Monday, October 20, 2014

Curious Nature

Do you have a Curious Nature my Friends?  I know I most definitely do... and so I had been itching to visit the CURIOUS NATURE Shop ever since I heard about it from my Friend Mary... she had told me it was just OUR type of Shop!  *Smiles*

Tucked away in the newly revitalized Artsy District in Downtown Phoenix it Delivers on all that is Weird and Wonderful for those of us who do have Curious Natures!

We knew it was OUR type of Shop the moment we spied the Sign on the front doors!  *LOL*

The Provenance of some of the Taxidermy was as Interesting a Back End Story as the Pieces were Interesting themselves... this Fox for example was a Zoo Raider that had been Terrorizing Zoo Animals and stealing all their kibbles!   Well... now he's Immortalized as Wiley Decor.

And I couldn't Resist procuring a piece of the Custom Taxidermy Created by 'Oddities By Oliver'.   So, yes, the Fabulously Mounted Bat is now mine and in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom!

Though not her particular Aesthetic, Pamela was Game enough to suggest we pay the Shop a visit... knowing I had been Jonesin' to go there.   And of coarse the Kiddos were Fascinated... since just about every Kiddo I know has a Curious Nature.  *Smiles*

Loved these Votives and will definitely pick one up during my next visit... along with a new Taxidermy Book that is coming out within the next few weeks and the Owner was showing me a Preview Copy of.

Princess T and I were definitely in our Element here... it's just like Home!  *Winks*   She picked up some Fool's Gold for Grandpa ... as a Surprise Gift... hey, we hadda bring him Home something since Gramma was dragging Home yet another Taxidermy Bat!  *LOL*   She thought I'd said it was 'Pirate Gold' rather than Pyrite and that made The Man and I Smile.   So... now The Man has a two dollar chunk of 'Pirate's Gold'!

I Loved the great assortment of Taxidermy Bats... all Beautifully Mounted in Gothic Splendor.

But if you Adore Taxidermy and Entomology in general you're gonna Love this place!!!

Pamela took a couple of pixs of me with my Bat... we learned that it's a Girl... so now I guess I can easily Sex a Bat!  *Ha ha ha... the Trivia you Learn while on the Thrill Of The Hunt!*

I Loved the Art Work as well... everything is Cabinet Of Curiosity Style, which of coarse is my Favorite Style of Decor!

I also Loved the Charcoal Hue of the Walls and all of the lush Plants.

You were Intrigued to check out everything in the Shop and I'm pretty sure the Kids could have spent all day there... it was the one stop we made where they didn't fuss about leaving prematurely!  *Winks*

Sorry about my crappy Photography... we were getting a lot of glare from the Glorious Day Outside spilling Inside... great for being in... not so great for Photographing things.

Princess T and I Loved this Skeleton Bat Display as well... my they have a lot of little bones!

I would Love for my own Cabinet Of Curiosities to look something like this one day!!!

Enough visits to this Shop and I suppose it could eventually!  *Winks*

The Kiddos were especially Intrigued by the Specimen Jars filled with Natural Wonders.

I had to go over and take a closer look at that Squirrel...

Too Cute!!!

One day I would REALLY Love for Showroom One Thirty-Three to look more like this than how it presently looks... that is definitely the Direction I want to take it and always intended to take it.

I had to take a closer look at Piglet in a Jar... in fact we all had to take a closer look at every Specimen in a Jar... Fascination is a Curious thing!  *LOL*

This Bat was really Cute too... it was between this one and the one I got... mine was on Sale tho'... and that four letter word is always a Game Changer and Clencher isn't it?  *LOL*

I've still got to remember to get my Butterflies from Pamela the next time we meet... I procured them during Thieves Market and forgot to take them out of her vehicle... I always remember when I'm back Home again that she's still Babysitting them for me!   How many other Friends would leave their Entomology Specimens in your Car, huh?  *Winks*

There is also a wealth of Interesting Rocks and Fauna at the Shop as well.

And many other Oddities that you'll want to pay a visit and see for yourselves.

The Weird and the Wonderful... I just can't get enough of it.

And I'm so Glad that Phoenix finally has a Shop for those of us who Appreciate such things!

I don't wanna hafta travel to New York or San Francisco to procure my Oddities... too far.  *Smiles*   Though to be sure those Shops ARE on my Bucket List near the top in fact!

And you knew they would be, right?  *Winks*

Princess T wanted a Turtle Shell... maybe next time.

Because of coarse we'll be back often... satisfying our Curious Natures.

I could just Envision this Guy wearing a Santos Crown and a small Velvet Cape...

I Hope you've Satisfied some of your Curiosity too my Friends by coming along with us?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Part II French Market


So... after having had our Big Girl's Day Out Thursday... Saturday meant having Girl's Day Out with the Little Gals and going back to Events with the Kiddos where the pace would definitely be more amplified hanging out with Third Graders!  *Winks*

So... my Friend Pamela with her Daughter in tow... and I with Princess T in tow hit the Town together with the Kiddos for a Sunup to Sundown whirlwind of Fun and Retail Therapy.

Our other Friends always indulge the Girls and this day was no exception... so Princess T was in an 'It's All About Me' frame of mind.  *Winks*  Come to think of it, she's ALWAYS in that frame of mind actually!  *LOL*

And hamming it up for the Camera... as usual!  That Kid likes to get in her Face Time and no Event, no matter how Wonderful, will usurp it!!!  *Smiles*

She's so Spoiled rotten by everyone...

And Today it would be Spoiled rotten times two since there were two Princesses in the House to indulge!  *Smiles*   Don't they look like Twin Sisters?

Actually... as long as Pamela and I have been Friends we'd never had both the Girls in tow during a  Girl's Day Out.   But it went so Well that we think we'll make a Tradition of it.  The Kiddos definitely Rolled Well, better actually, with a Friend their own Age in the Mix!   You'd think that us Big Gals wouldda figured that out sooner, huh?  *Smiles*

But, it is always somewhat of a Risk having Youngsters in tow when you're doing anything Special... so I guess we'd just never Braved it before now... Cowards that we are!  *LOL*

Mine can switch Moods on the turn of a dime, usually if the Evil word 'No' comes up in conversation... and it can quickly become Moodfest 2014... so I was actually quite Relieved at how much more stable her Moods were with a Friend her own Age in tow... there were far less Diva Moments!  *Whew!*

And though I had absolutely no Mission Statement whatsoever this day in the way of Purchases... it turned out to be quite the Retail Therapy day indeed all the same!  That happens sometimes... Thankfully, not too often!  *Ha ha ha!*

I was Wandering around my Friend Heidi's section... Admiring all the Bling in her New Line... and it just happened...

Another Necklace that took my breath away and I was certain hadn't been there on Thursday... I tried to Resist, since I already had one... but I Confess I didn't Resist too hard actually... because if I don't Deserve it, who does, right?  *Winks*

Yeah, with Bling Skully and Upcycled Antique Rosary Beads it had that Wonderful Mix of Macabre and Beauty that I J'Adore... hadda have it!   And it also Cost me a Blinged out Headband for a certain Princess since if Gramma was getting some Bling... well, ya know... I was being Extorted big time!!!  *Winks*

Of coarse Princess T couldn't definitely Appreciate the Appeal of Miss Heidi's New Line... she was totally diggin' it too... she will mos 'def grow up to be a Paris Montana Type of Gal!  *Smiles*

So I better Guard my Collection closely once she reaches the Teen Years... or the Borrowing of Gramma's Bling could become Chronic!  *LOL*

I'm actually Glad that at least one of my Grand-Daughters totally digs Gramma's Style so that I know once Inherited it won't end up at the Goodwill or something equally ghastly!  *Smiles*

And since the majority of my Abundance of Grandchildren happen to be Girls, I've Ensured a Grand Inheritance of Girly Treasures to spread out amongst them all should each wanna totally Roll Gypsy Style.   There's plenty to go around.  *Winks*

But Honestly, you've gotta give me Props for how much Fabulousness I DID manage to Resist my Friends!   Like Amazing Antique Boudoir Dolls...

I was absolutely certain she wanted to come Home with us and join the other Boudoir Gals at Bohemian Valhalla!   She even looks by her Countenance somewhat Upset that she didn't, No? *Smiles*

But then, she seemed Distraught that she wasn't coming Home with us either... and she had such Function... with her Ability to hold and Display gads of Bling so Well!!!

Please... Please... take me with you she seemed to be Pleading!   No, I don't hear Voices... but I DO have a very Fertile Imagination, just in case you were Wondering.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Yes, we managed to stroll out of there with only the Necklace and the Headband... at least from this Event... so I didn't Feel as though I'd completely Succumbed to my Temptations and had possessed an ounce or more of Restraint.

And Zero Buyer's Remorse since I was Delighted with every Purchase I'd made during both Girl's Day Out... I had been discerning and only sprung on what I absolutely Loved and would be Statement and Go To Pieces for Decorating, Accessorizing and Wardrobe.

I'm getting much better at that... only Buying and Keeping what I Love... and Letting Go of so much more than I'm bringing in.   The Majority of my Purchases anymore are to re-sell for Profit in benefit of supplementing a fixed income, paying off Catastrophic Medical Bills and getting the Kiddos Raised, so it's one of those necessary Investments as a means to an end to Shop often for Inventory.

Luckily it's something I Love and seemed Born to do so I don't mind it at all and consider it Pure Joy to go Sourcing and finding Inspiration everywhere so that I can learn all I can about Presentation and what Found Treasures will Sell well.

As a Woman I Believe we are Hard Wired to Feather our Nests comfortably and well for our Loved Ones and are Naturally drawn to what is Beautiful and Romantic.   I don't Remember it ever being Suggested that it is what I should do... it is just something I always felt compelled to by Internal Urges I never really thought much about, just acted upon Naturally.  And I was even a Tomboy Type of Gal growing up, so it's nothing about being Prissy necessarily.  *LOL* 

And when you get together with other Women and Girls to do The Girl Thing and Indulge in the Thrill of the Hunt, it's just always such FUN, isn't it?   And that's what we have... loads of FUN... whether or not we 'Score' anything or not... but it is an added Bonus if you do to be sure!  *Winks*

I was actually quite Proud of my Friend Pamela for her Amazing Restraint during our Shop-A-Thon... I seemed to be the only one Succumbing this day to shell out for a few Special Treasures!

But when you see the other two Special Treasures I 'Scored' during this outing you'll totally understand why I Succumbed without a second thought or a blink of an eye... truly you will!  *Smiles*   I'll have to leave you in some Suspense tho' since each was 'Scored' at a separate Venue!

Because we really did 'Do It All' this day lemme tell ya!  With the Youthful Energy and Exhuberance of Third Graders we could draw upon we kept up with the Young-Uns... in fact, I do Believe we might even have worn THEM out?!?

But that might also Explain why Today, Sunday, meant LONG Naps and feeling totally drained of Energy for Gramma... I'd apparently used all mine up!  *Ha ha ha*

I always need at least one day of Recovery after a Girl's Day Out with the Princess as my Entourage... so I shouldda expected it actually.  *Winks*   And my next Post will take you to another Venue... and the following one to yet another... because I'm aching to Show Off my Haul.   And then we'll come back to more Eye Candy from the other Events I'd taken you along to... in no particular Order... so that you'll never know where you're going NEXT??!??

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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