Friday, July 30, 2021

Jerome Is Like A Hippie Mecca ~ Part II Of The Vacay

Second Installment of the Vacay to Jerome, AZ, which is like a Hippie Mecca... if you're of my Tribe and you can't get to San Francisco, Jerome is the next best thing, being the Disneyland of Funky Places filled with Hippies, Artists and Free Spirits galore.  I always feel right at Home there even tho' I've never actually lived there, but have made Pilgrimages there since the early 1970's.  Back then it was more Hippies and less Tourists, Ashrams where there are now Historic Bed & Breakfast Lodgings... but otherwise, it's not changed in it's Visuals, Quirkiness and Charm.

When we got Home Mister Eli had wrecked Princess T's room, I think he resented being left Home Alone because it seemed quite Intentional what he got into!  *LOL*  He has a gazillion Toys she'd bought for him to play with in our absence to Amuse him, apparently he was more Amused trashing her freshly laundered Clothing she'd taken so much time to do before we left!  *Ruh Roh!*  He got himself into a fair amount of Mischief in there but she Calmly tidied up because she could see how much he really missed her, smothering her with Kisses, Paw Taps, Nudges and not leaving any of our Sides the rest of the day.  He'd cry if we were out of sight.  I think he thought we Abandoned him?  I mean, he is newly Adopted and probably still doesn't understand why Straight Anthony's isn't his Home anymore?


Irresistible Issac had apparently missed his Girl as much as Eli had because he was over in a flash and stayed all day hanging out with her.  *LOL*  I bought Stuffed Crust Pizza, Hot Wings and Crazy Bread from 'Little Caesar's' for everyone and we pretty much gelled and recuperated from our Vacay.  *Winks*  As you can see Eli tormented the living Hell out of his Human and her Room smelled like a Litterbox when we got back in spite of all her Air Fresheners, so I had to help her with the cleaning of it, she was starting to gag.   I also didn't want the House smelling like Eli poo, he's a potent little fella and even Isaac commented on how ripe Eli's farts are!   He was all cuddled up with the Kids watching TV with them and I guess farting his little Brains out!  *LMAO*

As you can see he kept his enormous little Paws on her even after he fell asleep to make sure she was still there!  She said if she even acted like she was moving he was clinging to her like Velcro!  *LOL*   I mean, look at the Size of that Kitten's Feet will ya, they're disproportionate to the rest of him so I suspect he's going to be an enormous Tomcat eventually!   Anyway, he climbed me like a Tree several times and smothered me with Kisses, Heat Butts and Paw Pats when I'd come into the Room, I guess I'm his Default Human when she's not giving him undivided Attention.   Yes, it melts your Heart!

 Apparently Irresistible Isaac will do whatever Princess T wants to do, since he helped her build a Fort in her Room for to watch TV in while he was over visiting!  She's still such a Kid, which is why she doesn't 'Date' and says she's not Allowed to... and tho' he's Older I noticed he does tend to like doing Silly Kid stuff along with her and that's Sweet.  Most Guys his Age would not seem to enjoy doing Childish things... but mebbe I'm Wrong, since Straight Anthony and Gay Timmy did too... if they're with the right Girl who doesn't think it's too Juvenile, I've noticed they're enjoying still being Children sometimes too even as they are 16-18.   Because in all Honesty, at those Ages they are still Big Kids yet.  Plenty of time to Grow up and do Adult things that aren't as much Fun or Silly, Right?

I didn't intend to make the original Post so Epic and dump the whole bale on you all... but the Ole Memory ain't what it used ta be and I didn't want Details to get foggy and lost.   So I wrote the Story Line first and then filled it in with the Visuals, Thankfully I had plenty of those, enough for several Epic Posts.   It got my Creative Juices flowing to be in a place where Creativity is literally palpable and Art, Fabulous Creations and Creative Souls abound everywhere you are there.  I'm sure if I lived there I'd be in a Creative Zone almost all of the time and get Lost in Artistic pursuits.   Sometimes here I stagnate and don't feel the Energy as free flowing or the Energy and Vibe so Positive.

There, the Locals and the Tourists are so Sociable, Friendly like you remember it being in the Old Days.   Everyone talks as if they've known you from before, even if they just met you.   People remember your Name, which I don't know how the Locals do that, but they do.  After meeting us the one time, every other time a Local saw us they called us by our Names.  The Older Locals also dubbed our Granddaughter the Pretty Little Russian Girl, because of her Russian origin first Name.  She thought that was so Funny.  She also liked that none of the Older Adults there judged her by her Bold Fashion Sense, sometimes in The City some Love it and Compliment her, but some give disapproving Pious looks or resent The Young who have a Free Spirit and would stifle it.

You don't get that there... anything Goes... there isn't that Judgmental Vibe pervasive in so much of Society nowadays.  There you are much more likely to get Sincere Compliments and not contemptuous glances of Side Eye from what we used to call The Squares back in Da Day.  *LOL*   I always don't give Two Shits about Judgmental people, if they spend too much of their time Critiquing other people, I always Imagine they don't have much of a Life or are desperately Unhappy with theirs?   I might be Amused at something I see, but I defend the Right for someone to look that way if it suits them and they're comfortable in their own Skin and with their personal expression, whatever it might be... even if it's hideous or Weird as Hell!  *LOL*

Anyway, while there I decompressed a lot from my Caregiving Role even tho' I still had the Two I Care for in tow.   It was enjoyable to spend time on an actual Vacay since we hadn't done that in a Decade, which is a long absence from having a proper Vacation!   Not that I haven't wanted to Getaway more often, we just couldn't manage it for a variety of reasons that became a virtual Laundry List of obstacles to overcome.   This time I refused to let any lingering obstacle prevent us from at least attempting a short Getaway Vacay to somewhere I'd missed and wanted to revisit, before mebbe we just couldn't anymore.  I didn't want to have regrets in the Future, you know?

Sure, there are very likely things from the Ole Bucket List that more Time marches on, the less likely it is they'll actually get crossed off.   But the Possible Things I just don't wanna put off indefinitely waiting for that Perfect Timing that simply no longer exists in my World.   This is probably as Good as it's gonna get so we must Act upon things Now... or perhaps Never is the alternative.   I don't want to end up where Never has to be the alternative because I missed the Window of Opportunity that did exist and I failed to Act upon.   I'm getting all the more Intentional about that since Pandemic began and gave us all a real sense of how Fragile Life can be and now Mortal we all are.

The Pandemic is also worsening and I expected that Outcome, given how our Country has handled it from The Jump and all the reasons why it's gone badly and could have gone better, had we but done better as a Collective.   As a Nation the Polarization and Politicizing of everything has just spiraled so far out of Control now that it's absurdly ridiculous and downright dangerous.   Even whilst on Vacay I noticed how lax people have gotten and I knew for sure that 100% of the lax ones weren't even likely Vaccinated and will soon become The Infected.  We'll not have to call them the Unvaccinated anymore, they'll just be The Infected.   Sadly, some of the Vaxxed will also become The Infected because of them.  Probably not Fatally so, but Contagiously so all the same.

Round and round we'll go and where it will Stop, or IF it will Stop, nobody can really know at this point as things go from Promising to Disheartening all over again.   I know if it weren't so dangerous, destructive and demoralizing, so downright preventable, I probably wouldn't be so angry.   Now I'm seeing Coverage of the Unvaxxed at Death's Door being Interviewed in ICU and saying how angry they are at themselves.  Not that all of them were Anti-Vaxxers, some just never got around to it... for a myriad of reasons that are personal or even somewhat unavoidable, many were much Younger this time around and their Luck just ran out as they allowed their Window of Opportunity to close behind them.  Some might Live to do better, many will not. 

Many will have Lifetime Health Complications they will have the rest of their Days on this Earth to regret not adding a simple layer of Protection readily available and Free.   Anyway, my Point is, I went on Vacay now because by Fall and Winter, I do Fear that restrictive measures are going to be right back where we started in all of this and a lot of everyone's actual Freedom will be gone again.  Nobody has the 'Freedom' to put someone else in Danger without consequences thereof of their irresponsibility, a Public Health Hazard is what this is, it's not a matter of a single Individual's Freedom when the Good of All is at stake!  You might have the Freedom to risk your own Life, but you don't have the Freedom to risk ours, period. 

Steps down off Soapbox because it's all been said before and a lot more eloquently than I can say it or perhaps be influential.  If I can get one person to have more of a Peace or Urgency to get Vaccinated, I will feel I made a small difference and perhaps Save their Life and those around them.   That's all any One of us can do, Grass Roots from the Bottom Up is the only way we might actually Survive this shitstorm of a Plague, since that Virus is getting more wily and virulent.   If a dangerous Organism outsmarts Human Kind, we Lose, it's just that Simple and the Truth.  Why offer yourselves up as willing and ignorant Hosts?  Especially when Experts and Reliable Information isn't that hard to come by.   Don't fall for the Snake Oil Wackos over Experts in the Field of Contagious Diseases.

I'm a relatively Smart person but there's so much I just don't know, can't know, so I've always relied on people Smarter than me to get Advice from and I seek the most Reliable and Knowledgeable Sources.   That's in ALL things, I wouldn't get my Financial Advice from some Moron that doesn't know what they're talking about and is making shit up, so why would I get my Health advice from one?  What I'm hearing some people Believe astounds me sometimes, I really can't even fathom the depth of Low Information being run with by too many, it's absurd to me.   Coddling people who can't handle The Truth or talk Bullshit isn't something I've ever been able to do, I have no Filter at Calling it Out whether they get Offended or not.   It's Stealing our Joy to have this prolonged needlessly.

I want to enjoy actual Freedom, a Healthy Economy, not have to worry about people dropping Dead horribly from a highly infectious Disease ravaging the World.   Or becoming the next Wave of Seriously Disabled Folks that could have Prevented what happened to them, but refused to be as Protected as they could have been.   Their defiance, Denial and stubborn refusal to accept Reality isn't just going to Cost them... it's going to Cost us ALL and that Cost is going to be very High, staggeringly High!   If you think we're Paying now, you ain't seen nothing yet and it will get far worse and I'm not just Predicting that randomly, I'm telling you what Experts are desperately trying to convey already.  It's falling on a lot of Deaf Ears.

So, yeah, I enjoyed our Short Vacay and saw so many Unmasked Folks everywhere on the way up and on the way back.  *Le Sigh*  We were a Marginalized Minority that were still Masking Up Indoors and also if in the Outdoors in places anyone congregated that we did not know.   I think we'll soon forego Eating Out again since I'm no longer feeling as comfortable with that anymore.  We really have tried to Support our Local Restaurants, 40% of which went Under the last time everyone couldn't Dine-In... if we regress to earlier Pandemic restrictions due to the Unvaccinated, I'll really resent what they're doing to the Economy at large.

I know I'm Radical at times about some things, but I feel that if things continue to worsen, all Businesses should require Proof of Vaccination to keep themselves and their Patrons and Employees Safe enough.   The alternatives are too risky not to and things could collapse entirely.   Those too militant to do the right thing by Society and who are adamant they'll never be Vaccinated, will just have to suffer the consequences of their poor Choices.  If they choose to risk contagion and the consequences of that, we shouldn't ALL have to everywhere we need to go.  Since every Child under 12 cannot be Vaccinated yet I do Fear for the very Young, even if some of their Adults are acting oblivious to the risks.

Even on Vacay it was difficult to not consider the Pandemic because clearly it's still the Elephant in The Room with us all.   Whether some are just moving around the Elephant recklessly or not doesn't mean it isn't there.  I try to sometimes not have to fixate on a Pandemic still raging around me because I don't want to Live in constant heightened Anxiety about it and who I might just Lose to it?  We've already Lost too many, if you haven't yet, consider yourselves Fortunate but about to possibly run out of Dumb Luck.   If, by the time this Ends, IF it ever Ends, everyone hasn't Lost someone, I'll be Pleasantly Surprised.  And I'm not even being Hyperbolic... so just fucking get Vaccinated if you haven't already!

There are people I know and Love that haven't yet, most of them got COVID previously and so feel this Variant won't Negatively impact them, but it could.  The Vaccine would just give them an added layer of Protection I'd have more of a Peace about, I don't want to see any of them suffering needlessly otherwise.  We didn't watch The News when we were on Vacay, but when I got back I felt obligated to get caught up to whatever else has gone Sideways in my brief absence from the intentional disconnect of Coverage.   Too much has gone Sideways in such a short time, compounded Crisis are always the worst kind... like Compounded Interest, you can't even fathom how exponentially it increases... yet not in that Good Way!

Okay, so we got my Public Service Announcement and Pet Pandemic Peeve out of the way all at once now.  *Winks*  I can't Help it, the whole thing pisses me off to an Extreme now and I can't even really discuss it with those in complete Denial and untethered to Reality!   If I know them Well, and especially if they're Young, I do try to have Intelligent conversations to try to sway them.  The Grandparents just have to try to reach their Grandkids and their Peers as best we can if they Trust us enough to Value our Sage Advice and Wisdom.   I think too many of the Young always feel invincible and that it won't be them that has a worse case scenario of something awful.  Until it is them...

I'm still nagging at The Son to get Vaccinated, he's not an Anti-Vaxxer, but he had Asymptomatic COVID during the first Virus incantation of the Disease and still had to spend a Week Hospitalized.  So he's Guarded and distrustful that he can't risk getting or take much time off Work lest he risk losing his new Job.  He's got Court Ordered Mental Health and Sobriety Classes he must take time off Work for as it is that is Involuntary, so he feels if his Employer were asked for Sick Leave should he have a reaction to a Vaccine, it might cost him his Job?   Valid point, some Employers aren't being very accommodating for people getting the Vaccine and risking a Sick Day or Two if they do have a Mild Reaction... but if they contract COVID... of coarse that would be more catastrophic for the Employee and Employers!

I don't know if any Employee would have recourse against an Employer for an unreasonable Employer preventing them from doing a Public Health Service by getting Vaccinated and Protecting themselves, their Families and other Employees, I'd Hope so?   I don't think the Legalities of all of this have been properly sorted out yet.  They're just now Approving people with Long Haulers Disease Post-COVID for getting Disability SSI possibly.  If you've ever tried to assist a Seriously Disabled person to Qualify for SSI, you have no Idea what a Dog and Pony Show that already is and how almost Impossible regardless of extent of Disability.  Even with the worst forms of Serious Mental Illness or Terminal Disease Diagnosis they're often Denied their Claims and Entitlement to it.  So, I don't Trust that The System is going to be easier to navigate for COVID Victims, I really don't.

People getting Sick, highly Contagious and Dying Horribly is just not good for Business, so why any Employer would be against their Employees getting Vaxxed ASAP even if it means giving them a few Days off to recover if necessary, is worth the small inconvenience that might cause short term.  The Son already has SMI and some significant Health Issues that are getting worse as he's reaching Middle Age and has been a Dangerous Drug Addict and Alcoholic so long.  So I told him not to risk layering further Disability or possibly Death from a Pandemic Virus to the Laundry List of stuff wrong with him that could cut Life short prematurely.   I don't want to bury any Children or any more Grands.   Losing One Great-Grandchild was too many!

We've fallen quite deep down a Rabbit Hole in the past 18 Months and I just find so much of it becoming Surreal to an Extreme.   I think that is why an Escape was necessary to just Get Away for a while and try not to dwell upon any of it for a couple Days at least.  Some people might be walking around in total Oblivion, but I didn't happen to be one of them.  I've been vigilant since last February, so if anyone has Pandemic Fatigue by now, it would be those of us who took it Seriously from The Jump and had zero delusions about how Bad it would be even under Ideal Conditions!   If you look up the definition of Pandemic, you realize that to be Labeled as one is no Joke... a Disease prevalent over a whole Country or the World is Serious Business!

But I digress... back to Funner things.  *LOL that Funner is actually now a legit Word according to Spellchecker!  Who knew?*  There was a brand new Shop that just opened this Month in Jerome called NELLIE BLY KALEIDOSCOPES that had the vastest Collection of Custom Kaleidoscopes in the World!  The ones with Semi-Precious Stones and Crystals were Ahhhhmazing!   This Malachite one was a Favorite...

As was this Amethyst one {most expensive} that The Man Loved, I Loved the Black Crystals one beside it, which was more in line with what I could save up for and afford...  that was one of my Favorites along with the one below with White Crystals...

I'd be hard pressed to pick a Favorite between the Black Crystals one and this White Crystals one, they were the same price.    I had to Crib the White Crystals one off their Web Page, link was above near the Malachite pix... because my pixs of it didn't do it Justice.  

There was something therapeutic to looking into these Magnificent Kaleidoscopes that are vastly improved from the ones you enjoyed as a Child.   Along with being Magical Works of OOAK Art, I'd Love to own one and Invest in it as a Statement piece.

The Shop was one I could have spent all day in... they had Architectural Salvage, Lamps made from various Antiques, Steam Punk Creations that were Magnificent and so Creative.   Just look at that one piece of Architectural Salvage above the Antique Typewriter Lamps and Books... Swoonfest!   I think this is a nice addition to the Artist Community in Jerome and their Grand Opening seemed to be very well received and I think they will get the Demographic of Client they cater to.

I'd Save Up and buy some of their Creations even tho' the ones I tended to gravitate to were of the more Indulgent Price Point.  *LOL*   What can I say, I have Champagne Taste on Beer Drinker's Money as my Dear Ole' Dad used to say.  *Smiles*   And, I am one inclined to Save Up to buy that one Statement Piece and do without compromise until I can finally afford to get it.   That's always Served me Well as an Investment Strategy actually, if you buy Quality and Extraordinary Objects to Invest in, it typically only Appreciates in Value.   I've always bought the very Best I can afford.

The  pricing ranged from Modestly Expensive to Consummate Collector Prices that would be quite the Investment and prohibitive, but worth every Penny if you could afford it.   Many items there were too Top Shelf for me to attain but I sure could Appreciate them!   This Steampunk contraption that was a moving Art Installation was Sixteen Grand... yowsah, but so Cool!

This was the Showroom for the Steampunk Creations and thru those double White French Doors was the other part of the Shop that specialized in the Kaleidoscopes.  Then out on the Exterior Back Balcony that had the 1,000 Mile View out across the Valley, were the Metal Sculptures... including a huge Metal Pterodactyl that had about a Four Foot Wingspan! 

Their Ceiling was Wine Corks, now that's quite a Commitment to Wine and Drinking right there to glean this many Corks!  *Winks*  Everything about the Shop was Unique, I'd highly recommend visiting their Website to see better Images of it all and all of the Inventory offered.

The View from the side of the Mountain of Jerome is rather like looking out over the Grand Canyon, it's just that breathtaking... and goes on Forever!   I can't stand that close to the Balcony or Railing like that Guy, and even if The Man and Princess T can I Freak Out if they do so they try not to give me a Panic Attack.  *LOL*

We didn't go into any of the numerous Historic Saloons since we don't drink and we had a Teen in tow that wasn't allowed inside anyway, so I Cribbed an Image Online of The Spirit Room which was the Saloon under Connor Hotel.   Every Saloon had it's Original Bar and Atmosphere from the turn of the Century, which was really Cool.   I think a lot of the Party Crowd come to Jerome to get lit, but I sure wouldn't wanna navigate those treacherous Roads under the Influence, so Hopefully most of them leave on Foot and Sober Up before they Motorize their mode of Transportation?   Honestly, I didn't see too many loud, drunk people, even tho' clearly people were in Party Mode.  So, either they could hold their Liquor well or they knew when to stop.

One of the Fun things to do around Jerome is look at the Quirky Hood Ornaments the Fun people put on their Beater and Hooptie Vehicles.   This one was one of our Favorites, how whimsical and clever is this?  *LMAO*   There was one we didn't Photograph that called their POS Vehicle 'Thumper' and had that Name painted on the Side, with a huge stuffed Animal Bunny smashed against the Grill!  Princess T was like... Awwwww, I Loved Thumper... and I dryly said in my best Morticia Addams Channeling Voice, "Well, he's Dead..." and she burst out laughing hysterically.

This Fancy Nude that is a legit Hood Ornament was installed on a POS Vehicle that was a Cheapo Model, which made it all the more hilarious for it to have such a Fancy and Erotic Hood Ornament!  *LOL*   Well, that will be it for Part II of the Vacay Experience, I tried to lighten the bale I dumped on you this time... *Winks*


Stay Safe, Get Vaxxed and Be Well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love that calling Princess T the "Pretty Little Russian Girl", and I too have noticed not many are following vaccine protocols. In fact, I wrote a blog post about what's going on here, but didn't post it because I got distracted by other things to blog about.

    1. Shirley I am awaiting that Pandemic Post of yours now, I know Nationally no States are doing well, but some, like Florida with their DeInsanetis Governor are doing dismally. Here in Arizona our Dumbass Ducey Governor is a ReTrumplican Covidiot too so we aren't doing much better. My Brother doesn't say much about Cali, he's got serious comorbidities so I do worry about his Safety a lot even tho' he's smart about the Pandemic, you really can't adequately protect yourself with too many around are the soon to be Infected with a stronger variant. I've heard the Boosters won't be available until Approved because they can't push those thru with Emergency measures like they did the original Vaccines. Anyway, yes, the Pretty Little Russian Girl Label was hilarious since she's not remotely Russian, just her Name is in Origin so that Amused us greatly.

  2. Getting SSI is a pain. They automatically turn you down the first time. Then you have to get a lawyer to go to SSI court for you. The whole process can take one to two years.

    Hood ornaments on new car are spring loaded so they will fold down if the car hits a pedestrian. Those hood ornaments look like body rippers.

    1. Yes, the turndown is a Given with SSI and then having to pay Legal Fees to get what you should be entitled to is a huge Scam by The System and disgraceful IMO. I had to hire a Lawyer to push thru The Man's VA Disability even tho' they Medically Retired him and he is 100% Military related Disabled, nobody should have to do that to get their Benefits when they have a legitimate Disability. The Grandsons Caseworkers had told me he always should have come with a Disability Check given the extent of his Mental Illness yet he kept getting Denied and is still dealing with the Dog and Pony Show, mostly thru his Partner since he's not Well enough to do it on his own. The only one who got her SSI right away was my Prodigal Daughter because she had a violent Mental Health Episode during her Interview and was going to throw the Evaluating Social Security Gal out the 2nd Floor Window! Long hilarious story about how that Caseworker Triggered her and I sat back and watched the Show unfold. *winks* They decided on the spot yeah, she was mos def Crazy enough to qualify. Yet, years later when she chose to live Homeless all of the time and I was no longer able to be her Trustee, they just quit paying her, they figure the Seriously Mentally Ill will never know they're not getting their Benefits. She ended up in Mexico where she's been a very long time and they're much more compassionate there towards those with Mental Illness. The local Police have even taken up Collections for the Loca Gringa Americana. *LOL* Yeah, those Hood Ornaments were lethal looking, but Honestly, if you're going to be hitting Pedestrians, chances are, there's gonna be carnage anyway, No?

    2. The person I know got a lawyer that specializes in SS disability. Since it takes so long to get it, the disabled person gets back benefits from when they first applied. The lawyer gets 25% of the back benefits so the person doesn't have to come up with any money to pay the lawyer.

    3. I got an inexpensive $125 Lifetime Membership to a VA Group that usually represented G.I.'s of Color facing discrimination, a Black G.I. Friend told me they don't require you be a Black G.I. and mostly they represent you without your even being present so the VA just makes assumptions about The Man's Ethnicity (LOL) and the Groups Attorney was so good we got it resolved in Days {it had taken 18 Months of trying before I joined their Group to no avail} and The Man got ALL back pay he was entitled to, with some Interest. They had tried to screw him out of a lot of money so it was well worth the Fight. I've heard that SS Disability Lawyers are very good, a shame the Recipient has to give 25% just to get what they should have gotten without having to hire Legal Counsel, to me that's the disgrace of it, that such a thing is even necessary with legitimate Claims.

  3. I just sold the nude hood ornament with my recent purging. Love the kitchen facet on the hood. One of our favorite places to visit is a hood ornament museum. Steampunk Creations looks like a fun and wondrous place to visit. The whole town does.

    You were wise to go when you did. I fear by fall we'll all be in covid luck down again. I saw an interview of woman in the hospital with covid and she said she'd rather die than get the vaccine. They should have kicked her to the street and give the bed to someone else. The poor health care workers are getting exhausted.

    1. I also saw that Lunatic Women with COVID saying she's rather Die of COVID than get the Vaccine and yes, why is she even in the Hospital taking up Space if she's chosen to Die... she's wasting valuable resources that could go to someone who wants to Live and deserves the Bed and Care. Some Docs say they're losing their Empathy for the Patients who are defiant about Vaccine and deny COVID even when they're Dying of it, they really would rather not treat them and put up with all the abuse those people and their Families are heaping upon the Medical Staff who are valiantly up against this Pandemic carnage Daily and risking their own Lives and safety of their own Families to run damage control behind the now 99% of Unvaccinated Dying and Hospitalized COVID Cases! It's all so preventable I don't blame the Medical Community for being resentful and losing empathy, I have no empathy left for the Covidiot Crowd, they chose their Fate, alas, they're also choosing the Fate of everyone around them and holding the whole Country Hostage with their ignorance and defiance to make some crazy Political Statement. We don't Care anymore about their damned Politics, it's Insanity run amok in the ReTrumplican Party now, it's become an Enemy of their own Democracy! It's reached the point of Domestic Terrorism far worse than any external Threat ever could have been, the Enemy within! On an upbeat Note, yes, Jerome really is a wondrous place, small, you can see it all in a Day, nice Vibe, great Historic Heritage Tourism Retreat. I couldn't have parted with the Nude Hood Ornament, she's Sexy. *winks*

  4. AT this point, people would rather die than admit they're wrong.

    Any employer who doesn't accommodate an employee getting a COVID shot is not worth working for. Not only do they not care about their employees, they're too stupid to see that they're better off handling a small disruption now than a longer and more costly one later.

    1. I agree completely with everything you mentioned. It's ludicrous at this point in the Pandemic to still be Dealing with this twisted mentality that has become so pervasive. My next Post has a Rant about it in fact, still has some Eye Candy of the Vacay, but I just can't tolerate all of this Covidiot and Unvaxxed High Drama anymore. May those who can't admit they're Wrong just Die then, since that appears to be their Wish, I just don't want them killing off more than themselves, their Gene Pool is toxic.

  5. I love Amethyst, it's my birthstone and I think it's so pretty.
    The cat is adorable. So cute.
    Loved your pictures from the vacation. It's nice to see you in the pictures, you look great!

    1. Thanks Mary, The Man loved that Amethyst best, but it was way out of our league price wise and the most expensive one by far. The others being considerably less expensive I was more attracted to them since all of them were worthy of showcasing something that would be unique, Artistic and interactive, I'd not seen anything like them. Anyway, even the least expensive were prohibitive and would be a specialty purchase, so I doubt I'll ever actually own one. Fun Shop tho', very unique in what they offered and it was like a true Gallery of what they Create. I'm not usually in front of the Lens, so it was nice of my Granddaughter to oblige and get some pixs of me on Vacay to Share here.

  6. I've been to Jerome, AZ. It's a very cool place! We stayed in a BnB there which was very nice.

    1. Yes, the B&B's abound and all are in Historic Homes, most don't allow Children and we still have a Child in tow so a Hotel was more suitable for our stay. Plus, with The Man and our Grandchild having Social Anxieties, staying in someone's actual Home might be more difficult for them too, even if the Hosts are fantastic. I've never actually stayed in a Bed and Breakfast setting either so I don't even know how awkward that would be for me or how Private I'd feel, or how Intrusive I might feel? I liked our Hotel, only Neg was no Elevator, so the Stairs were a Challenge for The Man, but he did them and didn't mind... so long as he can do Stairs I felt this Hotel was Idyllic for us. I'd like to go back again sooner than another Decade passing.

  7. Sound like all is having a wonderful time. It been a while since I heard term "Free spirit"
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I have always felt like a Free Spirit and I know my Grandchildren are Free Spirits, almost all of them, must be in the DNA of us all? *LOL* It was a wonderful time Dora and I don't want to wait another Decade to do it again, or even go somewhere else Fun that is not far from Home, so the commute time isn't bad.


A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl