Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Dress Form Motherlode

It's no Secret that I Love Collecting Dress Forms, in particular the Antique ones when I can find them at a Bargain.  But I'll pick up the Vintage or Interesting Modern ones too if they're a Steal.  Those I'll Display until I want to Fund an Upgraded one, then put the Newer ones up for Sale to pay for the Upgrade.  So here's my recent Trifecta of Scoring The Dress Form Motherlode on recent trawling for Found Treasure outings! {Ignore misc. crap on floor that hasn't found it's 'place' yet... LOL} 

Actually, counting this one I Scored at The Sweet during this recent Event, it's Four Lovelies I've added to the Bohemian Valhalla Dress Form Posse of Gals!  *Smiles*   I seem to be a Cheap Dress Form Magnet lately, I've done that in the Past with Persian Rugs, now it seems to be Dress Forms and I'll gladly Roll with it so long as they keep showing up at Bargain Prices well within Budget!   Because Vintage and Antique Dress Forms are typically spendy... way out of my paltry Budget limits I impose on myself so usually I have to Pass.  So this has been rather exhilarating to Score the Discount Gals unexpectedly on my Junquing Adventures!

So now back to the latest two back to back Scores that gave me a Pulse Racing Rush they were so Cheap... we'd be speaking of the Gals on the Stands.  One is Victorian Era and tho' the other is a Modern Form she was so ridiculously priced and visually Interesting that I got her anyway as a potential Flip later on should I need Antique Dress Form Funding.   Shhhhhh, don't tell her she could be Sold Off to pay for an Older Model one day, it'll be our Secret.  *Winks*

So the Victorian Gal was in my Friend Michael's Booth, Fresh from the Farm since he Finds the Coolest Stuff and I'd love to be a stowaway on one of his Picks coz he's the Male version of Me when it comes to what we mutually Admire and like to buy!  *LOL*  He could probably tell me where his Honey Holes are but then he'd have to kill me, right?  *Smiles*   He also has the most Amazing Prices on his Merchandise, she was had for just over Forty Bucks!!!  *Gasp!!!*  Nope, that's not a typo, barely over $40 mere Dollars for an Amazing 1800's Beauty on a very Unusual Wooden Stand, never seen one like it in fact... AND it was Ornate and my Fav Hue... Black!!!  {Insert Heavenly Hosts Singing Madly}

I wasn't even Intending to purchase yet another Dress Form but I peeled off that Forty Bucks and some Change so quick it was like a Bruce Lee or Jet Li Move... so I was like one of the Ninja Lee-Li's!  *LOL*  She barely fit across the back seat of the Truck, she's a Tall Gal and it was storming, so Thankfully she was able to be wedged inside on the way Home after my Shift Sunday Night.   One of the Perils slash Pluses of Working in an Antique Mall is you see the Good Stuff coming in often and can usually get first dibs on some of it.   I also know which Vendors more often Source My Style of Treasures, so it's like having my own A-Team of Pickers when I can't be everywhere... or anywhere... more likely the latter lately.  *Le Sigh*

I am still marveling at this Unusual Wooden Stand on her with the little stabilizing feet and loads of Patina wear from her Age and possibly Commercial Use.   You can often tell the Victorian Dress Form Gals by their 17th and 18th Century Breastoration before the advent of Bras and where the Bosoms look so bound and Matronly with little Shape or Sex Appeal.  I don't know if it was a Victorian Modesty Practice or these Gals just didn't Feel Sexy-All-The-Time so wanted to keep the Victorian Dudes at bay when fully dressed?  *LOL*  It was certainly not an Era of Celebrating the Female Form IMO.

via: Pinterest

The nearest to the type of Gal she is with the type of Wooden Stand she's on I've found online was this Image, so I think she'd look Awesome in a Victorian Corset if I were to ever Score one?   Can one ever have too many Antique Dress Forms, I think not... and so anytime they can be had for a Bargain, they're coming Home with me.   In answer to The G-Kid Force query, there is no Saturation Point for Cheap Antique Dress Form gathering slash Hoarding.  *Ha ha ha*  Besides, the Retail Price of most is well over the $300-$400 range now so that's part of your Inheritance now Kiddos and a better Return on your Investment than any Banks are offering!   So pay attention Grasshoppers and listen to Kung Fu Gramma's Sage Advice about making money on your Buys!

And even on the Modern Gals, if they look Pleasing enough, there is money to be had.  Especially when you Score one for under Ten Bucks... like this Black Brocade Material Gal mounted upon a Shabby Chic Style Stand!!!  *Gasp!!!*  Yep, I got her on Senior Discount Day whilst Goodwill Hunting so she was 25% off the already ridiculously low price... Booyah!!!   I couldn't throw her in the cart quick enough and make her part of my Haul, which was good that day and mostly for re-sale.

Some Lady rudely gawks way too long inside my cart at my cache of Fab Scores of the day... standing uncomfortably way too close for a Stranger... and says in an ambiguous tone, "I ALMOST bought her..."   I wanted to respond, "She who hesitates is Lost...", but I wanted to be Kind so I just smiled and said, "I don't ALMOST buy anything that's an obvious Bargain!"   Okay, so perhaps that wasn't so Kind and rather Snarky or Snipish and more than a little Passive Agressive, but it just fell out of my mouth.  Hey, she Initiated and her intrusive proximity, tone and nosiness was rather Creeping me out, so I didn't necessarily want her to go away Mad or regretting her hesitancy of walking away from an obvious Score she Passed on, just Go Away!   You snoozed, you Lost, now Be Gone!   *LOL*

Now, in case you think that may have been too harsh of me, lemme let you in on a Known Fact in Circles that 'Pick' and go on The Thrill Of The Hunt to make Bank.   There are the Nice Ones that you can Befriend and have each other's Backs... and then there are the ones you Can't Trust and are a rather Ruthless Bunch.  I've learned after Years of doing this to discern the difference, it's become like a Picker Radar of sorts.  I have many Pickin' Comrades that are part of My Tribe and are of the Nicer Variety that watch each other's Backs even tho' we're all eeking out an Existence doing this.  They are the Salt of the Earth and Good Peeps to have in your Corner, we look out for each other and have an Ethical Code of Picker Etiquette about what we do and how we go about doing it!

 But the other Type, those of the Backstabber, Ruthless, Untrustworthy Tribe of Pickers, keep your Eye on them, don't be Foolish enough to Trust them and don't let them near your Cache... they are Predatory.  They would defensively go for any Treasure like they were in the damned Super Bowl trying to Win and they'd trample over and elbow Old Ladies and Little Kids out of the way to get to it first!  That's no exaggeration by the way, and whenever they've foolishly elbowed me or tried to trample over my Grandkids, we have an immediate 'Situation' and Trust and Believe they will keep their distance after that!  *LOL*

Yeah, I can go all Hood on that Variety in a heartbeat!  *Winks*  That Lady struck me instantly as part of That Variety, which I have no Time nor Patience for and intentionally keep at arm's length, don't wanna know 'em.  Don't even approach me with their disingenuous small talk and eyeballing what I've Scored like a ravenous Shark circling a docile Seal!  *Smiles*  Can you only tell that Rude, Obnoxious people without any Social Etiquette or Boundaries are a pet peeve of mine and I have Zero Tolerance for them?  *Bwahahahahaha!* 

I Confess that it Tests the Grace of my preferred Zen Existence to be at Peace with everyone and strains my Christian Witness to be approached by one actually!   Hey, I'm still a Work In Progress... what can I say?  *Ha ha ha*  Ohmmmmm...   I'm at least on my Path to Enlightenment on how best to co-exist even with the Unlovely amongst us and exercise greater Tolerance towards them.  And I was actually Proud of myself for briefly responding in few Words with a Smile and Moving On with my day without Annoyance.  Besides, I'd reached Dress Form Valhalla, hadn't I, so I could be equanimous couldn't I?  *Winks*  BTW: My Dread Journey is going along Splendidly and I'm still absolutely Lovin' it... so above is a pix of two Months into it and they're not too Crazy in their Maturity Process... Smiles!  I am now certain I was meant to have Dreadlocks, shouldda had them all my life!



Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hahaha! Hahaha! I so LOVE what you said to the lady "eyeing" your cart. . .Although I don't re-sell (and I should think about that hard, since I have some awesome things there is no longer room for), I'd have said the same, and it served her RIGHT to have you say what you did. Gosh, I am so envious of your dress forms. I have ONE, a modern version that I bought at Pat Catans, a "Hobby Lobby" of the Midwest. And I love her, but I would so, so love to have a genuine antique! Especially since she is LARGE for the vintage frocks that I wish to dress her in, but she does have a beautiful shawl draped around her waist and a number of flapper-era belts that I inherited also. I'll have to take some pictures and share them, when I get around to my blog postings. Dreads are looking great, Dawn!

    1. Sometimes I do amaze myself at my restraint and clever spontaneous comebacks when dealing with rude people. *winks* At least she didn't stalk me around the entire store, those types are the creepiest! LOL And glad it gave you a giggle. Flapper-era Belts oh please DO SHARE! It took me years to get my first Antique Dress Form, but then it seems as tho' Dress Form Karma hit and now they're showing up and popping up at the right price seemingly everywhere for me so I'm making hay while the sun shines as my dear ole' Nanna used to say! *winks* Thank You for the Dread compliment, I was just meant to have them, should have had them all my life had I known how much I Love them {and my hair} now!

  2. You know how to bring out the best in your finds!

    1. Awwwww. Thank You my Friend, I do so Love to Dress them up, they're like bigger versions of playing Barbies dontcha think? *LOL*

  3. Ha, Ha, playing with 5 foot high Barbies'. That's why I stick to the 11" version. You sure do have fun, and I cracked up thinking of you in a boardroom/office in your previous life with your dreads, that would have been fun. Grins, Sandi

    1. Wouldn't it, specially in my Banker days as an Asst. Vice President of some Major Banks around this Conservative City! I was unconventional then too, but no Dreads... too bad, I would have Loved to have seen their faces! *winks*


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