Thursday, May 25, 2023

It's Not The Years It's The Mileage

 The Daughter may be having another Co-worker have her clean his house.  Having these little side jobs is helpful for her to earn actual Cash for non-food items she needs.  She finally got her Federal Tax Refund, they'd had to re-issue it in Check form since for some reason our Bank had rejected the Electronic Deposit. 

 They'd done the same with the State Refund, but the State immediately re-issued with a Check, so there was very little delay in receipt of payment of the Refund from them.  I have the same Bank and had no problem getting my Electronic Refund from the State.  I owed Federal this Year, each Year it seems we owe more even tho' income is static once you're Retired.

I've been cranky most of the day, I couldn't even tell you exactly why, I just feel irritable.   Couldn't find a quiet enuf place in the house to take a Nap, which wasn't helpful.  A good Nap might have been the answer to feeling less irritated?  *LOL*   T.J. had done the Yardwork again and cut the front Yard by the Big Pine Trees too low again.  

 Decimating the Dichondra Grass I'd been lovingly nurturing there that was finally filling in beautifully.  I was not pleased, now around the Trees and about half the front area looks just like a dirt mudhole.  I'd JUST talked to him about not cutting that area so low to the ground, why don't Men LISTEN?!  It will now look like crap thruout Summer... dammit!  Had I not spent an inordinate amount of my Time nurturing it I might not have Freaked Out when I saw what he'd done, ruining all that effort. It reminded me of the time T.J. and The Son pulled all my African Daisies out thinking them to be Weeds a couple Years ago.

The Son had a serious Mental Health Day, so he's been a Joy forever and ever.  Manic one Minute and Laughing, then in Tears the next and Moody, he's been all day.  I got some errands done but The Man tagged along and was not an agreeable Anchor to tow along.  Most places now no longer have Restrooms for the Public.  Which is often problematic if you have Children or the Elderly with you.

  So, of coarse we just get to one place I needed to go and had a full Cart... and, he suddenly needed to go!   I had to rush and drive him all the way Home so he wouldn't have an accident.   Then he still wanted to tag along and frankly I didn't want to risk a repeat performance so just didn't do everything I needed to do, maybe another day. 

    The Daughter apologized, since, she and I almost had snuck out the door to do said errands without an entourage and she suddenly remembered she'd forgotten something inside.  Forget about it, let's go without it, or Dad is gonna realize we're leaving and wanna tag along!   I'll be quick and quiet she says, he won't know. 

 Well, out she comes about Two Minutes later and there he is right behind her!  He was practically running down the Hall so we wouldn't leave him behind, she says as she gets in the Truck before him, so he can't hear her.  *Insert me with Resting Bitch Face*   Wait a minute... having now written about stuff, perhaps I DO know Why I'm irritable now!!!  *LOL and Eye Roll*

This is Why, most days, I don't even try to get anything significant done, if I have to take the whole Show on the Road, it's just too exhaustive.  Princess T had spent the Night at Timmy's again, Anthony had also spent some time there, all of them watching Movies all Night.  They're enjoying the together time now that the Three Musketeers are all without any Boyfriends {Timmy and Princess T} or Girlfriend {Anthony}.  

 I see her Mood has improved significantly and her routine has come back to normal.   Trying to have a Boyfriend had probably been more than she was ready for on an Emotional level.  Now she's just got her Platonic Boy Posse, she's clearly Happier and less Emotionally raw.  She's been having a good time since the 'Breakup' with Jon Carlos.  So, it was perhaps time for them not to be together anymore.  I think they actually spent too much time together at the expense of expanding their Social Circles.

Anyway, regular School is winding down and Senior Graduations just happened so Graduation Parties abound.  She has Summer School so will continue going to School thruout June, so, it will be a shortened Summer Vacay for our Family.  But, she needs to recapture Credits and I hope they approve the Two Classes she asked to attend for Summer School.

  Timmy was rejected for his, I don't know the reasons, perhaps they can only accept a certain number of Students for particular Classes requested?  Anyway, she's ready to attend and wanted to go, she wants to try to Graduate on time if possible and not extend School beyond her Senior Year next year.  I'd like to be done with her Public Education by next Year too.  *Smiles*

Once she turns 18 in September I'll let her start learning to drive, since, after 18 they don't need a Permit and can just get a License.   I can't afford a 2nd Vehicle or the Insurance on a 2nd one.  But, if she gets a Job she will have her own Income and she has a Trust Fund, a small one that she can access after Age 18, but that could help her Buy a secondhand Vehicle and pay Cash for it.   She's really ready to get a Job and gain some Independence, but, School has to be finished first.  It would be too much for her to juggle both.

She's a relatively easy Teenager to Raise becoz she's a good Kid and not inclined to misbehave or be rebellious.  But, she is a Kid, so sometimes she's going thru the normal stages and phases they just all normally move thru as they're maturing and their Hormones are elevating.  She likes to spend time alone in her Room without anyone bothering her, she's usually doing her Art, talking on the Phone to her Friends or watching Movies.   She'd rather have Friends come over or go to their Home than be out and about.  I'm glad I always know where she's at.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yup, I can see why you'd get in a funky mood from time to time dealing with all you need t deal with to keep your family moving forward. Maybe you need one of those little cube air conditioner and find a secret spot in the RV garage to nap.

    1. I am thinking of a Hammock in the back acreage... 😂

    2. Dawn the Bohemian

  2. As I'm reading it was apparent why you were cranky! I've been cranky today, but I can keep to myself. Fingers crossed Princess T gets the classes she wants.

    1. She got her classes and starts Summer School next week... Dawn the Bohemian

  3. So you know how motorcycles sometimes have a side car? You need a little trailer with a seat and maybe a stereo to tow the man around. That way he gets to tag along but can't be bitchy in the car with you. ;)

    I'm grumpy AF myself today. Lots of reasons. Trying to write about them now, but I keep getting distracted. Food and gotta pee and pick out a movie to watch while I'm in the momcave and then I have to go read a couple more blogs and I probably should flip the laundry and after that when I walk through the kitchen I need to put my dinner away.... ADHD seems to be taking over for the day.

    1. Adult ADHD is very distracting and I know how it feels. The Man in a once saw a vintage Vespa with Sidecar... Dawn the Bohemian


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