Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Can We Talk?


I took a few Pixs for Blog Fodder of the Showroom at the Antique Mall. And this will be a very Random Topic Post... hence the Title Hook for it.  *LOL*  We've enjoyed the new Location and how it's turned out and our Customers Love it and tell us all the time now.   I go in more often now to change the Displays or replace what has Sold with Fresh Merch and make the Room look different constantly.   Often just moving things around helps them Sell better, having just a different location to Showcase them works wonders.   I also removed any Merch that seemed Stale and gave a lot of it to one of the Gals there whose like a Daughter to me.  We're the same size and she was thrilled to receive it and I felt good just giving it to someone who can really use and wear it.

We'd been Selling so many Tie Dye Tees, Specialty Tees and Band Tees that I had to bring in more.   I'm glad what we're offering is being so well received.  It's been challenging to keep your Finger on the Pulse of what Merch will Sell and what, no matter how Primo it is, won't.   But, we seem to now have it figured out for this Showroom and the Customer we want to attract.   The Demographic of who comes in has shifted a lot over the Years, now we have more Impulse Buyers and a lot more Young Shoppers than before.   Antiques, per se, are a tough Sell these days, so, you can't expect to stay Solvent just Selling only Antiquities even tho' it's called an Antique Mall.  Purists are going broke trying to.

I had a good Report at my Dental Appointment, it was a Well Check and Cleaning, they do a thorough job and I don't have to go back again 'til January.   Afterwards I went to Brunch at a new Restaurant called "Waffletto's".   It has expanded it's Menu to include more than just Gourmet Waffles and Coffees, and their food is delicious and their presentation of it is exceptional.  The prices are decent for the amount of food and quality.  I had the Spicy Southwestern Omelet and it was so large I brought half Home for The Man.  It had a tasty Side Salad and I had their Caramel Iced Espresso Latte, very good.  I know it shouldn't bother me, since what other Customers do with the Food they Paid for is none of my business, but, blatant Waste is a pet peeve of mine.  Americans sadly can be a particularly Wasteful Society.

So, a Family of Four sitting at the next Table caught my Eye since they were Poster Children for the Privileged and Pretentious.  It was a Mom and her Three Kids, who ranged in Age from Older Teens to about 12 Years Old, Two Girls and a Boy, the Boy being the Youngest.   Every one of them was on their Devices ignoring each other, typical, but, I noticed they'd ordered a lot of Food and Beverages and seemed more intent on playing with their Phones than eating or drinking.  They had arrived before me and their Order arrived and filled the Table with Beautifully Presented Foods and Beverages of all kinds.  They were very condescending to the Sweet Young Hispanic Waitress, who was also my Waitress.

They pretty much ignored their Food and Beverages for over 40 Minutes... then, just picked at a bit of it and didn't eat about 80% of it, wasting it.   The Fruit Bowls were gorgeous and they didn't eat ANY of it, as if it was merely a Garnish.  They barely touched any of the Gourmet Waffles they ordered either.  The Mom had ordered a lot of Bacon with her Breakfast and didn't eat any of it.   Two of the Kids had ordered some of the Specialty Lemonades, which were not Cheap, didn't even take a Sip... just left it all there to be thrown away!!!   It took every bit of restraint in me not to ask the Waitress clearing the Table of Food untouched not to ask if I could just take it.  *LOL*  

The Waste of it was so obscene to me.  Yes, I know, the Woman probably dropped Seventy to over a Hundred Bucks on it all... so it was Paid for and she can do with it whatever she wants to... but, still... just seeing it thrown out grieved me.   And I could see the confused look on the Waitresses Face when they weren't Touching their Food or Beverages.  She came by often and asked a couple times if everything was okay, they acted irritated and tersely told her Yes.   But, she seemed perplexed as to why they Ordered such a lot and then didn't eat or drink hardly any of it... assuming something MUST be Wrong or not to their liking?   I just got the distinct impression they can just afford to be that Wasteful and Spoiled.  I've Worked Food Ministries for Decades, there is Hunger in America and Families in lack or in Crisis... so... the Privileged Wasting Resources and Essentials just bothers me.

Perhaps I was Emotionally Raw about that Fact since I'd talked to The Young Prince this Morning too and discovered they were struggling Financially.   Rent is much Cheaper in New Mexico, but Food and Essentials are very expensive so they often don't have enough.  So I'd just wired them some Money for Groceries so they wouldn't go Hungry. They are resourceful and can stretch a Buck, but sometimes they go hungry.  I know Allen works so hard at a very demanding physical Job at the Slaughterhouse in Texas to Support them.  Even a McDonald's won't hire The Young Prince due to the seriousness of his Mental Illness and so far he's been Denied Disability Services or Benefits.   Allen does what he can, just leaving his Husband Alone without a Full Time Caregiver present bothers him, but, he has to Work so they aren't Homeless or destitute.

I saw all that fabulous Food that Family sitting by me was wantonly Wasting and knowing other hard working Families still go without, just bugged the shit out of me.   Food is being thrown out while other Humans can't afford to put enough Food on their Tables, the Balance is Off.   It's not that there isn't enuf Food, it's that distribution of it is Imbalanced, some have too much, while others don't have enough no matter how hard they Work or try to make their Ends meet.   And often what could be given to someone in Need is just being tossed in the Garbage, Landfills, or squandered rather than redistributed.  Thanks for letting me Vent.  Nothing you can really do about other people's habits, Wastefulness, however disgusting or obscene.

Other than the Wastefully annoying Yuppie Family tho', all was Well.  *LOL*   I reminded The Man this is Why I get annoyed when he orders Food he does not Eat.  I've been Hungry in my Past, I've been Homeless and experienced lack, it's no Fun and sticks with you even after you do Well.   Perhaps someone whose just always had everything has no Point of Reference to draw upon?   It's like folks who are Environmentally Unconscious, it bothers me too that they abuse the Environment... but, sadly so many do and have zero conscience about it.   We do Environmental Cleanup constantly but you can never run enuf damage control behind piggish Environmentally oblivious Humans who see nothing Wrong with how they misbehave. 

Talking of misbehaving, Eli the Cat attacked one of Princess T's most Valuable Vintage Black Light Posters from the early 1970's and shredded a portion of it!!!   Why... who knows, a Feline Psychotic Moment often has no explanation.   Mebbe he didn't like it or was Punishing her?  He knew she Told on him and when I came in he sat by the Poster looking Guilty as Sin, shrinking down as small as he could make himself and looking at me with squinty Eyes, then skulking off to the Closet to hide when I told him he was a Bad Boy and why did he do that?  *LOL*

  She took the Poster down and I'll see if I can Salvage it... it's a favorite of ours and we'd felt it would be protected enuf hanging on the Walls of her Room.  She's had it up for Years, but, Today he took Issue with it, clearly!  He's done it before with some of her Fabric Art Tapestries.  When he's Mad or Bored, he can be a Rascal on Purpose... most of the time he's well behaved, but when he's not, he's Pre-Demonic.  *LOL*  He's crying his Eyes out right now coz he knows I'm upset with him and he also knows I'm the one who ensures he has Fresh Kibbles, Treats and a clean Litterbox Daily.  Yes, he's HER Cat, but... he knows I'm usually the Spoiler and she's usually the Heavy.  *Ha ha ha*  He can be defiant even after doing something Bad, but, Today he seemed regretful when he knew how mad we both were at him for what he'd done.

When I'm the Heavy he does not like it one bit and is sulky until he is Forgiven.  *Bwahahaha*  I think Animals are way Smarter than we give them Credit for.   Most of them are easier to Train than a Human Child.  A good many are better Behaved than a Human Child.  *LOL*  Today is not one of those better Behaved Days for Eli.  *Eye Roll*  Only he knows what his reasons are for that?  *Smiles*   She's smug now that she Ratted him Out, even tho' she was upset too initially about the Poster.  She likes nothing more than Telling on someone... she's the Kid that would Tell on HERSELF, even if she didn't have to!  *LOL* 

I've been Pricing Art Stamps, since they are briskly Selling, and always do.   I've been going thru my Cache' of them and I also had a Box Lot of New Old Stock of the Sealed Packaged Clear Art Stamps and Die Cuts from a defunct Brick & Mortar Paper Arts Store.   I only wanted a few to Keep for myself out of the New Old Stock, but the Manufacturer is a Popular Line and they'll Sell really well and I have so many, all different, no duplicates.  The Graphics on them will make my Crafter and Artist Customers Jazzed and they'll Love the Prices too.   I'm Pricing them all for a Fast Turn and a Good Deal as a Trade Stimulator for the Summer Months.  The Mall won't be having any more Sales all Summer, so you need to do something to attract Shoppers otherwise.

For the uninitiated in Paper Arts, the above is what the Clear Art Stamps usually look like per Sheet.   At Craft Stores they can ask a lot for them at full Retail.  I Sell them at a fraction of the price point and still have good Margins since I made my Money on the Buy.   When a Shop Closes, they often liquidate in bulk for Pennies on the Dollar or Donate to a Charity Shop and use it as a Tax Write-Off.   New Old Stock is great, it's not ever Used, it's still Brand New really, just has Years on it as Unsold Stock usually.   I Live for finding New Old Stock Product in Original Packaging and often still having the Original Price Stickers on it.  That way Customers can see what it used to Cost... whether that would be much more than my Bargain Price Point... or in the case of very OLD Unsold Stock from a bygone Era, what it used to Cost way back when.

On each of these New Old Stock Packets, the Online Auction Sellers of this Line are asking $9 to $23 per Sheet.  I'm Selling them for Two Bucks Each Package and will still make a great profit Margin, since I bought these in bulk, a very large Box Lot of them, without even needing to know the Graphics of the majority of them.   When you're willing to take them all, you get a rock bottom price that then you can pass along to your Customers.  Some Vendors don't do that... I do... it's Paying it Forward in Good Karma and I've cultivated Regular Clients becoz of that.   And, it Appeals to the Retail Clients of mine too, and everyone can make Money... Win-Win.  No Downside to everyone making Money and me being the Middleman, I Source it and enjoy that part of the Journey, The Thrill Of The Hunt, it's my Rush.  The Money & Profits is just an added Bonus.  *LOL*

I've got the Three in the Mornins' finishing up this Post.  We went to bed so early that The Man and I were keeping Toddler's Hours and Bedtimes.  *LOL*  I'm almost finished binge watching "The Connors" Sitcom.   I like it in spite of some of the inconsistencies of the original "Roseanne" Series Sitcom Storyline.  I've Googled some of the explanations for the discrepancies between the Two Sitcoms Storylines.   Example:  In the final Seasons of Roseanne, since Goodman and Barr weren't getting along, they Wrote Dan off as Dead from a Heart Attack.   Which, would make the subsequent Sitcom Spinoff impossible... since in it he's quite Alive and now Roseanne's Character is Dead, since, she got Fired from the Spinoff so they Overdosed her on Opiods.  

Also Dan and Roseanne's 4th Child, a Son, and Jackie's Son and first Marriage to Fred, was also Written Out as a "Dream" that never actually happened and didn't exist.  *Smiles*  I don't mind good Spinoff inconsistencies, it bothered me more in the original Sitcom when they replaced Becky with a different Actress.  *LOL*  But Old Becky is back and she's the one I liked best anyway and humorously Replacement Becky did make a Guest appearance as a different Character, which was Funny. *LOL*  I get very attached to Characters of fav Shows since I don't watch much TV and don't follow many Shows.  TV has never been something I've spent much Time watching, even as a Child.  Same with Telephones, I abhor taking or making Phone Calls and avoid it.

Becoz most folks are tethered to their Phones and/or TVs, it bothers them that I avoid both.  I know not Why it's bothersome to them, but, it is and they feel a Need to tell me all the time.  *LMAO*   It bothers them more that I never kept up with E-Mails, Texts and rarely, if ever, even returned Calls.  The Schools HATED that I ignored Portals, oh well.  I simply said I don't do Portals or Apps, period, end of discussion. *Bwahaha*   I just don't Text and ignore incoming ones all the time.  I'll let Hundreds of unread E-Mails back up and then just delete them without even checking to see if any might have been important, much to everyone's chagrin.  I simply don't Care, if you didn't bother to follow up with In-Person or other means of something Urgent I should know for sure, couldn't have been THAT Important IMO.  *Smiles* 

I know, I'm a Militant when it comes to most Tech Advances, I can Live Without much of it, sometimes all of it.  Except Blogging, THAT I'm Addicted to and go thru Blog Withdrawal, go figure!  *Huh... Shrugs... LMAOROTF*  I don't know Why this really resonated with me and not much else did with Technology?   I never Owned a Pager and Resisted even Owning a TV for many Years, then Resisted Cable a long time too.  I only got NetFlix last Year as a Gift from the Niece, now I liked it enuf The Son renewed it for me, I think The Family realized they couldn't now Live without it tho'?  *Smiles*   I often intentionally ditch my Cellphone and pretend I accidentally forgot it.   I'd just have to roll Old School in the Event of an Emergency, we did it for many Eras before their Invention and did just Fine, Right?

When I go out in Person with someone they have my Whole Attention, Imagine that!!!   I'll even ignore incoming Calls unless it's a True Emergency I feel compelled to respond to while in your actual Presence and it interrupts us.  *Smiles*   I know... and you should see my response to anyone in my Presence who makes their Phones a Priority.  I Walk Off and won't come back, we're Done as far as I'm concerned, your Priorities have been clearly established.  Bye-Bye, I don't Waste my Time, it's too Valuable to me to hang around to accommodate a Tech Addict.  Sorry... NOT Sorry, deal with it.   Mebbe go to Tech Rehab, and reconnect when you're 'Well' and got Clean... I dunno...  I don't hang out with Drunks or Junkies either, so, I'm not singling Tech Addicts out.  Listen, I'm a Hoarder of nice stuff, we all have our Addictions, I'm just selective about what ones I can personally tolerate.  *Winks*

I acknowledge my own struggles with whatever I can't manage well.  The Kiddos try to help me with it, I'm rather a Lost Cause at being Cured, so, we just try to moderate my compulsive behaviors now.   I'm told it's my Coping Mechanism with Stress and Life's Chaos... and that's probably an accurate interpretation.  I was a Minimalist when I was Single, Childless and not a Full Time Caregiver either... so, this all graduated into what it now just is.  *Bwahahaha*  Kind of a Cause and Effect kinda thing.   Having several Special Needs Children to Raise over Two Generations and a 100% Disabled Spouse musta tipped me over The Edge I think?   Just a hunch.  *Winks*   Career Stress was high but really not a Trigger for me personally... I knew I had more Control over Careers, you can always ditch one if it gets to be Too Much.  And ditched them I did... with both Corporate Lives.  Miss the Income, but not the Careers or the Success.  To whom much is Given, much is Required.


When I was quite Nomadic I didn't Own much, that's the only Cure for me, Moving all the time you must have less Cargo.  And during the Nomadic Years I was Fine Owning very little and know I CAN Live like that just Fine.   I just don't particularly WANT to right now... but, at some juncture Letting Go of Stuff is inevitable since you don't ever see a U-Haul behind a Hearse.  And for the sake of Family, disposing of a lot of it while you're still Vertical, unless they want a large Inheritance to profit from and deal with, is the Goal.   I'm finding as I release a lot of Stuff, the Kiddos are now asking me to Dial it back a bit and let them sift thru it all... which is Fine.  I'm mostly allowing them to Deal with a lot of it now so I'm not disposing of what they really want to Keep for themselves.  They actually say they're enjoying that Process, which is good... it's quite a Process.  *Bwahahaha*

And I'm getting better at just letting Trusted Loved Ones get into all my Stuff and do with it whatever they think is best.   Disposing of it Together can be quite enjoyable and profitable, so, why not?   I found my Attachments wane over Time to just about anything, which was quite unexpected.  I thought being a Hoarder meant resisting Letting Go and having constant Meltdowns and Anxiety about it.  But, with Practice, it really doesn't have to play out that way, you get better at Releasing Stuff and I realize the Stuff isn't my personal Priority, the People are.  So, whatever is best for them right now, I'm All In with, even if I have to Sell Off anything or damned near everything so we'll all be taken care of and enjoy Quality of Life.   I was Relieved about that, since, I know my OCD, Adult ADHD and Anxieties can be dominant, and I'm Bipolar and Psychotic as a Motherfucker, so... I got a LOT going on.  *Bwahahaha*

But, I'm even Downsizing my Dreadlocks... from originally having around 50+ of them, to now having 17 much thicker ones, by allowing them to meld and Congo.   I just couldn't see myself Maintaining the original amount as they began reaching Hip length and so I didn't even try to, they won't stay Micro-Dreads anyway like I wanted and the Evolution of them happens regardless and I'm Okay with that much like the Evolution of what happens to everything else over Time.   Change being the only Constant that we can Count on happening... along with Aging and whatever baggage that brings with it... which can be considerable and inevitable too my Friends.   The Journey of it all Continues...


Supposed to OFFICIALLY get to 120 by Thursday... which should mean about 130 For Reals Unofficially... Ugh... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That breakfast. Looks fabulous! But I would have had to restrain myself from slapping those children, lol.

    1. The Mom was just as wasteful as her Kids and didn't seem disturbed that she spent so much and they wasted almost all of it. I'm guessing the Kids are learning what they live. When I lived in Affluent Subdivision Hell, the things the wealthy would throw away on bulk garbage day rather than have a Charity come pick it up was appalling. I'd often pick it up with my Truck and deliver it to a Charity so it wouldn't be Landfill bound and completely Wasted. Especially after Christmas, they'd just toss out what they had and replace it with everything new. One Woman who had the same Floorplan we did, in less than Five Years had her Kitchen completely Remodeled FOUR times! She was a Fundie Doctor's Trophy Wife and had Six Anchor Kids, but I heard he ran off with some Sweet Young Thing anyway and she found herself being the Starter Wife... they Sold the House and probably took a hosing on what they were into it for. But, some people have more Money than Sense.

  2. I don't see a lot of families like that... lol, I guess we move in different circles. We were taking Lyssa to the airport one morning to go visit a friend. We met up with our son and his wife beforehand to have breakfast, then they were going to the airport with us to say bye to our daughter. We had a table for 5, sat there chatting and laughing. Didn't notice anyone around us really, until my daughter in law said, "Wow, look around." We looked. Weren't sure what she was talking about until she said, "Everyone is on their phone!" I had not noticed. But after she pointed it out, I realized that almost everyone in the entire restaurant was looking at their phones instead of each other and ignoring everyone around them. It was a really odd feeling.

    But all that food! Ughhh. My husband experienced hunger. Like for days at a time as a kid. He hoards food here at home. I'm grateful that we can afford groceries and that it makes him feel more secure. But it's really sad to know why he's this way, too.

    I despise waste. I give stuff away on our local buy nothing group all the time, and they've been very generous helping me find things for 'my' kids. Working on making other sites as much fun as mine.

    I tie dye a lot of stuff. Always have tie dyed socks on. Ha, I gave out tie dyed socks to all the custodians and school staff at the end of the school year, too. I need to dye some stuff for my mom's upcoming birthday.

    1. Too many people are attached to their tech gadgets to the point of being socially awkward now and unable to interact appropriately with people. I had lack and much loss so I can relate to your Husband and how much it contributes to habits you don't shake. I know I'm a Survivor ... Dawn the Bohemian

  3. Food waste bothers me terribly and always has since, to me, it meant getting punished by my mom who did live through many hardships.

    Everyone of my peers here carries their phones around and answers them during meals, etc. Just as bad as teens are reported as being. Only in my age bracket they are usually waiting for calls from doctors or grandkids or kids. We have something in common when it comes to not liking to talk on the phone. If I have to make a call it can take me days to work up to it. I do like texting, though and do it instead whenever I can.

    I haven't been in many antique malls since moving here but a recent trip in one made the contrast of quality stuff of my heydays in malls and the stuff being sold now was stark. I did buy something that was probably old new stock from a gift of those wooden signs with the phrase, "you are my sunshine" painted on it. The earliest memory I have of my dad is of him singing that song to me. There is only one collectable I still want to score before I die...a Bakelite mahjong set, but I don't go to enough estate and garage sales to actual score one.

    1. I did Score a couple of Mahjong sets and one looks to be Bakelite. I don't know how to play the Game but the Game Pieces are Beautiful aren't they? I also have some random Game Pieces of it in my Tiny Hoard stashes. *LOL* I do see all Generations on their Phones a lot, important Calls being taken doesn't bother me. Texting bothers me becoz those who become Texting Addicts cause a lot of Vehicular carnage and at the DA's Office I had to process far too many Files where the Defendant was Texting and caused the Accidents that created horrific injuries or Death to innocent people... their Eyes being not on the Road while careening down it in a projectile that is dangerous when you don't have proper control of it. They have proven that people on their Phones are more distracted than Drunk Drivers or those who are High on Drugs and the Accidents they cause are some of the worst. I agree, the Quality of Merch in an Antique Mall is a far cry from what it used to be, but supply and demand have to dictate what Vendors can and therefore will Sell. The Purists have the Good Stuff and are usually no longer Solvent. Our best Purist Antiquities Dealer is also now Selling Vintage Style CANDY to supplement their Rent and having to Work as Key Dealers to Comp some Rent for the first time ever! They used to be able to Sell such high quality Antiques it was a thriving Business... now, they've closed out most of their Spaces and having to compromise just like the rest of us in order to remain viable.


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