Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Meet Officer Anita Bribe... Done Princess T Style

 So, on Sunday Afternoon I was off with a 25% Off Coupon to "Spirit Store" with Princess T and Irresistible Isaac in tow.  They were on the Hunt for the right Police Woman Costume for her to wear for Halloween and he, apparently, is going to be who she Arrests for Halloween... some Interesting Role Play I must say, LMAOROTF!   Well, at least she's not asking for a Dominatrix Costume yet, The Man deadpans, she is her Mother's Child after all.  We were rolling, because she and Mama are so similar and our Daughter even notices the similarities in Personality and fearless Style.  Princess T has told me she J'Adores her Mother's sense of unapologetic Style, she has a lot of Old Photos of her Mom when she was a Young Adult.

Well, I can't Judge, when Family and Old Friends remind me of how unconventional and non-conforming I dressed not only in my own Youth, but even now.  *Winks*  Hey, the Women of our Family have never been known to be shy about our expression of our own Style and refusing to Conform when it comes to Fashion, Opinions, Behaviors, whatever.  *Smiles*   My Mom and her Mom, my Nanna before her, were absolutely Fearless Fashionistas that stood out from the masses clear into their Eighties.   I always aspired to be as Independently expressive as the Women in the Family who came before me and support Future Women in the Family to be too.   Why be ordinary and blend in when you can be extraordinarily YOU instead. 

The Vendor at our other Antique Mall Location who always has a wealth of Vintage Carnival Kitsch Midway Prizes had some more in, this was my favorite from the 1920's, but it was also the most expensive she had in the Case so I'll wait for a Sale and Hope it's still there?   I did pick up some more of her inexpensive ones that were well under $8 for the most expensive of my Haul of them, some as low as $4.   She had a lot more, but enough selection that I could be more selective about which ones I would choose, a nice problem to have actually, they're notoriously hard to Source at decent prices now.


Okay, we do very well with the Sale of Princess T's LPS Collectible Toy Line in our Showroom, but this Vendor takes it to a whole other level of Awesomeness for the Serious LPS Collector.  She Customizes hers and does a lot of Seasonal with them, what a Labor of Love and profitable too, I Love looking at what she's Created with them, especially during Halloween since the Costumes they wear she has made and done herself.   I don't even Collect these things but she makes you want to Collect some of the Seasonal ones she has in Costume and little Vignette Displays!

I had Fun just Photographing them to Share as part of a Halloween Seasonal Post, too Cute and Creatively done they are!   So, as I continue to Write this Post out, I'll include some of the Adorable Visuals of some of her Creations in it as Eye Candy Whimsy for Halloween, rather than a Creep Factor exclusively.  *Winks*   The level of Detail that goes into the Creation of the little Prop Accessories is fascinating to me.   Yes, she probably Lucks Out and finds some, but most seem to be Hand-Made by her to flesh out the Vision she has for each Character and it's little Story Line.   I know that when some Kids buy these, they'll tear it all up and lose parts, but some Collectors might keep them intact.

You can't get too Attached to the Outcome of what could or might happen to it after you Sell it to someone, theirs to do with whatever they like.   It is a shame if a Child too Young obtains them and doesn't appreciate the Work it entailed and doesn't keep it as a Display Toy and not one to actually Play with.  What I Sell is what the Kiddos can easily and harmlessly Play with.  In fact, if I were a Parent of a Child too Young, I'd not buy them something like this no matter how much they begged for it, because the small parts probably are more age appropriate for the Older Children.   I see the Kiddos begging their Parents for expensive Customized things like this tho' all of the time.  Some Parents do cave and buy them, knowing it won't end up looking like this anymore, probably by the time they get Home.


It is too tempting for a Child to wanna Play with these and they are Toys after all, so one could say perhaps they just should and forget about Collectible Value or Investment in paying that much for the Customization then?   And, it's not as if some Buyers might not incorporate these into their Play more responsibly in their Dollhouses etcetera and really just elevate the level of Play and Display rather than being all Basic.   Anyway, this Vendor has done quite well for Years with her Customized LPS and I have no idea where she Sources hers to keep up with demand for her Customized Line, but she manages to and she's an Older Lady like me.  

When I met and talked to her, I didn't get the sense she's just downsizing her Adult Kids or Adult Grandkid's enormous Toy Collections handed down from Kid to Kid, like I am.  So already had all this at Home generated from Decades of Two Generations of Kiddos Collecting them and then outgrowing the Collection completely and wanting to just dispose of it and Cash Out on the Investment made.   I got more of a sense she still Sources this Line somewhere and lemme tell ya, it's getting harder to do that now they're a Retired Line and no longer even in Production Commercially anymore.

If The Son hadn't been Collecting these first, followed by the Grandson and then Princess T, over a Span of Production from the beginning of the Series, I never would have had the enormity of a Collection to hawk now.   And I Sell these every single Day at the Showroom, so Supplies will eventually dwindle and then tap out completely.  I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've seen any for Sale at a Chazza in a Bagged Lot anymore, tho' you used to be able to find them sometimes, now you'd have to be there when they put them out to snag yours.  People know how much they're commanding Online and that people still Seriously Collect them, even some Adults.

I probably know more about this Line than I even should at my Age.  *Smiles* But given I've Raised Two Generations of Kiddos that were Mad about them and Collected them thruout Childhood and even into their Teens, handing them down when they were Over it, it's Trivia gleaned from that experience.  *LOL*  And, it's been lucrative to dispose of said Collection, I ain't gonna Lie, if I had the Time or Inclination to Customize, I could hawk 'em for more, but at an Antique Mall it would mos def mean Renting a more Expensive Locked Case like this Vendor does.  Coz these otherwise would grow Legs and Walk out the Door unpaid for.  So, you really gotta be Into it and Devoted to the Craft of it.

See, I'm just not that Devoted to the Crafting of Smalls Customization like this, but I know people who excel at it and make the Magic happen.  I'm duly Impressed even if I don't personally Collect any of it myself.   Even just Studying them in her Case I can spend an inordinate amount of Time soaking in the Visuals of it all or Photographing it to Share here in The Land Of Blog for you to soak in the Visuals of.   For a Halloween Display this would be Unique to have a Collection of them to put out.  For a Cute Themed Halloween it would be Precious.

And speaking of Halloween, this is the Anita Bribe Halloween Cop Ensemble Princess T chose, tho' she has a Black Leather Whip and Bling Cuffs opposed to the Baton... her loose interpretation of an Arresting Office.   Irresistible Isaac ought to be Afraid, VERY Afraid!  *LMAOROTF*  I had a 25% Off Coupon, which was handy since Costumes aren't Cheap anymore, for Kids or Adults.   Anyway, she got the last XS Size that would fit someone as tiny as her since this get-up doesn't come in Kid Sizes, natch.  *LOL*  And she does look mighty Cute in it, when on it looks like a Classic Little Black Dress actually.   She doesn't have the Stripper Cleavage so it doesn't look as risque' on her.   She did say she'll let me Photograph her in it... considering all I Paid for it.  *LOL*

Here are her Rhinestone Handcuffs...

I got me a pair of Eyeballs... which I will glue to something Old and Cool, as a Halloween Prop...

I also got these Buttons, because... how couldn't I, Right?!  *LMAO*  They were almost Sold Out and I'd only seen them in this particular "Spirit Store" anyway, it will remind me of just one of the things we had to endure during 2020-2021.  *Bwahahahahaha*

So, going to The Mall and "Spirit Store" I looked like a Dollar and Ninety-Eight Cents and she looked like this...    She is so Serious now when in front of the Lens... and I can't get a Smile anymore.

Lighten Up says I... and apparently this is her, Lightened Up?!  *Bwahahahaha*

Let's try one more time says I... and I get this Look... clearly I was now getting The Evil Eye, so we ended the Photo Session.  *LOL*

And I can just now fiddle around with Photo Editing on this newfangled Computer with the Three I got, to get what I want.    Newfangled is a Word only us Dinosaurs still use or probably ever used.  *Smiles*

I'm also the only Dinosaur with a worn out Old School Camera taking pixs in the "Spirit Store" to use for Blog Fodder, so the Kiddos distanced themselves from me.  *Bwahahahaha*   Irresistible Isaac was trying on Thug Gear Accessories to see what she might want to Arrest him in... it was hilarious!   She was laughing so hard and saying NOOOOO... you look like a Pimp and then it will just make me look like a Prostitute in a Cop Uniform!  *LMAOROTF*   Some things she said made him look like an "Edgar"... they had to explain to me what that Slang Label meant... after the explanation, yeah, I've seen some of them Edgars around.  *Ha ha ha*  The Hispanics call them Takuache.  Think of a Bowl Haircut with a Fade... *Smiles*

So, as the Kiddos are making Fun of Edgars at "Spirit Store" and The Mall, since there was an overabundance of them around, I'm trawling "Spirit Store" in Pathological Picture Taker Mode getting Blog Fodder for you all for Halloween Entertainment.  *Smiles*  I had a lot of Fun with it.

And she's gonna have a lot of Fun with this... no doubt... she didn't wear the Cop Hat coz it was way too big on her and she looked ridiculous wearing it since it didn't fit right and she didn't like it.   So she's letting me Sell the Hat to recoup some of the Cost of the Costume.

Grandpa, who used to be a Cop in between Military Service, told her that Cops don't use Whips... she deadpans Wednesday Addams Style and without missing a beat, "This one does...", and he's Rolling!

This is really her Style of Ensemble I must say, if she wore this out and about and it wasn't Halloween, people who know her well wouldn't be the least bit Surprised.  *LOL*   She's a Good Kid and actually our One Golden Child, so I choose my Battles wisely and Fashion ain't one of them.   Yes, it's very Lolita... but No, she's not a Boy Crazy Buck Wild Teen Girl either... so Fashion is just as far as she pushes the Ticket of Rebellion.  

Not really to Rebel, but to just Express herself and I'm Okay with that, I did it too.  My Parents let me wear whatever I wanted as a Teen, because they knew I was not Buck Wild like so many of their Friends Teens were, that might have Dressed more Wholesome but were anything but.   Some of the most demurely dressed Girls were Bad to the Bone.   So, dressing your Teen as an Amish Schoolgirl doesn't mean it MAKES her a Good Girl, how she just is on the Inside will be just how she's gonna Be my Friends.

So anyway, she's Happy with her Halloween Ensemble and just wants to finish out her Birthday Bash now trawling Chazzas for secondhand Wardrobe, so I'm actually getting off Cheap for her Sweet 16th.   I asked her if she wanted some Cash and she said No, because she doesn't go anywhere without me anyway so wouldn't need it.   This is True, she even WANTS me as her Chaperone, which is a good Sign.   Oddly, Naughty Cop Uniforms must be a Popular Choice this Year because that Section was larger than every other Option for a Theme of Costume, go figure!  *LMAO*

The Horror and Gore Genre pique a lot of Interest, but had a lot of it in Stock, so these things weren't flying off the Racks like the Naughty Costumes of various Genres of Adult Costume.   In the Kid Section, Cartoon Characters and Super Heroes are the Predictable Classic Norm, just insert whatever Cartoon Character or Super Hero is most Popular nowadays.

The Most Sold Out Sections seemed to be Occult, Voodoo and Witchcraft Themes, they hardly had any left already and we're not even in October yet.   A couple of Witch Doctor Hats remained... but even the Sections I J'Adore were picked clean already.   So much for that, I had to settle for my Eyeballs and Karen Buttons.  *LOL*

People must be laying down the Benjamins for the Big Halloween Props tho' coz a lot of them were also Sold Out already.   Granted, the most expensive Props and Decor they only have a few of each, but even Displays were apparently Sold and missing now from the last time we'd been there.

Another boom was the Sale of Skeletons of all kinds, compared to last Year, they have Sold Out quicker of all Skeleton Displays, whether Human, Animal or a Blend of Each and Mythical Skeletons.   Glad I got mine last Year and before.   Basically the tiny ones were the only ones they had a decent amount still left of.   Like these small Mermaid Skeletons for under Five Bucks each.

This Store Display of a Conveyor Belt of Jack O'Lanterns with Skeleton Staff was Adorable, it was a moving Display.   They came Out looking like this...

And on the other End, to the Left of that, they had gone In looking like Plain Pumpkins, a very Clever little moving Display.

Each "Spirit Store" Location we've been to so far all around the City has some different Store Displays, which is Cool.   They also Rent out large Space Commercially that has sat Vacant a long time due to Pandemic Closures and never gotten new Tenants.   So at least for the Holiday Season, they revitalize some areas that have had massive Vacancies.   They've had no shortage of Commercial Vacant large Spaces to choose from either.

I've still got to get my larger Props down out of the RV Garage Storage Shelving, but will likely wait 'til next Month since they're all exterior Displays and I'm always Mindful they could get stolen even tho' ours is a better Neighborhood... it is on a Main Street that is heavily trafficked.   The price of Halloween Props now and the shortage of them this Year, I just would rather not take chances.   I don't like to have to consider such things, but it's just prudent to.   An unfortunate Sign of the Times.

Yeah, that absolutely and positively Sucks, but whaddya gonna do?  It is what it just is and I know how pissed I'd be if I put them out too early and they got boosted by Halloween Prop Thieves.   I'm sure with all the Shortages of Product due to Pandemic, resale of these things is profitable right now.   That always makes for a strong Black Market and Dark Web hawking of them.

I just Love some of these faux Display Walls they Create and after Halloween, if they toss them out, I'd love to Salvage them for Props.  Now that I have a big Ass RV Garage, I'd have the Storage Space too... so will have to ask, close to time they dismantle this stuff, if I could just have what they'd be throwing out?

Seems a shame for some of this to just end up Landfill bound, rather than as a Personal Display after the Holidays are a Wrap and someone would be willing to Rescue, Save and Reuse them.

You know, as great and improved as the Rubberized Masks are now, I just never see anyone wearing them for Halloween, too Hot and difficult to breathe in.  I suppose if you have Mannequin Props you would use them on it would make for a Cool Home Haunted House tho'.   If they go on great Markdown, I'd consider some, but you'd have to keep them in a Climate Controlled Space or they'd deteriorate.

Some really are quite terrifying visually...

Or downright demented in a Cool yet Creepy Horrific way...

Interesting to see what they come up with each Year... and some of the Politically Inspired Masks were hilarious... yet people really weren't Interested... I think Real Life Politics has been enough of a Freak Show and Human Sideshow Spectacle for most of us, so we don't want it polluting our Halloween Fun too.    Because this is our Escapism and Release Valve from the Real Life Horrors, isn't it?  *LOL*


Have a Fantastical Fall my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those Karen buttons are to die for. A tee shirt covered in those buttons would make a great Halloween costume. Can't wait to see Isaac and Anita together though it may be tough getting THAT photo, as both don't like to have their pic taken. And, of course, I love the bling handcuffs.

    1. I knew the Bling Handcuffs would be fully appreciated by you, and the Karen Buttons. *LOL* I doubt I'll talk the Dynamic Duo into a Halloween Photo Op, but you never know... I'm dying to see what Thug Ensemble he comes up with? He did say his Stepdad dresses very OG Chollo Style still and perhaps he'll just raid his Stepdad's Wardrobe? I know Princess T definitely didn't want him being an 'Edgar', tho' they were laughing describing one to me and now I almost can't not laugh when I see one, they are everywhere, it's evidently the new "Uniform", mostly of Young Mexican Nationals, the Mexican American Young Men like Irresistible Isaac think it looks like a Stereotypical Parody they don't want to emulate. Apparently he find the OG Cholla "Uniform" the same and I'd have to agree. I'm glad he dresses like a normal Fashionable Young Handsome Man and doesn't want to look Stereotypical where he'd be unfairly Judged or singled out just by how he dresses. He said it's bad enough living in a Neighborhood with a bunch of Retired Cops and being one of the only Mexican Families there, I can only Imagine, we lived in Pretentious Subdivision Hell for Five Years, it's too much Judgment and Prejudices going on there and my Grandkids bore the brunt of it due to being Hispanic... and The Young Prince also being Gay.

  2. Your granddaughter in that costume will be the pied piper with all the rats following her with their tongues hanging out. She will need the whip.
    I always wanted a life size skeleton to bury under a new deck to scare hell out of people in 30 years.
    What attracts people to the ugly gross masks? I hate them. The world is ugly enough without them. We need more Princess T's.

    1. Oh Yes, I'm quite sure in that ensemble she'll have some Whipped, and need the Whip. *Ha ha ha* I have a Lifesize Medical Cadaver, he's missing some Limbs which is why I got him on The Cheap, but of coarse being a Medical Teaching Tool it looks very Real... I don't think it is Human tho', at least I Hope not. *Ha ha ha* OMG in 30 Years, buried under your new Deck, I would Hope you'd be in the Afterlife since I'm pretty certain that would cause a stir! *Bwahahaha* My Gallow's Humor appreciates that twisted sense of Humor tho'. Of coarse, here in the Desert, it's not even unusual to find Human Remains, the Desert is vast, mostly unexplored, and a handy dumping ground for Criminal Activities of the Homicidal kind. I can't even tell you how often they discover someone, often Decades later... and The Man has actually discovered some Corpses while scouting for Hunts and had to call the Sheriff's Dept. Usually it's people who got Lost, vehicle broke down and didn't have enough Water, but you never know and it's not up to the Finder to sort out... you just call the Sheriff's Dept. I appreciate the Ugly Masks from an Artistic Standpoint of Horror Genre, but agree, there is enough ugliness in the World, so having some nicer Visuals that aren't Horrific is a nice respite.


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