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Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part I

Okay, so I lost my Mind just a teensy little bit at this Month's "Where In The World" Event Theme at SWEET SALVAGE, because with the Worldly Exotic Offerings, well, how could I NOT, right?!?   *Winks*

Throw a Colorful Gal into an Event saturated with bold Colors from all over the Globe and it was difficult not to want to ditch my newfound taste for a Warm Tuscan Palette at New Villa Boheme' and go Jewel Tones all over again!  *Smiles*

But I resisted and you'd be Proud of me because tho' there was Temptation at every turn beckoning me to blow the Budget... I stayed within the generous Budget I'd allowed myself!  For a Theme I knew I'd lose my Mind more than a little bit in the Experiencing of it!  *Winks*

Two things Helped "The Cause" for my Shopping Spree and some Retail Therapy... my new Booth #502 has been killin' it at our Antique Mall.  And the mega-bonus is that one of my first Scores at the Event was a Vintage Suitcase filled with Vintage G.I. Joes and Johnny West Action Figures with Accessories... which when flipped, will more than pay for every Penny I spent with $$$ left over!  *Booyah!!!*

I Love when that happens and my 'lil sideline Hobby will more than cover some occasional indulgences.   So I went to the Event knowing I didn't have to restrain myself beyond all Will Power, which would have been quite exhausting!  *Smiles*

Of coarse there were items not within Budget that I would have liked to have dragged Home to my Lair, of coarse!   Like some of the Amazing Art from STUDIO ANTICA!!!   *Swooning*

One day I do Plan to have one of the larger Art Pieces hanging on one of the Walls of Villa Boheme'... they are exquisite and just my Style!   The Bohemian Beauties and three dimensional embellishments are Sublime!!!

There are smaller pieces now that were within Budget, but I'm holding out to Save Up for one of the larger pieces as a Statement piece to a Room it will eventually hang in.   I was Tempted to purchase a smaller piece tho', I ain't gonna lie!  *Smiles*

Because it's not as if all of them aren't absolutely Divine... so perhaps for my Birthday next Month I might spring on one... we'll have to wait and see?!?  Altered Art is one of my Passions right now... and Texture... all of it is combined in these so I'm absolutely smitten!

But this Event I had come with a Mission Statement... to procure one more of my Friend Cyndie's Antique Reliquary Necklaces from her VINTAGE ENVY Line.   She had several that I was absolutely in Lust with, choosing just one was gonna be no small feat!  This one was SOOOOOOOO Tempting to be The One... I felt very Conflicted almost immediately!

Because this one was also a strong contender to be The One... decisions, decisions, decisions!!  I was waffling terribly... and going back and forth... walking away Hoping mebbe someone would buy a few to leave me with fewer choices to make it easier and less agonizing being spoiled for choice!  *Ha ha ha*

This one rounded out the Top Three of my absolute Favs... so... it would be one of The Three!    Can you Guess which one it would be?   I have to tell you I could not have placed odds in favor of any one to be a hands down choice, so I don't really expect you to nail it either!  *LOL*

However, that said, the Meerschaum Black Madonna had been The One profiled on the Facebook Peek Preview that I'd gone with the initial Intention of buying... before I'd seen the other two once there in the Boutique.   So tho' I still found myself waffling terribly between a Trifecta of Antique Reliquary Divinity... She would Win Out and be The One!

Besides, in the wandering off to decide which one, I'd Scored that Vintage Suitcase filled with choice Vintage Action Figure Toys that always Sell well in my own Spaces at the Antique Mall... so I was already floating around on Cloud 9 now.   So the wandering off to decide had actually been quite beneficial!

I can Sell the Vintage Suitcase to cover the Cost of the Lot... and Sell Off the five Vintage G.I. Joe Action Figures with accessories to cover what I spent at the Event... and have some left over discretionary funds for our Vacay.  Vintage Toys always Sell very well and quickly... I think all of us have Nostalgic Toys we fondly recall!

My Favorite of the Box Lot was the 1967 'Fighting Eagle' Warrior with accessories from the 1960's Johnny West Series by Marx.  Because my Brother Collected and had the whole set when we were Children.  I recall countless hours playing with it all alongside him, and Appreciating strong Native American Action Figure Heroes finally being portrayed!  So I will probably keep him and his accessories for purely Nostalgic reasons, tho' he and the entire Line fetch quite a bit nowadays.  But recapturing some of one's Childhood is Priceless!

It's always nice to spend time visiting with my Designer Friends at the Event too.  A few of my Friends are newcomer Designers to The Sweet Team and I feel they will add volumes to the Awesome Vibe with their Amazing Talent and the Treasures they've Sourced and will be offering.

My Friend Shelly is one of the Designers in the Warehouse now and will be there for at least the remainder of the Summer Shows.   I just Love Shelly's Vibe and the Whimsy she imparts to many of her Vignettes.   Not to mention she is the Queen of Architectural Salvage and I couldn't resist one of the Treasures she had, so it came Home with me... see if you can tell which it was from what I Photographed in Images below?  *Winks*


No, it was not one of the Fabulous Ex Voto Sacred Heart Necklaces, tho' I seriously Wanted one... or mebbe ALL of them!!! *Smiles*  These are Amazing and resisting taking even just one Home was extremely difficult because I felt I Needed one!  *LOL*   You know how it is when your Mind is convincing you that you Need something that you are aware is only a Want?  Yeah, it was like that!  *Winks*

But seriously, I felt I did NEED this one in particular with The Virgin Of Guadalupe Gracing it!  *Swooning!*   Had I not already decided upon The Black Madonna Antique Reliquary Necklace, I'm pretty certain this might have come Home with me instead... but Alas... hadda leave Her behind.  *Pouting petulantly!*

There were so many Santos Crowns, Tiaras and Queenly Crowns that really also Wanted to be brought Home to Grace the heads of various Statuary and Taxidermy... but I resisted!!  *Patting Self on the back... well done Dawn, well done!!!*

There were Amazing Demijohns and other Tuscan Vintage splendor, many enormous... also resisted all of them... even this one which was so well priced I almost couldn't walk away!!!   But I did... walk away... dammit... yeah, so hard!!!   I could definitely have envisioned this one at New Villa Boheme'... oh... and also that Antique Glass Worry Bead strand hung around the neck of it, I'd of Wanted that too!  *Smiles*

Seriously, if you've never attended one of these Events you have no idea how much resistance to buying up everything you J'Adore you're gonna have that you will have to exercise!  But it's seriously addictive to attend even if you are the Budget Queen and have iron will power and limit yourself admirably!!!

For those of you on Maiden Voyages of trying to Source the Ideal items to Feather your Nests, you can go berserk perhaps because you truly Need everything and can justify it.   But for those of us with cramped Nests that really don't Need any more Feathering, well, it means a lot of Purging to justify another purchase!   My Five To One Rule is still in effect, just sayin'!

So No, I passed on the Antique Apothecary Pharmacy Bottle tho' I didn't like to... and on the Adorable 1981 Commemorative Goblet from London with a Live Succulent planted inside of it, too Cute!!!   I Wanted both... resisted both... and so it went as I roamed the Vignettes!

Even the Smalls with low prices I resisted... because that can add up quickly if you're not Careful, so I had to stay focused on the Grandiose Plan of the Dream Purchases I'd set my Mind upon before arriving so I could stay within Budget!  I Wanted that Postcard on the far Right... I even took it down and fondled it... she was such a Bohemian Vision in that Teal and Magenta ensemble!  I Want Need an ensemble like that one!   *Smiles*

By now I already had The Black Madonna Antique Reliquary Necklace in my Stash pile that would go Home with me, so it was easier to resist what I didn't absolutely have the Will Power to resist!!! *Winks*

This Adorable Quail Bookend came Home with me because she was so well priced I would have had remorse had I left her behind!   The Man really liked her too, we both have a penchant for Taxidermy Decor in our Home.  He's not always thrilled I Pimp it out with my embellishments, but he's gotten used to it.  *Winks*   She will not go unadorned for long!

Okay, so onwards to what I couldn't resist that my Friend Shelly had... see if you can spot it?   Not that I Needed another one mind you... but you know... when a really Awesome one is at a good price I Trade Up and one of my less Awesome ones in my Collection will be Sold off to pay for it!  *Winks*

Yep, the Antique Dress Form laying on her side with all the Aging Patina that gives her that Ideal Derelict Decor Look that I find Sublime!   She came Home with me and thus one of the newer, less ravaged Gals will head to the Showroom or New Booth #502 to be Sold Off and cover what I paid for her.  I Love Trading Up like that, costs nothing extra!   Booyah!

So, here she is back at Home and Modeling the new Antique Reliquary Necklace I bought.   I actually had an Antique Ornate Stand that I'd bought from my Friend Michael at our Antique Mall that she fit perfectly on, so I mounted her to it and sat her in the corner near one of the other Gals that will be staying.

I Loved the rough Patina of wear on her and how well she Models Bohemian Bling.    I liked that she'd had numerous repairs over the years, been patched up and had rather a rough Life, so the History of her intrigues me.  Where did she Live I Wonder, and since she has had so many repairs, clearly she was made to last thru a lot of use, perhaps Commercially?

You see 'Condition' is something I look for in my Collections, but usually the reverse of what everyone else looks for.   I don't like my stuff to be pristine, unused, mint condition, having had no evidence of a previous Life and rich History!   Items ravaged by use, by Time, with the Patina that only Age and extreme Living can impart, that's what I look for, so she was Perfectly Imperfect!

The Man didn't even bat an Eyeball when I brought her inside like a Trophy from a Hunt!  *LOL*   Nope, he knows how it goes... a Funkier one comes in and a less Funky one will go out and be Sold Off to fund said new addition to the Collection.   The Kiddos rarely now apologize for the condition of my things to their Friends or feel the Need to explain, No, we're not super Poor, my Gramma actually Likes her stuff to look like this!  *Ha ha ha*

She's in pretty Extreme Condition and that is precisely Why I fell in Love with her and had to have her!  *Smiles*   Not to mention her price was evident of her extreme condition and reflected it, since for most folks that might be a turn-off, but Shelly knew she was right up my Alley... Yeah, she's definitely YOU she agreed!  *Smiles*

My Friend Nancy also had this Killer Antique Urn dirt cheap, so that was the final addition to my Stash pile before coming up to the register.  This almost looked like it could be a Funerary Urn to me and it's very heavy and has seen a lot of wear, which could have been from years in the Elements, so I dunno?   Nobody's remains or ashes appeared to still be inside, and no Spirit Orbs showed up attached to it in the pixs taken of it, so I was Okay to possess it!  *Smiles*

There was some European Ephemera I wanted to bring Home but it was just for Display and no pricing... and it was just too busy to hunt someone down and ask them to figure out if I could buy it and who it belonged to.  *Le Sigh*   Not that I haven't wrangled some Display pieces in my day *Winks* but not Today. 

My Adorable Friend Minnie had her Summer Bedding Line on Display... with a Cool and Soothing Palette for the Hot Months from the VINTAGE MINNIE Line.  I'm having a serious Love Affair with some of her Burlap and Linen huge Bolster Pillows!   I might have to buy one even tho' I don't Need another Pillow in this Lifetime!  *Smiles*

via: Minnie's Home FB Share

Just so you know that this Gal LIVES her Unique Style I just hadda Share a pix of her Divine Living Room at Home... Swoonfest!   So Editorial and restrained, I definitely Need her to Mentor me on how this is done!?  *Smiles... becoz seriously I'm Clueless!*   And she has three small Children and a super busy Career, just so you know it CAN be done with an active Family, Successful Career and look Sublime anyway!  

But back to the Line... for Summer... and I saw so many Stylish Women carrying around Minnie's Pillow Creations, three standing with me at the Checkout Line had them cradled in their arms!   The Lady that was right behind me in line actually had one similar to the bottom Pillow in this Image, only instead of Tulle Trim and being a Bolster size, hers had Linen and was an enormous Square size.

I still Confess that the Colorless Palette does Visually draw me in strongly, yet I am personally not able to Live with it... but I always Admire Rooms Decorated with the Colorless Palette.   Mebbe I'm only MORE drawn to Sepia as my Colorless Option becoz it doesn't show the dirt as easily?!?   *Bwahahahaha!*

Along with the Bedding Line there is also a Clothing and Accessory Line that Minnie Creates, this Girl is tireless and does it all while simultaneously raising a Beautiful Young Family!   I swear I get Tired just looking at all she's done!  I feel like such a Sloth!  *Smiles*

The new Vintage Headboard Advertisement is Wonderful... and the Event will continue thru Sunday Afternoon so you still have the entire Weekend to get down there and Experience it for yourselves my Friends!   But if you can't, well, you can vicariously come along with us since I Plan to do a few more Posts to cover the Event and you're Welcome to come back and come along with us.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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