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Crossing Off The Old Bucket List

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When I was Young I was quite impulsive... now that I'm Old I'm still impulsive but in a more restrained way!  *LOL*  For instance, anything permanent, well, I will resist the urge to rush The Process without any forethought.  *Winks*  As I'm now slowly crossing off The Old Bucket List of things I've wanted to do for a long time and didn't get around to, for one reason or another, high on The List was finding a Local Tattoo Artist with Mad Skills to do a piece.  Another consideration of coarse is which piece did I want done?  I tended to be very conflicted and all over the place about Tattoos I really Loved, so more Focus was necessary before deciding.   I knew I wanted a Photo Realism piece... and I was more drawn to Black & Grey than with full Color, tho' I liked both, the Black & Grey seemed to Age well and Please my Eye more.  After much agonizing about WHAT I'd want Tattooed, since I had so many Loves for Tattoo fodder, such as portraits of Jesus, a Peacock face portrait, Sugar Skull Girl portrait, Classic Gypsy Woman portrait, Blessed Virgin Mary portrait, Dia de los Muertos Skullies of all kinds... etcetera until my Mind was racing... I decided a Hamsa EXACTLY like the one pictured above Appealed to me most of all.  The warding off of Negative Energy is something I really try to always accomplish anyway, so this was particularly practical as well as Beautiful and personally significant.  My Mom and I always have had Talisman Objects, mostly for Good Luck and for Protection, to ward off The Evil Eye around our Homes.  Wearing one permanently just makes sense if I've decided to wear anything permanently, you know.  *Smiles*

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Finally I found the Tattoo Artist, quite by accident, while The Young Prince and I were at 'Spencers' buying Body Piercing rings for his lips!  *LMAO*   Yeah, that's kinda how things play out for us usually... the most Weird Serendipity you can possibly Imagine!   Our Clerk was a Lovely Young Lady with a full sleeve that was Magnificent, we were Admiring it and she Shared the name of the Artist with Mad Skills that had Created her entire sleeve.   An extremely Talented Young Man named Armando Luna of Tattoomando which you can find on Facebook and see more of his Amazing Work!   Her sleeve had an Owl, a Horse, a Butterfly, a Sunflower and a portrait of her Dog... and I was blown away at the synergy of the entire piece and the shading!  Some of her sleeve is on the Facebook page portfolio.

via: Tattoomando Facebook
via: Tattoomando Facebook

 His representations of Animals in particular was outstanding, you can clearly see his Love of doing Animal Realism portraits.  Though I wouldn't at all be opposed to a Beautiful Photo Realism piece of any of the Animal Kingdom, I'm still thinking I want a Girly Tattoo of the Hamsa that has significant personal meaning for me.  *Smiles*   He has done some Beautiful Custom Girly Tattoos for Female Clients so I'm certain if I save up and go for it, I'd be Pleased with this Artist's rendition of almost anything given the portfolio of Work I've seen.

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This portrait of a Persian Woman was really Beautiful so I'm certain I'd get a great Eye for my Hamsa and some great shading.   I'm seriously considering getting the Tattoo crossed off my Bucket List in the not too distant Future, especially now I've finally found the right Artist.  The stupidly impulsive Tattoo I got in my turbulent Youth, done by a Female Biker Tattoo Artist that was just learning to Tattoo, was not well done and for years I've thought of getting a cover-up.   And yet it is a part of my Life History and a significant hilarious Memory of when a BFF and some G.I. Friends all went Downtown and impulsively got bad Tattoos, when I was quite pregnant no less... and so I've just left it alone, it's small and can be easily hidden!  *LOL*  Oh yeah, I've got some Wild Stories I could endlessly regale you with lemme tell ya... of insane impulsivity in my Youth!  *LMAO*   This is why I try never to get so Old I forget what it was like to be Young!  *Winks*   It's funny to me really that I've become so Moderate in my Old Age, tho' I will likely never lean towards being Conservative nor Conventional.  *Ha ha ha*

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In closing I did totally Dig this Macabre yet Hauntingly Beautiful Tattoo I found on Pinterest... and if I were to get Bold enough to do both Arms, since I have plenty of Virgin Real Estate there *Winks* I'd Love something like this too, the Perfect Juxtaposition dont'cha think?  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!*   Because a Great Skully is a thing of Beauty for us Addams Family Types... and I see Beauty in so many things others don't, so it would be very Meaningful...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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