Tuesday, November 21, 2023

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Up In Here


The Grandsons made it to New Mexico safely, The Young Prince messaged me and seems in good Spirits... but tired, it was a long trip.  The Granddaughters in Mexico made it Home too.  Some nice random Adult Lady pretended to be their Aunt so they could ride a Bus there without issues.  In Mexico, anyone under 18 has to have an Adult with them to ride a Bus, only if they're coming across the Border into the U.S. can Minors ride a Bus alone.  I suppose due to dangers of Vehicle Travel in Mexico.  

The Daughter bought the Tickets Online so couldn't have gotten a refund if they'd refused to let them get on the Bus.  They needed a Surrogate Aunt and in a hurry.  She said Thank God in Mexico anything is "Possible".  The Bus Ticket Lady just told her to "Find" them a Tia.  *Winks*  So she walked up on some nice Mexican Lady and said, "Hey, could you be their Tia so they can get back Home?"... and wallah, they have a New Aunty looking out for them.  *Smiles*  Princess T and I spent the Day putting Decorations and Lights on our Christmas Trees and I had found a double Set of the Vintage Snowball Lights for mine at the Antique Mall on Sunday Night when I worked.  I had a Mason Jar full of replacement Snowball Vintage Bulbs I'd been intending to Sell, so I immediately pulled them out of Inventory.  *Whew*

All the Lights still worked on the Strands but it's nice to have replacement Bulbs for Vintage Sets.  The Bulbs are in Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.   The Cheap Tree I'd gotten from SAVERS had no Lights on it and I was tempted not to bother lighting it until I found those Vintage Snowball Lights to put on it.   I spent a lot on the Two Sets, but the Vendor gave me a deep Discount from what they'd been asking originally for them... and I had about 8 replacement Bulbs already... so... I was Jazzed to have the Nostalgic Retro Look from my own Childhood.  Online they Sell for 50% more than I paid, so, I knew their Price was fair, even before the Discount.

I had a bunch of the Rainbow Mirrored Disco Ball Ornaments in various sizes, all Dollar Store finds, and numerous shatterproof Mardi Gras colorful Ball Ornaments I've had for Years.  I had Colorful Pic Sprays, so, the Tree got Decorated quickly and will be put away just as quickly, which was important this year.  I just didn't have it in me to have a labor intensive Tree or Christmas.   I didn't bother to move anything either, just set it up in front of the Fireplace, since, we won't be burning a Fire.  Pollution Advisories are already in effect so they have No Burn Days for Wood Burning Fireplaces.  New Homes aren't even allowed to have them anymore.

Yet another reason I insisted that our Forever Home be Historic or Vintage.  I wanted a Wood Burning Fireplace even IF I decide not to use it often.  *LOL*   Villa Boheme' had a Gas Fireplace and it sucked, no real Heat generated and the Flames were pathetic too... it's just not the same as The Real Deal of a Wood Burning Fireplace.  My Nanna in North Wales had a Coal Burning Fireplace, they're smaller but very efficient to Heat Old Homes that didn't have Central Heating.   She used a smokeless Coal called Coke.  I have many fond Memories of sitting by her Fire in the Livingroom.

Anyway, I was probably done putting this up one Day and Decorating it the next in record time.   Princess T put up a very similar but slightly larger version of the exact same Tree I got from SAVERS, that we've had for Years, in her Room.   Both Trees come with some permanent Ice Crystals Flocking, Pine Cones, and Berries on the Branches.  The Lights quit working on the one she used a long time ago, so she took them all off and initially put a strand of White Fairie Lights on it, and had me buy inexpensive Pink, Pearlized White and Silver Ornaments for it.  I got half her Ornaments secondhand at Chazzas and a few from TARGET new. 

This was her White Light Tree that she set in the middle of her Squishmallow Mountain in the Corner of her Room.  *LOL*   She wasn't all that satisfied with the White Lights so went with me to look for a couple Strands of Pink Fairie Lights to replace them with.  She doesn't mind all the extra Work involved, when she has a Vision for something, she's relentless about taking whatever Time, Energy and Work it takes.  She had the White Lights off it and Pink Lights on it in record Time without having to even redecorate the Tree or take any of the Ornaments off it... impressive!!!

So, here's her Pink Light Tree.   She's fond of the Pink one, I like it but liked the White lit one better, it shows that the Tree is Green.  *LOL*   With all that Pink Lighting the whole Tree looks Pink, doesn't it?  *Ha ha*  She's on a Pink kick suddenly, at least in Decor... still in her Goth Black Phase for Wardrobe.   Eli was Freaking Out and having major Anxiety as he always does when she changes their Shared Space or adds anything.   Every Year it takes him half a Day to come to terms with a Christmas Tree being installed.  He's never messed with her Trees tho', which is unusual.  I've had Cats literally climb ours and take them Down.  *Le Sigh*

We had a Cat once that attacked our Christmas Trees so often we just began Wiring them to the Ceiling so they wouldn't tip over when Rat Boy climbed them.  *LOL*   So, tho' Eli ran into the Livingroom to hide under the Sectional, which showed his level of Anxiety since he rarely, if ever, comes out of her Room, it scares him too much to usually, he stayed away from her Tree.   It was not a Happy Place for him for a few Hours, then reluctantly, he acclimated himself to said Tree, which he usually does if you give him some Time to Spaz Out a bit first.

Here's ours with the Lights off.   With them being 1960 Era Strands, I only keep them on a little bit, the Tree looks just fine not lit up.  I didn't put the Star on top since stabilizing said Tree in that Antique Bucket required packing it with Towels and I was Mindful not to put so much on it that it risked being destabilized.   The Tree actually has no Stand attached, we took it off to put it in the Bucket and just packed Towels around the Trunk.   A lot o the lower Branches packed nicely at the Base near the Top of the Bucket, so it's relatively firm in there.  I still haven't taken all of Halloween down yet in other parts of the House.  *LOL*  And I'm still Organizing Books and Magazines, which is why there's a stack there on the Floor too.

This is the Gingerbread House Creation Kit that Princess T will be making this Year.  It's the first Year of Casa Navadena and we unanimously agreed it would be the one.   Wal-Mart did have a vast selection of Gingerbread Kits tho', more than previous Years.   No, it wasn't only Six Bucks... but, she so enjoys making her Gingerbread House every Christmas that whatever it costs is worth it.  This Year's Mexican Themed Structure set me back Eighteen Bucks.   We joked that since it cost me a couple Hundred for Tires for her Brother's Vehicle to get to New Mexico... and Three Hundred for Bus Tickets for her Sisters to get Home in Mexico... all in a matter of Days... there IS No Christmas... Bwahahaha!

When we used that Joke on her Mom when she called, she didn't think we were Joking and she began Crying.  Oooops!   I had to assure her it was just our usual inappropriate Dark Gallows Humor and Yes, there will be a Christmas.  *Whew... ha ha ha*    Then we added, no Crying now, we'll all Cry when she gets Home.  *Winks*   Andrase is going to help her get back to Phoenix now she knows the Girls arrived safely, so, she's hoping she can be here with us for Thanksgiving?   She insisted on staying in Mexico until assured the Girls had arrived Home Safely.

My Designer Friend Shauna at The Sweet had Hand Dyed another Bucks Hair Black.   Quite the Labor of Love but so worth it, no way you can tell this isn't the Natural Color and some Anomaly of a Species... like the reverse of what an Albino would be.  {See Albino Deer Mount Below}  Anyway, Shauna wasn't as pleased with this Guy as she was her more Magnificent Dyed Mount she did for the Halloween Event.  But, I happen to like the Older less perfect Mount and his Positioning.   Almost all of my Mounts are very Old, most from 1920-1950 Era and have seen better Days, but, I like them to be imparted with the Age worn Years they've endured.

Princess T will be going up North of the State to Prescott with Timmy and his Grandparents to stay at their Cabin there for Fall Break.  She's off School all Week and they'll likely leave Thanksgiving Day after Dinner.  She's not that into Thanksgiving and the whole Turkey/Ham Meal thing, since, she doesn't like either Meat.   The Son, The Man and I just want to go out to eat Thanksgiving Dinner rather than cook it here.  The Son is getting a Free Turkey from Work, but we'll just freeze it and use it closer to Christmas.   The Grandsons were the only ones that had wanted to cook a Meal, which now they can do at Allen's Family's Home and spend the Holidays with them instead. 


Random inserted Post Topic {LOL}:  I decided to do a Then and Now comparison of my Dreadlocks.  Then is Above, with Baby Micro-Dreads and my Hair was clearly way Darker... and Yes, that was my Natural Color and I got Dreadlocks when I turned 60.   Now is Below, they are much Phatter and way Lighter.   No, I haven't Dyed them, it's just how they're Evolving, both in width, length, amount of them and Coloration of them.  It's Interesting and unexpected, but, I like them more each Year and the Evolution of them has been Positive and continues Evolving.  It's a Style that changes all by itself if you just leave them alone and let them Mature.

Okay, ADHD randomness aside now {Smiles}... back to it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and a Holiday Theme.   Not much I can add to a Post Visually for Thanksgiving, it's a neglected Holiday to be sure, more about just the Food and Feasting than Decorating for it.   I took a lot of Pathological Picture Taking Ops at the Event, there was barely a nod to Fall/Autumnal Vibes by now there.   I had wanted to attend another Event in the East Valley, but, with all the Drama at Home, in Mexico too and Grandsons packing up to move, never made it out there to the Highland Yard Christmas Event. *Le Sigh*  It was Nov. 9-12 and the Theme was "Jingle All The Way".  Had that Weekend not been disastrous I would have gone.

I don't like to miss the Holiday Shows, but luckily Highland Yard will have one more Christmas Vintage Market Event before Christmas in late November-Early December.  *Whew*  I want to see if they have any more of these Planchette Ornaments, too Cute and hilarious.  Of coarse they had great coverage of the Event on their Book of Faces Page, so I got to attend vicariously via the Imagery, but, it's not the same as being there.   HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE site can be reached at the Link provided if you want an immersion in all things Holiday related.

From here on out on the Ole Blog there will be a lot of Christmas related Imagery, it is Uplifting, given the condition the World and Politics is in.  I have cut way back on the News, too thoroughly depressing, tho' I want to be kept informed, there is so much heaviness to it all that I must limit my exposure or risk it bringing me down, which, isn't healthy or beneficial.   The Son 'Got' the "There IS NO Christmas" Joke and Laughed heartily, even moreso when I told him his Sister took it seriously and not in Dark Humor intended, bursting into Tears until I told her, Sorry, it's meant to be a Gallow's Humor Joke, we'll HAVE Christmas... just... no Presents.  *Bwahahahaha*

Then The Son chimed in with his Sic Humor and went into a litany of Christmas Tropes about what the Season is REALLY all about and we Laughed all the way to taking him to Work this Morning.   He has a wicked sense of humor, my sides hurt now from laughing so much.  He was being hyperbolic and silly, but it was so funny.   Saying things like, "Yeah, isn't Christmas REALLY about some Kid with a Drum and No Money to Give anyway... rum pa bum bum?   Yeah Sis, we're like THAT Kid, only... NO damned Drum either... and not even any Fucks to Give. Mebbe we can rustle up some Frankincense and Myrrh?  Now... where to find some Myrrh???  Does anyone even know what Myrrh is these days?!"   *LOL*

"Okay, so if we Strike Out on Scoring some Myrrh, mebbe a little Potpourri instead?"  *Bwahahaha*   "But, wait, No... my Mom already has her some Myrrh!!!!!"  Yep, he was on a Roll and and the Inside Joke is that I have EVERYTHING, no matter how fucking random... and Yes, I DO have me some Myrrh, but, you probably KNEW that too, Dear Readers, didn't ya?  *Bwahahahahahahahahaha*  No Joke, I Kid you NOT, I have Myrrh... among many other things, it's just a matter of locating it in The Garage Mahal where it probably languishes at the Moment...  Well, unless The Young Prince found it and already made a burnt Offering of it?  *LMAOROTF*

Anyway, for the uninformed of where to find you some Myrrh... or Frankincense for that matter... since they are both still popular Sap Resins you can usually find them at the same places you get any quality Incenses... and often even in popular Bookstores like "Bookmans".   Myrrh is more often used in Medicines and Perfumes than burned as an Incense, but I typically get the Resin form of it and of Frankincense, they both smell Divine.    I probably have more of both than I do Gold to Give... ha ha ha.


Blessings, Love and Light, Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You work so hard at making things beautiful.

    1. Well, making the World a little more Beautiful is worth the effort Colette, don'tcha think? If only our Species could project more Positive Energy and less Negative Energy, the whole World could live Beautifully and it really would be a Gift to the Creator that His Children finally attain such Enlightenment.

  2. LOL 😆 new Batteries are badly needed ☺️. It is a relief all Grandkids are safely at their destinations. We could not support everyone but did what we were able for as long as they were in crisis...the girls are very traumatized so the Daughter struggled to take care of them and was distraught about what they had witnessed and endured...Dawn the Bohemian

  3. Too early for me to personally decorate the house yet, but Dawn...that tree is stunning!!!! And I love the rainbow disco balls. The whole tree feels like Mazapan to me. Princess T's tree is also adorable...all pink!!!!

    1. For a Cheapo Thrift Store Tree it didn't turn out half bad. I just didn't have it in me to unbox and put together one of my Trees, so this made more sense to buy an inexpensive secondhand one. I LOVED the Rainbow Disco Ball Mirrored Dollar Store Ornaments. I usually don't Decorate this early, but it was a nice distraction to with all the unpleasantries we've had to Deal with on a personal and emotional level. Now that all the Grandkids have arrived safely at their destinations I feel I can exhale. Happy Thanksgiving Mads.

  4. I'm glad your universe is floating to a positive note...the trees are gorgeous. Though I'm not doing a thing until Dec. 1...and then a cut back this year! Though I'm having. a wreath refresh class next week...to clear some of my goodies out! Hopefully some people will sign up the last minute! Hugs, and Happy Thanksgiving, however you spend it!

  5. I plan a very scaled down bit of decorating. As in probably nothing. No one in my home really cares except for me, and that's a lot of work to make myself smile when I could just paint another picture instead. Because painting also makes me smile. So glad things are getting sorted out for you. I know it's been crazy.


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