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The Mother's Day Excuse

Yep, it's a Two-Fer Post kinda day and I'm going LONG, so sit down *winks*... Moving On quickly, becoz it's best for my Psyche AND it's a Friday the 13th... Oh NOOOOOOA!!!  *LOL*  Back to our regularly Scheduled Programming now... *LOL*  I started this Post over a couple times, well, more than a couple actually.  I keep changing the topic and ditched what I'd previously written, it was all so banal or much too personal to Publish.  I worked Saturday Night before Mother's Day, it was busier than it had been in a long time, lots of people shopping for their Mom's Gifts.  Nice to see Moms being lovingly indulged.  Management bought us Pizzas and Cheese Bread, which was nice, I liked a Jalapeno Cheese Bread they had.   Most of my Friends were working, so it was a fun shift, good camaraderie.  But we got out late, the lines at the Registers stayed long right up past Closing, last minute Mother's Day Shoppers.   Only The Man was Home when I got Home at past 10:00 pm, all the Grandkids had Plans and had gone out with Friends, so it was a nice Peaceful rest of the Evening sans any Kiddos.

Princess T had gone Bowling with Straight Anthony and Gay Timmy.   The Young Prince and Allen had gone out with Friends I suspect.  I'd be meeting up with The Son by Noon on Mother's Day, since he wanted to take me out for Lunch.   Princess T said if she had Money, she'd have bought me Roses, that tickled me, it was so Sincere and Sweet.   As I've mentioned before, we don't really do Mother's Day around here, it's too difficult for everyone, no Moms around.   So I keep the whole day on the Down Low, which is Okay, tho' I don't mind meeting up with The Son, since he does want to spend some time with me on Mother's Day, he has the day off Work, usually he wouldn't necessarily get that specific day off.   So, we met up at a BBQ place he recommended to his Dad and I some time ago and we'd been to already, but he hadn't, ERIC'S BBQ.


So, since he takes good Selfies, like all young people do, I suggested he do the picture taking with his Phone's Camera and even I turned out looking good in it, so it was a good Call.  *LOL*   They have good BBQ and great Elote there, but, I'm having trouble eating still so I took most of my Meal home with me.   The Son knows that Post-Rona, I'm having Issues I never had beforehand, foods just don't taste the same as they used to.  Mentally I'm sometimes in a Fog and get irritable more than I ever have.  Even tho' I didn't lose my sense of Taste or Smell, some foods just don't taste right to me and so I go off them, even tho' they taste fine to everyone else.   Usually I end up giving the food to someone else to eat who says it tastes fine to them and just didn't taste right to me... a lot of Meats are like that to me now, so, I rarely partake.   But, having a Mother's Day Luncheon together was really nice quality time together.  Not too much time, just enough. I'm not Peopling Well lately and I know it.

His Sister in Mexico also called during our Meal, so we got to talk to her too and she wished me a Happy Mother's Day also.   Since she's still in Long Beach, Cali, it was easier for her to remember American Mother's Day, it falls on a different day in Mexico.   She'll remain in America until after she gets her 2nd COVID Vaccine.   It would have been nice if all Three of us could have been together for Mother's Day this Year tho', we all lamented that, but we all know why a delay may be best too.   Timing is everything and she's not quite there yet with her prolonged and successful Sobriety, but, she's trying to be.   And to be sure, she's difficult to sustain Relationship with due to the extent of her Mental Illness.  Anyway, nice to spend some Phone Time if we can't spend some Face Time on Mother's Day.  I'm glad The Son took a pix so I have one of the both of us together too.


When I got Home after Lunch, I needed a long Nap even tho' I hadn't done much, that's just how it is anymore, I've reverted to being a Senior Toddler!  *Le Sigh*  In fact, Post-Rona, I require a lot of Down Time, physically, mentally, emotionally... it's been a profound switch since having recovered from that damned Virus, but, clearly not completely.   I don't know what prolonged or permanent side effects all of us who Survived it will actually have?   It's not looking so good that it didn't do a lot more damage than any of us may know or suspect... until much later on, it's becoming more Medically apparent what a toll it's taken on our Bodies, Brains and Psyche to have Survived a protracted and deadly Pandemic the likes the World hasn't seen in over a Century.   And this one seems more viable for the long haul than previous Pandemic Viruses or Diseases. 

  Earlier in the Morning, before meeting up with The Son for Lunch tho', I'd treated myself to a small Breakfast at a Historic Home near where my Old Historic Homestead used to be.  Walking distance from it in fact.  It is a 1930's Farmhouse on the Main Street of Old Town, on some Acreage of it's own too.   Used to be a Residential Home in the 1930's, then a Restaurant many Years ago that we frequented often, then became a Ministry Thrift Store and Food Ministry that I Volunteered at for Decades, now it's a Coffee Shop and Farmer's Market/Store owned by a Co-Op, we've met the Restaurant Owners, turns out they're related to long time Friends of ours, not unusual in this tight knit Community.  The Coffee Shop completely remodeled the Interior into cute Urban Farmhouse Style and they're super busy, so it's been well received and a nice addition to Old Town revitalization.   It's called COLD WATER COFFEE HOUSE & BAKERY

The Husband/Owner of the Coffee Shop part of the Co-Op does all the Baking, his Sweet Wife does the Coffee Shop part and Registers.   He was saying it's impossible for Small Business Owners to get Bank Loans, so the Co-Op is the best way to go to get together with other Local Entrepreneurs that don't get the Support and Subsidies the Big Dogs like Amazon gets for establishing Businesses in the Community that Celebrate Community.  The Metric used for Economic Stimulation does nothing for the most Needy, just those who already are affluent and just Migrate in and Gentrify, because they set it up that way with The Grift.  A Wise Young Man for his Tender Age, he "Gets" the Grift and Back Hand Deals that Policymakers make with Developers and Investors and the sly maneuvers they do to take over Older Communities, making them a Commodity and not Caring about the Community and forcing out who they deem the "Undesirables".  I Love this Old House and am delighted to see it's newest incantation that the Community is heartily embracing and supporting.   

 For Mother's Day it was super busy, but I snagged a Table to have Breakfast and ordered a Homemade Bollo, choosing the Egg, Herb and Cheese filled stuffed Roll, which is what they are.  It was Sublime, can't wait to go back and try all the rest of the fillings of their various Bollos.  {PS: By Publication of this Post we've now tried them all, they all ROCK!}   I also ordered an Iced Latte, they have very good Coffee and I can't wait to try their Hot Coffee sometime, they looked so Pretty.   They also serve Lunch as well as Breakfast.   I'll also have to try one of their Lunches since I thoroughly enjoyed my Breakfast... and bought some of their Fresh Eggs.  Which are the Colorful Eggs in Browns, Pastel Blues, Pinks and Greens, that are like the "Happy Eggs" Brand I always use now, but A LOT cheaper!   Not to mention, if I want Fresh Produce, I know where I can get some grown Locally and Organically now while Supporting Locals who are Co-Op Owned and circumventing the Rigged System.

So, my Iced Latte had Four Shots of Espresso... just what I needed... this is my Egg, Herb and Cheese Bollo.   We discussed so much with the Owner and other Patrons, it's one of those Community Bonding Establishments that not only Cares about their Community, but has been there for Six Generations.  It was so interesting to hear that the Owner's Grandfather had built all of the 1930's Era Old Adobe Business Buildings and all of the Old Adobe Historic Homes in the Community.   Of coarse he was familiar with our Old Historic Home, which is walking distance from the Restaurant, his Family likely knew Casey Abbott and the Case Family who also established much in the West Valley.  Even back when it was still Coldwater Station Stage Stop... since their Families go back just that far.  No wonder they don't want the Gentrification to displace all the long time Families who Founded this City and Invested Generations in it.  We Value the Old Barrio, even if the Newbies don't and want to claim everything as theirs now and Change or eliminate the History.

And the Eggs I bought, for a Buck Cheaper a Dozen than I pay for "Happy Eggs"...    Yes, the Big Dogs come with their enormous Wealth and will move on when a Sweeter Deal becomes available to profit them, they won't establish ties to any Community.  Like Locusts moving on the Land, you cannot depend on the Wal-Marts and Amazons to build a Community, your location is merely a Commodity to those types of Businesses and they take more than they give and exploit the Labor Forces they hire.   The Small Business Owners typically hire Family, Friends and if you're not already one when you're hired by one, you fast become one while Working for them.  Every job anyone in my Family ever first had, was a local Small Business that took a chance on us and Mentored us to go on to the bigger and better things.  I did very Well in my Corporate Lives, but never established Relationships there... but I'm still Friends with every Small Business Owner I've ever known.

It was Fun to hear the Owner talk of his first Job at the Liquor Store in the Historic Adobe Building his Grandfather built, which is still standing, operational as a Liquor Store, and near the Restaurant.   His Family helped Build the Building the Restaurant is now in and knew it's Original Owner, back when it was a Private Residence for a local Family.   In due time his Family helped the Woman install a Beauty Salon in one of the Front Rooms, where she ran that Business out of her Home in the 1930-1940 Era.   He has Old Pixs of our City when it was Founded and he's going to make Prints and put them up on the Walls, which will be so enriching of the Rich History of the Area.  Since the Produce is grown right behind the Restaurant on their Acreage, they can pick it fresh daily as needed for ingredients or to Sell.  They bake their Breads, Bollos, Waffles and various Bakery items daily too, for Menu ingredients or to Sell.  They also have local Honey from Hives belonging to the Co-Op and the Chickens are laying Eggs at one of the Old Homes in the Barrio that his Aunt owns.

My Table was near the back Room that overlooks the Garden out back, nice View.  A different person of their Co-Op owns the Garden and Produce portion.  They take the Harvest to local Farmer's Markets, Host one of their own and sell some in the Shop portion of the Restaurant.   Like I had to, he's often had to Fight City Hall about preserving what is Historic in the Area and trying to benefit the Old Barrio Section and Local Entrepreneurs who want to establish Local Owned Small Businesses, that benefit Community Building.  Which aren't as Valued becoz... no big Payoffs for who makes the Rules.   Luckily some Old Timers who get it are Supportive and not Sold Out, but eventually, I expect Takeover and The Grift to dominate.  The City is trying to expand such things as Subdivision Hells and Cookie Cutter Big Businesses and Franchises, so if they can force out or neglect the Old part of the City, they can buy it up Cheaper... we know The Grift all too well.   The obscenely Rich make all the Rules and push out and displace the Little People.  That's not Economic Development, that's just Migration.

They have Cold Pressed Drinks too.    Sorry I'm also going on about The Grift, but it really bugs me that The Grifters, who always have Millionaires and Billionaires backing them, if they're not the Millionaire or Billionaire Grifter themselves, are exploiting everything and everyone, taking from the Average People and the Poor, because Too Much is clearly just never Enough for them.  Their appetite for More is insatiable and the collateral damage they cause has longer reaching consequences than most people could ever Imagine.   Once they have it ALL, they still won't be satisfied... they'll want what little you might have left too.   Because if you have anything, you're not as exploitable or as easily manipulated and controlled.

But on to the Positive of those that Fight the Good Fight and keep the Faith, and keep on just Keeping On.  I just Loved the little Store in the Front Entrance Room.   It reminded me of the little Hippie Era Co-Ops.   The difference between the Businesses like this and your Big Biz, the Love and Passion is evident... you Feel it, you Taste it, it's Essence is infused in every aspect of that Business.  The Owners and Staff know their Customers more intimately and if they don't yet, they will.   We bonded with some Young Couple there and it was their first time Visit and they only moved into the Community days ago... the Owners and us spent about an Hour visiting with each other and this Couple... where does that happen in Big Businesses?  You are Appreciated and the Community tends to frequent these kinds of Establishments in an Old Fashioned way that has all but died out in most Communities where it's now absent and cannot thrive.

A selection of the Bollos and their fillings.   We had the Chorizo... The Ham, Egg and Cheese... The Green Chili, Egg and Sausage... The Herb, Egg and Cheese... we now only need to try the Bacon, Egg and Cheese one!   You will get Addicted to these and they come out fresh from the Oven, where you have to break them open and let them cool off a bit with Steam rising from the delish Fresh ingredients!

In fact, next time I know I'm going to Old Town I'm bringing my Ice-Chest and buy some more from the Store section, after I eat either Breakfast or Lunch there.

I'm actually already thinking of taking The Man there for Breakfast or Lunch again, since I have Labs at the Base the day after Mother's Day and that would be a nice Reward for getting stuck with a Needle yet again.  Yes, I'm such a Child about my Rewards after something unpleasant.  *Winks*   By the time this was Published, we've been back several times, it's inexpensive, delicious and good Fellowship... so what's not to like and Support?


And I'm going to be paying attention to their Book of Faces Page so I'll know when they're Hosting their Farmer's Markets now too.   I wanted to give Coverage to this great little Business in the Old Neighborhood.   I miss Da Hood where my Historic Home was and Main Street that I walked almost daily for Decades.  I Love where we live now, which isn't very far from there, but the Walk Score is not as good as the truly Historic Old Town Neighborhoods, tho' there is much more around us here at Forever Boheme'.   The Walks to any of it is longer, but doable in good weather.   And, we have Lakes near us here, and all these Mini Farms in our immediate Community of them, which is a Bonus.

 So, I do Hope you all had as nice a Mother's Day Celebration as I had, if you do Celebrate it or are a Mom.   If you aren't, then I just hope the day was Special in whatever way you spent it.   Like I said, I don't always do anything with the day unless The Son asks me to since he's the only Adult Child who even lives Local.

Okay, so now that I've likely made you salivate and Hungry, and Hating me for that... what should we Talk about next?  *LOL*   Okay, so, let us go to the Antique Mall for a Minute... since I did, to see what was happening on Mother's Day?   The day before had been super busy...

Look at this Cute Clock some Vendor at the Antique Mall made with Old Salvaged Doorknob Backplates.   It kind of has an Urban Farmhouse look to it so it should Sell easily and quickly, the price was actually low considering the price of the Architectural Salvage pieces alone that it's constructed out of.   Those Antique Doorknob Backplates alone can cost $10-$20 apiece if Sold individually as Architectural Salvage and in shapes people like or have a lot of Design Elements to them.   The ones used on this Clock I've never seen Selling for less than $3-$20 apiece for those Styles of them.   The Clock Hands and Motor Kits bump up the Cost too, so I don't even know how this Margin is working for who made it?


Today I Photographed my Temperature Gauge on the Rearview Mirror of my Truck by mid-afternoon on Saturday.   I Posted it on the Book of Faces and my Brother and Friends who used to live in Arizona, and now live in Cali and Florida, joked about it, commenting such things as:  "Still Winter there, eh?" and "Good Jacket Weather..."  *Smiles*   I just realized how much of a layer of dust I had on the interior of my Truck, from all the off road driving we've been doing around the parameters of the Nature Preserve while we do Environmental Cleanup... when I snapped this pix.  *LOL*   "Officially" this is never the Temperature, I think the "Official" Temps are done 20 Feet off the Ground, over Grass, in an open area, that isn't Urban or Desert accurate reflection of actual Temps at all.  *Bwahahaha*

But, this is why I Love Arizona and Phoenix in particular, most of the Year it's just balmy and looking like this, when the rest of the Country has inclement weather or has Snow up to their Asses.   So, I'll take our Three to Four Months of intense Heat any day over Cold and shoveling of Snow and waiting for only Three to Four Months of decent Weather in a whole Year... I don't have to shovel Sunshine.   For about Nine Months of the Year we're flooded with Tourists and Snow Bird part-time Residents that feel they needed to Escape from where ever else they live.    Just a couple Hour drive and I can get to Cooler parts of our own State and enjoy a respite and make it just a day trip I can take as often as I'd like.   Or, spend just a few more Hours to get to the West Coast to enjoy the Beaches, or get to Mexico to enjoy a whole other Country. 

But, I digressed becoz I was supposed to tell you what was happening on Mother's Day at our Antique Mall, Right?   Well, NOTHING, that's what, and it was such a disappointment since during previous Years we really went all out for Mother's Days and Father's Days.  Mother's Day usually had Drawings for either $500 or $1,000 Gift Certificate for a Lucky Mom.  And Father's Day usually had Drawings for Gas Grills for a couple Lucky Dads... one Year The Man even Won one of those!  Nope, this Year all they did was extend the 15% Off Sale, Yawn, that's not even Special, we do that all the time, so it's not the best Trade Stimulator for Mother or Father's Day for folks to be enticed to bring their Parents or Families in... dammit!

I see it as a missed opportunity... again.   So, I didn't even stay myself more than just being told we weren't doing anything Special for the Moms specifically.  So, if I didn't stay long, I doubt most Moms would have either on THEIR Special Day... just sayin', too many other places ARE doing something Special for them.

But, my Nap was Calling to me so I just went Home and had a long one after my Luncheon with The Son... I'd had all the Fun for Mother's Day I needed.  *LOL*

Besides, Tonight is my "Bigfoot" Show and I want to be able to stay up to watch it, which always seems to be a struggle lately... staying Awake!  *Le Sigh*    The Man said if he can stay Awake he'll keep waking me up if I fade out.  *LOL*

Part of my lack of Energy is likely due to not being able to eat worth a damn to refuel my Body... but... I just can't... and so that's that.   If I don't lose some Weight with this problem I'm experiencing, I never will!

Princess T and Gay Timmy both went out to eat together for Mother's Day since neither of them has had their Moms or Dads present in their lives.   Timmy's Mom is Local, but he really feels challenged to deal with her and his Grandparents have Raised him.   I'm glad they're spending quality time on this day with each other, since it's not an easy day for either of them.   I Bankrolled her part of the meal, Timmy has a Job at 'Subway' Sandwich Shop nearby, so he has his own money.  They may have also invited Straight Anthony, whose Mom is Dead, so I'm sure this isn't an easy day for him either.  He's being Raised by his Aunt and Uncle, since his Dad is a long distance Trucker and on the Road most of the time.  I think his Parents were Older when they had him, since his Older Siblings are MUCH Older than he is... I thought his Older Brother was his Dad!!!


I realize how fortunate I was to have my Mom for so many Years, she was 84 when she passed.   I sure do miss her tho'.   I had Dad until he was 74, so a Decade less than Mom, but that was longer lived than any of his many Siblings or Parents... his Family didn't have the same longevity as Mom's Family.  Many in Mom's Family lived to be in their 80's and 90's.  I sure do miss him too.

No matter how long you had your Parents tho', it's never long enough after they're gone, is it?   But, I do think about those who never had them and so I feel extremely fortunate I had mine and for a long time, with Relationships with them that I Cherished and have many Fond Memories of.

I don't think that The Man was close with his Parents, perhaps some of his other Siblings were?   I just never Witnessed a closeness and they never visited us even if in Arizona.   Since I spent a lot of time with my own Parents I didn't quite understand that dynamic, where a Parent isn't choosing to spend time with a Child every chance they get.    But that is the dynamic of some Families and The Man seemed Okay with that actually, he became closer to my own Dad, who really got along great with him and treated him like a Son.

I know that The Man also had to get used to our Family expressing affection so openly and often.  We tell each other all the time verbally that we Love one another and we are Huggers.   Even the Men in our Family hug the Men in our Family and if a Man hasn't had that in his own Family, it can take them aback a bit.  *LOL*   The Man had to just get used to that.   My Pastor, who was a huge powerful Man, was also a Hugger and The Man used to say that it seemed most of the people I was very close to, were Huggers... and it's True.  Us Hugger Types do tend to bond with one another easily.   We can help you to become a Hugger Type or at least LIKE being Hugged, even if you weren't initially.  *Winks*   

That was the hardest part for me about Pandemic and Social Distancing, no Hugging for so long and HAVING to avoid the automatic reaction to.  I Hug people a lot and I like being Hugged too by other Huggers.  My Family and Friends tend to do it automatically, without thinking, so it took effort to refrain.  Sometimes we just couldn't and slipped up over the coarse of this lengthy Pandemic.   But if a Hug ends up being what Kills me, I couldn't think of a better way to Go...


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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