Friday, July 28, 2017

The Replacements ~ Dress Form Upgrades

Since I'm constantly seeking to Upgrade my Favorite Collections it sometimes doesn't take long before The Replacements come in.  Tonight was such a Night, as my Friend Ken at Work unexpectedly brought in a Killer Vintage Dress Form that will immediately replace a more Modern one I recently purchased.

He and I struck a Deal and Home she came with me and the newer Model will be Showroom bound Tomorrow Morning and Sold Off.  Yeah, I'm just that fickle aren't I, like the Rich Old Dude who replaces the Starter Wife with a Newer Model!   Only I opt for Replacing with the Older Models because they have more Character and History.  *LOL*

Besides, this Old Gal has a Brass Ornate Stand and Skirt, is more slender, taller and has a Fab Ombre effect from the way she Aged.  So she goes from a Nice Black to an Interesting muted Grey with a tinge of Redness to it that really looks Cool!!!   Yes, I did notice the Spirit Orb that showed up in this pix, guess she was well Loved in the Past or has a new Admirer in the Present?  *LOL*

So it's unusual to find one with a Brass Stand and Skirt, which really Appealed to me... and her adjustment is thru a nifty hole in the back near her Cage and she adjusts to an Amazonian Height.   Which was great for Displaying her in a Grouping with other Antique Dress Forms for Interest.

So I much prefer how she looks in the Grouping... rather than her more Modern Predecessor that she will be immediately Replacing...

Who didn't have a very long Run at New Villa Boheme', but I'm confident she'll find a nice new Home.  And the Sale of her will completely Fund the Replacement, so color me Happy!!!  I don't usually have any Attachment to the Newer Models anyway and typically keep them only briefly to Fund Upgrades that will probably be the Keepers.

I'm usually certain which ones will be my Keepers, this one will be among them, I'm totally diggin' her whole Look and Vibe.  I really like any that have the Caged Skirts and a very Nice Stand... and most importantly, have the Patina of Age upon them that I prefer.

Besides Displaying what I drape them with that are my other Collectibles or Favorite Objects.   With her Height she could Display quite a lot of things Beautifully, right now she's going Simple and just Modeling a few Antique Rosaries from my vast Collection of them.  I can hardly Believe what an Antique Rosary is fetching nowadays... Booyah and Cha-Ching!!!

I recently dug out quite a Stash of my Antique Rosary Collection from Storage and rather than have them Stored away unseen anywhere else, I've decided I want to drape as many of them as possible around the Home to Enjoy them more.   I have Sold Off a lot of Rosaries to Fund other Desires, since the Value has risen so drastically in recent years from what I'd paid in the Past, but have Kept my Favs.  I have a LOT of Favs so it wasn't too Painful to part with so many and make some Bank.  *Smiles*

And I'll surely make some Bank and a Great Profit Margin on this Gal heading for the Showroom... so she served her Purpose nicely.   I like how in this Image, as she patiently awaits being loaded into the Truck, it looks as tho' Lil Dik Dik's Head is mounted on her rather than upon the Wall behind her!  *Ha ha ha*

Optical Illusion that is hilarious, dontcha think?!   And it got me to Thinking... wouldn't it be Killer to actually mount a Taxidermy Head to one of my Dress Forms?!?   Or mebbe a Pimped Out Steer Skull all Gypsy blinged out!?!   Because that's just how I THINK!   *LMAO*   I happen to like the Animal Human Dysmorphic Art.

And why not... one of my Grand-Daughter's in Mexico just Shared that she'd morphed into a Cat!  *Smiles*  Isn't she Adorable even morphed into Cat-Gal?   This is one of the Younger Sisters of The G-Kid Force, who is a year younger than Princess T.   So she's only Ten years old, but already Blossoming into quite a Beauty and clearly Loves Voguing for the Camera as much as her Big Sister Princess T... 

and their Mama always did before them!  *Winks*   This is their Mama when she wasn't much older than her Son, The Young Prince, Voguing for the Camera at her Nanna's house... my how Time flies!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I enjoyed this post so much, Dawn. I love hearing about the passions people follow. Your life is completely different from mine, so slipping into a bit of it is like seeing a new world. I will certainly look at dress forms differently now ~ the antique one with its brass cage and lovely patina is much more beautiful than the modern ones. You have a lot on your plate, so I'm sending you energy and a big hug!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive energy and big hug, glad you enjoyed falling down my Rabbit Hole. *winks*


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