Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Resolving Bullshit


So, Unofficially it was 123 Degrees... and didn't dip below 119 most of the Day, this required Ice-Cream.  Officially it was still a Record, I think they said it was 117... probably over Grass in the Shade, probably outside of the actual City.  *Eye Roll*  So, we ducked into a Baskin Robbins. *LOL*   The Clerk also gave me a Free Waffle Cone that was still Warm from their Oven.   I always get a Waffle Cone Bowl for my Scoops, I Love their Plain Waffle Cones.  The Man opted for a Milkshake this day, we'd had Lunch at Wildflower Bread Company first.  I'm rather now addicted to the new Brussels Rocket Crunch Salad, to go with my 12 Vegetable Soup there.


It has Organic Arugula, Organic Carrots, Celery, Jicama, Red Onions, Mint, Watermelon Radish, Dried Cranberries, Parmesan, Lemon and White Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Very crunchy and a nice flavor profile.  The Man always gives me all his Greens out of his half a Sammie, so I had Microgreens, Tomato, Lettuce, and Dill Pickles from him too.  He had the half an Almond Tuna Salad Sammie with Potato Cream Cheese Soup.  At least he ate it all, lately it's a chore to get him to eat his Meals.  He plays with it and ends up taking it To Go and then when he doesn't eat it in a couple Days we throw it out.  *Le Sigh*  

I abhor wastefulness, especially of essentials like Food and Beverages... and Money... so it irks me that he want to Eat Out and then orders something he barely eats.   He has a meltdown if one of the Kiddos eats his Leftovers, otherwise none of it would go to Waste.  People with TBI and early onset Dementia can be very Childlike in being unable to Mood Regulate and having Meltdowns, so, you do have to manage them much like you would a Toddler.   I'd warned him before this Meal that if he didn't eat it all... I wasn't taking him out for Meals anymore.   So, he dutifully made a Happy Plate.  Except for the Healthy stuff he picked off his Sammie and plopped on my Plate. *Winks and Eye Roll*

We were gonna escape the Heat of the Valley by going to Jerome, up North, for a Stay at the Historic Connor Hotel, but, they're booked solid this time of Year.   The Daughter is off Work due to her Stitches and Hand Injury, Princess T is done with School, so it would have been ideal Timing for the Four of us.  Alas, all the Historic Hotels there were Booked Solid for just about all of July.   I'd wanted to try to do something before Princess T gets a Job since I'll be her transportation and she'll have to earn Vacay Time.   We were only gonna spend Two Days in Jerome, but would require a Room to Sleep Four and availability even Mid-Week was nonexistent.  Prices had gone way up too since last time we were there.

I have a Dental Appointment Tomorrow Morning for my Annual Cleaning.  Thursday is an Event I always attend, plus, I need to pick up an Antique Haberdashery Cabinet I bought last Month from my Friend Shelly at that Event.  She has been unable to Deliver it and I'm ready to receive it now.  I've messaged her to see if I can just pick it up and that way she doesn't have to Deliver it.  I think she wanted to so she could see if I'd Sell her anything, but, I'm just not ready to have anyone Pickin' from the RV Garage Mahal yet or crashing around in there as a Picker.  We're Organizing stuff and I just don't have it sorted out enuf yet to decide what I want to Sell... or NOT.  

I'm excited to get it here and ready to hold some of my Antique Linens and Tapestries.   I just found out from her that they're not doing an Event this Month, they Closed for July and will Re-Open in August, I didn't know that, but she said I could still pick up my Cabinet, since she will be there working on Displays and such and has it ready for me whenever we can coordinate both being there.  We're shooting for Friday Morning since her Hubby would be there to load it for us.  The Son can help me unload it here, or my Neighbors Sons... so I didn't really need it Delivered.

I've been having a good time beholding the Halloween Merch at the Goodwill Locations.   I'm not really in the market to Buy any, but they did have some Halloween Paper Plates, Paper Bowls and Napkins real Cheap, New Old Stock, so I bought some of each, we use that all the time year round.  I don't Care what the graphics are and the Halloween Graphics were really good ones that I liked a lot.  The original Retail prices had been high, but, I got them 75% Off, so couldn't resist and stocked up since it is something we use all the time.

The Daughter has a lot of nervous Energy so she likes to Clean and Organize things... my Kitchen was a Hot Mess... now she's got it more Orderly for me.   *LOL*   This is the Smallest Kitchen we've had in a long time so finding enuf Counter Space has been challenging for me.  I got Spoiled with large or numerous Kitchens with lots of Counter Space.  Villa Boheme' had an enormous Kitchen and equally enormous Kitchen Island, I had more Space than I needed, plus a Walk-In Pantry there. The Home was ridiculous, I admit that, but, it sure Spoiled ya.  *LOL*  The Historic Home had Three Kitchens and large Pantry in the Main House... and Kitchens in all Three Cottages on the back Acreage.  Spoiled... Rotten... and so Downsizing substantially is an adjustment for me.   This is the Coffee Corner, it gets a lot of use.

She was trying to make what I don't have Cabinet room for at least orderly and accessible, stuff we use all the time is usually out so we don't hafta hunt for it.  We use a lot of Oils and Spices.  The Spice Drawer is Custom and very nice, but doesn't hold all our Spices.   I'm also taking Supplements and want those within daily reach.  It's not a Small Kitchen, it's just the Smallest one we've had in more than 20+ Years.   I do Love the Countertop Granite and White Cabinetry here... I do not Love an Electric Stove, first one we've ever had, we always had Gas, I prefer Gas.   I also miss having a Kitchen Island.  When we have a lot of people in the Kitchen getting Meals ready, it's crowded and we're in each other's way vying for Counter Space.  As you can see, not a lot of Open Counter Space.  *Le Sigh*

And this is more Yellowish in the Pixs than in Real Life, I don't know Why?   The Granite is Beautiful and very White with lots of Mica and striation.   Even if I'd picked it out myself I couldn't have found Materials better suited to my Taste than this Home has, so, I do Love it.   I'm just adjusting to half the House I used to have, which, tho' it's not a Small Home, half is still half, you know?   I've lived Small and I've lived Large, Large is easier.  I've lived in less than 300 sf and I've lived in almost 5,000 sf... living Small always takes more Planning, Editing, Restraint, and a lot of important  Organizational Skills I'm not particularly calling a Strength of mine.  *LOL*  I appreciated her doing what she could with it all.

You might now be wondering how my City Hall confrontation went?   Well, they have In-Person Voting set up and sent us there to ask our Questions about the Ballot discrepancies.   They claimed all of us should have gotten the restricted Ballot if we're all Registered as Independents!!!   WTF!   So, in actuality even The Man should have gotten the Ballot only allowing him to Vote for Mayor and City Council!   I took strong Issue with this and so they said if I just temporarily chose Democrat Status, they could print me out a Full Ballot to Vote for everything, Congress, Senate, Judges, Sheriff, etcetera all Elected Officials running!!!  It wouldn't change my Independent Registration or Early Mail In Ballot Status to do so.  No Independents are running and I guess they Assume we'd only Vote for an Independent Candidate?


But, they agreed, that tho' it's not Fair to exclude Independents, until the Presidential Ballots come out and the Primaries are done that would already choose all Candidates, it's not an Open Election.  If you aren't Registered as a Democrat or Republican, well, you don't get to Vote on a lot of important choosing of Candidates from those Parties, which is ridiculous.  The Majority of Voters in Arizona are now Independents, 60% or more in fact.  And, most of us are a No Party Status becoz we do not Vote along Party Lines... we choose who we want based on whose best suited for the fucking Job, not what Label/Party they align with or call themselves.  

 I got to have a full Ballot, but really only by pure accident that they sent The Man the Wrong full Ballot as a Registered Independent!  We would not have otherwise known about the exclusion and forced them to give me a full Ballot to replace my Restricted one!  We just put Princess T's Restricted Ballot in the Ballot Box, since, she has too much Social Anxiety to show up at a Polling Station.  Plus, this is her first time ever Voting and being Old enuf to.  I guess the only way you can ever get a full Ballot is to pretend you're a Party you're not, or show up in Person and demand one and temporarily change your Status for just that Printing of one? 

  Stupid... and very discriminatory IMO, it is Voter Suppression, plain and simple.  And it's Wrong since it stifles the Voices of too many when choosing important Candidates that will Represent them... whether they get to Vote for them or not.   But resolving Bullshit is a particular Gift of mine, I was insisting my Vote Count for choosing every Position anyone of any Party is running for, regardless of my Registration Status being Independent.   They did not fight me about it, they just found a way around it to oblige... Mission accomplished.  Bullshit Resolved for now anyway.  The Poll Workers were very accommodating and Sweet, not a single one of them disagreed with me and all Wished Arizona would have Open Elections where you don't even have to say which Party or No Party you are.   It shouldn't matter any more than your Gender, Race or Sexual Identity when you're Voting!

The moment it matters is when bias and discrimination clearly happens to suppress Votes of certain groups and demographics.  So, anyway, that was that and I Voted early with a full Ballot, and all is now well with me.  *Bwahahaha*   TJ was over fixing our RV Garage Wiring and we discovered he had intended to Vote for 45... oy vey... I couldn't help myself, I like the Guy too much... so I asked him WHY?  Did the Guy NOT look like an unhinged ruthless Psychopath to him now?   The response was surprising to me and revealed that for some Voters, they want Change in the Status Quo so badly that they will blindly choose anyone who offers and promises any kind of Change... even if it's something they are Clueless would be SOOO Bad that they'll surely regret it. 

 So, I entered into discussion/dialogue briefly, telling him to study up on various Countries Condition being run by Dictators and Authoritarian Regimes.  Not just Economically, but EVERY kind of way those populations suffer that type of Leadership and can't escape it in most cases once it's entrenched.  Then decide if that sounds preferable to even a Status Quo he doesn't like and is deeply frustrated with?  I realized ignorance of what many oppressed Countries endure is so foreign to most Americans that they're oblivious to what it would mean and be like to have to live under it here.   He really was so poorly informed, even about 45's Agenda, since it's really so Vague on Policy intentionally and there's a solid reason for that... Vagaries leave a lot of Space for hiding true Intentions and insidious Agendas.

I have observed that most 45 Voters are at Two ends of a predictable spectrum:  Either affluent and very fearful of losing their Privilege, so stoked bias by the Far Right is making them terrified and vengeful.   Or, those feeling so disenfranchised and assuming they should be enjoying Privilege, that they are bitter about their Lives and blaming the Government for their Lot and want someone who brags he'll be their Retribution.  The Idea of that punishment imposed on whoever they blame, rather than looking in the Mirror and realize a lot of their own Choices played a vital role in their outcomes, offers them repayment or revenge to soothe their Egos and project their Anger or Hatreds outwards toward a targeted perceived Enemy.  Assuming then their Problems will all be magically Solved.   They'll have plenty of time to regret if they get what they Think they want.

 He said he'd look into some of what we said, I Hope he will and then make a more Informed Choice?   I told him that I'm perfectly Fine with anyone having a completely different Point of View.  But, if they're walking into obvious Danger becoz they simply don't see the Danger, I just feel compelled to say something so they have a chance to avoid something they might find deeply regrettable.  Every ounce of my Being feels that even the addled Cultist, unless they are willing to Die horribly for their Cause, eventually sees that Cult Leadership duped them and controlled them Psychologically to a point it became a Danger to them and others.  Most of the worst Cults ended very badly, tragically even fatally for too many, for the Devotees. 

  And the Main difference with a Cult is what happens when you try to Leave one.  It's a 'Tell' that is predictable and 45's Exhibits that with every single Devotee that didn't exhibit absolute loyalty to the Cult and it's Leader and either wants to try to leave or does leave.   It becomes Dangerous for them and their Families, they really aren't 'allowed' to just Leave of their own Free Will and have it be Okay.   And the Fear of that Retribution being exacted keeps most in Line, Docile and pretending to be on board.  Even Pence, after his Prez had a Mob want to Hang him during the Insurrection and even install a Gallows... and put his Wife and Kids at grave risk of harm... is recalcitrant to cooperate in bringing him down, out of Fear... and probably rightly so.  He got in too deep and he knows it, they mostly all do.


Keep Cool my Friends... And Vote... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That's quite a heat wave you've got going out there.We're in the '80 and humid but with my anemia that makes me cold all the time, I don't feel it. Your food porn makes me wish I went out to ethic and specialized restaurants more often. I rarely off campus at all.

    1. We do have some great ethnic diversity here in the City and I think it enhances the Community so much. It is ridiculously record breaking Hot, even for us Locals who are used to intense Desert Heat, this is abnormally Hot. Last Year we had the ancient Saguaro Cacti exploding and dying from the extremes in abnormal Heat... that's an ominous warning to Humanity when the Ancient Living Things can't Survive what's coming with Climate Change.

  2. Glad you have the voting solved, I'm so far behind this week, I'll catch up reading eventually!

    1. You have been dedicated to catching up my Friend. *Smiles* I'll try not to dump as many Old Posts, I get carried away now in deleting the Old ones to save Blog Memory Space since I do like to Post almost Daily.


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