Sunday, October 24, 2021

In Real Time... Shit Changes FAST!


In Real Time it's a Tuesday Night and I think my Precious One just got her little Heart broken and is crying in her Room in the Dark.   Grandpa came in to tell me she'd just come back from visiting Straight Anthony and just before that Irresistible Isaac had come over and left early taking a big pile of all his things with him... Hoodies, X-Box, the Works!  *Ruh Roh!*   Well, it was bound to happen, he's Older, she's Too Young, they wanted different things in a Relationship and I could see that Writing on the Wall.   I dutifully went in to see if she was Okay, clearly she wasn't, but said she would be, she knows we can Talk if she wants to and needs to.  My Heartstrings ached for her, when Relationships end, with people you enjoyed being with, it's always difficult at any Age.

 She's not ready for a 'Boyfriend' and her insisting I Chaperone everything and only having him come over to hang out here was likely wearing thin with The Young Man and a complete anomaly in this Day and Age of how Teen Girls act?  We do roll Old School like that, this ain't our first Rodeo and a Teen Grandbaby's Virtue is high on our List.   He's a really Nice, hard working, trustworthy Young Man, but probably should set his sights on someone Older and ready for Dating.  He'll be an excellent Catch for some Older Young Lady wanting and ready for a Boyfriend, she wasn't The One.  I'm kinda glad she wasn't, I prefer her to hang out with her Boy Posse of just Friends, that's more of what she wants and needs at her tender age and I don't have to be so vigilant things aren't progressing too fast.

Back when she had Gay Timmy as part of her Boy Posse, he was her Virtue Guarder and there was no way a Straight Guy on the Move was getting near my Precious One.  *Smiles*  He was 'Safe', a Guy who knows how Guys think, but who wouldn't ever be interested in being more than just a Friend, due to his own Orientation.   They often talked candidly about stuff that probably she didn't want to have to discuss with her Old Grandparents or most Straight Guys, but could when her Brother lived at Home, from the Gay Guy perspective on how Guys are.   Yes, she has great Communication with us and knows no Topic is Off Limits with us and we'll always speak The Truth In Love... but some conversations are just awkward, we Get It.  Plus, we came off the Ark with Noah, remember?  *Winks*

So, anyway, her Broken Heart will Heal and this was a first Experience with a Crush that progressed about as far as a 15-16 Year Old Girl Crush probably should with a Young Man whose Grown... for his sake and hers.   That Truth won't be Helpful to her right now in her Angst ridden state of Being.  It's not quite the same as when her and Gay Timmy became on The Outs and she was Okay with that Relationship running it's course and ending.  Mostly because his Lifestyle Choices were heading in a Neg direction she also didn't want to go, I'm very glad she's using Wisdom and discernment beyond her Years, my Golden Child.  Not that she always will make the best Choices, in Life we never always do, but she tries to and that's what counts.

Moving On... since Gramma can't mend her Broken Heart for her, she'll have to move thru her stages of Grief over what transpired between them and why.  On to Happier Topics, a New Competition on the Food Network surfaced for Halloween and involves Three Teams of Chocolatiers who have to Create a Scene out of Chocolates and Candy exclusively and be Judged with a Winner that gets a Year's worth of Product from Hershey Park, a Vacay to the Theme Park, and Ten Grand... plus the Show is Hosted there in the wee Hours of the Night and Early Morning when nobody is there!   I really Loved this Show and it's Pace, it's Judging and the Skill level of it's Competitors.  The Team I was rooting for Won with this Vignette that had Creepy Doll Heads and parts, but also Whimsey.

I always like when the Self-Taught Artisans prevail over the Formally Trained ones who can be quite Arrogant and Condescending towards them.   There was a European Chocolatier Dude like that on one Team, I think he was Dutch and World renown, but very Snarky about the other Two Teams 'lack of Techniques'.  I didn't like him immediately, he was a pompous Ass and very full of himself.  Well, for all his showing off of Techniques and being Formally Trained and World Renown, his Team had the worst Display in my Amateur Opinion and I was glad he got put in his place and Humbled.   A touch of Humility will do him good and perhaps his Arrogance will be Checked?  *Winks*  

Okay, so, Yes, I did Delight perhaps too much in him not only Losing, but having the most unfavorable Critique by the Judges.   All of whom are respectful of his Stellar Reputation in the Industry, but also Professionals in this line of Work, speaking Truth about the flaws of his Display as Judges are required to do while Judging.   It was ugly and unimaginative compared to the other Two Creations, lots of relying on Techniques, but very little Creativity going on, it was Boring and Meh.   I didn't even Photograph it, that is how underwhelming and forgettable it was!  *LOL*   Swipe to the Left the Arrogant Dutch Chocolatier Guy who was way too confident he had an easy Win and was instead a Loser... a rather Sore petulant one with Excuses... sound Familiar?   *Bwahahahaha*

The other Two Teams did an exemplary Job, I liked them both, but the one I liked best did Win.   It was a Haunted Forrest Challenge and the other Team that didn't Win had done an Amazing Job of Creating an entire Chocolate Forrest with loads of Details and Techniques.  Including Mini Trick-Or-Treaters wearing Candy Bar Costumes paying Homage to Hershey, the Sponsor, clever move.   So, if they had of Won I would have thought them equally Worthy of a Win... just not Dutch Dude.   He wouldn't have been deserving with that lame Display he Created that didn't even make sense or have something that resembled a Tree or Halloween in it, I couldn't even follow what his Story Line was supposed to Convey?  Mebbe it was a Dutch thing, perhaps they don't do Halloween there, I dunno?  *Smiles*

I liked the "Alice In Wonderland" Vibe of the Memorable Characters in the Team's Vignette who Won.   And the "Wizard Of Oz" Vibe of the Memorable Tree Characters in the other Losing Team's Forrest.   The Winning Team's Tasting Treat was Hand Carved Molded Chocolate Doll Heads with Treat Brains and Plants growing out of the Skulls!  I don't know if the Show was a One Off or they're going to do it Weekly right up to Halloween?  I really liked it tho', the Concept was Fresh and Fun, I really got into it and it's New, they never did a Halloween Contest like it.   I hope it's more than just the one Episode?  I'd watch this one every Week up thru Halloween!

   I'm just not getting into the Pumpkin Carving Show spinoff, I liked it better when they were a part of the Teams on Halloween Wars and combined their Talent with Cake and Candy Masters.  I'm watching it, but it seems their Work isn't as good as it was when they were combining Talents.   A lot of it seems unfinished and not the caliber I expected from a predominantly Pumpkin Carving Masters Show.  Perhaps I'm Critiquing them too hard coz I'm mad they left the "Halloween Wars" Show and did their Spinoff?  *LOL*   Plus, I think I know who might Win already, it's not looking as close a Competition as I'd like it to be.

I'm still mad at Zak Bagans making a big deal of being the Host of "Halloween Wars" and he doesn't even bother to show up.  They still have him on those flickering TV Screens talking to the Contestants and doing shameless plugs for his own Show and Haunted Attraction in Vegas.  Perhaps he's Bankrolling the Show this Year, it sure seems like it and I was initially excited he'd be the Host... again I'm Critiquing harshly because the Show is actually delivering now in the quality of the Work the Cake and Candy Masters are pulling off.   It's difficult to even tell whose going to Win or go Home with whose left competing.   Shinmin Li even cried when she had to eliminate this Week's Team.  One Young Man from Mississippi whose only 20 on that eliminated Team is a Made For TV Personality everyone just Loved.

I just Loved this Team's entry for the Show's Episode, but the Judges didn't like the interpretation of the Apparition, and they almost got eliminated!  I would have been upset had they eliminated this Team for this Creation because it was far better than all the rest.  The Judges were impressed by things that I didn't think were that Memorable about the other Creations, tho' they were well executed and of coarse I'm not tasting the Creations, which is part of how they Win or Lose too this Season.   I am still mad they did away with the Small Scare and Tasting Element part of the Show, along with eliminating the Pumpkin Carvers and choosing a Host that is absent from the Set.   Devoted Fans of the previous Decade of Seasons don't like the Changes at all for this Season 11.

In case you think I'm being petty... the Judges liked this Creation of what was supposed to be a Furnace eating a person, which looked nothing like a Furnace to me and more like a Weird Tree Stump... and Yes, the Socks were good, but... SOCKS impressed them more than the Face on that Apparition standing on a total pulled Sugar Base with no armatures holding it up?    And, the Team that Won this Episode had a Zombie Gramma beside another Furnace, that looked nothing like a Zombie, tho' their Furnace was better.    But, if you're going to say your Main Character is a Zombie, it should convey being a Zombie, not just a Gramma with a Creepy Smile and Milk Clouded Eyes, coz I couldn't tell she was supposed to be a Zombie 'til they explained she was supposed to be one.   I couldn't tell the above pix was supposed to be a Furnace 'til they explained it was supposed to be one.

  Mebbe the Judges just had a Thing for Old Furnaces being particularly Scary, I dunno?   I do remember our enormous Old Furnace in the Basement of Base Housing in Upper Michigan at K.I. Sawyer AFB did Scare us Kids, it made weird noises, was huge and seemed Alive when it kicked on.  But it kept us from Freezing to Death!  *LOL*   Here's a Closeup of that Awesome looking Hand-Carved Doll Head Tasting Element from the Winner of the Chocolatier/Candy Master Show.   The Dutch Chocolatemeister made a Boring White Bon-Bon with Two Dots on it that was supposed to represent a Ghost!  Yeah, apparently it tasted great, but it was underwhelming in the Creativity factor Visually.   This apparently Tasted fab and looked Cool and Madly Creative since she made and Sculpted her own Molds!

A Lifelong BFF sent me this Ahhhmazing fold-out Halloween Card.   It Cheered me up, I can't even recall last time I received a Greeting Card and I typically kept the Halloween ones over the Years.   This is a Keeper, the Cadaver spins in his little Doorway.    Now I can go out and find a Cool one to reciprocate the Exchange... hardly anyone does Cards anymore so I never want my Friends or Family to feel Obligated if I were to send them one first and they'd rather Opt Out of Card Exchanges.    Even Christmas Card Exchanges are waning considerably, we used to get enough sent to us to Wallpaper an entire Wall during the Holidays.  Now there are probably less than a Dozen people we know who still participate.

 I still enjoy things like this tremendously, but it seems it's gone the way of the Dinosaurs for most people. You hardly ever see a Hallmark Store in the Big Malls anymore and the few left have hardly any Inventory compared to the Old Days.   Mom and I should have owned Shares in Hallmark, it was one of our Fav Stops at the Mall, I think of her every time I do see the Rare one left.   I get all Emotional and Teary Eyed in fact, especially since if I go into one I don't even buy anything anymore because mostly there's nobody left to send them to.    The kept Cards that the Sender is no longer with us, I Cherish, but they make me choke up now too... the Card remaining, the Person not.

UPDATE:  Apparently Isaac came back and so now there's no Trouble in Paradise and she's dried her little Eyeballs, tho' she looks rather like a Raccoon, so it's fairly obvious she had a meltdown after he left with all his stuff.   I'm semi-glad because he's supposed to take her Trick-Or-Treating Halloween Night and wear a Costume that compliments her Naughty Cop one she had me to spend over Fifty bucks on and they chose together... so there's THAT!   She'd of probably forced Straight Anthony to be her Criminal Sidekick if Isaac had Exited Stage Left permanently!  Or stayed Home Halloween Night and shredded her Costume in a fit of Bipolar Rage?!  *Whew*   And she came in to tell me he was back and Smile... and I inquired if I had to ensure he doesn't leave again with a Knife sticking out of his Back?  She laughed maniacally!   He is Dancing with the Devil, whether he knows it or not!?  *Bwahahahaha*



Having a bout of Halloween Nostalgia ... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. I wouldn't want to go through my first break up, they are SO hard on teens.

    1. I know, I still remember every breakup I ever had, even if you're the one that feels you have to end it, there is often going to be strong emotions. Luckily they resolved whatever it was and he came back that same Evening. They are together a lot so perhaps it was too much togetherness and they needed a balance of apartness. Even in the best Friendships I personally need that balance or I feel suffocated and don't get enough of my alone time. Anyway, they both seem happy as Clams at High Tide again and neither one of them talks of why he left with all his stuff that early Evening? *LOL* So, whether he was banished from the Kingdom of left on his own volition I may never know. She has an Awareness that a little bit of her can go a long way, so that's good, she's an intense personality and also not very adept at Socialization because she generally does not like People. *Smiles* He seems to be a very Shy person like her and not prone to wanting to be around a large posse of Friends, so I think they have a lot in common that way. He seems to prefer being here to being Home, and I think he Works long Hours because he'd rather not be Home or perhaps the Family has need of his Income, I just don't know. It sounds like his Siblings are more high maintenance than he is and so the Quiet Obedient Child often gets overlooked in the fray of things. I can tell when he's here he feels like an extension of our Family and he blends in seamlessly since he gets along with The Man and I very well, he's a likeable Young Man with a Sweet Personality.

  2. Happy Halloween! I can't remember a teenage breakup, but I do remember a short, extremely pain-up/tearful separation during my marriage...*shiver* I wish her well! xoxo

    1. I feel ya, I had a Bad Divorce, tho' I doubt there is a Good Divorce, Right? *LOL* They didn't break up as it turns out, but clearly something happened that Night, perhaps she told him he was leaving too much of his shit here and it was looking like he was moving in? *Smiles*

  3. I thought teenage heartbreak was difficult when I went through it, but it was NOTHING compared to watching my son suffer through a big breakup. There was absolutely not a thing I could do... and I felt SO bad for him. I'm glad things are looking up again for your girl. And I hope she knows how amazing your support and love really are. :)

    The card is wonderful. I have been experimenting with making cards a bit, but I'm not great at it yet. The hand painted ones seem to be very well received, though. In fact, I am working on one right now.

    1. I have kept just about all Handmade Cards I ever got from Artistic Friends, they are truly Works of Small Art and so Personal. I too have had to watch Adult Kiddos and Adult Grandkids have the Big Breakups of long-term Relationships where those Individuals were a part of the Family after that much time... so it was like we were Breaking Up too, tho' I kept on excellent terms with most, I realized it would be uncomfortable to our Kiddos for me to stay too close, you know? In some cases they knew they were instrumental in things not working out and The Son especially has remained on great terms with every ex he's ever had... he's never been legally Married, but he's always had very long term relationships that were like a Common Law arrangement and sometimes Kids were involved that weren't his but he helped Raise, so that is always hard.

  4. First love and breaking up is always hard on a teenager. I'm sure she'll be ok in time.

    1. They ended up not breaking up so she's okay and he's okay, don't really know what happened that Night, perhaps she told him he was leaving too much of his stuff here and it looked like he was trying to move in? *LOL* He is here more than he's at Home, and when he's not here he's at Work... she's meeting his Family Today and is nervous about that in case she doesn't like them or they don't like her... we'll see?


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