Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Broken Wings... Broken Arms

 Okay, that last Post was so Dark that I decided to go ahead and Post this one early and right away instead of waiting for it to hit Tomorrow!  *LOL*  So the Broken Wings, Broken Arms are not mine... but it made for a good Title 'Hook' when I had just knocked over a favorite Metal Loving Cup Trophy with a Winged Angel on top, breaking her Wings and Arms... dammit!  *Le Sigh*  I'll have the E-6000 out Tomorrow and try to glue her back together, but Pot Metal doesn't always reliably mend, we'll see what happens.   Spoiler Alert, E-6000 won't work on Trophy Metal... shit! 

 I was tired, it was after Midnight, and I probably shouldn't have been in the RV Garage trying to schlep a big rolled up heavy Persian Rug around with so much clutter still everywhere on the Floor.   And Hoarder's Paths winding thru The Gauntlet!   Creating Order out of Chaos is a daunting task once everything's packed into a Space all Helter Skelter!   There's just bound to be some Casualties and Collateral Damage, it's almost inevitable 'til shit gets cleared out enough!  *Le Sigh*

 But, Princess T started the whole Manic Mess by saying we should work on the RV Garage since she wanted to get Paid.   Yep, I'm blaming her, even tho' she's asleep now and pocketed her Twenty Bucks.  *LOL*  She's a Tasmanian Devil Whirlwind when it comes to tackling a big mess and Organizational Skills are her Strength, so I let her have at it.  Tho' I warned her it was not the Ideal part of the Day to tackle it, since it got to 103 degrees that Day and that Space is not Climate Controlled.   She still spent about an Hour in there with the big Door opened... with directions on what I'd like her to concentrate on, delegating but giving her free reign.  She made a huge impact on the Library Space.  I can see the Floor in front of the Bookcase now!  *LOL*

We want to move the Harvest Table over there Tomorrow after she gets Home from School, in the space she cleared out.  I cleared off the Antique Harvest Table, which presently is in the front of the RV Garage's smaller Garage Door up Front.  It will move all the way to the Back of the Building in front of my enormous Bookcase and be in the Library Section to sit at to Read.   Thus, I was excited and schlepping a big rolled up Persian Rug off them Four Antique Cut Velvet European Chairs it was splayed across.   Chairs that will go around said Table.  The Trophy was in front of said Chairs on the Floor, why I didn't move it out of the way is the Mystery, I moved everything else!

At least the Chairs are now freed up of shit piled high on and in front of them.  Seriously, you couldn't even SEE them before!  Hindsight being 20-20, I felt a bit Sick when she tipped over and I heard breakage... too late... fucked up... Le Sigh... have to be more vigilant and Careful!   She's very large and tho' I paid a pittance for her, she's an expensive all Metal and Wood Old Trophy with some Value... dammit!   Not that I ever planned on Selling her, but... she's Old... lasted this long... until I did something incredibly Careless and Stupid while tired, yet Manic.   I had taken a Nap Midday yet by about Midnight I was having Racing Thoughts of The Project there in The Gauntlet that Princess T had started and now I was Fixated upon!  *Eye Roll*  Yes, I can be easily Triggered like that even if it's not something I initiated.  *LOL*

In a way I'm so glad she's Gung Ho, since I haven't been at all, and getting me Jump Started and Motivated is her forte when she's raring to get something done.   We did find and unpack some shit too, Fav items I haven't seen in over Two Years now and had been Searching for in Vain!   We had discussed my Vision, my Goals, my self-imposed Deadline to square those Spaces away by the start of Spring... so she knows Time is of the Essence if we Hope to accomplish all that.   Plus, she wants to keep getting Paid, since we had also discussed the Financial arrangement of her being on board and a Hired Minion.  *LMAO*   She didn't Negotiate Price since it has to be whatever I can afford at any given time, but she knows I pay in Cash and right away.  Cheap Child Labor is really all I CAN afford, Honestly.  *LMAOROTF*

The Man and I had just turned in our Aluminum Can Haul from the past 2 Weeks of Can Gleaning and she knew I'd just pocketed Fifty-Two Bucks and some Change from that Venture that I've got him heavily involved in for our Exercise and extra Cash.  *Winks*   So, she was Jonesin' for her portion of it, should she get busy in The Gauntlet and impress me enough to part with almost half of it.  She spent an Hour working for Half, I spent Two Weeks working to Earn it and with a Brain Damaged Sidekick, so she got the better Deal.  It would Cost me much more should she Babysit Grandpa for a Fortnight and want me to Pay her for that tho'!  *Smiles*   Above and Below is a Fav Cloche Display we unpacked and I'd been Searching in Vain for.  I couldn't Believe one of the Guys had packed it intact like this with nothing but a thin Vintage Linen around it and nothing got broken or FUBAR!  *Whew*  Yet I'm breaking shit now while trying to be somewhat more Careful, go figure?!  *Bwahahaha*

Listen, I don't have Staff, folks, and usually I'm a Solitary Old Woman Army of One tackling all this with no Help and no Cavalry coming... so... Yes, I'm exploiting both a Brain Damaged Old Man and a Teenage Grandchild as Cheap Voluntary Labor for right now, so don't Judge me too harshly.  Yeah, I'm probably going to Hell, but shit is getting done, I don't have to do it ALL now, and they do benefit from it Financially, so, I'm not all Bad! *Bwahahaha*  With the other Half he'll want to go to a very nice Restaurant for a Fancy Meal, which is what he enjoys spending our discretionary earnings on.   So, what's left of the Can Money will cover whatever he orders.  I picked up some extra Shifts at the Antique Mall, to cover for people who aren't showing up for their Shifts, so whatever I'm comped in Rent will cover mine... it all Works Out.  *LOL*

While Can Gleaning earlier in the Day, while she was still in School, we found a lot of good stuff people had left behind by the River Preserve or in the Parks.  It's amazing what new items people just forget to take with them and end up with Park Personnel putting to be hauled off when Garbage Pickup comes around!  Apparently the Crew either don't take any of it Home for themselves or they just have too much to Care about the Wastefulness?   Since both the River Preserve and the Parks are maintained by the City, one would think they'd gather up valuable items and Donate them to some worthy Cause and not send them Landfill bound?  But, they don't.

We also got half a Case of expensive Craft Beer and a Bouquet of Chrysanthemums by the River that someone just left behind.  The Beer was in those tall Aluminum Cans shaped like Bottles, the good expensive stuff, the Bouquet was White Chrysanthemums.   There wasn't anyone for Miles around, we spent an Hour there gleaning Cans and never saw a Soul this Day.  We also found some brand new Fashionable expensive Hoodies, an Ice Chest and Two of those Gallon sized Igloo type Drink Holders.  The Ice Chest had a brand new unopened container of Cherry Tomatoes and several Bottled Water still in it and still Cool to the Touch!   People load up and either forget or discard such stuff all of the time.

We even got Eli the Cat Eight brightly colored Pickle Balls that were discarded outside of the Pickle Ball Court at one Park.  He loves those things and has been batting them like Hell all over her Room, it keeps him Entertained when she's not Home so he's not howling for Company.  For such an incredibly big Cat he has the most pitiful tiny Meow you ever heard!  He is mos' def a People Cat and doesn't like to be Alone.  But, if he's got like a Million Toys to play with and his Windowsill to sit in and view the World, he can be kept Amused 'til she gets Home.   He drinks, eats and shits a lot, so I've been helping her maintain his Care, even tho' he's her Cat.  I knew this would happen.  *Eye Roll*

She has tried to be very vigilant, but she's 16... which is why Teens shouldn't ever become Parents of Human Children too Young... most struggle to Care adequately for a Pet Animal and be up to the Job and Commitment it takes!  When we were discussing whether I'd allow her to even have him, when Straight Anthony's Aunt found out she was allergic and they'd have to find him a new Home as a Kitten, I told her he could live as long as it takes to Raise a Human Child.   Listen, if you get him, he could be about an 18 Year Commitment of a Living Thing, so you better be prepared for that?!  Since I ain't got another 18 Years most likely, so... just sayin'... he's YOURS, not MINE.  *Insert Stern Face*  And Yes, I brazenly Played the Mortality Card... since I'm Tapped Out of Raising Living Things already, I don't want another Two Decades of it Thank You!

Then my Mom Mind kicked in and thought, hey, having to Care for this Feline Living Thing might just deter her from ever assuming she'd want to have to Care for a Human Baby!?   Well, it Worked for The Son... when he was 13, I had him start Working in the Church Nursery taking Care of the Babies and Toddlers with me... we also inherited his Nephew, The Young Prince, to Raise in 2000.   Then Princess T arrived on the Scene in 2005 before The Son was Grown and we were then Raising his Niece.  He had to Help with both of The G-Kid Force, so he never Fathered a Child of his own, while many of his Teen Counterparts did.   He had no delusions how much Work Human Children entail.  *LOL*

Yes, it also aided him to know what to do with Kids and have some Parenting Skills and tactics, which is Helpful too, Kids don't come with Instructions.  He's helped some long-term Partners Raise their Children from previous Relationships, but he said he wouldn't want Kids of his own 'til he really was ready for that long term commitment to them and whoever their Mother would be and was totally up to the Job himself.   He's a work in progress on himself, so that's Wise, Men don't have that Biological Clock ticking either.   Anyway, Eli is a High Maintenance Fur Baby let us just say... and she wanted him... so... it Amuses me when I hear her Scolding him... "NO, Eli... STOP Eli... NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE Eli!"  The Man and I are stifling raucous Laughter, Oh Hell, Eli's in Trouble AGAIN!  *LMAO*

Above is just one of the many Jenga Towers of filled Vintage Suitcases that haven't been Opened for Two Years now!  No telling what they hold, since we were too weary packing over 5,000 sf of too much shit I didn't manage to Purge before The Move from Villa Boheme' to Tag them all for Content ID?  Okay, I digress, back to my Cat Story... so Eli tore the shit out of his Scratching Pad, so she asked me to buy him a new one.  I couldn't find one exactly like the one he had and liked a lot, so I got one that's Wave Shaped with Carpeting and Jute sides to it, Fourteen Dollars worth of what should be Cat Bliss.   Only, he didn't like it... and tho' it was Shaped for them to Hide under like a Tunnel, for additional Fun, he's so freakin' large he can't fit.  So, when he goes under it he ends up carrying it around on his Back like a Donkey!  *Bwahahaha*   So, she was lamenting that he won't use his new Scratch Pad and she didn't know how to "Make" him use it.

So, she Solicits the Assistance of One Who Makes Everyone DO shit they don't wanna do but wouldn't Dare push back on when I tell them to... Yes, I'm the MAKER of things happen, if anyone can "Make" someone do something they've refused to do for anyone else, it would likely be me to Enlist!  *Winks*  I comes in the Room and says, "Eli, Gramma paid Fourteen Dollar for that Goddamned new Toy, come over here right now and use it dammit!"   Believe it or not he obediently comes over and while still gazing right into my Crazy Eyes I'm giving him, makes a feeble attempt at dutifully scratching it for me.  *Bwahahaha, God's Honest Truth!*   "Good Boy!", I Praise him and Walk out and I'm sure he only now goes over and uses it when I come into the Room, so he can pretend he Loves it and won't have me reminding him how much I Paid for it!?    Because now, if I sternly say "Fourteen Dollar!", he runs right over to it and starts Scratching.  *LMAO* 

  I think he's very Smart and Understands the Crazy Human's Language quite well!   Tho' Princess T said he pretty much ignores her Commands and Isaac's tho'.  And he attacks The Man, but not if I'm in the room Mitigating. *LOL*   He's seen all my Scary Taxidermy hanging all over the Walls of Forever Boheme' and I guess he decided he doesn't want to become part of that Display, I dunno?  He does stare at them like WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL is going on outside my Girl's Room here that this Crazy Old Woman is up to?!?!?!?  *Bwahaha*  He likes me in spite of this, even tho' I guess I can be Scary Human, since he always wants me to pick him up and Cuddle him, he's a very Affectionate Cat IF he likes you... if he doesn't, he's a right little Bastard at times.  *LOL*   He likes Isaac but Isaac said that he can't even pretend to be fussing with Princess T or the Cat will attack him and go into protection mode of his Human!  *Smiles*

  Yes, he is fiercely protective of his Girl and he's a very Big Boy now, I don't know how much bigger he could possibly get or what Breed of Amazon Mutant Sized Cat he is?!   I've Googled it since his Size was starting to make me think he was like our Cat Yuki we had Years ago, who was big enough to fight Coyotes and large Dogs, which she often did.    I am thinking that both Yuki and Eli had at least some Norwegian Forest Cat in their lineage.   Either that or Maine Coon Cat.  Both of those Breeds look very much like Yuki did and Eli does.   The Personality of the Breed of Norwegian Forest Cat fits Eli to a Tee!   Intelligent, Friendly and interactive with People, lots of Energy, Playful and makes chirping noises.  He acts more Doglike than Catlike actually.

  But, he could be a Maine Coon Cat in lineage, I dunno, I've owned one as a Child, Fluffy looked a lot like and behaved like Eli too.   We owned Fluffy when we actually lived in Bangor, Maine.  Maine Coons are that State's Cat and they are huge almost Feral looking Felines.   He has a very instinctive Hunting behavior where he is constantly stalking everything in her Room like a Natural Born Predator, Maine Coons are notorious for that instinct being stronger than in many Breeds of Domesticated Cats.  Yes, Cats, especially Working Cats, will Hunt, but Eli has a far more aggressive Undomesticated need to stalk and hunt stuff that is evident and he's always on The Prowl.  He likes to hide when you come into the Room and then Surprise you with a feigned Attack. 

 He's hilarious about Hiding in plain Sight tho', like he thinks he's Invisible and you can see how Excited he gets as he gets down into Stalking and then Attack Mode to go after whatever he's decided is his Prey.   The Man doesn't like that... I don't mind since he does it more Playfully than with any Malice intended.   Can you only tell I've become very attached to my Great-Grandcat?  *LOL*   But, I have told Princess T that when she's Grown and eventually moves out, he has to go with her, I'm not 'Adopting and Raising' a Great-Grandcat!  *Insert Stern Face*   Of coarse I said that about NOT Raising Grandkids... so... you gotta be Careful about what you say you'll NEVER do, lest you be Humbled and eat Crow, Right?   I've had it Served Up more than a few times... *Bwahahahaha*


Happy Halloween... where too much is going on in my World... but then, it always is, so what's new? ... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your Library with the harvest table is going to be an awesome space! Don't you just love it when visions that have been living in our heads finally come into actuality!

    Funny about the cat and his reaction to the taxidermy.

    1. Jean, if only you could see Eli's Face when I'm holding him and he's looking up at any of the Taxidermy on the Walls! *LOL* Yes, the Library will be a fav hangout whenever I get everything organized and Styled in the RV Garage. I'm going to ask T.J. if they'd be interested in Selling that Swamp Cooler they loaned me that is portable, so that whenever I'm in the RV Garage I can turn it on and cool it down to a tolerable level most of the Year, instead of only being able to use the Space in Fall and Winter.

  2. Funny Eli Story! I kept looking for a picture of him, did I miss it?

    1. No Marlynne, Eli is Camera Shy and actually very Hyper, so it's difficult to get a pix of him, he rushes up on the Camera when I'm trying to Photograph him and won't stay still. I have to get pixs of him while someone is holding him still. *LOL* He's a Handsome Cat and getting huge, I don't know how much growing he's got left to do, but he's one of the largest Cats we've ever owned.

  3. I real like the items in your second photo. I have to wonder what in the notebook binder. They look so professional.
    I been saying I need to work on the barn/shed. I might change my mind if it not raining and go though some of it, tomorrow before I go back to work in afternoon.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I do Hope you get to work on your Barn/Shed Project and it comes together as you envision? Once the RV Garage is in Order I think I'll feel more of a Peace about being Moved In... the Art Studio Space is not as much Chaos and a smaller Space to work on, so that isn't as intimidating as the larger Space. Having the help will be a huge relief since doing it all on my own was just overwhelming me.


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