Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Wardrobe Bandit And Retail Therapy


I had a lot of Errands to get done first thing Monday Morning and man was I dragging!  One of those Days where you lay there in Bed knowing you have tons to get done and don't really want to bother rolling out of Bed nor getting Dressed, but know you must.   I'm having more Days like that than I care to Confess lately.  Anyway, The Man agreed to come along and Help, since when I met The Son for the Luncheon on Sunday he'd convinced his Roommates to save all their Aluminum Cans for his Dad and I... those Bags were enormous and heavy!  So, we turned them in for a considerable amount of Recycle Cash, went to the Post Office to mail Bills, then to the Antique Mall to stock some new Inventory.  Missions Checklist now accomplished for the Morning. 

So while Grandpa and I were out all Morning getting all our Errands done, we'd told Princess T to get Dolled Up for some Fun Family Time after we got all our Work done for the Day.   So, when we returned, guess who had Raided my Closet again?   Yep, the Wardrobe Bandit had struck yet again!  She's inclined to do that and always looks so much Cuter in my damned Wardrobe, so what can I say?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Yes, the Lace Wrap Caftan is mine... and I doubt I'll ever see it again hanging in my Closet, since she got so many compliments on this Ensemble all Day, that she's likely to confiscate it permanently now?  *Eye Roll and Le Sigh*

I ain't gonna Lie, do you know how Tempting it was, every time another person came up to compliment her profusely on her Outfit and gush over what great Taste she had in Fashion, especially THAT WRAP, how hard it was NOT for ME to say Thank You instead of her?!  *LMAO*  But, I didn't, I held my Mud and let her get all the Credit and she'd slyly look over at me and Grin, then say, did you hear Gramma, I got ANOTHER compliment on this Outfit, I REALLY like this Wrap of yours!  Yeah, she was Feelin' it and sashaying around with it flowing around her like someone Ethereal... extremely delicate, light and too Perfect for this World!  Look at the "Heart" she made with her Hands, she's so Clever!  *She reminded me to tell you that when she looked over my Shoulder just now!  LOL*

We had a LOT of Laughs this Day, the deep Belly Kind where you just can't stop Laughing hysterically, until Tears are running down your Face and your Sides hurt and people around you start Laughing too and they don't even know Why?  Which then makes you Laugh even louder and more raucously!  *LOL*  In keeping with the Message on The Man's Shirt of "No One Fights Alone", Grandpa and Princess T pretended to Stage Mock Sparring, twisting the Message slightly, since they Delight in Tormenting one another in good Fun all of the time and sometimes get carried away with it until one of them isn't thinking it's so Funny.  It's always all Fun and Games 'til someone gets Hurt, Right?  *Eye Roll... KIDS!*

So my Favorite saying to each Family Member when they're going too far, so not getting along and playing well with others now... or Good Fun has now escalated to Annoyance and potential Conflict, always has been to go and be Alone in a Room for a while so you'll have nobody to Fight with!  *LOL*   We were at a Favorite Antique Mall in the Northeast Valley where some of my Vendor Friends have Amazing Spaces.   I might have bought too much impulsively, since I ended up with Five Items {which means 25 Items from Home must now go Out as I bring these 5 In}... but I got an Awesome Haul I Loved and Sales at my own Showroom have been Super Strong this Pay Period, which doesn't even End until Saturday Night, so it's all Good.  *Winks*

As she's been Lurking over my Shoulder as I Create this Post, and Assuming it's ALL ABOUT HER, she Insisted I utilize every Frame I took with her in it!  *Smiles* Even the ones like the above that weren't the best Quality.   "But I still look Good in it, so use it Gramma!"    Ahhhh, the Vanity of Youth!  *Bwahahaha*   Okay, so she was stinkin' Cute and a Joy all Day, so I've obliged.  *Winks*   I did have to Photoshop the Pix considerably since it was out of focus and so dark, but she was Happy enough with the results of my cosmetic improvements to the Image, so here it is in all it's Glory and Memorable Cuteness!

She's Modeling a very early 1930's Leather Scrapbook Photo Album I bought that is chock full of the most Amazing Old Photos and Memorabilia of some Family that now has become more of our "Adopted Relatives".   I can browse Old Albums like this for Hours, a Pictorial History of someone's Life Experiences and Loved Ones... now discarded and Found again, Rescued and put up For Sale.   When I Decorate with items like this, you would be Surprised how many Guests spend Time looking at them.   Enjoying being a Present Day Voyeur into the Intimate Lives of people we never knew and who now are likely long gone, along with their firsthand Memories of what lies in the Pictorial History left behind.  

Though we will never know who these people are, we do know something about them that Hand Written snippets reveal to us.   We know this is Dorothy, Richard, Harry, Beverly and Louise in 1936... so their Identities are now known in part.   They would be the Ages of my Parent's Generation and there is a slight possibility some of them might still be among the Living?   When I get the really Old Photos from before the turn of the Century and realize that probably nobody is still Living or remembers any of those people now, it's kinda Sad.  But, at least they were Immortalized and Preserved on Film so long as those Pixs are Rescued and Saved. 

I also got an Ephemera Swag Bag, I LOVE these things, both to Buy and to Create and Sell in my own Retail Space, they're such Fun.   You never know all the Swag that the Bag actually contains and the Mystery and Surprise of that is part of the Fun.   Kind of like Winning something on the Midway at a Carnival, it has that kind of Attraction and why they are popular inexpensive items to both Buy and Sell.  My Swag Bags and Swag Jars always Sell Out quickly too.   "RUSTY SATURDAY" makes some really Interesting ones and we just Love their Booth at this Antique Mall.   The Man and I can paw thru their Inventory for a long time and I enjoy Photographing their Space since they Merchandise everything so well.

The Two Images are the front and back of the One Swag Bag I bought this day.   I liked the Vintage Carnie Image of the Male Acrobats and the Old $5,000 Note Hand Written in the most Beautiful Penmanship!   I haven't even opened the Bag to know all the Swag I got in it, but the front and back contents that could be seen was quite Promising and Alluring enough to take the Chance on what else might be inside that I'd be Jazzed about discovering and now owning!?   The lead pix of the Two Old Paintbrushes on Fabricated Vintage Industrial Stands I also bought.   I happen to like and have Saved numerous Old Paintbrushes, so I liked this Idea of Displaying them.  Right now most of mine are just Displayed in Old Ice Bucket Silver Urns.

I also fell in Love with this large Old Onyx Dish with a Bronze Dog atop it, ironically the Vendor's Number was K-9!  *LOL*   They had it described as a Wolf Ashtray, but the Animal is wearing a Collar and looked more like a Domestic Dog of some kind to us and this looked more like a Trinket or Soap Dish, since no Ashtray Cigarette indents on the sides to lay a Cigarette down on.   The Onyx has Aged to a beautiful Honey Color and this thing is as heavy as a Boat Anchor!   The Bronze is removable for cleaning the Dish and has Bronze Pegs to easily take it on and off it's Dish.   This will be utilized at Home to hold Jewelry like Rings and Earrings, Dreadlock Cuffs and Beads.

I've got to get around to making up more Swag Jars and Swag Bags for my Showroom, since I just about Sold Out over the Weekend already.   I got more Tiny Hoards to fill Jars and Bags with and it is Fun for Princess T and I to Create our Swag Merchandise we're Marketing.   I don't much enjoy the Pricing and getting things ready for Sale so much except when we're doing the Swag Stuff.  I have been Religious about bringing In a minimum of 5 items per Day tho', since way more than that is going Out, so I'm falling behind in keeping re-stocked enough, which is a good problem to have actually.   With the Stormy Weather the RV Garage is relatively Cool in the very early Mornings or real Late at Night to retrieve Inventory from.


The Man was saying, as we pawed thru the Merchandise of our Favorite Booth, that he'd like our Space to resemble that more and I Confess I would too.  It would be more Authentic to ourselves, our Vision and our Aesthetic really and we know this. That said, our Demographic is digging what our Booth presently offers For Sale and how it's Merchandised in a less Editorial way and not Showcased and Vignetted so meticulously.  So I don't wanna Jinx anything or get too contrived or experimental right now while Sales remain quite Strong.   If it ain't broke, don't fix it, being my Mantra when it comes to Retail Sales.  Yea, even if the Showroom isn't my exact Vision of what I'd LIKE for it to be, it isn't ALL ABOUT ME, so there ya have it!   Whatever the available Clientele want, the Clientele showing up get!

Yes, we Play with Evolution of our Space constantly and move towards what we'd Envision it being that is better than it is... I'd like to draw a certain Demographic to the Far West Valley.   But, right now that's not the bulk of what is walking thru those Doors and dropping the Coin and the Benjamins, so... the Impulse Shopper, the Crafters, Toy Enthusiasts and Boho Lovers are our Bread and Butter... not the Consummate Collectors nor the Weird and Wonderful Folks just yet.  So, whenever they start showing up, is when I'd start Catering to that Demographic I feel more Connected to on a Personal level.   Right now, tho' some show up, most don't and I know my Demographic that is my Regular Customer by now in the Far West Valley.

Those who Believe, if you Stock it, they will come... often have had to fold up and generally don't last long, even if they had the Good Stuff and Merchandised it to the hilt and to absolute Perfection.   Always demoralizing to see them come and go, I miss so many of them and what they offered and their marvelous Booths and Showrooms!   But after being where I'm at since the very beginning, and lasting, I attribute it to Reading whose already coming and not Hoping on or relying upon those that maybe won't come even if I Stock it and stick it out!?   I'm still having Fun with what I do even when it's not the exact Vision I had for any of it.   It's still just my little side Hobby for Fun and not my Livelihood or how I Feed my Family and pay the Bills.   Which is a good thing, too unpredictable!

Anyway, we didn't stay long at the Antique Mall since I wasn't feeling 100% and knew I needed to go get some Lunch coz my Blood Sugars were tanking.   The first choice in the Area had decided on this very Monday to close on Mondays from now on... wouldn't ya know... dammit!   They had a Sign Posted and I got the whole sordid Back Story about the Family Owned Restaurant's recent changes from someone at the Antique Mall that was in The Know.   Apparently the Founder {the Dad} had recently Died.  He Willed the Strip Mall the Restaurant had been in for Years to the Adult Daughter and the Restaurant to The Wife.   Well, apparently there is estrangement between Mother and Daughter now.  Ruh Roh... settling of Estates doesn't always bring out the Best in Families!  When you prioritize Stuff and Money over People, this is what happens unfortunately!  That's why I always say: People first, then Money, then Things!

Apparently the Daughter wouldn't renew the Lease on the Restaurant with her Mom and kicked her out!  So, the Mom relocated to a brand new Build Location of the very Popular and Beloved Restaurant.   The Daughter is now intending to open, where the Restaurant used to be, her own Version of the same Restaurant with only slight changes to the Recipes!   The new Location was mobbed since the Move, so they've had to close on Mondays to give the Staff a Break... I was told the Wait can be 1.5 Hours for Take-Out Orders and 3 Hours for Dine-In, they're just that swamped now!   So, mebbe it was best it was Closed since we couldn't and wouldn't have waited 3 Hours to get Served and Eat, I was Fading fast as it was!

Who knew all this High Drama would ensue since my last visit, not that long ago tho'?!?!?!?  Yikes!   So that's the Dirt on it all... Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary and all the Saints!   I won't name the Restaurant and put it all on Blog Blast like that... since the Dirt I got could be hearsay, for all I know???  If True, it's Tragic, that's all I have to say.   I'm always saddened when after someone Dies, their Loved ones get into a pissing contest over the Spoils and wreck their Relationships or behave badly about who gets what!   It's a good thing my Brother and I are very similar and when our Parents passed, we amicably and agreeably decided what should be done and kept our Relationship the higher Priority than any Money or mere Stuff.   

I know my Kid Brother had said he knows me so well that if there had been other random Relatives that might have become problematic and a Pain in our Asses during a time of Grief, I'd of gotten the Matches out and set it all on Fire before I'd Deal with anyone who even Smelled like Drama and a Headache!   The Man joked that the Stuff becoming a Bonfire wouldn't have been the only thing at risk, I might have set the problem people on Fire too?   He could be Right...  *Winks*   The Man's Family is very Large and so they've had some intense High Drama when people have Died and Estates have had to be Settled. 

 He never got into the middle of it and just let things get sorted out by those up for Battling it out and might have been Executors of the Wills.  Whatever we got or didn't get was never Contested.   To me it's not worth the hassles, it's not as if our Families are obscenely Rich and it would make Headlines how shit got divvied up and became Legendary Gossip Fodder.   Our own Heirs are more likely to not want to have to Deal with whatever Inheritance is left behind to become overwhelmed with disposing of, they'd be Fighting over who would have to get it, rather than Fighting over who gets it, we strongly Suspect?!  *LMAO*

And, you can only tell how Pandemic Boredom and Social Isolation due to COVID has affected me, when The Dirt on some Restaurant Family makes it Blog Fodder Worthy, I mean, that's really Stretching, huh?!  *Bwahahahahaha*   I'm glad the Restaurant Survived the High Drama, since there is one particular Dish that Princess T and I sometimes have intense Cravings for enough to drive across the Valley to get it!  *Winks*   I know the Locals now are wondering, which Restaurant is it, the Suspense might be now killing them to wanna know?  *Smiles*

So anyway, by default and wonderful Serendipity, we ended up at a Thai Restaurant I hadn't been to in Years "Thai Lotus Restaurant".   Mostly since, the last visit was when my Dear Mom was still Alive and she and I went there, so I wasn't certain if I'd be Triggered or not going back?   It was near where she used to live in an area much Beloved by her that she missed a lot when her Landlord Died and she had to move away from that Community and Rent somewhere less desirable.   So a lot of her Old Haunts around that Beloved Community she was so Happy to live in bring back some bittersweet Memories for me personally.   I had forgotten how damned good the Food was there, I had the Tom Kha Thai Coconut Hot-Pot Soup... which comes Flaming to your Table.

Princess T had the Flaming Hot-Pot Silver Noodle Chicken Vegetable Soup... I'm surprised you can't see the Flames shooting out of the Hot Pots Chimney, since that sucker was about 6 inches high on both of ours, you could have roasted Marshmallows over it!  *LOL*   The Man had Sweet N Sour Salmon with Fried Rice and forgot how Spicy my Soup was, when he reached over and swiped one of the Baby Corn Cobs and popped it into his Mouth and almost couldn't Breathe or catch his Breath for a Minute!  *LMAOROTF!*   Princess T reminded him he'd of been better off swiping one out of her Soup instead, since she doesn't have it so Spicy like Gramma, that it would melt your Face off!  *Smiles*

Behold, some Face Melting Goodness!  So, the rest of my ingredients were Safe, since he wasn't gonna do that again!  *Winks*   I ain't gonna Lie, this was Spicy enough it would Cure whatever Ails ya and it was delicious!   Granted, on the first couple of bites, with the Spice level I ask for, your Vocal Chords constrict to where your Voice goes up a few Octaves!  *LOL*   But, you can order it at any Heat level to your liking and as far as Thai Cuisine goes, my tolerable level is only considered Medium Spicy in Thai Standards!   The Man always orders his Thai Food in what is considered Old White Man Heat Tolerance levels and tho' he's quite adept at eating with Chopsticks like the rest of us, and for all the Years he spent deployed to the Orient, he eats it with a Fork ta-boot.  *Ha ha ha and an Eye Roll*

They had Happy Hour on the Appetizers so we got one of those too.   It wasn't busy since it was a Monday Afternoon, so we practically had the place to ourselves for Dine-In, since most orders were Take-Out.   There was one other Diner, a Young White Guy with Dreadlocks, so The Man looked at him, then looked at me, and joked that it must be Dreadlock Happy Hour?    Yes, says I, My People congregate at all the Local Thai Restaurants for Happy Hours, didn't ya know?  *Winks*   The Guy must have been on his Lunch Break from some Vegan Joint, he looked quite the Granola Guy, and because he ate so fast even tho' he'd come in long after us, he was done long before us and gone!   *Smiles*

That then left us as the only Dine-In Patrons as other people came and went picking up Take-Out.   The ambiance there is very relaxing and Zen so we lingered, the Water Features create a nice soothing background sound and they had Kenny G Music playing.   After we dropped Grandpa back off at the House, I'd Promised Princess T I'd take her to The Mall, the Big one... so that was Two levels of intense Power Walking and when we got Home we both took a long Nap!  *LOL*   Hey, I can Hang with a 15 Year Old, she was complaining more than I was in the end about her Feet hurting and how Tired she was... Touche'!  *Winks*  Of coarse it also meant I spent way too much on her at the Cheap Jewelry Boutique and "Spencers".

She just Loves "Claire's" Cheap Ass Jewelry Boutique and they always Bait the Kiddos with a Buy 3 Get 3 Free, so you spend way too much on your 3 you Pay for that will turn you Green.  And Parents will spend way too much Time in there as their Kiddo tries to Agonizingly find 6 POS pieces of overpriced Jewelry they like best.  The Boutique is minuscule and always packed with exuberant Female Children who are on a Sugar and Eye Candy High and impatient Young Moms and the Bravest of Young Dads, so it's just a Joy Forever and Ever!  *Eye Roll*   So, after serving my Time and Penance at "Claire's", now, to be sure, as my Just Reward Earned for not Killing myself while there, as she Agonized over which 6 crappy things I'd drop that much Money on... I did get a couple things for Gramma too at "Dillards" and "Spencers"... natch!  *Winks*  Wanna see?   Well... of coarse you do... and I'm gonna show you anyway even if you don't!  *LOL*

At 75% Off at "Dillards" I got a Betsey Johnson Spider and Spiderling Necklace.

And at "Spencers" I got this "Let That Shit Go" Poster for Eight Bucks.   The Clerk asked me if I wanted to also buy the Special Poster Hanging Kit that has some sticky substance that doesn't harm or put Holes in the Poster nor put Holes in  your Walls and can be easily removed without damaging either?  I asked her where the Hell was she BEFORE my Granddaughter plastered her Room with Posters and Wall Tapestries... dammit?!  *Bwahahahaha*   No, I didn't buy the Kit, why bother now... fuck it... and let that shit go!?

I had Visitation with the Betsey Johnson Cracker Jack Style Necklace that I'm waiting to go on the Sale Rack... they still have Two left, so there's a remote chance I might just end up with it eventually and at a Deep Discount?   I have the Earrings that match it.

She had this Fun Necklace too in the Summer Line, only One of those left... so I dunno?   Both are Fun... I wasn't too Impressed with the Summer Line this Year, so these Two were the only pieces I really did Like a lot.   It's usually her Fall Line I fall the most in Lust with.   Tho' she has had some spectacular Summer Lines of Seasons Past, especially when she had the Seashell and Mermaid Lineup of a Past Summer.   Come Fall she'll usually have some Dia de los Muertos options that I really do Love.   We did hit The Henna Shoppe and it was mobbed with Customers and people getting their Mehndi done.    I had my Visitation with my favorite expensive Ganesh I cannot afford at full price, I spared you Photographing it again for the gazillionth time!   You'd think it was one of my Children I've Photographed it so much!  *LOL*

It seems most Stores now have quit with all Pandemic Safeguards and Protocol completely, irregardless of whether people are Unvaccinated or Vaxxed.   A few Employees still wore Masks, but hardly any Customers at all!  Vaccinated people still stand at only 48% in our Urban Areas, much lower percentiles elsewhere, so you know every other person you see Unmasked is definitely an Anti-Vaxxer.  I mean, not that the Honor System was working anyway, but now it's clearly reckless abandon and everyone is behaving badly as if the Pandemic is over and not Surging again with the Delta Variant having a 66% increase in just a single Week!  You know that's only going to increase exponentially as the multiplication and replication is Mathematically expedient like that, doubling, tripling and so on and so forth!  

Except for us being just as Careful as we've been since the beginning, even tho' we're Doubled Vaxxed and unlikely to end up Hospitalized or Die.   So, we felt like an Anomaly still wearing our Masks and Socially Distancing on Purpose.  Which this all is way too premature for us, so any place crowded and with tons of Maskless folks, we didn't bother with much, if at all.  I hear England has jumped on the Covidiot Bandwagon now that their Cases of the Variant are Surging, so I Predict things will soon be completely Sideways and very Bad!   Travel Warnings not to go to England are being issued, but you know people will go... and we're doing a piss poor job of Managing and Mitigating it here in America too... so... whatever... you can't Mandate Personal Behavior or Mitigate Stupidity or Ignorance!


Stay Safe and Be Well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I swear, if I ever get out that way I'd like to stop by and spend a few hours looking at all this cool shit up close and in person.

    1. Well my Friend, if you ever do get out this way you shall have to hit us up and we shall take you around trawling the Valley to look at all this cool shit up close and in person! You won't have been the first Blog Friend I got the opportunity to actually meet in person... and Phoenix is Lovely in the Fall I must say!

  2. Things are going way up again here and everywhere else. Two weeks after the fourth. Surprised? Nope. I love that Princess T loves your wardrobe enough to raid it! And Dreadlock Day at the Thai restaurant. I haven't had Thai in so long. Now I'm hungry for it! I told Rick, never let them sell my photo albums in an estate sale. I've been going through a lot of them, tearing things out, scanning the ones I like, tossing the ones I hate, sending off the ones of other people for them to remember and probably toss. Happy week! (PS -- I'm of the mask persuasion, too.)

    1. I purged our Photo Albums too last Year during Lockdown, perfect time to do something tedious, had the whole Family involved, including The Son. It brought back so many Memories and we did free up a lot of space. I donated Albums that were still in good shape for someone else to utilize, tossed the others, tossed about 75% of photos, but none with Family or Dear Friends that were good quality. Hadn't realized how many bad quality pixs I had, but, back then you used to send them out for processing and they processed them all, digital has saved so much money and improved the quality of what you can see immediately after taking a pix. I am not Surprised that after a major Holiday with people abandoning all caution, that cases have spiked considerably. As a Species I sometimes wonder if we're devolving instead of evolving, you know? *LOL*

    2. I know what you mean. I've saved probably thousands of dollars since digital. And of course the quality was bad! For ages we just had instamatics or similar and were glad to have them! Add to it mass processing and yup, pretty poor quality. I realized I didn't need that "perfect sunset" or "garden bloom" from 1980 anymore! (I don't need half the ones from 2021!)

    3. LMAO about the perfect Sun set and Garden Bloom from the Eighties reference... since that is the bulk of what I discarded too Jeanie! Some long before the 80's actually! I also discarded images of people I no longer remember at all, curious how our Memories can stick about some things, some people, others just fade to oblivion! I reconnected on The Book of Faces with people I'd known since I was in Kindergarten and lost touch with but never forgot... and yet, there were people from not that long ago who, for whatever reasons, I have absolutely no Memories of at all and don't even recall their Names!

  3. How serendipitous — the onyx/K-9 connection. Did the vendor realize it? I love the idea of old photo albums being salvaged and enjoyed by future generations, especially since I myself have created so many Creative Memory albums. I know that, once I’m gone, Twin 2 and Granddaughter will cherish them, but once they’re gone I dunno and would hope they be salvaged and enjoyed by someone, anyone. Princess T raiding your closet reminds me of when, after my divorce, I shared an apartment with my sister and, as soon as I headed off for work, she’d raid my closet. Thing is, I took good care of my things, my sister did not and completely ruined a few of my outfits. Not able to put a lock on the closet, and sister not paying her share of the rent, even though I was struggling after the divorce, I decided I was better off struggling without sis as a roommate and kicked her to the curb (to mama’s house) LOL.

    1. Princess T thankfully takes good care of what she wears and borrows from me and I am flattered in a way that she finds my Wardrobe and my Accessories relevant and fashionable enough to wear, given our vast age difference! *LOL* She did joke that if I dressed like everyone else's Gramma she wouldn't be caught dead in any of my stuff, so that was a hilarious compliment. I've seen what most people's Grammas are wearing and I wouldn't be caught dead in any of it either! *LOL* Why is it that so many who probably were tastefully dressed in Youth and on the cutting edge of Fashion, suddenly, when they grow Old, lose Touch with it all? I don't understand, they're the same people, right? Or mebbe not... I can barely connect with how most Seniors become because I don't feel any older on the inside than I ever felt when Younger, so I'm similar to how I've just always been. I know you are probably the same, I Love your ensembles and Youthful Spirit you have clearly never lost either.

  4. Have you purchased the ball and chain for Princess T yet? She is a cutie pie.

    1. Mike, I think that The Man and her Uncle are Ball and Chain hunting as we speak. *Smiles* It scares me how grown up she's becoming so early, I was not that Mature when I was only 15, I'm sure of it! I think Modern Kids grow up faster, must be all the Additives in the Food? *LMAO* Seriously, mebbe it is, when I pass by Jr. High Schools I'm amazed at how much Older all the Kids look than they are!!! Scary Stuff since they are still only Children in Grown Up looking Bodies!


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