Monday, October 25, 2021

Large Strange Inheritance

 The New Doc I have as my Primary at the Base Clinic is actually in charge, I really liked her and because she's in charge, she got things rolling immediately.  My Tests were scheduled right away, so will be done within 48 Hours.  I don't know that my Mind will be fully at ease until I know what's going on, but I'm trying to just not think about it, since it's all an unknown at this time until we get some results.  I'm being put on a different Antibiotic, which I'm glad, this one I have to take every Six Hours isn't doing anything and makes me feel nauseous and an upset Stomach. {Update: A lot of this is Old News and the Post didn't Publish for Days, so Forgive me for having previous Posts that were actually newer and Published Automatically rather than Scheduled.}

In Real Time I've got an Event to go to in the Morning, I'm looking forward to it since it will be a nice distraction from Health concerns.  Not to mention, with only Days before Halloween, perhaps it will be the last of the Shows with an Autumnal Vibe and remnants of this Holiday's Offerings?   I don't expect to see anything Creepy from the Preview Pixs I've seen Online, which is a shame, and Stores now have very little of Halloween left, in fact, they had very little of Halloween to begin with this Year due to Supply Chain Issues.  Halloween is probably sitting offshore on some stranded Cargo Freighters I suspect?

There is plenty of Halloween Candy and a lot of Stores did discount it early this Year to stimulate trade I suppose?   Usually they wait to discount it until after Halloween is over.   We like the Snack Size of Treats used to hand out to Trick-Or-Treaters, so I always buy our Favorite Snacks in the Halloween smaller sized Servings while they still have them.   I got some Halloween hand-out Animal Crackers in those tiny sized Serving Bags, 20 individual packets, for our Snack Box.  I like those because they're not sweet and they're for us to eat, I won't be handing them out.

I watched a Marathon of Halloween Shows on the Food Network, most were reruns, but from a while ago, so it was like watching them for the first time really, I'd even forgotten who'd Won.  *LOL*   I briefly turned on the News, it's all Bad, so I kept my need to be informed very brief, I'd rather watch the Food Network and the Ghost Hunting Shows and be Entertained right now.   It's not that I don't Care what is happening to our Country, or around the World, I just can't really do anything significant to change any of it, so why Torment and upset myself?

The good thing is, every Doc Office and Federal Building we've had to go in during these recent days, Masks are now mandated and they don't screw around with the anti-mask folks.   They give them a throw-away Mask, tell them they must wear it, and properly covering both their Nose and Mouth, or leave.   Some tried to get in without one, but were given an ultimatum and complied in order to be seen, otherwise they knew Security would throw them out.  Good, I'm fed up and out of Patience with Adults misbehaving and spreading this deadly Disease around.

I have been able to get into the RV Garage and do some work, I just haven't been all that gung ho about it since I don't feel 100% to tackle it.   And since I don't need to, I'm just not, it can wait.   It's not bothering me so much to get in there with it in chaos, I'm concentrating on small things I can get done and then get out of there before I do feel overwhelmed or too exhausted.   So far, that strategy is working out better, so I'll stick with it 'til the Cavalry arrives in the form of my Grandson and his Partner at the end of the Month. 

I'll have a Friend in the Industry delivering something I bought from her next Week, it's a piece I was seriously in Lust with.   Slowly, when I see the Primo pieces for Decorating the RV Garage, I've decided if I can work something out to where it's affordable and delivered, I'll get them.   Having Smalls everywhere since I Sold Off almost all Furniture they were in or on before the Move, just isn't going to work out when I'm Decorating in there, so replacement pieces are in order.   I'm being exceedingly selective about what I want and will Invest in and buy for the Space tho'.

I bought a Commercial Mini Candy Vending Machine called a "Mint-O-Matic" for Five Bucks at a Chazza.  It's interesting looking and Online they are very expensive, so I'll do well on the resale of it.  It didn't have the Pole or the Key so I'll price accordingly.   The Mint Candy it dispensed was a Quarter, this isn't a pix of mine, mine doesn't say Series 2000.   If I kept it I'd just Display other Smalls in it since it has a cool looking Acrylic see thru section with tubular interior.   So, if it doesn't Sell I don't mind keeping it and putting Vintage Marbles, Vintage Board Game Pieces, Dice or something interesting in the Tubes to Display.  People like to Decorate with these kinds of Vending Machines even if they're not functional and used as intended.

I also Scored this Danish Grondahl Figurine of a Girl with Cat at the same Chazza for Two Bucks, they sell for about $68-$91 Online, so I should do well on the resale of that too.    I don't usually Invest in Figurines because they can be a tough Sell and I don't Collect them.   But when the price is ridiculously low for something with Value, I would rather take a chance of it Selling in the Antique Mall than risk it being manhandled and broken at some secondhand store where most Customers and Staff don't even recognize the Good Stuff so are careless or heavy handed with it.   Sometimes even in our Antique Mall we get the Manhandlers of Merch, so it is still a risk.

If you asked me to explain some of the Weird & Wonderful Merch I run across and Photograph, I just couldn't.   This is a prime example of something really Odd and Old that I have no idea what the Purpose was for in it's Era, but it was Cool and I should have bought it for my Cabinet of Curiosities because I've never seen another one.    I don't even think I inquired what they were asking for it since I had a hunch it would be expensive since it was in a locked Case at an Antique Mall and the Vendor had a lot of very Unique Old items I'd never seen before, all of it looking high end and expensive.    Any time the price tags aren't visible, it's a Sign it is something they're asking a lot for.

The same with Taxidermy, I rarely buy mine from a place that specializes because I wouldn't be able to afford it.   I am seriously considering taking a Taxidermy Class at the end of the Year being offered by a Favorite Curiosities Shop in Downtown Phoenix.   They're Hosting them again and my Grandson and I always wanted to take one together and now we'll have that opportunity since he's moving back.   I found out another Friend of mine in the Industry is also interested in taking one and perhaps she can book her Class at the same time since they usually only have 4-5 Students per Class.  It would be Fun if it is all a Class of Family and Friends.   Plus then I'd know the Health Status of everyone.  *LOL*

Yes, I still do have concerns about the Unvaccinated being around me unawares, since we never really know who they are and what other risks they take that make them more vulnerable to the Virus?   Infectious Diseases are scarier to me than those you can't infect other people with, because if infected, you could cause someone else to Die too by infecting them.  I don't see it as being all about me and I do wish more people who are being self-centered would show greater Social conscience about their poor choices in a Pandemic World.  It isn't all about them, it's selfish and irresponsible for them to assume it is.

While unpacking in the RV Garage I have run across some things I completely forgot I had.   It was really good to see them again, even tho' they'd been long forgotten with being Stored so long unseen.   That's why I want to get thru it all, every Box and Crate as yet unpacked, every other place I might have stashed something in order to get the Move accomplished.   I did get really creative about where things were placed in order to compensate for lack of packing materials in a crunch.   Most of my Vintage Linen Collection were used to wrap fragile items and protect them.   Every Vintage Suitcase, Chest, Footlocker and Train Case was used to transport items.

I know that unpacking and the sorting thru of the minutia will take a lot of time, so I'm leaving that 'til last, after everything larger has been dealt with.   Placement of larger items and disposing of larger items in the downsizing process has been what I've mostly focused upon before and directly after moving.  You can get bogged down if you dealt with the minutia simultaneously in the initial process.  Plus, downsizing of Smalls doesn't give you that sense of accomplishment or visual satisfaction of having less right away to keep you motivated sufficiently.  Often with Smalls I have bulk sold them in Lots rather than individually to make more progress. 

I can proudly now say I've become more Editorial, tho' it's an ongoing process for me to Edit and Purge most effectively.   To Curate in a way that isn't as prone to excessive and compulsive behaviors doesn't happen overnight.   I don't even know how far I want to take it?   At some juncture I'm sure I'll figure I've gotten rid of enough for now and not push myself to downsize more and in haste regret some things that I disposed of.   Right now, few regrets, tho', Yes, I have some, items I felt I had to get rid of and miss because they were OOAK and thus irreplaceable.   I only bought one back from who I Sold it to in the Industry, Graciously for the same price she let me have it back at as I'd Sold it to her.

Since she'd Stored it when her Shop Closed during Pandemic, I did give her something towards Storing it that long.   They bought a lot from me and I'm glad most of it Sold, but also glad that one piece I regret having to Sell didn't get Sold, so I could buy it back.  *LOL*   Every time I sit on it I'm so glad to have it back, even tho' it will remain as a piece of Furniture in the RV Garage since there is no space in the Main Home it would have ever worked.  I instinctively knew that when I initially Sold it, because of the types of Homes I was looking at during the time we were looking for our Forever Home.   A Victorian Cut Velvet Loveseat will however go nicely in my Library area of the RV Garage.  *Smiles*

Yes, the ample and ridiculous sized Storage this Property has made it so that I didn't have to get rid of everything immediately.  Or pay for offsite Storage and spend a Fortune Storing it all either.   I like that Option, it was the reason this Property was The One.   Like our Historic Home and Acreage, it had the Space beyond the Main Home to spread out my possessions and indulge myself in my Passions.   The McManse was huge too, so I can't say that any of the Properties didn't fulfill that Purpose, but I did downsize considerably with each Big Move.  Not so much because of having to, but of wanting to for the sake of the Heirs.  Who, if I don't do it, will have a large Strange Inheritance to Deal with.  *Winks*


Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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