Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Living The Dream... Or A Nightmare?

WARNING: This Post starts Light and then goes to a Dark place of Topics to address!

 With doing a couple of Double Posts in a Day I'm only a couple Unpublished Posts ahead now.   Princess T and Isaac left for "Fear Farm" and to meet his Family, I do Hope both go well.  She doesn't like meeting new people, let alone some Guy's Family, so she was a bundle of nerves!  She asked me to critique her Outfit before they left, took my advice and changed part of it.   Not that the first choice looked bad, but the change from short Shorts and Knee High Tights to some Trendy Cute Jeans went better with the First Impression Look IMO. 

  She values my Advice, which is Touching... and she wanted to make a favorable first impression, which is Wise if she cares about what they think of who their Son spends a lot of time with.  He's given her a Heads Up about the dynamic of his Family. {Update: Only his Grandmother and little Brother were Home so that's all she got to meet and it went well with meeting them since his Little Brother is Shy like her and the Grandma recognized how Shy our Granddaughter is.  They said "Fear Farm" was overcrowded and an Underwhelming experience for the high price.  But they had Fun anyway.}

To be sure the First Impression of who she spends a lot of time with is something we give the critical Once Over too.  So I'm not Judging his Family harshly about who they feel a Peace about for their Son to be around or influenced by.  When I see the Cheerful and benign Online Videos of that unfortunate Young Woman very likely Murdered by her Fiance', appearances aren't everything when it comes to people and what's going on in their relationships.   At least they found his remains so the Investigation now can focus on evidence collected there that might at least give her Family more Closure about how or why?   Personally, it looks like a Classic DV Case that escalated to a fatality and then a Suicide of the likely Perp.  His Family are highly Suspect by their Odd Behavior and reluctance to do the Right thing from the Jump. 

The Young Woman was living with them too, so when their Son comes Home alone from a Six Week Trip with his Fiance' and with her Vehicle and Credit Cards, but neither of their Phones, and everyone pretends nothing is Wrong, I'm just not Buying it.  They had to know something or have serious suspicions, yet didn't contact Authorities or her Family to Report her Missing, see if she's Okay and with her Family, or even Alive!  In fact, they go on a Family Camping Trip... come on!   Then he turns up MIA and they lead Authorities on a Wild Goose Chase and his new Phone is conveniently left behind... I'd be looking for a Burner Phone they maintained Contact with him on. 

Then when the Story gains National Attention and coverage, it's no longer anything that can be covered up, nor do their Stories line up well.  When everything's closing in on all of them, suddenly now they join in, Lawyer Up and find the location of their Son's remains!   So that perhaps the Media or Amateur Sleuths aren't there first, controlling the Narrative of their Son's demise?  I don't think it's a stretch to conclude he very likely did it and not some Stranger they happened upon whilst Traveling.   It bothered me a lot how the Moab PD handled and responded to the DV situation prior to her Death.  

Male Officers Buddying up to the Man and being Judgmental about the Woman!  Even with Eye Witness accounts that she was the Victim and why 911 Calls were made for a Welfare Check on her in the first place by Concerned Citizens who saw her being Abused.  She's distraught and has marks, he's Joking and Cavalier... so typical it sickens me.   This is precisely why a lot of DV Victims don't Trust that any Justice will prevail, even when Help arrives and they'll be left with an even angrier Abuser who will retaliate after Police leave and blew off the threat.

  She's Young, vulnerable, Miles from Home and no Safe place to Land, at the Mercy of her Abuser... so what could she do really, they were frequenting remote locations.   She also reacts like many Abused Women and Abused Children do, low self esteem and blaming of themselves for the Abuse they are receiving.  When it's someone you Love or are totally Dependent upon that is the Abuser, it's the ultimate betrayal and most dysfunctional of close Relationships.   But the Videos bely the Dark Side of the Union, don't they?  One would think looking at those that there was no Trouble in Paradise and they were Living The Dream.  Hard to watch those Cheerful Videos knowing the tragic Outcome.

Of coarse a lot of Families of missing people don't warrant as much Media and Authorities attention as this one did.  So a lot of Cases just go Cold and don't have Pressure mounted to Solve and Help the Families of the Lost or even the Murdered.  In a way I'm a little fed up now with the News Coverage about it and the "Who Dunnit?" Mentality... Please... it's fairly obvious who Killed Gabby by now, it will either be proven or they won't have enough evidence to put another Nail in his Coffin... no pun intended.   He is someone's Son and Grandson, they will Grieve their loss even if he is/was an Abusive Guy and went too far with it.  The only Closure her Family will now have is that he's Dead and won't harm any more Young Women.  I think there was already a Pattern here he was Abusive and she was in Danger.

Along with the annoying News Coverage of Bad Politicians, and America now having a Fascist Major Political Party that's not even pretending not to be Anti Democratic anymore, it's why I rarely watch TV now and the News in particular.  It's all such an incredible messy situation and the amount of Denial and even all the PC bullshit to not just state the obvious about the Far Right and their Agenda, is working my last raw Nerve about it all.   Behavior tolerated is behavior accepted after all.   And there's never a good excuse for bad behavior.   Bad behavior accepted just always escalates, ALWAYS!   Count on it.  Mark my Words about that Fact.   You gotta nip that shit in the bud every time and never make excuses for it nor tolerate it. 

So, anyway, other than a messy World right now, everything is Swell, Right?  *Sarcastic Eye Roll*   I did nothing this Sunday but stay in my Jammies and wait for "Halloween Wars" and other Halloween Food Channel Competitions to Air that Evening.   I ate leftovers from the Moroccan Feast for Lunch and The Man used the new to us nifty Red Retro looking Hot Dog Toaster, I found like new at a Chazza, to make us some Hot Dogs with it later.  It pretty much Sucks, that's probably why someone barely used it and then Donated it.  It dries out the Buns to where they fall apart and the Hot Dogs don't go all the way down in it, have to be flipped to totally cook them, and then get stuck. 

 It comes with tiny Tongs that aren't all that Helpful to a sticking Hot Dog in the Machine.  The Man doubtfully will want to cook any more with it.  I'll give it one more try and then Donate if it is a worthless POS Appliance Invention.  *Le Sigh*  Well, tho' I'm not a big Small Appliance buyer, I thought it would be a novel way to nicely cook a couple Hot Dogs, the concept seemed brilliant on the surface.  Princess T doesn't like them so we only ever cook a couple for us, this seemed a more efficient way to do that without heating up the Kitchen with the Stove.  Granted, the Hot Dog was cooked perfectly, tho' not effortlessly, since it involved Profanity coming out of the Kitchen while he used the contraption, but I wouldn't use the Bun portion ever again to Toast our Buns.  *LMAO*

That was the most convoluted way to cook a Hot Dog EVER he exclaimed as he handed me mine, the Bun was inedible and not his fault, it was probably the worst Hot Dog I'd ever had served to me.   Sans the Bun and all the lovely Works of the Condiments, it was no Treat to just eat the perfectly cooked Hot Dog plain so everything wouldn't be wasted.   It's the Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Small Appliance and Online Ratings are High but that wasn't our Experience.  The High Ratings are why I'll try it myself, perhaps The Man was struggling due to his TBI to use something he'd never used before?   Some Reviewers did mention it cooks the Bun quicker than the Hot Dog, so put the Dog in thru 2 Cycles and the Bun in for the final one of those so they Cook evenly.

It's a Cute Appliance with a definite Retro Look to it, I thought it would be a Fun way to cook a Hot Dog, so I'm not ditching it just yet.  We'll go thru a packet of Hot Dogs and Buns first to see what a few more attempts reveal?  *LOL*  I think I only paid Five Bucks for it, and they Retail for Twenty-Five, so, no harm, no foul.  Most Small Appliances I've ever owned ended up Donated, they took up either too much Counter or Cupboard Space to be worth whatever they did... or failed to do.  I do like my Single Serving Coffee Maker tho'... and my new Bread Toaster.  We use both of those a lot so they're worth their weight in Gold.  I'm trying to find me one of those Electric Can Openers that Seals the Lid's Edge when it takes it off, so that it can be popped back on and not have sharp edges either.

They call them Smooth Edge Can Openers and I saw a late Night Infomercial once and thought, I NEED one of those.  *LOL*  Isn't that how it works when you are watching some elaborate Infomercial at Three in the Morning?  *Bwahahahaha*   The Safety Can Express did impress me on their Infomercial, but I've yet to see them in Stores and I won't use Amazon after they kept charging me when I was never an Amazon User.  I only got a slight refund and don't Trust them now, I never signed up for joining Amazon Prime with them and have no idea how they ever got my information?  They did refund me Three Months worth of Monthly Charges and Cancel the subscription I never approved.

Anyway, for now I don't have me one of those Safety Can Express Appliances, but I NEED one.   I open my Cans with an Ancient Hand Held Can Opener that is probably older than I am, but is indestructible and still works... but is tough once you get Arthritis and no Grip Strength some Days.   Sometimes it doesn't open the Cans evenly or the lid falls inside the Can or doesn't come all the way off... and it's sharp edges become unsafe.   I did Google to see that Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware might have the As Seen On TV Model I'm looking for, so that's on the itinerary for Tomorrow now I guess, while still fresh in my Mind.   I lead an Exciting Life like that!  *LOL*  


Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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