Thursday, October 11, 2018

So Martha Stewart And I Finished Up Halloween Decorating

So Martha Stewart and I finished up the Halloween Decorating, not literally, but figuratively, since I got some of her Halloween Party Decor on Sale 65% Off at 'Michaels' and just hung them up Today.  The Moth trio is Cute but they don't stick well or stay up, so we're already fed up re-hanging them... was'sup with that Martha, those sticky dots are crap adhesives?!?!?!?

Good thing I got 'em at a deep discount or I'd be returning them Moths, still trying to find what would work out better, I'm thinking Jute String and Clothespins?!   I dunno, I don't want holes in the wall to hang shit that is temporary, but a Thumbtack or Upholstery Stud might not be too damaging to Moth or Wall either?

The Jute and Clothespin work out well for hanging Old Photos that have been Halloween Altered.   No, I don't mind this being done, after all, someone else had clearly not thought enough of their Dead or Living Relatives to even keep the Old Photos... so... just sayin'!  At least they're Adopted Relatives now and didn't get thrown away... plus, we Love them and Enjoy Displaying them as Welcome additions to our Holiday Traditions!  Who knows, in Life mebbe they didn't always get added to Holiday Celebrations... now they do every year!

The Dollar Store had enormous Bumpy Heirloom Pumpkins for Sale this Year, who knew?  Okay, so they were a Buck Ninety-Nine each, since now the Dollar Store has some slightly spendier merchandise also for Sale... but still!!!  I got one each for The Force to carve, tho' I'm Hopeful this Variety isn't the super thick skinned type that is impossible to carve into Jack O'Lanterns?  Plus, if they don't wanna carve anything this Year, these still look Cute just Displayed 'As Is'.

I've really had Fun this Year with the Interior Halloween Decor, I wasn't initially very Ambitious about it, but I got on a Roll, found my Rhythm for it, and Paced myself to not try to do it all at once.   Smaller increments of anything now and Moderation are Key for me getting anything actually Done anymore.  I realize that with Age I'm just slowing down some and have to fight the Urge not to even bother!  *Gasp!!!*

Oh Holy Hell it's Truth, and my Mother said it would happen as I reached a Certain Age... and I said Never... and Mom was Right again as usual!  Mom got to the Certain Age where she Enjoyed Celebrating Holidays, just not so much Decorating for them anymore very much as she Aged.  It was just a lot of Work and often she wasn't up to it, now I understand!

And I really Hate admitting that I could be reaching that Certain Age, as my Mom used to call it, because I never thought I would!  Not so much in REACHING that Age, but in losing Ambition, Stamina or Giving a Shit that seems to diminish WITH Reaching that Certain Age!   And there is no specific Timeline for when that Certain Age will be, guess it depends on the Individual and what they have on their Plate of Life as they Age.

My Proverbial Plate is pretty full and heaped up most of the time, has been for Decades, but as I'm growing Older, it's beginning to tell and take a certain toll.  I notice it in strange ways, like what I'm willing to scale way the fuck back on, just because I lack the Ambition... the Stamina... or the fucks I give are slimmer now so I don't give a Shit as much as I used to!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  That goes with profanity too, which I used to temper, now I Need that form of expression sometimes to really flesh out the intensity of how I REALLY Feel!  *Winks*

The Man can really tell, we've been together a very long time now and so when he can see I'm giving less fucks about important things, things that he knows always used to be important to me anyway... he tries to chip in to Help.  Not that he's that Into It, I know he's SO NOT, Holiday Decorating and Intense Revelry in the Holidays not being one of his Things at all ever!  How much do you want me to Help you out with for the exterior Decor he says Today... since exterior Decorating for Halloween was the Mission Statement?

Whatever I can haul out of the Hoarded Garages in five Minutes or less I says with very little Enthusiasm.   That entailed two articulated Skeletons, their Skeleton Dog, a Trick-Or-Treat Sign and a handful of faux Pumpkins.   For me this is as Simplistic as it ever gets and I was completely Okay with that this Year for outside Decor for Halloween!  *Gasp!*   Yep, it's Bare Bones so to speak, literally... winks.   Some shit was even still out there from last Year, I swear... a Celtic faux Stone Cross, a couple Grey Pumpkins and a Votive Cat had never budged or been put away from LAST Halloween!  *Double Gasp!!!*

I put more sticky dots on Martha's freakin' Moths that refuse to stay on the Wall and they will literally be Flying for Reals if they fall off even one more time already!  *LOL*  Don't I just SOUND very much IN THE SPIRIT my Friends?!?  *LMAO*   The Man just came in and told me my Moths are still flying all over the place even after tripling the sticky dots... shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Le Sigh*  That's it, I'm hammering those Mo'Fo's up with Upholstery Studs!  And speaking of dropping the Mo'Fo Bomb, Kanye in the Oval Office dropping it and sounding like a complete Head Case while being exploited to lure the Black Vote and approval rating by 45 since Kanye professes to 'Love him'!  And someone acting bat shit crazy is always the best endorsement for this Administration, right?  *Le Sigh*

  All this Sideshow shit as parts of the Country have been utterly destroyed and devastated by Weather and should be focused upon instead, due to the catastrophic losses of property and lives... blatant evidence of fucked up Priorities by this Administration!  Pandering to Celebs and the Music Industry when we've got a Natural Disaster going on affecting so many American People is just proof that this Administration is oblivious to what should be a Presidential Priority!   Exploitation of anyone with Mental Health Issues is a pet peeve of mine anyway too, I'm a staunch Advocate for the Mentally Ill, it's tragic, disgraceful and cruel to put them on Display when they're clearly unraveling! 

Okay, so I can't even GO THERE in depth or I'd implode I swear and honestly I have no words, it was that unbelievable and shocking to me, more grim than The Reaper!  It was just very hard to watch... along with Jim Brown, a Legend, giving the Side Eye to Kanye, I can only Imagine what he was thinking being right there in that Media Circus for the whole World to Witness!?!  It just gets Creepier and Creepier... even more Creepy than the Old Halloween Costumes to watch World Leadership stoop to these depths of depravity! 

So here's one of the other paltry Halloween exterior Vignettes out in the Front Courtyard entry to the Villa.   I didn't even bother to toss Princess T's broken Hula Hoops away or remove The Man's Walker... they're just now part of the Holiday Decor I guess?   I should have probably stuck one of the Skeletons behind the Walker 'walking'... and if I had more of them I KNOW I'd of hung them off the damned Juliet Balcony Of Death out front just to piss some Uptight Asshole from the HOA off this Year!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  

Yeah, the New Neo-Nazi bunch that got Voted in on the HOA sent out Letters about Holiday Decorating and what is now 'forbidden'!   Give me a break, it's kinda like the six damned pages of 'forbidden' Plants and Trees they also came up with just after being installed as the New Regime of Subdivision Hell!  Don't these Fools have Lives... or anything better to actually do that Dream this shit up I Wonder?!?   Makes me want to light a few of them on Fire actually... so it's probably a good thing I Work on the Nights they hold their 'Community' Meetings so I can't Identify who they are, huh?!?  *Bwahahahahah!

So this Year, mostly becoz I'm all out of giving a fucks... I have kept my exterior Decor Private and just within our Front Courtyard where it cannot even be seen from the Street.  It can still be Enjoyed by Guests and Trick-Or-Treating Families when they come, which is the Point anyway... so I'm Good with just that and fuck the HOA and their myriad of ridiculously pretentious anal uptight Rules.   Is that enough adjectives to convey how I REALLY Feel about them and their Rules?! *Winks*

Last Halloween some of the older Trick-Or-Treaters actually TP'd some of the most Pretentious Community Member's Homes and Honestly, it tickled me to death!  Serves them right, they pick on the Young People all the time and are so rigid, clearly they forgot what it was like to be Young?!  Or mebbe they're just Envious and Bitter they're NOT anymore, and aren't really Relevant in spite of their Drama to draw Attention to Self, try to Control everyone and puff up their Egos, who knows?!  I know every Young Person I've talked to here in Subdivision Hell is Anti-Establishment of the ridiculousness and pretension of it all!  Thank God, mebbe their Generation will be the ones to finally do away with all the bullshit and smash the Patriarchy?!

Because Seriously, every little trivial thing seems to Annoy them and get under their Skin, they're so very effortless to Offend and yet can't see how very Offensive and behaving so repulsively Entitled they are.   Most are rabid 45 Supporters too, just sayin'...   They fit right in with the current Regime of this dis-united States of America right now.   Tragically there are so many coming out of the woodwork that it's like a plague of Biblical proportions!  Sorry, but the latest Supreme Court installment has me gakking at the Good Ole' Boy Network still in place and trying to resist being further agitated and unsettled about it all... you know, the Insanity of it!!!

It is very Interesting, to say the least, to Witness what some can align themselves with that is actually repulsive and quite shocking.  It makes me realize that you never really know what is in the Hearts of many until it is revealed in all it's ugliness, it's Hatred and general malaise, looking for handy Scapegoats to 'blame' for all they're disenchanted about in their own lives!  

A favorite fellow Blogger recently Shared this on her Blog Post and I felt it was worth Sharing again on mine, even tho' I abhor being Political, since I think the whole Political Shitshow on ALL sides and every 'Party' is just tediously ineffective in the modern day Unifying of any Country and it's Citizens... it just further polarizes everyone and therefore becomes an 'Us' against 'Them' mentality!  However, this resonated with me deeply when I read it and the Writer could be right:

Somewhere on the wide spectrum between adolescent teasing and the smiling white men in the lynching photographs are the Trump supporters whose community is built by rejoicing in the anguish of those they see as unlike them, who have found in their shared cruelty an answer to the loneliness and atomization of modern life. 

You don't have to be in Agreement with me, in fact, whether someone Agrees or Disagrees I really don't Care... Politics and Religion being very deeply Personal.  I can be perfectly Fine with Agreeing to Disagree... or be in Agreement without Drama ensuing on my part anyway.   To me any Society should be more about Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony as Mutual Goals.  Something that Unifies and is Positive Energy expended rather than Negative Energy expended.  Since how can you NOT be Agreement really with being Kind, Loving, Respectful, Harmonious with fellow Human Beings and generally Peaceful unless you have some serious inner turmoil and shit going on far beneath your own surface?

If it is not your personal preference and you prefer the antithesis to Kindness, Love, Harmony, Peace and Unity then I have to get a little bit ugly myself and say get the fuck away from me!  *LOL*   Seriously, I avoid Toxic People like the plague, they are contagious and will infect, contaminate, infest and pollute everything and everyone they are exposed to!   They just can't help it, it's the Nature of that Beast they carry within themselves as baggage.  Sometimes it's clearly evident what Toxins and Demons they harbor within themselves, other times it's much more insidious and benign appearing.

And still others can be so easily led astray by the likes of them too and align themselves with them... I think the majority end up in that Camp frankly.   I often Wonder if it crept up like that upon other Societies when atrocities happened and alignment just went so askew as to make it tolerable, acceptable even, to commit an atrocity against Humanity at all?   Mob mentality can be a Weird phenomenon like that.  As an Individual someone might not cross the line, but in a Mob, they feel Safer being the Anonymity of it all seems to protect their Identities and cloud the Moral Compass they might have ever had.

I personally think that the fake gore of Halloween pales in comparison to the very Real Evils that take place in the World for Reals... every day... on an epic scale actually.   Sometimes it's hard to look... but we mustn't look away and become desensitized to any of it and pretend we don't SEE!   Acknowledgement of what is Wrong and what is Right is crucial if we are to ever get straight as a Species.   We have that benefit over the Animal Kingdom actually... the knowing of Right and Wrong... it would be a shame to not USE it to better this World rather than be the destruction of it!

I had not Taken Care of some minor things for a whole Year... but in the Grand Scheme of Things it didn't really matter, the Neglect was evident but the damage control is minimal regarding my inattentiveness.   But to not Take Care of the major things would matter a whole lot my Friends.   Let us not Neglect those major things and marginalize them!  Let us not marginalize anyone, even if they are very different... it can be hard... some differences are quite profound and working it out to where we can be tolerant takes Work.   We must do the Work since we Share this Planet!

And I didn't initially intend to get Deep with Topics for this Post... nor try to solve the Problems of the Universe either... initially it was just Martha Stewart and I finishing up the Halloween Decorating with her Lovely yet terribly Annoying Moths that won't stick to my Walls very well!  *Smiles*  We're in Celebratory Mode and I won't let even the shitshow shenanigans of our Government totally interfere with that Joy, with the Traditions and Rituals we seek Comfort in and hold dear.

The G-Kid Force's Mama will be Celebrating her 37th Birthday in just a few days... on the 14th.   It's great to see her doing better and looking Well for a change, it is Answer to fervent Prayer on my part and hard Work on her part.  She has suffered much with Serious Mental Illness and over two decades of self medicating with dangerous drugs and self harm.  She has enjoyed Sobriety for the first time in a very long time and stabilized to the point of Enjoying more quality of Life in recent Months.  My Mother's Heart is bursting with Joy about that!   I can see the Confidence and Beauty again radiating outwards and the inner turmoil subsiding somewhat despite the ravages of Lifelong Illness and chronic Addiction.

All of her Children are so Happy to see their Mama doing better, looking Well and at more Peace within herself.   We've had much more contact, more Photos being Shared again... and it's been a very long time coming to this Place we're now at... a long difficult Journey we've all be on.   This Daughter has a Wicked sense of Humor and we always laugh when we talk, hysterically, almost manically because we find Humor in what isn't really Funny to most people and they probably would have no point of reference to how it could be Funny to us either?!?  *Smiles*  Happy Birthday my Love, we Miss You and always, always hold you up in Prayer and place you in our Lord's capable Loving and Merciful Hands.

We also had a Surprise Visit from one of our long time Good Friends who used to Work with The Man when they were both in the Military, now Retired.  He came out from Tennessee and spent the day with us and that made The Man very Happy, it had been too many Years and we had a lot of catching up to do!  I also attended a Bar-B-Que with The Son and some other Lifelong Friends who we hadn't seen in Years... I should have taken pixs, I had my camera, but entirely forgot as we just Enjoyed each other's company again.   So much History Shared cannot be replicated and it is indeed Priceless.   Make Memories this Holiday Season, Share some more Future History with those you want to do Life with right now!   That's all we'll take into the Afterlife you know... our Memories and our Spirit.


Happy Halloween... from Me, Martha and the Villa Boheme' Posse... Dawn... The Bohemian

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