Sunday, October 20, 2019

Half A Dozen And Salvaging Halloween ~ French Market Finale'

The Imagery of this Post will be the 'French Market' Themed Event Finale' Visuals... the Topic of it will be the expanded Moving Diaries.   We had Half a Dozen Viewings Today and the Realtor Calls to Schedule a Viewing began before I even rolled out of Bed!  I knew a Saturday would be filled with requests, since most people don't work on the Weekends, but I didn't expect Calls to Confirm and get Approval to begin as early as 8:00 a.m., especially since I'd Worked last Night!  That meant rushing the Family out the Door before Breakfast and taking this Show on the Road in haste is quite the Trip lemme tell ya!  *Le Sigh*

With The Man's TBI he usually has to be prepped in advance for any Change in his Routine or he totally melts down and discombobulates.  He gets Sick, throws up, has Anxiety Attacks, Confusion, exaggerated Drama and inability to Emotionally regulate... the whole Works, which is very Trying!   I had to call my Friend super early to tell her a Half Dozen Viewings would be scheduled thruout the Day between 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., so to meet us at the Storage Unit instead of the House that Morning.  We had planned to re-configure the Unit anyway and attempt to locate Princess T's Evil Clown Halloween Costume, Props and Make-Up.

As good Fortune would have it, within 10 Minutes of arriving at the Unit, I'd already located the Box it was in!  *Happy Dance and a Hallelujah!*  The ONE Box of her things we hadn't looked in yet and was at the bottom of an 8 foot high Tower of Boxes!  *LOL*   My Friend arrived shortly thereafter and helped me finish re-configuring Boxes and Vintage Suitcases into more orderly Towers.  We also removed all Taxidermy to take to her Spare Room at her House, also removing all Vintage Mannequins off the Floor of the Unit, so it created much more room.   

The Mannequins we laid atop Box Towers that were NOW stabilized... you know, after The Man's "Bull In A China Shop Escapade" a few Days back, when we realized Princess T's Costume had been inadvertently packed, everything had been unceremoniously destabilized and some Boxes collapsed!  *Le Sigh*  This time we didn't allow him inside the Unit, tho' he did semi-assist with the Taxidermy, before having to retreat to the Men's Room to throw up and get exceedingly Dramatic about not Feeling Well.  This was about 7 Minutes after arrival, so he didn't last very long before going to Pieces!

He kept asking when he could go Home, and I kept telling him not until the last Viewing of the Day, since he can't be sitting in his Media Chair when people come over to View the House!!!  *LOL*  Lord Jesus, it was like when a Toddler wants to go Home and you HAVE to be out and get things done with them in Tow!   My Friend suggested we just take him to her House and set him up in front of her TV in a comfortable spot, so his Routine could be replicated somewhat and he could Calm Down and get a Grip!

By now he's claiming he's hungry and thirsty... so first I fed and watered he and Princess T at some Fast Food Joint on the way to her House.   Princess T by now had told me she was going to Work with me, because she wasn't looking after him at my Friend's House since he was being too High Maintenance!  *LOL*   My Friend took one for the Team and Volunteered to Babysit him while I took the Grandchild to Work with me and we joked that if he got to be too much of a Handful, she could lock him in the Spare Room with all the Dead Animals!  *Bwahahaha!*

Yeah, we had my Truck and her SUV loaded up with the balance of all my Taxidermy, all Pimped Out, so I'm sure her Neighbors were peeking at a steady flow for 4-5 Days now of Dead Animals all Dolled Up entering her New Home!  *Smiles*   It was my first time at her New Home and she's done a remarkable amount of Rehab and Remodeling to it and it looks really good.  She's got the Urban Farmhouse Palette and Remodeling Theme going on and it really brightened up a drab 1970's Vintage Home that was all Original.  Since the previous Owner was 98 and so it was like a Time Capsule of everything hideous of the 1970's Era when she bought it!  *LOL*

The Floor Plan is actually a very nice flow now she's taken Walls down and opened things up as well as Painting them White and Light Grey.  I particularly liked the Kitchen's Remodel, which she's done everything herself with just the Help of her Oldest Teen Grandson and Adult Daughter.  It's both Encouraging and Inspiring to see Friends who've recently Moved and gotten things really nice in just under a Year's Time.  It gives me Hope that perhaps it won't take me all that long to get settled in this time around?

I don't know how the Half a Dozen Viewings went yet, but I'm glad we had so many all at once on the 1st Day the Listing hit and went Live, because a lot of Interest promotes Competition and weeds out the pickier Buyers and Low Ballers.   Our Neighbor said they watched as numerous potential Buyers showed up in a steady stream all Day long... it meant we couldn't be Home at all until Late, when my Friend brought The Man back Home after the last Showing and I brought Princess T Home with me after Work Tonight.  It was a long tiring Day and early Tomorrow I've got the Mover coming to give an Estimate...and probably more Viewings wanting to be Scheduled for the Weekend.

At least I don't Work Sundays anymore and I can perhaps get The Man into the habit of what he has to do when we know the House is being Shown.  I am intentionally declining any Viewings that want to come when I'm not at Home and he is, since I wouldn't have anyplace to put him.  We live out in the Boonies here so the best he could do is take his Walker down the end of the Street to the Green Belt and with his Memory Care Issues, I don't want him even doing that alone without Supervision, lest he wander off or get disoriented.

I'm just Thankful my Friend Volunteered to have him so I didn't have to drag him along to Work too, I don't think he could have gotten thru my whole Shift just hanging out at the Antique Mall?   Princess T did really well... so that was no problem and she Enjoyed herself.   When she returns to School after the Fall Break tho' it could get Interesting trying to Schedule Viewings in the later Afternoons and I won't do Evenings, no place to take the Family to that is remotely close by at Night!   I mean, I'm not piling them in my Truck to sit for an Hour or more down the Street in a Hot Vehicle!  *LOL* 

This is the part that makes me Wish we were already able to move into the New Home we're trying to Buy early.  We're working on that, but I'm not going in to details until we have something potentially hammered out in the logistics of it all and realm of Possibility?   For now we have to endure the Viewings while still Living here, which Sucks... I really don't like slews of random people roaming thru our Home even tho' it is up for Sale... it's just so intrusive and causes considerable inconvenience and Stress to my Family.

   If you have the Garden Variety Family perhaps it's not as big a Deal, or perhaps it is, I'd think it's inconvenient for anyone actually and makes your Schedule way hectic and chaotic each Day.  But with this Crew... it's a real Handful for me as Caregiver to get them out of here for every Showing!   While also keeping the Home pristine for Viewing.   The latter we're doing pretty well actually, the former needs some Work!  *Ha ha ha*   If I can get The Man to remain Calm or be able to Calm Down when he Winds Up from the Change in Routine and having to leave Home within a 2 Hour Time Frame Deadline... it will be much easier I think.

So, we averted Disaster and Salvaged Halloween by finding her Costume... whew... so now it wasn't a total waste of a lot of Money to have bought it!  You have no Idea how relieved I was to find that damned thing finally!  I know she's on Cloud 9 that she doesn't have to improvise some Free, Home-made Ghetto Costume on The Fly now!  *LMAO* 

  She would have done it if she HAD to, but that was just becoz she was trying really hard to be a Good Sport and not show how she really felt about her Plans to have a Great Costume get dashed.   She knows I'm up under a lot of Pressure and Stress right now and that Grandpa is being a Pill most Days... so she has attempted not to add to it in any Neg ways.

Work was super busy and I'm Glad I don't have to go in now until Tuesday Night, which is usually slower and a less hectic Pace.   Today was Pay Period Cut Off and I Closed with decent Sales, which is a relief... and will add to the Move Budget some.   That part, the Financial Part, is Stressing me out considerably, since until we get the Check for the Profits from the Sale of this Property and potentially our 37 Acre Property up North... it's Moving on a Shoestring!  So... I'm trying to hawk all that I can right now to raise some Fast Cash!  Wish me Divine Favor and Lucky Breaks!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This is an interesting post. Here in the UK when people come to view your house, the owners remain in it, most of the time. But thinking about it, when we viewed loads of houses in AZ, most of them were empty. I never really thought about where the poor owners were hiding. :D

    1. LOL, Joe I'm now picturing the poor owners lurking in hidden places unseen! *Winks* I do not want to be there when potential Buyers come, I think it could be potentially awkward even tho' every Owner knows the most about their Home. We are going to get to meet the Sellers of the Home we're Buying since we're amenable to a Lease Back to get in early and they're working out a POA with an elderly Parent that co-owns the Property, which buys us Time and may alleviate the Contingency Issue Deadline of Selling this first? I met the Buyer of my last Property because it was Historic and he wanted to know all about it's Rich History, we've since become Friends and he's restoring it to it's original Glory, which warms my Heart and makes me glad I Sold it to him rather than a greedy Developer or Investor... who offered more but would have razed it and put up high density low income Housing or something ghastly!

  2. I hate the idea of people coming though while still living there. Even when the realtor came she was opening cabinets and closets that took me by surprised. It felt like she was being snoopy since she knew I wasn't selling until next year...just getting ideas on what had to be done at that appointment. Fingers crossed you get some offers!

    1. Snoopy is indeed what can happen... and Theft... since I noticed that some of the Drawers of my Furniture were Opened and I'm like WHY? You aren't buying the Furniture so Why would you need to open anything personal to the Owners? Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets and Built-Ins or a Pantry I fully expect someone to perhaps need to see since it conveys with the House naturally and they may be thinking about Storage of their items. I did have someone take a full roll of Toilet Paper out of the Guest Bathroom, which was Weird and hilarious... tho' I don't want them doing their 'Shopping' for necessities at my expense either! Who does that?! A roll of T.P., crazy! *LMAO* I only noticed becoz I'd put new Rolls in every Bathroom just before we left to allow the Viewing to take place, then went and turned all Lights off in all Rooms when we got back Home and I'm like, where is the T.P., nowhere to be found??!??!? Due to that I did QC the rest of the House intently to make sure nothing else seemed to be liberated?! That was all that seemed to have walked out the Door... but it does kinda Creep me out, since you don't know any of these people and what they are like.

  3. Best wishes to you. The buying/selling/packing/moving process is so incredibly stressful. It will all work out in time, though.

    1. I Believe it will all work out in time too Colette and I keep my Eye on the Prize of that New Forever Home!


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