Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Frightful Affair ~ Highland Yard Vintage

 So, on Thursday HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE had their Halloween Themed Event "A Frightful Affair".   I arrived early because it's a long commute and they do Free Raffle Drawings while waiting in line, everyone gets 3 Tickets when they arrive and numerous Free Gifts and Gift Certificates are drawn for.  I Won again, right after getting my Tickets, I'd won Twice last Month too... mebbe I should buy Lottery Tickets if this means I'm having a Lucky Streak?  *LOL*  So, I was Jazzed, it doesn't even matter what you Win, you feel like a Winner!  *Smiles*

So, there I am in Line feeling like a Winner and being the Envy of those Gals around me who didn't Win.   But they were all good sports anyway, even Losing, I was having good conversation with the Gal behind me the entire time we waited.  Some Gals remembered me from the Month before, I must be very Memorable... or something.  *LMAO*   Yes, with this being the Halloween Event I fully expected to find too much to spend Money on and not to disappoint, I did... I went down in flames, Budget and Wallet be damned.

All Smalls, all Fabulous finds that I was totally stoked to find, especially the OOAK Eyeball Necklaces {bought Two, the one pictured above and the lead Post pix one} and the Vintage Halloween items from the 1950's and 1960's!  You almost never find Halloween, but they had an abundance of it this day and at very reasonable price points, so I was greedy and bought a lot of it.  Women were Eyeballing my Scores and asking me where I got them and if they could take pixs if there was none left?   *LOL*   I always let people take pixs, since I'm a Pathological Picture Taker myself and fully understand the Visual Inspiration part of Photographing something you can't actually possess.

Some Halloween Smalls weren't Old but were exceedingly Clever... and Cheap, so, they're now mine.   The above Black Cat Tail Ring Toss Hand Game is tiny and a reproduction of a Vintage piece.   A couple of Dollar Store Black Rubber Squeaky Rats with Vintage Bling attached to them for example.  Found 'em in a Vintage Jewelry Booth as their For Sale Halloween Props, they only had the Two.  So, both of them came Home with me and were the Envy of Women who desperately then wanted them, but realized I got the only Two they had there.   I really was finding The Good Stuff before a lot of Shoppers who would have snapped it up first.

The nice thing about this Event is that it's held in the Huge Warehouse behind a Huge Antique Mall that also has a Fabulous BBQ Restaurant and Bakery.  So, being a Three-fer has it's benefits.   The Checkout Lines were quite long at the Event for the first Couple Hours, so I just parked my items there and went to have Lunch and Dessert, then trawled the Antique Mall finding even more stuff to bust the Budget, then went back to the Event to Check Out my purchases after all the Line was now gone at the Registers.

The Young Prince had called me to tell me about them moving back here the end of October for sure, so I knew that by the end of next Month, I'll have a House full here again.   With them utilizing this Guest Bedroom where I Blog, so we'll have to coordinate how that will work out so I won't go thru Blogging Withdrawal or concern you all if I go MIA.  *LOL*   The Young Prince asked that when they get an Apartment, he might want some of his Tropical Fish back.  Hell, take 'em all back when you find your own place, I'll help you transfer them over!  *Smiles*

  Yes, they're a Zen thing to have, but I did Inherit them by Default when his Sister didn't want the Inheritance he bestowed her when he grew up, moved out and couldn't take them with him.   I've turned his original 7 Fish into a healthy breeding population of Legions of them and I know he's vigilant about Caring for Pets he owns.  He always Loved his Tropical Fish and Reptiles, and now he no longer has Reptiles, the Fish would do him good to keep his Head on Straight, since it's Emotionally and Mentally Soothing to watch them.

They have a Pit Bull that belongs to his Partner, a Male Dog whose both Handsome and has a lovely, sweet Temperament.   He'll have plenty of Space to roam the Acreage, doesn't jump Fences and is an Outside Only Dog, all plusses to him being able to stay here temporarily too.   So long as the Guys do dog crap patrol and pick up after him.  He will not be allowed inside and they know this, right now he does sometimes Sleep with them at the foot of their Bed, in his Kennel, he'll have to get over that.   He's visited before when we had Villa Boheme', less Outside Space, but he Loved it... so he'll be deliriously Happy here!

Eli is an Inside Only Cat, so there should be no Dog-Cat Drama whatsoever.   I am not a Dog Person, I'm a Cat Person, but Tyson still likes me, since I don't Hate Dogs, I just don't want to ever Own one.   Especially one the size of a Small Pony and as Muscular as a Prize Bull.   Tyson sometimes doesn't recognize his own strength and he has Pica, so often eats things he shouldn't, so that has cost them a Fortune in Vet Bills.  I don't want him eating anything of mine that he shouldn't, so I'll have to Tyson-Proof the Back Covered Patio or keep the Gates Closed to it and The Pool, like I would have to for a Small Child, while he is here.   And Yes, I did buy the little Mummy Dog in the pix below, someone really took some time to Create that from a Plush Toy and it was so inexpensive, I couldn't resist.

I asked how long they expect their Stay to be, they will be visiting his Partner's Grandparents at their Big Ranch in Texas during part of the time.  Allen's Grandpa likes to Hunt and they have Deer they Hunt on their Acreage, which is vast.  Now I'm thinking that The Grandson and his Partner could invite The Man to join them for said Hunt... The Man is going to try to Invite himself... we'll see how that works out?   I am not sure The Guys will want to Babysit Grandpa, but... hey, one Favor deserves another, Right?   They fully have Awareness that Living here means they will Share in Caregiver duties with Princess T and I of The Man. *Winks* 

Allen Loves to Hunt, Fish and all that, he's a Macho Gay and Ex-Military... so he and The Man have that Outdoorsman Great White Hunter and G.I. Bond.   The Young Prince is a Fabulous Gay, so he's just not into Killing things and the whole Military Thing, but he's glad his Partner and his Grandpa really get along so well and can do those kinds of things together.  I'm pretty sure if it means he won't have to, if Grandpa tags along, he'll be Okay with that compromise of the Trip to Texas including one more Guy.  *LOL*   Being we'll be giving their Grandson a place to Live for Weeks or Months while relocating to Arizona, I'm pretty sure Allen's Grandparents would and could receive The Man for a few Days as a Guest.

Anyway, sounds like Washington State has run it's course, too expensive, too much relocating constantly to find suitable affordable Housing, and The Young Prince said where they live now in Yakima is like a Desert anyway.   He likes the Green parts of Washington they previously lived in, but he said if he has to live in a Desert environment, might as well be an Arizona one where he has Friends and Family.   I guess the Yakima area is a semi-arid Desert so it reminds The Young Prince too much of Arizona and isn't the Washington that drew him there.  But, it was less expensive than Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia and Spanaway... they've lived in every one of those Cities during the past 3 Years... which he likes the Greenery of and was the Washington he wanted to live in.

So, anyway, back to The Event, which I spent more than twice as long at than I had at the Event I attended last Week.   Mostly due to being able to also do the Antique Mall part of it and the Restaurant for Lunch, so you have lots to do as well as the actual Event.   I languished, because it was enjoyable and not really too crowded after the initial swell subsided, it was Opening Day, so the first couple Hours can be busy.   I liked doing my secondary sweep after the Crowds disbursed enough that it was very Zen to Shop and Cover things by Photographing them for Blog Fodder.   I know a lot of Designers and Vendors there, so there's visiting that goes on too and a Social aspect to attending.

Not to mention, Strangers do come up and randomly talk to me, I've gotten used to it and sometimes it's quite Interesting to talk to someone you don't even know and may never see again in this Lifetime.  *Smiles*   Most of the time the approach is due to them liking something I'm wearing, buying, or they want to ask about Dreadlocks... it's a conversation starter, what can I say?  *LOL*  On a few occasions they follow Blogs and mine happens to be one of them and I always Love meeting a Blog Supporter in Person who visits The Land and my Space here.  You kinda then feel like they know you already and I've often formed Real Life Friendships after we've met.

Anyway, the last 3 pixs have been of an early 1950's articulated Vintage Halloween Banner that I Scored for a mere $12.  It's in near perfect condition and the Graphics are what I recall fondly from my own Childhood, when most Halloween Graphics looked like this.   Finding Cardboard and Paper Halloween Ephemera from this period is Rare, finding it on The Cheap, even Rarer.  So I bought a lot that this Vendor had from the 1950-1960's Era.   They had some 1970-1980's Era too, but I Passed on all of that since I'd Sold all mine from those Eras and didn't want to Buy Back what I remembered already Selling Off.  *LOL*

 By comparison, these would have been more from a Bygone Era that my Parents might have owned such things and put them up for Halloween... and in my Young Adulthood I probably wouldn't have thought to ask them for.   So, they would have discarded them, since they didn't tend to Collect Seasonal Items and once us Kiddos were Older, they just got rid of most of it.   In their Senior Years my Parents opted not to Decorate much, if at all, for the Holidays.   Only when my Kids were small did they put up some Obligatory Decorations and Tree for when the Grandkids might come over.   They certainly didn't do it for themselves.

Anyway, this Banner has 5 different Articulated Jack O'Lanterns and the Grahpics on each are just Precious and so 1950's!   It all still articulates and folds up for easy Storage, folding one on top of the other.  There's no tears, fading or damages that are significant, just a few minor bends, which, when something is well over Sixty and probably pushing 70 and made of Cardboard Stock, is to be expected.   It feels Weird even saying how many Years something from this Era has now been around... just WOW!  *LOL*

I got this tiny Skeleton from the 1950's, it has some Boy's name scrawled on the back in Pencil, with the mark of a very Young Child's Penmanship agonizingly Printed when they first Learn how to, which I thought was Cute provenance.   I mean for a Couple Bucks can you possibly Buy some Fantastical heady Nostalgia any Cheaper?  I think not.   The Whimsy and Sentimental Value of such things just makes me Smile.   That somebody kept it, Lovingly Preserving it for all this time, is Testimony to the Sentiment it must have had for them too, along with Original Cherished Memories and a Back Story I'd Love to know.

Another Cute Small one I got was this Flying Witch that has Gold Foil Graphics, still in great shape and for $1.25, well worth digging thru the Vintage Halloween Cache' the Vendor had to find these smaller ones... along with a few Cheap Bagged Lots of Vintage Halloween Smalls.

That had the likes of this 1950's Black Cat Clicker, that still clicks...

And an assortment of Vintage Tin Halloween Noisemakers... with Cute Graphics...

Remember a few Posts ago me mentioning the 1970's Articulated Halloween Cat Decorations I Sold Off?   Well, the Laws of Attraction warping into high gear right away, these are the 1960's version  of Articulated Cat and even larger than the later Seventies versions I owned and eventually Sold in the 1990's.   I really like these even better and they're a Decade Older and much more Colorful.   I have yet to see if they still glow in the Dark, but they just might... remember the Sixties was when florescence was a Big Deal and Trending Wildly on Posters, Decorations and such.  *LOL* 

They had Four of these Guys that were part of a Set and being Sold on The Cheap Individually, I bought them all!   Each one has a different pose so the articulation is different too for posing them.   All are in excellent Shape for their advanced Age.  The fact a Set was Preserved is even more Rare.   I always liked the Beistle Halloween Black Cat Characters.   They had Cartoon Whimsey, yet an Evil Expression that portrayed them being very Naughty Kitties up to no good.

Finding such an incredible Stash of Vintage Halloween Decorations for just a few Dollars each was quite the Rush!   They were all unceremoniously dumped in a large Old Wooden Magazine Rack so really weren't Displayed and so nobody was even looking thru them.   Had they been Merchandised better, I'm quite sure I wouldn't have gotten so Lucky to get so many before others pawed thru the offerings.   After I got my Cache' of them, then Ladies began showing considerable Interest in what was in my Cart and asking where I'd found them.  So, I'm glad I got to them first.

Of coarse my Cart looked like the pix below, so it's no wonder it caught the Eye and Attention of passers by, so I also kept a close Eye on my Cart since people do have a bad habit of reaching into your Cart without permission.  Then when you say something, they always claim they were just going to 'Take a Look' and weren't gonna Take anything, literally.   I dunno, I've always been able to Look with my Eyes and not my Hands if something wasn't mine particularly!   In fact, that was my favorite Catch Phrase to my Children and Grandchildren while they were Small, "Look with your Eyes NOT your Hands!", when we were in any Store.  It bugs me when Parents let their Kids manhandle or even play with Product they're not even thinking of buying... or paying for the damage their Kids caused.

Grabbing into someone else's Cart just is Crass and quite Rudely Intrusive, I don't even like it when someone asks Permission to.  Since once they have something in Hand they could always cause a Situation by absconding with it or saying it was theirs, and then there would be a Scene I'd rather avoid entirely.  As you can see, my Cart was looking pretty loaded with Smalls and if someone grabbed one I might not notice right away if my Attention was elsewhere.  So, I just don't like someone rolling right up to me and my Cart close enough to snatch something or give me COVID Cooties.   Respect the Six Feet Boundaries during a Pandemic, in fact, even beyond one, since if I don't know you, I don't want you right up on me.  *LOL*


I also bought Two more of those inexpensive Velvet Pumpkins with Orphaned Vintage Bling Embellishments, both were a Reddish Wine Color.   They had a lot of different ones in various Fabrics and Sizes, mine are the Medium Size and the only Velvet ones they had this time around.   The Orphaned Vintage Bling Embellishment is an Earring, similar but not identical.   The one above I found first and then the one below:

I was digging thru Apple Baskets filled with Fabric Pumpkins and as well as the type of Material, I wanted a certain kind of Vintage Bling Embellishment as well.  Since I have so many Fabric Pumpkins, I'm discerning now on which ones I'd buy to enlarge the Collection.   This Event and even inside the Antique Mall, they had a very nice Selection of Fabric Pumpkins.  I had been thinking perhaps they had fallen out of Favor since I wasn't seeing them anywhere this Year and I wanted some.  So, I was glad that somebody had been Creating them by Hand... and of coarse there were also the Mass Produced kind.   I prefer the OOAK Hand-Made by Artisans, since Honestly, they're about the same Price Point.  Some Vendors do charge way more than others tho', so be sure to Shop around and do your Price Point Recon first.

There would be nothing worse than shelling out $25-$32 for yours and then finding an even better or comparable one for only $5-$8 just a few Booths over.  Yes, there can be and was that much disparity and I saw no benefit to the more expensive ones commanding that much higher a Price Point, just Vendor opinion on Value of their Product or perhaps what they had to pay for it.   These Faux Caramel Apples this Vendor had last Year and I didn't buy any and regret it, so I was Jazzed they had some more this Season and at the same low Price, so I picked up Two of the Three they had left.  They look so Realistic that you would have to watch Younger Kiddos around them lest they try to eat one.  *LOL*  I got the taller one on the Right.

And this one.   The 3rd one I didn't think looked quite as Realistic as these Two, mostly due to the Hue of the Faux Apple and how evenly they had dipped the Faux Caramel on it.   Otherwise I might have bought that one too.   But, wouldn't you know, it happened again... the Cashier forgetting to give me part of my Order and when I got Home, the damned Faux Caramel Apples were missing, but when I checked my Receipt, I'd paid for them... dammit!   Dammit because I work on Friday Nights and the commute to that location is well over an Hour EACH WAY so I'd prefer that since it was their fault, they Mail them to me so I won't be inconvenience with Time and Expense of going back.  I only Hope they can now even find my MIA part of the Order?  I've Messaged them on The Book Of Faces.

The Girl had made a mistake when ringing up my Order, but that got corrected before I left the Mall and only because I told her it didn't seem like she'd charged me enough, I thought I'd spent more.   Sure enough I did spend a lot more and she'd misread or spaced out on the amount and it was considerable, so the Vendors would have gotten stiffed a lot if I'd not questioned why the amount was so low... after she already ran my Card.   I wouldn't have felt right saying nothing or not checking, because my Receipt was for the Full Amount but the Charge was for far less initially, until she re-ran the Card again for the missing Balance.  So, to then not give me part of my Order... I'm frustrated, this is happening a lot lately. 

 They were understaffed and Tired due to the Sale, but it's not good Business to make too many Mistakes and erodes Customer Confidence.   Since my items were wrapped in Tissue Paper and Tapes, I couldn't have checked to see if it was all there before I left without unwrapping it all, they Wrap it behind the Counter so you can't even see your Order being processed, wrapped and bagged.  I just knew I'd put the Apples up there, they got rung up, but I never got them and didn't realize it 'til unpacking them at Home, much later in the Day.  So now, another Problem with an Order to get sorted out and I'm Annoyed about it.  Especially since I didn't buy those Apples last Year and was Jazzed they had a few this Year and I did Buy them... but now... DON'T HAVE THEM!

Thank Goodness I Pathologically Photograph shit while it's still in it's Display there that I'm buying, so I can send Images with the Inquiries when something like this happens!   They never called me to say I didn't get part of my Order, so now I am concerned they won't be able to find it or put it back in Stock during a Sale where it might get Sold again?  I don't want a Refund and to spend Time or Money driving back and Forth either... considerable Time and Gas ain't Cheap... I want my Apple Decorations!!!   So that put a definite damper on my Fun Day, to have another Staff Carelessness incident cause another inconvenience... at Three different places in less than Two Weeks too, extremely aggravating!   I did get my missing part of the Orders at the other Two Locations, but had to drive all the way back to pick them up and resolve it.

Well, by the time I do Part II of this Series of Posts perhaps the Missing Faux Apples debacle will have been appropriately resolved?   You know how it is when something like that happens and now you kind of Mentally Obsess about it?  Until I have appropriate resolution I'll be thinking about it constantly, so I do Hope they contact me this Morning and tell me they at least found my missing part of the Order... and then we'll see what they're willing to do so it isn't more Trouble for me than they're worth?   A Three Hour or more Drive back there would probably cost me as much in Gas as I paid for them after my Military Discount was applied! 

 But, I did pay for them, I do really want them, so whaddya gonna do if they won't Mail them to me, except pick them up on my own Dime even tho' it was their error.  I just Hate Hassles and having to be tasked to correct mistakes made by other people being Careless!  *Le Sigh*   Thanks for allowing me the Vent, it just bugs me that lately it's been commonplace that Employees seem to be Space Cadets with Customer Orders or Services provided.   Part of it to be sure is staff becoming understaffed and overworked on the Job so they get weary and then start making mistakes due to fatigue.  

But, in some cases it's just Carelessness and being in a hurry or not Caring about the Customer.  In this case, from what I Observed, it was more a Staffing Issue at the Register in the Antique Mall, not enough people to handle the workload being heavy.   I've been in situations like that myself as an Employee so I'm not without compassion when they expect too much of too few and don't adequately prepare for volume of business or giving Employees sufficient Breaks to rest so they're not making mistakes or getting cranky with Customers or being in a Negative Mood due to work conditions.

Okay, so except for bitching about the one bad thing that happened and can't do much about right now, we'll move along... *Winks*   I did pick up one Antique Apothecary Pharmacist Jar, pictured below:

It still has it's Contents, which is way Cool, almost a full amount... this was the only Antique Apothecary found, the rest were all faux Halloween versions.   I Collect the Real Deal of Antique Pharmacy Objects for my Cabinets of Curiosities, some of which are housed in Antique Metal Medical Cabinets or Antique Wooden Barrister Bookcases that stack.   For the RV Garage eventually I'd like to Source more of both Styles of Cabinets to House my Collections of Weird and Wonderful Objects I'm Keeping.   I Sold Off a bunch of Barrister Cabinets during the Big Move here to save on Storage Costs, Labor Costs and Space considerations.

The Retail Therapy ran Deep this Event, I also found this Child Vintage Mannequin sans some Limbs, on The Cheap, which will make an excellent Halloween Prop when the severed Limbs are wrapped with Faux Blood Gauze Bandages.  *Smiles*  The partial Arms still detach from the Torso, I'd say this Mannequin probably Dates from about the 1950-1960 Era.   They really made them sturdy and to last back then, so when I find any Cheap, in almost any Condition, I buy them.   I use them for Displays Year Round and for Holiday Decorating.

I almost didn't see it since it was atop a very tall Cabinet Display and I wasn't sure it wasn't just the Vendor's NFS Props for Halloween?   I had to find a way to get it down without wrecking the rest of the Vignette just to see if it was Priced to Sell?   I'm barely over 5 Foot and this was about a 7 Foot Cabinet Display made of Architectural Salvage.   But when I see something Primo, I always find a way, even if I can't find a Floor Associate in sight to assist me.  *Smiles*

I finally did track down a Floor Associate to open one of the Locked Cases in the Antique Mall to get a few nice Altered Art Brooches made with Orphaned Vintage Bling.   For $12 and $15 I thought them to be reasonable, so I did buy Three of them.   The above one was my 2nd Choice.

This was my First Choice and Lo and Behold, they're also part of the Missing Order they forgot to give me, along with my Black Cat Ring Toss Game!  So Thank God I'd Photographed them all in the Store too before Purchasing them so they'd know what the Hell they're now looking for of my MIA part of the big Order!!   You know, I spent a lot of Money and bought a lot of items, but Six Missing Items when you get Home is excessive, probably an entire Bag of Merchandise they never brought to the Register to hand me after I Paid for everything!!!!!   So, if I was irritated before just missing my Apples, I'm peeved now missing Six OOAK Unique items of my entire Order that's Paid In Full!!!

Okay, so the 3rd Brooch that I don't have... is the one at the Top Far Left for $12 that isn't entirely visible on this pix I took of it in the Locked Case thru Display Case Glass with my Zoom Lens, so I Hope they can recognize what it looks like?   I'm still thinking the whole Missing Part of the Order is somewhere in a Bag behind the Registers... let us Hope so anyway, that will Simplify things some and then we can try to figure out how to get them to me?  So, I'll end this Post for now, at least Blogging Triggered Memory of what exactly was missing from my Order when I Downloaded all my Images and was like, "Wait a Minute, where is THAT... and THAT... and THAT... and THAT... and THAT... AND THAT??!?!??!?!!" Just FUUUUUUUUUCK!   And whether or not I wanna Risk the U.S. Mail or not, potentially Losing it... is a whole other Story...  {Spoiler Alert: Everything was Found there and I do have it now... Post to follow.}


 Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congrats on winning. Winning anything always makes me happy.
    That little black rats wearing a necklace are so cute. You know I love rats. lol
    I wish I had a backyard for my dog but I take him for a walk about 6 times a day so he still gets to get out and run around. I've never taken him to a dog park because he doesn't like dogs bigger than him and he would probably start a fight even though he only weighs about 10 lbs. lol He's not too bright.

    1. I too get excited when I Win anything, no matter what it is! *LOL* Those Rats were Cute and I knew you of all people would appreciate them. Your little Dog has you Trained well if he's getting you to Walk him Six times a day. *winks* I think Tyson will Love being here and I only Hope they can find a Pet Friendly Apartment to Rent since he's a big Dog and some places do feel some kind of way about Pit Bull Breeds, even if the Dog is a Cupcake like Tyson is. Little Dogs usually do have big Cajones when it comes to picking Fights, some of our scrappiest Dogs who instigated things were Chihuahuas, they weren't afraid of anything and had an Attitude way bigger than they were! *Smiles* I once had a Maine Coon Cat that could fight Coyote and Wolf Hybrid, I kid you not... our Vet had to pull Coyote Teeth out of him on several occasions, we lived near a Desert Preserve and Yuki was as big as a Small Dog and wasn't afraid of any Canine. He lived to a ripe Old Age and was a HUGE Cat, due to his Breed.

  2. Your eye is GIMLET SHARP. We used to sell at the automotive, motorcycle and antique swaps all over Washington and you can tell when someone knows what they're doing. You consistently seem to be able to pick out those diamonds from among the dross. These recent scores - particularly the Halloween paper ephemera - man, I would have jumped on these like a rat in a necklace. (You know that was funny.) I hope the long-term visit arrangement works out, and the hubs gets to visit Texas and shoot some dinner!

    1. Thanks and I learned a new phrase now "Gimlet Sharp", you do develop a Good Eye for the Good Stuff when you've been around the Good Stuff all your Life. My Parents taught me well and from an early Age we've also taught our Kiddos and Grandkiddos to notice Quality, Workmanship and Value... so many people are Clueless. Now sometimes the Grandchild will tell me if something is a Fake and she can spot it before I have made a determination! I Collect Naturalist Objects and recently saw a Trio of very Unusual Eggs the size of Emu Eggs, but White with Tan spottles... they wanted $45 for them in a Copper Dish, I was trying to figure out if they were Real Eggs. The weight felt right, they looked like Real Eggs and the Vendor was Vague about them so wasn't claiming Real or Fake. Well, Princess T takes one look and says, nope, Fake Gramma! We carefully looked over all 3 and sure enough, once had a scratch mark revealing it was a Terra Cotta Painted Faux Egg. Her instincts were sharper than mine, I was so Proud of her1 Yes, I do Hope the Guys would invite The Man to join them for the Texas visit to go Hunting with them, tho' taking him on the Road is a tall Order, with his Brain Damage he requires Finesse in handling. Since the Grandson has his own Issues with the Schizophrenia, I don't want to create a Trip from Hell for his Partner, since this is a Vacay to see his Grandparents and spend time with his own Grandpa Hunting. We'll see how they feel about taking this Grandpa and taking one for the Team? I was Jazzed to get that Vintage Halloween Score, very Rare to see that much of it and when we went back on the 3rd Day of the Event, it had all Sold.

  3. Every place seems expensive. I'm not far from Spokane, a two hour drive. One of my sons live there. At times I want to leave the Northern part of Idaho. Since our home is paid and on our retirement we couldn't afford to move. The reason I want to leave Idaho. As your coming into the town of Bonners Ferry they're a sign saying "Trump country" which doesn't impress me at all. I'm consider as one of libtards.
    I like the jewelry lot of it I could work in to a crazy quilt.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Smaller Towns around Arizona are very ReTrumplican and adverse to Pandemic Protocol. I don't think most of them are so much True Conservatives anymore, just small minded people with deep prejudices and intolerance for anyone not exactly like them. Having a Paid for Home is nice, I liked when we had that Luxury... I doubt this place will be paid off, but we were able to get our Grandkids adopted by selling off our Paid for Home and they were more Priceless than any piece of Real Estate. If I'm miserable somewhere I can't stay either, the McManse was a Luxury Home, but I HATED the Community and the HOA so I knew I would bail the moment the equity was sufficient to make some Money and escape Subdivision Hell.

  4. Just the word Scorpion puts fear in my veins. I couldn't live with them.

    I've accidentally published things that I meant to schedule. The only way around it I've found is to draft it, then copy and paste into a new posting box, essentially starting over which is easy enough with short posts like I do but would be a nightmare for your posts, I imagine.

    1. I didn't find a way around it Jean so I just let it be Published before the other Two waiting in the Queue that were meant to Post first. The content is random enough that mebbe nobody would have noticed if I said nothing? *LOL* I'm liking having some that are pre-scheduled a day or two out, the flexibility of it, where I have time to go in and make changes and let the content sit a minute before Publishing it. I doubt I'll ever go back to short Posts, I once did it on a regular basis, but it's just not how I Blog so it interferes with my stream of consciousness. *LOL* It was actually harder for me to do short edited Posts, I'm a lousy Editor. Too many Images never got used with short Posts and got buried in the Photo Archives, it just got messy for me and I was losing Interest in Blogging by trying to keep it short and sweet. *Smiles* Hey, you are REAL close now my Friend to the transition to your Beautiful new digs, I can hardly wait to hear all about it once you are moved in and have some great new Blog Fodder. Those Senior complexes can be a wealth of Fodder, you'll have to give Nicknames to the new Neighbors. *Winks*


A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl