Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Fixing Other People's Mistakes

 So, when the Dealership Finance Guy, Alan, never called me back, I'm like Ruh Roh, this must be really fucked up, so, first thing Tuesday Morning I went in.  We already knew the Manufacturer funding the Loan had no Loan for me that had been set up when it should have been.  I figured they had to restructure and/or modify the Loan, which was what I KNEW had to happen, so I had to be there to approve it, re-sign paperwork, and ensure my Interest Rate from Two Months ago was the same and the changed Terms were to my liking.  I needn't have worried about getting anyone Fired, the Original Finance Guy that screwed up had already gotten himself Fired.   I'm Guessing mine wasn't the only epic Mistake, but, it was a doozy of one.

Not Surprising, a Mistake, even a Single One, worth about Forty Grand is enuf to get you Fired.  It was Alan's Day Off, but, now he's the only Finance Guy so they called him in.  I talked to the Head Financial Officer, a Female, she knew I was a Retired Bank Executive so aware of how everything should be... and wasn't!!!  And, Interest Rates are going UP all the time now, so... I wouldn't Re-Sign anything if the Rate was Higher than what we agreed upon in March.  The Salesman who Sold me the Truck was right there, he's great and was so apologetic and mortified this had happened.  I kept levity in the situation by saying, well, sure wouldda been Nice to think I just got a Free Truck, but, I know that's not how this Works.  *Winks*   Alan had prepared all new paperwork to send in, but hadn't told anyone about the problem and just taken his Day Off.

So, people were kinda shitting Kittens and I could tell.  Not my intention to make everyone nervous who had nothing to do with the screw up.  I went Home to get The Man, so he could Sign his part, after I'd already Signed mine.  They not only locked in my previous low preferential Manufacturer Interest Rate from March of 5%, but reduced my Payment considerably by throwing in some of the Extended Warranty for Free this time that you usually pay extra for.   Since I'm the one that caught their Mistake, it WAS the least they could do for my inconvenience and giving me concerns while I tried to figure out what the Hell had happened to the Financing and Saved their Asses.  *Winks*  And, they extended my Terms so that I didn't have to make a Payment now until the End of June!  Whoop-Whoop... so, Three Months now of no Vehicle Payment from March thru May!

At least it's now all resolved and a Payment Statement should generate in Mid-June by the Lender.  And now my Payments won't be due on the 1st, but instead on the 27th of each Month.   Since I didn't have to make a Truck Payment, I could indulge The Son by Buying him his Two New Tires and Road Hazard Warranty on them for his Birthday next Month too.   He didn't have the Money and was despondent, driving on a Donut Spare and knowing the 2nd Front Tire was starting to shred like the other Front Tire had, it just wasn't Safe.  He has too far to drive to be driving on shitty Cheap Retreads that the Used Car came with when he Bought it from Gypsy James.   He was so Surprised and Relieved when I just Paid and said it wasn't a Loan, Happy Birthday!  It was a generous pressy to be sure, but, I hadn't had to make a Truck Payment this Month, so, luckily I had the Money to indulge.  *LOL*

The Young Salesman said he sure wished his Mom would Buy him his Tires for his Birthday.  I said, "Well, you do Work in a Tire Shop Darling...", and we all Laughed.   He actually was the same Young Man who was there when I had to Buy The Grandsons their Two New Tires before they left to Move to New Mexico.   So, he said what a Great Mom and Grandma I am... Tires ain't Cheap... so, it's a Nice Gift to give.   Well, The Son's Tires were more expensive than Allen's Car Tires were, but there were Cheaper Options and I said No, I wanted the best Quality Tire and the Road Hazard Warranty, since his commutes to Work are long.  I'd bought the best Quality Tire and Road Hazard Warranty for Allen's Car too, his just Cost less for his Model.  The Dealership has had some Historic Vehicle Trade-Ins of Old Datsuns in great condition. {Pix of one above and below.}

The Daughter had to get an Rx from the Pharmacy for a lingering infection she hasn't been able to get relief from.   This is the 2nd Series of Strong Antibiotics, so, Hope this time she recovers completely.  So, now everything is done that had to get done and I can relax for the rest of the Day.  *Whew*   Earlier, after I'd finished up correcting the screwed up Financing on the New Truck at the Dealership, I'd taken The Man doing Environmental Cleanup along the Road leading to the Nature Preserve.   We hauled out about 50 lbs. of Aluminum Cans to Recycle just off Two short stretches of Road.  One that Crosses a part of the River and another that runs along a Golf Course near a Mountain Preserve.  Both very Natural Scenic areas and important Nature Preserves, so it pisses me off that people carelessly litter like they do and are such Environmentally Unconscious Pigs.

Even tho' it did get past 100 degrees this Day by Mid-Afternoon, earlier, when we were doing Environmental Cleanup, it was in the 80's and had a nice Breeze, so, it was nice to be out there doing it.  I always bring plenty of hydration with us and we'd had a nice Breakfast before heading out to do it.   I really enjoy doing Environmental Cleanup and so does The Man, so we try to do it at least once a Week or more.  As a Service to our Communities and for Mother Nature and all her Creatures, for Exercise, to be out in Nature, and of coarse we Recycle, so it earns us some discretionary income too.  I can get The Man to be involved doing that for Hours on end, he wouldn't last that long at the Gym or being prompted to do anything else Physical that is good for him.  *LOL*  He hasn't had to see a Cardiologist regularly anymore due to the Benefits of all the Exercise it's given him to improve his Cardio Health and Mobility.

Clearly there had been a LOT of Drinking Alcohol and Driving going on along those Roads, just about 99% of the Cans we find are Alcoholic Beverages people throw out the Windows after drinking it while Driving their Vehicles!  So, that also pisses me off, knowing how messy, irresponsible and unsafe people are being.   It's not like it's so remote that there isn't any other Traffic, there is enuf that being under the influence while behind the Wheel could still cause an Accident that could be avoided Sober.   And the amount of Cans you find in some areas can really drive Home how many Drunk Drivers frequent those locations.  Right at the Bridge that crosses the River was piles of Alcohol Cans, it's a long ways from anyplace, so you never see Walkers, these would be from those Driving and Drinking. 

Some of the State Trust Lands near the Preserves is being Sold Off for Development now.  So you're beginning to see a loss of Natural Land and a Sea of Cookie Cutter Subdivisions and hideous enormous Apartment Complexes springing up everywhere that used to be Raw Desert or Farmland.   The loss of the Crop Lands, Dairies, Egg Ranches, Vineyards, Orchards, means you don't see as much Locally grown and Harvested anymore like you used to.   There used to be a lot of all of that in the Far West Valley, not anymore.   You can't eat Money, so when they've replaced all the Land that used to provide Food, and polluted all the Rivers/Lakes, and cut all the Trees down, well, they'll Learn that just having Money off what they destroyed and lost, won't Feed anyone or sustain Future Generations like the Natural World did in it's Cycles.  The Greed of the Wealthy will shortchange and cause lack for the rest of Humanity.

This is the last Week of School for Princess T and the Seniors.  She will start Summer School by end of Month, so not a lot of time off for her tho'... and thus, not a lot of luxury of Sleeping In for me either... yeah, it sucks.  *Le Sigh*   But, Two more Days 'til it's a Wrap for the Regular School Year Forever now... yay... and Summer School is shorter School Days.  I'm so glad she's a Senior, it's been a long haul getting Two Generations of Special Needs Students thru School.  *Whew*  Yes, I'm exhausted from the Ordeal of Advocating for Four of them thru the 1980's 'til now.  Nothing much has improved for Special Ed Students and you just Hope to get them thru enuf to get a Diploma, so far only The Son got his of the Quartet and wasn't a Dropout/Kicked Out and Denied an Education due to Mental Illness.

Schools really only cater to Developmental or Learning Disabilities in Special Education, not Mental Health ones.  So, those Students can't receive Services most Helpful to them Succeeding.   And the High Functional Special Needs Students are often denied Services and Resources or receive rigidly Limited ones that can be given, then rescinded the moment they start Succeeding and doing well.   So, it's been a Wild Ride, since, all of ours were highly Intelligent and considered High Functional despite extent of Disability and how it interfered with their Education and ability to Mainstream successfully.   You can have a Genius IQ and yet still have considerable Disability that limits Quality of Life, they're not mutually exclusive conditions.  A Fine Line exists between Genius and Insanity actually.

She's in good Spirits about School right now and Summer School, I think she's feeling like she can see Light at the end of the Tunnel and Grind of it all.  So many times she's wanted to give up, give in and give out, so, that's been Stressful to me.   The incentive I've given is that if she can get a Diploma, any kind of way we just can, then she can get a Job and Learn to Drive.    She said Timmy has been coming to School again, in Hopes he hasn't screwed up his ability to Graduate by having excessive absences here at the end of the School Year?  I think he's just been Working a lot at his new job at Home Depot and helping out with his Two Young Female Cousins at Home.   Their Dad, his Uncle, was Murdered and they don't have a Mom, the Uncle was a Single Parent. 

  So, they had to either come live permanently with the Paternal Grandparents or go into the Foster System.  Timmy's been like their Big Brother/Uncle, the Grandparents Raised him since Birth, he was their Daughter's Child, she's still Alive, but a Hot Mess and a using Addict.  The Uncle too struggled with Addiction and Mental Health, so Timmy's Family and ours have had a lot of parallel experiences and they're Good People and doing their best to Raise a 2nd Generation.   Timmy is very responsible at a Young Age, he's had to grow up quickly to help his Family and he's conscientious about that.  Well, Schools can't really make exceptions for Kids who have Personal Issues and Adult Responsibilities that make it so they have to Work and go to School.  A lot of struggling Families, the Older Kids help provide necessities.  My Dad was like that growing up.

Granted, in my Dad's Day the Child Labor Laws weren't enforced hardly at all and especially for Indigenous Children, they were put to Work at the Indian Schools and called it an "Education".   I remember my Dad telling me the Kids would be Loaned Out to Local Farmers as unpaid Labor, if they worked hard, they got fed.   Since Hunger was a thing and lack was pretty bad on the Reservations, he said you learned early on to Work hard to ensure Survival.   Well, even in Modern Times there are Families with a struggle and Hunger is still a problem with Low Income Families.  I Worked Food Ministries for Decades and met a lot of the Kiddos who did Adult Work as soon as they were old enuf to Help out their Families.   Many did Migrant Farm Work, or entered the Work Force in Low Income Service Jobs, as soon as they could Legally be exploited.  Above is my Senior Pix in the Yearbook, I remember being upset they hadn't used the Pose I liked way better.  Princess T feels the same way, they did the same to her.  My good Friend Sonji HATED hers so much you can see she Wrote all over it.  {Top Right}  *LOL but regret she did that since it's the only Pix I have of her.  Nobody owned their own Cameras back then... it was the early Seventies.*

I'm not opposed to Kiddos learning to have a good Work Ethic, my Kiddos all have done Volunteer Work the moment they were Old enuf to Legally Volunteer.   The Son got his first Paid Job shelling Shrimp for a Friend's Restaurant when he was 14.  I got my first Paid Job when I was 14, in Europe you could Work Younger and at the time we lived in England when my Dad was Stationed there for the American Military.  I Worked the Flea Markets for an Old Irish Traveller Gypsy my Mom knew. He Sold Silver Jewelry and was a Tinkerer, he Repaired anything people brought him that needed fixing, I swear that Old Man could fix anything.  He taught me a lot about Buying and Selling, Working your Hustle, he often Traded with the East Indian and Pakistani Gypsies that also had Stalls in the Flea Markets.   It was a fascinating experience, but, hard work setting up and tearing down his Tents and Merch.  Above Pix is my Brother {Center of Pix} and I {Far Left of Pix} in a Yearbook Pix, I was a Senior, he was a Freshman.

Sometimes he'd Pay me in Trade, we like doing this and he knew my Mom was part Didi Kai, so, a good Trade for my Work would be Fine by me and my Mom.  Mom LOVED Jewelry, so I'd often Work Off some Jewelry for my Mom and I, Surprising her with some Silver Bling she'd Admired that he had in Inventory.  My Favorite Trade was a Sterling Silver Snake Ring that wrapped around my Finger and had small real Ruby Eyes, he got a lot of Work out of me for that Ring.  *Bwahaha*  Sadly, another Beloved Piece that got Lost in Transit from all our Moves after that, we were very Nomadic and Dad's Military Career used to transfer him about every 18 Months in those Days.  Our last England Tour of Duty was the longest we ever lived anywhere during his 27 Year Military Career.  We got to stay there 4 Years.   Now Military aren't as Transient and some stay put a long time at a Base.  Times Change.  The above Yearbook Page I made in Class.  My Friend Cathy is in Front on far Right Pix, her Mom was British too and had an Interracial Marriage as well, so her Mom and mine became good Friends too.  I once Dated her Handsome Older Brother Tony, who, Sadly has Passed away.  Sadly Cathy also passed away recently and our Moms long before that.  We Laughed that it looked like Barbra Streisand was Dancing behind her in that Pix.  *LOL*

We just got Word from Princess T's Principal that the Yearbook distribution is delayed and the Kiddos won't be getting them on time, which will be disappointing.   My Kiddo doesn't get hers Signed, so she won't really Care, but I know a lot of Kids look forward to their Friends Writing in their Yearbooks.   Something about Balfour having problems with the Publication Production.   As expensive as Yearbooks are now, I'm sure they'll get a backlash about that.   Not uncommon tho', I remember in my Senior Year I was on the Yearbook Staff and our Yearbook Cover got fucked up by the Manufacturer.   It turned out terrible and hideous due to terrible application of the Screen Printing, so it looked out of focus, illegible and the Color combo used was awful... wasn't at all what we'd expected and asked for. {Above... ugh!} We were so Proud of the rest of the Book we all Created, so having the Cover, which is the first impression, be terrible was embarrassing.  We knew Students would think it was our Fault and not the Publisher, that it looked so Bad.

 But now, all these Years later, I look at that Cover and Laugh about how terrible it is.  Remembering how we all, along with our Teacher Mr. Corlett, who we called 'Crow', were like WTF!?  *Smiles*  Yearbook Class was the best experience, wish I'd done it every Year as an Elective.   We had the Craziest time and had the best Teacher ever, I have fond Memories of all the Classmates and of Crow, often wonder if he's still Alive?   He and his Wife were Bohemian Style Hippies and Artists as well as being Caring Teachers, no Kids of their own.  So we all were like their "Kids".  They had the Coolest House they'd built out in the Desert, they Hosted our Yearbook Class Party there.   It looked like a Two Story Log Cabin and inside, the Upper Level was Balcony Style all around like a Donut, where you could look down into the Lower Level.   His Wife grew all kinds of Potted Cacti and made the Art Pots they were in, she Painted too, very Talented folks and so Cool.   That's Crow in the upper Left Hand Pix.   We went to McDonalds for our Yearbook Staff Group Pix and sat on a big stupid Prop Airplane they used to have in there for the Little Kiddos... back before Fast Food Joints had proper Playgrounds in their Restaurants.  *LOL*   I'm on the Far Left sitting next to my good Friend Teri on the End, she ended up Marrying a much Older Trucker guy whose first name was Pink... I kid you not, not a Nickname, what his Mom Named him!!!



May you also have many Fond Memories of your Past as you enjoy the Present making more Fond Memories for your Future... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Not everyone is as honest as you, so I wouldn't be surprised if, later down the road, inventory uncovered others driving around with free cars/trucks, due to screwups by that previous finance guy.

    1. Well, I Believe in Karma, so always want to do the Right thing and avoid any Temptation to do what's just Easy. Also, when you get approved for a Loan and sign all the Documents, it's a Legally Binding Contract and you're obligated to it. With already having the Collateral, whatever mistake made at the Dealership or a Lender Administratively, any Court would still rule in their Favor to either recover their Collateral, if you decided to now back out of the Contract due to any Changes having to be made and Modified with new Contracts, or, Sign the new Contracts and start making payments on what you Bought. Anyone driving around thinking they are getting a Free Vehicle is living in a Fools Paradise... it would be nice, but, doesn't work that way Legally. *LOL*

  2. I was worried that they had messed up in reverse and that due to their error, you were payments behind! You do get a gold star as to the professional way you handled the situation. Bringing it to their attention, not blaming (or becoming a screaming "Karen"), making sure all the original terms were honored. I am so glad they honored you with additional warranty, too. And I am glad it worked out that you could gift the tires to your son. It is just a warm fuzzy all the way around.

    1. Indeed it was a warm fuzzy all around to do the right thing rather than the easy thing and store up some Good Karma. *Winks* Contractually I was bound, but due to their error I could have had cause to back out, return the Vehicle, since, the original Loan never was processed at all so they had to restructure and modify original Terms we all had agreed upon. I like the Vehicle, I've done Business for Years with that Dealership, they quickly let anyone go that isn't up to the Job, so, that person responsible had already gotten himself Fired and they were now clearly in the process of figuring out all he'd done wrong that they'd need to run damage control behind. It happens, unfortunately these days finding Good Help is as difficult as finding a Good Employer.


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