Thursday, November 8, 2018


Cause for Celebration and much Rejoicing, break out the Wine... the Hoarded Double Car Garage finally got DONE Today! *Can I get a Whoop Whoop!?*  Only took just over four years and a Friend living with us to tackle it and actually finish it up in just one Afternoon!   No, you won't get Panoramics, it doesn't look THAT good or Editorial, and is still rather my Method of Organized Chaos.  But now I don't have an overwhelming Anxiety attack when I look at it and you can actually walk thru it without a Trail Guide!  *LOL*   Everything is now sorted and all Inventory is boxed and stacked, ready for pricing and Exit Stage Left to the Antique Mall!  Eventually I want NO Inventory at our Home and very little Storage other than Seasonal items.

Of coarse there IS the Issue of all the little Collected crap I am still somewhat Attached to in my demented State of Being and want to Keep, so a more disciplined Secondary Sweep of all contents will be in Order over Time.   But I'm not Challenging myself with that just yet, we have towers of Banana Boxes chock full of Inventory I AM Letting Go of, so I actually felt quite Accomplished.   My Friend actually thought I was getting rid of too much all at once, so perhaps my perspective is rather hard on myself?   After all, it took many Years to accumulate it all, so I can't expect to downsize completely in a day.  There's a lot I just haven't really tackled intensely tho' so I know a lot more will be Exiting Villa Boheme', but now it's in doable Organized chunks of excess clutter and stuff I don't really Need, but might still Want.  The Human Magpie in me just LIKES so many things or finds them Interesting enough to hold onto, so they needn't be NECESSARY. *Smiles*

In fact, I am Masterful at Keeping what is Unnecessary!  *LOL*  I am adept at justifying Keeping things I don't Need at all!  But I Want them, I Like them, they make me Happy, so... Whatever!  *Winks*  I have Cigar Boxes filled with a variety of Interesting Bits and Bobs and just sorting thru them sometimes is Pleasurable for me and Relaxing.   I just Enjoy Haberdashery immensely, I have an absolute fascination with it!   The older it is the better... along with Ephemera it is among my Favorite Smalls to Collect and whenever I resell any of it, the Margins are Fantastic on those types of items!   Not that I resell the vast majority of it, parting with it is something I'm getting Better at tho'!  Eventually I'll only Keep my very Favs and Sell Off the rest, but it will be a Process I'll be moving thru to get THERE, to that Point in the Downsizing Process!

I have Antique Mason Jars filled to the brim with such things I've Collected as Vintage Buttons, Old Dice and Board Game Pieces, Monopoly Metal Game Pieces, Chandelier Prisms, Scrabble Tiles, Vintage Cracker Jack Toys, Sea Shells, Sea Glass, Antique Beads, Old Coins, Old Stamps, Orphaned Antique Jewelry pieces... so on and so forth!   Why?  I couldn't tell you, I have a compulsion to do it and have for as long as I can remember.  I still have some very Old Collections of Tiny Treasures that I've had since I was a Child, still Cherished, still totally Unnecessary and pretty Useless!  There is no Need or Purpose to hang onto any of it but I just don't Care! *LOL*   I also have Kept SOME of our extensive Old Bottle Collection, tho' I've Sold Off a lot of those too.

I kept some of my Fav Old Globes and Old Wall Maps, but most I've Sold Off, they Sell well.  I only like certain ones and don't form Attachments to the rest.  Getting harder to find the really Old Wall Maps now that are made of Canvas, so I kept the last three I still had.   Don't know if I'd find more at a price point I'd be comfortable Sourcing them for, so decided to just hang a few in the Double Car Garage's Walls and put some of the overage of Globes in there too that I just don't want to Sell right now.   One would think, with having a ridiculously big Home, that I'd have plenty of room for everything inside, but honestly, I still have a lot of shit and so some Vignettes have flowed out into Garage Space!  *LMAO*   I know, I'm a Sick Woman and Need an Intervention... but I don't really Want to Get Well, I Like what I do, I'm an Incurable Collector!  *Smiles*

Those who Collect and are similarly afflicted Get It and those who aren't don't at all, and it's Okay.   I don't Get some things or people either... like how someone would just Style their Home with non-personal items exclusively and have no Essence of Self anywhere present or evident.  Like they just walked into an Ikea or American Furniture Warehouse and bought everything straight out of a Showroom, just like they saw it in the Big Box Store... and just set it up at Home.  I Wonder, WHO Lives here, coz you really cannot tell, it's devoid of their own Personality, even if it is Pretty, it looks so Generic and contrived for me to Appreciate at all or match it to them.  It could be ANYONE'S Home, or a Hotel Room at a Nice Resort, by the way it just looks to me.

Of coarse Too Much is just Too Much, even if I'm told that Maximalism is now "In" and Trending, so I still Need to keep Downsizing methodically and sticking with my five to one Rule of one thing brought in, five things must go out!   I never thought my compulsion towards having Too Much would ever become Fashionable, who knew?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   I think the Minimalist Trend just ran it's course and now the pendulum has just swung in the complete opposite direction.   Moderation will be next to Trend I suspect, and I'd like to reach a Moderate level of possessions actually, less to take Care of, and that's important when you're Aging Out.  How much will I consider Moderation is probably not going to be the Garden Variety Version tho', I suspect my idea of Moderate is not Typical?  *Winks* 

  My crumbling Old Milk Crates that I brought over from the Historic Old Homestead are falling apart badly.  The Old Man that once owned the Old House had hoarded them up from God knows when, when his Family Owned a Salvage Business and didn't get rid of much of anything... and stashed them in the various Outbuildings so Time, the Elements and intense Heat did a number on them.  So they're extremely brittle now and can't hold much anymore, most are broken, but can still Organize things if you don't put anything heavy in them and lay them on their sides.  I didn't have the Heart to just put them curbside for bulk Garbage to take them Landfill bound when we moved, so I dragged them over here hoping to find a Use for them in their deteriorated condition.   They languished for a long time unused and I second guessed holding onto them, until now when the Purpose finally arose to Organize shit inside of them with easy visibility and accessibility.  At a glance I can see what I still have and may Need to still get rid of?!

It was a beautiful day to tackle the Hoarded Garage Space, the last bastion of the Chaos I'd brought over to New Villa Boheme' and hadn't yet dealt with.  We opened the Garage Door and began at about 9:30 a.m. and worked to about 2:30 p.m. on it.   That's about all we had in us, being Seniors we fade out with intense physical labor now, plus I'd walked those five hours Yesterday, so I'm knackered now and can hardly move!  *Bwahahahaha!*   But it's DONE and basking in that Accomplishment sure felt Good!  It was the last of the long procrastinated upon Big Projects looming over New Villa Boheme'... now it's just the Small Projects to knock out day by day that won't overwhelm me to do... Culling possessions one item at a time over time!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Well done! I have been thinking of doing the same in my basement for a few years. The key word is thinking.

    1. LOL, yeah, if my Thoughts always had a corresponding Action I'd get ever so much more done too! *Winks*

  2. You inspire me to tackle my garage with treasures. My husband is also running out of patience. LOL I am so in love with those black lamps you have- very steampunk and perfect for my party next year. LOL
    I also love just playing and looking at my collections. They bring me joy but I could stand to part with some more stuff. We'll see.... Great job!

    1. Thanks, those Steampunk Lamps were an inexpensive purchase in a Big Box Store called AT HOME and I got them 50% Off when they closed out the line, they run on Batteries so you can put them where there are no outlets. Garage Space being an extension of the Home is an ideal place to play with your Collections, my full sized Truck doesn't fit anyway. *Ha ha ha*

  3. Oh well done Dawn. Woo hoo!! Mad cheering over here! :-D
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks for the Applause Jack, I really did feel quite Accomplished! LOL


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