Saturday, July 24, 2021

Booked Our Jerome Vacay

 It rained like Hell again last Night, the Monsoons are now dumping more in a few Hours than we usually get in a whole Year, but, we've had Two Years of Drought so I'm not complaining.  We put a tall plastic Garbage receptacle right where most of the runoff from the Roof onto the back Patio comes down, it filled up 3 times and had to be dumped out on the Pasture within a Half Hour!   The Man still had to sweep some inches of water off the back Patio over the Pasture Irrigation berm and onto the Grass, so the Patio wouldn't Flood badly and risk going over the Sandbags by the French Doors!   He was doing this at 4:00 in the Morning BTW!  Seems the worst of the Monsoon Storms always happens at ridiculous Hours of the Morning!  Waking up to Deal with the downpour Flooding at a ridiculous Hour is easier than waking up at the regular time to it being in the House tho'! 

I don't know that would actually happen, but, we're not taking any chances given the severity of Flooding we've seen at other locations that clearly did Flood Homes!  The Day after a Storm is Sublime tho', Cool and no intense Sun beating down on you, we tend to spend more time Outdoors than you usually would in an Arizona July.  I've booked our Vacay in Jerome for Tues-Thurs of next week at The Historic  Hotel Connor, built in the 1880's, got the Room I wanted too, Room 6, which is their most spacious Room and has great views of Main Street.  Jerome is a Quirky Disneyland of Funky places that came close to being a true Ghost Town and was resurrected to become a Tourist destination.  I almost bought some property there years ago, kinda wish I had.   When I was looking to buy a Forever Home, it was mighty temping when the Old 102 Year Old Historic Bordello, House of Joy, came up for Sale.  *LOL*

But, being I had a Family, including a Child in her Teens, Jerome just didn't seem to be suitable in our Old Age or for her to finish growing up in, so we stayed in The City.  Would have been Cool to live in a Funky Historic Bordello tho', if those Walls could only Talk!  *Winks*  What it Sold for was within reason and Budget, but whether the VA would have underwritten it, Questionable?  *Bwahahaha*  I think the last time we had a Vacay in Jerome, Princess T was only about 5 Years Old, so it's been a Decade since we've been back.   So, it's a Trip we've wanted to take for a while now and spend a few Days there... all the Old Hotels and Motels are claimed to be Haunted, which just adds to their Appeal.   We've never stayed at Hotel Connor, but I've Loved the Building and it's walking distance to everything and recently remodeled/restored.  We've scoped out which Restaurants we want to dine at for the 3 Days we'll be there.  It's Pedestrian Friendly, so we'll do a lot of Walking and has Sublime Views.

Princess T is excited to go even tho' her Memories from a Kindergarten Vacay there are Vague at best.   She remembers having Lunch at "The Haunted Hamburger" Restaurant and having her Menu upside-down and then crying about it because she could not read.  She laughed that she still can't read, but this time she'll know to have it rightside-up at least.  *LMAO*   We wanted a low-key Vacay where we'll go Midweek when fewer people will be swarming there, the Weekends can get Crazy and Crowded and Room rates go up considerably.     Tuesday and Wednesday it should be mostly Sunny and in the 80's, with some rain expected on Thursday when we will be leaving.  It's about a 2 Hour Trip each way, which isn't bad.  I can take this Show on the Road for 4 Hours total Round Trip.  *Winks*

The Man sees his VA Doc on Monday Morning, so he'll probably need Cheering up and a Vacay after that grim visit, me too, it won't be good news judging by his recent Test results.   I dredged up some Archived pixs of the last time we were on Vacay in Jerome way back in the Summer of 2011!   My what a Rush of Nostalgia it was to take a walk back in Time like that during our last Vacay there!  I don't even know why we've waited so long to do it again... except mebbe... well... our Crazy Life!  *LOL*   A lot has happened in about a Decade lemme tell ya, including several Moves, Adopting The G-Kid Force, The Man's Catastrophic Accident and lengthy Rehabilitation, getting One Grandchild Raised to Adulthood and Moving out on his own, Surviving a Pandemic... you know, the usual stuff!  *Bwahahaha*   So, here was me way back then...

I do Hope to take some better Quality pixs this time around, after looking at the Pathological Picture Taking I did way back then, I think I may have improved my Photography skills a smidgen?!  *LOL*   Hey, with Aging comes more Experience in many things, Right?  *Winks*   The Man is excited to be going back, we've been talking about it for some time now, but something always came up.  Mostly juggling School Schedules, Doctor/Specialist Appointments, Work Schedules, Budgeting constraints, always sidelined any Plans and I just never pulled the Trigger and made it happen.  This time I decided if we didn't do it now, we'd have to wait for her to be out of School again and the Weather there wouldn't be Ideal, since Spring and Summer is the time to go to Jerome and beat the Heat down here in the Valley.

So, here was The Man, way back then...  sometimes its hard for me to see him as "Old Grandpa", as Princess T calls him Pre-Catastrophic Accident, because "New Grandpa" is very, very different.  Serious Brain Damage even alters Countenance and how you Look.  The Man pre-accident was Strong, Vibrant and still very Handsome for an Old Dude.  I got him tidied up for this Trip by taking him to our Friend John's Salon for the first professional Haircut and Beard Trim since Pandemic struck.   Anna had cut his Hair and Beard once in the Driveway, so he was looking mighty scruffy for a Vacay.   I got a bit carried away tho' about his Beard Trim and had John cut it too short.  Mostly because the Guys were goofing around with his Beard and trying out hilarious Biker Dude Looks, like a Foo Man Choo Mustache and long Beard part just in the Middle that he could Braid or hang Accessories.  Well, we didn't want to go all Crazy for Reals, but perhaps I should have left the Crazy Biker Dude Look since it's way too short now.  Thankfully his Beard grows like Wildfire so in a Week it should be just fine and I Loved how his Hair turned out.

So, here was The G-Kid Force, way back then...   Lord have Mercy, now the Young Prince will be 21 next Month and she's going to be a Sophomore in High School next Month!!!   I have let Time just slip away too quickly I think, without scheduling Memorable Experiences as often as we should have and probably could have, if you just freakin' DO IT!  Actually, The Son reminded me that before his Dad's Accident we used to do a lot of things and that is True, we did.  We worked Experiences in even with demanding Work Schedules, Raising Two Generations of Kiddos, any other Crisis and Issues of Life that came up.   But, that one Catastrophic Event really did derail us, especially me, since Caregiving dominated just about everything and altered Life as we knew it significantly.  You don't even realize how much until you Look Back, so I don't Look Back very often so that what was Lost won't sting so much.   But, having a Fixed Retirement Income now and still Raising a Kid on it has it's challenges too.


Here we all were... way back then...  This Trip we'll have a shit-ton of Medications for the both of us to drag along, his Walker... and have to Pace ourselves for the very steep Streets and inclines, especially with his Health and Mobility Issues.  But, we've been out Walking and Can Gleaning a LOT so I've been building up his Stamina so we could do something like this and I think we're as ready as we're ever gonna be at this Season of Life.  So, we're gonna just DO IT!  Before we just can't anymore.   Whatever limitations we have now that we didn't have then we'll just work around, which is what you just learn to do while Keepin' on Truckin'.  The Air up there is very much cleaner and clearer than in The City and the Elevation is much higher too.   Have I mentioned that the Views are Ahhhmazing?  *LOL, yeah, I know I have, but it's worth repeating!*

Since the Hotel we'll be staying at this time will be much closer to everything than when we stayed at the much larger Historic Jerome Grand Hotel, which is high on the Hill overlooking the Town, we shouldn't have to drive much, if at all.  Everything we'll want to see and do should be walking distance from our Hotel and I Planned it that way.   If we get tired of Walking, we can easily then make pit stops back at the Hotel if need be.   The Restaurants are all within Walking Distance so Meals will be a breeze as well and the Night Life there will be Interesting to observe from our Windows in the Hotel, which look down on Main Street.  So, even if we can't Hang for Evening Activities, we can watch them from our great Vantage Point in our Room!  *Winks*   Hey, the Human Sideshow after Dark is always Interesting in a Funky Tourist Hot Spot that attracts a lot of Artsy Types, Bohemian Spirits and Motorcycle Enthusiasts!  *LOL*

There are a lot of Stairs and Steep Inclines in Jerome which we'll forego now since The Man can't really do Stairs anymore.   But almost all of them have other alternative Routes to get from Point A to Point B and are accessible for the Disabled, so I'm not worried about not doing the Stairs.  For me it's still possible, and we might watch Princess T sprint up them like a Mountain Goat with Hind's Feet, but we won't do anything he's no longer capable of.   That's actually him at the Top of those Stairs all those Years ago... he and The Young Prince way back then left Princess T and I in their Dust.  I could have kept up, but I had a Five Year Old in tow so mostly way back then, I kept Pace for what she was capable of without getting overly Tired, Cranky and needing a Nap!   Now, it's kinda the Reverse Role in that she'll have to keep Pace for what WE are capable of without getting overly Tired, Cranky and needing a Nap!  *Bwahahahaha*

She's been looking over my Shoulder having a Nostalgic Moment while I Create this Post and seeing how we all looked way back then.   She remembered that she Loved that Dress she was wearing, it was made from a Tank Top with Vintage Souvenir Silk Scarves sewn to the bottom of it as the Skirt portion.   She's always been quite the Bold Fashionista and Loved unusual Ensembles that people would often compliment her on, because they hadn't seen Outfits like she wore.  You wouldn't often see her caught Dead in a mass produced Fashion that everyone else was wearing, it just wasn't her Style to be part of the masses and thus virtually invisible, she wanted to be front and center Stage and the Center of not only all the Attention, but the Center of the freakin' Universe!  *Ha ha ha*   She, like her Mama, me, my Mom, and my Maternal Nanna before her are all Devotees of the Old Mae West saying of "Better to be Looked Over than Overlooked!"

I have no idea what she'll pack to wear, but I will caution her to bring some comfortable Shoes since the steepness of all the Streets there really isn't conducive to Heels or uncomfortable Kicks!   It will be a Workout, I can tell you that much, but I'm actually looking forward to that type of Exercise we just won't get here on different topography.   While in Jerome we always Walked a LOT because it's just that kind of Pedestrian Friendly place... where the need for a vehicle really isn't necessary to enjoy everything.   You just park the vehicle and have the option of driving, but you don't really need to, which I like.  So much Driving is involved in the City and in many ways all that Commute Time is Wasted Time where you could be doing Life.  I recently heard that during a Lifetime the Average American will have spent 6 Months of their Life waiting at Red Lights alone!


So, this has always been our preferred Mode of Transportation, even now that The Man has Mobility Issues, we still try to Walk as much as he's able to.  I think that is why he became Ambulatory again even tho' Docs said he might never Walk again after his Accident.   He did spend over a Year Bedridden, another long stretch using a Wheelchair, then Walker, then Canes, now he only uses any of that when we just want to be sure he doesn't Fall or needs to sit and Rest... his Walker has a Seat.   We're bringing that with us, since I can push him on it too if need be and he gets too Tired or Winded.   I spent a lot of Years pushing Mom around in her Wheelchair or her Walkers with a Seat, it's a good Workout lemme tell ya!   Pushing them Uphill it tough, but it's Scarier going Downhill since you don't want that Chair getting away from you and careening out of control!  *Ha ha ha*

Jerome is much more Lush than The Valley, so I always Loved all of the Greenery that grows there in abundance and how much Water cascades thru their Irrigation System from Nature constantly.   Small Waterfalls of it are everywhere and the amount of Historic Structures that have remained virtually untouched and unmolested makes you feel you've stepped way back in Time.    I just Love that, since my Love for Old Architecture knows no bounds and I'd Save it all, even the Ruins, if I could!   I think it all has Value, if not just for Ambiance and Heritage Tourism.   Phoenix and surrounding Cities would have attracted more Tourism if they'd Saved more of their Historic Structures for Heritage Tourism.  But they were short sighted about any of that, which is a shame, so much of the History has been Lost and replaced with boring new structures that are a Yawnfest and don't make it a Destination really. 

Me at the Whorehouse that came up for Sale in 2020 and Sold in 2021... so Tempting!  *LOL*   Yes, I would have J'adored Living there... The Man, not so much.  I remember showing him the Listing and him Listing all the Reasons why we shouldn't buy it.  *Bwahahahahahaha*   Princess T was saying she was pretty damned sure it would be Crazy Haunted and she really wasn't certain she wanted to live in another Haunted House.  Since she wouldn't be familiar with the Spirits like she was at our Beloved Historic Home where she grew up with them since Birth.  *LMAO*   Also, it was smallish, even tho' it looks very large, it's a narrow Century Plus Old Building and probably only 1600 sf total.   The Bottom is where most Owners have had their Shop and the Top Floors their Living Quarters.  There is a Basement where the Prostitute Cribs used to be.

Anyway, it will be Interesting to see what the New Owners have done to it since buying it in Mid 2021.  I'm sure due to it's Historic Significance they can't change the Exterior, but I'd like to see if they've put a Shop in the Shop Street Level and what they've done to the lower Courtyard.  The previous Owners had a Funky Courtyard down there that had loads of Quirky Antiques and you could Photograph it all from the Street, tho' it was Private Access only.   I do Plan to Photograph everything again and then come back and compare it all to a Decade ago to see what has remained the same and what has changed slightly.  One thing I like about Jerome, it hasn't hardly changed at all since the 1970's when I first went there... and probably not much since the 1800's actually.  You can't say that about very many places in Arizona... I like when Time stands Still in a place, it's Rare... it's strangely Comforting and Familiar... it's Nostalgic.

Of coarse Time stands Still for No-One and I no longer look exactly like this, even tho' I have all those Clothes and Accessories still.  *Winks*   I Created that Bag, it's one of them I kept for myself and didn't Sell Off.    This was also Pre-Dreadlocks, since I only got them 4 Years ago.   Funny Story of Serendipity, Yesterday we stopped for Gas at a Grocery Chain Gas Station way over near where we used to live, since we were dropping Crazy Pamela back off at Home after her Sleepover here.  Well, a Young Woman in her 30's with new Baby Dreads was Pumping Gas on the other side of our Pump.  She asked how long I'd had mine, told me she'd just gotten hers Weeks ago for a Milestone Birthday {she had Long Hair and for New Dreads hers were coming along well}.  Turns out, the same Gal, Ginger, did hers that had done mine!  Small World!  After seeing mine she said she was now encouraged, coz she'd been discouraged only Weeks in... they are a Hairstyle that requires Patience.  New Dreadheads often wanna Rush the Process and have instant Dreads.  Unless you buy fake Dreadlock extensions, not gonna happen!

She was a Cutie and looked very good in her new Dreads, but was Clueless on how to properly Care for them, since not only is there not a lot of information out there, but what is, is often conflicting.  Hardly any Salons even know what to do with them, so Seasoned Dreadheads are your best bet and I fully expected the numerous Questions she desperately asked me on how best to Care for and Maintain hers to have the best results.   She was so relieved when I told her to just keep 'em Clean and keep 'em separated... pretty much leave them alone for best results, they'll work things out on their own without any Help from you actually.   She'd been Palm Rolling 'til her Arms and Hands hurt... told her, not necessary, tho' some people swear by it, mine formed just fine never doing it at all.  I told her, Shit, I was 60 and had Arthritis before I even got mine, so no way was I Palm Rolling the fuckers... all 50+ of them, are you kidding me?!?!!  *LMAO*

She had far less than 50, since she wanted to start out with thicker Dreads... which those are gonna get so phat so quick she might just regret that decision.  Well, unless she doesn't decide to have them for Years or wants them thicker than a Cuban Cigar and individually heavy as a Boat Anchor once they grow very long?  *LOL*  Tho' her Hair was MUCH longer than mine when she had hers installed, with the Rip and Tear Method rather than the Crochet Method, so she was in the messy Bad Hair Look stage, and will be for 1-2 Years, but Lord I couldn't tell her THAT or she might have Cried... they were shrinking drastically, which they do as they Loc and tighten up!   The Neglect Method takes even longer and unless you are Okay with looking like a Homeless Person for a few Years, I wouldn't recommend it, tho' some Purists swear by that Method being the only True Dreadlock... whatever.  

People want super long Dreads instantly, that also takes Time, but not much Time, mine have grown expoentially!  She already had them tied up in a tall Bun like Marge Simpson because she said she can't do much with them yet, they're still quite loose and not firm at all.  I told her the important things NOT to do.   She Thanked me profusely, I Hope she allows Time to develop them before she gives up on them?   She did say she'll be seeing Ginger for regular Maintenance, installation is expensive, Maintenance is too so I've never done it since I know if you do what the Old Dreadheads say to do, it's not really a necessity and messing with them too much with the instruments can in fact risk damage to them.  I was the Oldest Person Ginger had given Dreadlocks, so I might trek over to Scottsdale, where she is now, one day to show her how mine have come along.  She's one of the few Locticians Locally who does Dreadlocks on Anglo, Asian, Native American and Hispanic Hair Types.

Anyway, it was nice to speak with the Young Woman who initiated the conversation while we pumped Gas.  *LOL*  She told me she was having Dreadlock Envy looking at mine... I told her if she hangs in there just 2-4 Years, she will be thrilled with her own.   It's funny to me sometimes how High Maintenance some people make their Locs when they are actually a very Low Maintenance Hairstyle and Lifestyle if you just leave them alone.   I could never go back to my Old Hair... see above... had I known Years ago how much more I'd prefer Dreadlocks and look fine with them, I'd of had them 30+ Years or more earlier.  Of coarse, The Man said that then they'd be dragging Miles behind me by now and I'd have Neck Arthritis for sure... he could be Right?  *Bwahahahahaha*

If we make another Trip up there to Jerome, I would like to stay at this Bed and Breakfast in a 1916 Mansion called "The Surgeon's House".   It's not walking distance to as much, but it's a pretty spectacular ambiance that I'd find enjoyable.  A lot of the B&B's don't take Children of any Age tho', so as long as we've got a Child under 18, they're just not an Option right now, unless she didn't come with us and was staying with Family or Friends so that we could.   We haven't gone on any Vacays without the Kiddos when Raising them tho', unless one of us stayed Home with them, so I'm not gonna start now, only 3 more Years to go before she's Grown anyway and considered a Young Adult, so we can wait... Hopefully we last that long?  *LOL*

Over the Years The Surgeon's House has had a lot of Gardening incantations, it's very lush landscaping, which is why I Love it so much!   Most of the time they keep the Vines trimmed up more, but sometimes they let them get Wild looking for a while.   Will be Interesting to see what the Gardens around it look like this time?   That Mansion is the type of Home Dreams are made of and has been meticulously Maintained.   It's the type of place a lot of Young Couple's go for their Honeymoon or Wedding, because the backdrop makes for Stunning Wedding, Honeymoon or Anniversary Photos.   Since this place is a little bit away from the Main Street we'll probably drive to a few of the sites because it might be harder for The Man to make treks to some that are outlier Buildings of Interest. 

Anyway, we Plan to spend enough Time there to see it all in the 3 Days we'll be there, which should be enough Time.  It's a very small Town and in 2019 the Population of permanent Residents was only 474.   In 1953 when it was virtually abandoned after the Mines closed down it only had barely 100 Residents, so the tenacity of the Locals to keep it from becoming laid to waste and neglect is admirable.   There were soil disturbances, probably due to the Mining, so some buildings like the Old Jail are literally slowly sliding down the Mountainside and cannot be Saved, but are still an Attraction.   They do get about an inch of Snow per Year so they have more of a Seasonal Climate than the Low Desert, which I'm not too keen on, I don't like it getting Cold or Snowing... at all!  *LOL*   So, you'll never catch me visiting in Fall or Winter!  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... as we eagerly look forward to the first Vacay we've had in Years... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm so excited for you and a little envious of your vacation plans. That place is exactly the kind of place my husband and I loved going to. Darn it, Dawn you took me on an emotional rolled coaster today with your writing about your husband's Pre-Catastrophic Accident looks and demeanor vs now. The caregiver in my past shed a tear or two for both myself and for you. It's not just the care recipient that changes; we caregivers grow weary, yes, but stronger. We have/had no choice in that if we've going to survive for the long haul. You've made it! I made. I'm glad you're going on a pilgrimage of sorts even if you might not see it that way right now. You'll touch bases with who you and your husband used to be, the joys and happiness in your past, but don't forget to redefine the meaning of what joy in the here and now. There's much to be thankful for. It's the classic focus on the half full glass that helps you find and hold onto the caregiver's place of peace.

    1. Indeed Jean it is a Life Change that you just adapt, improvise and learn to flow in, isn't it? The Man isn't the person he used to be, but The Man he now is post-accident is someone very Special too, remnants remain and we've learned to be just as in Love with who he now is. It is a Process tho', as you well know, because we all do change along with them. I think it was harder on The Grandson and The Son to Deal with, he was a complex person before the accident in his interactions with Male members of the Family due to his own upbringing, the Brain Damage caused a magnification of some some things and a disappearance of others in how he used to be, compared to how he now is. He cannot Mood regulate well anymore and tho' he has Memory Care Issues and forget much, sadly he didn't forget the Trauma of War Experiences, and his PTSD got worse. I think with Men they want to Fix things and when they cannot, it causes a lot of Anxiety. So, The Son and Grandson really don't like being around him because they can't Fix any of it and don't Deal with him as well as Princess T and I just do. Sorry to have dredged up some unpleasant Memories for you. I do think this Pilgrimage for us will bring up only pleasant Memories for us, even if we can't do what we did a Decade ago... which is kinda a Given, even for me! *Ha ha ha*

  2. I wonder what the bordello is like inside. It would be fun to say, Come on over to visit me at the bordello!


    1. The Listing had given a great glimpse inside the Private areas that weren't part of the Shop. It had hardwood floors, tin ceiling, clawfoot cast iron tub, a commercial kitchen since they'd had a Restaurant in there too. The rooms were all quite small so getting modern furnishings up narrow stairs, thru narrow doorways and into 1800's rooms would be a challenge, if not impossible. The previous owner had all antiques, probably for that reason of just practicality.

  3. As long as you like your hair, that's all that matters.
    I know what you mean about how hard it is to see your man after something bad happens. I watched my husband go from healthy and strong to so weak he wasn't able to stand on his own in just 8 months. Cancer is hell. This whole last year has been hell.

    1. I'm so sorry Mary about the last Year of pure Hell your Family is going thru due to the Husband's illness. It is incredibly hard to see your Loved Ones in decline, dealing with a grim diagnosis or battling disabilities that will never improve. There are no Words that are comforting enough, and nothing sorts people out quite like Trouble so it can become very Isolating when things get really bad. People feel uncomfortable or unwilling to have involvement that would require more than they feel they can or want to provide, so they are conspicuous by their absence. Pandemic wasn't so bad for us having to be in Lockdown since Caregiving and his situation have made it so we had to disconnect some time ago from most things that were no longer possible. You adapt, you improvise, you go on as best you can. Huge Virtual Hug to you my Friend, hang in there!

  4. What an interesting post! So happy for your up coming vacation. Looks like a fantastic arty place.

    1. It is indeed a fantastic Artsy place Marlynne, you being an Artist would Love it, the Inspiration it provides is palpable! I'm excited to be going and hope inclement weather won't hamper the trip up there and back. Forecast for Jerome looks promising but here in the Valley it's been rough with the level of Monsoon damage from intense Storms and Flooding, so some Streets and Freeways have had closures while they try to pump the water out to make it passable. Normally it's a Two Hour Trip up there but we're giving ourselves as much time as we need to get up there safely.

  5. I am so happy you are going to Jerome and look forward to your photos. I lived in Cottonwood and used to clean the home of the mayor of Jerome back in the 1990's. The house was perched on the hillside and was quirky and cool. Such a great historic town; have a wonderful trip!

    1. Oh how Cool that you got to see the interior of one of those great Old Homes up there! I've only been inside the Shops and Hotels, the lovely Bed and Breakfasts are abundant but don't Welcome Children, we were Raising Grandchildren and had been raising our Children before that, so never got to go in one yet... but perhaps when all the Kiddos is finally Grown? I'm sure it's gonna be a Wonderful Trip, I've been to Cottonwood too. There's a lot of great Small Towns with Quirky things that make them destinations here in Arizona, we've tried to visit as many of them as possible... I still got a few on the Ole' Bucket List tho'.

  6. You will be just about to start your trip as I write this. I’m so excited for you!
    I thought of you today as I bought a membership to our local zoo. It has such a nice relaxing ambience.
    Now let’s hope we don’t get locked down before I can use it! Ha!
    Cease the day Dawn, cease the day.
    Xo JJ

    1. Jack, we've got The Man's dreadful Doc follow-up for his Kidney Failure results this Morning, we leave for our Vacay Tomorrow Morning, we'll probably need it, I'm very concerned about what Treatment Plan they will suggest for him? I have barely Slept a wink since my Anxiety is high, he's had to receive so much grim news and this is just one more layer of Specialists all but giving up on him, which is disheartening, since I don't want him just giving up, giving in or giving out because of that. So I want to try to give him lots to Live for and look forward to so that he's living fully in each Moment. None of us knows when we will Die, just that we all must, so I told him that we're ALL busy Dying a little bit each Day, but we mustn't fixate on that End or it robs us of the Present and the Joys thereof to experience and savor. I'm so glad you got a Membership to the Zoo, it is a great ambiance and I enjoyed ours when we had it. I may renew my Membership to the Desert Botanical Gardens when they lift the restrictions that inhibit even Members from using their Membership without having to be chosen for the few Reservations. If I'm paying that much I want preference and to be able to use what I Paid for... if Non-Members get equal access on a Lottery type access, what's the point in being a Prepaid Member at all? I know they had to alter things for the Pandemic, I just didn't appreciate being turned away with a valid Membership that was expensive to buy, after I'd driven a very long way to get in... or not be able to get a Reservation if I called ahead... that System didn't Work for me.


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