Thursday, July 29, 2021

Home From Jerome Vacay ~ Part I


The Man's Doc Appt. Monday Morning went much better than expected!  Yay!  Turns out the changes I'd made when they told me his Kidneys were Failing had improved his Kidney Function enough his Doc was no longer as Alarmed.  *Whew*  Now, this required a lot of Caregiver nagging at him to do exactly what I asked him to do if he didn't want to end up on dialysis or worse, have complete Kidney Failure.  He's Stubborn, but I think he wanted to stay vertical enough to comply without too much resistance. 

 It was affirmation for me to have his Doc tell him I'm taking very good Care of him and instinctively have known what is best to do to keep things from deteriorating further and mebbe even having a Healing Touch.  Some Organs may have to limp along, but we can Partner with them to at least do that and not just quit on us.  I've been doing that with my Failing Pancreas for Years, it's even begun Healing and working better.  I Live on the premise you're not Dead 'til God says so.  And that everybody's gotta Die of Something.  Live fully in the meantime.

So, with the decent enough News from his Doc and a referral request being made to a Cardiologist later on, we'll be able to just go on Vacay and enjoy it without undue Anxiety he might drop Dead.   So, when I got back Home I picked up Snacks for our Trip to Jerome and put them in a Shopping Bag.  I got everyone to pack their Vacay Outfits/Supplies for a 3 Day Journey.   I just put mine in a Shopping Bag, The Man put his in a Gym Bag, Princess T put hers in a Backpack, we'll be Traveling Light.  We'll have a small Ice Chest for our Insulin, the other Meds are Oral and in their Mon-Sun Containers.  

I'll also bring a Medium Ice Chest full of liquid Refreshments... no Grocers or Convenience Stores in Jerome.   I guess the few Residents have to drive to Towns nearby to do all their Shopping, another consideration when I was looking at Real Estate there.  That would be worse than the situation in Subdivision Hell, which had absolutely no Stores/Banks/Conveniences nearby either... but didn't have the high elevation treacherous Roads and Four Seasons to navigate them in!  Jerome is literally on the Side of a Mountain, gorgeous Panoramic Views, and treacherous drop-offs that for someone like me who has Vertigo, is terrifying!   So, tho' we could afford to buy The House of Joy 105 Year Old Brothel when it came up for Sale in 2020, I reluctantly Passed... dammit! *LOL*

This is why I Hope the Weather holds up both ways, so that driving winding Mountainous Roads with steep drop-offs won't have me White Knuckling the entire Drive up the Mountain and hyperventilating!?  *LOL*   Hey, it's worth it once I get there and I've been there enough times to know I can make it there Alive!   If I drive very Carefully and don't Panic with my Fear of Heights when the Road is such that I just must look at the Center Line and not over the freakin' Edge and just pretend it's not there and I'm not on The Road Of Death!  *Smiles* Honestly, there are some Roads in Jerome I can't even Walk down, because the Sidewalk side is on the drop-off Side.  So the Vertigo would make me certain I'm going over the damned Edge to a horrible Demise and a Panic Attack would ensue!

Most of the Roads and Sidewalks tho' aren't near the Edge, so I J'Adore the rest of the Town and those Views, looking out over the Panoramic Valley, are Stunning!  So long as I'm not standing at The Edge of a Cliff looking out across at them!  *Winks*   This Post will likely finish being Created after we get back from our Vacay there with plenty of Pathological Picture Taking for Blog Fodder.  We've decided to leave Eli here at Home in her Room with all his Toys and extra Food and Water, he'll be just Fine.  He does very well when she's left him in there as she goes and does things, that's his whole World and he's Content with it.  We felt having Straight Anthony take him back for Babysitting might just confuse him?

Straight Anthony and Princess T joke that they're now like a Divorced Couple Sharing Custody of their Fur Baby and the Dad having regular Visitation, with the Mom having Custody!  *LMAO*   Those Kids are so damned Funny.   Today, as we picked up Snacks, his Human insisted he needed another Toy... Okay then, just One more!  *LOL*   As it turns out he really likes it and it might keep him Amused more while he's Home Alone, like in the Iconic Movie.  *Bwahahaha*  The thing with a Cat is that they do well left Home Alone so long as they have their Essentials, they barely miss you or realize you're gone.  You can't take that Personally, it's just how a Cat is.   I like that level of Independence and Indifference myself.   Dogs are too Needy for me.  *Smiles*

We got up bright and early so that we'd be there by late Morning, Weather is predicted Sunny 'til end of the Week when more Storms will roll in, so that's Perfect, we'll be Home by Thursday Afternoon.  The Man packed so Light you'd think he was going for less of an extended Vacay than Princess T and I.  *LOL*  We packed like perhaps we'll be Living in Jerome for a while.  *Bwahahaha*


The Trip up to Jerome should take about 2 Hours, it took 2.5 because I put The Man in charge of telling me where our turnoff would be while I navigated steep terrain.  Well, he spaced out and missed the turnoff and we end up at a higher elevation and just 35 Miles outside of Flagstaff before I questioned him being alert enough!!!  *Le Sigh*  It had been a Decade, but I knew Jerome shouldn't be that damned close to Flagstaff!  *LOL*  Well, it gave us some pretty scenery and we still arrived way early and Hotel Connor Staff let us check in 3 Hours early, Bless them.  I had forgot to ask if they had an Elevator, since the building was built in the 1800's, they do not, so The Man got more Stairs in than he has since his Accident!

The Hotel was so nice, reasonably priced, spacious, kept all the Historic Charm when they remodeled and renovated {some haven't}, and gave complimentary Herbal Teas, Dove Chocolates, Popcorn, Coffee and Bottled Waters.  Our Room had a mini Fridge and Microwave, comfy Vintage Armchairs, Big Screen TV, Two large Beds, furnishings and a Vase filled with Fresh Flowers, it was very Homey.  It's walking distance to literally everything so we didn't have to drive at all once we found Free Street Parking right by it.  It's right by the Post Office, Police Station, Fire Station, Park, Shops, Restaurants and Saloons and only has 12 Rooms.   The Saloon and several Shops are below it but we didn't hear anything from below.

The Trip wasn't without it's Challenges, since Day No. 1 by late Afternoon it Stormed and knocked out the Cable TV for a few Hours.  The Man went thru withdrawal of his Shows... his Routine cannot be too interrupted or he becomes Anxious, Agitated and starts not Feeling Well.  He tends to exaggerate Feeling Sick so I never know if he's really getting alarmingly Ill or if he's being Dramatic.  Finally Princess T and I told him that if he was really that Sick we'd leave a Day early... if he wasn't really THAT Sick as he was Acting, Knock it Off!  *Winks*  Needless to say, we stayed both Days so a lot of it was High Drama and Anxiety.

During the Storm, when the Rain subsided enough, Princess T and I went out Walking anyway on Day No. 1 with our Umbrella and didn't mind getting wet.  We got a lot of Walking in both Days, Day No. 2 had great Weather and Day No. 1 had great Weather for more than half the Day.  Temperatures were Hotter than I expected, high 80's and low 90's, but much Cooler than down here, so for us it was nice.   The Man and Princess T exaggerated being Cold so we took all the spare Blankets out of the Hotel Closet and the Beds had nice Down Duvets too... it was NOT too Cold!  *LOL*   She kept herself Amused Video Recording everything for Irresistible Isaac, he really was there Virtually with Princess T.  *LMAO*

I'd brought up all of The Man's Favorite Snacks and Drinks so he'd have some continuity of his Routine, overall he did very well, even tho' he left his Walker at Home.  As it turns out, the Walker might have not been the best Idea with those steep inclines anyway.  He and I honestly felt all the Walking we've been doing almost daily here at Home had made it so we didn't even feel as Winded as we were a Decade ago doing the same Walks.  Of coarse, back then we had Two very Active Grandchildren in tow who were much Younger too and took the Wind right out of your Sails when you took the Show on the Road.  *LOL*

Princess T now being 15 she was easy to take on Vacation, sometimes she and Grandpa opted to stay in the Room and let me roam and do solitary Walks everywhere.  Sometimes she and I went on Walks together.  Sometimes we wore her out first and she went back to the Room for an Early Afternoon Nap so that Grandpa and I could Walk around alone together.   Sometimes all Three of us Walked together and explored.  So, it was very nice, we had Two Hotel Keys so nobody felt tied down to have to do anything they didn't want to or forego anything they wanted to do.

They Keys to our Room were Old Timey and there was a Red one for the Room and a Gold one for the Private Access from the Street.  Like many of the Century Old Hotels, the Private Street Access was a Hallway between the Saloon part of the Building and the Gift Shop and Lobby Part of the Building and could only be accessed with Room Keys.  You could also access said Hallway from the Lobby and Gift Shop when someone was on Duty.  There was an Old Door with Stained Glass Window that accessed the Hallway from the Saloon, so you could peek in there, but it's always locked.   All Rooms are on the 2nd Floor of the Historic Building, all Shops and Saloon on the 1st Floor.

Here, we'll take you along with us Virtually, this is The Man in front of the Private Access Entry to the Hotel Rooms, Shhhhhh, we'll sneak you up there with us... nobody will know...  *Winks*

Princess T will distract them with her Cute 'lil ensemble okay?  So they will hardly notice the rest of us!  *LOL*

Okay, so any of you who either know me or have been following the Ole' Blog a Minute know what an Old Door Ho I am.   This Private Street Access Entrance/Exit Door to the Hotel Rooms was Magnificent!   I happen to think one of the most Noteworthy in Jerome actually! *Swoonfest!*


There were these Two Carved Wood Griffin Type Creatures with Gilding and then a Celtic Knot Gilded Trim all Carved in Wood too...

The Leaded Glass was thick and Beautiful, but Private, you couldn't really see thru it but it let in the Sunlight.   The interior of the 2nd Floor also had original Skylights to allow Natural Light to flood in to the Hallways and I hear that they were in some Rooms too. 

  Tho' they had installed new Deadbolt Locks on all Room Doors, every Door had it's original Antique Hardware that was Magnificent too... and the Lovely Old Seafoam Green Color, which is one of my Favorite Vintage Colors reminiscent of the Turn of the Century thru about the 1930 Era.

You will see lots of Photos of Old Architectural Elements, it's so nice to see them on their Original Buildings and still in use and not as Architectural Salvage, you know?

Yes, I Confess that tho' I'd J'Adore owning an Antique Door like this one that someone Rescued and Saved from a Razed Historic Building... I'd much rather the Building be Saved and keep all of it's Historic Charm and Elements intact!


The Private Street Access Entrance Outside has this Original Ruby Glass Saloon Style Chandie.   Okay, so I've had you Admiring Architecture enough for a Moment, we'll step deeper inside...

Now you're inside the Private Hallway looking back at the Door to the Street...

And yeah, I know it looks daunting, especially while carrying your luggage, but there is a large Landing halfway up where you can rest, that even has Antique Sofa and Chairs with Reading Library and Complimentary Books you can take.

Sometimes The Man did need to rest a bit in between Stairs and Landings to catch his Breath.  But by Day No. 2, he was Fine doing it all in one Run!  *LOL*

Okay, we're almost there... this is the final Stairway after our Landing Rest in between the Stairways going up, before you're on the 2nd Floor where the Rooms are now.  As you can see, we had the Teenager laden down like a Pack Mule!  *Winks*   She was wearing a Backpack, carrying Grandpa's Duffel Bag, Coolers, she made a Fine Sherpa!  *Bwahahahaha*

Room No. 3 is one of the Smaller Rooms and allegedly the most Haunted, but it has Cute exposed Brick Walls and Original Wallpaper.   The Maids were cleaning the Rooms so I got to peek inside of several, but my pixs were hasty of them so I'm Sharing some of their Online Room Images I Cribbed of Two I particularly liked, Room 3 The Haunted small one being one of them.

One I'd like to stay in another time would be Room No. 1, which is a Corner Room that has great Views of Two of the Main Streets, since the Hotel is a Corner Hotel right in the Heart of Downtown Jerome.   This Room is directly above the Saloon, which is the only reason that The Man asked me to book the other Largest Room that's above a Shop instead.  As it turns out, the soundproofing is excellent so I doubt noises from Downstairs bother anyone in the Rooms.

The Upstairs Hallways are pretty Wide and have Great Historic Architecture that has all been Preserved and only Updated enough for Comfort.  Too many Historic Hotels have Updated too much and it doesn't look Historic anymore and I want to feel like I stepped back in Time.  I can have a Modern Experience anywhere.

Here's the other little Reading Library at the end of the Hall facing the Side of the Building the Saloon is on.  Both Library areas were chock full of good Books with the Invitation to Leave a Book or Take a Book, which was really nice.  For some Odd reason the Book that The Man took was a Time Magazine on what to do for Optimum Health and Exercise... I dunno... go figure?!?!!??  *Bwahahahaha*

Me further down the Hallway than our Room, and facing that Reading Nook, as The Family arrived at our Room No. 6 and entered...

Princess T can't help goofing around whenever I'm in Pathological Picture Taker Mode!  *LOL*  Plus, she was rather rejoicing her Sherpa Duty being over and being relieved of about 50 lbs. of Luggage she'd just schlepped from the Truck and up Two Flights of Steep 100+ Year Old Stairs!  *LMAO*

We're getting ready to enter our Room now... I got a bit Sentimental since these Doors, Hardware, Transoms, Door Frame Elements, Trims and even the Colors reminded me so much of our Beloved Historic Home!   So, it was rather like Coming Home in some ways... Princess T said everything about it reminded her of our Old House too, even the 'Hauntings'... so we really enjoyed spending a couple Nights there.

Did Room No. 6 Deliver on a Haunted Experience?  You be the Judge:  Night No. 1 we'd all been in Bed for Hours, the Cable TV had been temporarily knocked out by the Electrical Storm.  So we'd just turned the TV off and gone to Bed earlier than usual, planning on Waking early to Walk around anyway.   Fast forward to late Hours of the Night and The Man and I are awakened by the TV turning itself back on to a Toddler Cartoon Network that it hadn't even been on when we turned the TV Off since we'd been watching "Flea Market Flip" when the Storm took the Cable out!!!  It was some Toy Box Cartoon for about a 2 Year Old, Princess T was still fast asleep!  She wouldn't watch something like that anyway!

So, The Man and I look at each other and burst out Laughing, she Wakes up and asks why we're watching Kiddie Cartoons?  We tell her, we're not, but apparently the Ghosts are Playful and that's what they turned the TV on to???  *LMAO*  We turned it back off, went back to Sleep, a couple Hours later, it turns the TV on by itself yet again, this time to a Spanish Language Channel!  *LMAOROTF!*   Anyway, that was the extent of our Paranormal Experience since TV's don't generally turn themselves on randomly and switch the Channels and this was a brand New Big Screen and Remote Control that wasn't even easy for us to figure out, let alone a Spirit to!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Princess T picked out her Bed, away from the Windows, I have no Idea why the Windows were an aversion?   You can see the height of Ceiling and Windows was impressive... so was the size of our Bathroom!  Our Bed was closest to that and probably best for The Man and I anyway.  *LOL*

This is how a Girl goes to Bed anyway... so she needed just as much room for her Snacks as she did for herself in Bed!  *LMAO*   The Man took this and she was Brave for leaving those Snacks unattended with him sitting right there in his Armchair so close by!   I think that's why she gets the spicy ones, to keep him out of them?  *LOL*

Every Day they replenished the Stash {literally the Name of the Teas, LOL} of Herbal Teas {10 different Flavors}, Coffee, Chocolates, Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn, Bottled Waters, Flavored Coffee Creamers {6 different Flavors}.   The Staff here is Exemplary and remembers you by Name, we felt like Friends by the time we left.

Our Vintage Vase filled with Fresh Flowers...

The Man chose his Favorite Vintage Armchair and I took the other one... it wasn't his Media Chair or his Big Screen TV, but he settled in pretty good, tho' I doubt he could do more than 2 Days of Vacation anywhere.   Princess T either, both of them Miss Home by Day No. 2 and were anxious to get back to their usual Routines and Familiar settings, tho' they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Family Vacay and we did a lot more than I thought they'd both be Game for.

All the other Rooms have a Tub and Shower, this one has the large Stand-Up Shower but no Tub, but the largest Bathroom that has a Sitting area in it too and a Window.  I hadn't been certain if The Man could get in and out of a Tub, especially if they had the Clawfoot Cast Iron Kind, so this was Perfect for him and Handicapped Accessible for him.

The complimentary Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotions smelled Divine so Princess T took them all Home to use later what we hadn't used while there.

If we had a Vacation Apartment this Large it would be more than comfortable enough, I felt for the Price and Location, attentiveness of Staff, Comfort and Authenticity of a Historic Home, this got a 5 Stars Rating from us.  I'd highly recommend staying here and we've decided on return Visits we won't even bother going to any others, not even the Bed & Breakfasts, this is our Hands Down Favorite now.

Online you can see inside every Room, get Prices and availability.  Not many Hotels do that, you might get a pix of One Room and you might show up and if you don't get that Room it won't be anything like it.    I wanted the Ambiance of whatever Room we got since I knew with our particular limitations, we'd be spending as much time inside our Room as Exploring.   We spent all Day Wednesday there so it was nice to pop in the Room whenever we felt like it.  Our Beloved Historic Home had Doors, Transoms and Trim exactly like this... I do Miss that Touch of History!

Half the Room had the Crystal Antique Doorknobs and half had the Brass, they all had the Lovely Ornate Brass Doorplates tho'.   Now that you've gotten all comfy and seen the Accommodations, you'll probably wanna know what the Dining was like, Right?   Well, Prices were as Fair as in The City, no Tourist price gouging, everything was reasonably priced both in the Restaurants and the Shops and comparable to anyplace else.   Except for Gas, which as you go further North was up to $3.99 a Gallon, much more expensive than Phoenix.

Okay, so lets head out to the Restaurants now... down Staircase No. 1 to the Library Landing... then turn Left to go down Staircase No. 2 to the Private Entrance Hallway leading out to the Street... or turn Right from the Hallway if you wanna access their lovely Gift Shop.

We went down in Flames in the Gift Shops... especially the ones under our Hotel since they had some Awesome Products, same Prices as in the City but a Funkier Collection... so I got me the Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo Socks on the Left...

These Dia de los Muertos Socks...

These Jimi Hendrix Socks...

And this Frida Kahlo Mask, since our Family still Masks Up when Inside anywhere, tho' few people were in Jerome but nobody seemed to Care that we were.

We didn't buy the Card but The Man and I thought it hilarious!   Our Sentiments exactly!  *LMAOROTF*

I did however get the T-Shirt... *Winks*

And I got this Fabulous Rock with Copper running thru it from the Mines there.

They have a great Rock Shop there that all Three of us indulged in some Retail Therapy at... Wallet be Damned!  *LOL*   I got one of those Goldstone Pestle.   Princess T got Two Velvet Bags of the Grab Rocks of her Choice...


My Rock was more expensive than her whole Bag... so I bought her Two Bags of them, she was in The Zone choosing Semi-Precious Stones and looking up the Meanings and Healing Energies of each of them that she chose!  *LOL*

It was pretty Hot and Humid, even in some Shops due to the Rain on Day No. 1, plus we were Walking Steep Inclines all Day long... so it was nice to stop and rest while we indulged in some Retail Therapy or had a Nice Meal.  We only ate out Twice, once each Day, because the Servings were so Huge you had plenty of Leftovers to heat up in the Room Microwave all Day, I kid you not!

The Man's Retail Therapy was spendy, but a Hand-hewn Knife for his Collection made out of a 100 Year Old Railroad Spike from the area, so he was Jazzed when I dug deep and got it for him... Wallet be Double Damned!  *LOL* 

He doesn't Jones' for much but when he does you're gonna drop a Dime on it!  *LOL*



First Meal Out was at "Bobby D's Historic BBQ" and they had the most delicious Prickly Pear Lemonade, it was Sublime!   When you've worked up quite a Sweat traversing Steep Hillsides all Day, this is just what you need to Cool down, Refresh and Rehydrate lemme tell ya!

Most places here in The Valley don't give you Free Refills on Specialty Drinks, they do here, so Yes, Please!   The only drawback to this Restaurant was that they only took Cash, which I had brought plenty of, but some Patrons didn't and had to go to a Saloon around the Corner that had an ATM.  So, bring some Cash as well as your Debit and Credit Card... tho' 99.9% of everywhere else took Debit or Credit so I didn't have to carry a bunch of Cash on me.

The Victorian Ceiling Tin is Original in all these Historic Buildings, so I was looking up a lot and Photographing what was above me in damned near every place we went!  *LOL*   I have many of these Architectural Salvage Elements from Razed Victorian Era Buildings that weren't Saved... I prefer to see them on the Original Preserved Buildings.  I was in Old Building Valhalla Heaven here!

The Historic English Kitchen Building this Restaurant is Housed in is the Oldest operating Dining Facility in the State of Arizona.  Because we'd never eaten here I did the Taco Trio which gave me a nice Sampling of their BBQ Offerings of Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, and Brisket Tips with a BBQ Aioli, Cilantro Lime Sour Cream, Red Cabbage, Cheddar and some of the best Black Bean Pico de Gallo I've had EVER!   This was enough for Two Meals for me.

We'd eaten a Fast Food Jack In The Box Breakfast on the way up there since Princess T gets Car Sick easily on an empty stomach and was complaining of Nausea practically before we got out of our Driveway!  *Eye Roll*   So, I gave her the Motion Sickness Pills and decided we wouldn't be eating Breakfast in Jerome as I'd planned, since we did leave early enough to, but she wasn't gonna make it Two Hours before Breakfast!   So, Bobby D's was an early Luncheon instead, that did us for Dinner on Day No. 1 as well since it was just so much good Food.

I might have stolen Princess T's Jalapeno Cornbread, which was Divine... with her permission of coarse, since she didn't even wanna try it... her Loss, my Gain!  *Winks*  I was like, Yeah, you probably wouldn't like this anyway... so just hand it over here will ya... *Acting like I was doing her this huge Favor...Double Winks*

She was Fine tho' with her half a Rack O'Ribs and delightful Seasoned Fries, that Seasoning on them was Awesome... I might have also eaten some she couldn't finish.   I mean, she has that Tiny Slim Teen Tummy that can only hold so much!  *Winks*

The Man comes to a Famous BBQ Joint and orders a damned Burger... go figure... but, the side O'Beans he got with it had almost as much BBQ Pulled Pork in them as a Pulled Pork Sammie I tell ya, so, he enjoyed it all!   And, that's all that matters since getting Food into he and Princess T can be a challenge, they both have a Laundry List of Food aversions and Anxiety about Food they don't recognize or going to somewhere new they've never eaten at before...  I'm just the opposite, I'll try anything once, twice or more if I like it!  *Winks*

And clearly, I was LIKING it!  *Winks*

Now, they only have about 5 Historic Booths in this place to Dine at, but a Full Historic Bar with plenty of Seating.   One thing about Jerome, if you're a Drinker, they got a Saloon, a Bar, a Wine Tasting Joint damned near every other place.  People were gushing over their Wines too, people from all over the Country stopped to tell us it was the best Wine EVER!  So you could Bar Hop, Wine Taste Hop without ever getting back into your Car.   We also noticed people drinking their Beers at the Park, so the Local Police are very Liberal so long as you're Sinning at the Park and not being a Nuisance.  *LOL*   

Now a Curious thing happened, people were very outgoing and Friendly, Locals and Tourists alike, so random people stopped to chat and initiate conversation with us.  Oddly, a half dozen asked me if I was from Seattle?!?!?  Now, I've never been to Seattle... but as vast as the whole United States is, that they would pick that particular City, let alone a particular State, was Curious indeed, huh?  I must resemble what the Average Seattle Resident LOOKS like, I must have a Seattle Vibe or something?   *Bwahahaha*  Anyway, it was hilarious and since The Young Prince has been to Seattle I must ask him now.  *Winks*

An even MORE freaky think happened when we hadn't even been there an Hour yet!  I ran into a Friend I used to Work with at The Antique Mall Years ago and hadn't seen since Princess T was about 6 or 7 Years Old!   What are the Odds, Right?   So, here's me with my Old Friend Tina, she was just as Surprised to see us as I was to run into her in Jerome, all these Years later!   So, we chatted and caught up a bit, she hardly recognized Princess T, last time she'd seen her she was about in the 1st Grade and now she's gonna be a Sophomore in High School and almost looks like a Grown Woman!  *LOL*   Anyway, Fantastic to see her again after all this time!

But, back to Food Reviews!   Our 2nd and final Meal in Jerome was somewhere new to us too, a lot of Restaurants that Served Breakfast or Brunch were Closed on Wednesday.   Actually Mid-Week a lot of Shops and Restaurants are Closed now, probably due to Pandemic restructuring of Hours and available Help.  If Phoenix with Millions is having trouble keeping Restaurant and Small Shop Help, Jerome, with a Local Population of less than 800 is sure to have Challenges.  So, Historic 1800's Hotel Clinkscale has the Hotel above and Restaurant and Bar Below.   Just OMG what an Upscale yet inexpensive place this was with probably the best Food and Presentations I've had and seen in a LONG time!  You also got a One Cent Mimosa with any Brunch Meal ordered!

Now is this a thing of Beauty or what?   This is how my Dear Dad, the Master Chef, used to Present Meals and it reminded me so much of him I teared up!   Yes, those are Orchids!   This was the Pork Chop Breakfast, the Taters were Seasoned Sublimely and the Jam was Home-Made Marmalade!   This was only $14!

The Ambiance and Food of the Restaurant is Classy and High End even if the prices are not... 

Yep, always Ceiling Watching since they had the Original Tin Victorian Ceilings in here too and the most Interesting Airplane Propeller Ceiling Fans on Pulleys...

I'm pretty sure we took pixs in the Foyer of this place a Decade ago but didn't go inside then due to having very Young Children in Tow.  This time, she was Age Appropriate to Appreciate the place and Clean up Well enough... winks...

The Service, Food and Ambiance was Exemplary here, but there was no Kids in the place at all, so she was the Youngest one there...   She did say what she liked about Jerome was that nobody stared at how she and I dress there, because we fit right in!  True that!  *Winks*

The Man had the Eggs Benedict with the most Sublime Cheesy Grits we've both ever had... I may have stolen his Grits after he'd had his fill of them!  *Winks*  Yes, that's another Orchid atop his Eggs Benedict!   He passed on his One Cent Mimosa since he didn't want me drinking Two of them and falling off a Cliff on our Walks!    Even just having the One did Wonders for my Vertigo and Fear of Heights, I was quite Chill and thus Fearless.  *Bwahahahahaha*  Of coarse the Drive up and back down that Mountain I forgot was the Drive of Death, I White Knuckled it going up and coming back down and almost hyperventilated.  I was going about 5 mph and everyone behind me was so Patient!  *LOL*

I might have Screamed, which is the only way I could actually Breathe, so the Family didn't mind since they didn't want me Passing Out behind the Wheel, because Honestly, it was fucking Terrifying!   Last Trip a Decade ago The Man drove, that was before his Catastrophic Accident left him Brain Damaged and unable to Drive, he's Fearless about Driving anywhere.  I on the other Hand was not absolutely Certain I could do this Road of Death Drive up to Jerome and back, I'd never been the Driver before... so I felt Proud of myself that I did it and nobody Died!  *Whew!*   Princess T's Bacon was the BEST Bacon she or I had ever had in our Lives, I kid you not, they Cure and Season it themselves, she Shared some with me, it's really thick too!   We kept the Orchids and put them on Ice. 

We did some Re-Creations of Iconic Family Shots taken a Decade ago in front of the exact same Iconic Spots which haven't changed one Iota even if we all have.  *LOL*   So, you can go back to the Blast From The Past Trip to Jerome Post I did a few Days ago and compare... I know I will!  *Smiles*   This is Princess T in front of our favorite Staircase in Jerome, this time not holding her Big Brother's Hand, Scared to be up the Stairs.  She laughed when she saw the Iconic Shot of them Together up that exact same Staircase, him holding her Hand tightly so she wouldn't be Scared and holding his PS3 in the other Hand, which he never went anywhere without when he was only about 11 Years Old.  I'd forgotten about that!  *LOL* 

Of coarse she's not 5 Years Old anymore either... what a difference a Decade makes when they're busy Growing Up and Becoming Young Adults!   When I look back and then look at Now, it seems a Lifetime ago, not just a Decade ago, Honestly!   We will try not to wait another Decade to make the return Trip because we did indeed have a Wonderful Time there.   It was exactly what I Needed from Full Time Caregiving to actually take the 1st Vacay since The Man's Catastrophic Accident!

I know this Post is a long one, but Honestly, I was Surprised that I didn't go thru any Blogger Withdrawal, in fact, I didn't even Think about my Blog, watching TV, Reading Blogs or anything while we were gone.  I was just Living in each Moment and Savoring it fully.   Even tho' The Man and Princess T did have some Sensory Overload, they felt it was slow paced enough and not crowded Midweek enough that they didn't have as much Anxiety as we all feared they might experience while away from Home.  After all, this was the First Vacay in a Decade for all of us, so I really wasn't sure how taking this Show on the Road might go?  Would it be a disaster, or would it play out quite well?

Both of them felt Sick to their Stomach fairly often, I think from Nerves of being in unfamiliar surroundings.   Princess T only vaguely remembered some of the places, I mean, when you're only 5 it's foggy, I must admit, I don't recall much from that Young an Age either, just sparse Details.   I was Surprised tho' that at 15 she found it Interesting enough she wasn't ever Bored, just Missing her Kitty and Isaac.  *Winks*   Yes, she's at that Age where I think a Major Mutual Crush has happened... so she and Isaac did have some Face Time thanks to Modern Technology.   But, she kept her Phone away most of the time... WOW... that's actually Huge!

She Loved Exploring the back Streets with me, once we had Deposited Grandpa safely in the Room to watch his Shows.   He couldn't traverse some of the higher Cobblestone Streets that go up to the Victorian Mansions hanging off the Hillside.  So, in the drizzle of Day No. 1 after the Big Stormy part subsided, she and I headed out.   Now, in Jerome Fresh Fruit grows Wild, probably planted at the turn of the Century by Miners, so we picked up Apples, Apricots, tiny Peaches, that were falling in abundance from the Trees and they were delicious!

The nearby Towns are about 4 Miles away for Supplies, down that Hillside of Death Road network... so I would think anything growing Fresh up here is a Bonus so you don't have to drive into a neighboring Town too often for Supplies!?  After all, Jerome, tho' in it's heyday of Mining was considered a Wicked Town of ill repute and once had a bigger Population than Phoenix, it dwindled down to almost less than 100 Residents, who thru Heritage Tourism and Artist Communes and Ashrams in the 1970's, resurrected it as a Historic Heritage Tourism Destination, Bless them, and Saved this Wonderful Gem.

Tho' some Buildings were Lost, they left the Ruins as they are and Salvaged other Buildings for Occupancy again.   A nice Blend and Balance of what was and what still is.   They haven't knocked anything down but have just let Time have it's way with the Abandoned ones... and even some of those they're re-imagining and stabilizing so they Preserve whatever they can manage to... to either use again or just leave as an Attraction of a bygone Era and Sublime Decay.

There are some of the Mansions that have been meticulously Maintained thruout Time, such as the 1916 Surgeon's House, which is now a Bed and Breakfast, and several other Victorian Style Mansions and Stone Mansions scattered on the Hillside.   

The Surgeon's House has some of the most Sublime Gardens and Acreage around it... like a Secret Garden, lush and almost growing Wild, but meticulously Maintained.   Do you see the Disco Ball?  A Close-Up will come in another Post. A lot of Hippie Types still live here as Full Time Residents and it's evident by how they Display their Gardens and the exteriors of their Homes.   And perhaps why I Love this place so much and almost bought Property here, not once, but twice, in the 1970's and again in 2020 when I was seeking Real Estate.

In the Seventies my Parents talking me out of Investing in Real Estate here because it really was a Hippie place and they thought I'd never pursue a Career and Corporate Life if I moved here.  I probably wouldn't have, I'd of bought a Historic Home and been a Starving Artist and joined an Ashram, so they were Right about that.  *LOL*   Instead I pursued my 1st Corporate Life, as a Bank Executive of all things... which is rather Ironic for a Hippie, No?  *Bwahahaha*  Yes, I might have been the most flamboyant Female Assistant Vice President of a Bank you ever saw in the 70's and 80's, when it was a Good Ole' Boy Network and most Suits were Old White Men who had Titles and Authority!  *LMAOROTF*

Yeah, I made a shitload of Money in my Corporate Lives and was very Successful in both of my Corporate Incantations working for Major Financial Institutions and the D.A.'s Office.   Yet, a part of me would have been in Bliss just living in a place like Jerome, where Art is imbed even in the Sidewalks... just Creating Art and hanging out at an Ashram, I ain't gonna lie, my Tribe of People would have been there.   Instead I was hanging out with Dudes wearing Power Ties and thinking me an annoying Novelty being a Young Female at the top of my Corporate Game and busting their Balls and taking the Arrogant Misogynistic ones down every chance I got to.  *Winks... yeah, that part WAS Fun, I ain't gonna Lie, I had a Special Gift for it I think and it did Amuse me for numerous Years!  LOL*

Princess T, who also has a Creative Heart and is an Artist to her very Core, as we Explored and Wandered Together, said she could really see me Living in a place like this, because it's Essence is SO ME.   She said she wouldn't be sure she could, since Young People were absent... I don't think many Children or Teens live here even to this Day.   The Graduating Classes they had Bronze Plaques for were minuscule Roll Call from the 1930's thru Current Day!   But, all the Artistic Hippie Details and Quirky embellishments around everywhere didn't Escape her Notice... and she was totally diggin' it along with me!

From Wild Fresh Fruit growing on Vacant Lots that she was picking up off the Ground and Sharing with me as we Walked aimlessly Exploring every nook and cranny...

To Brightly Colored Victorian Homes with Gingerbread Details Galore, perched high atop the Mountainside, actually often hanging off the Mountainside... with Breathtaking Views and Secret lush Gardens around them bearing those Harvests!

Gardens lush with Ancient Grapevines that had trunks as thick as your Thigh and may have been where they get some of the Local Wines everyone was Raving about and doing Wine Tastings of?

Up steep Cobblestone Original Streets that went straight up and would have given me a Heart Attack to drive up or down, but I could manage to Walk most of them without having a Panic Attack!  *LOL*   Only Two times did I have to tell her, No, Gramma can't go any further on account of I might Freak Out and get dizzy with the Vertigo effects and Terrifying Fear of how far down a Cliff those Sidewalks and Streets hung precariously too close to for Comfort to me!  *Smiles*   As you can see, she's on the Sidewalk of Death and I'm in the middle of the Street going up, only moving if a Vehicle made me!  *Ha ha ha*

This was by far the biggest Private Residence Mansion we saw at the very top of one very steep Cobblestone Street Climb.  It was at the Dead End of said Street, made of huge Stones and was ENORMOUS!   I don't know who lives here but they're sho' nuff Living The Dream!

I'd be Interested to know the History of this place, which was so large it might not have begun as a Private Residence, but you never know.  During the heyday of Mining a lot of folks made their Fortunes when they pulled Billions of Dollars worth of Ore out of those Mines!  The Mines closed in about 1953, mostly due to the damage Mining was doing to the Town and the Ground shifting so much they lost a lot of the Town as it slid down the Mountain or collapsed into Sink Holes of the Honeycombs the Mines caused beneath the Earth.

But enough remained to keep the Artists and the Hippies here... where they have Wild Fruit growing abundantly to this day... and Fabulous Old Historic Homes that wouldn't have Survived in the City...

Where they can hang their Gardens with Funky Art, Dreamcatchers Galore off every Tree, without Fear of some pretentious HOA telling them they can't... or that it offends the delicate sensibilities of the Boring people who can't appreciate being a Free Spirit and that Art and Beauty comes in many Forms, not just their narrow and limited interpretation and acceptance of it.  *Eye Roll*   Yep, here you see lots of Old Men with long Hair and festooned with Silver Jewelry they likely made themselves... and Old Ladies dressed like me and smelling of Essential Oils, more than you see Conservative Types, except for mebbe some of the Tourists.   Who, many, when they know they're coming to the Disneyland of Funky Places will dig out their Gaudy Hawaiian Shirts and Funkiest Wardrobe without Inhibition they might have at Home!  *Winks*

Because in Jerome there's Art like this embed into the very Buildings the Local occupy...

And there's still Artists Creating such Art, to this Day, in their Art Studios and Shops that abound here...

And Relics of the Past are left intact and alone, even in the Ruins... so that you can have the Wildest of Imaginings of what it once was like in what was once called The Wicked City... filled with Saloons, Brothels and the Wildest of people at the turn of the Century...  and now is still Occupied by the Wild At Heart, even tho' things are Safer and Tamer now than the 1800's were there.  *Winks*

But you can Imagine what it must have been like... while Exploring the Ruins... the Old Jail now sliding down the Hillside...

But, you can still Walk down the Staircase to it and peek inside to what it was like to be Jailed in the 1800's in a Wild Mining Town... there's still an Antique Jail Cot in there actually, Rusted and just to the right of this pix peeping thru that Hole in the Rock walls...


And you'll see many more Cellars in the Hillside, that go I know not where since they're all Closed Off now, so you can only Imagine... and see some Artist's renderings from perhaps the 1970's or earlier, before things were Gated Off to keep the Tourists Alive and from Killing themselves while Exploring!  *Ha ha ha*

And I'll Save the rest now for other Posts... since I was in the Height of Glory with my Pathological Picture Taking and getting all the Blog Fodder for you I could!  You can Thank me later... or Curse me if your Ass is sore by now while you waded thru this War & Peace length Post!  *Winks*


Had a Big Time but Glad to be Back... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It looks as if a good time was had by all. The spirit who changed your TV must be Spanish speaking and have a toddler. I wonder who haunts Room 3. Princess T is very photogenic. So glad your enjoyed yourselves and had some good meals.


    1. Indeed this Trip was well worth taking... I thought the same thing about the Spirit in Room 6. I just heard Room 3 to be the most Haunted, many people on the Street who stopped to talk and found out which Hotel we were in had their Experiences to tell.

  2. What mother-load of photos today and this time I loved them all. LOL What a fun place to stay for people who love vintage. Glad your trip was fun---obvious by your smiles---and that your got good news from your husband's doctor to start you out more care free.

    1. Yes, the good news from his Doc was helpful because there are symptoms plaguing him lately that had me concerned. They haven't gone away, but may not be as concerning and she seemed more at ease which put me more at ease. Going on a trip to a Ghost Town where there are few Services, especially Medical ones, was a risk so I wanted to run the Plans by his Doc to see if perhaps it was too risky? The Motherlode of pixs has just begun, I've probably got enough Blog Fodder Imagery for a couple more epic Posts, such Fun since I was getting bored Photographing the same ole' stuff all the time. I was Smiling a lot, I felt at ease, content and enjoyed every Minute. The Man and Princess T had their moments of not feeling 100% but they managed to hold up so that we didn't have too much Anxiety involving their symptoms. It's difficult when people have Special Needs, be they Mental, Physical or a Combo of both, to take them places... so much usually has to be compromised and that becomes your Normal too. After a while I do get fed up of constantly being sacrificial as Life passes me by and I could be doing more, but have to put Caregiving first all of the time and for a long, long time.

  3. Our house has crystal antique doorknobs, probably glass. I changed all the doors (22) to 6 panel doors. My wife wanted to use the door knobs. They were morticed assemblies. I hired someone to do it.

    I was on vacation in Hawaii with my wife. We were standing in line at the Arizona memorial. I turned around and there was a guy (and his wife) that was in my bowling league back in St. Louis.

    We have a friend that lives in the Prescott area.

    1. It is a Small World isn't it really, when we can run into people we know almost anywhere we go! I once was at Community College in my 20's and ran into a Guy I'd been in First Grade with in another State! I would feel so fortunate to have 22 Old Doors with original Hardware in my Home again, like we did at the Historic Home, which was hard to give up and Sell, but couldn't have gotten the Grandkids Adopted since the Adoption Board wouldn't approve it. Anyway, glad you hired someone to Salvage the Crystal Knobs, the really Old ones are Crystal BTW and not just Glass. Prescott is quite Beautiful and Real Estate there now is very expensive.

  4. What cool adventure.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It was a Cool Adventure and I'm glad we spent Two Days there, that's about enough time to see and do it all, it's a very small Old Ghost Town, so not large expanse and you can walk just about anywhere there.

  5. WOW! That might have been your biggest post yet!!!! I just bet it felt great to get away? The town look very much and gave me the same feeling on our beloved New Hope here. The hotel looks cool. I bet you had the spirit of a child. I had some vibes off that hotel from just the pictures before you mentioned about the haunting. And you have lovely taste in wraps and ponchos!!!! Also a shop here carries those same line of socks. They are a hoot aren't they?

    1. Yeah, hadn't done a War & Peace length Post for a while, I was trying not to dump the whole bale at once on you all, but there was so much to remember and I didn't want to forget a lot of Details. The Ole Memory ain't what it used ta be! *smiles* I think I'd really like New Hope. It certainly was a Playful Spirit and we weren't at all creeped out during our stay. Thank you, Love my Wraps, big Women can be Fashionable tho' it's difficult to find our sizes in the best Fashions, they always want to Design everything for a Size 6, which I'll never be again and don't want to, skinny Old Women look so wrinkled up like a Dried Prune even if they've kept in decent physical shape! *LOL* I Love that Line of Socks, some of the Boutiques at the Big City Malls carry them, like 'Attic Salt' and 'Spencers', I think they're hilarious and Quirky so they appeal to my sensibilities.

  6. So glad it all went well and you felt happy there enough to treat it as your getaway space in the future perhaps?
    I found it was very useful for my son to have a regular place to get away to that he already knew. It lessened his anxiety immensely but meant we could still have a break from day to day living. So if you can stand to do that dare devil drive again?…
    It sure looks a lovely place. Thanks for sharing and look forward to the rest of the pics!
    Xo JJ

    1. That's a great suggestion Jack, I think if they become all the more familiar on a regular basis with a Getaway Place it might just ease Anxiety levels. I think that is why they both felt a little ill actually, once Home all their 'Symptoms' went away completely. Sometimes it's Sensory Overload for The Man to do too much apart from his regular routine and choosing not to be around too many people, his TBI makes him feel ill at ease around people since he thinks they wonder what's wrong with him and he does not want to have to explain. Princess T enjoys just doing things solo with me apart from social interactions with anyone else, so our Walks where nobody was and the Tourists don't go was her Bliss there... just Exploring.

  7. Wow, what a treat trip! So glad it went so well and a place you want to go back to. Would enjoy that too, probably not all the steps and hills and steep inclines at 85 though! Enjoyed the trip through your eyes though!

    1. I was Surprised at how many people who looked much Older than us were there Marlynne, since it is exerting to do Stairs and Hills. That's why I needed to do it now, another Decade or more and perhaps it would be out of the question? Especially for The Man, but I was proud he could do the Stairs at the Hotel, I was worried about it when we arrived and I'd completely forgotten to ask if they had an Elevator. Of coarse some other Hotels do have Elevators as an alternative, but we really loved Connor Hotel a lot and would prefer to go there again and he agreed, he'd do those Stairs to go back there.

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! I had commented before I used to live in Cottonwood and cleaned the house of the mayor of Jerome in the early 1990's. It was great to see it is pretty much the same. The photo of the cobblestone street really brought back the feeling of being there. Glad you and family were able to traverse those streets. Seeing inside the hotel was a treat; what a cool place! And the jail! I loved your outfits and you looked very happy, looking forward to more visuals. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration to your many kindred spirits.

    1. Awwww, Thank You for the kind words and I remember you saying you had seen the inside of the Mayor's Home, is that the big Rock one at the top of the Cobblestone Street? It's massive and we Imagined how spectacular it must be inside. There had been one of the Victorian Homes up for Sale last Year and we saw it on our Walk, it was much larger than it looked in the Listing pictures, which were sparse and didn't show any of the Interior, so I had Imagined it to be in rough shape... but Honestly, in person the exterior looked meticulously Maintained and it must have Sold because it was no longer for Sale.

    2. Hello Dawn,
      The house I cleaned was one of the funky hippie houses on the side of the hill going up to the town. It wasn't big but I remember the bathroom was huge and had a clawfoot tub in the middle on a raised tile platform. And great views down towards the valley. The mayor himself at that time was a cool hippie and his home reflected that! It has been 30 years since leaving Arizona and moving back to Calif and you have brought back so many memories. By the way I go by "Vee"; not sure why blogger shows I am "unknown". I have followed your blog for a very long time and appreciate your creativity, honesty and articulate musings on life. Blessings, Vee

    3. I think I know which one it might be Vee, there was one with the Dream Catchers that really looking fascinating. I could Imagine it's Interior having that huge Bathroom you mentioned? Another Victorian that was really Funky had been Listed for Sale in 2019 and I did get to see the Interior of, much smaller than the Dream Catcher one, but bigger in person than it looked on the Listing pixs. It's exterior paint job was distinctive and I remember thinking that the Listing should have had more photographs, it would have Sold quicker if it had, the price had been reasonable, since in Jerome, the cost of Real Estate is quite high since limited supply of Homes available ever. I'm so glad the Posts are bringing back so many fond Memories and Thank You for being a long time Blog Supporter. I've really enjoyed Creating this Blog for well over a Decade now and it never gets old for me, I Love this Community, even thru it's various incantations over the years with people coming and going, with it waning some in recent years as people moved on to Instagram and other Social Media Platforms. I think during Pandemic more people began visiting again, or resurrecting their Blogs.

  9. Looka like you ahd a fabulous time...your blog no longer comes up in my reading list on blogger, and the atom thing isn't working for my else can we sign up to see your posts...Hugs, Sandi

    1. I think if you just Google "Bohemian Valhalla" you'd instantly come to the most recent Post but I don't know it would give you the Live Feed unless you re-install it on your sidebar. I noticed my Sidebar changed recently too so I don't know what Blogger is doing and I Hope it didn't dump any of my Saved Favs on there? It no longer shows the entire Blog List I Follow, but it does provide a dropdown now that I have to hit first to see them all, whereas before they were all there with their Thumbnails. I don't always like Blogger's enhancements, or learning how to adjust to what they've changed, since I'm Tech Challenged I'd prefer they keep it the same and if it isn't broke, don't fix it. *LOL*


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