Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Making October Memorable


Princess T and I took an impromptu Girl's Day Out, having Lunch together and going to "The Spirit Store" and some Chazzas, stopping by our Showroom at the Antique Mall to bring in more Inventory, purchasing some small Cacti for me to put in my small Collection of 'Macayo's' Planters.   I also picked up a Dragon Fruit Cacti at the Plant Nursery, first time I'd ever seen them for Sale anywhere, and tho' I Love Dragon Fruit, I honestly didn't know they are the Fruit of a Cactus!   Mine is quite small right now, but I got one that looked the most robust, since they can be a very thin Cactus.   I didn't know they trellis as they grow tho'.

 The Fruit are expensive to buy in the Stores, so I'll try my hand at growing my own now.   The Plant was only as expensive as buying 3 of the Fruit at the Grocery Store, so it's worth chancing it.   Here's what a Mature Specimen bearing the Colorful Fruit looks like, as the Branches trellis.  Hopefully I don't have to wait 'til mine looks like that before I get a Harvest?  *LOL*    I kind of like the way it grows and weeps, almost like a Cactus Willow and the Fruit of coarse are striking visually.  The interior is White, Magenta, Pink or Red with Black Seeds and very Mild tasting.  Online it says in 6-9 Months you could have a plant bearing Fruit, not bad, but potted it could take up to 2 Years.

Since my intention, eventually, is to grow what we like to eat, and to harvest our own foods of here at the Mini Farm, I'm looking for plants I'd like to start growing now.   I won't plant anything my Neighbors are already growing from Mature Trees that took a long time to bear incredible Harvests, since they Share their Harvest with all of us and I haven't got Decades to wait for anything to Mature that much.   So I want to just grow what nobody is growing and then be able to reciprocate and Share some of our Harvests with Neighbors too.  Plants that grow fast and bear Harvests Young, at our advanced Age, are the best options. 

Our Neighborhood Mini Farms were established from 1970-1980 so everyone's Mature Trees that bear a Harvest are over 40+ Years Old now.  I don't have Forty Plus Years left to wait for anything to get that Mature.  *LOL*  The previous Owners of this Property only planted Palms and Pines, plus one Shade Tree that bears nothing but provides great Shade and has large Leaves like a Fig Tree.  I don't even know what that Tree is, I just know it hasn't borne anything edible and sheds all it's Leaves in the Fall and goes dormant.

My sense about previous Owners use of the Pasture here, was probably for just Horses and not any Livestock that produced any kind of Food for them.  Mebbe they didn't even have Horses and just liked having this much Grass on Acreage, I dunno really?   But, unlike most Neighbors who actually Farmed their Acreage, I doubt previous Owners of this Property ever Farmed anything.   I'd like to be able to grow Food here since we do have a lot of Land, and just having Grass, lots of it, isn't the best use of this Acreage IMO.   It's a lot of Work for no Reward really, so in due time I'd like to have at least Veggies, Herbs and Fruit growing here.  Mebbe even a Hen or Two for Eggs and to eat the Scorpions. 

I'm glad we didn't jump the Gun and get a Hen or Two earlier, because when The Young Prince and his Partner show up to stay with us for a while, they have a Pit Bull named Tyson... and I think Tyson would have been killing and eating Chickens.   Tyson... Chickens... get the Dark Humor and Joke of that Word play!?  *Bwahahahaha*   Anyway, Omar's Family has a Female Pit Bull next door, so I'm only hoping Ole' Tyson doesn't jump the low Fence between our properties to get himself a Girlfriend!?   I'm also glad that Eli isn't an Indoor-Outdoor Cat like Miss Priss was, or Tyson wouldn't be able to be here.

Anyway, this will be the largest Property that Ole' Tyson has ever had to run and play on, so he should be in Dog Heaven here.   Last Irrigation Cycle we had Ducks floating around in the back Pasture... so I think during Irrigation Cycles we'll have to find some way to contain Tyson tho'.   So he's not out killing Wild Migratory Birds that take advantage of Irrigation Days.   There is one Duck Couple that always show up, oddly, tho' the Canadian Geese do come to some of the Mini Farms, they have never come to ours... they tend to come to the Farms that have other Domesticated Geese.

Anyway, this one must be going thru another Growing Spurt because she had Two Bowls of the Italian Wedding Soup and side of Bread at "Wildflower Bread Co." and then wanted Hot Wings from "Little Cesar's" too!   Usually she's not a big eater, in fact, usually she's a picky eater, but this Day she said she felt ravenously hungry.   She even ate some of what I was having, since I needed some Help finishing mine, since my one injectable Diabetic Med, Trulicity, inhibits appetite.  They may even have to increase my dosage again, since my Numbers aren't as good as they were when I first started taking it.

We played Jenga with the Bread... LOL!   I also bought a couple Loaves to bring Home with us, a Rosemary Sea Salt Loaf and a Red, White & Blue Loaf that has Berries baked into it.   I'm surprised they have the latter all the way into Fall, since usually it's a Seasonal Bread that they only do around the 4th of July and then discontinue it.   That used to be the same with the Rosemary Sea Salt Bread, being only Seasonally offered, until it became so popular that now they offer it most all of the time, it's one of our Favorites.

I usually get the Roasted Sweet Potato half a Sammie with either a side Salad or Cup of Soup.   This day I got both the Strawberry Spinach Salad and a Cup of the Italian Wedding Soup.   I didn't realize that I liked Gorgonzola until I had it on this Strawberry Spinach Salad, normally I don't like Blue Cheeses... but with this Salad it's a nice Flavor Profile and it has the Walnuts too and a Sweet Poppy Seed Fruit Dressing.   I like the Fig Jam they use on the Roasted Sweet Potato Sammie, but I liked this Sammie better when they used to use Fresh Mozzarella Slices rather than Feta Cheese.   I like Feta, but the Mozzarella was a better Cheese to use with the Roasted Sweet Potato, so I didn't like that change they made.

I know why they changed it, they said the Mozzarella wouldn't all get used up in time and too much had to be thrown out, so the Feta economically was better for the Restaurant and not wasted.   They have lotsa Sammie choices and I guess my Favorite isn't the most popular option.   I began ordering it when I wasn't eating Meat for Two Years, every other option has Meat of some kind.   Anyway, it became a Fav of mine even once I started eating Meat again, since going Vegetarian did nothing to improve my Diabetic Numbers at all, nor did it help with weight loss or overall Health.   But I gave it a try for Two Years to see if it would be a Helpful Lifestyle change, when it wasn't, I ditched it.

I've tried lots of Dietary changes over the Years of having Diabetes and becoming an Insulin Dependent Diabetic, honestly, the only thing that is Helpful is barely eating at all, which isn't sustainable of coarse.  *LOL*   If I Fast for long periods of time on any given day, my Numbers are fantastic, but I'm freakin' starving!  Anyway, having our Girl's Day Out while she's on her Fall Break was making October Memorable in the best ways we can Dream Up while she's out of School this Week.  There's really not a lot of options for Kiddos during a Pandemic and I know that for a lot of Kids, it has created a lot of Anxieties they didn't previously have before COVID, it's turned the World upside down.

This Grandchild suffered from extreme Anxiety Issues even before Pandemic, so it has just intensified how Anxious she now feels about so many things... and now even more things.   So, when we go out and just do something Fun and Normalized together, I can see it ease a lot of the stress and intentional isolation she's been having since Pandemic began.   We laughed about this Bad Habit Nun Costume, she actually bought the Leggings, had she not already had her Naughty Cop Costume, this would have definitely been a contender Costume for Halloween and she'd of looked Adorable in it!   At Fifty Bucks tho', we just got the Knee High Tights. 

She's been concerned that Isaac has yet to go get his 2nd Vaccine on time and is urging him to do it lest he wreck the effectiveness of having had the 1st one and procrastinating on the 2nd one.   He also has procrastinated to get his Halloween Costume and selection will be getting slim on the more popular ones very soon.  I can see she's wrestling with what she really likes about this Young Man and what gets on her last Nerve about his Habits.   Yeah, that's how it is with Relationships, isn't it... we all have our dualities, some of it good... some of it not so good.   She isn't one to suffer someone's not so good side for long.   He may be on thin Ice me thinks, whether he realizes it or not?  *LOL*

I am glad we have dialogue about all kinds of stuff tho' and she's completely comfortable telling me how she feels about all kinds of things she's Dealing with as a Teenager.   That open line of Communication is very Important between Kiddos and whoever is Raising them.   She was telling me that Isaac doesn't seem to have that at Home with his Mom and Stepdad, which is a shame.  I recognized that he seems to like spending time with our Family a lot, which is always an indicator to me that perhaps a Young Person isn't as comfortable spending time with their own Family Unit?    There seems to be a double standard in how he sees his Family treat him and how they treat the Younger Siblings more preferentially.  That happens in some Families, playing Favorites.

He seems to have such a quiet easy going personality that perhaps he hasn't had a Voice like the Siblings that may be more outspoken and difficult to Parent?   I don't know the Family, but I see his personality being a more cooperative and compliant one, tho' he did confess when he was very Young he did things for Attention and it often got him into trouble.   Younger Kids especially will do that tho' if they feel invisible, ignored and not Heard.   For a Child any Attention is preferable to no Attention.   So they don't and won't differentiate between what is good and healthy Attention versus unhealthy and bad Attention.  Sometimes a Family will Invest all their Time and Resources to the High Maintenance Child at the expense of the Low Maintenance Child if they're not Careful. 

Not to even Judge the Parents, since some circumstances require so much Attention to be focused and spread the Adults and Family quite thin.   I recall a Dear Family I knew who had one Pre-Teen Child who was slowly Dying of Brain Cancer.  They had an Older Teen Child that got lost in that mix of a Family having to Deal with an impossible tragic situation in the Home.   By the time the Younger Child succumbed to her illness, they had all but 'Lost' her Older Brother, since he hadn't been met at his Point of Need.     A lot of Baggage can come of that, which then gets dragged along thru much of a Life, when stuff like that hasn't been Resolved.

He really had to take a Back Seat and 2nd place for so many Years due to his Younger Sister's terrible prolonged illness and what it exacted upon them all.   Even as a grown Man I am sure he suffered Guilt for being Resentful about how much Attention and Focus were on his Beloved little Sister... and she was Beloved, and Missed, by them all.   But they kinda 'Lost' Two Kids, not just the one who tragically Died too Young.    And the baggage did follow that Young Man thru Life and never got Resolved, he Married another Friend's Daughter, who had also been a Dear Friend of his Dearly Departed Sister... and, there was no Happy Ending to that Story unfortunately.  A Shame, they are both great Young People, I was Sorry when I heard they got Divorced... something their Kids now have to Deal with.

Speaking of tragic difficult circumstances Families must unexpectedly Deal with some kind of way, I got very Emotional when the Granddaughter who broke her Neck in the terrible Accident she and her Dad were in, Shared this pix.   She's so bruised and clearly in a lot of Misery in this initial phase of her trying to Heal.   The huge Box in front of her I cropped a lot of, but it's filled completely to capacity with all the items she requires for her Home Treatments.  Thankfully she is a Nurse and knows what she has to do and is capable of doing it, but God Bless her, it's just A LOT!   Not to mention she's not getting much Sleep with the Pain and other discomforts of the Medical equipment she has to wear, so she's pretty Miserable right now and Emotionally is quite Down in the dumps.

Listen, when things are really shitty, something always comes into play... an Old Saying that my Dear Sage Ole' Dad used to say:  "Nothing sorts people out quite like Trouble..."   She's been eluding to who isn't there for her and I Get It... every time we've had a catastrophic event or crisis, you will see whose conspicuous by their very absence.  Sometimes the Support Network you might have thought you had can go down like a Dart and you'll be Dealing with most of the shitty stuff on your own and in a form of Social isolation.   It's difficult for most people to know how to even respond when something is very uncomfortable for them to become Involved in, so they just don't get Involved.

Depending upon the length of the Crisis, extent of Disability or how Chronic an Illness or Hardship becomes, that Inner Circle will shrink down to practically nothing.   That can be a bitter Pill to swallow along with Dealing with everything else, just another layer really of what isn't going to be Pleasant to Face and have to acknowledge.  Hard knocks Life and all.    I'm Hopeful, being she's Young and Strong, that she quickly Heals and bounces back with no long term effects from this terrible catastrophic event.   That she realizes who is Ride or Die and has her Back... and prioritizes which Relationships are worth Cultivating as she moves forward and which are relegated now to just being Casual Ties, if that.   Fair Weather Friends and Weak Family Connections just aren't worthy of the Investment of you being All In, if they're simply not.


Making this a Memorable October in the best and most Positive possible ways we can... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Isaac possibly being on thin ice, and not knowing it, is reminding me of my dating history and the one thing I regret. That regret being that I was not more vocal. Not telling suitors what they were doing that bothered me, things that were pushing me away until it was too late. They were completely blindsided and I was completely done. I was not kind. People were hurt, damaged even, and never knew why. Just sayin, because of my experiences, and the guilt I carry ... it might be kinder for Princess T to have a talk with Isaac. Tell him how she feels, that he's pushing her away, is heading towards thin ice.

    1. I agree and is the advice I gave to her, keep a line of communication open and honest, but also expressed with kindness so that nobody has to feel on the defensive for being true to themselves. They get along so well, but he's perhaps more ready for something resembling more than Friendship than she is at such a Young Age. She's still very much a Kid and behaves as such, it doesn't seem to bother him, he's very patient and kind about how he treats her... she is not always kind... it's how she is and I have to remind her when she's being unkind or insensitive. For now anyway they seem to be content with the progression of their bond. I know how she is, she can be Done with people easily, some of her Friends found that out the hard way. She is okay with having no Friends rather than putting up with behaviors she finds unacceptable and I think a lot of Young Men can be Clueless around Women... Hell, even some Older Men are. *LOL*

  2. Ouch, on the broken neck. I guess she was lucky she is up walking around. She should be able to put up with a lot of discomfort considering how much worse things could have turned out.

    1. Yes, I couldn't even Imagine breaking my Neck and that whole Healing process and whatever long term Issues it could cause. She is indeed Lucky she can still Walk and didn't become Paralyzed, Neck and Spine Injuries are so scary! Things could have been so much worse, I'm Thankful she's Young, Strong and Recovering.

  3. Glad you and princess had chance to get out, your blog is so much fun.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Oh I really did need a Girl's Day Out, we do have Fun and Blogging about it is Fun too! I'm glad you enjoy the Posts my Friend.

  4. Girl's fun day sounds like good. Glad it does its trick.

    1. Lord did I NEED that Girl's Day Out really, lots of stressors lately and trying to stay Centered and in a place of Calm has been challenging at times.

  5. That relationship you have with your granddaughter is such a gift. To both of you, really, but I know 30 years from now she can look back with fondness and happiness that she had you.

    The costumes and blood and guts and gore and shock value stuff just don't do it for me anymore, I used to get a kick out of it all. But the photos of it, those are great. You really have an eye.

    Also, I want to come have lunch with you next time you go to that restaurant, it looks amazing!

  6. That Restaurant is one of our Favs, they have Chihuly Glass Bouquet hanging from the Ceiling and bake their Breads and Pastries Daily. The Menu is excellent and the Staff are wonderful, many of them are Friends of ours, some I've known almost all their Lives and were Kids that grew up with our Kids and now have Grown Kids... my how Time just flies by! Yes, having a great relationship with your Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren is indeed a huge Gift and Blessing... one of the great privileges of growing Old actually. I know I'm totally biased, but I think we have a Fantastic Family. *Smiles* All the Macabre still does it for me... I don't think I ever grew up. *Ha ha ha* As for Lunch... if you're ever in the area... I have met up with Blog Friends before and it's always a Bonus to get to meet Blog Friends in Real Life and connect in person.

  7. Dragon fruit is good, good luck growing your own. If I had a yard I would probably have a little garden here but I tend to kill any plants I try to grow.

    1. I'm hopeful I have good Luck growing the Dragon Fruit Mary, since they're so expensive in the Stores. I often buy Safeway's mixed fruit bowl because they sometimes have Dragon Fruit in it. I suppose they created those mixed fruit bowls out of the Produce that isn't getting Sold soon enough and so that it won't be wasted? I Love Gardening and am glad we now own Acreage again so that I can plan to have as big a Garden as I want to tackle maintaining. If we could grow most of our own fresh foods then it would save me a lot at the Grocery Store and when there are shortages due to Supply Chain Issues. When we went Grocery Shopping yesterday it was evident there are going to be worse Supply Chain Issues than we can probably Imagine if they don't start working out the offloading on the Docks of all those Cargo Ships stranded on both Coasts?


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