Thursday, June 23, 2022

Ain't I Quaint?... And The Big Migration

Well, Audio Adam took The Daughter in to work so that I didn't have to, which saves me a lot of Gas Money, Time, and having to get up early all Summer while the Grandchild is out of School.  *Whew*  He's a nice Guy and he's tried to be helpful and kind to her, she knows that.  He's been a lifelong Friend of her Brother for Years and he got her that Job.  Apparently they really want her to work out for the Job, I Hope she can, I'm Guardedly Optimistic.

Anyway, Today I've been told that The Young Prince's BFF Jasmine is coming over to our new Home.  She once lived with us at Villa Boheme' for several Months and we Love her like Family.  She and our Grandson are like Twins separated at Birth, they even look alike and have the same Eyes!  He said she's been doing Well and I'm so glad to hear that, she's had a very tough Hand dealt in Life.  She has the same really nice Boyfriend she met when she lived with us.  He was a good Guy and being able to have him take the place of her dysfunctional and abusive Family was key to her overall success being attained.  We gave her a Safe Space to land until then.

Today I have nothing on the Calendar so I can just Chill, tho' I did get out of my Jammies and dressed since Company will be coming over.  Not that Jasmine hasn't seen me in my Jammies, having once lived with us, her Boyfriend either.  *LOL*  The McManse always looked Tidier, Cleaner and more Organized than this one, since it was so much bigger.  So, more room for people and for stuff, when you have a whole lot of both.  *Le Sigh*   Now, with this many people and not anywhere else with Climate Control than the Main House to price my Inventory, it always seems in disarray.  

 A smaller Kitchen and smaller Bathrooms also means they look messiest most of the time, being the most used and Shared Rooms in a Home.  I'm trying hard to Get Over having an Editorial looking Home that is always in Order, it's best for my Sanity to let go of that delusion/illusion.  Having sufficient Space and sharing whatever Space I do have with many, has been my particular Challenge.   I'm up to the Challenge and it doesn't seem to bother any of the rest of them how the Home looks, just me, so I'm the one that has to Calm Down about it.  I just think the condition of the Home is a reflection on me, since I run the Household as the Matriarch of it. 

I know, ain't I Quaint?!  *Bwahahahaha*  That kinda makes me sound like a 1950's Unliberated little Housewife, instead of a 1960's Era Laid Back Old Hippie, doesn't it?  *LMAOROTF*   Tho', if you saw the condition of things around here right now, it definitely APPEARS like a Band of dirty Hippies lives here... or mebbe Squatters.  *LOL*  I've got a Cot set up in my Dining Room and all the Worldly Possessions of The Daughter are piled into Chairs in the Sitting Room, since there's no place else to put her.   The Grandson and his Partner are still my Work In Progress about cleaning up and picking up after themselves... oh, and not slamming doors behind them!

Princess T has made her Room OFF LIMITS to the rest of them and barricades herself in her Room as if Zombies are coming.  Her Room at the present time is immaculate, so it's the cleanest Room in the Home, for now... that could change on the turn of a Dime.  She's taken to using our Bathroom most of the time now, we don't mind, we understand... our Bathroom is always Pristine and she's a Germ and Pathogen Freak.  She tried in vain to keep her Shared Bathroom like she always had... it was a mostly losing proposition tho' having her Mom now Sharing it too is Helpful.  The Daughter dutifully cleans up behind her Son and Allen when their Idea of Clean and Tidy is... well... lets just not Go There!  *Eye Roll*

We've managed to keep Dishes washed, a minor Miracle, since the Four of us who are Anal and go Mental about a Sink full of Dirty Dishes has been able to just do them.  Rather than Calling Out the Two of them who would wait 'til there's not a clean Dish or Utensil in the whole House before they even noticed they'd be slacking on Kitchen Duty.   I must say Allen is as Mental and Anal about Dirty Floors, so he's a Swiffer Sweeper Queen.  He even worries about anyone tracking Water in from the Pool, even tho' these are Plank Tile Floors that just look like Wood and it doesn't harm them.  I guess we all have our fetishes.  *LOL*  Mostly we coexist rather Harmoniously for Three Generations Sharing a smaller Home.

It's rather like a Bee Hive around here in the activity levels, so it's not Surprising things don't stay all Perfect like I Envision my Forever Home being.  If we were Empty Nesters, it probably would be a Vision.  Yes, I have that Fantasy still, I can't help myself.  I think Communal Living is our Future, I wouldn't even know what a Home sans Kids, Teens or Young Adults was like?!  I also have the lingering Fantasy that one day the Art Studio Space and The RV Garage Mahal will be finished and look like the Vision I have for them on the Canvas of my Imagination.  I have a very Fertile Imagination and until I'm Living The Dream, I at least strive to be.  *Ha ha ha*

Actually, when I see any Lonesome People who Live Alone and might have that Vision at Home, where it's just them and they have nobody else to run damage control behind, perhaps I would be miserable like that?   Some Solitary Living People aren't Lonesome at all and like the Seclusion and total Freedom it affords them, so I'm not suggesting everyone Living Alone doesn't prefer it.   I've just not done that in so long I can't even recall what it felt like?   Even when I had a Home all to myself, eons ago, I had Friends over all of the time so it never was just me there hardly ever.  After that it was Roommates and Party Central at our places of Residence.  Then we all had our Families... significant Others or Spouses.  And now, here we are... *Smiles*

When my Kiddos hear Older Adults lamenting the Sorrow of The Empty Nest Syndrome, they always Joke that their Mom/Grandma {ie: Moi}, would be having a Celebration and Kick Ass Party about it!  *LOL*  Then they add, Gallow's Humor Style, that my Celebration and Kick Ass Party of getting rid of everyone will just have to wait for my Wake and my Afterlife, ain't likely to happen in this Life, the way things are going!?  *Bwahahahahaha*   Grandpa chimes in that he's been trying to Die for a long time to get his Peace and Freedom back... but we won't let him Die and keep resurrecting his tired Old Ass.  He'd of Served less Time for Murder!  Fighting Wars was easier and less stressfully intense.  I know, we're a twisted bunch when it comes to our Humor.  *Winks*

Anyway, Princess T may go to a Water Park called Six Flags Hurricane Harbor with Straight Anthony and Gay Timmy Today.    It's the largest Theme Park in the State now on 35 Acres and is relatively new, so she's never been there before.  Now that Anthony drives and has a vehicle, he takes the Trio everywhere, he and Timmy have Jobs and often pay her way, but I'm covering the cost for her of this.  They know that School is difficult for her, so I won't let her get a Job until she's done with School, it would be too much for her to try to juggle.   There's plenty of entry level Jobs in our Community when the time comes for her to take that next step.  College is not in her Future, getting her thru High School will be challenge enough.

I got some of the Original Glazed and Original Glazed Filled Donuts from Kirspy Kreme on the way Home Today.  We'd stopped by the Antique Mall to foof my Showroom, I'd had a good Opening Day of this Pay Period.  My Co-Workers told me they'd been unable to fill my absence on Saturday Night when I had to go Home Sick.   Apparently nobody would come in on a Saturday Night since they knew it would be busy!   A lot of those "On Call" can be Lazy that way, they want a Shift where they don't have to do much actual Work and it's dead in there.  I despise dead time on Shifts becoz it drags and goes by so slowly when it's not busy.

Our Manager's Wife had their Baby Boy, now they have a Girl and a Boy and he said that rounds out the Family they want.   While I was in there I bought a 1960's Carpetbag Briefcase, I'd never seen one of those before and it's not someone's Craft Project, it was made that way!   I also got an Antique Last Rites Crucifix with the Original Holy Water Bottle, both items were at a Discount and were good priced even before the Discount, so I was Jazzed to Score both of them from Favorite Vendors who get in really Interesting Merch.

Even the inside of the Briefcase has some of that great Cut Velvet Carpet Material lining some of it, the rest is Leather.  For it's Age it's in Excellent condition and doesn't even look like anyone used it, no wear or tear on it.   I have a Collection of Old Last Rites Crucifixes and I've Sold some too.  I keep Upgrading my Collection and keeping the ones I like best, this was a very nice one.   I always Sell Out when I've had them For Sale, my Religious Antiques always Sell well and helps me Upgrade my Collections constantly.   The Man got a Collector's Valuation Book on Fishing Lures and a Native American Belt Buckle with Two Indian Head Buffalo Nickels, Coral and Turquoise, with an Indian on a Horse Motif in the Nickel Silver.  Not an expensive Buckle, but nice looking.

The Daughter's new Job is training her and giving a Week for assessment to see if she's capable of the requirements.   I'm not sure it's a good fit for her due to the Tech requirements it entails, but she's going to see if she can learn their computer System or not and feels in a Week her Boss should be able to determine whether or not she's the person for the Job.   Either way she's okay with the outcome and says they've been really great to work for.   She and Audio Adam seem to be working things out between each other, he's a nice Guy and she does like him, he obviously likes her, whether or not they should continue to see each other as more than Friends is their business, not mine.


It was good to see Jasmine again when she and her Boyfriend came over to visit The Grandson, it had been about Four Years since we'd seen her.  She was a Beautiful Teenager and she's an even more Beautiful Woman now, inside and out.   She was saying that for a Two Bedroom Apartment, she and her Boyfriend are paying as much as we're paying a Month to own this Property, so they'd like to Qualify to buy their own Home if they're gonna have to pay that much to Rent something not even half as nice.  I agree, Investing in Property they Own would be wiser than Renting with the current price gouging of Renters.

The problem of coarse is that the Real Estate Market is Bananas right now and affordable Housing is almost non-existent.  In part because of the influx of people from States that have already experienced a skyrocketing price to Own or Rent Property for so long, that it priced everyone out of the Market of Renting or Buying.   While their Social Woes spiraled out of control and a mass exodus thus occurred.  

 Those bailing from those States have now come here and created the exact same situation and problems that displaced them from where they used to live.   I don't blame them for bailing, I would have too, at some point if you cannot afford the basics anymore, and it's creating Social problems galore, why would you stay?  But, they're creating a similar situation for us all here now.

The mass Exodus of Upper Middle Class and the Affluent means they'll displace anyone lower on the rung than them when they arrive.   And they are arriving in droves now from States that are not affordable even for them or have such declining standards that nobody wants to live there anymore.   It concerns me that ours may be the next Economy and State they ruin in much the same way as the one they fled from. 

  Of coarse the Investors and Developers follow them and create similar Issues as well, make the fast Money then cut and run, it's rather a vicious cycle.   I feel the Young, the Lower Middle Class, the Poor and Retirees bear the brunt of the worst of it, since they are the most vulnerable to it all and considered the most disposable.  Nobody much Cares if they're perpetually displaced or suffering in the process.

Jasmine said that part of the reason we hadn't seen them in so long is they moved to Cali to live with her Boyfriend's Parents for a while due to being unable to afford to live Independently here.   Now his Parents are going to assist them to continue to live in Arizona Independently, since living in California for a Young Couple, even with Family Help, is just out of reach.  I told her that's exactly what happened to The Grandson and his Partner in Washington State and why they moved in with us and back to Arizona.  I couldn't be any Help to them in Washington, that State cannot sustain anyone but the Upper Middle Class and Affluent anymore, neither can Cali.

Ordinary folks will continue to depart from those States rendered unaffordable to them or in decline Socially.   I think huge demographic shifts like this thruout the Country are going to have a major impact on everything.   I'm already seeing it here and not in the best of ways I can tell you.    Those that can afford to leave will leave, those that cannot afford to leave will fall upon hard and desperate times, the backlash of all of that is fairly predictable.   The Homeless population in Phoenix has exploded and if Rents and Home Prices continue to go into the Stratosphere, it'll only worsen. 

 Not to mention, the Jobs going unfilled if the Salary can't keep pace with providing even the bare essentials.  No point taking a Job at $15-$19 an Hour if it won't even make Rent or keep you fed or able to get to work with the inflated price of Gas here being over Two Bucks a Gallon more than the rest of most of the Country.   We're almost to Six Bucks a Gallon, I know that makes me stay Home a lot.  Yet I have the Option since we're Retired and have Pensions earned from Years when it was not so unaffordable to live here and ordinary people could make this their Home.   Those days are quickly coming to an abrupt end.  Your Community or State may be next as Migration continues...  Because tho' they try to Spin it as Economic Development, it's not, it's just Migration.


Hang in there... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Have you thought about getting an A/C unit for your studio space/garage and turning that into a guest bedroom for your daughter? Anything would be better than a coy in the main living space. She seems to be digging in to stay for the long haul rather than to return to her other family. With the right style pull out or pull down bed, the space could easily an art studio/guest room. Where I'm living there are a lot of dens here with things like cabinets, chairs and couches that become beds by night, when needed. You wouldn't have to give up your dream of an art studio...just modify it a bit with one piece of furniture and and A/C.

    1. That room does have an air conditioner wall unit in it already. The whole room needs to be cleared out and during the height of Summer, the wall unit is challenged to keep it cool enough. The previous owner used it as their Home Trucking Business Office tho', so I have considered doubling it as Living Space as well as an Art Studio, it's large enough to make that work. I think you are right that we'll have to adjust here due to so many Adult Kiddos having to move back Home. I doubt the Economy is going to improve, America is quickly leaning towards a Fascist Theocracy which will not be good for any Economic recovery. Mexico is being almost totally controlled by Cartels and their Govt. lost it's grip now too so the safety factors for Americans abroad in many Countries is precarious as well... and not just South of our Border. We'll work things out, right now I have to be relaxed about the Home being chaotic.

  2. I understand your feeling about mess, it can create a a sense that you don't have control. At least for me. We are only two here, so mess isn't much of a problem, but I have a large German Shepherd, two cats and a gravel road, so there is always dust and animal hair. I think it's a good idea for your daughter to move to the outbuilding, if possible. It would seem as the western US heats up and dries up there will be mass migration at some point in the future.

    1. The RV Garage isn't habitable since no climate control, but I have been thinking of remodeling the Art Studio Space into a combo Crafting and Living area, it has a wall unit air conditioner and we could add another one when we take the sealed Garage Door off and put a regular wall up instead. I'm going to make that a priority since I do not foresee the Economy improving and fear things will worsen actually. The Economy will not improve when there is so much internal strife and chaos in our Nation, if Investors think we will end up moving towards Fascist Theocracy they will not invest in that because that will never be good for any Economy when Democracy fails. People in our Nation who haven't been radicalized and aren't extremists need to take this all very seriously, taking for granted that everything will be as they've always had the privilege of, is foolhardy.


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