Thursday, October 21, 2021

I'm Retired ~ Go Around Me


So for the last day of the Event I thought I'd get to go Solo but the whole entourage surprisingly wanted to go.   No, it's not their Jam so I knew all Three must have been bored out of their Minds to ask to tag along, but we made a day of it anyway.  *LOL*   The Shirt Isaac is wearing with the F-Bomb on it isn't his, it's hers, he'd spilled something on his Shirt at the House.   *LOL*   They actually seemed to enjoy the Event, who knew?  Isaac had never been to one... or there before and had lots of questions about how the Occasional Market Events work.  Of coarse my Grandchildren grew up going to them and know all the Designers and Vendors that I know, so they're Old Pros and a wealth of information about such things.  *LOL*

We put this Shirt on The Man, so that people would in fact just go around him, since he often stands there like a Deer caught in the Headlight when he's in tow at these Events and Shows.  *LOL*   People did like his Shirt, and they did just go around him.   Which saves them having to stand there waiting for him to move out of the way while being completely unawares he's holding people up and in a spot he's creating traffic congestion!  *Winks*   Otherwise I have to move him or tell him to pay attention and move so people can get around him.  This usually causes him to become agitated and overly anxious, start having Sensory overload, so it's just easier for him to wear the damned Shirt.  *Smiles*  He has this new Cane, he's actually using it... for now... when the Novelty wears off he'll ditch it like he has all the others, even tho' his VA Doc wants him using one all of the time.

We've learned to choose our Battles wisely with him since he discombobulates easily, even in Public.   When you have someone Brain Damaged, they just don't have an Awareness of what is appropriate behavior in Public, if they become upset or anxious, they're likely to just lose their shit like a Toddler would.   They really don't seem to Care or have any Awareness of the Embarrassment factor of making a Spectacle when they're overly Tired, Cranky, or feel Defensive if they're doing something and have to be Finessed about it.   The Man often ends up hollering and then being unaware he's Yelling and drawing attention to himself, and thus all of us, when he's just been asked to do something simple and that doesn't require hysteria.  *LOL*   The Kiddos stuck with us rather than going off by themselves so that they could help me with Grandpa, which was Sweet.

He really wasn't up to it and I could tell, tho' he had insisted he wanted to go, it overwhelmed him even tho' it was the last day of the Event so it wasn't crowded at all anymore.  Luckily I'd already been on Day No. 1 so going on the last day for a return visit, I didn't need or have to stay long, it was just something enjoyable to do on a Sunday Afternoon.   It had taken over an Hour for me to take this Show on the Road, since once the Kiddos decided they wanted to be Invited to come along too, it took The Fashionista over an Hour to get ready.  *Eye Roll*  She must have said she was ALMOST ready for the last 30 Minutes of that Hour... I kept reminding her it was a Sunday, so shit wouldn't stay Open all Night, early Closing on a Sabbath for most places.  *LOL* 

Isaac is very Patient waiting on her to get all Dolled Up, I guess he figures the End Result is totally worth it?    I mean, she is going to be his Arm Candy after all.  *Winks*   She's doing a Vanna White impersonation here to Showcase a Gazebo Pergola Structure that I want her Brother and his Partner to build and replicate for me inside the RV Garage utilizing Architectural Salvaged Lumber.   So, I wanted to try to get as much of it in frame as possible to show the Guys what I want built... tho' I suppose I could take them to the next Show and it is likely to still be there as a Display for a Vendor.   In fact, both Isaac and Princess T compared my RV Garage to the Warehouse this Event is Hosted in, it's very similar, mine is taller, but not as long and mebbe not quite as wide... but damned close... since it is enormous too.

They still had a lot of cool Autumnal and Halloween pieces, tho' they'd Sold a helluva lot of Merch since Opening Day, but had brought in some new Fresh Merch too that hadn't been there the first day.   These Events are only Four Days but constantly Evolving that way, so you could go all Four Days and see something different and Displayed differently as they freshen Vignettes and replace items that got Sold and removed already.    What I like about this Event is they have a wealth of Smalls and Hand Made OOAK Merch, that's usually what I buy now.

See that little teensy Flannel Pumpkin with the orphaned Vintage Earring embellishment?  I bought that one, that's all I came away with, this Vendor hadn't had the teensy ones on the first day.    She had a bunch of them this last day and the Embellishment is what Sold me on this one, moreso than the Flannel Fabric.   We probably spent less than an Hour at the Event and trawling the Antique Mall that is in a Building in front of the Warehouse the Event is held in.  Then I took everyone out for a Thai Meal at a Restaurant near the Event which I Love the food of.   But, which Princess T didn't like, but the rest of us did.  She's not a Fan of Thai Cuisine, she prefers Vietnamese.   So, I'll be eating her leftovers and just bought her some Mexican Take-Out later from a fav Restaurant of hers.  No harm, no foul, more for me.  *Winks*

Isaac had said it was the best Pad Thai Noodles he'd ever had, and The Man loved his Dish too, I J'Adore their House Special Eggrolls, which must be a Special Family Recipe, I've never had them anywhere else before.   Princess T did like the Eggrolls so it was good I ordered a double batch since she ate half of them.  I had the Thai Wonton Soup as well as the House Special Eggrolls.   I admit Thai Food can be too hot, even if you order it not spicy, for The Man and Princess T, which is why they're not as fond of Thai Cuisine as I am... I have a Stomach like a Goat.  I always order mine Medium Spicy, which in Thai Speak means spicier than most American people can handle.  If you get what they consider Hot or upgrade to Thai Hot or the OMG Hot, forget about it, you'll spontaneously combust and your Tongue will have incinerated and melted off first!  *LOL*

The enormous Talavera Jack O'Lantern Halloween Pumpkins used for Dia de los Muertos were fabulous but too rich for my Blood.   You can't tell the Scale by my pixs, but these were the Big Kahunas of Talavera Jack O'Lanterns!   Even the small ones can be expensive, which is why I don't own any.  *LOL*  The Kiddos carved their real Jack O'Lanterns already, which may have been premature because its still warm during the day so they're shriveling up already, got some Mold and had to be thrown out.  I did a Post when they carved them, within a single day Princess T's had shriveled badly due to how much Pumpkin she had removed to make the expression.  Oh well, they looked really gnarly and enjoyed for a few Days, even tho' they never made it to Halloween.  *Ha ha ha*

I didn't go all out on my exterior Decor this Halloween, just put my Cadavers out there with some Jack O'Lantern made from faux Pumpkins.   We don't get a lot of Trick-Or-Treat Traffic and it looks good in the understated way I've done it, so I'm not adding to it.   Inside the Home I have a bit more Halloween decor evident, but it's still understated compared to previous years, I'm okay with that this year.  I have so much to do and am chipping away at projects to get everything in Order and sorted out.  I even started unpacking Boxes in the RV Garage again, rediscovering possessions we've had packed and stored for over Two Years now!

I got to some small Boxes that obviously the Guys had packed that had very fragile items in them and OMG, it's a Miracle it all arrived intact!  *Whew!*  Let us just say how they were packed wasn't conducive to any of it not getting broken... and yet, somehow they arrived without breakage!   After being moved from Villa Boheme' to U-Haul Storage and then moved again from there to here, without incident, which is Miraculous given how the Guys had been Clueless on how to pack fragile items!    But, they did their best, nobody was a Professional Mover after all.

  The Gals I had helping me were meticulous about packing Fragile items.  The Son often being High at the time, since that was before attaining his Sobriety, shouldn't have been packing anything, but somehow it all made it intact!  Us Gals erring on the side of over-protecting items, were the polar opposite, overdoing it.  *Smiles*  The Guys had put very Fragile items loose in a small Box, by themselves, but with no padding around them, just a Facecloth thrown over the top of them!  I kid you not!  Somehow, that worked!  *Exhale!*

Some of those pieces were from my Franklin Mint Vatican Nativity that took me over Two Years to acquire all of the pieces of, getting one per Month!   It was an expensive Nativity, a prolonged Gift from The Man.   Now, somehow one Angel got a broken Wing during Transit, which got unpacked last Year, but she had been wrapped well, perhaps her Box got dropped, I dunno?   So, I'm regaling about these recent items not sustaining damage, yet being packed haphazardly and Princess T comes clean about something she said happened Years ago and she was afraid to tell me about.  She once broke a piece from that Nativity when she was Small, knew it to be expensive, so hid the carnage under a large piece of Furniture!   "Guess it's Okay to tell you now Gramma, since you never noticed it was missing!"  *Bwahahahaha ahhh, Bless her Little Black Heart!*

Ah well, whaddya gonna do, when you're Raising Kids, carnage happens with some of your stuff.  Our Kiddos, both Generations of the ones we Raised, were really good about being Careful around Fragile and expensive items, so I can't complain.   The Man and I probably accidentally broke more things than the Kiddos, once we got Old and had grip strength and mobility issues going on.  In fact, one of The Man's Brothers, whose a Big Man, is like a Bull in a China Shop when he came for visits.  He probably broke more things in a single visit than any of our Kids did in Years of actually living there!   It's a wonder if my Sister-In-Law has any nice things left with him crashing around their Home?  When Guests accidentally break something they are repentant, it's never intentional, but, it's still Lost and most of it isn't replaceable even if they offer to replace it.

I'm laid back about our Home, so even tho' we have nice things, I realize I have a lot of stuff that could be damaged in the course of everyday living.  So you just have to relax about the occasional mishap and Move On.   Things that are Sentimental in Value I'd probably be more upset about getting broken, damaged or lost.  Considering how much stuff I have, the amount of carnage has really been minimal over the Years, so I can't complain and don't blame anyone for an accidental casualty.   What has always Amazed me, is that when a Guest has come with small Children, you'd expect the Kiddos to be Tempted to Touch and yet most of the time they stand there Fascinated, Curious and Behaving exceptionally.  I've seen more pointing than touching and they want to know what everything is.

 I know when we had The Young Prince's 21st Birthday Party here in August, his little Sister and Brother came with his Dad.   His Dad was concerned about the Baby touching and being allowed around my stuff to roam around the House, but I insisted she was Fine and she was.  She's a well behaved Toddler, I might have had more concerns with any Child whose inclined to be Buck Wild.  Supervision was always present due to her Age anyway, one of us always keeps an Eye on the really Young ones.  I just initially told her that some things might hurt the Baby if Touched, but she could Look all she wanted to, she had a blast wandering around pointing at stuff and exploring. 

  She's Three and Adorable with a Sweet Nature, she's being Raised well, so if a Happy Accident had happened, I'd told her Dad it was Okay, so long as she wasn't hurt and doesn't get hurt, I'm Fine with any of the Grandkids feeling at Home in Gramma and Grandpa's House.   Usually I even send them Home with some little Treasure they felt a Connection to.   His little Brother is 10 now, so no concerns, he's an Old Soul and always has been, just like his Big Brother... and The Young Prince was easy to Raise around the Good Stuff, so is Princess T.  I have a Theory that if you're Raising Children well, they have Respect for People, Nature and Things.  It's usually the Parents not up to the job that Create a lot of Problem Children in Society who don't know how to Act appropriately.   Not to say a Well Raised Child can't go Bad, but they'd at least know better even if they aren't doing better.


When we returned to the Event, I was Surprised that all those expensive huge Sunflower Centers had Sold except this one.  So, clearly a lot of people stood tall and ponied up the almost $29 each for one or more of them!  Wow... guess the Price Point was okay with most consumers, you just never know.   No, I didn't spring on the last one, it was losing Seeds already and the Fragility of it still concerned me.  I'm not going to overpay for an item anyway if I don't feel a Peace about it's Cost, if it's starting to fall apart, I just am not sure I want to take the risk it would continue to deteriorate too rapidly to be worth the Investment either.   A shame, I really liked the Look for a Naturalist Display and had never seen any this large.

The same Vendor that Creates those Fabric Pumpkins with orphaned Bling embellishments that I like and have bought some of... also Created some Cute Halloween funky Objects like these.   I really liked them but didn't buy any this time around, but I certainly appreciated the Altered Art aesthetic.   There weren't many left so they had been Selling well... so had the Fabric Pumpkins, so the Vendor had brought more of those in that were different than those I'd seen on the first day of the Event... and were in different sizes.  Well, I'll Save more of the Eye Candy for another Post now...


May you have a Safe and Memorable Autumn and Halloween my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Seeing all the different materials used to make pumpkins has been eye opening. What do they put inside the fabric pumpkins to hold the shape?

    1. People utilize all kinds of fills for their Fabric Pumpkins Shirley. Some are soft so I suspect fiberfill like a pillow... some use Rice, Beans, Dried Lentil and stuff like that or a combo of things. When I made mine I used a combo of Batting and a Base of Dried Lentil to stabilize it and give them some weight. Once once I bought got a hole in the very Old Fabric at the Base of it and I saw they'd used Batting with some of those Glass flat Flower Vase filler Stones to stabilize it. Some are able to Create such great Shapes and have their Secrets I'm not privy to about how they manage to get such great Form to their Pumpkins.

  2. Those are some pretty neat looking pumpkins.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I just love all the different Pumpkin Creations people come up with, I have a Fabric Pumpkin Obsession and own a lot of them. I've Sold a lot of them too and made a few of my own. It can be quite profitable to the Crafter who is really good at Creating them and has Secrets about how they get great Form to their Creations and the right Look.

  3. Love the pumpkin and ghost. The price is fair but out of my reach

    1. Yes, the Talavera Pumpkin were out of my Budget Reach too, but the Price was Fair for the amount of work entailed, most of those are Imported from Mexico. The American Vendor pays far less for them in Mexico and can make a handsome Profit importing them for resale here. A lot of Product made in 3rd World Countries can be had cheaper there due to the Labor being cheaper so a lot of American Companies Outsource to those Impoverished Countries to exploit the Cheap Labor and then charge a lot here to profit off that exploitation. I am very conflicted about that fact... on the one hand, the people in impoverished Countries desperately need the Work, sometimes the price point reflects a more affordable option for 1st World Consumers... on the other hand I don't like exploitation of any Human Being and Big Biz profiting off the Backs of people barely having an existence salary for their hard work. Of coarse, it's not like it doesn't happen in America either, exploiting the marginalized of Society to make Rich people obscenely wealthy, powerful, and making all the Rules to keep a subclass they can easily exploit and manipulate.


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