Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Hamstermania at our house now... Okay so Princess T earned her Teddy Bear Hamsters and Habitat for Valentine's Day, for tirelessly being her Brother's Minion for Care of his Reptiles, Crustaceans and Tropical Fish when he's not Home.  And without complaint for Months now she's been uber responsible of excellent Care of Pets not even her own.   He's out of Town with Friends for several days and she always steps up to Volunteer as Caretaker, she takes the responsibility very seriously.  I felt this showed she was ready for Pet Ownership of her own and she'd been fixated upon Hamster Ownership and I relented, especially after her traumatic experience the other day, an Emotional Support Pet was kinda in order.  So, the Blonde N White blur on the Satellite Wheel is Hammy, and the Black blur on the Blue Hamster Wheel is Midnight, both Males and the Syrian Breed of Hamster. These could be the most expensive and spoiled Hamsters in the History of Hamsters?     

Initially the Kitschy Hamster Habitat they talked us into was way too small, so we're keeping that one for Transport to Vets or when Cage Cleaning is necessary for temp housing... and I upgraded to a 430+ sq inch Habitat Terrarium with lock down lid that can keep a strong Snake inside.  They have a completely edible Tiki Hut Den, previously mentioned pair of Exercise Wheels and all the other paraphernalia of Hamsterdom, which can set you back... well... a lot more than one would think!  *LOL*   But the saga didn't begin Well... it began at a Petsmart where she fell in Love with a more Exotic Breed of Hamster called a Russian White, or something like that, all I know is the little Guy was exceedingly high strung and not at all Pet Quality!   The THREE Shop Gals assisting us there seemed clueless of their Pets and Products or Care of Rodents and incapable of responsible handling of them either.  They tried to hand Russian White to Princess T to handle and he shot like a jet propelled launched projectile out of her hands landing several feet across to the cement floor, practically knocking the little Guy out Cold, he lay there stunned for a moment!

Princess T was traumatized and mortified, thinking the poor thing had commit suicide rather than be handled!   I picked him up after he came to, since the three Shop Gals were scared to even go after him!  Lord knows if you didn't react quickly he could have and probably would have disappeared into the vast bowels of Petsmart never to be seen again!?  I carefully handed him over to Lead Salesgirl, who dropped him AGAIN!   OMG, then Shop Gal No. 2 picked it up and dropped it AGAIN... Fuuuuuuck!  I couldn't take any more faux pas in Rodent handling and put him safely in his Aquarium for them, my nerves were shot to Hell and my Granddaughter had gone from Joyful to totally withdrawn and paralyzed with Anxiety about handling Hamsters!  I Hope they take him to be checked out by a Vet and don't just assume he's okay and try to Sell him to anyone else before they know if he sustained serious damage from all those high falls and trauma?!!?!   So, needless to say we didn't buy a Rodent from there, they only had assorted Fancy and Hybrid Species anyway that I'd never heard of... and Princess T was sullen, quiet and pretty shut down by then and in tears, scared about Hamster Ownership and disappointed beyond Words.

Listen I says, lets go find some Old School Variety of Hamster that I had as a Child, they were called Teddy Bear Hamsters from Syria and they weren't so high strung.  The Syrian Hamsters I remember were more Chill, docile and slower moving Creatures than these Fancy Pants temperamental Hamster Varieties at Petsmart.  So over to PetCo we go, they tend to be more knowledgeable and informative about their Pets and Products anyway... and Thankfully they had the Old School Garden Variety Hamsters... Teddy Bears... and they had Males... which are more Chill and less temperamental than Female Hamsters, so better suited for a Child to Own, Care for and Handle.  Immediately she Cheered up when Midnight won her Heart, she'd wanted a White or Black Hamster anyway and he was Black and had long, soft luxurious Hair that feels as soft as a Bunny.  He liked being stroked and tickled and was Curious about the Humans around him. Since The Young Prince had built up beaucoup Store Credits for all his purchases, including Ivara the Chameleon, at PetCo, we had sufficient Credit to get Midnight's litter mate Hammy, a Blonde Syrian Hamster with a large White Marking for FREE.  Not that a Free Hamster saved me Money mind you, but you know... she was Jazzed!  Midnight is the more Social of the two and the most Exercise conscious, he can run like Hell on that Wheel!  *LOL*   Hammy is slower and eats more, like the Fat Guy at the Gym, he plods on the Wheels and goes for Snacks often after brief exercise!  *LMAO*

So after emptying my Slush Fund with bankrolling Hamstermania, we went to our Fav Thai Restaurant and had Pho for Dinner.  Mine was Thai Vegan Chicken and Vegetable pictured here... Nom-Nom.  Then I schlepped the crazy heavy Terrarium set-up up those Stairs and set that up after we'd realized Choice No. 1 was just too small a Habitat and not recommended by Animal Advocate Groups.  In fact, they don't recommend any of the Kitschy Hamster Habitats being Sold to appeal to Kids like a Toy... and shaped like such visually appealing things as Castles, Space Ships, Race Cars, Doll Houses and the like, some even with Color Changing LED Lights even tho' Hamsters can't see Color... coz it's not having the Animal's Welfare in Mind and equates a Living Thing as being equivalent to a Toy, which is never Good.   My Granddaughter is 13, when we bought Habitat No. 1 the Clerk suggested was Ideal, she even questioned it being appropriate recommended sized?   We should have followed gut instinct, but it was on Sale and we needed a Carrier Habitat anyway as well, so we still got it and then looked for something more suitable and recommended by Groups who don't make money off the Sale of any particular Products. 

 I don't know how any Hamster Owner gets fab pixs of their Pet(s) coz seriously, I can only catch them as a blur!   My reflexes and shutter speed just aren't that quick! *LOL*   So I'm cheating by showing you Stock Images I found online that look the most like Midnight and Hammy.  *Smiles*  Ironic that she named the Blonde N White one Hammy coz she didn't even know that's what my Brother and I had named all of our Blonde N White Syrian Teddy Bear Hamsters when we were Children!  Hammy 1, Hammy 2, I think we even had a Hammy 3... we weren't very Creative Kids giving individual names to Replacement Pets once the original went to Pet Heaven!  *LMAO*  Ours were the shorter Hair variety, hers are longer Hair.  She had initially named the Black one Brock, but then didn't like that Name and she and I had individually thought of the identical alternative of Midnight, which was kinda surreal we both thought of the same Name without discussing it previously... so we thought, that MUST be what he was Meant to be Named!   He's rather a Charcoal Black like that one in the Image, with a Greyish Tone... both have very luxuriously long Hair and will likely require Grooming once they're Tamed more... they're still Juveniles so that will take a little settling in and handling time first.   The first Night them running on the Wheel all Night drove her Insane!  Are they gonna do that ALL Night she said holding her Hands over her Ears!?!  *LMAO*  Yeah, I says... so they've now been moved out into her Hallway in their New Bigger Habitat I set up this Morning.    She looked exhausted this Morning!  *Smiles*  But, she learned what Nocternal means... winks!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sooo when I was younger, I had a pet hamster named Hannah. For allowance, I would get to buy a section that was a clear plastic tube that could connect and basically make a huge fortress with different tunnels to run through. I showed my love to Hannah by slipping her extra snacks a lot and one day I came home from school and Hannah had died from being too fat and getting stuck in one of the tubes. :( I was devastated and never got another hamster. I am super sad for that sweet hamster that got dropped 3 times. Maybe a call to the daytime manager to make them aware of it? .....

    1. Her Teddy Bear duo are fat Juveniles, due to breed, and so the Tubes would not be appropriate for them either. The smaller breeds being so high strung, she opted for the larger ones that wouldn't be able to have Habitat Trails for her entertainment... but she has bonded with Midnight very well, he likes being handled, Hammy, not at all, so we'll have to work harder to gain his trust and tolerance for us. *winks*

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