Friday, April 10, 2020

The Lock Down Diaries Continued...

Keep ignoring the Post Dates, it's not Real Time and No, you're NOT morphing into the Future!  *Winks*  The Man and Princess T were spending way too much time Sleeping during Lock Down, so this Morning I insisted she don her Rollerblades, he get out his Walker with a Seat on it, and join me for an Early Morning Walk around our new Neighborhood of Mini Farms.  The Day is Warm and Sunny, the Fresh Air and Exercise did us good both Physically and Psychologically during these Times of Pandemic.  Our New Neighborhood is Scenic and like the Country in the City, the Best of Both Worlds!

Of coarse Princess T acted mortified that I was bringing my Camera, it Embarrasses her that I'm a Pathological Picture Taking Weirdo for my Blog.  I mean People might SEE and she's got an Image to Protect!!!  *Gasp!*  Of coarse she got all Dolled Up like she was a Contestant for America's Next Top Model, so it's not AS IF she was opposed to having Head Shots courtesy of Gramma!  *Winks*  "Look at my Curls Gramma!", so I had to obediently Admire each Curled Lock as if I'd never seen such a one!  *LOL*

The Man has been eager to do more during these Times of Pandemic than ever before, the Recluse that he usually is, I am pleasantly Surprised at that!  He isn't complaining about Exercise either and we really Tested his Endurance during this first Walk, he did really well, tho' he's knackered now and should Sleep like a Baby when he takes his first Nap of the Day!  *Bwahahaha!*  Princess T brightened up considerably being out in the Sunshine and Rollerblading her Ass off to make up for Days of sedentary behavior! *Whew!* 

 It helped that The Man got to meet another New Friendly Neighbor, a fellow Retired Marine, and we visited Jack from across his Irrigation Canal, at Safe Social Distancing for us all.  Well, except for Jack's gorgeous Grey Cat, Charcoal, she came up for a Cuddle... Cats seem to recognize other Cat People instantly! I'm so Glad we don't have to Social Distance from our Furry Friends, aren't you!?   Out of Respect for Privacy and just meeting Jack, I didn't Photograph Charcoal, but I would have liked to, she was Delighted for the Attention and would have been very Photogenic, Charcoal Grey with Golden Eyes, hence, her Name!  *Smiles*

Jack had the largest Rubber Tree beside his Home that I've ever seen! {Not Pictured}  He said he's transplanted it for several Moves, so it's been to California and several Properties in Arizona, it's Magnificent and taller than his Two Story Home!  There are a lot of Mature Trees and Plants in this Community, lots of Edible Varieties and lots of Farm Animals, self grown and raised Food is abundant here.   A Family of Goats was begging for Attention and would have made excellent Blog Fodder, but Princess T said their Owners are very protective of their Animals so I Respectfully refrained from Photographing them.

There are Fields packed with these tiny Yellow Wildflowers this Season, it's breathtaking, a Carpet of Natural Beauty!   Many of the Mini Farms have Pasture for grazing their Animals and I Love seeing the Animals enjoying a more Natural Habitat than Commercially grown Animals usually have.   Some Neighbors do have Chicken Coops, but most let their Chickens have Free Range.  We enjoyed seeing what Animals everyone is raising, it was a wide range from Cattle to Peacocks!

I Love Gabion Walls and want to Create some for our Property eventually, especially around the Veggie and Herb Gardens I Plan to develop on our Acreage.  I particularly liked this combo of Corrugated Tin and Gabion Wall, I'd like some like this and with the smooth River Rock.   I feel the Gabion would allow for Irrigation to flow thru the Rock into the raised Veggie and Herb Gardens.  Having the Tin portion would allow for me to put a roofing over for some Shade, which is Important in a Desert environment and to keep Wildlife from Harvesting before you do!  *Smiles*

There are lots of ways to utilize the Gabion Wall method, one of our close Neighbors has these Pillars with Metal Art Installation atop them.  He did it all himself and said you can order the supplies Online to construct them, he claims it's easy to install.  He keeps a Beautiful Home, actually from the Corner of our Street all the way to our Home the Properties are spectacular, a great Optic.  Many Urban Farms are a nice blend of an Urban Vibe and a Farm Vibe, and since I'm a City Gal and The Man Loves Rural Living, it was a great compromise to buy here, we LOVE it. 

There's lots for Kids to do too and I'll be Glad when Princess T can get back to all of that instead of being in Lock Down, it's particularly hard on Children.  We'd only been here just over a Month and she had just begun to thoroughly enjoy her newfound Freedom, all the things to do and Social Network when the Pandemic hit and shut it all down.   So Today it was a Relief to see her Smiling and more like herself, rather than lethargic and refusing to Eat or roll out of Bed!  The Psychological effects are as concerning to me as the Virus and the Economic backlash is.

Seeing Nature just going on as it usually does make us all forget about the Pandemic for a Moment.   This Neighbor has an abundance of Mature Rose Bushes and the Scent is Heavenly!   This Bloom was so Vivid that it almost hurt the Eyes. 

The Man particularly liked a Deep Purple Rose he'd never seen the likes of before.  I don't think I'll attempt to grow Roses, Love them but they require a lot of Care and I haven't been a Rose Growing Jedi to get great results in the Past.  I think I'll stick with Veggies we like to eat, Herbs we use a lot and mebbe some Fruit, when I put in our Edible Gardens.  I guess now would be the time to Order supplies Online, Delivered and get that stuff ready, I've got nothing but Time on our Hands right now.

Our Neighbors next door have some Cute Art Created from Horseshoes and representing Cacti.  The Man and I will be looking for Art to install on our Property eventually.   A lot of Neighbors Designed their Custom Homes with Outdoor Living Areas, some are Spectacular.  We have a lot of Outdoor Living Area too at Forever Boheme' and we spend probably more time there than we do Inside!

There's lots of Remodeling Projects going on right now in the Community, guess people have more Time to devote to long put off Projects?   This Adobe Farmhouse is really doing an Amazing refinishing of the Vintage Adobe Home and adding to it, they're in the Process of refinishing the Adobe, adding Stone Accents and a Spectacular Front Courtyard.

The Courtyard portion is currently in Process and hasn't had the Lime Wash applied over the Adobe yet, so it's still just got the Grey outer coating to protect the Mud.   This is the Style of Architecture that The Man and I initially were going for, since we Love Pueblo Architecture, but sadly, that Purchase fell thru due to Legal Issues the Seller had on Pueblo Boheme', as you might recall?  That Property was more remote tho' so I'm Glad in a way that we held out and found Forever Boheme' instead, a better Fit for our Family's Needs.

I'm Loving the Metal Sculptures, like this Stag, that Neighbors have Gracing their Properties.   I'd like to find a Lovely Bronze, but it would likely not be Affordable, so I may have to go for a more Modest Metal that any Sculpture we buy could be made out of.   Princess T likes to Joke that it would be Junkyard Art at our Price Point!  *LMAO*   Hey, Art is Subjective, so I could mos def have some Junkyard Art resonate with us, we're not Boujee!

Our Neighbor on the Corner has these Amazing Gates on their Amazing Compound.  They also have Chickens and Turkeys back there and we Love hearing their Roosters Crowing.   Their Property has numerous Beautiful interconnecting Custom Buildings, which is Why it is more a Multi-Generational lush Compound.  Not Surprising they're in the Trades, it shows.

Princess T loosened up a bit about my Pathological Picture Taking, insisting after a while that I take pixs of this {above} and other Visually Appealing sights along our Walk.  *Smiles*  She Embarrasses easily, I have no Shame in my Game, I'll do anything and could Care Less who might be Looking!  *Winks*  That is some of the Liberation that comes with the Privilege of attaining Old Age my Friends!  And when I want to Do Nothing, I have that Freedom now too in Retirement, which is Blessed to be Unbusy when I wanna or Need to be!

Now might actually be the Ideal Time for the World in general to Luxuriate in Being Unbusy!   To for a Moment, Slow Down and Be Still... which is Rare in Modern Society, isn't it?  The Simplicity of Life has fallen by the wayside and so many of us are always at a break Neck Pace constantly.  Socializing also had become distanced in Modern Society, people being more Connected to their Devices than one another!  Perhaps with FORCED Social Distancing and Lock Down, people are Realizing and Appreciating more that WE DO NEED EACH OTHER and WE ARE SOCIAL CREATURES!

Today I'm Practicing being Unbusy... since I am inclined, with my Adult ADHD, to try to keep preoccupied with Productivity in order to Still my Racing Thoughts and not have to sit with them.  To be a Human Doing rather than remember that I'm a Human Being and it's perfectly Okay to Do Nothing too!  Lock Down is Restraining me and perhaps breaking some Bad Habits and instilling Healthier ones?  Two Weeks is all it takes to replace a Habit and fill the Void of a Bad One with a Better One.

Last Night this Dear Neighbor Friend, Sylvia, T.J. and Rob's Mom, came over and dropped off some of the BEST Sour Cream Enchiladas I Believe we've ever eaten!  OMG, that Woman is a Culinary Jedi and still is from the Generational Era that Cooks and Bakes from Scratch and Cans her own Foods!!!  We'd provided Lunch for them earlier in the Day... since they often bring over a Hot Home Cooked Meal for our Dinner, we want to reciprocate.   Okay, so mine was KFC Delivery and not Home Cooked, but Who doesn't like KFC, Right?!  In fact, they Loved the KFC Family Pac... it reminds everyone of having that Picnic in the Park.  Which none of us can have right now under Executive Order, since people were getting carried away packing out the Parks.

Yes, our Lock Down Diaries have a lot of Joy in them my Friends and I Pray yours are too?  That you're Staying Safe and Well, Staying Home as much as you possibly can and heeding the Advice of Experts?  We'll get thru this Together...  with Faith, Hope and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Boy, you sure did luck out in the neighbors department and your neighborhood's cross between farm and city would appeal to me as well.

    The purple rose is spectacular as is your granddaughter's hair.

    1. Yes, this are is well established since the 1970's so has a strong sense of Community and was Custom Homes, so a lot of Variety of Architecture and anywhere from 3/4 Acre to 3 Acres, which IN the City is unheard of! She spent an inordinate amount of time on that Hair curling it to go for her spin around the Hood! *LOL*

  2. Your neighborhood sounds lovely---and such fun and nice people, also. Loved your photos....and PT is keeps getting cuter!

    1. She is Growing Up so fast Sandi and she's been a great Kid during this Pandemic Lock Down, I would suspect a lot of Kids, especially Teens, might not be as effortless to spend this much forced Time around when their World screeches to a halt. I'm Thankful she's a Great Kid and is very concerned about us and our Medical fragility that puts us at greater risk than the average healthy and young person Parenting. Of coarse, Today I noticed the TV profiled how many Young Healthy people are succumbing to this Virus... scary stuff and hitting mortality records daily now! It is a nice place to Retire or to Raise a Family in this Area, we were fortunate since not many properties come up for sale here.

  3. Enjoyed your stroll around the new neighborhood! So glad the rest of the family is willing to go too! So very happy for you having such fine neighbors! The wait and stress was worth it all!

    1. Indeed, this Home was definitely worth the wait and stress we endured as one property after another didn't play out and this one sat waiting upon us! FIVE other Buyers for this fell thru... it was definitely a God Thing.


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