Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Incense And Peppermints

I was wandering around one of my favorite Shops and saw this amazing Incense Burner carved from Lava Stone... I had to have it.  I would burn a lot more Incense and Candles if The Man were not so sensitive to the heady aromas it creates.   So I try to be more moderate in my indulgences with them out of consideration of his COPD.  Just walking by a Shop that specializes in Incense or Herbal Medicine is intoxicating to me as the aromas drift from them and draw me in.

NOTE: All other Images on the Post are via Pinterest and all Credit goes to the Talented Photographers that Shared them online.

I have worn Nag Champa Essential Oil for so many years now that I don't even notice it is how I always smell, until someone asks what smells so good that I am wearing?  It gives me a sense of Well Being to wear it all of the time, have you ever discovered your signature scent that just makes you feel good and you strongly connect to?   The Man said the other day Princess T wrapped herself up in one of my blankets and he asked her why she was not using one of her own and she replied, "This one smells like Gramma..."  *Smiles*   I Hope long after I'm Gone when they smell Nag Champa they will always think of me.

There are other scents that I also Love our Home to be permeated with... such as Forgotten Sage by Votivo... Patchouli... Song Of India... Palo Santo... Champaca.   Every so often I find a new scent that appeals to me, recently Provencal Honey by Votivo went on my radar and I bought a Candle of it to see how we like the aroma as it burns?   There is nothing quite like the aroma of a good quality Candle or Incense burning... and therefore I won't skimp on purchasing only the best quality of either.

I have been contemplating my Meditation Room and what I want to do with it, since once the weather gets too Hot to work in the Garages on that ongoing Project, I will switch my focus upon completion of the Meditation Room Project.  It's long overdue and I think I have hesitated mostly because I haven't had a solid Vision or Clarity on what I exactly want it to look like?  I have a vague Idea and I suspect it will begin it's Transformation and Evolve as it comes together as it just Will.   Often that is the best way to Decorate, Create or Style, allowing a Space to influence itself as it is coming together.   The Outcome is just more Pleasing that way and often totally unexpected.

I have spent the past year or so slowly finding objects that will occupy that Space as they have spoken to me to be what should go in there.  It has therefore Evolved already from my initial thought process, into what is completely different and I think so much Better actually.  Have you ever just begun to find random objects that draw you and thus Transform a Space in your Home as you build around them?   They become the Anchor Pieces to a particular Vibe and Essence that Space will have.  Where everything and yet nothing at all have been the actual Inspiration for what it will become.  Just about everything can and often will Inspire me and yet nothing in particular will be the catalyst for what it will eventually Become.

And so I've just allowed it to percolate on the canvas of my Imagination for a long time now, because I only want to Create it the one time and not have any do-overs.   When I Decorated my Art Studio Cottage at the Historic Homestead that it how it Transformed into what it was and it became my all time Favorite Space because of that Natural Evolution.   I feel that my Meditation Room will be a Retreat I will want to spend a lot of time in, surrounded by the contents and the atmosphere it creates, so I'm in no rush to force it into Being.  In fact, other than finishing up the G-Kid Forces Rooms, it will be the last room of Villa Boheme that I actually Need to Decorate and finish.

It's nice to have a finished Home... something with few, if any, Projects.  It is probably why, tho' I often feel restless and have lingering Wanderlust, I will likely stay here longer than I expected to... the Convenience of it is something I just require right now.   I've just not been in the Mood for many Projects, anything that requires a lot of Work and Investment of my Time, my Energy and my Resources.   I suppose I have entered into a phase of Being where I just want to Rest a while... perhaps a long while... I'm not entirely Sure?   To be Still more... and be Doing less.

Have you ever tired of Doing... and just wanted to enjoy Being for a change?  That is where I am right now, at the place where wanting to enjoy just Being makes it so that Doing is just not so much of a priority.   I've pushed back in the Doing... even if things Need to get Done.   That means some things have been left Undone for much longer than usual and it's not bothering me so much as it used to.   I don't necessarily feel the compulsion to get everything Done right now.  In fact, I don't necessarily feel the Need to get anything Started either, unless I actually Want to and get the inclination.  *Smiles*

I've wanted to just return to a Laid Back Lifestyle... full time Caregiving is not so Laid Back a Lifestyle but I am still going to pursue returning to as much of a Laid Back Lifestyle as I can manage.   Just for myself, I don't really know how any of the others in the Family feel about that... but they all now know that is my particular Desire and pursuit for this Season of Life I've entered into.  I have always lived rather intensely and I just feel the Need to slow down... way down... actually to a Stand Still sometimes... and just savor that Stillness.

I know that one of the things I fully intend to do when the Meditation Room is complete, along with Meditation, is to also have a Relaxed Creation Process when I want to, as a part of that Meditative State.   Princess T and I have been accumulating a virtual Library of Adult Coloring Books that have Mandalas and such to color and we've amassed an impressive assortment of colored pencils to color them with.   We've also been seeking out perfectly shaped River Stones, to stack and to Decorate as our Zen Stones... similar to the above Imagery of Stones stacked or decorated... or stacked AND decorated.  *LOL*

Now granted, OUR Meditative Spaces are probably not going to resemble the Usual Meditative Spaces you've probably seen that depict a Zen Environment necessarily.  *LMAO*   I am quite sure I want some Cabinet Of Curiosity Objects to also occupy our Meditation Room, just because they make me Ponder the Wonders that can surround us and exist in Nature.   I am quite certain our Meditation Room will have objects under glass, so I have amassed some Cloches and Interesting Bases to hold whatever we want to Display or rotate in and out of that Room... since it is not likely to be a static Display, but a constantly Evolving one in subtle ways.


I would Love to have Living Plants, but not the ones that require a lot of Care and Upkeep... so we've also been accumulating our Air Plant Collection and Displays, which currently are housed in the Kitchen.  Princess T actually Delights in the Care of the Air Plants and has been Religiously misting them and tending to them so they are thriving, with few casualties.  The two casualties we've had were probably already dying when we bought them, we just weren't as Aware in the beginning, of what a healthy and robust Air Plant should resemble.  We've since Educated ourselves more on the choosing and Care of them.

I think we will want to have Henna Parties in our Meditation Room every so often as well, since it's an Art Form we just want to experiment with and become good at.   I have the Kits and The Force are madly Artistic, so I'll gladly let them practice on me since their Mehndi designs on paper have been exquisite already.  So all they really have to learn is how to apply the Henna paste skillfully upon skin.   They pay close attention to how the experts do it when we go get our Henna done together and it could be a nice little sideline for them.

I think the Creation of Smudge Feathers would be Fun as well... and Smudge Sticks.  The Young Prince also has been accumulating a Rock and Crystal Collection which he'd like to add to the Room when it's finished.   And perhaps a few of those Sculpted Dragons he's been incessantly baking lately.  *Smiles*

Other than Black I'm still very indecisive on the secondary Wall color... tho' I bought Kabuki Red I'm still conflicted on whether it will be that or a shade of Grey?   I'm thinking the Red will win out... but I'm just not entirely Sure yet until we begin painting and the Room takes us in the direction that it surely will.

Whether it will be Colorful or more Natural I'm also not entirely sure yet, since the objects I've been accumulating so far have been a mixture of both... and perhaps then it will just be both?   For now anyway I just have Imaginings of the Incense and Peppermints variety of what Spring will bring for that Space. All I do know for certain is that it will be the one Space in our Home where Incense and Candles shall burn often... and permeate the interior of it... because The Man rarely goes Upstairs anyway.  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It sounds lovely, although I have sensitivities to perfume and incense. I really like sandalwood and once bought a tshirt with lingering scents of sandalwood from the seller's tent. I didn't want to wash it.
    I on't know most of your scents. Sounds like your meditation room is well on its way, designwise.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Your idea's sound great! Can't wait to see your meditation room all done up. I love essential oils and scented candles, too and will definitely have to check out Votivo candles.

  3. I think I've reached that stage you're talking about, Dawn. More Being and Less Doing. lol


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