Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Progress In The New Showroom


As you can see I got the Gypsy Curtain hung in the New Showroom.  It's twice as long as the short Wall it's hung on, so I had to just roll up the bottom of it and am kinda disappointed you can't see more of it.  The Wall is taller, but there's obstructions to hanging it higher, so, we worked with what we had, to get the Look I wanted.   In my Head I had more Space to Work with, since, when any Room is Empty it looks larger, then you start filling it and it seems to shrink.  *LOL*  I had to buy an inexpensive Curtain Rod, never could find the one I have for it, buried somewhere in The Gauntlet that is The RV Garage Mahal Hoarded Chaos.

I also hung those Industrial Pipes I'm using as Wall Hangars.  Lord Jesus, were those heavy as Boat Anchors to stand there and try to hold up while screwing into a Particle Board Wall while up on a Step Stool of Death!  *LMAO*   One isn't even hung Straight, I didn't Care, I just wanted to get down off the damned Ladder!!!  I have Vertigo and Fear of Heights, so I had The man holding onto my Legs so I wouldn't feel like I was falling to my Death, or a deadly Hip Breakage Incident.  Yes, I was probably only a Foot or Two off the Ground in Reality, but I still get Panicky and dizzy if up off the Ground.  I was sweating like a Whore in Church, so was glad to get everything finally hung.  *Whew and LOL*

 Here's the one that isn't even hung Straight, it's leaning downwards some... but, fuck it... that's how it will just be... and made to look like it was intentional.   Shhhush, it's our little Secret.  *Bwahahaha*  I just Loved the Vintage Industrial Look of those Two Old Industrial Pipes with Spigots, and was determined to find somewhere in the New Showroom to hang them, so I could use them as Clothing Display Hooks.  I was quickly running out of Wall Space by the time I hung them.  But, I was Happy with where they ended up, by pure Serendipity of running out of available options of where to hang them.  *Smiles*   The Clothing and Accessories hung on Displays seem to Sell fastest, so I wanted to Display as many as possible.

Yes, folks go thru all the Clothing Racks too, but it's the Displays that draw them in initially, or they Buy off the Mannequins or Display Hooks quickest.  I always have Naked Mannequins and empty Hanging Displays that the Products got bought off of right away, becoz it was on full Display.   I don't Care if I Sell the Mannequins now or not, but, the majority of them are For Sale, just so I won't get constant Calls from Customers asking to Buy them.   And Yes, Displays can Sell almost as fast, since, I already Sold some out of the New Showroom only Hours after putting them in there!!!   Which then prompts me to come back Home and find more Displays to replace them.  *Le Sigh and LOL*

Funny to me that some things that had been in the Old Showroom more than a Minute, or might have even been somewhat Stale Inventory, suddenly Sell right away in the New Space.    I know it's all about the Presentation and the New Space has been Presented so much better than the Old one, which had fallen into Neglect and Ambivalence on my part.  I'm going to do better here and keep up on it, since, if you Work it then it Works ever so much better on your Bottom Line.  I like coming in again now I have a Space to be more Proud of.  I also got my MORE Sign hung.   That Reclaimed Wood and Wrought Iron Shelving Unit I wanted to put on the Exterior of the Showroom beside it, won't fit now... dammit... Two fucking Inches too Wide and just Inches too Tall!!!   Ugh and Oy Vey!

I decided not to Sell the Two Cubby Display Units I put my Mugs on, since, I actually did have Space for them in the New Showroom and like how the Mugs look Displayed in them.  I Sell a lot of various Novelty and Collectible Starbucks Mugs and Tumblers, mostly Culled from a vast Collection I had and needed to Downsize.  But, I have also picked some up with the Intention of Resale too, since, they Sell well.   When you look at how much they go for at Full Retail, or what some Resalers ask, well, I can see why mine are a Quick Turn at less than half the Cost.  And, who can't resist Dr. Seuss Books or Merch?  I just LOVE me some Dr. Seuss, it was the only Books I never tired of Re-Reading to Two Generations of Raising Kiddos.   And Yes, I had some of the Banned ones. *Gasp and LMAOROTF*   Ah, the things the Pearl Clutchers get their Panties in a Twist about is hilarious and absurd.

And it is so True that those who can make you Believe Absurdities can make you Commit Atrocities.   Even things that on the Surface look more Benign, become Malignant quickly.  Anywhere Book Banning has ever happened, never ended well.   Anywhere they try to strictly Control what you get to Believe, See, Hear, Limit Exposure to, and Learn, becomes Dangerous, Restrictive, Isolating in a Bad way, Involuntarily Controlling and Oppressive.   I don't Care what lame or self-righteous Reasons are given for doing it, not having the Freedom and Autonomy to Decide and Choose for yourself, is very Dangerous Ground for anyone to be standing on and Restricted to.  Once you don't get to Think for yourself and give away or give up your Freedoms, you're doomed.   You might as well have entered the Mouth of a Great White Shark... and that analogy is Intentional.  *Winks*

Yes, America is quickly becoming a Three Ring Circus and Human Sideshow, but it would be risky to be indifferent about it and assume it's not our Circus and not our Monkeys.   Too much is at stake to have apathy about it all.   In fact, while working on the New Showroom, a Native of Canada, visiting here, stopped and had a very long discussion with The Man and I about the State of his Nation and ours.   Apparently many Canadians are as troubled by the direction their Country is heading.  For similar reasons they're troubled by the decline of ours, their Southern Neighbors here in America.   He and his Brother own Properties in both Countries and spend equal time in each.   He Loves Canada and is Patriotic, and his time spent in America, but said he used to feel better about both Countries, now he does NOT, he's deeply concerned about both.

 It was a very enlightening and interesting discussion to have with someone from a bordering Country, to get a Perspective from their lens of it.   All Three of us actually were in Agreement, Partisan Politics and Extremism is out of hand everywhere and no longer functional for Serving ALL the People.  Too many Elected Officials are Self-Serving or Unstable now.  He was about the Age as our Adult Children, and we discussed the remaining Positives of both of our Cultures and Countries, as well as the obvious expanding Negatives and concerns.  He does Hope there is Redemption for both Nations if the People do the Right Thing come Election Time.  But, he's Guardedly Optimistic, as are we, and he said he's not sure where one would go if both Nations fail to uphold a functional Democracy?   I don't either, since, Globally, shit is getting Real, Dangerous, Unstable and quite alarming.  

Now, on to a more Positive Topic... Food Porn.  *Bwahaha*  We went to "Angry Crab Shack" for Dinner, since, we'd worked so hard we almost forgot to go eat!  *LOL*  The Man had a heaping Serving of their Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage.   I had the Cod Fish N Chips with Cajun Fries and Buttery Grits.   These were some of the best Grits I've ever had.  Their dipping Sauce for the Fries is exceptional too, it's like a Seasoned Mustard Aioli.  There was too much Fish for me, so I gave a piece of it to The Man.   His big ole Bowl of Red Beans and Rice was too much for him, so he brought 2/3 of it Home as leftovers.   I had The Daughter polish off my half of the Cajun Fries I brought Home.  They are Awesome, like the Seasoned Fries from "Rally's", only a bit Spicier.

The Wild Birds planted me the biggest Sunflower I've ever grown.  It's fabulously enormous and I'll cut and dry it for Decor when it's ready to be Harvested and before the Birds eat it's Center.   I leave all the smaller ones to set Seed and have it be part of the Wild Bird Natural Buffet spread out there at their Feeding Station.  Less for me to then have to Buy for them, Spoiled little buggers that I've made them now.  *LOL*  Seriously, they've become quite finicky about the Quality of Wild Bird Seed they prefer now and feel quite Entitled to only the Best.  *Ha ha ha*   Most of our Wild Birds who frequent our Feeding Station are various Species of Doves in this area, a few Pigeons, which, in actuality, are technically a Dove also.   I have to remind myself of that when I have some bias about the poor Sky Rat that Humans find to be a Nuisance, while Welcoming it's Cousins of other types of Doves. 

The Grackles, Ravens and Blackbirds are abundant, but don't like Bird Seed, they tend to prefer heartier fare and Hunt for their Live Food.  We've got one Raven that lives in the huge Pecan Trees behind our Property on Laurie's Acreage, that could carry off a small Domestic Pet, if so inclined!  Thankfully it doesn't seem so inclined, but, it's a Scary Sized Wild Bird.  And of coarse we do get some of the even larger Predatory Wild Bird Species here too, mostly they Hunt at Night or early in the Mornings, so aren't as visible as the Resident Raven.   There are Song Birds too, not as prevalent at the Feeders... and... our Lantana Bushes, Queens Wreath Vine and Aloes attract a lot of Hummingbirds when they're Blooming.   Hummingbirds used to Nest on our Back Porch every Year, but haven't this Year.   I miss seeing their Babies growing up and Harvesting the tiny Beautifully built Nests after it's abandoned.

We had Four Years of Baby Hummingbirds Born on the Property, and since the Lifespan of an Adult is about Five Years, she probably Died.  One Year she had Twins, the other Years just a Single Baby.   Clutch Size is usually 1-3 Eggs, so, she was typical and quite Happy to Nest where we had a lot of Foot Traffic, didn't seem to bother her or the Babies one bit to have Humans so close by.  We were respectful of her Privacy and didn't want to make her feel nervous by being too intrusive to her Nesting there.  It's close to a Water Source and plenty of Bloom, so was convenient for her to Raise a Family there.  Even tho' I did sneak a few pixs every Year, she tolerated that intrusion well.  I'm sad we don't see her anymore and that none of her Offspring Nest here where they were Born.

Above is the Easter Gingerbread Kit I saw Post Holiday marked down on Clearance, but, we didn't get one, it's Cute tho'.  While I was Sourcing a Curtain Rod for my Gypsy Curtain at TARGET, The Man wanted to stop by the Easter Aisles Close-Outs to get some Easter Candy.  *LOL*   I think he was disappointed that this Year I didn't do anything for Easter in the way of making up Easter Baskets with Goodies for them all?   He's an Insulin dependent Diabetic too, but lacks the restraint I do on Dietary Taboos, so I had to monitor what Sale Candy he put into the Cart.  *Eye Roll*  Luckily the 5 lb. bag of Jelly Belly Beans were not marked down 30%, so, they got put back.  They were with the Sale Holiday Candies, a whole Shelf of them right AT the Markdown Sign, so I did feel TARGET should have moved them away from the Clearance Holiday items instead of saying something Stupid to me about them NOT being on Sale at the Register.   

When they rang up at Full Price I questioned the Cashier about it.  Since, ALL the Jelly Belly Beans were on the 30% Off Sale Shelves and right by the Sign saying ALL Easter Candy was on Clearance!   She says to me, with a completely Serious yet Bitchy expression, "Well, Jelly Beans aren't an Easter Candy... so... they're not included on the Holiday Clearance Sale..."   WTF, surely she wasn't Serious, JELLY BEANS are NOT an Easter Candy, on what Planet may I ask?  *Eye Roll and LMAO*   Stupid Ignorant talking Cashier aside, since I didn't really want The Man to have the largest fucking Bag of Jelly Belly Beans ever made, so he wouldn't lapse into a Sugar Coma, I just told her Okay, we don't want them then.  *Whew and Winks*   Yes, he was petulant, he'll get over it, since he had an assortment of reduced price Lindt Chocolate Eggs, Gold Bunnies and shit to put him into a Sugar Coma just Fine without them.  *LOL*

 She looked annoyed and sighed heavily and intentionally audibly, when she then had to cancel that part of our Transaction.  Just to fuck with her, I told her she should have ALL the Jelly Belly Beans removed from the Seasonal Aisle then, if they never were an Easter Candy, becoz it will only continue to confuse Customers.  *Winks and Bwahahaha*   I may even go back to see if she complied, and then pull a Karen about it?  *Not really... but... couldn't resist the Temptation to just SAY it.  LMAOROTF*  Anyway, she was a surly Cashier that looked like she Hated her Job, unfortunate it's so common these days.  So I limit my engagement and exposure with Employees with an Attitude and project it towards Customers.  Not worth ruining your day over, but a little Snark made me feel better... Touche' Bitch.  *LOL and Winks*

Yes, with a Problem Employee projecting their Issues on me, I can't Help but go a little Old School Apache on their Ass.  *Winks*  Let us just say she wasn't the best Ambassador for TARGET... LOL.  Most of their Cashiers are very personable tho' and I like shopping there.  They have a STARBUCKS in them that I get my Red Card Discount at, so I tried their new Lavender Oatmilk Latte, it was as good as the Lavender Latte, which I LOVE from "Snooze".   I will have to also try their Lavender Creme Macha Latte next and they now also have a Lavender Frappuccino I shall try.  In case you've never had a Lavender flavored Coffee, it's delish IMO and one of my Favorite combos of Flavor Profiles.  If you try it and like it too, you can Thank me later.  *Winks*  I'm glad STARBUCKS is having it as a New option, I just hope it's not just Seasonal or a Promo and then they'll do away with it after I'm hooked?  I HATE when that happens.  I don't wanna wait a whole damned Year to have it again... or never again... dammit!  *LOL*

I did receive all my Skookum Dolls I bought at Auction, LOVE them all, no disappointments and some nice Surprises actually.   I have some to Sell and some to add to my Private Collection.  What I will Sell just a couple of them for will pay for any Kept and with a good Profit Margin, so, it was a Win-Win all around.   Locally they cost too much, I've only ever found One at a reasonable price from a Vendor who clearly didn't realize what they had, or, didn't Care.  It didn't match any of their other Merch so, not Surprising they marked it low.  Okay, so, the hilarity of many of these Vintage Trading Post Sold Dolls is that the original Tags on them are Amusingly Offensive to Indigenous Culture and People.  Most were made in the 1920-1960 Era, not a very PC stretch of Time.  So I understand why some are Marked as they are, if any of it was Created or done by actual Tribal Members and not being passed off as Authentically Tribal made... but... still...

So, I HAD to Photograph at least One of the Original Trading Post Tags {Below}, on some of the Vintage Dolls that is so actually Culturally Offensive it's Laughable now that I'm Old and let Offenses just slide.  Just for Laughs I'm Sharing it, becoz The Daughter and I were rolling with inappropriate Laughter, as such Racially Insensitivity was/is so prevalent, especially towards Indigenous Populations and Culture.  You can either get Mad, or see the Gallow's Humor of shit like that.  My Native American Dad always told me not to TAKE the Offense when it's Offered.  But, these Tags are done like Indian People are a fucking Novelty or Human Sideshow Attraction, just for Profiting off them as a Culture/Entire Race of People.  HAND DRESSED BY INDIANS or MADE BY REAL INDIANS was Commonly put on Tourist Products.  A lot of the mass produced shit was actually Made In Japan, but, they'd have Tribal Workers Dressing them, just to add to alleged 'Authenticity' that a REAL Indian had a part in the Tchotchke.  *Eye Roll*  I used to see my Paternal Grandma and Paternal Aunts on the Rez doing this kind of Work for Income, since abject Poverty abounds, still does, and Education and Opportunity are also Scarce... still are.  

So, for all I know mebbe my Grandma or an Aunt did this Work on the Dolls way back then?  *LMAOROTF*   I mean, you NEVER have seen a Tag saying MADE BY REAL WHITE PEOPLE, have you?   Or even Tags saying MADE BY REAL __________ {Fill in the Blank with any other Race of People}, becoz, most Humans would just take Offense to such Insensitivity and Intentional Ignorance/Racism.   Just sayin'...   But, it was like Christmas and quite Nostalgic for me to open each Package when it arrived, especially the Box Lot one.   One Seller might even have been Native American, judging by the return Address and Surname... and had a sense of Humor in the little Note she included for me.   These are Childhood Memories and Nostalgic for me becoz my Native American Grandma would often sent us little inexpensive Toys like this from the Trading Post near her Home, or make something herself to Gift us with, during Special Occasions, since, she was quite Poor.  They were always Cherished and Gifts from the Heart, so meaningful.  She did want us to be Proud of the part of our Heritage her Ancestors imparted.

The Daughter had a Doctor Appointment this Morning and then afterwards we went to "Manuel's" for Mexican Food... and she had her Bloody Mary.  *Smiles*  She gets totally Stressed Out way beforehand and going to any Doctor Appointments, even tho' she really likes our Doctor.  She was Pacing a lot and starting to get Psychotic about what her Paranoia was playing Tricks on her Mind with Entertaining.  Of coarse our Doctor wants her to seek Psychiatry too, but now they don't do In Person visits anymore, it's all Video Appointments.  Her Paranoia is bad about doing that, she Imagines other people could be in the Room off Screen or the Doctor might not be wearing Pants.  *LOL*   And you have to see the Humor in it even tho' it is Seriously Tormenting to those afflicted by their Illness.  It's not that I don't take it Seriously, but, we diffuse it all with Gallows Humor quite often.

  Our Doctor thinks it's Wonderful we can Laugh about Serious and Tormenting things that are so difficult to bear and Deal with for a Lifetime.   I figure, you can either Laugh about it, or Cry about it... and Laughter is like a Good Medicine.  So, it's doubtful she'll be finding a Psychiatrist if they won't see her Face to Face anymore.   Our Doctor thinks it would be helpful for her to seek Counseling and Treatment for her Psychiatric Issues to help her get Sober from needing Alcohol to Cope with her Mental Illness.  I agree, but, it is what it just is, she can't take Psychotropics either.  She had Issues with strong Psyche Meds damaging her Physical Health like it did with her Son, if you're on them a long time they have nasty side effects... some of which, can be Dangerous and even Fatal.  So, it's a Catch-22 to Manage the Lifetime Illnesses with Drugs that are also quite harmful and create a lot of Collateral Damage to your Body, while you're trying to Stabilize your Mind with them.

So, her Body can no longer tolerate the strong Meds she'd need for her SMI and of coarse being an Alcoholic is hard on her Body too, but, it's the lesser of the Two Evils really.   Sometimes she'll Vape Medicinal MJ, but, she doesn't like how it makes her Feel.  That's what The Young Prince uses to manage his Mental Illness and he doesn't mind feeling High, it manages his 'Demons' and Psychosis enuf that he's having less Episodes.  She's not having a lot of Episodes, but, probably becoz of the Alcohol, she's afraid if she quit Drinking, and couldn't take Psychotropic Meds, she couldn't Cope with her Serious Mental Illnesses and probably would become less stable, like she used to be, and that was all very BAD.   She's been Clean from Dangerous Drugs for almost Two Years now and doesn't wanna risk a relapse there if she quit Drinking either.

Anyway, the Local Labs are being problematic right now, so they had to run all the Tests again that they had to before.  We don't blame our Doctor, she had told us the Labs were becoming a huge problem, and I had heard that from everyone actually.  Test results aren't coming in or they're not even running the Lab Work at the Labs, so it has to be done all over again.   The Base was notorious for that at their Labs, but now the Civilian Labs are just as bad, I don't know what's going on?   The Pandemic is now over pretty much, so it's not as if the Labs are trying to process as much as they were during COVID.   Anyway, so, they did all her Tests again and hopefully this time we get the results in a Week?  She's not been feeling Well and we want to make sure everything is Okay and Treat whatever might not be Okay.



Comfort Food helped take the Edge off for her after the Appointment.  She gets really inside her own Head about illness in general, she Imagines she has all the Symptoms of everything under the Sun.  *LOL*   She is Self-Aware of her Mental Illness and how it manifests, which is a good thing tho', so, we can joke about it, but it doesn't alleviate her having the Symptoms of various Psychosis and Wild Imaginings.   She sees things with what she calls her "Real Eyes" and we Laugh about that a lot.  At Easter Dinner she was Eyeballing a piece of her Lettuce in her Salad suspiciously and I could tell she was getting Psychotic about whatever she Imagined she saw it doing or being.  Her Brother looked across the Table and noticed too and said, "Just don't look at it with your Real Eyes..."   *LMAOROTF*



And she burst out Laughing with the rest of us, then I took it off her Plate and put it on mine, so that she could eat her Salad without it becoming a Situation and Freaking her Out.   She had a similar Issue with her Flan at the Mexican Restaurant Today, even the Bloody Mary couldn't Quiet whatever it was she Saw it doing or being.    So, I took it away and ate it myself.  *Didn't mind taking one for the Team there.  Winks*  Food can really be an Issue when someone suffers from Schizophrenia, The Young Prince is always rail Thin becoz for him, most Food is still Alive and moving on his Plate or becoming something else that is even more ominous.   Which, makes it very difficult for him to then eat any of it, when it's now a Fear Factor Food in his Mind, or he Imagines it's somehow been Tainted.   Who or Why it's allegedly Tainted is an Unknown, they just Believe it has been.

  Both The Grandson and his Mom have a Thing about "Them" and whoever that is in their Paranoid Schizophrenic Psychosis, is Unknown, but, they Believe "They" are Real and can See, Hear and Spy on whatever they're doing, there's no convincing otherwise.  It's always a constant Avoidance of "Them" for both, which has to be exhausting, Emotionally tormenting and quite Terrifying.  The Daughter Sleeps in various parts of the House differently every Night, so that "They" can't See or Find her.   Most of the time it's just easier to Play along than to attempt to convince someone having Psychosis that it's not Real... it is Real to them and that's what counts and needs to be addressed in a way they don't completely derail about it.

  I'll usually shut all the Plantation Shutters or put her in a Windowless location and give her a Peace about "Them" being unable to See or Hear anything from there, so then she can get back to Center and maintain her Calm about it, actually getting some Sleep instead of staying up for Days and working herself up into a Panic.  Yeah, it's hard...    But, when they have Trust in a Caregiver it is Helpful.  You can sometimes distract them when they're Hallucinating, or Talk them Down if it escalates to an unmanageable level for them or everyone else.   Like with The Flan, I just took it off her Hands once I knew she was struggling with it... she likes Flan, so was disappointed, but, didn't feel Wasteful if I could eat it... and. not. Die.   Yes, I became the Official Food Taster... then, we went and worked on the New and Old Showrooms.  *LOL*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The showroom looks nice. I especially like the Starbucks mug set up. Too bad you're so far away or I'd stop by for the grand reopening and a cup of coffee.

    1. LOL... Coffee's On anytime Shirley. *Smiles* I think it turned out well considering we had a very loose Vision for it and Princess T altered most of that, since, well, she thinks I need Direction. *Bwahahahaha* She's a good Partner to have doing this, we're Yin and Yang about it. Sales have been really Strong since the grand reopening, which is always a Positive Sign.

  2. Moving stock around within a booth does make a difference in sales. I'm glad you 're falling back in love with your retail operation. Do you sell the lace work hanging on your Gypsy curtain?

    1. Not ON the Curtain, but, Yes, I do Sell Vintage Linens and my Curtains can give people ideas of what else they can do with Vintage Fabrics, especially the Handwork that Doilies so Beautifully exhibit. Nobody really uses Doilies anymore, but if you're a Fabric Artist the possibilities are endless. I have Boho Clothing made out of them. When Time permits and I FINALLY finish getting all the Grandsons Worldly possessions out of my Art Studio, I'd like to begin embellishing Specialty T-Shirts with Fabric Art again. I always get compliments when I wear mine and people asking where I bought them... but, you can't buy them anywhere right now, and I don't want to get into Custom Orders, too much pressure and deadlines to do Commission Art Work of any kind. But, I'd put it in the Showroom and see what happens? *LOL* Yes, falling back in Live with this Hobby I do with my Granddaughter excites both of us. We'd lost interest in the other Space and began being ashamed of how it looked and weren't excited about the randomness of trying to appeal to the Impulse Shopper. That is really not our Tribe of Customer and we knew it, we don't KNOW those types of Buyers, we know the Kindred Spirits that would buy what we buy and wear what we wear, live the Lifestyle we live... we're getting back to the Roots of what I did in the beginning of Selling there and it does pay off still it seems. *Whew* My People are apparently still out there, and if you Sell it, they will come. *winks*

    2. Ooops falling back in LOVE... damn spellchecker...

  3. I've always thought that schizophrenia would be the most difficult mental illness to live with. Depression messes with my brain but nothing like schizophrenia. I can't imagine having to deal with the idea that your food is moving, or what the meds do to you.

    1. I can more easily live with having Adult ADHD, OCD and being Bipolar... but I think I too would find Schizophrenia extremely tormenting. I don't feel that tormented by my own Mental Illnesses and I can function highly enuf that on a good day, perhaps I present as Normal? *Bwahahaha* In some ways you can harness the Positives of a Condition that you know you'll have for Life tho', and I have always encouraged my Loved Ones to do that with theirs. Schizophrenia means the Brain does do some very unusual Far Out things the way it is Wired. The Young Prince, with my encouragement, began turning his Hallucinations into his Art Forms and they're Fantastical. Becoz what he Sees is not of this World and in the Creation of it in Art Forms, he can now Show the rest of the World glimpses into his World. The Son has turned his Autism, ADHD and Bipolar I condition into intense productivity and focus in his Career Paths, he can work circles around 'Normal' folks and is like a Steamroller in the pursuit of what he's after. I taught him much of that since except for the Autism, we have the same Conditions/Diagnosis and I Channeled mine into very successful Corporate Careers. I was relentless and tenacious about anything and everything I did and wanted in Life, so, it wasn't all Bad having what we have to live and deal with. *Winks* The Daughter too is Fearless, there is absolutely nothing she is intimidated or fearful of, so that served her well in the Life she has led. She told very scary people that the only person she Feared was her Mother, imagine that! *Bwahahaha* She and I are good Friends and much closer now she's Middle Aged, but she always knew that no matter how Crazy she ever was, I could Match it, so, only seldom did she Go There. *Winks*

  4. Re: the made by real Indians labels. They're probably the result of the 1935 Indian Arts and Crafts law.

    1. You're probably correct about that, so many Non-Indians would try to profit off Cultural Appropriation and pass it off as Authentic otherwise. The 1990 Indian Arts and Crafts Act update probably expanded on that and the newer Tags are much more sensitive and not as Offensive IMO. I have a lot of Modern Indian Art and how it is Tagged is like any other Artist would Advertise and Claim their Work. Of coarse, the 1935 Law dates back to an Era when my Parents were Born, Dad several Years before that... so, I grew up seeing the more Offensive Labeling, which, my own Family found the Gallows Humor in the Wording of... the REAL Indian part being rather hilarious. Since, Labeling even of that Era might say Made In Japan {example} but didn't go so far as to say Made by Real Asians... and, each Minority Group in the U.S. has certainly had to endure their share of discrimination and exploitation or Racism... and the Indigenous seem to be the most vilified in Social Consciousness even to this day and the Negative Stereotypes abound. Our Nation did do the most effective Genocide in History after all, but, little is ever taught or said about it.

  5. Your space looks great....and I wondered if the lace curtain was the one you were going to use. The labeling on the dolls is hysterical and horrible. What were we thinking. We have the same issues in Wisconsin at Wisconsin Dells...sadly 99% of the to;urist items were always made in Japan, or later China. And, your photo is the incredible shrinking Dawn....looking great! Sandi

    1. I had a whole response and it just disappeared... dammit! My computer is doing Weird things lately, I think I'm typing too fast and locking up my System, so have to intend to slow my roll. *LOL* Anyway, the Labels are horrible yet hysterical, the insensitivity of bygone Eras towards so many Cultures was/is Offensive. We're only slightly more Sensitive and Inclusive these days actually. Nan is Right, Laws were enacted to Protect Indian Arts and Crafts from Non-Indians making them and passing them off as Authentically Made by Tribal Members, yet, the Wording could have been ever so much better, couldn't it? Newer Labels are on Native made Product, yet, a lot of it is still actually mass produced elsewhere and just exploits a Tribal Member doing some small thing to it to pass it off as Indian Made. We moved to Arizona when Dad Retired becoz it had a larger Native American Population than even Oklahoma, where his Relatives still live on the Rez. Dad was not Married to a Tribal Member and we grew up in the Military, so, he knew we had much more opportunity and less Culture Shock living among Non-Indians. I never realized what an incredible lonesome and personal Sacrifice that was for him. I was 16 before I ever saw another Native American outside of a Reservation, other than my Dad! The discrimination and unkind things said to him were a constant if someone knew he was an Indian, most people even now are not tolerant of Indians and paint First Peoples with a wide Negative brushstroke based on Stereotypes mostly... but, most Americans and abroad had never seen one, so they just assumed he was something else, usually mistaken as an Asian, even by Asians. *LMAOROTF* To be Fair, when he went to Vietnam, he said a lot of the Indigenous Tribes of the Jungles did look more like him than the Vietnamese, so were likely the First Peoples of their Nations as well?

    2. I will add that in Vietnam, the Indigenous looking Vietnamese treated Dad better than they did the Average American GI and Trusted him entirely becoz of knowing he was of North American Tribal Ancestry. So, he made close Friends with a lot of the locals and said what they shared with him in Secret, probably kept him Alive during his Tour there. Since, being in Food Service, he was among the unarmed Soldiers Serving there, along with Medics and Clergy, so, very risky fields of Work in an Active War Zone. He said the average Vietnamese Village was very similar Lifestyle to the average Native American Village Lifestyle, so, he could understand why no matter if they were under Communist Rule or not, their Life would go on uninterrupted really... so the War wasn't even about all that, it was more Political than representative of the People occupying the Land and Respecting what they wanted.

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    1. I thought so too... I'm Thankful to the Wild Birds for planting them for me... Dawn the Bohemian

  7. I had a Starbucks Lavender Oatmilk Latte a couple of weeks ago and liked it, but not as much as the pistachio version.

    1. I do have to try the Matcha version next... Dawn the Bohemian


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