Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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I did it again, I accidentally Posted this rather than putting it into the Scheduling Queue!  *Le Sigh*  I know how to fix it now, but I just decided to let it Publish and have a Two-Fer Post kinda day and kick the others back waiting in the Queue. I now have Three Posts already Scheduled to Post in the Future and not yet Published, this will be No. Four!  Yep, Manic Blogging Bender, but in a good way.  I'm excited that Monday, probably due to it Raining all day on Sunday, it was so Cool it almost felt Cold! 

 That means Autumn might be finally settling in to where I could begin working on the RV Garage and Art Studio Projects again in earnest!  If I hadn't of just gotten my Booster Shot I'd already be in there working thru the Evening, but I don't want to aggravate the Arm I got the shot in.  This Booster made our Arm sorer and made us feel somewhat under the Weather, compared to the original doses, but nothing too bad.

Just some intense Fatigue and a Headache, plus an Arm that feels like I was kicked by a Mule!    Anywhoo... The Young Prince suggested I start in the Art Studio and get that done first, since it's a much smaller Space and will give me momentum.  Not to mention, because it does have some climate control with the Wall Mounted Air Conditioner in there, I can spend longer amounts of time earlier on in there comfortably.  I know he's Right, so the other day I did spend some time in there unpacking and organizing.  I got an entire Vintage Suitcase unpacked that held some of my Vintage Carnival Kitsch Collection.  

You know when you have something packed away so long you actually forget what you own?  It was like that, almost like unwrapping Christmas pressies!   Seriously, I hadn't seen some of those favorite possessions in a very long time now!  It's pleasurable to keep discovering Objects that have been packed away and in Storage Limbo too long.  It also gives me a better sense of what I will have Display room for and what I just probably won't be able to have out and Displayed.  That's crucial for me to make decisions about what I should Let Go of and Sell Off.  Or what I have too much of, rather than just enough of.

via: Pocket Full Of Heirlooms Etsy 

Once I get the Art Studio up and running, I will have a better sense of what I still need in the way of Art and Crafting Supplies and what I just have excess of and need to downsize.   When it comes to Creative Supplies, I am excessive, no doubts or delusions about it.   I do Love my stash of all that stuff, even if it's sitting waiting for Inspiration to strike to actually use it.  I am Weirdly attached to Swag Bags of such stuff that I've bought and not used yet, I just like how they LOOK.  So, some Swag Bags were bought ages ago and never opened yet!

That is Weird, I KNOW it's Weird, and yet I don't Care and probably wouldn't get rid of any of them, even tho' I'm finding a tiny Hoard of such things accumulated over Time.  *LOL*   If I told you I'm Inspired by such things and have had a wealth of Inspiration just beholding them, it makes their value more than just the sum of their parts and contents.  Plus, it has Inspired me to Create my own Gypsy Swag Bags that are visually tempting and I've been able to Sell to my own Customers.  Which gives me a handy excuse to Scavenge almost any Creative Smalls I come across to fill my Swag Bags For Sale with.

I think perhaps in another Life I might have been a Packrat or Bowerbird, because I am indeed a Human Magpie in this incantation of Human Form.  *LOL*  It doesn't even bother me really to be one, so long as I keep my Caches of shit Organized and have Order to it all.  It's Chaos I despise, not the accumulation of Cool Stuff.   If stuff is in Chaos and Cluttered I get overwhelmed by it, but if it's in Order and looks Beautiful, even if it's a lot, it doesn't bother me at all.  I don't mind layering Beauty and a Visual Overload if it's Pleasing to the Eye.  Too Much Beauty is never Enough.  But Chaos is Ugly to me and even a little of it is unwelcome in my World.  I like Order, even if I can overlook lack of Restraint.

We still have that damned above ground Spa sitting out there taking up Space on the Back Patio and ready to be hauled away to Vegas, or where ever, I don't even Care, so long as it's gone from here.  If T.J. and Friends get it off the Back Patio and somewhere out front of the RV Garage, it wouldn't bother me as much how long it might take for it's next Owner to pick it up or have it delivered to them by someone willing to do it.   So I might suggest they get at least that much done soon, then I can utilize that valuable covered Patio Space for sorting out RV Garage Contents and temporarily Storing them in Crates there.

I've seen on "Hoarders" that is a Professional Organizer's Tactic to clearing out any Hoarded looking Space and making Order of what will be going back in.  Or in Organizing what will be going out and to where.   Having an exterior sorting station where the contents are protected from the Weather and yet not cluttering up the interior of the Space where you are Decorating and clearing out Too Much gives you room to actually accomplish a Vision.   I have a lot of empty Vintage Milk Crates I could fill up with Smalls laying about everywhere in that RV Garage with no place to be Displayed yet, if at all in there.

But I do need a place to stack them once filled that won't be in there getting in my way.   Where my Spa now sits is the Idyllic location to have those Towers of stuff I can Deal with later one Crate at a time.  After getting the bulk of my Vision, Placement and Decorating done in the RV Garage Space.  Methodically working on a portion of the Spaces I'm tackling will make progress evident.  Last Fall and Winter we made a lot of progress actually while in Pandemic Lockdown and with not much else to do but Quarantine ourselves at Home for Protection from getting Infected.  It was Calming to have something to do then, it will be Calming to have something to do now too, for similar reasons.

I got my Labs done at the Base Clinic, had to make Two Trips, since the first time I forgot all my paperwork and didn't realize it 'til we got in the Clinic... Dammit!  Luckily, they weren't that busy when I came back the 2nd time about an Hour later.  I am so forgetful sometimes, I'd actually moved the Lab Paperwork off my Purse to put my Phone in my Purse and get the Truck Keys out, then not picked it back up, that's how stupid it was!   I'd intentionally put it ON the Purse so I wouldn't forget it!   Anyway, we got comped our Breakfast, because we ate Breakfast somewhere and then their whole Debit/Credit System Nationwide went down and crashed just before we went to Pay!  It was Fast Food so by the time the Cashier dicked around trying to get my Card to Process we already had our Order prepared!

I didn't have enough Cash on me, so the Manageress said it was their fault and not ours, I tried to give her what Cash I had towards the Bill but she wouldn't take it.  She said their System had been going down and coming back Online for Days now Nationally and they didn't know why, they were losing a lot of business because of it.  Mostly because few people carry a lot of Cash with them anymore and use their Cards or their Phone and it couldn' t take either, until they fixed whatever was crashing their System.  I had to Fast for the Labs, so I was ravenous by the time we got to eat and she could see I'd just had Blood Drawn and was feeling shaky.  I'd had to take my Diabetic Meds and Shots on an empty Stomach which makes you feel dreadful 'til you eat.

When my Card kept Declining after we'd already gotten our Food, I didn't know what we were gonna do... except give the Food and Drinks back to them and cancel our Order?!  Since I didn't have but Five Bucks Cash on me, so it was a Relief that the Manageress was so Kind and Comped the Meal.  *Whew*  It was only a Nine Dollar Cheapo Breakfast from a fast food joint just outside of the Base, but still... I hadn't expected to eat for Free.   There's no Bank nearby either, so it would have been awkward to be short Four Bucks and some loose Change!  After us, everyone that came in, they told them they could only accept Cash, so they lost a lot of Business, just about everyone turned around and walked off upset, some yelling rudely.  As if it was the Employees Fault their System crashed Nationwide!

The Ladies working there were all Older Women and the Manageress told us she wanted us to have the Comped Meal because we had been so Nice about the problem.  I'm noticing Seniors being the bulk of the minimum wage workforce and not Young Adults now.   After I saw how every other Customer reacted, I could see why she appreciated us being understanding and Calm, having a sense of Humor about the Problem they were experiencing, rather than losing our shit and getting verbally abusive and venting angrily at them.   Too many people resort to that now when they are Customers and no Employee should have to put up with Bad Behavior from grown Ass Adults they're waiting on or working for.  I think it's appalling how atrociously lacking in Manners and appropriate Etiquette too many people display now in Public.  What is Wrong with them?!

Since we don't get many Trick-Or-Treaters here at the Mini Farms, and the few who do show up have to walk so far between the Farms, I'm handing out these Neon Light Up Squishy Jack O'Lantern Toys along with Eyeball Gumballs.  I think we got less than 20 Kiddos last Year and most of them had come from a Party here in the Mini Farms and stopped by just about the time we closed everything down for the Night at 9:00 P.M..   Princess T and her Posse had gone into the large Residential Subdivisions that surround our much Older Neighborhood to do their Trick-Or-Treating. There's lots of Families with Kids there, it's well lit with Street Lights and Sidewalks, the Homes are on small Residential Lots, so lots of Kids going Door to Door.  Pandemic did make a difference of coarse.

This was a Bagged Lot of New Old Stock Halloween Toys and I got 30% Senior Discount, so it was quite reasonable, they're about the size of a Baseball and come in Lime Green, Flight Line Orange, Neon Pink and Road Crew Neon Yellow.  They are squishy and textured so feel like those Stress Balls and have a smaller Ball in the Center, that when squeezed, jiggles and flashes Light like a Strobe Light.   A whole Bowl of them feels rather Divine if you press on them or push your Hand through them.  Then when they all start flickering it's kinda Psychedelic Groovy.  *LOL*  They're very soft and filled with some kind of Gel substance, so if Kiddos throw them at one another nobody is getting hurt or putting an Eye out.  *Smiles*  I probably Scored about 36 or so of them in the Bagged Lot, which should be more than enough if last Year's Stats hold True again of how many Kids come by here?

Besides, I got plenty of Gumball Eyeballs if we get more Kids than I have Jack O'Lantern Toys to hand out.  I just don't want to be left with lots of Candy since Princess T and I rarely eat Candy and The Man shouldn't and would OD on it.  *LOL*   He's going to be mighty disappointed I'm handing out flashing Toys rather than Candies he's Jonesin' for.   But, they'll make good Stress Balls for us if we end up with a few left over.  *Smiles*   I Love Halloween and enjoy seeing what Costumes the Kids wear, so it's a shame really that we don't get a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters around here.  We didn't in the Historic Neighborhood either, just at Villa Boheme', since it was a large Subdivision with extremely large Families.  A lot of those Fundie Religions apparently have a litter of Kids, most had more than Five!  So we'd get Hundreds of Trick-Or-Treaters there, I kid you not!

You know how I J'Adore Historic Buildings... well, in Old Town Peoria a very Old turn of the Century Adobe I've Admired for Decades recently got purchased and received a Fantastic Makeover.  It had sat Vacant for many, many Years, ever since I moved here in 1974, boarded up.  It's on a Corner and I Believe at the turn of the Century wasn't a Residence, but was likely a Corner General Store for that once very Rural Area.  It's a very long but narrow Building on a Deep Lot.  It used to have enormous Ancient Tamarack Trees along the West Wall facing the side Street that ran beside it, but sadly, they cut those down a few Years ago.  I used to worry they'd raze the Historic Building too, since they've done that to a lot of the Historic Structures in that City, including a 105 Year Old Hotel that a Guy was trying to Restore and Re-Open as a Haunted Hotel Attraction.

I was super Excited when he bought it and presented Plans that a Local Newspaper Published.  The City needed the revitalization Investors would do to Old Town, so they were stupid to be so noncooperative and impossible to Work with.  That's why few want to move to and live in Peoria.  Now Investors won't Invest in that area and a lot of people have left and Sold their Homes and Businesses, so it's getting a lot of Vacant Buildings and laying it to waste and neglect.  All mostly due to the City's Poor handling of enticing Businesses and Investors to Gentrify the area. He had a great Vision for that Old Hotel, which was a Historic Landmark for Peoria, and the City was behind him until Pandemic, when he couldn't finish in the ridiculous Timeline they'd given him.  Which was a Silly one, since that too had literally sat Vacant and Abandoned since the early 1980's!  

 So, why the sudden hurry by the City to force him to get it completely renovated in less than 2 Years after he Purchased it, and not give him a Grant or Bond Money to help him along, and especially once Pandemic hit, was ridiculous and foolish.   Anyway, in the 1980's it had been converted to Apartments and I had Friends that lived in one of the Apartments on the 2nd Floor, it was a Cool Old Building from the 1800's and quite unique.  So, when the City recently razed it, I was Sad.  I'm sure the Buyer was pissed, he'd Invested a lot in it, had a Vision for it, and now has an Ugly Vacant Lot he could have bought much Cheaper I'm sure and will be impossible for him to recoup his initial Investment.  Nobody is gonna buy that Vacant Lot, he should default on it now, if he hasn't already.

Anyway, this Old Building did get Restored Beautifully and they're still working on it and I don't know if it's gonna be Residential or permitted for a Commercial Use, like a Restaurant or something?  It has a Huge Courtyard on the East Side, where this Arched Rock Entrance is and is surrounded by a high Wall they've recently Arted Up Beautifully with Rock Work, along with the Front Facade.   Before it was just White Adobe from 1925 to about a Year or so ago when the Renovation began to give it a Facelift and Remodel.  I know it used to be called The Meyer House, so perhaps it was also a Residence at some point in it's long History?

Here's how it used to look for Decades... and before the Trees were cut down that lined the Side and back of it.   So, you can see what a Fabulous improvement the new Owners made when they bought it and Invested in doing something Unique to it and Saving it from possible demolition.   Anyway, will be Interesting to see what it becomes when it's finished.   I like what they've already done to the place and just Wish they'd kept the Ancient Trees since they were probably over 100 Years Old too.   Anyway, like me, someone saw the Potential it had to be something Special again and Preserved as a part of the City's Rich History, which is fast disappearing at an alarming rate in recent Years.

Anyway, Work called on Tuesday Afternoon asking me if I wanted to pick up a couple Extra Day Shifts and another Night Shift?  I declined, I barely want to Work one Night Shift already that I agreed to, let alone 3 more Days of Shifts, which would have included a Double Shift on Fridays.  I'm just not that Interested in Working that much anymore outside of the Home.   We don't get a Paycheck, just comped Space Rent at a very low per Hour that is far less than Minimum Wage Paid Employees get, so it's just not worth it to me to put in that much Work with so little Return or Reward.  

 This shows me they're still having trouble filling Shifts at all, let alone with Quality Vendors Volunteering to take them on.  No wonder some Slackers are getting more Shifts, they don't intend to work much anyway, just be there and get Comped for avoiding as much work as they can get away with.  Or working their Spaces while they're on the Clock, which they shouldn't, but some do anyway and then ignore Customers and doing the Customer Service they're supposed to be there for!  You have to work your Space(s) on your OWN Time.  I'm already thinking that if Friday Nights get to be too much of a hassle involving who I have to be on Shift with that isn't up to the Job, I'll give that sole Shift up soon.  And just tell them I'd rather be a Temp Sub for when someone misses a Night Shift on that Friday Night, rather than a Permanent Key Dealer.

Yes, I was Glad to be back to Work for about a Minute, but I'm no longer on Shift with the Vendor Friends I thoroughly Enjoy Working with, and some Days I just don't even Feel like going in at all now.  Since that is happening right away, when I'm only a couple Weeks in, I'm thinking perhaps I may not stick it out, we'll see?  I'm trying to give it a chance... since I like what I do there... so long as whoever else is Working doesn't become Lazy and create more work for their Co-Workers or show that they really don't give a shit about providing Quality Service to our Customers, which is just Bad Business for all of us Vendors who Rent Space there.  Bitchfest over... I didn't take on 3 more Shifts and declined them all, wouldn't wanna work Days anyway, messes up your entire Day to work 1-5, and I couldn't pick up my Grandchild from School either, so I only take on 5-9 Shifts.  Well, at least ONE, for now anyway... *Winks*

On a Fabulous SCORE Note, I got this amazing Native American Fetish Necklace at a Chazza on their 50% Off Day!   It's probably Zuni.  Necklaces of this quality usually sell for Hundreds, this cost me $24, Color me Happy!   I just Love when you stumble across the REALLY Good Stuff that has been Donated to the Secondhand Stores!


Blessings, Love, Light and Health be yours my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh poor Dawn hitting publish again! LOL!!!! I hear your distress. It was a rare very off day for me, rainy, and breezy...grey and dark. Talk about a Driveled blogger!!!!!! Thank heavens I did my latest post last night, because otherwise there may have been nothing for today. Just in a metal dead calm I call it. Where your mind is just vacant, calm, no mood in general and almost comatose.

    But whats the story with that lovely portrait in the post! I am loving that!!!! Its so vibrant and the lady is beautiful. Is there an artist? or backstory to it???

    1. That Lovely Print I don't know the Back Story of since I didn't buy it or meet the Vendor that Sells them, she always has the most exquisite pieces, but they're all Prints. I'd love to own the Real Paintings of any of them, but even her Prints are not cheap. As for Calm days, I revel in them, but haven't had much to Blog about lately, the days blend together in almost a blur of routine. Not that it's a bad thing, just not very exciting to Write about. I'm kind of Over complaining about Politics, Posturing and even Pandemic... none of it getting any better around the Country. I do think we're in a Democracy Crisis and yet people are acting as tho' we're solid even with clear Enemies from within. No great Civilizations fell from external Enemies, they imploded from within.

  2. If you advertised your spa on Facebook MarketPlace you'd have tons of people wanting to take it off your hands.

    Can't wait to see your Art Studio come together. I hope I won't be far behind you with mine.

    1. Your Countdown to Move In is so close now Jean, I can't wait for the Big Reveal on your Blog too of your New Crib! I don't want Strangers coming to our Home, so I'd rather T.J. dispose of it, the Timing of when they will take it to Vegas for that Guy that wants it is just making me impatient. *LOL* Today he fixed our John Deere Riding Lawnmower, so he's been busy with a lot of Handyman Projects he does around here in exchange for them Living in their RV in our Driveway. *LOL* The Grass Catcher had been broken since the previous Owners gave it to us as part of our Generous Housewarming Gifts they Surprised us with after Purchase, now it's perfect. I've got so much to get to now the Weather is finally Cooling off some.


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