Thursday, June 20, 2019

Something Old Something New

Since I'll be in attendance of this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event with the 'Summer Lovin' Theme on Thursday Morning, Princess T wanted to spend Wednesday with me having a Girl's Day Out so I obliged.  Sometimes she doesn't want to hang out anymore, so when she initiates and still wants to, it's her choice of where we go and what we'll be doing.  Surprisingly she wanted to go Goodwill Hunting for Wardrobe and then to our Antique Mall, BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, along with Lunch at one of our mutual Fav Restaurants which I'd suggested.   So I snapped a couple images on my Phone, while we were at the Antique Mall, this is Booth #800 where I recently Scored my Victorian Era Dress Form.  I Love when something and someone New enters the Mall and I Love this New Vendor's Vibe.

Here's a Panoramic of the small end cap Booth, which was already freshly stocked since I'd bought my Dress Form on Tuesday Night.   I like it when Vendors are attentive to their Spaces and realize that you do have to Work it to make it Work.   Yes, we don't have to be there if we don't want to be and the Freedom of that is very Appealing.   But to keep it well stocked and tidy in the Merchandising of your Vignettes you do have to be attentive.   We didn't actually buy anything at all this day, she just wanted to go there and visit with all of our Vendor Friends actually.  The Social Aspect of being part of something bigger than yourselves and around Kindred Spirits is also part of the Appeal of Selling at an Antique Mall.  We have many Friends there and have been at the Mall since it first opened, so are among the original Vendors.

I just took one image of my own Spaces, this Native American Beaded Necklace and Boho Hand Beaded Top that can be found in Showroom #114, Modeled by a Black Mannequin Torso that is also for Sale.   I think I have Shared before that the Boho Wardrobe was brought in mostly to cover up Naked Female Mannequin Forms that are for Sale... yet ironically it's often the Clothing that Sells and Turns so fast that I still often have Naked Mannequins all over the Showroom!   It's a running Joke with The G-Kid Force and my Vendor Friends actually. Hey, you've got Naked Mannequins again... better bring in more of your Wardrobe to cover them Gals up!!!  *LOL*  So I recently had to yet again, because they were all Naked AGAIN!  So, this was the fresh ensemble this Mannequin Gal is now Modeling.

My Vendor Friend Michael, who I swear is the Male Version of Myself, since we have Identical Style and Tastes, recently brought in Fresh Merchandise too.  This is a 200 Year Old Grandfather Clock in one of his Booths in the 800 Row of the Mall.  He has several Booths in that Isle and now it's loaded up with fresh Killer Merchandise just brought in.  I have to often Resist Michael's Treasures since I could do serious damage to my Wallet shopping in his Booths!  It isn't Helpful that he often gives me those First Cousin types of Deals and makes me Offers I just cannot refuse on things he knows I'm Lusting after!   We both have a Passion for and Attraction to Antique Bordello Style Lamps and Shades... perhaps in another Life we've had an even more Colorful Past, who knows?  *Winks*

As I mentioned, Tomorrow will be spent attending the Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE Event.  Princess T rarely attends anymore with me, she just doesn't wanna make a Day of it so doesn't wanna spoil it for me.   In fact, I quit attending with anyone else for that reason, it gives me more Freedom to stay as long as I like or as short a time as I need to.  I always run into Friends there anyway, but since everyone brought themselves, everyone only has to worry about themselves and their own individual Agenda and itinerary.  I'm getting a bit selfish like that now, my Time is precious to me and I have to compromise enough of it in Full Time Caregiving to put everyone else first.  So on my Me Days, I don't want to have to accommodate anyone else and make any compromises.   I previewed the FB Page in advance, to see if there's anything I might not be able to Live without?  Let us just say there COULD be!? *LOL*

Of coarse I will be Pathologically Picture Taking while there, since Covering the Event is always part of the Fun of it.   Budget might be limited in purchasing Treasures but I can Photograph as many things as I want to without restrictions or expense.   Photography is very fulfilling for that reason, it's one of the least expensive Hobbies I've ever indulged in and yet one of the most nourishing to the Soul!   And it makes for Excellent Blog Fodder to Share here in The Land Of Blog too, bringing you all along Virtually to anything going on in my World.  Back before Blogging eclipsed, many Bloggers covered Events and I had so much Fun attending Virtually along with them when they Shared their Experiences.  Now so few do that it's disappointing, I know so many Great Events still exist, but sadly Bloggers just aren't Covering them like they used to.

There are some Destinations on the ole Bucket List that I might never get to actually do in Person, so at least going Virtually gave me a vicarious Experience of kinda like Being There!   For those of us who are housebound a lot, that's an invaluable Experience, to have Online alternatives to where we haven't been able to go.   And besides, for Small Businesses, the Free Advertising that The Land of Blog and other Social Media Sites can create is helping The Small Business Communities when we do Share what they're doing and what they're Selling.   I am a HUGE proponent of Shopping Small, I still Believe that The Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are the backbone of America.  They are the ones most inclined to give you a Personal Experience as well that you just cannot get from Mega Corps. where you are anonymous and I don't Believe as Valued individually.

One item for sure I Plan to pick up is my Copy of the Book 'City Farmhouse Style' since there will be a Book Signing at the Event by the Author.  I actually Love the Urban Farmhouse Trend going on right now and gravitate to it, especially for the Kitchen.   If a Kitchen Remodel were not so expensive I'd Transform ours to the Vision I prefer for our Kitchen.   Because this is a Santa Barbara Tuscan Home Architecturally, that is the Style on the entire inside, including the Kitchen.  It's Nice everywhere but for my Kitchen, I'd rather have an Urban Farmhouse Kitchen Style with the White Subway Tile, open Plank Shelving on the tops, White Cabinets and perhaps the large Kitchen Island a contrasting Black.  I'd also rather have a Honey Hued Natural Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen rather than Tuscan Tiling.  Our Granite Counter Tops could stay, but I'd change out the Sinks for a Country Apron Sink and Vintage Industrial Lighting over the Island.

I like the Black version too with all the Cabinets Black... tho' I've seen some in a Fresh Bold Green that looks pretty Amazing as well in a Modern Farmhouse Styling of the Kitchen.   If by chance we make this our Forever Home I am almost certain I'd Invest in a Kitchen Remodel eventually to get what I want.  *Smiles*   For now anyway, Inspiration abounds... there's nothing like a good Kitchen and/or Bathroom Makeover to make you wanna stay Forever in a Home!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh that antique mall booth is AMAZING. I hope to make it to Sweet Salvage. Even though I have no self control when I get there. xxxx Rhonda

    1. Rhonda I just got back from Sweet Salvage, I had a Mission Statement of what I was looking for, found it all and didn't go overboard... whew!

  2. Your right on with the photography and blogging aspect, I think I've lost that amongst the craziness. Treasure those precious Princess T moments, my almost 14 daughter is exactly the same.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am Treasuring the time spent with her as my sidekick, won't be long before she won't wanna be seen with a Gramma in tow! *LOL*

  3. Hmmm, fun stuff---eye candy---and yes, loving all these goodies. On the kitchen---paint your cabinets black...I think it would be a great backdrop for your vintage and linens, etc. Dawn you should share more of your kitchen, I only remember ONE post.Grins, Sandi

    1. It probably was only one Post of my Kitchen because tho' it has custom Hardwood Cabinetry, which would seem sinful to paint over... it's not really my Style... pretty, but I'd still prefer an Urban Farmhouse look.


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