Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Way Of The Pandemic World

 So, Saturday Night I agreed to fill in for someone at Work whose out Sick, hopefully not another one down with The Rona, but who knows?   Employers are tight Lipped about who among them has become The Infected.  Then Saturday Morning the Manager called to ask me if I also want to work a 9am-1pm Shift for someone who just didn't show up?  I didn't, split shifts aren't something I'm Game for, since that would make it so my Saturday consisted of only being off work from 1:00-5:00.  They found someone else to do that Substitute Shift for that Morning, I'm probably turning down more Shifts now than I'm accepting.  It seems to be the way of the Pandemic World now that places can't get enough Help anywhere.

Not to mention, now when I go into any minimum wage Fast Food joint it's no longer Young People working those shitty jobs, it's Seniors my Age or even more Ancient!   McDonalds and that ilk mostly has Geriatric Employees now, as do all the Pizza Delivery franchises.   At least us Old Timers keep our sense of humor about the degradation heaped on Employees by the shittiest of the Clientele.   We've all been around the Sun a few times now, so we've heard it all, seen it all, mostly the Problem Customer tantrums just rolls off us like Water off a Duck's Back.  You see, we barely Care about your petty grievances, if we're still having to seek crappy Employment when we should be able to bask in Full Blissful Retirement, but can't. So, put that in your Pipe and Smoke it Sunshine!  *Winks*

People are even opting for early Retirement tho' in droves, to get out of The Game, whichever once illustrious Career Path was chosen that is more demanding than the petty Jobs that don't pay shit.   I know I wouldn't want to be dealing with the Corporate Grind anymore or have a 3rd Corporate Life to live out in these turbulent times, no way, they couldn't pay me enough to Care.   A lot of Front Line Workers in Careers that really matter are getting so burnt out, we'll keep losing them in droves too... few seem to Care enough tho' to address the situation with viable Solutions.  I think in future Elections, they will have trouble filling positions if people are going to feel threatened and in need of Danger Pay for those Jobs, Post-Coup Attempt that failed, but hasn't been properly addressed to ensure it doesn't happen again either.

School Teachers, there is another Profession that likely is going to have the good ones bailing in droves in a Post-Pandemic World.  I don't blame them, I can hardly wait for the last of my Brood to get Graduated since I'm so Over dealing with any of it even as a Parent/Guardian.   Getting thru School myself, then Raising Two Generations and trying to get them thru School... with the tail end of the gig being Pandemic Home Schooling for a Special Needs High School Grandchild, just topped me off!  I've really lowered my Standards to a "Just Pass, Okay" realm of Realism at this point in her agonizing Educational Process.  She still can't Read and she's a Sophomore... what can I say?  We keep our expectations based on Reality and not Fantasy now.

She has some fake Eyeglasses to make her appear 'Smarter', that's her best Studious tactic she's come up with.  She can Rock any Look, saying that looking Good can have it's advantages and create options just as surely as appearing Smart can.  *LOL*  She's often Wise and Street Smart even tho' she has considerable Learning Disabilities, she has observed that many Studious Types aren't as Smart as they think they are, I would have to be in agreement with that assessment.  The arrogance of some Educated folks makes them Imagine they are all knowing just because they earned a degree, while leaving their common sense at the curb.  They often make the easiest Marks for the Criminally inclined since a prime Mark usually thinks themselves to be more Clever than they actually are.

Anyway, the way of the Pandemic World is something we're all adapting to and improvising upon in our own ways I suppose.   It will be interesting to see who thrives and makes it out the other side of all of this the best?    I had an unexpected Vaccine conversation with a Vendor Friend at Work on Friday Night.  She'd come in to work her Spaces, she's a Joyful Sprite of a Woman and Adorable, but she has some significant Health Issues in spite of looking so good.  She's fearful to get the Vaccine on account of her other Health Issues lest it Trigger them or cause her to have a decline.  Yet, she knows it will be a matter of time before she gets the Virus by being among the Unvaxxed.  So she's betwixt and between right now.

I could tell she wanted to have me be a sounding board of Objectivity who would not Judge her, but listen to why she's procrastinated or might never get Vaxxed, she's just not sure yet if she'll take the Leap of Faith or not?   She's not one to Believe all the conspiracy theories or lies, she's intelligent and battling a myriad of serious Health Issues, even her Doctor hasn't been convincing enough to give her a Peace about it.   I completely Understand her hesitancy and there are some of the Unvaccinated like her, with legitimate concerns and having non-judgmental dialogue is a good thing to help them make a decision they will have a Peace about, whatever it is.  

 I was Surprised that she said after talking to me she is moved to consider it now... and 'probably will' rather than 'definitely will not'.  I'm glad I could be Helpful in a Positive way.  I wouldn't want her risking getting the Virus given her Medical History being compromised considerably.  She's such a Sweet Woman, she's had Family get bad Cases of it and be Hospitalized in ICU, so she has no delusions how deadly it is.  I don't have all the answers, I could only be Honest and Objective, given the reliable information and Truths about it all that I've managed to do my own due diligence with.   She knows The Man and I so knew we have considerable risk factors we also had to weigh when making our decision. 

 I told her our Pfizer Experience with both shots and the Booster were very positive.  We had no adverse effects at all, just sore Arms and some tiredness for a Day or Two. I had some Headache with the Booster, but nothing horrible.  Now that most Pharmacies do it on a Walk In without an Appointment Basis, she could ask which Vaccine they're using and choose the one she has the most Peace about receiving too.  They didn't have that option when we got ours, we Lucked Out getting Pfizer, which I'd heard the best feedback on.   Some of our extended Family got Moderna and had more side effects, but realized had they gotten The Rona, they'd of fared much worse then.   I don't know anyone in the U.S. getting Astra Zenica but most Europeans and Australians are.  I know nobody who got J&J, tho' I'm sure many did who only wanted one shot. 

Anyway, I think I've reached a point of Pandemic Fatigue, but I'm still being vigilant about it all regardless of my Fatigue and Frustrations about those who've prolonged it for all of us.   Society is a mish-mash of folks, I realize I can do nothing about the variety of people's opinions, since opinions are like Assholes, everyone has one.   I don't have the time or patience to debate opinions since an opinion is not the same as a Fact or a Truth.   So I don't really Care what someone's opinion is about anything, keep it Factual and Truthful, or keep it to yourself.  *LOL*  I just don't engage with opinionated people, it's pointless and I don't Care enough to be baited into a debate with them.  *Smiles*

Saturday it was a shame I'd committed to filling in for someone at work since it was a Cooled down day to where it almost felt Cold by Arizona Fall Standards.  So, I could have worked in the RV Garage if I didn't have to work a Night Shift.  I didn't want to get in there and bugger myself up to where I'd then be too tired to go in to work tho', so I refrained.   Work went well, several of my Friends work on Saturday Nights, so it was nice to work with some of them again.  It was  busy so the Night went by quickly.   My Friend who'd had her Wallet Stolen by a Customer the Night before said the Police never showed up!  She said if they had they could have apprehended the Thieves at the Wal-Mart nearby since they tried to used her Debit Card there and her Bank notified her immediately.

Needless to say, because the Police never showed up for the initial Crime they also weren't available to apprehend the Thieves at the Store where they immediately went to try to use the Stolen Cards either.  Otherwise, not only would they have been able to arrest them, but recover all of my Friends possessions stolen.  Now the window of opportunity is gone due to the neglect to even show up after being called to the first scene of the Crime, let alone the second scene of the Crime by the same Criminals.  This is what irritates me, the low priority Police give to Theft and Burglaries now, as if it's no big deal and the Victims and their losses don't matter.

I went to 'Target' after my Shift on Saturday Night to pick up some essentials and to see if they'd gotten any more Halloween Merch in, since they have barely had any since they first put it out.  Now they almost have none and clearly aren't getting more in so they're already filling in for Christmas.  I guess their Supply Chains for their Halloween Line was just not going to get it here again, just like last Year, so it was a spartan amount of Merchandise they ever got.   I've seen the News footage of how many Freighters are off the Coasts that can't get into Port and unloaded, literally Hundreds of them stranded out there, with critical interruptions in Supply Chains due to it.   What is getting in is costing more.

I don't know how that is going to affect Christmas purchases, I would imagine it is going to tho'.   Some new Vendors at our Mall are taking advantage of the lack of Halloween Merch in all the Big Box Stores and bringing in their Vintage Halloween and there's a good selection, tho' very expensive.  I've Sold Off all my Vintage Blow Molds that I wanted to part with, doubt I'll part with what I have left and will just use here at Home during the Holidays now.   I don't Collect the Vintage Blow Molds, but I do have a Christmas Blow Mold Nativity from about the 1970 Era and some Vintage Halloween Blow Molds of Jack O'Lanterns and Black Cats from about the 1950's-1960's Eras.


When I see them for Sale anywhere the price point is in the Stratosphere, so I've decided to just keep mine, which I hardly paid anything for, but couldn't replace them unless I wanted to pay a Fortune now.  I'm kind of out of touch with how much a lot of the Vintage Halloween can now command for Resale.   I know it's hard to find, always has been, but the prices have risen exponentially, to where I wouldn't buy any of it now at those prices.   You really have to be fanatical about your Halloween Collectibles to pay those kind of prices, because it's a considerable Investment you'd have to make.

I watched some reruns of "Halloween Wars" previous Contests, the new one will be on this Sunday Night.   I'd forgotten a lot of the 10 Seasons worth so watching them again is still enjoyable, my Memory is so Vague about some of the Season's Episodes of the past Decade.   I just Loved this little Devil in the Mini Scare, what an Adorable Expression with such Personality, it didn't even win the Mini Scare tho', I felt it should have.   The Judges didn't like that it had so much Red but I felt that was totally appropriate and I liked that it was, I mean, what other Colors did they want an Infant Devil to be?!  *LOL*

I just Loved some of the Characters the Artisans came up with... Superb Imagination, Creativity and Artistry!  I still do miss the Pumpkin Carvers being part of the Teams with the Cake and Candy Artists.  The Pumpkin Carving Show they got is good, but it's lacking too with just being Pumpkin Carving, melding the Three types of Skills on a Team is much more Interesting.   Anyway, we'll see what they do next Season if Fans are putting pressure on to resume the way they did it the first Ten Seasons and Season 11 flops too much and loses Viewers?  It's difficult to change a Good thing that has developed Followers and expect them to embrace something different.  If something isn't broke, don't fix it!


Things do Change with the Times tho', sometimes I just don't Change with it. The Kiddos have been challenging each other playing Roblox, him on his System he brought over and hooked up in her Bedroom, she in this Guest Bedroom on my new System.  It's hilarious to me that they spend time 'together' but 'apart' on their Tech Gadgets, where they can hear and see each other via the Systems and play against each other on a Game.  It's the Modern way Young People Socialize too, but it's so Foreign to us Dinosaurs, that we find it to be humorous.  I thought she'd ditched Irresistible Isaac and Eli the Cat in her Room when she came in here... they had to explain what they were doing!  *Bwahahaha*

I mean the Young Man drives all the way over here after Work to be 'with' her, for then to have he and her in different Rooms of our Home interacting via Computers!   Couldn't he have saved himself the trouble and just do the same thing from Home? *LMAOROTF*   Anyway, they were having a Big Time and then came together in the Kitchen to fix something to eat, so it Works for them I suppose.  Not that they only do that, they watch TV together or take walks together too.  And I guess it's no different than The Man and I wanting to watch different TV Shows on sets in different Rooms, or when I come in here to Blog and he's doing whatever he's doing in another Room, so I shouldn't Judge.  *LOL*


At Work the Collections of my Dearly Departed Friend and Co-Worker Sue are finally being Sold Off by her Dear Husband, who is also a Friend of mine.  I know it's probably time for him to do that, every Widow and Widower has to face that difficult hurdle eventually of the Letting Go process of what once belonged to their Dearly Departed Spouse.   Sue was really into Halloween, so she and I often showed off our Acquisitions to each other.  So every time a Customer buys one of her Collection, I get choked up seeing it go off to it's new Home.  Granted, I know she'd be thrilled about how thrilled they are to own it... and it all going off to new Good Homes.   It's not like Kevin was the Collector of the Halloween, Disney Pins and Vintage Barbie's, he just Loved making Sue Happy, they are a well suited and Adorable Couple.

 Saturday Night some Lovely Family who Collects Vintage Barbie's, bought several of her Vintage Barbie Dolls.   The Mom was as thrilled as her Two Young Daughters, clearly this is something they Collect as a Family and their enthusiasm was contagious, I was excited FOR them Scoring some they'd been seeking a long time and were difficult to Source.  Yet, I remember when Sue got those for her Collection, so, while I waited on this Family buying them now, I was trying not to get Emotional.  I'm glad I had my Mask on, it hides a lot of intense Emotion, unless someone can Read the Eyes.   I wanted to Cry, luckily I can remain Stoic when I feel intensely Emotional.

 Anyway, I still Miss my Friend so much and it's difficult to Believe it's been so long since she's been gone already, August of 2020 the devastating News just blindsided all of us!   I'd seen her just Hours before it happened, which is still eerie to me, how quickly and unexpectedly any of us can be taken like that.  Sue and I talked all the time, I miss those talks.  We totally 'got' each other's Quirks, especially about our fascination with the Macabre and certain Vintage Toys.  *LOL*   She read my Blog Religiously, very few of my Real Life Friends or Family do, so she was One of only a few that I know of and she'd often discuss what I'd just Blogged about and had recently Published.   I Wish she'd gotten into Blogging, she had so much to Share that was fascinating.  She understood why Reading about everyday Life can be engaging and Connect people.

 I can't go into my own Kitchen without thinking about the Fabulous Black Kitchen she had remodeled and not gotten to enjoy hardly at all before she Passed.  We both were Black Kitchen people and of coarse I only found one Home with one when house hunting for The Move and it was Historic, but too Small.  So, while Sue was having her Black Kitchen Remodel she brought me along vicariously via her Images of The Process in her Home.   The final results were my Vision of The Dream Kitchen, hers too... I swore sometimes that she and I were Twins separated at Birth, her being the Good Twin, of coarse.  *LOL* She thought that was Funny... but it was True, she was such a GOOD definition of a Human Being's Goodness, she exemplified it!  Her 'Dark' Side was only in Collecting the Macabre.  My 'Dark' Side, well, comes out to play and introduce folks to Dark Dawn sometimes.  *Winks*

I never saw a 'Dark' Side to Sue except via her penchant for Collecting Horror Genre stuff, her "Dark Shadows" and "Addams Family" Collections were impressive.   When you met her, she was so effervescent and such an Uplifting little energetic Sprite of a Woman, who made everyone feel Joy being around her, that you would never have known she dug creepy shit, with me, it's much more expected.  *LOL*    Anyway, the Selling Off of Sue's most Beloved Objects must be difficult for Kevin and I know it's difficult for me to see them up for grabs, knowing how much she Loved it all, so I just get intensely Emotional about it.  What took her a Lifetime to acquire, will likely be Sold quickly, she had The REALLY Good Stuff.

I think the hardest part of Aging is how many of my Friends and Family have gone from Time into Eternity before me already.   So many... my Mom did always say that being one of the last was the hardest part, she was spot on about that.  By the time she was in her Mid-Eighties and transitioned, she'd Outlived almost everyone she knew of her peer group and generation.  Her Older Brother, my Dear Uncle Syd, made it to just shy of 90, so he was the last.   My Dad had been one of almost a Dozen Kids in his Family and at 74 had Outlived all of his Siblings, he was the last.  I try not to think upon mortality all that much, tho' Pandemic sure brought it to the forefront for us all, didn't it?

Sometimes I feel like I'm halfway on the way to looking like this Fabulous but Zombie Pumpkin, Sugar Art and Cake Creation!   She's got my Eyes...  *LMAO*   This Creation was one of my all time Favs and it wasn't even a Finale' piece or they'd of Won Hands down... tho' in the end, I'm pretty sure the Team did Win.  They brought such movement to their pieces, often defying Gravity but using Physics superbly to make things seem visually impossibly unbalanced and yet solidly and perfectly balanced.

Here in the Zombies -vs- Werewolf Challenge the Zombie Couple are having themselves a Werewolf BBQ.   So Clever, all the Faces of the Characters being so Expressive and the Zombie Couple looking Whimsically Macabre, which is hard to pull off Whimsy when you do Superbly Creepy Elements of something too.   I like to mix Whimsy with my Macabre, it's Delightfully Twisted, but it can Freak folks Out all the more actually.  *Smiles*   Yes, I'm demented like that, but you probably knew that already?  *Winks*   I would like to have a lasting version of this Prop to use for Halloween Display!

Too bad they don't Market some of the best Creations in Figurine or Toy Versions from the Show, I'd buy some!   Some of the Creatures they've come up with on The Fly are better than some of the Classic Creatures in Feature Horror Films!  And making them from all edible materials is just all the more Magical really, I stand in Awe of how they do it!   Modern Cake Decorating, Candy Making and Pumpkin Carving has become such an elevated Art Form now that really has taken everything to the next level!   And every Year it's gone another level beyond in Artistry!

It's not just a Cake, some Candy or a Pumpkin now, it's a piece of Sculpture and elevated Art.   My Dad Specialized in Pastry Art even tho' he was a Master Chef by Trade.  He was so Artistic in other pursuits, that I can only Imagine what he would have done had he lived to see how elevated this Art Form has become and what he would have personally done with it!?   I remember he once made a Cake for President Kennedy when the Prez visited the Military Installation in Massachusetts that my Dad was Stationed at.  It made Headlines in our little local Newspaper and I Wish Dad had been less Humble and kept some of those Newspaper clippings of the President receiving his Cake.   Dad had such Humility that I think he preferred that his Commanding Officer got all of the Credit and Fanfare, even tho' that Guy didn't make the Cake.  Dad was like that.

At the time my Dad was a lowly A1C working in the Mess Hall and my Mom was the one who got pissed that he received none of the recognition for actually Creating the Cake for the President.   But we knew he made it, since he did most of the Work for it at Home.  It was so Labor Intensive to have the level of detail he put into it and he knew it was going to be for the President.  I remember all of the Eggs in our Fridge had Royal Icing Creations atop of them Setting so that they could be put onto the Cake.  *LOL*   Dad often did his intricate detailed Work atop an Egg and then once Set he'd remove it.   I swear he could have done detailed amazing Work atop a grain of freakin' Rice!   His whole Family was Madly Creative tho' like that.  They lived and breathed being Creative Natives.  I suppose some of that trickled down to me too?  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love, Light, Happy Autumn... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Don't work too hard and stay safe. Love all of the Halloween decorations.

    1. You know, I used to always work too hard but slowly I'm realizing I need to pace myself at this Season of Life. I lack the Stamina and Strength I once had to go hard all of the time. Still, being an ADHD Senior, I find I can often still work circles around much younger Employees who just aren't putting forth much, if any, effort at all. The work ethic in America is tanking, people want a check but don't seem to want to work for it nowadays, just an Observation from someone who was raised with a strong work ethic by Parents who felt integrity on any Job actually meant something.

  2. I had no trouble with the Moderna vax at all. Sore arm, that was it.

    I don't understand people worrying about the remote possibilities of unforeseen side effects from the vax. It's woulda-coulda-shoulda versus 700,000 already dead and who knows how many seriously affected.

    It's like if someone found themselves stuck in the middle of a highway, and refusing to cross the rest of the way, in case they might get run over by a herd of zebras.

    1. Glad you didn't have any trouble with the Vaccine either, we didn't, most people don't, it's so rare when someone does that it's just not worth the risk of avoiding it and taking the much more significant risk that getting COVID would surely be. I also don't understand people worrying so much about remote possibilities and safety, when they take much more risks with so many other things every single day. I've heard Smokers and Drug Users tell me they are worried about the 'Safety' of the Vaccine, to which I can only respond that it's surely safer than smoking packs of Cigs a day and using Dangerous Drugs on a regular basis... you should see their faces when confronted with cold hard facts like that about what else they do that is far more dangerous... plus, now they're choosing to play Russian Roulette with a Deadly Virus that if Unvaxxed they eventually WILL catch, it's not a matter of IF, just WHEN.

  3. You are speaking the truth people don't want to work these low paying jobs or the high risk jobs anymore. I don't blame them. Somedays I don't want to work my job anymore, but I am not sure what I would do.

    1. I think this Worldwide Pandemic has caused people to reassess values and priorities, they have been confronted with the fragility of their own mortality probably moreso than ever before. Why would anyone choose a low paying high risk job when it exposes them more to a Deadly Plague? They realize Employers see them as disposable and dispensable commodities and not Human Beings. I have a very strong work ethic and I realize a lot of people don't anymore, but I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to risk their safety and life to do any job that doesn't even afford them a decent living or to make the ends meet. Employers just look at the bottom line, even the ones that could easily afford to be treating Employees better and offering them more... in fact, some of the worst offenders are the Billionaire Companies that exploit their Labor Force. It's about time Employees had the leverage they now have to put the squeeze on Employers. Those that refuse to step up and do the right thing, will have to face just closing their businesses or having lower profits when they can't get enough Help and have to turn people away. Not to mention, understaffed, underpaid and overworked Employees with this Labor Shortage will choose not to stay the first opportunity they get.

  4. Wow that cool that your dad got make cake for President Kennedy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I thought it was Cool even tho' his CO got all the recognition and I felt should have given some credit to the person who actually did the work.

  5. Liddle Kiddles! You have Liddle Kiddles in one of those photos. I had several of those and their house. I managed to hang on to one of them--Sleeping Biddle. I had to hide her to get to keep her. Mother found out about garage sales and sold many of my toys. It's nice to see them again. I always enjoy your photos.


    1. Liddle Kiddles were one of my all time Fav Toys and I don't even know why? They didn't really do much or hold up well if played with, so with mine I mostly just posed them as they were and didn't bend them, those wires often poked thru and caused them to turn Blue if played with too much. *LOL* Glad you got to keep Sleeping Biddle. My Favs were Biff and Baby Biddle, both of which I acquired again. My original Kiddles probably were given to Younger Cousins, which was our habit when we outgrew Toys, since all of our Families were Low Income so handing down Toys was the right thing to do and we never thought of keeping most for Nostalgic reasons or Resale back then. Most of the ones in that pix were from Secondhand Stores, a few were gleaned on E-Bay, tho' now they command high prices so you can't get them for a song anymore. In fact, they don't come up hardly at all anywhere offline so must be a rarity among Old Toys. I'm seeming to go thru my 2nd Childhood now Janie. *Winks*


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