Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pretending To Be 17

 My first Night back at work on Friday went very well, I knew one person I was working with and had worked with him before, the other Lady was new but very nice and a good worker.  The Salaried Staff working were all new Young People, but they all seem to know me.   So many people came in Friday Night that I hadn't seen in almost Two Years, so it was really nice to catch up with what they'd been doing in the long absence I've been away and disconnected.  They all said they were happy to see me back, but they all understand if I decide not to make this permanent, if Pandemic gets worse or I don't feel safe enough.  I'm still uncertain WHAT is a Good Idea during Pandemic anymore, I don't know about you?

 I had been told by another Vendor that many Employees and Vendors have not yet been Vaxxed and a lot of the Unvaxxed don't Mask Up either, I don't know which ones specifically they are yet.   She is as appalled as I am about that statistic still being high among our Vendor/Employee Population.  Especially since 75% of General Public eligible are now Vaxxed, so WTF with our Unvaxxed Mall's Workers, especially since so many of them are Elderly!?

Then I looked at Arizona's overall Vax Stats and we only sit at 49.47%, so now I get it, we're a Covidiot State run by Dumbass Ducey as Governor, whose a Covidiot thru and thru.  Perhaps influencing too many in a Negative way not to get Vaxxed or wear Masks, or them Negatively influencing him, who knows anymore?   I don't even know what I thought I knew anymore when it comes to this Pandemic.  Everything and anything seems subject to Change without Notice.  I just try to keep up. 

 All Customers were very courteous and most were Masked tho'.  Nobody got confrontational or took issue with me Masked Up and keeping as much distance from them as I could while providing them Service on a level I always have.  A few Employees who weren't Masked when I showed up put one on once I was there, I appreciated the Courtesy extended for my sake.  Pretty much everyone knows my particular situation and that Full Time Caregiving of those in Fragile Health has had to be my priority for a long time, as long as any of them has known me.  

A few of the people I hadn't seen in a long time had actually gotten COVID and recovered, some are in the Medical Field, so they had to be around a lot of infected people in their line of work.  I'm glad they all recovered tho', some said they got pretty sick, others were fortunate to be mostly Asymptomatic.  Luckily none required Hospitalization, tho' some of their extended Family did.  I was relieved none of them said anyone Died.  Most got it before Vaccines were available.  I mean, 2020 was A Pisser and this ain't lookin' much better, but at least now we have Vaccines.  So mebbe Santa won't have to whiz on 2021? *LOL*

  One Guy who is a Vendor is also a Bodybuilder and is extremely huge, muscular and very fit, but he said he was pretty sick for a Month and totally lost his Taste and Smell during that time.   Both he, his Wife and their Adult Daughter got it, the Daughter got the sickest and she's only 21.   Everyone recovered and their Antibodies from having had it remain as high as anyone whose had the Vaccine.  

Because of their line of Work they must be Tested constantly.  That was encouraging News, when they said their Docs and Specialists told them that having the sufficient Antibodies from Surviving COVID can be as Protective as having the Vaccines, The Son having had it and not wanting the Vaccine too has been a Concern for me.  They told me he probably has Antibodies from having had the original Strain and he can receive Testing to inform him how much it's still offering Protection.

The Son is of the Opinion that if having Survived it once isn't enough Protection, he doubts a Vaccine will Protect him enough either then.  I quit arguing with him about that, who knows, he could be Right?   At least I know he got it and recovered fully and actually was one of the very fortunate ones that was totally Asymptomatic and Thankfully didn't give it to us even when he wasn't aware he was Positive and contagious.   That part was probably dumb Luck on all of our parts tho'... same anytime any of us goes out in Public actually.  We know the Virus is floating around out there.  

 Anyway, I probably did more Socializing in one short Shift on my first day back than I have since Pandemic began, because we've been Socially Isolating so much!  *LOL*  It was kind of awkward to Socialize again and be around people for several Hours, since I just haven't been now for over 18 Months!   Social integration at a comfort level will take me some time actually.  I'm not quite there yet or comfortable around People.

Mebbe some people have kept Socially connected during Pandemic, but we haven't at all.   I'm still not entirely comfortable with Social interactions until this whole Pandemic is mitigated better or just over.   In my Head I know it won't be Over, I think like Seasonal Flu this damned Virus is here to stay.  I just Hope we handle it better in the Future than we're handling it right now?   The Son was very surprised I returned to work around People at all, he knows how Careful I've been from the Jump and how much more guarded I am than just about anyone else.

 It's true, I am, it seems so few take it as seriously as I have, tho' nobody is giving me a hard time about it, I realize they don't perceive it as I do either.   I've probably had more within the Blog Community who feel as I do about it than in Real Life.   The Son simply said, "You went back to Work Mom, around PEOPLE?"  He clearly didn't Approve and since he's staying away from us due to being Unvaxxed, that's understandable.  But I don't have to be AS close to any Customer or Employee for very long or have them in our Home.

I was surprised how many people at Work did bring the subject of the Pandemic up tho', so it's not as if it's not on their radar or they're real cavalier about it.  In fact, some of my Younger Friends, who are in the 20's-30's Age Range, say that at Work, where ever any of them are working, they're really stressed out because Pandemic has made it so that many people quit and they can't get enough applicants to replace them.

  So, they're grossly understaffed, terribly overworked and exhausted, as well as Dealing with the Pandemic and the Stress that alone creates to stay Well.  Quite a few told me they are looking to quit the Jobs they have and find something less stressful and more fully staffed coz they're burnt out and it's not worth the risks they're taking.   I don't blame them, I had the Luxury of having Pensions so I could have Options, many do not.

People still are ill at ease with trying to earn a Living while a Pandemic is still raging and it is definitely hurting the Economy when people are fearful to come to Work because it's not feeling safe enough.  Or, because, due to Pandemic, too many are quitting and burdening whose left with more work than they should have to carry the load of.  Especially without appropriate compensation for covering for all of the missing employees and doing double the workload or more for the same Salary they always earned. 

 While also risking their very lives to be around other people, some of which are not Vaccinated or Mask Wearing.   Employers are going to have to tighten things up or they'll continue to have too many Vacancies and folks quitting.  Of that I'm certain.   If people quit who just refuse a Vaccine, good, I don't want them around me when I enter a Business anyway, they're putting Co-workers and Customers at greater risk, so... be gone!

I know there at the Antique Mall everyone was telling me they can't get enough people to work.   The new Lady wasn't even permanent, she fills in for people that just don't show up for their Shift, which is what happened that Night apparently.  The Guy I've worked with before said it's happening all the time now, people just don't show up for their Shifts and so a lot of Temps are working who are new Vendors, but that don't really want to take on a permanent Shift.  

 Some aren't even sure they'll be permanent Vendors, since Pandemic is a tough time to start doing any Retail Venture for the first time.   Even those of us who've been doing it a long time keep a close Eye on whether it's going to keep making us any Money or whether it will cause us to lose Money?  So many Big Businesses are closing up still, so the Small Business is really hanging on by a Thread sometimes.

When I took The Man out for Dinner at our Fav Thai Restaurant recently, the neighboring large Restaurant, that is a Big Chain, has Closed and was gone since just the last time we'd been in the area, it was a shock!  This is why we try hard to Support every Business we don't want to see have to Close.  I picked up my Check for the Pay Period and it was a decent one, but most of the Sales were from Vintage and Collectible Small Toys and not Antiques or Vintage items I'd prefer to concentrate on.   

I did Sell my large Christmas Candy Cane Blow Mold, Vintage Seasonal Sells well, so Halloween and Christmas is Selling strong already.   Mostly because the Retail Big Box Stores are having trouble getting their Seasonal Merchandise Supply Chains from China, which can't seem to be able to get it to them.  When I recently went in to "Target" and "Michaels", their Halloween Displays were sparse and they had just 1-3 of most items on the Shelves for their Seasonal Line this Year.   Staff told me they didn't know if they'd get any more in or not?

So if you're not the First to Third Customer, they'll be Sold Out already, in even a large Big Box Chain Store... unless they manage to get more thru their Supply Chains on time?   Some aren't even bothering to put up a large Seasonal section, probably knowing they're going to be unable to fill it up.  Most get their Product from China and not much is actually made in this Country anymore that is mass produced.  So that is at least an added opportunity for us small Indie Retailers or Resale folks to corner the Market this Season if we've got the Inventory in Stock.

  Whether we Source our Merchandise or Hand-Make it ourselves.  I personally don't have much of either in the way of Seasonal Merch, I purged so much of my Seasonal objects last Year... and in previous Years before that, during my Downsizing efforts, that I don't have a lot left to hawk now.  I also don't stockpile Seasonal since it has a brief Window of Opportunity to Sell, unlike Year Round Merch... and so I don't want to have to Store it when the Holiday is a wrap.

I've still got a swollen Cheekbone near my Ear and Pain from that Bee Sting, so I may have to get it checked out, if I can even get in to see a Doctor during Pandemic, to see if I'm having a reaction?   Each day it seemed to get more swollen and more tender so it may just have been a more delayed reaction than I usually have to Bee Stings?   Now it is subsiding so I'm trying not to obsess about how long it takes to Heal.

  I think the Bee may also have managed to Sting me more than once, since that Species can and does not Die after they Sting because they don't leave their Stinger imbedded in you.   Anyway, I guess I may still be allergic, just not as bad a reaction as I had in the past where I'd almost Die.  Which that's handy.   She Survived the Pandemic... but then... a Bee took her Out!  *Smiles*   FOOTNOTE UPDATE:  It is almost completely Healed now, tiny amount of swelling, no pain, so I'll probably live... winks.  

Not Dying from it is better, but the soreness and swelling was causing me some concern after several Days.   The first day that it happened, I really didn't have any significant reaction, it just progressed.   The last place I want to have to go is to an Urgent Care during a Pandemic, but Doctor's Offices are booked Months out now which would do me no good either.   I remember after that Senior Fall I had during Pandemic where I jacked up my Shoulder, I never could get in, it Healed before I could have.

  They just weren't taking that kind of an Emergency, even then, and it's worse now.   My Shoulder probably Healed all Wrong and I still have no Closure about how badly I was even injured, Nature had to take it's course and I suppose that's going to be the New Normal for non-life-threatening Emergencies or mishaps?  So if you have something Minor that could turn into something Major, you can't get any preventative Care right now.

The thing is, I don't wanna have to wait until something goes from Minor to Major and is neglected during the in between, you know?  I'm one to seek early preventative intervention and Care so that things don't go completely sideways before I see a Medical Professional, to avoid Life Threatening situations from developing.  Sometimes, when you wait too long, you can't recover or catch something in time.   So it is disturbing to me when you can't be seen, due to all these COVID people overwhelming the System, most of whom now are predominantly the Unvaccinated that neglected themselves on Purpose.  So, I don't know how to Feel about what to do when something happens and I should seek Medical Attention, but might not be able to?

In fact, Sunday Morning Princess T had a Knife fall off the Kitchen Counter while she cooked Breakfast and stab her in the side of the Foot!  So we had to go to Urgent Care and get it looked at and Butterfly Sutures, since she Opted Out of Stitches, they gave her a Choice.  Anyway, the Waiting Room had all kinds of potential COVID Victims, most Children too young to receive the Vaccine, and those Kids looked really Sick and their Parents distraught.  I didn't like being around that many who probably have The Rona.  *Yikes!!!*

  Princess T pulled her T-Shirt up over her Mask and melodramatically said it might be Safer if I just stitched her up at Home, before we all caught The Rona staying there waiting on our turn since it was taking Hours!  *LOL*   I can't even Lie, I considered it!  *Bwahahaha*   Now that School has begun the Doctor said they're inundated with the Unvaxxed.  She used to be an ER Nurse and quit after a Year of Dealing with COVID there and said the best people are being totally burnt out in the ER's and Hospitals now and quitting in droves.  She clearly was upset with the Anti-Vax Anti-Masking crowd.  In fact, at that Urgent Care, they were turning away anyone who wouldn't Mask Up... good on them!  

Anyway, back to us, I was so flustered by her bleeding profusely all over my Kitchen Floor and needing to be rushed in, that I put my Pants on inside out and had no Bra on!  Didn't realize about the Pants until we were there!  *LMAO*  Then as I'm driving there I'm rehearsing calling her my Child rather than my Grandchild, so that we don't have to go thru the Drama of the Adoption Papers Routine they would then insist upon for me Authorized to Bless Treatment for her.  Wouldn't you know, by the time I could get checked in, by rote I slip up and call her my Grandchild, FUUUUCK! 

   So, then the Receptionist, even tho' I explain I did Adopt her, so Legally I'm Mom, insisted on Paperwork, which of coarse I didn't have on me.   Luckily we'd been there before so she was already in the System and they were on File.  *Whew!*   We had to wait an inordinate amount of time for our 'turn', luckily we got the bleeding stopped... I guess you'd have to be in a Pool of Blood and in need of transfusion to get a Priority nowadays with the Pandemic when you're Bleeding, I dunno?

I've not been in this kind of situation before and if things are worsening, even if it's gradual and mebbe not a full blown Emergency yet, I get some Anxiety about it.   This Bee Sting had me concerned the Moment it Stung me due to my History with Bee Stings.  I've put Cold Compresses on it to reduce swelling, taken some over the counter anti-inflammatory meds, but being an Insulin dependent Diabetic, I don't know how much more that will complicate me already being allergic to Bee Stings and Healing from one?   So far, it ain't looking so good.   But, Online sites say the Pain and Swelling can last up to a Week normally, beyond that, to seek a Doctor.  So, this all might be Normal and nothing to Worry about yet?  

 Besides, I'd rather Deal with this Bee Sting myself than catching the Delta Variant by having to go to another Urgent Care.  Seriously, had the Grandchild not been Bleeding a lot and the gash not looked so Deep, I would have had The Man just do his Paramedic thing to Treat her himself.  *LOL*   But, as it turned out, when he cleaned the Wound and got the Bleeding under Control, he said it probably needed at least a Stitch or Two and he was Right.   Plus, Feet are harder to keep Clean and bear a lot of Weight so I wanted to err on the side of Caution.  The Doc said Feet take about 15 Days to Heal completely, so we'd been Wise to come in and get it professionally treated and evaluated.

Irresistible Isaac took Princess T to the Movies, he refused to let her pay, they saw a Horror Movie so she had to Lie about her Age to get in, you had to be 17, they didn't know that when they showed up.  She's not sure she was very convincing, but they let her in anyway, even tho' she couldn't produce I.D. to prove her Age.  She's not really a Liar and came Clean about it as soon as she got Home.   I made a Joke of it and asked her how Old she was then to get in... well, only 17 Gramma, and I'll be 16 in just over a Week, so it wasn't such a stretch and I was so nervous about not telling them the Truth.   I think they probably knew, didn't much Care, thought it amusing and just waved her in?  Isaac had shown them his I.D. and I'm sure the Two of them looked like Deer caught in the Headlights when queried about her Age.  *LOL*

She said she was rehearsing the fake Date in her Head of when she was Born to try to convince them she'd just turned 17 and she was so nervous she hoped she'd not hesitate or clam up.  She already has extreme Social Anxiety when she's telling the Truth and put on the spot!  *LOL*   I can't help it, in my Head I was Laughing my Ass off, I could just picture her, my Golden Child, doing something totally out of Character that she didn't feel at all okay about doing and still felt Guilty as Hell about the fact she'd Lied so they didn't have to abort their Plans.    This is a Kiddo that will harp at me if I'm going 5 mph over the Speed Limit and always ratted herself out if she did something Wrong, even if nobody would have known otherwise.  

 Just don't make a Habit of this Okay, says I, and I know she won't, because it's totally out of Character for her and this incident had freaked her out.  Pretending to be 17 wasn't something she felt she could remotely pull off and I could tell the whole situation had made her mortified.   Here she was, already not wanting going to the Movies with a Guy to even seem like a Date, then she gets Carded at the Door and isn't Old enough to get in, the whole scene was not something she would ever want to go thru again.   She said the silly thing was, the Movie was not even that Scary and there was little to no Adult Content, so the Age Restriction to her seemed unnecessary. 

 Of coarse they Rate a lot of things R that I have no problem with her seeing, this Movie among them.  She didn't like the Movie very much, it wasn't a Chick Flick at all, but since Isaac paid she didn't want to hurt his Feelings, it was the kind of Movies Teen Boys prefer.  *LOL*   I Feel her about that, there are Movies that The Man prefers that I'd rather Opt Out of having to watch with him, so I told her it doesn't get much better as Guys Age about what kind of Movies they prefer.  *Smiles*   I'd rather have gone to the Movies you take me to Gramma, no doubt she would have, Supernatural Slasher flicks are not her Jam.  *LMAO*  I didn't even know any of the Actors in it either when I Googled it.  Ratings by Audience were a 50/50 split, either Loved it or didn't like it at all.  It wouldn't be one on my List to ever watch, even on Video or Cable TV.

She told me of an Incident that happened while they got something to drink in the Lobby while waiting for their Movie to start.   A group of Middle Aged White Guys threw something at Isaac and then started Laughing and acting like they were going to try to provoke an Incident.  Isaac told her he wanted to leave and of coarse, her being her, she wanted to tell them to Act their Age.   But he was Right, having humility and ignoring them was Safest while nobody was getting actually hurt.  Just leaving was Wiser and didn't escalate things to where it might become a dangerous situation with a bunch of older Racist jerks who were picking on a couple of Young Hispanic Kids who were doing nothing but out trying to have a good time Peacefully. 

 I'm glad he didn't try to be Macho and that she wouldn't really want him to risk squaring off with a volatile group like that.   She just felt angry that they were trying to humiliate him and provoke a fight or reaction and make them both feel vulnerable and intimidated.   Their Age being clearly over 30 made her feel they should have outgrown Bullying.  You just never know how unhinged and prone to violence people like that actually are tho', Isaac didn't want to find out and handled it appropriately to keep them both Safe.  

 Those kinds of Incidents make me angry... along with worried... since nowadays Racism and random unprovoked Violence is out of Control again and more blatant and widespread openly.   You never can keep your Family Safe enough from Racism and Violence unchecked if a Society is willing to tolerate such behavior.  Having to always consider whether it will rear it's ugly head up and cause problems that could even be life threatening is something no one in America should have to Deal with now, or ever.

Something very Emotional did happen during my first Shift back at Work.   A Customer was there who looked so much like my Dearly Departed Co-Worker and long time Friend Sue, there on the left, that I almost called out her Name to the Woman!  It just didn't immediately register that my Friend was Deceased when someone looking so much like her was right there at Work where I saw her almost every Day for Years!   From the back and from the front this Woman could have been Sue's doppelganger and it really brought up some suppressed Emotion.   Sue had passed during the Pandemic in 2020, from circumstances so sudden and so unusual that perhaps it might have even been Pandemic related actually, we just don't know for sure.  I miss Scott too, there on the right, but he just moved away, those departures are easier to accept.  Especially since I'd talked to Sue at Work just Hours before she suddenly Died, so it was such a Shock to us all.  Life can be so fleeting and fragile.

Onwards now to Humor... I ran across this hilarious Non-Apology Note that The Son was told to Write in Grade School by his Detention Teacher.   In Grade School he got into a lot of Trouble and was in Detention so often that he thought it was one of his regular Classes and even introduced us to his Detention Teacher at his 3rd Grade Parent-Teacher Conference, a first for her.  *LMAOROTF just thinking about it*  He was a Special Needs Child back when Resources for Children with certain Disabilities, no matter how extreme, was non-existent and he just had to muddle thru being Mainstreamed.  Incredibly brilliant and yet Bipolar, ADHD and Autistic, it was quite the Adventure lemme tell ya!  He Graduated on time with Honors tho' by the time he got to his Senior Year, he was Thankfully a tenacious Child and high functional enough to Succeed, because he was quite driven to.  Meds helped only so much.  Well, at least he TRIED to Feel Sorry.  *Bwahahahaha*

I found at least one of my Altered Vintage Pixs that I used as a Halloween Prop and always makes me Smile.  This Halloween I've got to try to locate all of my Altered Old Orphaned Adopted Relatives Photos that we desecrated to use as Halloween Props.  I Love those things and they always make me Smile.   People I know did all of the desecrating for me, so that I didn't have to Feel Bad about it.  *LOL*  Sometimes ya gotta get your Friends who are Fearless about such things to do your Dirty Work.   *Smiles*    I do intend to dig out some of my Old Salvaged Photos of People, whose own Friends and Family threw away the Images of, and do some Altered Props with them tho'.   I think I'm finally ready to go there with some of the Cache' of Old Photos I've Hoarded up and might not Display unless I make them Whimsical Seasonal Props.

One Year it was just the Thing to do, now I rarely see anyone indulging in this kind of demented Whimsy during Halloween... dammit!  Otherwise I'd buy some more Altered Old Pixs done up for Halloween Whimsical Displays. *LOL*   Most of the Halloween Vignettes and Autumnal Shows and Events have gone very Harvest Themed and Tame these days.   This Month will be most of the Halloween Shows, next Week in fact kicks it off, and I'm really Hoping for some Macabre, some Weird and Wonderful this Year, tho' I doubt people will explore and Channel their Dark Whimsical Side.   Everyone is keeping it so Pedestrian.  I did buy a 1920's Creepy Antique Doll from our Antique Mall before my Shift, didn't Photograph it yet, her Eyes still Open and Close... she's mos def got the perfect Creep factor.  I bought it from a new Vendor who is right outside my Showroom on an Endcap and did the entire Space in Halloween Vignette, she had some great Inventory.


Our Antique Mall really only has Vendors doing a Nod at Halloween or Autumn and Overdosing on Christmas already.   So there's not a lot of Offerings there and I'm Hopeful that the Two Big Events with a Halloween Theme, will make up for it?   If not, it's gonna be a very boring and merchandise deprived Halloween Commercially and I'll just have to rely on what I already have and not add to it very much, if at all this Year?   Most of the Events haven't given us much of a Preview Peek on their Book of Faces Pages or Instagram yet, so I just don't really know if it's gonna look like a Joanna Gaines Halloween or a Morticia Addams Halloween?  I'm of coarse Hopeful for the latter, even if the former looks Cute and very Mainstream Pedestrian that the Fancy Ladies Love.  *LOL*

I realize that for a lot of people who aren't as Obsessed as I am about Autumn and Halloween in particular, just putting out a few mass produced faux Pumpkins that are matchy matchy to the rest of their Year Round Decor Color Palette, is the extent of how Bold they go for the Season.  *Yawning*   Yes, it might make an Editorial Spread in some Modern Home Journal Rag, that is doing whatever is On Trend at the Moment and completely overdone, but I'm underwhelmed.  In fact, I'm downright disappointed... so let us not have too much of that this Year shall we?  *LOL*   Come over at least a little bit to The Dark Side this Halloween in the Creation of some real Halloween Atmosphere in your Vignettes and Merchandising my Dears... Pretty Please!  Or I'll put a Hex on you.   Just Kidding, I'm Saving those for the Anti-Vaxxer Covidiots this Year!  *Winks*

Besides, the little Peeks I am getting, look Promising, not as Dark or Creepy as I'd prefer tho'... I like the Black and even some of the filler items that clearly are new and mass produced, are Cute and will Appeal to the Masses.   I liked the Cabinet up there which had been repainted and distressed, and below the new faux Pumpkin with Palmistry Hand was different.   But I am Hopeful to find some Vintage Halloween too, or some Antique or Vintage items that will fit the bill for Decorating with for a Morticia Addams or Lily Munster Channeled Halloween that will be going on at our House.  *Smiles*   May a heavy Autumnal Vibe sweep over you all now my Friends... and have some Fun with it and unleash some of your Inner Decorating Demons you've been suppressing.  *Winks*   I do see that in Preview Peeks it's pretty Tame this Year and Dialed back.  *Le Sigh*  It will create some Atmosphere tho', so even a Dialed back Halloween is better than nothing.

And I realize Mainstream America is into the more Dialed back Holidays now, that's the current Trend.   I think it's too Tame, for Halloween in particular, save the Harvest Theme for Thanksgiving, which would be more suitable.   Why go mundane and Tame for Halloween?   It's the one Holiday where you can cut loose and really let your Imagination soar and your Decorating Freak Flag fly with a measure of expected respectability and even tolerance for what couldn't the rest of the Year. *Winks*   So, I challenge you to do something different, not so Pedestrian and boring with your Halloween Decor this Year.  Besides, you've already had to use so much restraint during Pandemic... have the most amount of Fun you can possibly get away with without getting arrested for this one Holiday to stand out.  *Winks*


Feeling very Into Autumn already... Dark Dawn will do the Decorating... Dawn... The Bohemian will go on Vacay and let the Dark Side have at it.


  1. That's good to know about the antibodies. That may be why the fast walking covid-recovered resident feels so comfortable walking around without a mask. But I'll still keep my distance from her, just in case.

    1. I know, it was good information, and it does make sense that those who Survived COVID would have built up Natural Antibodies just like the Vaccines give the rest of us without the risk of having to actually experience and survive the Virus to obtain them. That said, I still err on the side of caution around everyone anymore, since I am an Insulin Dependent Diabetic my Immune System and Healing takes a hit from that Disease, so I just don't need to find out how I'd fare with The Rona. You are wise to keep your distance from the fast walking recovered Resident just in case, especially since she's not of your inner circle anyway, so anyone not a close tie should just remain at Arm's length. *smiles*

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your great photographs. I understand that people who had the virus have antibodies, but not for that long though. Both my daughter and son-in-law, who had the 2 vaccines, had co-workers who got the virus even though they also had been vaccinated. Of course this is in red Tennessee where people don't want the vaccine and the results: this week TN has the highest number of infected cases per capita, 8,300 each day, and the population here is not that high. Because of that I still don't go out much and wait until I return to Atlanta every month to buy my groceries, as most people here in stores don't wear masks. I have only spoken to my cat I think in the last 3 weeks!

    My daughter, a neurologist, told me that they took over the neurologist floor for Covid patients in her hospital, most of them not vaccinated. What is upsetting is to hear that some people have died from heart attacks or gall bladder infections because there were no bed for them. I feel if the unvaxxed don't trust the doctors and science then when they get sick they should stay home and not take over all the beds and ask medical science to cure them. Actually I feel the hospitals should keep beds free for other emergencies. Stay safe and away from the dummies.

    1. I agree with you completely about your assessment of what Hospitals should do to protect the people having other Emergencies and receiving Care too. It is totally unacceptable for the Covidiots to take up all Resources and Beds, when they had a preventative solution to what befell them. Sure, the Vaxxed can get it too, as well as those who got it before there were Vaccines available, but usually they don't end up being the worst case scenarios and aren't the ones flooding Hospitals. I'm so sorry to hear your Red State is out of control, most are, ours is a Purple State so we still have a lot of MAGAt types who are resistant to anything the current Administration or Science would offer to them, it's all foolishness and I wish it would just Stop. The Virus is non-respective of who it infects, it's not a Political Organism... it just needs willing Hosts to be easy Prey... and sadly, too many are becoming willing Hosts and so here we now are. Your Cat is probably better Company than most People who are creating these problems. *winks* I have heard Felines can get this disease too tho', an Animal Crossover version of it, which is why so many Zoos closed during Pandemic, as their exotics were getting a form of COVID... it has jumped Species several times now... not a good Sign, since Animals aren't getting Vaxxed.

  3. My state of Idaho is 40.3% vax. The county I live in 27.8% of people here been fully vax.
    This plaque is here for a long time. It shouldn't be came political issue.
    All Mabon and Samhain items look awsome.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Alas, I think you are Right, this is going to be here for a long time since they did make it a Political issue, which a National Health Crisis never should have gone along Partisan lines, there should have been Unity of Purpose in eradicating it. A lot of people died and will die needlessly due to how it has been handled by mostly the Far Right and their outrageous intentional ignorance regarding it. When they became like a Cult in the devotion to 45, they began acting like Cult Members willing to fall on their own Swords by imagining everyone else was against them.


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