Friday, November 8, 2019

Back Up Plans... Just In Case

So, I'm sure everyone is wondering what is happening in regards to the purchase {or not} of Pueblo Boheme', so here's an update:  We don't know yet.  That's the short version, since so far we don't know what progress {or not} the Sellers have made in cleaning up Title to be able to Sell it to us.  So we're still in a holding pattern, with me packing up my Life and living out of boxes and paying for offsite Storage... and... having concerns about the Deal falling apart... and Interest Rates staying low enough, etcetera?  Thus, because I'm prone to this, I always like a Back Up Plan in place... it's just how I Roll in Life.   And I found a Home that Princess T and I just LOVE... IN THE CITY... but getting The Man on board with a much smaller City House, when his Heart is set on Pueblo Boheme' on 2.5 Acres, I know crushes his Spirit somewhat, so I'm treading lightly.  Well... lightly for ME anyway... *LOL* LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!!

This house is much more my Style, my Aesthetic, my Vibe and my Location!  Location... Location... Location is something critical to me right now, and always is in Real Estate especially anyway... since it has to be our Forever Home and that's a mighty long time!  This Home is Historic by Phoenix Standards, built in 1946, so in a very established Neighborhood of mature landscaping and nicely kept Brick Homes from that Era and near everything centralized in The City.  The current Owners clearly have done a Remodel to Die For in the place and I LOVE everything about what they've done.  To me this is a Vision of what I like best about a GOOD Remodel... opposed to the hideous Flips so many Investors and HGTV Wannabes make when purchasing older Homes nowadays and just molesting a property... making everything Grey or White and calling it Trendy!  *LMAO*

I mean if you're gonna do a gut job of an older Home to update it and make it more functional and have a Modern flow, have some Respect.  I felt this was done Respectfully and my favorite part was exposing all that Old Brick, which is fabulous and I like that Look a lot since I'm Obsessed with Old Exposed Brick Walls!   The Man knows this about me, since every time we go into a Historic Industrial Building that has been repurposed into a Restaurant or Shop, I'm in Lust with everything about the Architecture being converted to a Vintage Industrial Vibe!   Now, the Floors here wouldn't have been my first choice of plank Modern Flooring, but it Works and would be easy to Maintain.

And the Kitchen... I wouldn't have thought to put in those Cabinets, since I prefer the New White Cabinet Urban Farmhouse Look, but Honestly, I LOVE how these Look, who knew?!  *Smiles*   It actually makes this a Vision of what my Dream Kitchen WOULD Look like in every way... even down to having the Computer Desk right in the Corner by that Window overlooking the Pool!  That is where I would sit to Blog... and I can see myself sitting there to Blog or do Work!   Being able to SEE yourself occupying a Home is HUGE to me... I've already Moved In on the Canvas of my Imagination since finding this Listing!  *LOL*

Trouble is, price point... as it ALWAYS is in The City, and the fact these Owners have probably over-improved their Home for the Areas Comps IMO.  So, Yeah, it's probably the Nicest and most Updated Home in the Area, but they did away with Garage Space to make a Great Room, which is a Fantastic Addition and yet, does away with Storage.  I never use a Garage as a place to Park anyway and this property has ample Parking on Two sides of it for Guests and my Truck... so the Storage situation would be my personal Neg to NOT having out of sight Storage available.   So, I wouldn't be offering Ask... well below it... and it would cost us about as much as Pueblo Boheme' so isn't as much Bang for the Buck or instant Equity... all considerations.

But, my Banker Hat off... I'm not considering the Purchase for an eventual resale like I did with Villa Boheme'... so if I Love something enough, I'd Pony Up more than usual, within reason.   So it would depend upon demand and competition for this Purchase if we decided to go for it and forego the complications of Pueblo Boheme'?   I'm conflicted of coarse, want to give Pueblo Boheme' some Time, but not so much Time that other Options go away completely and I have to start from scratch Scouting for Forever Homes again and missing out on The One that SHOULD have been, COULD have been... and having regrets it didn't happen.

I've lost out on desirable Properties in The City before because we couldn't or wouldn't throw our Hat in the Ring early enough.    So I'm making The Man aware that our situation is already complicated ENOUGH for me to Score us a Forever Home.   Contingencies of Sale of Villa Boheme' will be an obstacle no matter what Home we choose to Buy, since we cannot own Two Homes and transfer over his VA... the Loan has the Occupancy stipulation attached to VA Lending.   And... we haven't yet Sold our Acreage up North either, Raw Land and large Acreages being a Tough Sell in these uncertain Economic Times.  People are no longer Investing in Dreamy Vacation Home sites like they used to... most people aren't even going on Vacations anymore to 2nd Homes they have to Maintain Year round... unless they have Deep Pockets and Money is no object.   

Therein is consideration No. One for us too... what would SEEM like a Staycation to us, since we NEVER even go on a Vacation EVER, especially with Caregiving and The Man's Health and TBI situation... let alone own a Vacation Home?!?    To Princess T and I The View and The Pristine Natural Desert Land and Outdoor Living Area of Pueblo Boheme' fit the bill for us.  For The Man it was EVERYTHING!   That Home is Custom and OOAK with loads of Resort Like Details and pretty close to a Small Town.   This Home has The Pool and some Nice Outdoor Living Area too AND it's in the Heart of The City close to EVERYTHING.  So, for her and I, that is EVERYTHING... Lifestyle opposed to Existence.  Out here is Existing... I don't want that anymore, almost 5 Years of Existing is more than ENOUGH!   The Man has never had a problem with us Existing out here... he could easily be a legit Recluse... but he knows it's driven me almost Mad and for her it's BORING her out of her Mind too!

Okay she said, when Viewing this Listing... so I don't get an entire Apartment with a View to live in and my Bedroom would be Small... but THE POOL and going places all the time would make up for it.  Yes... Yes it would!   She's Okay with either Property... what she's NOT Okay with anymore is Living with about 5% of our possessions for an unspecified amount of time and not even knowing if we can Move or not?   We both have wrapped our Heads around MOVING... so we EXPECT TO!   I don't like that uncertainty either and it's been putting me in an unhealthy Head Space lately where I'm doing all this impossibly hard Work and Expense to Pack Up and ready for a Move that I don't even know for sure is happening or NOT?!?!?  My Head Space Yesterday was so Dark that I laid in Bed for several Hours in between Packing more Boxes of everything we own... and paying a few more Hundred for Storing my shit Off Site for yet another Month!  The Man knew I'm getting close to The Edge on this whole thing! 

You see, I'd had a bit of a Meltdown with him while Showing him Options Online of potential Back Up Plan Homes.  And him frustratingly not really being on board for any of them since 99.9% of Homes for Sale are IN THE FREAKIN' CITY LIMITS!   And I'd reached the end of that Rope and kinda wanted to hang both of us with it {winks}... so I told him, Listen, if the Deal falls apart for that Wickenburg Property, I'm just moving everything back in and unpacking it all because I've had enough of this shit already... we'll just stay put and you'll Deal with me Hating Living here FOREVER instead then!   He mulled that over while I slept and woke me up with a Meal he'd cooked and asked me if we could look at my Back Up Plans again... just in case... because mebbe it wouldn't be SO BAD?  Yeah, opposed to HOW SOOOOO BAD it would be with me Misery Personified FOREVER... I think that's probably a Wise decision!  *Bwahahaha!*

And it's not because in our Relationship I don't compromise and just want my way... because where we Live Forever I want for it to be somewhere he is Happy too.   But I bought THIS fucking place with that in Mind, far outside of the City, which is what he was only on board with.  When I had to give up my Beloved paid off Historic City Home to get The G-Kid Force Adopted and go into Debt up to our Eyeballs to accommodate The System... and I compromised my Ass off to accommodate everyone BUT myself.   The full time Caregiving gig I don't mind at all, it's a Sacrifice I willingly make daily out of Love.   But that too came with a LOT of Sacrificial giving and compromising many things for the betterment of those I Love Dearly.  So I'm kinda DONE with overly compromising what I know in my Gut is a better decision for Self Preservation and Sanity for the long haul.   My FOREVER Home HAS to be somewhere I WANT to Live FOREVER and not Hating or Regretting every Day!  Period!

Okay, so he wouldn't have 2.5 Acres of his own Natural Desert to traipse around in and play Mountain Man or Desert Recluse in.  But he would have this... it is a large Corner Lot with a bunch of Mature Desert Landscaping.  Perhaps some Urban Bunnies, Quail and Dove will visit... sans the Apex Predators that might pick Miss Priss off for Lunch, Okay?  *LOL*   What about Drive Bys he says... and I'm like, we're NOT Moving back to Da Hood, this doesn't look like Drive-By Territory, but I could be Wrong, IT IS The City... I think you'll be Okay you ornery old Bastard, any potential Criminal should be more afraid of YOU AND ME anyway.  True that he said... and that was the end of that fairly exaggerated imaginary conversation about being picked off by some Gang Banger while wandering around his Front Yard Desertscape!   For Chrissakes The Man was a Special Forces Marine Sniper, he's a much better shot than those little Bastards will ever be!  *Bwahahahaha!* 

Besides, Nine times out of Ten you're sitting in your Media Chair in front of your Big Screen TV anyway!   There's tons of Natural Desert around here and you've never gone on Walks traipsing thru it, in spite of me buying this place with that in Mind for you!   It's all I can do to get you to Walk to the Mailbox... here they still deliver the Mail to your Door, it's a Historic Neighborhood... so there... less Work for ya!  *Winks*    And tho' Pueblo Boheme' I would HOPE would get you out of the damned Chair and from in front of the TV, that remains to be seen that it even WOULD?!?   I'm still Hopeful we get THAT Home, I just want you to consider that if we CAN'T get THAT Home, something like this wouldn't be off the Table either?  That's all I'm asking... give Alternatives that make Sense a fucking Chance!   This is me treading lightly by the way... Bwahahaha!

Yeah, this is a Nice Media Room he says as he perused the Pixs a 2nd Time, but with a Change and definite Shift in Attitude.  *LOL*   The thought of me going Wheels Off the Rails and dragging everything back and unpacking the whole shebang he knew was no idle threat... I mean what I say and I say what I mean... I've had enough 'Fun' with this whole Ordeal.   If I'm going thru all this for Nothing, I will lose my Shit... he can count on it!   The next HOA bogus Violation I would get HERE I'd be likely to then go Postal... he can count on that too if I thought I had to endure that petty Shit FOREVER and EVER!  *LMAO*  As it is Princess T is in Resting Bitch Face Mode now Daily, because the Stress,  Inconvenience and Uncertainty of it all has given her Sensory Overload and the Kid ain't Right, so it doesn't take much for her to go Mental too!  *Winks*  So he's got some unhinged Estrogen in da House right now and if we don't have some Back Up Plans in place, shit could implode!  *Smiles*  So Don't Push me coz I'm close to the Edge... I'm trying not to lose my Head... aha ha ha... {Cue in "The Message" Rap Song...}


Trying to keep my Head on straight during this Ordeal in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, your two perspective homes couldn't be more different! You'll have a lot to consider, when your imagination moves around inside them both. But it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that this house doesn't have any storage area, given your passion for seasonal stuff, etc.

    1. Yes, the lack of storage is a consideration, tho' The Man said we could buy a Storage Shed or build one on site that compliments the Home. I think the Viewing will indicate to us if it suits all our needs or not, I am just feeling like we need to have options given the complexity of the Seller not being able to perform on the other Home and not knowing when or if they will be able to?

  2. It definitely sounds like it's a jungle sometimes, makes you wonder how you keep from going under. LOL. I notice the city dwelling does not have a name like Pueblo Boehme does. What would you call this property if it becomes yours?

    1. You crack me up and the Lyrics do resonate with me lately more than usual! *winks* I have thought about a Name for this property, will have to View it to get a Feel for what it should be called if it is an option we will strongly consider. Properties each have their essence and character, much like individuals... I'm just excited to go see it in person on Veteran's Day, we're going Downtown anyway for the Parade, which will be close by the location.


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