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The Wellness Path

I gave Western Medicine Six Years to get it right... to stabilize the Diabetes and help me to Manage it effectively and aide my Body on a Path to Wellness... it failed... miserably... and I just got fed up... even tho' Insurance covered it 100%.  So even tho' Insurance will cover none of it, I decided to go back to my Roots of more Holistic Medicine. 

 To embark upon The Wellness Path most Trusted in my own Family's History... the utilization of Eastern Medicine and/or Tribal Medicine Practices.  I know they Work and have been utilized for Thousands of Years effectively.  Even tho' Western Medicine and Insurance Companies try to marginalize the use of them... but, they are coming around... now even the VA will approve some Alternative Medical Practices, including Acupuncture.  But you have to go to who they send you to.

But we prefer our chosen Eastern Medical Doctors at FIVE FLAVORS MEDICINALS AND THE EVERGREEN CENTER OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE in Historic Glendale.   We had our Consultations the other day and it went very well... we're now on our Wellness Paths, The Man and I, with the utmost confidence.   I do think it is important to have confidence and Trust in the Treatment you are receiving.   I cannot say I always have that with Western Medical Practices and I'm more guarded when I have no choice but to utilize it.  I think it could depend upon how you were raised and what you Witnessed to have gentle and effective results that are alternatives and mainly Holistic.  That is more my experience and The Man is on board, since having spent so long now exposed to my ways.  *Smiles*

Yes, years ago he was more of a skeptic of a lot of things I'd used my whole Life and so I let him just follow his own Path on any Wellness Journey that he had more experience receiving.  And then if it failed, he'd turn to me and ask what I would have used instead... and we'd go Eastern or Tribal with a remedy or a Treatment that my Parents would have suggested and take that Path.  It always had a gentle and Positive outcome, so now, he's no longer a skeptic at all and has equal confidence and Trust that I've always had, in some of the alternative methods of aiding the Body to Be Well.   The Body was designed to want to be anyway, you don't have to tell your Body to attempt to Heal itself, it always will do it's very best to, as The Creator intended.

I am Aware enough to know that my Body is doing it's very best to run damage control behind ME mostly.  Yes, I take full accountability to most of what has gone awry in the deterioration of Health and Wellness in and to my own Body.  Certainly some Genetics have played a role in what I may have been more susceptible to, especially during the Aging Process.  What Life has handed you to Deal with can certainly take it's toll.  And Age too is just wear and tear, when you've reached your Sixth Decade it's not so surprising that some things begin breaking down or failing to perform at optimum function.  I've known many people who took excellent Care of themselves and were unfortunate enough to still have ill Health or premature death.  But I do Believe that Self-Care plays the most vital role in The Wellness Path.

Self-Care, I haven't always been as On Point with it as I have been with taking Care of everyone else that matters to me.  I should have, but I didn't always... and the effects of that are obvious now.   Yes, had I been as vigilant about Dawn's Care as I had been with everyone else's, perhaps I wouldn't be running as much damage control behind Myself as I am now?  As for Himself, The Man is equally guilty of not enough Self-Care, even tho' he has me as his Caregiver now and I try to keep him on a Wellness Path as best as I'm able.  He resists some, but mostly he's compliant and so I feel quite confident that he's going to embrace the Changes we must mutually make now on The Wellness Path mapped out for us that we should follow and adhere to Religiously!

Just walking up The Path to The Wellness Center the Aroma of the Healing Herbs is Calming to the very Spirit!  When we went back Today to pick up our Medicinal Hebal Tonics, Princess T remarked of how she Remembered the Aroma when we used to always go there, when she was little.  We used to go often when I had a Career and could afford to.  I remember that The Young Prince would always tell me it just Smelled Healthy... he says that about Whole Foods Market too... and you know... he's Right... it does!  It is intoxicating in a Good way... a Sensory pleasure, the Scent of Healing Herbs, Aromatherapy Oils, Essential Oils, and the Sounds of Zen Music softly playing in the background.   My Body relaxes almost instantly when exposed to that kind of an Environment and it's one I try to always replicate in The Home.

We are a very Sensory Bunch here at Villa Boheme'... what Appeals to the Senses is vital to surround ourselves with in the Sanctuary that is our Home.  I let The Man go in first for his Consultation and then he stayed for mine.  Our Path will be quite similar although he will require a bit more Care, since his ailments are more profound and may require an extension of Care.  I'm going to try to incorporate some Acupuncture, Cupping and Oriental Massage later for him as Budget permits.   We'll petition the VA once again to allow us to see our own Acupuncturist and not be forced to go to theirs.  We've had some mixed results with theirs, some Good... some not... as with any Doctors, the Skill levels and Training are crucial to level of Care received.

If we Qualify next Month for the new VA Caregiver Stipend Program, I intend to put all of it towards his Treatments at our choice of Eastern Medicine here.  Then I know we'll be able to afford all of the forms of Treatment that will be most beneficial to and for him.  Thus, ease my Mind and bring more Peace to my Soul that he's receiving the very Best of Care beyond that which I can provide at Home.   It relieves my Stress as a Caregiver to have him optimally functional and on a Wellness Path.   Then I can concentrate more fully on my own Wellness Path without major distractions and so many personal sacrifices, to choose who gets what Care we can just afford... and who has to wait.  Usually I've been the one bowing out and waiting for Care that would be out of pocket expenses.

Lately I've been inexplicably drawn to The Weeping Buddha.  The symbolism is:
That Buddha is crying for the suffering of the World and his angst for the persistent sorrow in our lives.   Rubbing this Buddha Statue's Back gives Peace and Strength.    Of coarse they had a very large one at the Center, but I knew at our Antique Mall that my Friends Cindy and Jeff had a smaller one and since I've been so subconsciously drawn lately... I bought it during my Shift last Night. 

So here is my Weeping Buddha.   Symbolic items around our Home abound... Symbolism has been extremely important in how I was Raised... how I Raised my own Family... and I suspect, how they will Raise theirs in the Future since it is our Way.   What is Symbolic to you my Friends?   Anything, Everything, Nothing at all?   We are a very blended Family of Cultures, Faiths and Ways, and so you will see a Blend of what is Symbolic and Meaningful to us.

The drive on the way Home was very fragrant and Princess T insisted on keeping the Windows rolled up to get the fullness of the Aromas of the Healing Herbs, packaged and sitting behind her in the Back Seat of the Truck.   She put on some Music that Ministered to her Soul too and I could see her Mood improve during the drive... the Senses having been Touched in a Positive way.

So... once they Cooled we put the pouches for The Man and I in the fridge.  I'm looking forward to partaking of them daily, I happen to really enjoy the flavor.  For The Man it took some getting used to in the beginning, since he wasn't as familiar with the use of Herbal Tonics or Tinctures.   To say it is an acquired taste may be the best description... since the palate can be fussy when experiencing something new and unfamiliar to it.

Along with the Diabetes not being controlled or stabilized, I've been suffering some intense chronic pain lately, so I really needed to try something different than the Base Doctors had been offering me.  It wasn't effective at all and so it seemed useless to continue along that Path, I wasn't only NOT getting Well, I was getting Worse!   They kept claiming they were going to get me referrals to Specialists, but it's never actually happened yet and I was weary of waiting for more Specialized Care to be approved and scheduled some day... who knows when?!

It was getting harder for me to take care of his needs and do everything else I have to do when I was feeling so awful and in so much pain now myself.  So I had to be proactive and find a way for the Alternatives I knew existed, but which I also knew wouldn't be covered.   I like to have Options... I don't like when our Options are taken away from us... it seems that's The Thing now... and I don't like it and I strongly resist it.

Tonight's Shift at Work was rough, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk and wasn't sure I'd get thru my whole Shift, but I did persevere and manage to.   I have to Work Monday's Memorial Day Sale Evening and then Tuesday Night as well.  The Young Prince will be here either Tuesday Night late, perhaps after I get off Work... or early Wednesday Morning.   I want to feel Well enough to Host the Guests he's bringing, so I have just Tomorrow to recover and bounce back.

The Grand-Daughter who Graduated had a lovely Ceremony but there was standing room only... literally!  So we had to stand thru the entire Ceremony, which made me Thankful that The Man didn't try to attend, he couldn't have stood that long, I barely could!  On the plus side, it was a very Cool Evening and comfortable weather wise, Arizona almost never gets Cool Evenings this time of year so it was unseasonable and great for an outdoor Ceremony!   And, where we had to stand just happened to be at the fence in front of where the Kiddos would be receiving their Diplomas... booyah!

So The Son and DIL were in the Ideal standing position, in front of the Crowds behind us seated on the Bleachers, to get the closest pixs of The Daughter receiving her Diploma and posing for a pix!   We got good Parking and the hike in wasn't too long.   Of coarse after the Ceremony we posed for more intimate pixs on the Field, with extended Family... presenting her with Bouquets and Gift $$$.

Some Families were very loud and so I actually didn't hear her Name called. Since the Family whose Child had received their Diploma just ahead of her had been an extremely loud group, that whooped it up a long, obnoxiously loud time, drowning out about 2-3 other Names called behind their Child!  I get that people are excited and Proud, we all are, but have some basic consideration for the other Students and their Families being Awarded theirs right behind your Child!   They always ask that Applause wait until all Students have received their Diplomas as a Courtesy to all, but that never happens... and I've attended a lot of Graduations!

Finding your Child when everyone rushes onto the Field can be Challenging too!  When the Older Sister Graduated, it's a standing inside Joke now, that The Son and DIL took pixs from the sidelines of who they thought was her from afar.  Turned out it was someone else's Kid!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  Hey, it can happen when there's a swarm of Kiddos all dressed alike and your Camera can only zoom in so far!  *LOL*   So... forever they'll have a Group Graduation shot focusing on someone else's Child... that's hilarious!   So... here I am with all of the Girls and DIL... The Son was behind the Camera. 

 The Oldest is now Home from College for the Summer and changed her Majors.  The Youngest will be in 7th Grade next Year.  The Graduating Middle Child won Scholarships for College and starts next Year.   As you can see they're all getting taller than the DIL and I and will likely all tower over us eventually!  *LOL*

So... most of The Grands are now on their Path to Adulthood... and The Man and I are on our Paths to Wellness.   It's an epic Journey for each of us, taken one Step at a time...


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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