Saturday, January 15, 2022

This Isn't Serving Me

 Now that I'm Blogging in Real Time just a day before Publishing a Post I'm not getting so far ahead of myself.  Staying Home a LOT and not feeling well enough to do much else while I'm Recovering from the Pneumonia has made Sleeping and Blogging my primary activities.  *LOL*  Only Emergency Supply Runs for now and only if absolutely necessary.   I took a couple more Ornaments off the Christmas Tree, at this rate and pace, I may have it undecorated by late Spring?  *LOL*  Luckily I didn't Decorate much else of the House this Christmas and we took the Holy Family Blow Molds back into Storage from Outside.  They were our only exterior Decoration except for a faux Pine Wreath on the Front Door, which is still there.  That will take 5 Seconds to swap out to a Spring Wreath when it's time.

We dragged a fold-up Cot into the house from The Garage Mahal, so we can get Isaac off the Sectional and he has an actual Bed to Sleep in.  I got a new Cot Mattress first, they Sell them at places like Wal-Mart, we also Scored our N95 Masks there in the Paint Dept..  It was a quick in and out doing Self-Checkout and avoiding all people.  When you've been Self-Quarantining the Laundry List of necessary To-Do shit begins to lengthen.   Allen has a vehicle and drives, but he's at Work a lot now, so I don't like asking him to run errands the moment he comes in from Work tired and so ready to just relax.  I remember juggling Working full time with everything else, sometimes you just couldn't manage to do it all or squeeze everything in, Pandemic just magnifies that challenge.  The Son is calling every day to check on me now he knows I have Pneumonia. He wants me doing NOTHING but realizes that's not an Option realistically.

Having Child(ren) in School magnifies it all further, everything else has to revolve around her School Schedule.  She'll be having a long Weekend with the MLK Holiday this Monday, so a day to Sleep In and rest further. So far they aren't insinuating that the High School will go back to Pandemic Home Schooling, which was a total failure, so I think they'll try not to have to resort to it again or stress Families out with all of that.  I'll be glad when Spring Break is here... I know, I know... they just got off Winter Break... but, we're living Break to Break now.  *LOL*    Most of the Kiddos are living Break to Break now too, with rampant Spread I don't know how Safe any of the Kiddos actually feel in a Classroom anymore?  I know my Grandchild's Anxiety levels got so high at times she resisted going to School.  Right now she's compliant about going, but Pandemic has altered their Educational Process for sure.  Most especially for the Special Needs Students.

I know that Blog Fodder when you're sequestering in your own Home almost all of the time becomes scarce and rather boring content.   I can't say I feel Bored and don't mind being at Home so much, it just doesn't give me much to Write about that's Interesting or varies much from Day to Day.   It's being said some people aren't handling voluntary Lockdown extended stay well at all, so I don't know how many of them will actually do it if it's too difficult for them to Cope with?   Most people we know don't stay Home as much as we all do in this household and haven't thruout Pandemic.  In fact, most people seem to be acting as if there is no Pandemic, which has probably caused much of the spread and other issues, you can't moderate personal behaviors.

How about where you live, are people behaving or misbehaving during Pandemic?  I'm reading Blogs that mention what's going on during Pandemic and others that ignore mentioning Pandemic at all ever, avoiding any Social Issues going on entirely.   Perhaps their Blog isn't a Platform for what they think about important issues, I dunno?   Some Blogs are very Topic Specific and I know what to expect no matter what else is going on, you wouldn't know by those Blogs.  That's a nice Escape Blog to just visit occasionally, when that Topic Specific Blog will always stick with a certain Topic no matter what... be it Food, Decorating, Art, their Home, their Business, whatever they cover almost exclusively, if not exclusively.

I do miss the Blogs that used to cover some specific things and now don't Blog anymore or cover what they used to.   I've been trying to find new Blogs to follow, with more time spent here sequestered at Home again.  So if there's some you enjoy, it's where I typically find Blogs and Bloggers I didn't know about.  I've not had good Luck finding Blogs via Google methods of searching them out or using Blogger to find Blogs I'd connect to or Bloggers I'd connect to.  Not every Blog does it for me... and sometimes the Blog is Okay but the Blogger isn't a connection or a fit.   Just like any other Community, there's lots of Personality in The Land to sift thru.  *Ha ha ha*  I use the above Mantra while critiquing Blog Choices.

As I dropped Princess T off at School on Friday Morning I decided to drive thru the McDonald's across the Street to get a quick Breakfast to take Home to The Man and I.   I was wearing my Mask, every Employee at McD's was wearing theirs as a Chin Strap!   Plus, they used a Blueberry English Muffin instead of a regular one on our McMuffins, too Sweet, think they'd run out and substituted?!  But, at least that meant circumventing cooking a Breakfast, so I just ditched the Blueberry English Muffin and ate the inside contents of Sausage, Cheese and Egg.   They were only Two Bucks each, so they probably had a run on them and ran out of regular English Muffins?   Drive-Thrus are doing a brisk business everywhere during Pandemic.

With Inflation being the highest in forty Years, Milk, Eggs, Bacon and many other staples are soaring in price, so a Four Buck Breakfast for The Man and I was still Appealing, even if the McD Employees can't get it right and their Food is marginal in qualifying as actual Food.  Let's face it, they have pimply faced Kids and Old Geezers for their primary workforce too, so my expectations are low if we resort to a Meal there.  *LOL*   The Man enjoyed his and was jazzed I Surprised him with a Meal from there, since he actually likes McDonalds food... he's not very discerning about what qualifies as Food to him, what can I say?  *Bwahahaha*

We've managed to stagger Bathroom rotations in the Morning while Allen is getting ready for Work and Princess T is getting ready for School.   She was struggling Friday Morning with some new fake Eyelashes she wanted to wear, they look Natural but she's a novice at gluing them on.  I'm just glad she didn't glue her damned Eyes shut!  *LOL*  She used to swipe my Magnetic Eyelashes and ended up losing every single one of them.  *Le Sigh*  Probably Eli is playing with them like Spider Toys or something and batting them around the Floor of her Room?   Or Isaac will find one stuck to his Socks?   *Smiles*  I find she 'borrows' a lot of my stuff and it's never to be seen again... so it's just best to buy her some of her own to Salvage mine!


Be Well, Stay Safe, Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've got a post about the pandemic here on campus coming up. People here have gotten more relaxed with the protocols and are number of cases are going up.

    I can't imagine juggling all the people living at your house with only two (?) bathrooms! That's quite an accomplishment. Has Princess T got a good make up desk and mirror in her bedroom so she can do her face in there instead of tying up a bathroom? Those lighted make up mirrors were really common back when I was "face painting" and one solve the bottle neck at our house.

    1. She does have a Make-Up Station in her Bedroom and spends part of her time getting ready there, but dressing and doing hair is done in the bathroom since everyone is sharing space. We got Isaac off the Sectional and on a Cot on the other side of her room, she's got a large room and he's aware that he has to be fully Trusted or he'd have the wrath of not only myself, but over a Dozen Menfolk who are fiercely protective of her that can be some scary guys guarding her Honor. *LOL* Anyway, yes, we're stacked up like cordwood around here pretty much, it isn't as large a Home as the Villa was and doesn't have extra Cottages like the Historic had to spread everyone out in. We got so spoiled at The Villa with Four Bathrooms... and the Historic had Three functional Bathrooms and Two we never got around to restoring before we Sold it. Yes, people are getting too relaxed about Pandemic and the necessary Protocols tho' I do see more Mask wearing suddenly, even among people I know who were opposed to Masks, now they are wearing theirs religiously... so perhaps some are getting fearful now... but it may be too late in the game to outrun this Variant I'm afraid.

  2. P.S. There used to be catalogs online for finding blog communities. Not sure if there are anymore. I know the dog bloggers catalog is gone. I, too, am finding it harder and harder to find good blogs to read.

    1. I used to be able to Google key Words to find Blogs of Interest, I know the types of Blogs I'm drawn to, now not much comes up. Most Blogs I find are via other Bloggers I like and already know, since I like to read the Comments section and you can often tell by Comments if someone might have an Interesting Blog of their own. Alas, a lot of Commenters don't Blog, they are Faithful Visitors to The Land. Some of my best Blog Friends made over the Years never had a Blog, but connected with me via mine and then privately via Messenger so we could have Private discussions for our Eyes only.

  3. Well, as one in self-imposed lockdown (not because I'm sick but because I have no desire to take that chance these days!) I could live a decade in my house and not run out of material or things to do. I do miss some of the interaction, though. Or being able to feel comfortable to go out and help people. A dear friend is in the hospital with covid and I just found out had been on a ventilator since before Christmas and in a different world, I would have taken dinner to their house more times than I can count. I just learned of her illness today and now I'm not going anywhere.

    Things in our area are weird. You don't really hear of bad incidents as such but there is a huge lack of compliance on masking and precautions. Yet our Covid numbers are off the charts for our county. It just doesn't feel safe out there. I wonder when people stopped caring about others. They just don't seem to anymore.

    On another note, try Vivian Swift's blog. Her posts are long, lots of memes, but she's funny and very topical. You want to find a good meme on anything political, she's your person (but she does write about other things as well. Worth a look!) I think it's but just google her and her website should pop up and click on the blog link.

    1. Thanks Jeanne, I'll go visit Vivian's Blog, I love Satire and some Blogs have a wealth of it about various topics, Politics, Religion not being out of bounds. *LOL* Yes, our numbers are huge in our County too, Maricopa County being the largest in Arizona and most dense in population... yet, Rural areas per capita have more spread and less compliance, I don't know whether that's because they have the illusion of feeling safer or if they just are so against the Science they stubbornly refuse to admit the foolishness of pretending this isn't a big deal and that the Virus isn't "Political"? I do know along Party lines the Republican Base has been the most Anti-Mask Anti-Vax and the most likely not to get information from reliable sources being honest with them. Independents and Democrats have better Vaccination statistics and less Death and Hospitalization overall, it has in fact now become the Disease of the Unvaccinated and they will be the Variant breeding grounds for sure that the Virus will find to be the most suitable Hosts to replicate in and grow stronger with mutations. I do think too many people stopped caring about 'others' because they don't realize there are no 'others', we're all Human Beings and the dehumanization of anyone is what causes all the major issues that lead to inhumanity among our Species. When you start to view another Human Being as 'less than' or your 'enemy', it is easier to be cruel, callous and justify unacceptable treatment of them in your twisted Mind. I am HATING the MAGA radicalized Commercials coming on now it's 2022 and an Election Year, all the Dog Whistle shit stirring Tropes and Words are inciting violent reactions again... this is not going to go well if it is not stopped and people at high levels are not held accountable for inciting violence and inferring the Lunatic Fringe they've radicalized should be weaponized and used against our own Citizenry.

  4. Spot on observation about inhumanity/dehumanization. I'm starting to see the MAGA commercials too. It's going to get very ugly. It already has.

    1. Indeed the Extremists running for Public Office was foretold, they're infiltrating deeply and almost inconspicuously at lower level Politics now and informing their Base to Vote more for those Minor Elections that establish their Lunatic Fringe in places of influence. By the time General Public and The Majority wakes up and notices, too late and damage done. Especially in Voter Corruption, which they effectively convinced their Base is going on when it wasn't because they fully intended to do it themselves quite intentionally and brazenly, convinced they can't be stopped legally and finding ways to subvert the Voice and Votes of the Majority... which is the rest of us. Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities


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