Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Birthday Bash Dual Celebrating

It was The Young Prince's 17th Birthday Today, so we were having a dual Birthday Bash Celebration since mine will be next week.  We decided to go to The Henna Shop and get our Mehndi done together.

He has been practicing Mehndi Designs and I have some Kits at the house so this was his opportunity to see it being done by an Experienced Artist.  Of coarse when someone has been doing it for years they make it look so effortless!

He was rather opposed all day to Pathological Picture Taking Gramma trying to get some good Birthday pixs of him.  *Smiles*   But we had a Fun day out together and his Aunt {his Dad's Sister} met us at the Mall, Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Princess T and I Love that Mall as it is three stories of High Fashion and every Major Designer's Boutique you can possibly think of!   It had been his first time at the Mall... he said it was a Great place for People Watching or finding a Hot Date, I would have to agree.  My Mom would have called it watching Money on the Hoof, as exquisitely clad wealth strutted their stuff!  Mom was hilarious at humorous descriptions.  *LOL*

I think The Young Prince ditched me for a while just so he could see what options for a Hot Date were trawling the Mall?!?  *Winks*  I decided that before we met up again I'd play a Fun Prank on him just to see his reaction.  After all, his Mehndi looked so much smoother than mine, with that Young smooth skin and long Graceful Hand and Fingers... ahhh, the benefits of Youth on your side!  *LOL* 

Back to The Prank... I had psyched him out by buying one of those faux Septum piercing rings and putting it in my nose when we split up at the Mall temporarily.  He had just been trying to convince me on the ride over to the Mall that I should get my Septum pierced, I told him it reminded me too much of a Bull.  *LOL*  But when I saw them for a mere five bucks, it was a great Prank to Punk him so that he thought I went ahead and had it done for reals!  *Winks*

You should have seen the look of disbelief on his face when I walks up with it in my nose because it looks so real!  *LMAO*   Well, it was the best five bucks I spent to get such a hilarious reaction!   Not to mention it looks rather Cute and doesn't feel as Weird as I thought it might.  Besides, he shouldda figured they didn't have Body Piercing Shops at this High End Mall, I mean where would they put one, next to Prada?!  *Winks*

So anyway, I Loves my Mehndi and she added Gold Fairie Dust Glitter to mine so I was Sparkling like a Diamond in the Sky!  *Ha ha ha*  I particularly like Mehndi when it's still dark with the Paste, the longer you keep it on before flaking or picking it off, the darker your dye will be.

Alas, The Young Prince seemed to have a slight reaction to the Paste and it itched a lot for him so he waited until it was 'set' and then picked all his off early.  I'm fine, no itching so I'm leaving mine on as long as it will hold up!  So I'm walking around rather rigid on the right side for a couple days and doing everything left handed.  *LMAO*

This is the best shot of my Sparkles... I was Shimmering like you wouldn't believe in the Sunlight!  Quit taking Selfies of your Hand, The Young Prince joked, I admit, I was gazing at my Hand Lovingly, like I had a brand new one!  *Smiles*   Besides, my feet look like crap with the effects of Diabetes now, so I gotta distract with pretty hands!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

I also admit The Hand got more Selfies than a Kardashian this day!  *Smiles*  I wanted to ensure I got some good shots of the Design before the Paste flaked off, though I will photograph the Henna Dye results later when it does all flake off so you can see the end result.

The Young Prince Loved his too, but he wasn't nearly as enamored with his Hand and wouldn't let me take many pixs of it or of him.  *Ha ha ha*   What can I say, that Kid never has been all that comfortable in front of the lens and isn't a Hambone like his Sister.

And Yes, I'm Oversharing pixs of The Hand because it's my Blog and I can!  *Winks*   The Artist that did our Mehndi was very reasonable, his was only Twenty bucks and mine only Thirty.   Much cheaper for the good Quality Design than at the Renaissance Festivals, where $20-$30 would get you a tiny little underwhelming Design.  We will definitely be going back to this Shop for more Mehndi in the Future.

Of coarse when we got back Home then Princess T was Green with jealousy and having Mad Mehndi Envy!!!   I had to Promise her that next trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square we'll hit The Henna Shop together and get ours done on a Girl's Day Outing.

There were so many Lovely Designs that you could go all year long and get something different every time.   And who doesn't like Fantasizing about buying some of the Designer Wardrobe at an Exclusive Mall?   Princess T and I just Love Fashion so we have loads of such Imaginings.

The Young Prince also Loves Fashion and is quite Stylish but the Sticker Shock was kinda freakin' him out.   He's not so certain he'd Save Madly just to strut out in an ensemble that had set him back that much moolah?!?  *LOL*   But as for me, well, I have Fav Designers and you can find them at this Mall, I'll do another Post later of my new Favorite Designer, I languished way too long in her Showroom, Lusting after the Wardrobe I couldn't buy this day!  *Le Sigh*

Because this day, on his 17th Birthday it really was all about mostly Celebrating The Young Prince.   I couldn't help but glance over from time to time as he walked by my side and realize that no longer was a Cute Little Boy walking next to me, but a Handsome Grown Man.  *Insert me tearing up!*

One that was clearly turning a lot of heads at the Mall, of the Beautiful Rich Girls and of the Handsome Gay Young Men... No, I thought, he would definitely not have any trouble finding a Hot Date here!  *Winks*

And Sharing Breakfast and Lunch with him on his Special Day was really Special for me, since he could have chosen to hang out with practically anyone else and he chose instead to have a Dual Birthday Celebration with Gramma and we had so much Fun I almost felt like 17 again myself!!!   Besides, 60 is the New Seventeen isn't it?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Birthday, Dawn! I just turned 60 on July 27th, and had a huge party at my house. Everyone showed up too which was wonderful. Yes, 60 is the NEW 17! Love the Mehndi, and yes, your grandson is a head-turner (very handsome).

    1. Well Happy 60th to you too then my Friend! You beat me to it by just a couple weeks! I feel it is indeed a Milestone year and I'm excited about it. Mom always said anything AFTER 60 was Gravy and the most Liberating of all the time on this Earth!

    2. Agreed! You're Mom was very smart!

  2. Happy dual birthdays!
    Did you buy yourself something nice after all?
    These mehndi are great!
    So glad you had a lovely day.
    I know the feeling about turning and seeing your young one suddenly a man. My 15 yr old is now the tallest in the family and quite hirsute. Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Hirsute, so funny you are! I think mine are leaning towards our Native American Ancestry and are pretty hairless dudes except their luxurious locks on the head! *smiles* I did buy myself something Fab, just Posted about it in fact... went to the Open House at School for The Young Prince Tonight Jack and they were discussing College, I panicked more than a little bit... I'm so financially unprepared at this Season of Life to be sending Kiddos thru College or Trade School but must find a way somehow! I think I need a stiff drink... winks.

  3. What a great dual celebration! Happy birthday!


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