Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Griswold Thanksgiving... Well, Mostly...

 Okay, so remember the Turkey fiasco in the Iconic Comedic Chevy Chase Holiday Movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"?   Well, that might have happened here, we're not entirely sure yet?  *Le Sigh*  The Man forgot to set his alarm to get up and check the Turkey and tho' Allen was up all Night until 4:00 a.m. cooking, I don't think he has experience with cooking Turkey in a Bag, so didn't know what it SHOULD look like when done?   There's tons of juices around the Breast, since we cook it upside down in the Bag so it marinates in it's own juices the entire time, but the upended underside looks toasty and the above could possibly happen when we cut into it, we dunno?!   Anyone for Turkey Jerky? *Bwahahaha*

Except for that, everything is Swell this Fine Thanksgiving Morning.  By almost Noon everyone else was up and I could finally get in here to Blog and not suffer Holiday Blogging Withdrawal.  *Whew!*   We could pretty much resemble The Griswold's this Holiday Season sitting around the Thanksgiving Table, I'll be the one leading The National Anthem when we say Grace.  *Winks*   I mean, we have damned near all the Characters in our Family that they had in theirs, we have never been your Garden Variety crew here and are rather a National Lampoon version of The Addams Family.  So, imagine if the Griswolds' and the Addams' had spawned Children, that's what you'd get, us.  *LOL*

Their Table is set better, I'm more Basic and not so Extra about Holiday Dining, we're using Chinette Paper Plate Platters and not The Good China or Crystal Goblets.  I don't even own The Good China or Crystal anything, I think that was the Generation before me?  *Winks*  I don't think the Jello Mold would have Eli's Kibbles baked into it either, tho' his Food costs enough it's probably as tasty as ours?  Honestly, I read his Labels and assess the Flavors as if I'm buying the Food for a Human Child!   Does anyone else do that for their Fur Babies?   That Cat will eat damned near anything, I had to tell Princess T to quit Sharing her Hot Cheetos with him, I don't need Vet bills from what he shouldn't be eating and will eat ravenously if presented with it!  *Oy Vey*

I still have remnants of the Imagery taken at various Events I attended this Month so I plan to use them up in Posts for the Visuals.   I'll Spare The Man any Photography of his Turkey Fiasco, so he can Save Face.   Bless him, it's been Years since he's cooked a Turkey and with the TBI and Memory Care Issues, he thought he remembered how to do it and was crestfallen when it looked like a Griswold Turkey.   Allen said he'd still eat it... Allen will eat anything... Allen is like Mikey from the Vintage LIFE Cereal Commercials.  *LOL*  Why didn't I cook said Turkey?  You don't wanna know... there isn't a Man Alive to tell about my cooking. *Bwahahahaha*

I'm no Domestic Goddess, The Man always jokes that he Married me because of my Earning Potential.  I always made more Money than any Man I knew and was ruthless in the Corporate World, that was my Special Gift, not Housekeeping!   So, I could just buy the Food prepared if nobody would cook it for me.  Let us just say I won't be that Woman on her Deathbed that laments she didn't do nearly enough Housework or keep things Clean enough, who Cares?!  But, I can delegate those duties like a Motherfucker, so... oh, and by the way, I Swear a lot! *Ha ha ha*  So, anyway, by default we could eat out if the Meal here isn't edible, but I suspect these Guys will eat anything and actually claim to enjoy it.

In fact, they're Circling me now like ravenous Vultures asking when the Meal will be ready, AS IF I would know??!!!?!?!!   Hey, ya'll said you would do the Cooking and Grandpa would just be your Assistant, I have no Idea when we're eating!?  I only Bankroll eating Thanksgiving Dinner, I can't be the Moneyman and Iron Chef too, that's above my Pay Grade and Skillset, you're not New!   Grandpa has already gotten engrossed in his Reruns of NCIS, so you better get him out of that Trance, I think they're having a Thanksgiving Marathon of every Rerun ever made of it?   So you better hurry before he gets too entrenched or you'll never eat!  He won't even remember it's Thanksgiving, he barely remembered he had a Turkey cooking in the Oven!!! *Bwahahahaha*

I'm not even out of my Jammies and am not even sure I want to be Dressed Today or not?   I may not bother, my Mickey Mouse Jammie Pants and a mismatched T-Shirt with my Dreadlocks looking like Coolio is good enough Thanksgiving attire and a Look when it's only Family here.  So, yes, I'm a Vision Today!  *Smiles*   But, I suppose if I do drive over to Gypsy James Home in the City to visit with The Son and them, I will have to get into Day Clothes eventually?   Of coarse, they live Southside, so I could go any kind of way and not get a second look from anyone in Da Hood, they don't Judge and nothing they see shocks them anymore, it's often a Human Sideshow around there, just sayin'.  *Winks*

Hell, even when I'm dressed up doing my Civic Duty now peeps are taking up a Collection for me and giving me Food Boxes!   And there I was thinking I looked presentable and not pitiful, so...  *Bwahahahaha*   Seriously, I was Dressed very Nice that day and thought I looked Lovely, shit... *LMAOROTF*   Well, folks do Feel very Giving this time of Year, which isn't a Bad thing, even if misdirected, they mean well, so I don't take Offense.   I know I look like an Old Hippie and I guess some folks assume we're all Poor and don't look this way by Choice, but by Necessity, I dunno?  

When you get Older, I find there are a lot of Age related Assumptions too, that may or may not be accurately assessed.  I don't get Patronized a lot and I'm never Feeling like an Invisible Senior, since I have chosen to Age Disgracefully.  *Winks*   Most People are very Kind to the Aging, which isn't a Bad Thing, they realize they'd expect their own Gramma or Great-Gramma to be treated Kindly and with some Respect and Dignity.   I don't think our Culture here in America reveres and Honors it's Elders quite like many other Societies tho', which is a Shame.  My Parent's respective Ethnic Cultures did and so that's how I was Raised. 

 I always Respected, Revered and Honored my Elders, and Learned so much from what they Imparted.  So many of them Mentored me in my Youth and passed their Mantle to me.  Which Served me very well in my Corporate Lives and was an Education you couldn't Buy.   I had more Friends that were Seniors when I was in my Teens and Twenties, than I do now!   I was Sincerely close with them all and so they broke many Glass Ceilings on my behalf and helped me learn to Cultivate Contacts and be known by the right People with Influence and Authority.  It doesn't matter if you have more Degrees than a Thermometer and What you know, if Who you know doesn't matter.  What Higher Education I did get, my Employers Paid FOR me in order to Keep me as an Asset.

I always told my Kids and Grandkids to Work with Excellence, even if they were doing menial or volunteer Work, because the Right People always Notice.   And the Right People always recognize an Asset from a Liability.   Anyway, it's Post Meal now and Believe it or not the Griswold looking Turkey turned out Sublime, who knew?   Since it had marinated in it's juices longer than it should have, it just fell off the Bones and was super juicy and yet the underside Skin that was facing up, was crisp and rather a nice texture and taste too.  The Bag and amount of juices saved it from drying out even when cooked longer apparently, tho' it did collapse from falling away from it's Bones. *Smiles, Flat Turkey*

I did get Dressed, but it was optional and some of the Family stayed in their Jammies.   The Young Prince and Allen will be going to my Grandson's Dad's Family Home in Phoenix to spend part of Thanksgiving with them too, later this Afternoon while I'm visiting their Uncle, The Son, in Phoenix.   We took the obligatory pix of part of The Feast, the Yams turned out really good and both of the Stuffings as well, The Man, as it turns out, hasn't lost his Touch.  We complimented the Chef, since he did a really good job of preparing the Meal mostly by himself and with very little Safety Prompt Supervision necessary.  As you can see the Roasted Potatoes stuck to the top of the Turkey, since they were cooking underneath it, which made them taste really good.  It wasn't the Prettiest cooked Turkey but it turned out super tasty, which is what Counts. 

Princess T isn't feeling good and the Pharmacy wasn't able to fill the Prescriptions the Doctor prescribed for her Yesterday, due to backlog for the Holiday.  They are Closed Today for Thanksgiving, so won't be able to fill it now until Friday Morning.  She's having Migraines and that puts her off eating or even remaining awake, so she didn't eat anything and promptly went back to Bed.   At least it gave her a Gracious Out to decline the Invitation to join Isaac's Family for Thanksgiving.  She has extreme Social Anxiety and is such an Introvert and Shy about meeting New People that she was having severe Anxiety about going over there to meet them, let alone spend a Holiday Dinner with them.  She's a fussy Eater and didn't want to Offend by declining most Thanksgiving fare offered.   

Here we know she doesn't like Thanksgiving or it's foods, so we always just buy her a Steak and she'll opt to have Ramen Noodles or something along with it if we don't eat out for Thanksgiving.   When we eat out for Thanksgiving, she can choose anything else on the Menu they're offering as alternatives to the Traditional Meal.   Anyway, Thanksgiving went very well after all, everything was not only edible, but excellent and there's not a lot of leftovers already... everyone ate heartily.   I got a Toffee Caramel Apple Streusel Pie as well as a Pumpkin Pie... I also got a smaller Pumpkin Pie which I'll be bringing over to The Son when I visit.  This Year I couldn't find Sweet Potato Pies anywhere!  Lost in the Supply Chain Issues I guess, Pies were not in abundance this Year at the Grocers.

In fact, finding some supplies was difficult.  I couldn't locate my Poultry Seasoning so thought I'd just buy some, I got the very last Jar of it in the Spice Aisle!  I made sure everything was cooked and served in throw away Tinfoil containers mostly so we had less cleanup.   The Man is meticulous about post-cooking Cleanup immediately after eating, so he's already got everything put away and cleaned.   The Son called me to find out when I'm arriving so they'll time their Meal accordingly, tho' I can't eat a bite more, I may take some of his Meal he prepared To Go.  *Smiles* 

Yesterday was our Oldest Daughter's 48th Birthday, she's still stressing about the terrible Motorcyle Accident her Middle Daughter and Husband were in.  They're recovering but don't know when, or even if, they'll be able to return to Work to their previous Careers!  Our Granddaughter is a Nurse, our SIL a Fireman.  She hadn't Lawyered Up yet and the Medical Bills are rolling in, the Granddaughter's Hospital Bill alone is over $90,000.   She broke her Neck and is having lingering problems from that which seem pretty Serious and she's lost complete Hearing in one Ear from her Head Injuries.   She's having Sensory Issues, she's only 25, this is not sounding promising.

 The Son-In-Law may require Surgery now if his Physical Therapy for the Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries don't Heal right.  His Brain Injury has also caused lasting problems and Memory Issues, he can't even fill out any of the Paperwork, so it all falls on our Daughter now.  The Woman who caused the Accident only had the very basic lowest amount of Insurance you can Legally get by with, so most of the Claims are going to have to be against our Daughter and SIL's Insurance Company to cover stuff.  This is why I told her to Lawyer Up, I'm Surprised she didn't immediately, they need to Protect themselves and get just compensation for Injuries, loss of Wages and long term After Care.

When you have catastrophic injuries, it can Bankrupt a Family, cause you to become unemployed or underemployed for Life, have lasting Disabilities and Emotional Trauma and even Relationship strains.  Our Daughter is now juggling her Career with extreme Caregiving and I know what that's like!   She was working overtime for her Birthday and Thanksgiving to make up for lost Wages that his Husband's income usually provides.    I know how Stressful the Financial aspect can be after a catastrophic event where Insurances won't or don't cover everything and Litigation becomes necessary to protect the best interest of your Family not being Financially ruined over it.

  Luckily our Granddaughter still lives at Home with them, both of the Youngest Granddaughters still do, so at least she is taken Care of while she tries to Heal.  Being a Nurse, I don't know if her Broken Neck Injury will Heal sufficiently for her to return to that line of Work or not, it's a Physically and Emotionally demanding Job.  Especially during a time of Pandemic!   She was Burning Out even before the Accident!   The Youngest Granddaughter reminds me so much of our Oldest Daughter at that Age, they resemble one another the most.   The previous Two Images were her most recent ones.

Anyway, we offered as much Emotional Support as you can from a distance, I know this is going to be a tough row to hoe for their Family.  It would have brought me more of a Peace if the Offending Driver had been adequately Insured instead of Underinsured.   At least she wasn't Uninsured like the Driver that caused The Man's catastrophic accident.   When people can't even afford Insurance or are that irresponsible and still drive, you can be sure even a Civil Lawsuit wouldn't net Victims any restitution and compensation for injuries and expenses caused by that Individual's negligence or recklessness behind the wheel.   It always Helps us to see the Happy Times the Family back East is Sharing in spite of any Hardships they're Enduring.  Case in point, Great-Grandbaby's Halloween and Dia de los Muertos pixs.

She can be so pensive in her pixs, it's hilarious what a Diva she already is in front of the lens!  *LOL*  Our Daughter said she'd be 'celebrating' her Birthday by going straight to Bed after Work, she's exhausted.   I can often relate, we Shared some Dark and totally inappropriate Gallow's Humor about that. *Winks*   On a brighter note, their Oldest Daughter's Pregnancy is going well with their 2nd Child, which will be another Girl.   Our Great-Granddaughter, whose Three, now realizes it won't be a Puppy and will a Baby Sister instead, she's bummed about that.  *LMAO*  So, she quit calling the Baby a Puppy and now calls it Broccoli, which everyone thinks is hilarious... apparently she does not Like Broccoli!  *Bwahahahahaha*   Her Parents, our Granddaughter and Hubby, just Celebrated their 4th Wedding Anniversary this Month... Wow how Time Flies!


Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... may there still be much you can Feel Thankful for too my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That turkey looks pretty good to me, even if it did take longer than you all planned. Just stopped by to wish you a good Thanksgiving day and weekend.

    1. Thank you my Friend, I Hope your first Thanksgiving at the new digs was Memorable in all the best of ways? Did they have a big Dinner in the Dining Hall area where everyone could gather to enjoy the Holidays and a Meal with Neighbors? It sounds like everyone is starting to Bond, feel more at Home and get over the Homesickness that goes with a Big Move so often. Even when you're ready to Move it can be hard, for those who weren't the ones to make that decision for themselves, it has to be doubly hard? You were fortunate to make your own Plans when you felt the Timing was Right to and on your own Terms. I do think those Seniors there who have Loving Family who found the very best Placement are Blessed, but perhaps they don't Feel like it when they'd rather have stayed put? Sometimes it take a while to embrace the necessity of no longer being able to live Independent of having some Help and an environment more suitable to Aging Gracefully and with Dignity in. I try not to worry about such things, sometimes I do tho', my Options are too limited to contemplate... so I refuse to dwell upon any of it.


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