Friday, October 22, 2021

Rejoicing Over Good Fortune

 The Couple that live in an RV in our Driveway and do our Yardwork and Irrigation in exchange for staying there, Anna and T.J., recently came into a lot of Money, according to The Man, T.J. showed him the Check.   And when I say a LOT of Money, it's a staggering Eye popping amount.  So I truly am hoping it really impacts the rest of their lives in a wonderful way, they're good people, great Neighbors, have become Friends and are deserving of all the best.  

They've had a rough time of it since the Pandemic began, which many people have, it is why they are living in an RV in our Driveway.   So this will make all the difference to them being able to now follow their Dreams again and have Options.   I only hope they don't do what a lot of folks do who come into a lot of Money... blow it and end up broke within the Year?  Almost every Lottery Winner or Inheritance ends up like that, no matter how much is Won or Inherited.  Getting Rich quick has it's definite drawbacks and people can run thru it quickly if they get carried away with spending.

Having Debt Counseled people for Years in my first Corporate Life, it's never how much Money you Make or Have that is the problem, it's how much you Keep.  Even if you're a Millionaire, if you mismanage your financial affairs, you could still end up Bankrupt and broke.  Many people are financially irresponsible and have a low Financial I.Q., even if they're very intelligent about other things.  If you're not good with Money, best to hire someone who is to advise you.  And choose that Financial Advisor wisely too, a bad Broker can make you broker!

 Anyway, it seems so far they have a good Plan for how they're improving their lives with the proceeds of the Mining holdings they Sold.   It's good they're getting it in installments rather than a lump sum too.  I couldn't be Happier for them and apparently they want to buy a Property around here so they can remain close to his Parents, who live next door.  Her Teen Son has come to live with them, he's the same age as Princess T and is learning to drive, so he's inherited T.J.'s Truck now that they bought new Vehicles. 

I always Rejoice whenever someone I know has some Good Fortune, it's uplifting to see people's lives improve for the better.   Far too often it's the other way around and we see people's lives changing for the worst.   It is with much trepidation I've been viewing the Economy, so if someone has Options now, it will be better for them if things worsen.  Those with no Options will suffer the most with any downturn.   Today when The Man and I were out gleaning Cans along the Roadway, we were near a Pot Dispensary and he found a Ten Dollar Bill folded in the dirt of the soft shoulder of the Road!  Booyah!  It's not the first time he's found Cash while we're gleaning Cans, I joke he's become a Cash Finding Magnet!

I got a Step Counter, brand new and unopened, at a Chazza, I'd been wanting one, so Scoring one for Four Dollars that still had a Retail Price on the Packaging of Fifteen, was a Bargain.   I logged almost 5,000 steps this first day out Can gleaning that I wore it.  We weren't out as long as usual either, since I slept in after I dropped Princess T off at School, climbing back into Bed for another Three Hours of Rest I must have needed.   Usually we'd of headed out after I drop her off at 7:00 a.m., this day it was closer to 11:00 before we did and we have to pick her up by 2:15 p.m..   So I probably get a lot more Steps in on an average day of doing what we enjoy doing now.

It counts Miles too and said I logged in 1.9 Miles, not bad... but far less than we usually walk, so it will be interesting to see on a regular day how far we Walk?   I do see my Diabetic Specialist in the Morning so won't get to go out and do stuff until after that Appointment at 9:00, so it will be another late start.  I don't know what Med adjustments she's going to make this time, but it's likely to be necessary since my Numbers haven't been consistently decent at all since I've gone off my Eastern Medicines which I cannot get now that our Friends have Sold their Eastern Medical Practice.   Since Insurance won't cover Eastern Medicine at all, it gets expensive to pay 100% out of pocket for what is most effective and Insurance won't acknowledge as beneficial Treatment.

I won't even bitch about all of that, to me Western Medicine has it's place, but Eastern Medicine does too and we should be able to have the Option of using either and having our Insurance equally cover it IMO.   But they don't and so that is that and I've paid out of Pocket for Years to get my Eastern Medical Treatments that have been far more beneficial than anything any Western Medical Doctor has been able to Treat me for.   Even the Western Medical Doctors have had to confess that the proof is evident when I'm able to afford and take my Eastern Meds, that my Health has been WAY better and almost eliminated the need for Insulin at all!   But, if I can't get it, it's back to square One and more invasive Injections, with crappier and inconsistent results, which Sucks!

So anyway, Moving On... by the time this Post Publishes I will have attended another Event called "Bountiful Market" that will still have an Autumnal Theme.  One of my Friends has some more Velvet Pumpkins with Real Stems made for the Show so I may pick up one or two more of those, but don't really have an Agenda or Mission Statement for any other purchase that I can't live without.  *LOL*  You never know tho', the Preview Pixs only give a Sampling of what will be offered and Autumn Merch is my all time Fav and most Tempting not to be able to resist.  I can resist most Christmas and Winter Merch easily, I have Enough... but I can't get Enough of Autumn and Halloween!

I'm including just a few of the Sneak Peek Images I Cribbed off their Book of Faces site for the Event.   I suppose if I were to be Decorating and Styling an entire Home from Scratch I'd be more Tempted, but I'm not.   So I just enjoy all of the Inspiration and Eye Candy, the large Merch I'm not in need of, since I have all of the large furnishings I'll ever need in this Lifetime now.   Smalls tend to be my Achilles Heel because they don't take up a lot of Space so I feel I can still justify the purchase of some, so long as I keep my 5-to-1 Rule in place when bringing new stuff in and continuing to Downsize methodically too.

Also, I just Love the Energy of a good Event and indulge in much Pathological Picture Taking to utilize to cover the Event here in The Land Of Blog.  I want all of my Small Business Owner Friends to thrive and go Strong.   Far too many have had to Close in recent Years and I want what remnants are left to Prosper and absolutely Kill It every single Event and Show they Host!   You can't beat the Uniqueness of the Small Indie Biz and what they offer... no Big Box Store or Amazon can compare IMO.   Buying Online just doesn't do it for me anyway, it's not the same as Being There and Experiencing something.

To me the Experiences and Inspiration are Priceless regardless of what I buy or can't buy, you know?   There's always things I see that I'd Love to own but can't... and that's Okay... I still enjoy beholding what Merch my Designer Friends are able to Source from all over.   I Wish I could go Junquing more actually for Resale items that would be Killer.   The Man and I really enjoy doing that, The Thrill Of The Hunt is what is our Rush more than Owning anything in particular and Keeping it for ourselves.  A lot of Killer items have passed thru my Hands over the Years and it was Fun to Source them more than to own them for any amount of time until I Sold them.

Anyway, most of my Friends in the Industry know what I Love and I know what they require for Themed Shows they're Hosting, so it can be mutually beneficial.  So I do have Big Plans.   Eventually we may resume doing things we used to do and had to quit doing, but would like to get back to now that we're permanently settled at a Forever Home.   There's a lot of things I am still capable of doing and enjoy tremendously, so once all of the Work of Moving In is complete, and all of the Property here is 100% Functional, I'll have more time and space to devote to such things.  It's irked me that in February it will be Two Years and I still don't have the RV Garage and Art Studio Spaces squared away and Functional!

Weather has not been my Friend in that regards, in Spring and Summer it's been too Hot since the RV Garage is not Climate Controlled and the Art Studio Space has a small Air Conditioner that takes Hours to Cool the space enough to Work in during those Months.   Then Autumn rolled in but with Climate Change, we had triple digit temps clear into October, so it's only Cool enough in the Evenings to get any Work done out there.   Come Winter it sometimes gets really Cold in there and then you have to bundle up to Work... so working around the Weather conditions has been challenging, otherwise, it would have all already been done.

Now that Princess T has a Strong Young Man around here visiting all the time, she'll be helping me too, and when her Brother and Partner get here, perhaps having those Four helping me will get it all done before end of Winter?  That's the Grand Plan anyway while I have Strong Young People to assist me.   I can give them basic instructions on what I want them to do with smaller stuff to get it out of the way while we arrange larger stuff.   If T.J. gets that above ground Spa off my back Patio I will have plenty of space to stack Crates of Smalls to get them out of the way while we re-arrange and find ideal placement for larger items.  I've always thought if I could take damned near everything out and slowly bring it back in a more Orderly fashion, things would come together.


During the Big Move, I only had a single day when I could afford to have Hired Muscle to get everything over here and just unceremoniously stashed in there any kind of way just to get it done in a day.   During that single day we got everything out of the McManse and everything out of U-Haul Storage, so it was a hasty fast moving Ordeal and Order wasn't something we could take the time to do in order to Finesse what went into the RV Garage.   The only place I could Finesse the Placement of things was in the Main House.   The RV Garage space and the Art Studio space {which is a converted Double Car Garage that was made into a Home Office by the previous Owners}, just became a dumping ground for what wasn't going into the Home.   And they still look like it!

You should have seen how Lovely both Spaces were just before that day when too much came over all at once, they were a Vision and I'd laid down Persian Rugs and brought some items over to Stage areas properly.   So, things like the Big Bookcase, Antique Dress Forms, Architectural Salvage, Washer/Dryer, Fridge and all my Antique Fireplace Mantles were set up nicely and placed where they should be.   Then everything else came over unceremoniously and made both spaces The Gauntlet it now is.   I made a lot of progress early in Pandemic last Winter when we were in Pandemic Lockdown Extended Stay, but it stalled out when Spring and the Heat came in with a vengeance.

Now when I go in there by myself, visually I become completely Overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is still left to do.  In my Head I know that it's way better than it was last Winter... and a lot got squared away and done... but there is still a lot left to do... too much.   Many Hands will make it seem more manageable and not so overwhelming and paralyzing a task.   Last Winter I did have The Man and The Son helping me a lot, which made a big difference.   The Son was staying with us at the time and had the Muscle to move things I couldn't and schlep heavier filled Crates for longer than I could by myself.   Dealing with stuff one Crate or Box at a time is tedious... and once unpacked, then what to do with it becomes the next step of the Journey!   As they say, every Journey begins with a Step towards the Destination...


Don't always know for sure where we're going on this Journey, but we're on our way... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So nice when good things happen to good people. And in case no one has told you, you are a good thing (read person) who has happened to good people. And getting something is often more satisfying than owning it. I have a dream house I would love to build with three stories, gable windows, turrets, secret doors and passage ways and soon. I'd never live there (who would clean and heat it?) but the satisfaction of building it would be incredible.

    1. It is wonderful when a good person has their Good Karma come in for them, I agree. So many people who aren't good and exploit everything and everyone tend to be the ones who set a bad example and too many idolize and try to emulate because they then think that is the only way to get ahead and prosper. Anyway, Thank You for the Sincere Compliment, I love to Write and take Photographs, so anyone that appreciates the end result and says it's been a good thing for them, makes me so Happy. Like you, I've thought of building a quirky Dream House or completely Restoring an Old Ruin of one. Not so much in the Owning or Living In it, but for the satisfaction of building and restoring something that will exist because we took the time and energy to manifest it into being. So many great Architects have left those Legacies that remain so long after they're gone, I think of Frank Lloyd Wright, he has numerous buildings he built here in the Valley, all magnificent, he never lived in a single one of them.

  2. I hope your vision for your RV space comes together for you with all the young people around to help.

    1. I sure Hope so Jean, if I can't get it done with all that additional Help, we're doomed! *LOL*

  3. I love making plans for lottery winnings. I never play the lottery, but the planning is fun.

    My first order of business would be to set up my team to handle the various outstretched hands that come with such a windfall.

    My brother would be the Director of No. He'll be in charge of handling requests from family and friends. I'd name one of my old high school buddies as the Vice President of Hell No, who would handle "investment opportunities." Lastly, my other old high school buddy would be the Chairman of F*** Off, or the CFO, for short, to handle charitable and political donation requests.

    (Yes, I would be active in all three areas, but it would be at my discretion and on my timetable.)

    With the team in place, I'll be free to play with the dough as I see fit, while always obeying the Prime Directive: Never to have to work again. So there would be fun, but nothing too stupid. How can one face the prospect of going back to work after burning through millions of dollars?

    1. Your Team sounds like a Team I'd choose should I have a windfall. *winks* And that last line had me rolling!

  4. I'm more of a saver than a spender but hubby was a spender. That's why I was in charge of all the money and the blls. At least he knew I would get all the bills paid.

    1. I'm the Financial Manager and Advisor in this household too Mary, The Man isn't good with the managing of Money tho' he's not a big spender either usually. His downfall, when he could still drive, was wanting new vehicles all of the time and recreational vehicles, all of which depreciate faster than anything else you can buy... but Men like their Big Boy Toys, don't they?

  5. Great eye candy. I hope you get to make some progress, I'm heading downstairs today because we have finally have rain. Love all the Fall photos..we haven't decorated for Fall as the living room was all ripped up---just now gluing it back together. Nice to visit your visuals and pretend I did decorate, lol. Hugs, Sandi

    1. Sandi I was slack decorating this Year too, I had so much going on and it still looks very cluttered. I am finding it is a longer transition period than expected to downsize to half the Main House size we had before. *LOL* This is not a small Home but it's an Open Floorplan so it's not got as many Walls to put things against or on the Walls of and I am finding it makes Decorating for Holidays more challenging. It can also look cluttered or messy more so than not having a big Open Floorplan. I do like it, I'm just learning to live differently, the Historic Home had many tiny Rooms, the McManse was a ridiculous sized Home but had cavernous individual Rooms... so this Open Farmhouse Style is really one big Room that has the Livingroom, Sitting Room and Diningroom all Open and without dividing Walls.


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