saturday Nights are just about as Interesting and unpredictable as Friday Nights in the Hood!  I do miss the Hood, but NOT that part of it... the Weekend Crazies and utter Madness that can unfold!

Out here in Rural Affluent Subdivision Hell the Weekend is exactly as boring as the Weekdays.  It's still rather like an Episode of the Twilight Zone when you walk outside and find a deserted community devoid of any signs of Life!  Sometimes that actually Creeps me out!  But I did get my Yard Work done this Morning before Noon, since the Cable TV fix took no time at all.   No, this isn't a pix of my efforts or my Garden here, but it sure was Pretty, on the Canvas of my Imagination I'd have more Flowers everywhere, like I did at Historic Bohemian Valhalla!

 And it's not Hot yet, it was Cool and Breezy, so it was a way to Feed the Soul to be out communing with Nature and in utter Silence, being Present with the Moment of just doing Yard Work and Gardening.  Rather Meditative, which is Good, since I haven't been utilizing the Meditation Room for much Meditating lately either!  Sure I've gone IN there and Hoped I might absorb some Zen quickly, so I could just get on with my Day, but it doesn't really Work like that! *Smiles*  When not Feeding my Soul I'm Feeding my Face with delish Healthy Options like these Divine Gourmet Vietnamese Spring Rolls from 'Rice Paper' Restaurant!

I had 'The Spider', 'The Spicy Asian' and 'The Phat Buddha' Spring Roll selections.  With fillings such as Lobster meat, Tempura Shrimp, Jalapeno, Mango and Sriracha served with Asian Pesto Sauce {Spicy Asian}... Tempura Soft Shelled Crab, Mango, Avocado with Miso Ginger Sauce {Spider}... and Tempura Asparagus, Tempura Shitaki Mushroom, Cream Cheese, Basil, Mint, Mango with Peanut Hoisin Sauce {Phat Buddha}... well, I was transported to Spring Roll Heaven my Friends and filled with Goodness! 

Yes, I've been restless, which means not being Still enough.  Though I could Sleep the whole day away, if it were not for having to get up Early, even when there's no School for Princess T, since Alduin Needs his Heat Lamps turned on to bask!   But by Wednesday she will be out of School for the Summer and sometime before June 2nd Alduin will be Moving to join The Young Prince in Washington.  Then I might not have to get out of Bed at all if I don't want to!?

That sounds rather like Bliss except that Caregiving Calls... and The Man, if I languish too long in Bed, gets concerned enough he's coming in to check on me often and ensure I'm not Dead?   And I can see the Anxiety that causes him and that without my Direction, he really doesn't know what he should be doing and his Routine has been interrupted.  Which then creates some distress for him too, Routine being paramount to those with TBI.  Besides, his new Media Chair and Bigger Screen New TV is in our Bedroom... so there's THAT!  *LOL*

And if I really oversleep, he's doing something that bypasses his Safety Prompts, like trying to cook me Breakfast without Supervision in the Kitchen, to 'Surprise' me and MAKE me Wake Up and roll out of Bed!   Since I don't Need the added Surprise that he might have forgotten to turn off the gas burner afterwards and potentially burn the House down, it is motivation enough to ditch the Fantasy of Sleeping In!  Besides, we were out of damned near everything, since I hadn't been Grocery Shopping, so my Breakfast he cooked was spartan indeed!

This is all we have... he said as he offered up two manhandled Eggs and a piece of slightly burnt Toast, but hey, it's the Thought that Counts, right?  It's Sweet... and even tho' I know it was done to ensure I'm still among The Living... and to jump into his Media Chair and turn on his Big Screen TV in there to watch the 5th Rerun of an NCIS Episode... it's still Sweet!  Awwwww... can ya just Feel the Love folks?!   Princess T was on her usual Social whirl of a Friday Night Slumber Party followed by Saturday Morning Pool Party at somebody's House... so we won't see her 'til Tonight.

She will check in on Grandpa for me either by Phone or dropping in for a while, since I'll be at Work... well, as soon as I get out of my jammies and tame these Dreads that is... and try to look Human!  *LOL*   But her Weekend Social Calendar is usually pretty full now she's a Teenager.   So it's ALMOST like NOT having Children in the House anymore... or what I THINK it would be like NOT having Children in the House anymore, I could be Wrong, I dunno... it's been so long since we haven't had Children in the House!   Actually WE, as in he and I as a Couple, have ALWAYS had Children in the House!  So as a Married Couple, we have absolutely no idea what it would be like?!  *Smiles*

I was a Single Parent for many Years before that... so for me, a Childless Home hasn't existed in like an Eternity, so when Princess T isn't Home now, I'm Imagining that's what it's like???   And it's pretty damned Serene and not as Messy, so I'm also Imagining less Work when it actually happens, perhaps 5+ Years from now, God be willing and the Creek don't rise?!  She hasn't yet said she's NEVER moving out, so that's a Plus!

Of coarse The Prodigal SMI Daughter in Mexico reminds me there's Three more Siblings like Princess T that are Younger, and if Saint Maria, the Paternal Gramma, doesn't become an Immortal... well... we don't even want to consider that Reality, it Scares me!  I may come for a Visit VERY soon, The Prodigal Daughter hit me with this Week, coz I have my Passport now!  But don't worry, I won't try to stay Forever Mom!  Whew, well, that's Good News I says... I didn't say which part was the Goodest News... her coming for a Visit after a Nine Year Absence, or her not trying to stay Forever?!?  *Winks*

Don't Judge... Seriously Mentally Ill Adult Children can be as much of a handful as any Child of any Age... and they're bigger and much stronger... and I'm getting Old and really worn out from having Hands full!   I think I could still Take her if I had to, and not even spill my drink, since if she triggered me I think I could snap and top her Mental, but we just don't wanna have to find out.  She will laugh and admit I can still be very Scary when I go Mental, I've had so much Practice at this Age I should be!  *Winks*  But The Prodigal Daughter is doing so much better and I'm really Proud of her, I just don't know that a Little Bit of her wouldn't still go a Long Way, you know?  She Laughs about that too, she has Self Awareness of her Muchness!  And how Much of her Muchness we could Tolerate???

Usually with The Girls... since the majority are String Bean sized... I just have to say, Stop... and LOOK at the Size of me... then LOOK at the Size of you... and assess whose got the upper hand here Ladies should some shit Go Down?!  *Winks*   The Son claims my Biceps are still bigger than most Guys he knows and that when I go Mental, he wouldn't be Crazy enough to Challenge that... so it's been my Ace in the Hole... but shit, as you're nearing 70, how long can that Legendary Status possibly last without being Tested?!   I Guess your Legend has to endure!?  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Man laughs that off and said, well Honey, your Mom was still pretty Scary at 84, so the Scary DNA runs Deep with your Women and nobody REALLY wants to risk Testing that!  True that, Nanna was a Force to be reckoned with right up to her End, and even I wasn't Crazy enough to Challenge THAT Fierce Old Welsh Woman!  Besides, I was pretty certain she  could still put some powerful Gypsy Juju on you if you pissed her off!  *Winks*  The Karmic consequences just weren't worth messing with!  And when the Dementia set in with Dear Mom, she could have gone Cage Match with damned near anyone, wiped the floor with them and come out Victorious I tell ya, sit down and have a Cuppa Tea!

But when I'm not being Bat Shit Crazy around here myself, I tend to just be Chill and sit around in my jammies lately and not do a damned thing I Intended to Do after I've Done what I absolutely must Do and can't avoid.  Avoidance, I'm getting pretty Good at that actually, I could Win an Award if they're handing out any for the very best Intense Procrastinator on the Planet right now.  I didn't used to Procrastinate, in fact, Procrastinators used to annoy the shit out of me.  Now that I'm one of them, not so much anymore am I annoyed by it.  So now I know why they weren't bothered by me being annoyed at them too!  *LOL* 

I've got Out Of State Company coming by the end of next Week, when The Young Prince brings his entourage from Washington State down to visit and pick up all his stuff.  Well, that will be a bunch of objects leaving Villa Boheme' Stage Left, so does that Count I wonder in my Quest for a more Simplified Life?  *LMAO*   If his MIL Suite up there is emptier, at least that will be one portion of Villa Boheme' that is completely purged and Curated to an Extreme.  Then I could at least sit up there and see how it Feels?

With Four to Five Young Men coming to have to Host, I thought I should Tidy the House some, for a decent first impression for the Visitors at least.  Then I remembered... it's Four to Five YOUNG MEN, and when was the last time a Young Male gave a Rat's Ass about whether the House was Tidy or in Order?   Like NEVER... so I did a really Half Assed tidying up.  Since I am not certain how many might be Gay or Trans Young Men and they might actually Care?  *LOL*  Mebbe not... well, I Hope NOT, since I didn't even break a sweat with what little I did to prepare to receive them all!  *Winks*

Besides, The Young Prince has probably already addressed what a Lunatic I am, so they shouldn't be too shocked at whatever Villa Boheme' is like when they get here?  *Winks*  At least I did get all Critters relocated out of the Guest Bedroom and back to where they should be, after the Air Conditioning was repaired, so that Guests wouldn't be Sharing Space with Reptiles and Rodents, so that's preferable, right?  *LOL*   Of coarse, from what The Young Princes has relayed, they have a virtual Zoo of Critters on their Acreage in Washington State, so mebbe they wouldn't have even Cared about that either?  

 Can I come visit sometime so I can finally experience Washington State I says?   Always wanted to see that Ho Rain Forrest, mebbe I could even meet Mick Dodge and Sunray Kelley?!   And learn how to build us a Mushroom House out in the Rain Forrest and move up there with ya'll?!   NO, Gramma, Please don't just drop in... humnnnn, now that sounds like Great Leverage to me, whaddya think folks?  *Evil Cackle!*   I won't of coarse, but he doesn't know that... you gotta keep em on their toes, even after they finally Move Out!  *Winks*  And he never reads my Blog, so my Secret is Safe with you all!  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sweet Salvage ~ Going Home Event ~ Part II

Right now I'm all caught up in the Fluff of Life, and I know, how Shallow of me and all, but it's a Welcome distraction so I'm going with it!  *LOL*  Besides, if I don't get caught up in the Pleasantries and Positive Fun Stuff, I find myself getting more irritable about stuff that I find to be annoying about Life or has Negative and a Low Energy, you know?

I originally had a completely different Story line for this Post, but it was rather a Negative and irritating Topic, so I ditched it, after I'd taken the time and Written the whole thing, to Schedule it to Post much later!   Not a complete waste of time, since at least I got it off my Chest even if nobody got to read it!  *LOL*  And I didn't really want to have this Lovely imagery with an Unlovely Topic to discuss anyway.  It would have been a tough read or invited potential controversy!

Lately it seems that many potentially controversial Topics are coming up, both in Real Life and also in Cyberspace, so discerning whether to become engaged in the discussion or opt out becomes necessary.  I don't like to perpetuate that kind of Low Energy and so I decided not to address the Topic that got me irritated in the first place.  *LOL*  Usually I don't Care very much, or at least not enough to be triggered into being reactive.  This time was different, it was such a source of irritation that internally I reacted.

Knee jerk reactions to certain kinds of things or behaviors often just happens when it's an irritant.   And really, I'd much rather be caught up in the Fluff of Life instead and keep it moving, refusing to be reactive on purpose and quelling a Knee jerk initial reaction.   So then here we are, me Calm and Centered more than I was when I wrote out this original Post!  *Smiles*  Sure a good Rant Post with Venting gets a lot of Views, but I just didn't wanna go there this day and with that Topic!  *LOL*

So having deleted the original Story line, I actually felt better not giving the Negative Energy more Life than it deserved or making it relevant at all.  I "deaded" it effectively, as we like to call it, by erasing it completely and squashing the Topic!   Accentuating Positive Energy Sources just seems a much better option... too much Negativity going around lately it seems, I prefer not to get sucked into all that, too much Drama and a Headache!

  At the Event Fifi O'Neill was doing a Book signing of her fabulous new "Global Bohemian" Book and I would have liked to have bought myself a Signed copy, natch, but she had just left for Lunch so I couldn't.  She also had another Book entitled "Rescue Me" that the proceeds benefit Animal Shelters and told Stories of Rescue Pets. Mebbe she will have pre-signed some Copies and they'll be available at the next Event, I Hope so?

Had budget permit, I might have come away with some Antique Apothecary Pharmaceutical Bottles, there was a great selection, but I hadda Pass on those this time around.   My restraint was decent, it had to be, due to Air Conditioning Repairs tapping me out this Month.  The 12 Year Old Air Conditioning Tech never did find the leak during his 2nd visit either... and there HAS to be one with so much freon leaking out each Season... so he just finally put some Stop Leak in the System.

 What else can you do when they can't seem to find what's going Wrong and you've had three different Companies out, one each Season, for the same damned problem occurring chronically!?   But now we have Cold Air Upstairs and the Unit is functional again... how long it will Hold remains questionable?!  For now anyway I'm just going to have to be Okay with that.   Especially since now the Cable TV seems to be going on the fritz and we think it's the Box hooked up to the TV in the Living Room!  *Le Sigh*

The Man's Big Screen TV in our Bedroom is working just Fine, but the one in the Living Room was only getting Three channels and couldn't 'load' the rest, saying they were 'unavailable'!   It was reminiscent of my Childhood when only Three channels even existed on TV!  *LMAO*   Remember those Days... and TV signing off at Midnight and you'd get the National Anthem and Color Bars {Well if you were fortunate enough to have Color TV, I was told they were in Color} until the next Morning when it came back on?!?  *Smiles*

Any Younger Blog readers have no idea what we may be talking about, any more than they would that Phones used to have extension cords that only reached a couple of feet from the Phone and Landlines were the only option!   Oh, and yeah, you used to just Rent your Phones, nobody actually owned one, they all belonged to the old Monopoly that was Ma Bell and the only Game in Town, no competition!

And even when the Government finally broke Ma Bell up and the breakup was mandated on January 8, 1982, the Company still effectively owned all the lines, so it was a good run for them having the Monopoly from 1877 to the early 1980's!   I remember the various metamorphosis of the Telephone over the Years... and as Technological advances have increased exponentially, the race to own the next best thing is getting rather ridiculous and clearly addictive for many people.

 But I digress... I refuse to get sidetracked for long discussing Devices, I find them to mostly be irritating too when People become Addicts of them and enslaved to them!   I myself found that the use of my PC here was becoming very consuming if I wasn't careful, I could sometimes go thru Blog Withdrawal.  That has subsided since Blogging ain't what it used to be, so I've lost some Interest as many of my Fav Blogs and Bloggers ceased or Posted so seldom that it was too long between entries to follow them anymore.

I try to Post often even after all these Years, not so difficult since I Love to Write and to partake of Photography as an avid Hobby.   I still find Blogging to be relaxing and enjoyable for me, when it's not, then I'll probably cease too, who knows?  Many of my Friends find it Amusing that I've gone back to Photographing with my Old Trusty Pink Kodak Camera, used so much the Pink has worn off most of it!  *LOL* 

 All the Fancy Pants Cameras I've had in the interim quit working or began taking really poor quality Images.  All of them were also this huge pain in the Ass to format to Blogger since Resolution, if too advanced, didn't interface.  That began the oversharing on FB just to adjust Resolution to then be acceptable to Blogger... very Labor intensive and annoying!  My trusty User Friendly Pink Oldie was taken out of Retirement and I'm Happily using her again!

Hallelujah!  What a Time and Sanity Saver she is!  I'm not embarrassed to use Old Devices that still Work for me, I don't Care what anybody Thinks and I can take the good nature teasing about it.  *Smiles*  I know, everyone else uses their Phones to Photograph anything and I ain't gonna lie, mine takes Amazing Imagery.  But I like to Save to the SD Memory Cards my Camera uses and my Phone doesn't.  And besides, I'm Old School enough I still print hard copies of fav Photos to this day!

I don't think I even know anyone else that still does that or uses Photo Albums?  I'm a Dinosaur and I'm Okay with being Prehistoric about such things.  *LOL*  It's not as if I can't or don't learn some New things, I just often prefer not to ditch everything Old School that I just prefer to keep doing or using.  The Adult Children don't give me as much grief about that as The Older Grandkids do.  The Grands seem to think they're doing us a favor dragging The Man and I into the 21st Century I guess?  *Winks*

Okay, so I concede that had The Young Prince not insisted on patiently introducing me to The Land of Blog and setting up my Blog when he was Nine Years Old...and Teaching me the ropes, I wouldn't even be here with you!  And just look at all that I would have missed!  *Gasp!*  It was also the Older Grandchildren that introduced The Man and I to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, setting us up there too.  I think it was even a Grandchild that introduced me to Auction sites like Ebay and Online Shopping at Amazon!  And certainly they begged us to finally get Smart Phones and ditch our Old Flip Phones!  *Winks*

  So, if we didn't have Older Grandkids I'd still be Living in the Dark Ages my Friends!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   If all our Grandkids were still Babies, we'd still be using a Rotary Phone or something equally archaic and not be utilizing a Computer for much of anything!  *Smiles*  I'm still the one Writing Notes to Princess T's 7th Grade Teachers, rather than using the Parent Portal, which I can't get into or figure out to save my Life!   And I don't even wanna bother, so told the School that if they don't send a Note Home pinned to her Old School Style, they're not likely to even get my Attention!

And No, do NOT send me an E-Mail or a Text Message either, I don't read them and just have a Grandchild dump them for me when I have like a 1,000 of them in my Inbox unopened and unread!   If it had been Important enough, you'd find a way to meet up with me in Person or at least try to Call me.  I don't always answer my Phone either tho', I am not tied to it like a Leash and if I'm busy, it's not a Priority to answer Calls.   But what if it's an Emergency Dawn, you might be asking?!   Don't call me then, call 9-1-1 to handle it, and I suspect they'll have The Sheriff come tell me there's been an Emergency!  *Winks*

 Besides, with the bounty of Crisis around here you'd probably have to stand in line anyway, I can only do one Crisis at a time, so take a Number and wait your Turn!   Otherwise, you better have a backup First Responder, I may not be your Gal nor your best option actually, so get a backup Plan in place just in case!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   If you've ever dealt with numerous Crisis unfolding as your Norm, you just have a much more laid back approach to how you Deal with them compared to most people.

I once had a Lady I knew from Church, years ago, that went to pieces about her Hair Dresser quitting, I just couldn't relate to that being a legit Crisis.  I couldn't even take her Seriously, let alone be sympathetic to it being what would constitute a Crisis in her World.   We were just Worlds apart, clearly she was legit distraught, I mean, I thought someone had died or something as worked up and upset as she was!  Apparently her Hair was more of a Big Deal than I could have ever comprehended!?  I wouldn't have even known what to say, I had no Words!?!  I'm not even making that up, you can't make shit like that up, Life is stranger than Fiction sometimes!

And people can be real Weirdos sometimes in the most shocking ways, even in Public!  Tonight at Work someone trashed one of the Restrooms along with puking and shitting all over the place and then throwing it all over the Walls and Ceiling!  I mean, Who does that?!?   That is a Special kind of Insane right there... and I felt sorry in my Heart for the Young Men who had to go in there and clean it up with Masks on because it was so revolting!

Then some Lady who refused to keep her Toddler in the Cart we gave her to keep him contained and Safe, let him run amok and he began throwing Shiny Brite Vintage Ornaments like Hand Grenades and they were exploding all over the floor!  He could have gotten seriously injured since broken Ornament Glass is like Razor Blades and many Customers are also wearing Sandals this time of Year and not looking down when they Shop so as to avoid Glass shards shattered all over the isles!

I don't think any Child that Young should be unsupervised and the Parent so Checked Out and negligent that they aren't paying attention to their behavior, safety and well being.  I think I Shamed the Mother into paying for the damages rather than just bailing like many just do after they break something and don't want to pay for it.  She came running up and then put the Child in the Cart when I responded to the incident, to ensure he wasn't hurt, and where she was not present or even nearby really!   Every time I was out of sight she'd take him back out, and then when she'd see me she'd rush to put him back in... it just amazes me how unfit some Parents are!

They left the Mall without an actual Purchase, but she did at least pay for what he'd broken and that was pleasantly Surprising.  But then later I saw the same Child running around in the Parking Lot as dusk approached!  Still unsupervised, with Mom and her Friends far behind and not paying the least bit of attention that he could get hit by a vehicle that wouldn't see a Child that small and young in time to avoid catastrophe!   My Heart aches for Kids like that, it's by the Grace of God if they safely manage to Grow Up unscathed in spite of having Idiots for Parents!

And it's that lack of proper Training by unfit Parents that Creates the Older Child who should know better, but manhandles merchandise, vandalizes what doesn't belong to them or steals from Shops and acts the Fool in Public.  Socially obtrusive Young Adults were very likely the Buck Wild Child the Parents had no Control over or simply didn't give a damn about.   Discipline, manners, self control, morality, consideration and conscience not having been instilled, they are Clueless.  And it seems they come out in droves on a Friday Night!

And Yes, my original Topic was even more Negative and irritating than that, so I'm glad I didn't Share it!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Sales have been very soft this Pay Period at the Mall so Dealing with irritants makes me just wanna stay Home rather than work any Shifts... honestly!   *LOL*   I'm just glad I'm not in Retail Full Time or as an actual paid Job, I'd likely become very Jaded and just prefer to be unemployed!?  *Ha ha ha*

  I really did still have enough here to do at the House to justify staying Home and devoting my time and energy to that, instead of Dealing with any shit show playing out in Public, you know?   And I don't turn the TV on much, especially to The News, since the shit show in our Leadership right now is just to such ludicrous levels that I can't take it anymore or believe it's been allowed to go on this long and unravel this disgracefully!  Has the World just gone Mad?!  I Think perhaps it has and this is one Deep fucked up Rabbit Hole now!

Princess T has one last Assignment Project she had to complete before School is over by next Tuesday.  She had to make a Tropical Rain Forrest in a Shoe Box and Write about Conservation of important Resources.   She did an excellent job, she's extremely Artistic, even tho' Academically she struggles valiantly.  So her Shoe Box Rain Forrest was very impressive and I should have Photographed it for Blog Fodder, she was so Proud of it.  Children are The Future... and I know they'll inherit a really messed up one to sort out and that grieves me.

I do sense that many of them are conscious about being better Stewards of whatever is left for them to run damage control behind previous Generations.  I have Faith that if there are viable Solutions, these Kiddos will be the ones to implement them and Save the World.  My Hope is they will have more Unity among each other than previous Generations have managed.   Unity of Purpose and just being Unified as Human Beings sharing a Planet responsibly and with Humanity and Loving Kindness would go a long way.  I don't see a lot of that right now with Present Generations running this shit show.

It just takes a couple of screwed up Generations to really cock things up doesn't it?   I mean Collectively... and Yes, some being more screwed up than others for sure!   I don't even want to debate whose the most screwed up and irresponsible, it hardly matters where blame is placed, once damage has been done!  When we can't even get it together to be Unified enough to clean up the mess and find Solutions so that The Children don't have to grow up and do it for us!   God Help them!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl