Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Disneyland Of Funky Places ~ Part III


I don't know what it is about Ruins and Derelict Old Historic Properties, but I've always had a penchant for them and a Love Affair with them and Imagining owning one.  I'm that Weirdo that would live in one and make it work somehow by getting it just habitable enough!  *LOL*   I actually did it once, our Beloved Historic Home was Condemned when we bought it and took a while to make habitable and Restored enough to occupy.    It's not for the faint of Heart and you must possess the capacity to live in a mess and make it work and doing a lot of work, a Labor of Love with the emphasis on Labor!

We lived mostly in a Pop-Up Coleman Camper for Months on the Property, until we got it to where we could move in to the Main House.  Then eventually Restored the Old Carriage House, which was converted into a Cottage.  There were Two other Cottages and numerous Outbuildings.  At the time we bought it The Son was only 13 and so he and his Dad loved the Camping and Roughing it bit on the Acreage.  *Smiles*  Then our Grandson, The Young Prince, was Born, and I was Surprised Social Services blessed the Kinship Placement of him there as an Infant with us since we were at Ground Zero on the Restoration Process!  

As an Infant his Crib was in one of the Kitchens for a while, I kid you not!  The Caseworker was so thrilled to get him Placed on our Dime instead of The State's, she said nothing and Signed off on it!  Then his little Sister, Princess T, came along and was Born just over 5 Years later.  So yet another Grandchild needed a Kinship Placement with us there, again blessed by Social Services, no problem.  This is why I was so upset when the Adoption Board wouldn't bless the Old House, since the Kiddos had already lived there for 15 and 10 Years respectively just fine, so it was just Silly to then say suddenly it was unsuitable.  Whatever...

But, The System as it stands is pretty random, so we reluctantly Sold it and moved on.   And in some ways I never moved on enough and still Miss the Old Place terribly every Day!  So, yeah, I do miss living in a Historic Home, no matter how much Restoration still needed doing.  We're getting Old now and The Man cannot do the DIY Projects he used to be able to do, so I've had to forego my Historic Home and Ruins to Riches Property Vision.  *Le Sigh*   Princess T is giving me that Look, since I had said The Old Jail sliding down the Mountainside had Potential!  *LMAOROTF*  She's never sure if I'm kidding or NOT?!  *Winks*

She knows that a Ruin to me isn't nearly as formidable and daunting as it would be to most Normal people.  *LMAO*   Yeah, Normal is the Key Word there, I've never pretended to be Normal and I think it's highly overrated anyway.  *Winks*  What Moves me and attracts me is very different than what Moves and attracts most people, I know this.   There is very little competition for what I want most in Life.   When I Sold the McManse, which was a Luxurious Villa and a ridiculous Size Home that did hold and Showcase all my possessions Beautifully... Friends and extended Family were shocked I could give a shrug about letting it go... when letting go of the Historic Home had been so difficult for me.

It was very nice and Impressively Semi-Custom, but I wasn't so impressed nor attached to it that I couldn't just easily move on.   But let us just say, if I wanted another enormous ridiculously sized place again, to convert into a Residential Property, I'd just as soon own this Old Tin Historic Warehouse rather than a Modern McManse... in a Subdivision Hell.   To me, I wouldn't be joking if I were to say this had Potential and I could make it work!  *LOL*   Usually I look for the worst case Scenarios of Hopeless Ruins to make Princess T and The Man Laugh and Roll their Eyes Dramatically when I say THOSE Properties still have Potential.  Something like this they'd be afraid I'd actually be Serious and considering it!  *Ha ha ha*

So, Yes, while in Jerome I did a whole lot of Indulgent Daydreaming of what it would be like to own this, that and the third Historic Old Property or Ruin and actually live there.   Of coarse in my Indulgent Daydreaming I almost have to assume I'm living Alone, since it's highly doubtful the Family would share the Dream and to them it would be a freakin' Nightmare on Steroids!  *LOL*  So, it's all on the Canvas of my very fertile Imagination, this Indulgent Daydreaming, not gonna actually happen in this Lifetime and I know this on the Logical and Sane side of my Brain.  Yes, I have one, I know, who knew?  *Winks*

Now, Princess T will Play Along when we're out doing our Walk Together later in the Evening when most of the Tourists were gone and the Streets we had all to ourselves.   She'd pick out a Building like this Lovely Three Story Historic one, opposite The House Of Joy Century Plus Old Whorehouse I could have bought in 2019.   Then she said I could buy that Ruin next door to it that I J'Adore and make that Property my Secret Garden in the Interior of it, since clearly it now has no Roof and Trees and lush Plants already growing inside of it.   The empty Lot next Door, buy that too Gramma, it has those Wild Peach and Apple Trees growing all over it.  Yeah, that could Work!   See, isn't the Imagining Game Fun?!  *Bwahahahaha*

Yep Wild Fruit on the empty Lot next door on one side of it and a Delightful Ruin to turn into a Secret Garden on the other side of it, I'd be Down for purchasing all Three Properties in a bundle for the right Price, sure!   Besides, that Historic Property looked to be in good nick and might have enough Restoration and yet enough unmolested Historic Charm on the Interior to be Perfect.  It has a Shop down below I could hawk Art and Antiques from... put up an Art Studio and live out Life while Living The Dream.   See how I can Justify it all?  *Ha ha ha*   This is precisely why The Man doesn't like me moving from the Canvas of my Imagination to manifesting the Reality of it!  *Bwahahahaha*

So he tried the discouragement method of reminding me those treacherous Roads would never get better for me driving them... True that.  I'd just have to then reluctantly finally use Amazon Prime, like virtually everyone else on Planet Earth already does... to have everything I'd ever need Delivered and send Bezos into Space in another Penis Rocket again for his Minutes of having the Best Day Ever, and... could I LIVE with THAT!?   *Gasp! Clutching my Hippie Love Beads!*   I know, he's very persuasive about dashing my Daydreams all to Hell, isn't he?  *Winks*

Of coarse, even with Brain Damage, he's always been the Logical Analytical one in the Family, so the Artistic Crazy Visions just never cross his Mind.   He's very Graciously gone along with some really Crazy Shit for my sake tho', I ain't gonna Lie, this Man LOVES me.  *Awwwwww*   So, when all the Kiddos are finally Grown and Gone off on their own... and I've Downsized enough to go Didi Kai again and consider a more Vagabond Nomadic Free Spirited existence in our Advanced Old Age, he'd be on board, however reluctantly.  It would be an Adventure... he's always Down for a Great Adventure, he's Fearless like that!

No matter what outrageous shit I might just randomly say one day about lets just Sell everything and move to _______________, he'd not miss a beat about saying, well, Okay then, if you're Sure that's what ya wanna do?   Because this Man could live out of a Duffel Bag and in the Wild quite effectively and Happily, so where we'd end up wouldn't likely phase him so long as we made it our Home Base.    He only has Anxiety when it's Temporary and he hasn't made it our Home yet.   But, once Settled in and Settled Down, he'd be just Fine.  I just Hate the Moving part of it all and wouldn't do that again unless I offloaded and disposed of A LOT!   A whole Helluva LOT!

As you keep on getting Older and realizing you're not going to be taking any of that shit to the Grave with you anyway, since no Hearse has ever been seen with a trailing U-Haul behind it, it all begins to become less relevant or necessary.  I figure I've got mebbe a Decade left, if Luck holds out and I last that long, before I'll want most of it just gone, the possessions.   The Great Edit and Purge has taught me one thing, getting rid of stuff becomes easier as Time marches on and you start detaching from Things, which seems a Natural Progression for the Aged.

My Dear Mom was very much like me in that she Liked The Good Stuff and she surrounded herself with it in Life.  But, when she got to be in her late 70's and then her 80's, she told me she didn't miss any of it.   She actually got to the place in her Long Term Care Facility, where her Experiences with the Friends she'd made there and their Activities was what she most looked forward to now.  If she hadn't become afflicted with the Advanced Dementia, I think she would have been just Fine in her new way of Living, because she'd cultivated Relationships there to replace her Stuff she had to leave behind.

You know Why I could and did give up a Beloved Historic Dream Home that I was very Attached to and nobody thought I'd ever Sell?   Because my Grandchildren meant more to me and I'd of Sold Off everything I had, to ensure their Happiness and Long Term Security with us.   Sometimes it is hard to give shit up, you can and do miss it sometimes, but it's just Stuff and I've had nothing before and been quite Content and had a Rich Life with very little in the way of Things.   I've also had Much, a whole lot in fact, the Contentment factor isn't based on that tho', so, if the Stuff were to have to go, Contentment is still mine to Keep anyway.

I have started over before, from scratch actually, and more than once already in this Lifetime, it's not so difficult.   Starting Over actually is rather Exciting in so many ways, Blank Slate if you will.   Those of us who Love to Create, rise to the Challenge of Creating something out of Nothing, it Excites us.  Once I have everything I tend to then become Bored, Uninspired, sometimes even a bit Overwhelmed by the magnitude of EVERYTHING.  Nothing is ever so much easier to Manage, it really is.  *LOL* 

Living in a Hotel Room for a few Days felt just Fine to me, we only had what we could Carry in and I can be Okay with that in Life.  Every basic necessity was readily available.   I don't always chose it now, but I know I've lived that way before and it was Fine.   I do like my Stuff, I really do, since I have the duality of being quite a Maximalist and have accumulated much in me Old Age as my Mom used to say.  *Ha ha ha*  It happens, especially to those of us who are Human Magpies and like Shiny Things.

The Selling Off of my things has been kinda Fun, except Today when I went in to pick up my nice Check from a really Strong 2-Week Pay-Period, and realized some Cretan or their Kids had intentionally Vandalized our Showroom and Stolen some items too.  They Stole Cheap items like the Hippie Bracelets and Love Bead Necklaces and left the cut Bags behind, they only Sell for $2 and $3, just stupid to risk catching Shoplifting Charges for that!  But what really irked me was they dumped things out and threw things around like they'd lost their Minds and broke some expensive items on Purpose.  Too much carnage to be Accidental... who does that?!    The Fuckers... Gypsy Curses on them!

Princess T helped me clean it all up and we reported the Theft and Vandalism to Management.   He wants me to come back, clearly some of the New People aren't working out and doing their Job to be a Presence on the Sales Floor to inhibit such incidents from playing out unnoticed.   I won't pick up a lot of Hours, but I do think I'm ready to go back now, only Evening Shifts like before, only On Call at first and then if they have a solid Shift Midweek that would be Okay on a Day or Two only.   I enjoyed my Shifts and my Co-Workers tremendously and have missed them the 18 Months I haven't been working any Shifts due to the Pandemic.

I don't think the Pandemic is going away anytime soon, if ever, so we just have to begin Living fully and doing what we must in spite of it now.   There will be some people who won't behave, won't ever be on board doing the responsible thing, being a pillar of Society and all that.   It's an unrealistic expectation to assume the 30% or so that are the biggest problem are going to be anything but always a problem.   I can't even think, of viable Solutions at this point that would improve the unfortunate situation we're all in enough and that troubles me.  Because I doubt that our Sane Elected Officials will have the capacity to Deal with the Enemy from Within.  Representing ALL of the People means you've got to at least try to reach ALL of them, even those who despise you and would never do anything you do to try to Help them.

  Statistically you're always going to have the Problem People as I call them, granted their Herd is being Culled and Thinned by a Virus of all things, Natural Selection has it's ways of working things out.  Nature is harsh at Weeding out what isn't gonna make it.  It's not my Call.  I'd rather people just Wise Up and Protect themselves and those around them, but many won't.    I suspect even those who Survive won't Wise Up enough and will still be problematic to their End, they are Hard Core now in their Belief Systems, even if flawed and detrimental to them and everyone else around them.  Indoctrination is an insidious thing like that and deprogramming those who've allowed themselves to be Deceived but can't or won't admit they have been, and are Ride or Die for a Lost and Twisted Cause, is something greater Minds than mine would have to figure out a Solution for!

What does concern me is they're saying Pediatric Cases are rising and the Innocents are now beginning to be at heightened Risk and they Deserve better Protection than many Adults are giving them!   Even if a Family is Ignorant and incredibly Stupid or are Vile Human Specimens... if they have Minor Children, I don't think the Sins of their Parents should fall upon the Innocents.  But, that's going to happen and it's going to be incredibly Tragic as it happens.   As Younger people fall Victim to the Virus because they didn't get Vaccinated, they could leave behind their Orphaned Children... their Widows and Widowers... Society will be burdened to Provide for those left behind and suffering the consequences of Poor Choices.

When people make incredibly Poor Choices it always has far reaching consequences beyond them, many fail to recognize that Truth and that Collateral Damage caused by them.   They are now saying this Delta Variant is more contagious than Ebola and the Common Cold... Splendid... compounded infection rates are going to exponentially multiply to the point of no return.   I have a Granddaughter whose a Nurse, they're already exhausted and both Mentally and Physically Drained from how much they've already Sacrificed and personally Risked to Care for the COVID Victims overwhelming the System.   It's callous and crass not to think of those Heroic Essential Workers at all when you make your Choices.

It's incredibly draining for a Health Care Worker to stand in stead to the Dying, since their Loved Ones cannot be at the Deathbed due to Pandemic.  To send out that last Message on their own Phones of the regrets the Dying are having for not getting Vaccinated, a Simple Effective and Free thing they simply refused or didn't get around to doing, preventing so much.  A grieving Young Widow left to Raise 5 Children Alone was on the News showing that last Text Message the Healthcare Workers sent out from her 29 Year Old Unvaxxed Dying Husband who succumbed to COVID this Day.  She, an Anti-Vaxxer too, may have to reconsider her stubborn stance, lest her 5 soon become Orphans, the Youngest was 17 Months Old!  This is the Reality!  God knows how many others the Husband infected too?

Docs are losing Empathy for Covidiot Patients heaping abuse onto Staff who are overburdened, exhausted, valiantly risking their own safety and lives to have to Care for them and taking up valuable Space, when it was completely preventable.  They should turn them away and give the Beds to more deserving Patients who didn't intentionally put themselves in that predicament and then continue to be holding the Country Hostage with their incredibly Stupid Choices. I personally think it's become the No. One Threat to National Security actually and their Politics have become the No. One Threat to Democracy, the Enemy within!  We don't even need Outside Terrorist Threats when Domestic Terrorism and Radicalized Cult Fanaticism is now running rampant with their ilk!

  It's a waste of valuable resources for them to not Protect themselves and then take up limited Hospital and ER Space, while also often even being horrible to and abusive towards those trying to Minister to them.   If someone has a Stroke, Heart Attack or Catastrophic Accident, the Covidiots could be monopolizing the available Beds, Ventilators and Staff that now those Victims won't get.  I personally have no Empathy left for the Covidiot Crowd whatsoever, they get what they deserve and willingly put themselves at risk for and in harm's way now.  Alas, they put everyone else at great risk too, so they've become a threat to all of Society.  Good riddance is now how I feel about them, they perhaps should be on the Hurry Up And Die Plan they claim they'd rather be on than take the Vaccine, it's become like some demented Suicide/Homicide Pact they've all made.

 I do get increasingly Angry when I hear these Stories because just about all of them now are Preventable!   Yet if you Channel Surf past Faux News, the Misinformation continues without Legal Consequences to spinning intentional Bullshit that is literally Killing people and whipping that already unstable Base into their Frenzied misbehavior and entrenching their resolve to resist doing what they should during a National Health Crisis!    Hey, to keep us, the Majority Safe, some things just need to apparently be Mandated.  Those that refuse, are in the Minority but are having a huge Negative impact, so have Consequences for disobeying a Mandate.  Perhaps they're Denied Access, Travel, whatever, due to their Choice to be among the Infected and Unprotected.  Then THEY have to Deal with it and not ALL of us instead Dealing with them!

 Those Sources of Lies and intentional Misinformation should be Sued until they are Bankrupt and/or Indicted, all of them.   There haven't been enough Consequences and Liability thus far for anyone prolonging this Pandemic, if any Consequence or Liability actually, for doing this kind of thing!  I say make the Consequences and Liability heavy and costly enough they Cease and Desist immediately or pay the Price personally too, a very High one.  I shouldn't pay the price and you shouldn't pay the price FOR them, that's all I'm saying.  We're trying to do the Right thing for ourselves and for our Society at large, it's the Adult Responsible thing to be doing.  We're not Children and it is our Responsibility to protect the most vulnerable who can't Protect themselves too.  We can't adequately Protect them from this Ignorance right now.

  To me those irresponsible Politicians and Media Sources are as Guilty as Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charlie Manson and the likes of those Fanatics ever were at Manipulation, often for Profit and Egomaniac Gain/Power Grabs.  At creating a Mass Suicide and/or twisted Homicide of sorts intentionally by what they're doing and saying to those who Trust and Believe them, effectively Brainwashing whoever is vulnerable enough to be Exploited by them and Weaponized by them.  Only this time there is much more collateral damage of infecting people who aren't on that Crazy Train at all!   Every infected person now likely to infect 9 or more and so on and so forth exponentially!

Has Mankind reached a Paradigm Shift of doing enough stupid shit now, even if it's the Minority of folks causing the most risk, to risk inevitable extinction eventually, I just don't really know.   It would be a damned Shame tho' for those of us who've done everything we possibly can to beat this thing, to succumb anyway because of some Cretan that refused to get a Free Shot and Imagined that their definition of Freedom was worth Killing everyone around them for. 

 When their alleged erroneous interpretation of 'Freedom' fucks up everyone else's Freedom and Costs us our Lives, that's where it ENDS!  Sometimes I'm having a very difficult time being the least bit tolerant of that level of Entitlement and Selfish Egocentric Stupidity, I really am.  It's no Wonder I needed the first Vacay in a Decade, to come back to Center!  *Eye Roll*  Yes, Dealing with Pandemic Cray-Cray really can be like an Anchor dragging us all down or steering us into the Iceberg like the Titanic, can't it?  It eventually takes a Toll on everyone to keep having to Deal with the Militant and Crazy People who will never Get It that this Pandemic is Real and deadly as Hell, so will get the Virus instead. 

I know I just have to come to terms with coexisting with whoever Survives this that will remain Stupid, ill Informed, operating with Low Information and possibly still in Denial tho'.   Identifying who they are isn't always the easiest task, tho' in some Cases it's evident as can be.   Some of the most outspoken practically froth at the Mouth and becoming quite the Spectacle, they get themselves so worked up into their demented Frenzies, they appear damned near Rabid!  Some Nurses and Doctors Interviewed said that some of the Dying Victims deny they have the Virus right up until the end and blame the Health Care Workers for making it up, because it would prove they themselves were Wrong all along... I mean, that's pretty deranged to a degree I can't fathom.  Denial unto Horrible Death!  You can't get away from this Pandemic Thing anywhere you go on Planet Earth right now! 

 So, it's always there and looming large.  Just when things get better, the Covidiots make it worse again.  A vicious Cycle that seems to never end and worsen as new Variants mutate, as Virus just do Naturally if they keep finding Hosts and get more developed and resistant to our efforts to eradicate or control them.  It's a Parasitic Organism that requires Hosts and the only way it can Survive is to Adapt and Mutate constantly.  The least Intelligent people seem not to understand that Diseases like this Evolve and Science has to Evolve to keep Pace with the Changes in the Virus too.  That's a No-Brainer for most of us to easily wrap our Minds around, Right?

 Plus it's a Novel Virus, nothing we've dealt with before, so a lot of Unknowns and lots to Discover about it constantly as it's Studied by Experts in those Fields of Contagious Diseases.  Those trying desperately to find Solutions and keep Pace with this thing, as it's Evolution seems quite rapid and relentless, even jumping Species.  We don't really even know it's Origin for sure, if it's been Engineered in some Lab or is some Freak of Nature?  Probably because most of the least Intelligent haven't Evolved all that much from their own Neanderthal Cretan State of Being, they Imagine whatever was said in the very beginning can never Change as the Virus Changes constantly.  

Seriously, some may not have the Mental Capacity to understand even the Basics, however carefully explained to them at the most Juvenile levels possible!  Because it's impossible to get thru to these people, they'd rather Believe some Fantasy Bullshit Conspiracy Theory than Facts that can be easily Proven and Validated.  Their Alternate Reality stance is Interesting from a standpoint of how the Hell does an Adult get there?  Since LaLa Land seems to be a place too many of them reside in 24-7 and 365 now and not all of those people lack Intelligence, so it's really Strange to me how the Intelligent ones can be so easily duped and misled?  Shit, Kids understand this better than some Adults running with Low Information and not Fact Checking it... or are so Poorly Educated they'd Believe anything and just be that gullible!   

That's why I do some Pandemic Updates in Posts every so often because we really do need to have intelligent Dialogue about this, too much is remaining unsaid because Heaven Forbid a Covidiot become Offended or Doubles Down on their Lunacy!   I'd like to just be able to Blog about the Fluff of Life full on most of the time, but in these very tense and dire times it's very difficult to just concentrate on the Fluff of Life and ignore the Important Stuff going on and not discuss it ever, I just can't.   It's just too Important and it affects and could infect every single one of us now. 

 I'll be sending my Grandchild back to School in only Four Days.  Yes, she's Double Vaxxed, but I can Guarantee not all Staff nor Students are and that's problematic and potentially deadly.  Some Schools already beginning their new School Year are already in Crisis just a Day or Two in!   That's not a Good Omen and I fear it will only worsen and put the most vulnerable at greater Risk than they should be in, so that they aren't Denied their Education.   Education is vitally important as we all know, but so is keeping Children Safe and Healthy enough to be able to Grow Up and USE their Education.  We do see what Low Information and Poorly Educated masses end up like. 

I find it Curious that I've had to provide Immunization Records for all my Children while growing up and all the Grandkids I've raised too for them to enter School.  Yet, right now nobody has to provide evidence of COVID Vaccine to either work at the Schools or be a Student there if over the Age of 12.  Anyone under 12 is particularly vulnerable since they can't even have the Qualifications to get a Vaccine to Protect them adequately yet.  So all their Teachers should have to be Vaccinated and Tested regularly lest they infect the Kiddos and they in turn infect their Families and Friends!  

 Let us not wait til the Children are dropping Dead in droves too!  It just makes zero sense to me... that you can't enroll a Student without Vaccination Records for everything else, but not this Pandemic Virus... go figure!   It's not as if thruout History we haven't Mandated certain Vaccines that for Public Health Reasons, could prevent Epidemics and Pandemics in the Past and in the Present.   My Parents didn't have a say on whether or not I got certain Childhood Vaccines, we all just got them and it eradicated some pretty horrible Diseases that were going around in those days like Smallpox and Polio.

  In some Countries, like where my Mom was from, they Vaccinated against Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever, she got those as a Young Person and was one of the few who Survived it all, she lost many Childhood Friends to them tho'.  Her Younger Sister survived Polio but was crippled for Life by it and spent time in an Iron Lung.  In other Countries Tuberculosis and Malaria or other contagious Diseases have effective Vaccines to protect their Citizens.  Others like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox are Childhood Illnesses I remember well but my Younger Kids and all of my Grandkids didn't have to suffer like our Generations did, because Kids get Vaccinated, unless their Parents are rabid Anti-Vaxxers, nobody resists those Vaccines.  So the resistance to this one makes absolutely no Sense and sets a dangerous precedent.

I am Worried about her returning to School..., yet, Pandemic Home Schooling did not Work for her at all because the Special Needs Children did not receive their IEP Services while Online so they fell further behind than ever.  She spent all Summer in Summer School trying to make up Credits for Classes she Failed because her Resources were not made available to her while all her Schooling was required to be Online due to Pandemic.   Of coarse a lot of Kiddos without Educational barriers who are Mainstream Students fell behind and had to attend Summer School too, so it was all rather a cluster fuck experiment that didn't quite work for most.

Teachers are Retiring Early or quitting in droves, I don't Blame them at all, they didn't Sign On for all of this either!   A lot of Public Servants are doing the same, for similar reasons, so shortages are going to abound and compound problems we're already facing and not solving.   I'm sure as we lose more Health Care Workers there will be less to Care for the Sick and Dying.   As COVID Patients consume all Emergency Services there will be less Services available to you if you have any other kind of Emergency, something to think about.   As more COVID Cases flood Hospitals and ER's, well, the chances of contracting it there if you're there for anything else is probably quite high too.   

So far I've seen some Health Care Workers picketing coz they're Unvaccinated and don't want the Vaccine!   I don't know about you, but I don't want to go to an ER or Hospital and not know if my Provider is against the Science and Medicine that would prevent them from becoming most infectious and potentially infect me!  I'd like to know if that's the Field of Work they chose, they'd have the Intelligence and back Science enough to do the Right thing by themselves and their Patients!  If not, perhaps it's not the Line of Work they should be in anymore, if they're putting everyone else at higher Risk now by being a willing Host and Breeding Ground for stronger Variants that may make my Vaccine less effective at Protecting me, just sayin'!

These are those very uncomfortable Conversations I think we need to be having but nobody much is.   I'm not hearing anyone having them, most are pretending like this is all over and everything is back to Normal, when it's SO NOT!   So, it's starting to Feel a bit like an Old "Twilight Zone" Episode to me now.   Am I the only one Feeling this way I sometimes Wonder, has everyone else around me seemed to check out and become untethered to Reality or just not keep Informed at all?   Insane in the Membrane, that Old Rap Song by Cyprus Hill, just loops thru my Head sometimes when I'm People Watching the Masses doing stupid shit en mass.

Keeping our Loved Ones and ourselves Safe Enough thru the stupid shit others are doing is the really Challenging part, since you can't mandate personal Behavior.  If people wanna behave badly and there's no consequences for them doing so, what deterrent is there really?   What incentive to do better and be better?   There seems to be few, if any, consequences right now for people infecting everyone around them when they make the worst of choices during a Worldwide Pandemic where they become a contagion because of their Actions or Inactions that cause them to be handy Hosts for the Virus to latch onto and then spread.  With other highly contagious Diseases mandatory Quarantines existed for the Infected, there wasn't a Choice.

I know I'm Rambling now about all of this, but it it therapeutic to just Write about it, if nothing else.  The frustration level I Feel about this Pandemic is just too high not to, 18 Months of this is wearing on me, especially as it worsens because of people being Covidiots.   Must... stop... now... before I wind myself up about it too much.  *LOL*   As it is Princess T has been coming up behind me asking when she can get her Hair Styled and Cut for starting School and also, how about a Trip to The Mall Gramma, there's this one thing I NEED before School starts in Four Days.  She's very vague about what that one thing is so I doubt it's only one thing?!  *Eye Roll*


In fact, funding Back To School for her and The Young Prince's Visit and 21st Birthday next Month is gonna set me back some I suspect.  Too bad my own Birthday is in August and I'm at the end of the Priority List.  *Pouting petulantly!*  Not that I Need another thing in this Lifetime mind you... but it's the Principle of the thing, you know?  *Winks*   Well, I'm sure you know... most of us are at the tail end of some Laundry List, aren't we?  *Smiles*  Taking refuge in Photography, Art, Blogging and such has kept me distracted enough during some of these uncertain times to weather the Storms relatively intact.  It's just been a LOT, hasn't it?


I've pre-scheduled most of these Posts and just let them hang out there in Scheduling Land for a Minute, because when I've been in the Mood to Blog I take advantage of it lest I suddenly not be in the Mood to do anything at all.  There have been Days like that and it's difficult to even want to get Dressed and do what I absolutely have to do and cannot avoid doing.   At least I have enough Blog Fodder Imagery from the Vacay to last a few Posts and give you some Eye Candy.

Okay, so even if the Read becomes a tough one to get thru, as I go to some Dark Corners of the recesses of the Mind and bring up the really hard stuff to confront and discuss among ourselves.  Sometimes a good Rant can be therapeutic when you're just fed up with how things aren't Changing for the better and yet we all must muddle thru it as best we can until hopefully things do Change in a Positive direction and the Negative Energy disburses and it put In Check.  You can even agree to disagree, that's not even the point here, just don't bring Bat Shit Crazy to my site, I ain't got the Patience for it and will tell you to Fuck Off.   Yeah, I won't be the least bit Diplomatic about putting you In Check, mebbe more people should actually so that it becomes very uncomfortable for you to Act Up.

I don't wanna get Confrontational and Engage with disrespectful Idiots here, so I'd rather not have to tell anyone to Fuck Off Today, it disturbs my Calm and you'd have Dark Dawn come out to Play.  *LOL*  Go where you'd be more Welcome, like your Lunatic Fringe sites where the Tribe resides that you belong to if you're of that demented ilk.  Seriously, we ain't got Time or Patience for you here, we're too busy Dealing with your Pandemic and Political Bullshit Backlash in Real Life already, which is more than Enough and has been Tolerated too long IMO. 

 My Tolerance level is at Zero now for them all, I dismiss the Covidiot like I'd be dismissive and intolerant of an annoying Vermin whose trying to infest and pollute our World.   If they're eventually eradicated by Mother Nature via this Virus, the better for all the rest of us in the long run, the Zombies and their Apocalypse will be gone, Problem Solved.   Sound harsh, it is... but that's just how I'm Feeling about it now and I think most of us are in Survival Mode.   We've had to remain in Survival Mode for an extended period of time and so that tends to harden you against whatever Enemy you're facing and Dealing with Daily.

 So, pushed to that... if it's gonna be between us or them that pose the greatest Threat... it's gonna be them if I can help it.  They're the ones that decided there wouldn't be any Unity of Purpose, so they put themselves on an opposing side and the Wrong side of History... their Choice, their Loss.  Being a Loser and siding with Losers seems to run in those Circles, doesn't it?  *LOL*  Sorry, couldn't resist a little bit of Gallow's Humor... since being a Loser is something that Thing 45 has always been and basically explains why he is what he just is and can't Change that Outcome... everything he Touches Dies.   Always has, always will. 

 He's a Failure and I think at his Core he is Terrified of that Fact and wants to take everything and everyone around him Down with him.  Since he cannot stand the Success of anyone else, as he feels it somehow threatens him and magnifies his own Failures.  We mustn't let that happen.  We mustn't allow a deranged Man and his Sycophants to Weaponize those devoted to them and threaten to destroy our Nation, our Health and The American Dream.  It's been too hard fought for and Won by the Patriotic Heroes who have Sacrificed so much to give it to us all and preserve it and the Sanctity of it. 

 My own Husband among them that Honorably Served and Sacrificed for his Country admirably for 39 Years, so we personally resent these Enemies from within trying to take away what is Rightfully ours.  Including but not limited to our Voting Rights, so that Future Leaders of America are Democratically Voted In by the People rather than Evil Dictators appointing themselves and plotting Coups to overthrow our Government.  They are treasonous Traitors, they all need to be treated as such.


Be Safe and try to Stay Well my Friends... we don't wanna Lose any of you... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. If I was in charge of the world I'd record the second half of this post---the covid rant---and make all the anti-vaxxers listen to it. Ya, it would be a form of brainwashing but to counteract the brainwashing they're already living with. I know a couple of anti-vassers extremely well---or at least I used to think I knew them well, but apparently to be a disciple of the Trump Cult you have to have to hand over your brain for a lobotomy.

    The first half of this post I was really grooving with and completely understand your mind set about old buildings. I'm not quit there yet about letting go of possessions and being at peace with it. I want to be but I'm in the finally days of my old-person purging and it's really hard to let go of stuff that's made it through 2-3 purges already.

    1. I think deprogramming the disciples of Thing 45's Cult could be a lost cause, all Cults are carefully constructed by the Cult Leaders using basic strategies that work and prey on the fears, insecurities, prejudices and malcontent of those they attract and then the Cult Leader weaponizes and manipulates for their own Gain, deranged Causes and Ego. The way you can always spot a Cult is what happens when you try to Leave... shunning, vindictive behavior and sometimes even threats and ruination often happen to ex-Cult Members by others within the Ranks of the Cult. Many Cult Members have found the 'Family' or 'Tribe' they didn't feel they had in Real Life, loosing that is terrifying to most of them because they know the vast Majority outside of the Cult are NOT like them and many have had to put on a facade to be accepted in Normal Society... or perhaps never were acceptable due to their dysfunction. I despise the deranged Cult Leaders of every Cult, but usually they have an innate ability to have a Charismatic Draw because they are Apex Predatory Humans seeking Prey. They know who will more easily succumb and which folks they'll Label their Enemies because they couldn't Con those people and we see them for what they are. Pimps, some Religious Leaders that are Fanatics, Consummate Criminals/Gang Leaders, Dictators, etc. have all studied the Play Book of how to become Successful at what they do, it's not changed and it's not really even all that difficult to learn how to manipulate people, especially the vulnerable and the weak among us. Anyway, glad you were grooving with the 1st half of the Post before I went on my Pandemic Rampage. *LOL* I've gone thru numerous Purges already too Jean, but I think you made better progress at reaching Goal than I have yet, so perhaps that's why you're down to the really hard stuff to detach from? You've been an Inspiration, that's all I have to say about that, I aspire to get to where you are... some day.

  2. I don't have a lot of possessions and I live in a 650 sq ft apartment so there's not a lot of room for stuff. So what I do have I want to keep if I move someday. I don't mind starting over as long as I have the money to get the few things that I need. I love all your pictures.

    1. I once lived in 350 sf Studio Apartment and also in a very small Trailer so I completely understand how it is when you're living in smaller spaces Mary. You curate what you own more when there is no space to put things and become very creative about Storage. I do not think I could go back to tiny living, but you never know. *winks* I do know I'd not go back to living in a huge Home, that was too much House and a lot to clean and maintain, very expensive and exhausting to have 4,350 sf, but it was something I can now say I did too. *LOL* Every experience has it's drawbacks, this Mini Farm Acreage is lovely but a lot of Pasture to keep up, but I love having the Grass now, in a Desert it's a rare indulgence to have it as you well know and it has reduced my energy bills tremendously to have Mature Trees and Pasture around the Main House. Glad you're enjoying the Visuals, I am Visual when I read Blogs, which is why I got heavy on Visuals for my own Posts.

  3. I seen some old warehouse dist, be made into some cool shop. In all honest this virus never need to be come as it is, currently. Both of my children have family of there own. I don't if I would send my kids to school here in Idaho. Mask are laugh at.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. They're doing that here too Dora, making some Industrial Spaces into Retail Shops, Livable Loft Apartments and such, a nice way to use the Unique Spaces the Old Warehouse Districts are. I'd Love to own a Warehouse Loft with the Old Exposed Bricks, huge Arched Windows and exposed Ceiling Ductwork and such. I know you said Idaho has a lot of Covidiots and Anti-Maskers, sadly, they will pay a high price for such defiance and/or ignorance about how a highly contagious disease will exploit those bad habits.

  4. "to make habitable and Restored enough to occupy"
    Just enough to pass code. I know what you mean.
    I don't know if my house could pass code since the code has probably changed a lot in the last 45 years.

    1. My Historic Home could never have passed Modern Code, but you know, Modern Code is rather a joke when the new builds are crap and falling apart just a couple Years or less after they build them. Yet, the Historic Structures are solid and will last another Century. So to me it's ironic that Modern Builders act as tho' they're so superior to how the Builders were of the Older Homes and other Buildings, theirs will not last nor stand any test of Time, they already aren't. Our McManse had originally been a Million Dollar Plus Build, how poor the construction was compared to my Historic Home I felt it wasn't worth the $370,000 I paid for it when the Luxury Real Estate Market had circled the drain and we could buy them for that price! I had paid $49,000 for my Condemned Historic Home and structurally it was better than any Modern Home they could build today no matter how much it costs. This Mini Farm was built in 1980 and had been Custom and built more in the Old Way with the 10-12 inch thick Burnt Adobe Brick Walls, large overhangs and deep Windowsills, so it's sturdy as a Brick Shithouse too and why I would only buy an Older Home for a Forever One Mike. Of coarse the Codes must have been Okay on this because it easily passed an Inspection, only one thing they felt could have and should have been done differently and eventually we'll take that advice and change it when we can find a Contractor we Trust.

  5. Loved these pics and all the cool antique stuff. Also the pics of you all!
    We are some of the few who wear masks here in our building. It just seems silly not to with Covid raging close by. It just takes one person in the lift to infect us all. We are having trouble sourcing vaccine here in our state due to stupidity at federal government levels who delayed buying enough and now we are screwed. However my hubby is fully vaxed and I will be too by the end of the month. They are restricting age groups due to lack of stock so working down from the elderly. My kids will have to wait a while and this new variant is on the loose with its lack of respect for the young. Hmmm.
    Still we do what we can do and enjoy our relative freedom.
    I can totally see how you fit in at Jerome. It has you written all over it! I would love it there. Interesting name. Is it named after a person’s first name?
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I'm not sure how Jerome got it's Name, perhaps a person, tho' I've not met many people named Jerome, it is a Name they might have used more in the 1800's? Glad you'll be getting vaxxed soon and Hope your Kiddos can be too sooner than later since yes, this new variant has a lot of Pediatric fallout happening already here and Pediatricians are very worried about kids under 12 who still cannot be vaccinated. They are seeing young children and young adults becoming very Sick and even Dying more with this Delta variant, which is terrifying! I do have Grandchildren under 12 still, and Great-Grands, tho' most of my Grandchildren are Young Adults and have the availability of easily getting vaccinated, some have chosen not to and that bothers me a lot and I'm trying to influence them more to get it ASAP before they get infected, which they will, it's a Given that within 4 months the unvaxxed will be The Infected. I'm so sorry Australia has dropped the ball for their Citizens, you're such a progressive Country too, it only made sense to me for the Third World to have problems with funding this, not the First World Countries, who clearly should have been better prepared and proactive. America messed up but now is trying to do better and nobody here has any excuse to wait to get vaxxed now if they're over 12 years old, it's readily available and free.


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