Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Yeah, You're Cute... And The Downsizing Diaries


Since she was already Dressed like a Cute Sexy Pirate Wench, when we went to "Dillon's" Restaurant near the Wildlife World Zoo for Dinner on our Family Day Out, Princess T wanted a pix taken by their Fun Shark Cut-Out in front of the Restaurant.  They actually have an enormous Round Shark Tank inside the Restaurant that you eat by, that is Floor to Ceiling and probably was Created by one of those Tank Master Companies that has a Reality Show on TV?  The Food is fantastic there and the Themed Atmosphere is Fun, like "Rainforest Cafe" Restaurants are.  The Girl's got some Muscular Skater Kid Legs going on, which she worries makes her look too Short and disproportionate.   I NEED to Grow Taller Gramma, coz I got these Big Thick Muscle Legs!  Well Girrrrl... you do work them Legs out a lot, so they're not gonna look like a Sparrow's Mi Amor!   She could Crack Crab Legs with them Thighs!  *Smiles*

Anyway, this was the Day they got out of School within a couple Hours due to the Power Outage.  Lemme tell ya, she was miffed that she'd Dressed all "Cute" and said she couldn't even look "Cute" all Day! {Gasp! And, that's a Direct Quote}  So not everybody got to SEE her and it's not like she could wear it again the next Day, Heaven Forbid, since SOME had SEEN her in it!  So when Grandpa ignorantly suggested she just wear it again, the histrionics she displayed at that appalling suggestion was hilarious!  And he's like, WHAT and Why Not?!  To him, it was "Problem Solved"!  *LMAOROTF*   Plus, recall that she also was on a Fashionista Chazza Shop Quest and Binge, to find even "Cuter" Outfits to beat out the Competition of Cute Pink Hair Girl at School, that Rivalry should get Interesting!  This Kiddo is nothing if not Tenacious and Relentless about Taking Down any Competition, Adversaries or Rivals... wonder where she got THAT from?! *Winks*

It's a Girl Thing Grandpa, you wouldn't Understand... was her disgusted response.  He was clearly Man Clueless about wearing the same Ensemble Two Days in a row when you got some Serious Street Cred as a Fashionista Diva to Maintain!  *Gasp, as she Clutches her Pearls in a most Exaggerated and Dramatic fashion to attract Attention!*  I Laughed my Ass off, since she was chomping at the Bit then to go out in Public to be Seen in all her "Cuteness".   It was Helpful that more than one Young Adult Cool Girl paid Homage and told her how "Cute" her Outfit was as we were out and about!   I mean, one MUST be Noticed, and receive Validation, after all, when one goes thru great Pains to look "Cute"!  *Whew... Bwahahaha!*

So, here's the Dining Room and we got there AT Opening, so were practically the only Patrons there before they eventually fill up.  That also meant we got that Front Table near the Shark Tank that is in the Center there, Primely situation to see both sides of the Marine Life.  I was not Pleased that some Waiters and Waitresses were opting not to wear Masks!  Ruh Roh!  I guess the Restaurant doesn't make it Mandatory for all Staff, so it was a 50-50 split, I don't like that, so won't be eating there again until AFTER Pandemic is a Wrap.   So, we kept our Masks on while Seated and only took them off to eat and when no Unmasked Staff were anywhere near us, they got the Strong Hint... and ALL Customers came in with Masks, so it's not as if this is one of those Crazy Anti-Masker Political Wingnut Hangouts.

Yes, our Covidiot Governor, in typical Fashion, the Moment he could lift the Mask Mandate and put more Lives at Risk, did, so now individual Establishments and School Districts have to Wrestle with that dilemma.  Wherein the Governor says nobody has to wear Masks anymore or require them, but that will now also mean Customers will fuss all the more who want NOT to wear them and defy any Businesses and Establishments or Schools trying to keep things Safer.  Our School District made it Clear they Mandate them still in SPITE OF the Governor's New Order Lifting the Statewide Restriction, good for them.   I'm tired of this being an ongoing Political shitfest that won't end, there's not enough TP in the World to clean up the Mess it's created.

 I'm so Relieved they took that stance and will Push Back on any Families who are Covidiots... in order to keep the Majority of Sane Families Safe and not be put at Risk over reckless Behaved People making some Silly 'Political' and false 'Freedom' Statement they've made this all into!  You are NOT Free to put other's People's Lives at Risk, Period, your "Freedom" ends there.  So go Cry into your Designer Toilet Paper you probably still Hoarded while Pretending to Ignore a Pandemic!  *LOL*

  Otherwise I'd be pulling her Ass right out of In Person Learning again, which would have been difficult since she's getting better Instruction AT School and wants Summer School enrollment to Catch Up for what was causing her to fall so far behind during Pandemic Home Schooling Online.  They only had 50% of the Families even Feel Safe Enough to send their Kiddos back to In Person Classes, since 50% are demanding their Kids remain Online for Safety Reasons, so I think they assessed they'd lose most of us if they didn't require Students and Staff to continue Mask Wearing and Social Distancing.  Yep, Gov Covidiot Doug Ducey lifted that Social Distancing Mandate too, the Moron!  Even as Cases Spike again due to Variants, faster spreading more contagious Mutations and change in Seasons!  I can't wait for that Moron to get Voted out of Office and I'm sure other States with Covidiot Governors may feel the same?

So, along with taking my Pix for The Book Of Faces Web Page for our Antique Mall, Management took some Pixs of some of my Co-Worker Friends, which I'll now Share to put some Faces to People I may have Blogged about.   This is my Friend Crazy Ed, in front of just one of his Spaces, he has a lot of them and this is his Showroom Space near the Front.  He Specializes in Antique Furniture, Art Glass, Gallery Quality Art, Native American Collectibles and is a Purist about Antiques, so only carried The Good Stuff.  I always joke with Crazy Ed that "Uncle Bob's Storage" would go out of Business if he Closed Out all of his Offsite Storage... and that's the Truth!  *Bwahahaha!*   Crazy Ed is as Bipolar as I am and we joke about it often, so hence, he takes no Offense at my Nickname I've dubbed him with, since both of us are On Board and Off The Crazy Train often enough we're quite 'Aware'.  And, tho' in his Seventies, he's Manic Hyper enough to Work Circles around Men in their 20's and schlep Huge Furniture by himself, like it's Nothing!  We have abundant Strength and Energy, us Bipolar folks, even once we hit Seniordom and should have slowed Down and become Frail!  *LMAO*

All the Cute Kiddos behind the Counter who are Salaried Staff have become Friends.  The Adorable Gal on the Left, Rachel, Customers always have thought is either one of my Daughters or one of my Granddaughters, and that Princess T is her Daughter, so they always comment on how 'Cute' her Child is!  So, now she calls me Mom and The Man 'Grandpa' and Princess T "My Child".  Once during the Year we were finalizing the Adoption of The G-Kid Force, she and Cole, a Young Man who people thought was my Grandson too, were going to have a Christmas Card Photo taken with our Family and just send it out without saying anything to anyone, as a lark that mebbe we Adopted a Couple 'Spare' Kids while we were at Adoption Court?  *Bwahahaha*  We really should have followed thru with it, but felt perhaps it might just give some extended Family and Friends Heart Attacks thinking we'd completely Lost our Minds and become like Angelina and Brad Pitt Family and Adopted The World???  *Winks*

Here's Dear Cole, who went on to become a Handsome Barista at "Dutch Bros. Coffee", we Miss him so much, he's a Stellar Young Man, I would Adopt someone like him and Rachel, for Reals, they're Great Young People and Grown, which is always Helpful.  *Smiles*  Funny Story about Cole and I working Together, often, he'd be the only Guy on our entire Shift and would have to help me load Furniture.  Which was ridiculously comical, because he'd joke he lifted like a Girl and I'm an old Woman, so you should have seen the Theatrics and histrionics of getting those loads into Vehicles!  Especially if someone drives up in a damned Prius and wants a Marble Topped Antique Coffee Table squeezed into their Back Seat... Fuuuck!  Finally, we told Management, No Mas, ya gotta put some Corn Fed Stud Muffin Types on Shift, every Night Shift from now on, or the Furniture has to be loaded in the Morning for Customers.   Hence, after that, my Co-Workers were Males capable of heavy lifting on the Night Shift... or Crazy Ed who can load anything even if no Young Stud Muffin is available... and even do it better!  *LOL*

So, anyway, the Mask Wearing Continues in our Household, even if some Households, with The Governor's Blessing, want to be Reckless Risk Takers and assume you won't get The Rona anymore just because 17% of the Population in our State has now been fully Immunized.  Yeah, that's what I said, clearly they have pathetic Math Skills if they think those are Good Enough Odds!  Those are the Rubes that Vegas just LOVES.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   And, since my Dollar Store Bling Masks are so comfy and Popular, with just about everyone stopping me asking where I got them, the Dollar Store should have me on Commission and they've Sold Out at every Location, with probably a little Help from me directing peeps where to get theirs while there was still some left!   *Smiles*  They have quickly become my Fav Masks because they're Double Thickness, but Lightweight, easy to Breath in and Adjustable, with the Sateen Material the Experts say filters Germs more effectively due to Fabric Weave variations. 

Makes sense, if you've ever worn Satin or Sateen Shirts, you realize not much Air gets thru those things to circulate freely like Cotton Fabrics.   Great for a Pandemic Mask, not so Great for Shirts in a Desert Climate tho', you will have Arm Pit Stains like nobody's business!  *LOL and Ewwwwww*   Oddly, my Face mustn't Sweat like my Pits, coz Honestly these are not Hot to wear and it's already gotten mighty Hot now.   And I like that they coordinate with any Ensemble I'm wearing, so I don't have to think about that so much as I do with my other Styles and Fabrics of Masks.   Princess T and I are still Mask Fashionista Divas tho', we have a Hoard of them and wear a different one every Day as an Accessory... and we do Loves our Accessories!  *Winks*   I cannot understand any Woman balking at Mask Wearing during a Deadly Pandemic when it can be a Fashion Statement and Cool Accessory to her Wardrobe.  Even if you're Vain, I happen to think most Women look more Alluring and Attractive with their Masks... and so do a lot of Men... who knew?   I look Years Younger and am waaay more Photogenic wearing mine... *LOL*

I was relieved that the Jury did the Right thing, the Just thing, and the Verdict in the brutal Murder of George Floyd found the Defendant Guilty on all Charges.  I Pray now his Sentence will be harsh, tho' it will never be as harsh as what he made his Victim and their Family and Friends suffer.  We can all now exhale and his Family can have some measure of Peace and some Closure about their Loved One's Homicide.   I remember when a Dear Friend of mine, Trudy, was brutally Murdered, doing our Food Ministry for the Church.  The intense Anger I felt, along with the intense Sorrow and Horror, of what was done to her, her Torture and Death was also beyond Horrific in fact, it was Monstrous. 

 When the Monster who did it got the Death Sentence, and his Wife got 10 Years as his Accomplice, it did bring about some measure of Peace and some Closure about her brutal Homicide.  Even if they never Execute him, I am Glad he will rot in Prison on Death Row.  When Justice isn't Served it adds another layer of Pain and Anger to the Victim's Family and Friends, along with the General Public's when the Murder is a High Profile Case especially.   An Injustice to One is an Injustice to All really and I think most of us instinctively sense that.

I had contacted the Vendor of an Altered Art Display Piece that wasn't For Sale, but could be Bought... and she had Kindly agreed not only to Sell it to me, but give me a huge Discount on it, which I so appreciated and hadn't even asked for, Bless her.   So, I Joyfully went with The Man to pick it up Today at the Antique Mall it was in.   I ended up picking up a few Smalls also that were on Sale or were a very low Price, from various other Vendors.   We enjoyed walking around the Antique Mall and the long drive to get there, because again, it had been a Glorious Day and the Weather was Sublime and Wonderful to be out in.  The Man wants some Fabrication Projects for he and I to get involved in with some of my Junque, so he can build me some Display Pieces for the RV Garage to Display my Treasures on in Interesting ways.   This can now be an Inspiration Piece for him, so he can see what Funky Vibe I want for Displays.  *Smiles*  Since he can't really get into my Head, when I see something that is just what I Envision, it is Helpful to him to actually SEE it for Reals.  *LOL*

I happen to J'Adore the Fabrication of disparate Salvaged Objects that I've found to be Interesting and worth Saving and Rescuing, perhaps to turn into something else and Repurposed.  I've got loads of Old Ornate Lamp Bases, Old Silverplate Trays, Old Doorknobs and Fixtures, and not all of them can be utilized for the Purpose they were Intended for.   But, they can be a wealth of Imaginative Altered Art you can Dream Up with them.   I often Dream things Up but The Man, if he's doing the Fabrication FOR me, doesn't always 'Get' what I Intend and Want, unless he has a Sample or Template of sorts to Inspire him and SEE the Nuts and Bolts of.  He's just too Practical a Soul and I'm just too Impractical a Soul to line up the Visions of sometimes otherwise.  *Ha ha ha*   This particular Vendor RUSTY SATURDAY Creates some Cool Fabricated Objects and it was Ideal to show him how Creative you can be with your Junque.  *Smiles*  Now he 'Gets' it and can have some Fun with my Junque that I give him to Play with.

He just Loves to build things and he's good at it, he's built me so many things that I couldn't actually Buy, because they either didn't exist or I couldn't afford them.  When I wanted a Harvest Table, but the Real Deal ones couldn't be had and I needed smaller dimensions anyway, he built me one out of an Old Waterbed Frame we'd kept the Lumber from.   Thankfully we'd kept all that Old Lumber Outside to Weather, Painted a Color I'd preferred over the original Natural Wood, so by the time he'd built me the Table, it was imbued with the Ideal Patina of Time already that I wanted.  I've had so many Offers from people in the Industry wanting to Buy that Table, but since he built it for me Years ago, I've Declined them all, however Generous and Tempting, it's OOAK and Sentimental to me.  I think when he Fabricates me some Cool OOAK Displays with my disparate Junque, I'll Feel the same way about those pieces and Cherish them all the more.  A lot more than I would just Buying them from someone else... and he'll have Fun Playing with Designs of his own making now.

If I'd just tried to Describe something like this, he wouldn't have known what the Hell I was even Talking about?!  *LOL*  Now that I have one as a sort of Template and then just give him some piles of my Junque, the Nuts and Bolts of it all he can figure out without my Help on how to construct pieces for me to use for my Displays at Home that I want.   The RV Garage is a Big Space and I need Displays to arrange my Treasures on, but there is really no Budget to Buy them all, but making them with what I already have, would work and give him some Projects to do that occupy his Time and really Helps with his TBI Rehabilitation Progress.   He's to the place now with his Rehabilitation from his Brain Injury, where he can use some Tools again, so long as he has some Supervision and Safety Prompts in place to do it Safely.  His Doctors think it's a great Idea to get him involved in Building things again, since it was a Love of his before the Catastrophic Injury and will prompt some Memory returning.  Once he's doing something again, it's Amazing how quickly some Memories begin to return that were Lost in the Accident.

It's actually Helpful to both of us, since, as his Full Time Caregiver, when his Memory Care Issues aren't so Profound, he regains some Independence and I get more of him Back that was Lost.   That is Priceless and we keep Working at it Daily, as we have for the last several Years since his Accident, when it all looked pretty Hopeless that he'd even Survive, let alone Thrive, or Come Back at all from a Vegetative State he was initially in.   Sometimes when I get Upset with him, I only have to take a Breath and Recall just how Bad it USED to be and how very Improved it all is now, to come back to Center myself and Carry On.   Case in Point, anywhere we go outside of Home, if there's a Public Restroom he will not have to Go... but, if there isn't, suddenly he has to Go.  *Le Sigh*  Very much like when you have a Kiddo in tow.  Then you're frantically looking for a Restroom and asking Why didn't they Go when a Restroom was Available just Moments ago, before we left?  There is no Answer to that Rhetorical Question.  *Bwahahahaha*   That happened again this Day, even tho' I'd told him to Go when a Restroom was available and 'suggested' he at least try to Go... knowing the Outcome was a Given once we left said place and ended up somewhere that didn't have one.  A lot of Stores during Pandemic closed their Public Restrooms now.

Now that he, and you, have seen every conceivable Angle of the Hip {as in Cool and the Height of it, LOL} High Tiered Tray Thingy I Bought, just Imagine a concoction of various similarly disparate pieces of my Junque put together like Frankenstein and Delight me with to Display my other Junque Smalls.  *LMAO*  That's the Vision anyway, we'll see what happens, he can't screw it up really since none of it isn't Junque, so he can Play with it to his Heart's content making Altered Art Projects out of whatever I give to him of it that I've stashed over the Years in my disparate Junque Hoard.  *Winks*  Believe me, I've got a Cache of it that I knew one Day would be Fabricated into SOMETHING, even if I didn't have a Clue what that might be?  *Smiles*  That's just how I've always Rolled with Junquing and Salvaging Objects that were pieces of something Functional at one time... and now, aren't.   I Loved going to Salvage places and digging thru the piles of Junque to find this Stuff to make things out of, it was like an Artistic Playground to me.

I just J'Adore Reclaimed Junque and so when I find other Kindred Spirits that do too, we Connect on an Astral Plane of sorts that is almost Spiritual.  As we wade thru the Graveyard of the Gods, the Space Between the Planes, finding Cool shit to Rescue and then make something else out of and use for other Purposes than Intended.   A Portal where you Project your Spirit and Imagination to a different Plane of Existence that not everyone will even comprehend, let alone join you on the Journey of.  Didn't that sound Deep for what we just Do?   Us kinda Crazy Imaginative Types.   I know when I get all Excited about finding something really Random and apparently Useless to most people, if I've got a Junquing Friend who isn't a Kindred Spirit, they fail to Understand why I'm getting Jazzed at finding THAT?!!!?!?!   There's just this big Question Mark Look on their Faces that cracks me up... well, when I'm with The Man, it's often like THAT, as I try to explain to him why I'm so Excited to find this random shit he sees as completely Insane to even Keep, let alone WANT or actually Buy!?????????  *Bwahahahaha*

But, he knows that's my Element and Trusts my Outcome, just like he has with the Real Estate I've sought out and Bought for us over the Years too.   It takes a lot of Trust on his part, since it's not his Vision, but when it all comes together he knows he'll Benefit from it anyhow... some kind of way that comes together in spite of it looking like it shouldn't or never will.  He always jokes with people that he's just along for the Wild Ride.  Often White Knuckling it along the way as I Merrily go careening down my Paths in Life that fall down some really Deep Rabbit Holes that make Wonderland look Tame by comparison.  *Ha ha ha*   A Practical less Spontaneous Person like himself really has to Trust me in the Driver's Seat, lemme tell ya!   But he knows we'll have an Adventure and end up in some pretty Interesting Places and Spaces to Hold if he just comes along for the Wild Ride... and the Adrenaline Junkie in him just can't Help himself but wanna see what will happen?  It'll be a Spectacular Wreck and Rush, if nothing else.  *Winks*

He can fully Appreciate some of the Wacky Stuff Fabricated out of Junque, once he sees it.  He was Taken with this Towel Rack Display, for example, saying he could find some Objects I got stashed to make a Display for some of my Vintage Tablecloths that might look Cool and Display some of the Prettier ones nicely... so he's coming along with some Ideas already, which is a good thing.   I do NEED some Display Pieces for my Vintage Linens, of which the Hoard of is still Epic in spite of getting rid of 2/3 of them already.   They still Sell like Crazy in my Showroom, so I'm trying really hard to Downsize my Cache of them which is still larger than any Sane Woman should have.  *LOL*  But, since each is distinctively different, it's HARD my Friends... since... I'm getting Old now so the prospects of ever finding another one... grow slimmer as Time marches on.  So, I'm often loathe now to give up some of my Pretties that I know I'll never find another one of now... and probably thus Hold On longer than I really have to or need to... it's a Process... often a Tedious one as I loosen my grip on my Lovelies and Let them Go.

So, here's The Deal... if he makes me some Cool Display Pieces for my absolute Favs, then I'm willing to Sell Off a bunch more of them to Fund The Project, see... see how it Works?  *Winks*   This Spool Display Rack was Three Hundred Bucks if I were to just Buy it and be Done with it... which would be Selling Off a shitload of my Vintage Tablecloths to Fund.   The Man reckons that I need not Sell Off quite so many if he just Fabricates me some Display Rack of his own Imaginings, that will look Cool too and add Interest to me Displaying some of my Vintage Linens at Home in the RV Garage Space... Win-Win for both of us and I don't have to spend as much either of the Profits I'm gleaning off Downsizing my shit, which is always Fantastic, Right?   We can spend it on Adventures instead, the making of Memories instead of more Stuff... or perhaps some Stuff too, but Keeping to my 5-to-1 Rule of One In and Five Out.  Which always then keeps me Four ahead of The Game in The Downsizing Diaries.  *Smiles*

We also went to one of my Favorite Downtown Nurseries to spend some Time languishing in my Favorite Greenhouse, since... I want him and T.J. and The Son to Build me one of those too, utilizing the already covered Back Porch Poolside and using my Architectural Salvage of Stained Glass Windows and Old Victorian Doors to make a Soul Temple Room filled with Plants, Antique Furniture to lounge around on and Water Features.   He actually is getting Excited about that Project too, since the Structure is already Built, so it's just Framing In my Architectural Salvage and getting that damned Hot Tub Spa out of there first.   Anna and T.J. has a Friend who wants it, but they gotta come get it out of there or I'm taking a Sledgehammer to that damned thing because I want it gone so I can start on my Space out there.   Don't let her near a Sledgehammer, they've told The Man, they already know how I am.  *LOL*

I liked this Stone encrusted Cement Birdbath they had for $130... might get us one of those since we attract a lot of Birds to this Property and I can fill it with Water or Birdseed for the Wildlife.   We didn't Buy anything Today, but we browsed and Imagined some stuff we'd like to Buy sometime as our Property gets Pimped Out in Style the way we want it.  *Smiles*   We like to Window Shop that way and sometimes we eventually do Buy something later on that we've Admired and decided would fit the Vision and help it come together nicely.   Especially if I have a good Payday at the Antique Mall hawking the stuff I'm getting rid of in the Downsizing Project, which will Fund the Vision for the Future.   Since... Money... you can't take it with ya you know... and I've never seen a Hearse with a U-Haul behind it either... so Enjoy it all while in this Earthly Realm.

Whatever this Treelike Bush was, we want one because we simply J'Adored the Foliage and the Interesting Blooms, which hung down like Beautiful little Chinese Lanterns.   If anyone knows what this is called, lemme know, we didn't bother the Staff with Questions this Day since we weren't actually Serious Shoppers this Day.   These were Topiary Sized Trees that would look Great in a Greenhouse Porch Soul Temple Room Set-Up one Day, they were about Neck High with a Trunk... and were $50 each.   So, if one of my Gardening Jedi Peeps knows what the Hell this Plant is called, lemme know Okay, so I can research the Care of it and see if it's something I can even keep Alive before I plonk down Fifty Bucks on one?  *Winks*

So, there was a Ton of Cool Garden Art scattered about the place... I particularly am fond of the Deity Statuary... of all kinds.

 Okay, so in my Dream Soul Temple Room Greenhouse Structure Poolside, I'd have a slew of Garden Art scattered among the Greenhouse Plants, which would also be in abundance, because I'm Sick of just having Faux Plants already.  But, I need a more Lush Environment for to Keep the Real Deal Healthy enough to Survive and Thrive... not quite There yet.   My Friend, Brandon, Inspires me because he's got a Virtual Jungle at his Home and I just Love it.  He Decorates Mid-Century Mod and it just goes Beautifully with his Garden Style Jungle Home.  Like Brandon tho', before I plonk down a small Fortune for the best Houseplant Specimens, and they do cost a Fortune now lemme tell ya for the Big Tropical Ones... I gotta have just the right Space prepared for them to Live and Thrive.

I don't have the Time nor the Patience at this Season of Life to start with a Modest priced Baby one and Hope to become an Immortal so I can see the Damned Thing become Mature, to the Size I want, ya know?  *Bwahahahahaha*  So, I'm gonna have to spend that small Fortune for the Big Kahuna Dream Plants when the Time comes... I already know this.   I've done the Price Comparisons already... it's gonna take some Bank to pull it off.   But, the End Results are Priceless!   And I'm one of those Go Big or Go Home kinda Gals anyway.  *Smiles*

This Nursery also has the most Awesome Historic Adobe Ranch Home on it that I would Die For to have.  It's about 1920-1930 Era and enormous, they have an Antique Shop set up in it and used to have every Room open to the Pubic to Shop in.  But, since Pandemic they've Closed Off all but the Main Livingroom Space filled with Antiques, and the back Porch Area, which is enormous too.   I think the Antiques fizzled after Pandemic hit since she's downsized considerably on the Selling of them since last time I was there.  A Shame since she had Killer Inventory and I've bought a lot from her over the Years.

This Boro Mended and Patched Old Drop Cloth made into an Inspirational Piece was Cool... and enormous.


I always like their Funky Statuary Pieces draped with Old Bling.   I'd Love her in my Soul Temple Room, resplendent with her Strands of Pearls... she is Lifesize.  The Man is like:  Why do you always fall in Lust with the Objects that will take a Crane to bring them Home and Position them with?  *Bwahahahaha*

But, he had to admit that she is Lovely and would look way Cool either Poolside or in that yet-to-be-built Soul Temple Room Greenhouse Thingy.   Hey, if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big too I always say!  If it was just Possible without God being Involved in it, then it just wasn't a Big Enough Vision IMO.  He never Argues with that Logic, being a Man of Faith.   And the knowing of how much Impossible shit has been Pulled Off already with that Measure of Faith I Roll with.  *Winks*

And speaking of ridiculously Big Shit I'd like to have, how about that enormous Architectural Salvage Column?  *Winks*


This one was probably way too McManse Tall for our Purposes, but I sure dug it.  *Ha ha ha*

I also Lusted after this Architectural Salvage Pedestal, 'til The Man reminded me that it's actually larger than the Antique Wooden one like it we bought at a Chazza for a mere Twelve Bucks and almost killed ourselves bringing into Villa Boheme'.  In the infamous Double Senior Fall Story that transpired when he forgot he could pick it up with me, but couldn't bend to put it back down!  Ruh Roh, too late by the time he Remembered.   He started shaking and we knew he was Going Down... but couldn't stop it or drop it, so he just tipped over like an Old Cow onto me... me in full Squat at Floor level already!   With the Pedestal and him on top of me, so about Four Hundred Lbs. worth of Man and Architectural Salvage going down onto me... in the Tiled Hallway.

  Princess T had to leverage her Ass off to pull him off me then roll the Pedestal off of me.  Miraculously the only thing Hurt was my Pride and the fact he hit his Head on and toppled over one of my large Antique Madonna and Child Statuaries and broke Her in Half!   She's since been repaired, but I was madder than a Wet Hen with him, saying, Why would you help me pick the damned thing up if you knew you couldn't then set it back down... did you think we'd just stand there holding it Forever?!  He 'Forgot'... and then Princess T reminded me that I also Forgot that we're Old now and shouldn't be lifting heavy shit like that ever again... Touche'.  *Winks*

Just becoz you CAN still lift heavy shit when you're an Old Woman, doesn't mean you SHOULD.   Yes, in this Greenhouse they also have all manner of Exotic Birds, not for Sale, and they are Pretty, but Mean Spirited, so you just have to coax and beg them to get them to Pose and cooperate for any pixs, they Hate you.  *Winks*   This Day the Huge Parrots just wouldn't have it, nor most of the Peacocks...

The Albino Male Peacock was the only one Tolerating my Presence at all, and from a great distance at that, the rest were like: Fuck Off Lady!  And so, I did, what else are ya gonna do? *Winks*

My Greenhouse Soul Temple Room won't be nearly this Grandiose, because this place is about as large as my RV Garage... but it probably won't be this Humid either, out on my Back Porch.   It was Seriously like being in the Tropics in every way, The Man said he'd had enough of the Tropics in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and South American Jungle War Tours of Duty, Thank You, so he wanted to linger less than Moi in there getting all Steamy like a Sauna in the Heat.   The Humidity is a Killer, I like for it to be a Desert Dry Heat, I cannot Lie.   My Hair was all frizzy leaving... I was a Vision!  *LOL*

When we arrived back Home, Princess T was out of School and asked me if I knew how Crazy my Hair looked and had I been out all Day looking like that?  *Bwahahaha!*   The good thing is, many people are Tooling around with Pandemic Hair lately, having not been to their Hairdresser in a Year or so... so it hardly stand out when mine is all Crazy too.   Only when Pandemic Ends they'll likely go back to a Salon and I won't, so then I don't know how much Crazier I'll look with all this new Undreadlocked Hair sprouting up all over the place since I've been taking those Bosley Hair Supplements from the Dollar Store?  *LOL*   They do Work, my Nails are growing like Crazy too... I should have bought more of it before they Sold Out of it.

I did Buy a couple of Antique Asian Bone Carving Statues for only $15 each while at the Antique Mall getitng my Tiered Thingy.   This is the Male Figurine.   Apparently I forgot to Photograph the Female Figurine while we were there...

So, here she is at Home... they had the Names on the Price Tags but I've since Forgotten what they were so will have to now look them up.   They're very intricately Carved all around on the Back side too.

They have replaced a Tacky little Faux Planting of Succulents in a Cement Geometric Planter that I had on the Fireplace Mantle, a definite Improvement.  *LOL*

This Kilim Covered Ottoman was Sold by the time we went back, I'd Lusted after it during a previous visit, as had my Vendor Friend Minnie who has a Booth at that Antique Mall, and the Price was right for either of us but it was a damned big Ottoman and I have no place or space for such a large piece, nor did she, to justify a purchase.  If I still had the McManse, it would have worked, but with Downsizing considerably, not any more, I got rid of all oversized Furnishings when we Moved, with the exception of my Bookshelf with Ladder that is now housed in the RV Garage Library portion of the Structure.

I looked at and Photographed a lot of Cool Inventory I wasn't gonna Buy, great Blog Fodder even if I wasn't a Player at Owning any of it.

Even some Smalls like these Awesome Quartet of Art Deco Metal Trinket Boxes I had to Pass on since I'd already spent enough and was sticking to my Budget restraints.

I did Pop on some Wee Old Bottles and Vials, with Lettering on all of them, that were nicely Pearlized by the Ravages of Time and the Sun.   At Three Bucks each... why not?   I'm a Sucka for Old Bottles and Old Canning Jars to Store stuff in.  The Man and I used to Trawl the Arizona and Nevada Desert finding them back in Da Day, we Sold Off most of them over the Years, they fetch a nice Price, but if I can replace a few On The Cheap... or find more laying about in the Desert Tips, we still drag them Home.


Anyway, I got lots more Blog Fodder from all the Pathological Picture Taking we did, but I'll Save it for another Post and Story my Friends.  So... be sure to come back.   We've sure Enjoyed Trawling for Treasures and taking you along Vicariously and Virtually.   Since who knows if you're getting out of Pandemic Lockdown or still being Inmates Serving Time?  *Winks*


Bless You... Be Well and Continue to Stay Safe... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I was happy that the trial of George Floyd's murder turned out the way it did. Our country would have been in so much trouble had it not gone the way it did. The evidence was overwhelming against the cop's guilt but evidence in the past has been ignored so I held my breath on this one. I just the jury doesn't get harassed by White Nationalists aka Trump supporters.

    The booth Crazy Ed is standing in front of is more like the booths we see around here. But come to think about it, it's been 6-7 years since I've been out junking so maybe they've changed here to be more like some of those you show in your photos.

    1. I too was elated that Justice prevailed in that Murder Trial. However, had that Young Woman not video recorded such irrefutable evidence that the whole World could see with their own Eyes and hear with their own Ears as that poor Man's Life was callously snuffed out in broad Daylight while unable to defend himself and nobody allowed to interceded to Help him... would it have been just another Cop killing someone and everyone having to take their Word over the Public or possible Survivors of their Crimes? Nobody should be below the Law and nobody should be above the Law either, perhaps accountability will force some of these Killer Cops out and the Blue Wall won't protect and cover for those in their Ranks they know are a danger to the Public. Yes, the way Antique Malls and Shops must evolve with the Times makes it so that any who have stayed stuck in the Past and don't Change, usually are out of Business soon enough.

  2. Oh, my such a great post, from your friends, to your dreamy will-be addition to all the funny stories. I really do enjoy catching up with your blog. And stink-eye to your governor, what an IDIOT! Hugs, Sandi

    1. Idiot Gov had to be coerced to do the Right thing for Arizonans at the Height of the Pandemic, he's always been a Covidiot and whenever he can get away with ReTrumplican thinking and behaviors, he does at the drop of a Hat. I want him OUT and any in Public Office like him... across the Nation... not just in our State. A lot of lost Lives are due to their poor decision making and misinformation, some people Trust and Believe them, so when they're not up to the Job it can cost Lives. Glad you enjoyed this Post, I sure enjoyed creating it.

  3. You tell Princess T, she doesn't need to worry about a thing. She is absolute perfection. And this is coming from a gay man with all that aesthetic experience! And your eyes are a wonder (as is your hair, but then just the IDEA of hair impresses me)!

    1. Awwwww, Mitchell you're so Sweet and I'll be sure to tell her. I think that is why she has a Gay Male Bestie, he always Truthfully critiques some things she would like Honest and Fashionable Opinions on. *LOL* Like me, she has a tendency to go Over The Top, but, that said, as my Dear Old Mom taught me, better to be Looked Over Darling, than Overlooked. *Winks*

  4. I enjoyed your blog today. Your travels around and finds and especially the new interest in creating that your husband is expressing. A Double Win! Yeah!!

    1. I think it's a Double Win too now that his Creative Juices are flowing again and he wants to at least try to dabble in some Creativity. It was a great Day Out and getting out in the Fresh Air does both of us the world of good, staying in Lockdown at Home too much is just not balanced.

  5. That plant we call Chinese lantern, abutilon

    1. Thanks Amanda for letting me know what that lovely Plant is called, funny, but I thought the Blooms looked like little Chinese Lanterns, so it's aptly Named.

  6. I live in state of Idaho and our mask mandate been lift for sometime now. But in general only 10% of people wore mask, and now I read that compare to rest of state. Not that many Idaho people had there vaccine. I got my shots and will continue to wear a mask.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Idaho is a pretty State, but it's Citizenry seems quite backwards about following the Science of what to do during a Pandemic to stay Safe and not cause rampant spreading of a highly contagious Disease. That would really scare me if only 10% of the people around me weren't Covidiots and the other 90% were and along with risky behaviors, also seemed to be against getting vaccinated... Yikes! Try to stay Safe and Well in spite of being in the midst of such mindlessness my Friend.


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