Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We Got Thru It And Survived... Barely...

As you know Last Night we Met the Teachers of the 6th Grade that Princess T will be in the Classes of this year.  It didn't go too horribly, we ALMOST even got thru the whole thing!  *LOL*  It just wasn't very organized this year and so there was much Chaos and swarms of Parents with their Children, which neither Princess T nor The Man could Cope very well with or for long.  

 So she already had extreme Anxiety about the Unknown... of which Teachers she'd get, where everything would be, who would be in Classes with her... and all the Newness of it all starting a brand new Grade and School Year.   Add to that the Stress of not knowing how Grandpa would behave if it all got to be just too much for him and he would begin to melt down?  {That was a 'Given' and just a matter of 'When' and not 'If'!}  So we did Bail early... I doubt anyone even noticed in that melee!?!  *Smiles*

Because people do Look disapprovingly when you have someone in tow who is causing any kind of Spectacle or becoming hard to Manage.  Regardless of Disability and how obvious that may or may not be, people do still tend to have intolerance and aggravation about it... just like they do with Crying Babies.   So keeping Grandpa Calm and not having Sensory Overload Meltdown was not going to be an easy task.  The whole Ordeal was hectic and Chaotic enough to be Trying for even me!!!   I can only handle so many Kids running around exceedingly animated either... and the din was deafening!

 So I was glad when we could leave early and call it a Night, since she gets very Protective of her Grandpa, she's the only one that can be intolerant of him and doesn't like people looking at him or staring!  *LOL*   Plus, she too has Social Anxieties and it was more than a little Much!!!  It all started out Well enough tho', we got Handicapped Parking close enough this year not to be difficult for The Man.  Because we were proactive and arrived 45 minutes early while there was still any Parking left at all and just sat in the intense muggy heat until the gates opened.  That Shower I'd taken beforehand was a complete waste of time!

 There was only one bench to sit on and wait outside the gates!!!  We scored half of it and another elderly couple raising a 6th Grade Grandson scored the other half of it!   The 6th Grade didn't have any signs up Downstairs telling that they'd be meeting in the Cafeteria first and THEN Upstairs in the Classrooms!!!  So that meant the exhausting inconvenience of four trips up the two flights of stairs for me to get The Man up and down!  You couldn't find anyone with an Elevator Key to save your life!

  My opinion is they should have at least a Volunteer manning the locked Elevator for any Handicapped Children or Handicapped Parents to utilize, not everyone can even do stairs!   And once we accidentally got locked Outside and trapped, when we went thru the wrong set of doors Downstairs that leads into the Playground but had the Gates locked to get into the Cafeteria from there... since the doors lock behind you!!!   No Signs to explain that Fact either, which would have been handy given it was 110 degrees and deathly Humid Outside and what if nobody heard you and you couldn't get out???!!! 

 Luckily the Grandparents we'd shared the bench with heard us banging on said doors and let us back Inside and together we figured out where the initial gathering place was to be!?  *Whew!  Relief becoz The Man began to have a Panic Attack about being locked inside a Gated area and unable to Escape!!!*  She will have three Teachers this year, along with any Teachers for 'Specials' which apparently is what they call extra-curricular classes now.   I didn't get to speak to two of them and perhaps 3 words to the other one... so it will be a "Surprise" for them to discover what Special Needs she might have I suppose?

  It was just too Insanely Chaotic to speak Individually to any Teacher so we'll get to that Later... it's not like we won't get to that... {chuckle}.   Big Ordeal for Princess T, her Homeroom is not very structured, the Teacher is very Liberal about Teaching, which I think is a good thing actually, but Little Miss Structure Oriented, well, she got discombobulated immediately!   They don't sit in rows or have assigned seating, they must choose a Group.  Uh Oh... did I ever tell you Princess T agonizes about Choices... so we rarely give her any?!??!  The Anxiety set in immediately when Pressed with making such an Important Choice on the Fly as Where she'll sit and with Whom all year!??!?  *Insert Whining, Timidity and Nail Biting!*

  Listen, I prompted her, if you DON'T choose, then everyone will have Chosen their spots and you'll only get whatever is left over!   We knew we didn't want that or things would quickly escalate into Panic and outright Hysteria!!!   We had gotten into that room early, so Choices were unlimited and she had first pick! She reluctantly and finally asked me to choose for her, since she was like a Deer caught in the headlights and beginning to totally Spazz Out.   Which only served to put Grandpa more on edge and he had already Melted Down since the room was filling up fast with rowdy excited Kiddos and their Families all vying for the Teacher's Individualized Attention!  

 You know the Moment when things are unraveling and starting to go down in Flames, taking you all the way down to the Scene of the Accident about to unfold!  So, the moment one of her BFF's showed up as being in the same Homeroom and they hugged like long lost Lovers... I asked both Girls if they wanted me to snag 'em a couple spots together in a Group Seating arrangement?   Hallelujah, Check... one obstacle overcome Successfully, now she wasn't Fearful and having an Anxiety Attack that she'd be stuck in a Group full of Boys... Heaven Forbid!!!   *LMAO*  

Because, to be Fair, a couple Boys had begun to follow her around the room and were trying to Show Off to get her Attention... asking her where she was gonna sit!?  She was Coy and deliberately Vague, I don't want to sit by them she Whispered to me.   Uh oh... Nope, Little budding Cassanovas lookin' for their first Girlfriend would be way more of a distraction in Class than a BFF at the same Table Grouping!  *Smiles*   I ensured her that the little Group of Desks I chose had all Girl Names as having Chosen that location... let the Boys be Admirers from afar!  *Winks* 

 So, I came away as the only one with Homework since you have to fill out tonnage of Paperwork, I think I filled out less Paperwork to buy Villa Boheme'!!!  *Smiles*  And once back Home both of them Calmed down and were just Fine again.  The Young Prince wanted me to regale him with what an Entertaining Ordeal it was in the retelling of it.  Since we all knew Grandpa probably should have stayed Home and 6th Grade expects the Children to now be more 'responsible' and in charge of their own Educational Process... Yeah, well... in a Perfect World, right!?!  They've gotta be freakin' kidding... *Bwahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love how you write and share, I relate on a deep level. Glad Princess T is with the BFF that should help a little. I've been through two different high school enrollments and a Jr High one also this week and am realizing summer vacation laze is over. My little guy is going into first grade and all he's getting is a paper stating his teacher for the year. Let the educational good times roll! Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Two different High School enrollments, I can so relate to that topic as well! I can't begin to tell you how many High Schools and Alternative Schools the Young Prince has already gone thru, but he likes this new Alternative School. He will be going to it again this year, long drive but apparently worth the commute since he did get ONE 'A' last semester of his Junior Year, you know, along with all the 'F's'... ah well, that meant one Credit earned and we'll take it! *winks*


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