Monday, February 12, 2024

We Should Have New Boyfriends Over More Often...

 So, Princess T's new Mister Wonderful is coming over this Superbowl Sunday to meet and greet the Family.  So, both she and her Mama were a flurry of Housekeeping Madness, with Frenzied Cleaning, Organizing, Sprucing up Casa Forever Boheme'.   Yep, we should have New Boyfriends over more often.  *Bwahahaha*   There is still the Clutter now all moved to the back, hidden in the Diningroom, you can hardly see back there from the Livingroom or Den areas, so, it'll be camouflaged enough.  *LMAO*  You do what you have to do on such short notice that first time Company is coming and you didn't have a lot of lead time to pull it together.  Plus, I knew I was Hosting a Super Bowl Party of long time Friends who are like Family, so... I focused on prepping for that, not general Housekeeping for someone New.  *Smiles*

  There's Candles burning and Princess T's Bedroom is now a Vision of a Teen Girl's Domain.  I didn't even risk falling and breaking a Hip when I went in to tend to Eli the Cat this Morning! *Smiles*  It had been a Disaster Area just last Night, she Works Wonders when she's Motivated enough to.  *Winks*  Eli tends to walk around looking bewildered when it's been Cleaning Day in there, rather than a Gauntlet of her stuff strewn about everywhere for him to treacherously navigate.  It's a good thing Cats have Nine Lives.  *Ha ha ha*  No, I'm not looking all Crazy like the above Pix, that's just an Older Pix when I still had Micro Dreads the first Year they were still Baby Dreads.  And was sometimes sporting my Coolio look, no longer possible due to how long and heavy they've become.  Now some are Cigar Width and down to my Hips and definitely Lighter in Color, more the Color my Hair was when I was very Young.

Sometimes I do like to compare the Metamorphosis of my Dreadlocks, they evolve quite interestingly and take on a Life of their own.  I'm still Mystified as to how they went from being Micro Dreads the Width of a piece of Yarn and so Dark Brown, to such thickness so fast and Lighten considerably to a Honey Brown now.  I don't Color my Hair at all, it's my Natural Color just Evolving.  I like them better now and have let the initial 60 or so Congo along the way, to become about a more Manageable 17 near my Scalp, that are strong enuf to bear the Weight of how long and heavy they've now become.  I've seen Dreadheads be able to keep theirs Micro, I don't know how they did it?  Mine wouldn't do that even before I let some Congo and grow together.  Of coarse mine Weirdly grew at the speed of Light, I expected very slow growth, my Hair used to be slow growing, thin and fragile, not anymore. 

Anyway, the Chocolate Covered Strawberries in the expensive Fancy Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Black Lace Covered Box are chillin' in her Cherry Red Fridge.  She was worried they might sweat when taken out, I just told her to present them quickly so he can look at them before they perspire.  *LOL*  Her Grandpa gorged on the Chocolates she unceremoniously dumped out of said expensive Valentine's Day Box.  When he wakes up from his Diabetic Sugar Coma now it will be a brand new Day.  *Eye Roll*  He's Superbowl Readied, so, was concerned about how long he would have to make Nice with the New Boyfriend?   "Isn't he just taking her somewhere else?", he queried!!!  *Honey!!!  LOL*

"Listen, she Likes this Boy... so, make Nice for however long it takes and look Delighted to be doing it, Okay!?", I forewarned him, giving him my best Crazy Eyes gaze into his Peepers.   So, he'll comply.  And, he did make me Breakfast this Morning so I wouldn't be Hangry.  *Winks*   The Daughter was scrubbing the already clean Guest Bathroom Commode like her Life depended on it.  I'd already Cleaned the entire Guest Bathroom... but... whatever.  When she's Cleaned something, not a Living Organism on the Planet could Survive that kind of Sterilization, she should have been a Surgical Nurse or something.  *Bwahahaha*   "I can see things with my Real Eyes that you can't see Mom...", she says in all Paranoid Schizophrenia Seriousness... Okay then.  *LOL* 

I got Dressed in Real Clothes early, even tho' I don't go to Work until Five, to receive this Fella and make a good 1st Impression before I leave for my Shift Tonight.  The Girls asked me if I was Ready, and I replied, "Yeah, I even put a Bra on..."  Yep, they Laughed and Laughed, if your Old Hippie Mom/Gramma puts a Bra on, well, that's READY alright.   And The Man says, "Yeah, and I even put Pants on... and I don't have any Guns out."  *Winks*  She's almost having a Panic Attack that we'll all behave.  *LOL*   Now, we only do this for you the first time we meet and greet you.  After that, if you've passed the Litmus Test and been Kept by our Spawn, well, now you're like Family and see us how we REALLY are.  And, usually that means I'll be putting YOU to work Cooking and Cleaning, just like The Spawn are required to do.  All their Friends and long time Relationships have Adopted US.  *Bwahahaha*

Well, it's like some kind of Adoption, since, they'll seem to always be here... and eating.   The Superbowl Buffet Spread was mostly gone already by Saturday Night, we had so many of them over here.  And, since they'll all be showing back up before The Game, they'll now be bringing a replacement Buffet Spread with them.  The Man was lamenting that he should have 'hidden' his favorite stuff from the Buffet, I reminded him that Sharing Is Caring.  *HaHaHa*   That's the Daughter's Childhood Lifelong Friend Amber Above, and her other Childhood Lifelong Friend Andrase Below.  So, anyway, the Young Man arrived, he's a nice looking Hispanic Teen, quite swarthy and thick wavy Black Hair with a Toothpaste Commercial Smile and a budding Mustache, he made a favorable impression... seems Shy and very Polite.  

The Daughter's BFF Amber was already here and met him, some of the others will be showing up too for the Game soon.  Andrase is going to Cook, so I'll have good Food before Work, he's a Culinary Jedi.  Amber's making Tamales here too, her Tamales are Da Bomb, she's gonna show everyone how she makes them.  I doubt we can replicate the Love she puts into her Cooking, but, we'll try.  We Love those Kids.  *Smiles*   So, anyway, Rusty will get to meet everyone else, if he and Princess T don't have other Plans and will bail as soon as he receives his Pressies and made his initial Introduction.  It was probably a little Intimidating to meet so many all at once, we were Mindful of that.   The Son was reminding his Sister not to seem like a total Psycho.  She was pacing around excited to meet him, like it was her First Date.  *Ha ha ha*

We had to remind her to Calm Down and Land her Balloon, lest she Scare this poor Guy to Death.   Not that the rest of us aren't a tad bit Scary, Right?  *Bwahahaha*  He handled it Well, I think he'll do just fine rolling with this Crew... he seemed Shy but at Ease and they're staying a while.  He does have Plans with his Dad for the Superbowl, which I think is Sweet that he and his Dad do things together like that and make Memories.   From what Intel I Interrogated from my Grandchild, he's the Oldest of Four Children with Three Younger Sisters.  So, he's used to a lot of Estrogen in the House, that explains why her Gifts were so Thoughtful.  He might get Feedback from his Mom and Sisters on how to do it Right?  *Winks*   Apparently the Youngest of the Sisters is in High School, so, no little Siblings.

That always worries Princess T if there are little Siblings, since, they latch onto her and she's just not fond of nor good with Kids.  She barely wants them around when we go out somewhere in Public and someone has Young Kids or Babies in Tow, her Face will say it ALL... no Words necessary.  We often burst into raucous Laughter coz she knows at my Age, our Thoughts mirror one another when we're out and about, tying to enjoy something Social or Relaxing that we paid for... like a Meal out... and someone's Kids start fussing around us.  *Bwahahahaha*  So, she doesn't know why they like her, but, they do.  And they're more  likely to Miss her when their Big Brother and her are no longer an 'Item'.

  Then again, she's not fond of People or Peopling either, yet, people do just Like her anyway and consider her more Shy than Anti-Social.  *Smiles*   She claims not to Like People, but she is Kind to everyone, so I don't think she's necessarily Anti-Social and unable to mingle or get along with People.  She just has a preference for Solitude, and small more intimate gatherings with just a very tight Inner Circle.   Like me, she prefers a Drama Free existence... and the more People, the more Politics and Posturing or Drama and a Headache can manifest.  It's just not worth it to either of us.  So, I Get It... I know a lot of People, I have Cherished Acquaintances I enjoy spending some limited Time with.  I'm Nice to all of them and Close to none of them, it Works for me too, it's my preference and Helpful to Maintain my Calm and stay Centered.

People who have a lot of peripheral Relationships to Manage and Maintain, it's just a lot, it would be too much for me.  When you know that about yourself and how much Solitude and Privacy you require, you can be an Extrovert and yet not Collect People.  *Smiles*  I Guard my Solitude, since it's Restorative to me.  I don't need People around all the time or to be doing something with them, it's not even Personal towards anyone.   She's an Introvert, so it makes more sense for her to limit Social Contact, it's uncomfortable for her and she has Social Anxiety, and it's intense.  She almost had an Anxiety Attack introducing Rusty to us, in case any of us didn't Like him.  There was nothing to initially Dislike, he seems nice and I Hope that's Authentic and like my Blog Friend Shirley said, we Hope he doesn't disappoint us... the Family and my Entire Blog Family  *LOL*

We upgraded the BBQ to Steaks.  All the Young People were talking Hotdogs and I said I'd ante up if they all would and we'd do Steaks instead.  Well, it was unanimous and Andrase took The Son and the Guys did the Shopping and are doing the Cooking as well, Men like to BBQ and be Pit Masters.   Andrase is also making some kind of Crab Salad and I don't know what else, he's in charge and The Son is his Sous Chef.   The Son isn't a Culinary Jedi but he's a Quick Study and wants to get better.  Back when he was in Rehab some of the Guys were Line Cooks or Chefs for a Living and taught him a lot.  He made a Thanksgiving Dinner with the Tutoring of one of the Guys who was a Chef in a High End Restaurant, they prepared the Thanksgiving Meal for the entire Group there, since nobody could leave to go Home during Rehab.

Anyway, I'll be having the Meal they are preparing here before I leave for Work.  I'm glad I am being Cooked for and won't have to hang around for the Superbowl.  I'm just not that into Sports at all, so it will be more productive for me to be at Work.  We never know if it will be busy or slow during a Superbowl, since, often the Football Widows will show up in droves to spend Money while their Menfolk are distracted with the Game and probably spending their Money on that.  So, it's only Fair.  *LOL*   I don't know if The Son has a Bet on the Game, I know Andrase does, he usually does well with his Sports Betting.  Last time he Won over $600, if you're good at it and don't have a Problem with Gambling, it can be profitable.  My Friend Amy plays at the Casinos and almost always Wins big, it's whether you Play the Strategic Games or not.

My Niece is a very accomplished Poker Player and she plays all over the Country and has done very well with it.   She is good enuf she could consider to go Professional with it, but she has a Successful Career already, so, for now, she hasn't gone Pro.  She Collects the Poker Chips from all the Casinos she plays Tournaments at... this is just some of her Collection.   We have a lot of Casinos here in Arizona on the Indian Reservations.  She moved to Oklahoma because they do too and the Cost of Living is way lower than here.  She has Family there also, since, that's where her Paternal Family were from and most of them still live there.  Most of her Maternal Family are here in Arizona.  She's liking it there and has made Friends and has a lovely Apartment.  She Telecommutes for her Career so can do it from anywhere.

This Thursday will be the Opening Day of the Event I go to Monthly at "Sweet Salvage" and 'Gardenology' is the Theme for this Month.  Later in the Month are some Special Events happening that I may also attend.  The Tres Rios Nature Festival is being held at the end of the Month out where we always do our Environmental Cleanup at the Nature Preserve.  And then "Highland Yard Vintage" is having their Monthly Event with the Theme of 'Vintage In Bloom'.   I like the Events Theme prepping for Spring... even tho' the Weather will get Hotter, it's always so Beautiful when Spring brings forth all the new Life.  For some reason, all of the Events have been sparse on Sneak Peeks for this upcoming Month's Events, I know not Why?

I liked what I saw in this Image of a Sneak Peek at the Eastside Event, which runs during the same Weekend as the Tres Rios one, so I may have to choose which to attend?   Or stagger attending, since the former runs from Thursday thru Sunday, the latter only Sat-Sun of that same Weekend.  I need more Me Time, lately I've had the Blues a lot even tho' there's no circumstances tied to why I'm struggling Emotionally.  So, it's likely just a Bipolar Episode and tho' the Manic Highs never bother me, the Depressive Lows are tough to move thru.  I barely want to drag myself out of Bed and just feel like Sleeping the Day away, I'm Mentally exhausted and thus have trouble staying Awake.  Whereas, when Manic, I can go without Sleep, so, it's one extreme or another.   I didn't used to have so many Mixed Episodes, I used to be mostly Manic.  So perhaps that's why the Bipolar Lows are difficult for me, I dunno?



Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hear you about company and cleaning. I swear it's the only time I REALLY clean is when we are expecting a visitor.

    1. Amen to that Colette, I seriously doubt any of us will be laying on our Deathbeds saying and lamenting that we didn't Clean more, Right? *Winks* When we have new Guests is when I go into hyperdrive to at least give an Illusion we don't live like this. *Bwahaha*

  2. After the guest bathroom was cleaned not once, but twice, did Mr. Wonderful even stay long enough to use it/see how immaculate it was?

    1. He's a 19 Year Old Guy Shirley, whaddya think? *Bwahahahaha* I didn't Monitor his Calls of Nature, but even if he did use the Facilities, it's doubtful he Cared how it looked Honestly. I've had the Adult and Teen Friends of my Kiddos tell me they don't even notice when I've NOT cleaned up, so, clearly they're oblivious to when I have? Usually folks are too busy Admiring my Quirky Aesthetic and Weird N Wonderful Objects to give two shits about how tidy the place is. It's like the Addams Family Home, did we really Care if Morticia had dusted and vacuumed or picked up any spare Carcasses she had laying about? I think not. *Bwahahahaha*

    2. PS Shirley: I was your Lab Rat and LUME does indeed Work EVERYWHERE, even Down There. *LOL* That shit is so good we're doing a TARGET run Today, allegedly they also carry it, and Buying The Daughter and Princess T some now too. I had bought mine Online initially, so, you can get it shipped right to your Door and I particularly like the Lotion in a Tube for Total Body Needs.

  3. I didn't know that about teen boys. I thought it was just us old folks who can't hold our water. I'll pass on Lume. I'm sure it works, but I'll wait to see if there is a reaction over time down there,

    1. LOL, well, I did get my Daughter her LUME, she's not crazy about the only Scents it comes in. I have the Lavender/Sage and got some of the Tangerine... both were too strong for her sensibilities of Scents. So, I opted for the Toasted Coconut, which she thinks smells like a Summer Sunscreen or Cocoa Butter. *LOL* They have Unscented too... but, she will use the Toasted Coconut. We'll wait and see if any long term reaction happens, so far, so good. What I meant by Teen Boys was that they could Care less or notice much about Housekeeping at all... I think they probably hold their Water better than us Old Folks... so that cracked me up too.

  4. It's nice that the guys shopped and prepared the steaks. I had a friend who said there was nothing like having your MIL visit to get you to clean your house. I didn't watch the Super Bowl. No interest. I never paid any attention to Usher so I didn't care about the halftime show. I know the young man isn't Princess T's first boyfriend, but when my daughter's first boyfriend came to our house, our collie humped his leg. The poor boy. Such a funny memory.


    1. Well, your Collie gave the poor 1st Boyfriend his "Seal of approval", clearly! Kind of a "Well, I'd Do Ya"... *Bwahaha* Yes, the Guys were great about Cooking, the Gals were less enthused about Cleanup so The Man and I did it instead, not a lot of mess was in the wake actually. The Guys had not tore up the whole Kitchen prepping a Meal like Allen used to do. Allen was an excellent Cook too, but Young Guys leave a messy wake in just about everything they do... Middle Aged Guys tend to Train or Be Trained to make sure they don't. *Winks* I never had my MIL or FIL visit us EVER in all the Years I've been Married to The Man, which, I didn't lament at all. *Ha ha ha* The FIL passed after I was only Married a Year, so I only got to meet him the one time but knew The Man and he were NOT close. They did a lot of Hunting and Boy Scouts together growing up, but as Grown Men, they were estranged. My FIL seemed to be a very domineering Man and everyone seemed subservient to him, tho' he seemed Beloved by the Community, his Funeral was the biggest attended one I'd ever seen in fact. He'd made a favorable impression on many Young Men, so, I think it was his Marine Drill Sargent demeanor that he brought from Work to his Home that was offputting to me. My own Dad was Strict but the Kindest and most Loving Man towards Family, he hugged and said he Loved us every Day, so I can't relate to any Father who isn't close to his Kids or doesn't show affection. My MIL was a Woman who grew up in what I feel is a Patriarchal Religion that Oppresses Women, so she was very Meek and I'm sure how I act was not acceptable to her. She and I only ever once had a "Situation". The other DIL's cowtowed to her, but when she once told me I wasn't taking good enuf Care of her ailing Son, I agreed with her, much to her dismay. Yep, told her, "You're absolutely Right, nobody takes Care of a Son like his Mother. So, I have a Spare Guest Room Rosalie and you're Welcome to come stay with us as long as you like and look after him. I'll appreciate the Break and it will be Helpful with the Kids too to have you here as Backup Caregiving." Well, I never heard another Word out of her and she never showed up or dared to criticize me or verbally come for me again. *Winks*


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